Power Rangers s01e06 Episode Script

Different Drum

Ahh! After 10,000 years, I'm free It's time to conquer Earth! Alpha, Rita's escaped.
Recruit a team of teenagers with attitudes! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # Oh, yeah.
This is really lookin' good.
- Hi, Ernie.
- Hi, girls.
Fire ERNIE: Hey! Don't just stand there, you clowns.
Give me a hand with these.
Not them, you bozos.
Help me carry the cream pies.
- How you doing, girls? - Hi.
Well, it looks like the Cultural Food Festival is going to be a great success, huh? Yes.
We should raise a lot of money - for the preschool and daycare center.
- Oh, what's this? Uh-uh, Mr.
You have to buy it first.
I believe that one's $20.
Well, I wasn't really very hungry anyway.
Hey, let's get back to work, kids.
Doors open in 10 minutes.
This is gonna be an awesome food fair.
I just hope Rita isn't hungry for trouble today.
ALL: Yeah.
BABBO: What are they doing? SQUATT: Looks like they're having some kind of Food Festival.
Yum! Really? Let me see! Let me see! Ohh, Baboo, I feel terrible.
Oh, no, evil one, you can't be sick! Don't tell me I can't 'cause I am, you dolt! Yes.
Yes, of course you are, your badness.
Hey, I got something to cheer you up! Cheep me up? Move out of the way and let me see.
( groans ) Ugh! Food! Now I really feel sick.
Get rid of it! Get ride on it! ( hawaiian music playing ) - ( music ends ) - ( applause ) Try some of these vegetables.
- Stir-fried rice? - Thanks.
What can I get for you? You want some of this? This is good stuff you're gonna like it.
Try the good old American Cheeseburger! Come and get 'em! Fresh off the grill! This is just what I like to see.
Good healthy community spirit.
This is just what I like to see.
A bunch of goody goods about to get creamed.
- By pies, that is.
- Ha ha ha! ( sniffs ) What are you waiting for, dolt? We are not going to eat them, numskull.
We are going to throw them.
- Oh.
- Spread out.
Hey, Mr.
Kaplan, try some of these delicious stir-fried vegetables.
- Well, let me see here.
- Sesame chicken salad? How about chow mein? Hey, Betcha I can hit the principal over there.
Ha ha ha! ( laughter ) Food fight! Ha ha ha! - Oh! - Uh-oh! - Yeah! - Now, cut they out! - Yeah! - Hey! Hey! Hey! RITA: Food fight? Rrr! I'll give them a fight for their food! - Finster! Finster! - Yes! That should do.
Now, let's see Move! I can't see! Finster, I want you to make me a monster, but not your usual.
This has to be special.
- All my monsters are are special.
- Arrgh! - Sorry, my queen.
- I want a pudgy pig.
I have a pudgy pig, my queen, but it's not my best work.
- RITA: Then make it your best work! - Ah, right.
Make sure he has a big appetite! I want him to eat all the food on Earth! FINSTER: Yes, my queen.
- I'm doomed for sure.
- Ha ha ha! I'm hungry! Mmm.
Ha ha ha! Ow! Ow! I'm-- I'm hungry! Oh! Oh, boy! Ha ha! - Ha ha ha! - JASON: We gotta stop this! Yes! Look at this mess! We gotta save the food fair! Right! - This is terrible.
- That's the guy.
Get him! Come on! Oh! Oh! Ha ha! Ha ha ha! - Ha ha ha! - Skull! Put it down! OK.
No problem.
Ha ha ha! Ohh! - Aah! - Ha ha ha! Yummy food! - Aah! - Let's get out of here! Tasty! Whoa! Hey! Whoa! - Healthy lunch.
- That'll be $20.
Yaah! Whoops! Ha ha! Hey, yo! Big guy! Why don't you chill with the whipped cream! Hey! OK toro! Toro! Toro! Toro! Olè! Aah! Ooh! That is it! Ooh! Look at this mess! Our Food Festival is ruined! You should be ashamed of yourself! I only hope we have enough money to pay for the playground equipment! - Mr.
Kaplan-- - Oh, I don't want to hear any excuses! Here! Here, you're in charge of the cleanup! - ( beeping ) - Come on.
( beep ) Come in, Zordon.
ZORDON: Power Rangers, I need you at the Command Center immediately! We're on our way.
- KIM: What a pig! - ZACK: Man, this dude needs a serious diet.
TRINI: Ugh! Doesn't he ever stop? ZORDON: The images you see happened just a moment ago.
It appears Rita has released a ravenous pig upon the Earth.
Its sole purpose is to eat.
ZACK: Dang! If this dude keeps this up, he'll eventually eat everything.
I calculate he will consume the entire supply of food on Earth in 48 hours.
This pig must be stopped.
- Look at that thing.
It is so gross! - Greetings, dudes and dudettes.
I thought I'd give you a hand with the food for the Festival.
- Thanks, Alpha.
- Later, Alpha.
Our Power Rangers have work to do.
I wish you luck.
Guys, it's Morphin' Time.
- Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Power Rangers! - Unh! - Hai! - Hyah! - Hyah! Attack! All right, Porker! The pig feast is over! - Oh, yeah, you're finished, pig! - KIM: He is so disgusting! Come down and fight like a pig! - TRINI: Unh! - Trini, he's eating my bow! - Ha ha! Yum yum! - KIM: No! - Billy, get him while he's eating! - Ha ha! Hyah! Huh? Whoa! Unh! - Aah! - Ha ha! Yeah! The Power Rangers' weapons went down the hatch! Of course! That Pugdy Pig is the best monster I've ever made.
I just can't wait till he defeats the Power Rangers for good! Ohh! Ohh! - ( passes gas ) - Aw, man, My sword! Unh! Aah! Unh! - Ha ha ha! - ( all yelling ) ( yelling ) What a weird way to travel.
- This is too strange.
- ( beeping ) ZORDON: Power Rangers while you were caught in the Pig's vortex, he found his way into your Food Festival and is causing chaos.
- BOTH: What? - Oh, no.
Come on.
Aah! Raah! Want more! Look at this! Hey! Hey, smorgasbord! Ha ha ha! ( shorting ) Raah! Boy! Ha ha ha! - ( shorting ) Ha ha ha! - Ha ha ha! - Raah! - BOTH: Aah! Ha ha ha! Where are the Power Rangers when you need them? More food! More food! Yuck! Whoa! Oh, yeah! Ha ha! ( panting ) - BOTH: Oh! - KIM: Eww, what a mess! BILLY: I guess we're too late.
JASON: Man, he ate everything in sight.
Kaplan is gonna flip his wig.
We gotta stop that pig.
How? It swallowed our weapons.
Hey, wait a minute.
You guys see what I see? Come on.
Look around.
That pig ate everything in sight but it didn't even touch hot stuff.
Obviously he doesn't like spicy foods.
We could use that information to defeat the monster.
How do you figure that? Why not lure the animal with food? After we stick a piece of spicy radish root inside.
- Morphenomenal idea, Billy.
- So we make it sick, - we get our weapons back.
- Affirmative.
I'll bring the hot stuff.
Come on.
RITA: This is working out better than I planned.
He's eating everything in sight.
Ha ha ha! Finster! Either of you fools seen Finster? He's never around when you need him.
Finster! Finster, you sap, I need you now! Send the Pig to the main food warehouse! My, oh, my! A monster that finally works! Don't just stand there! I need Finster here now, you dolts! You're making me wait! What are you guys waiting for? Get him! - OK-- - Uh, well-- I'll just make her wait a little while, then barge in triumphant.
Zordon, we found a way to defeat the Pig.
We just need to know where he is.
My sensors tell me that it is terrorizing the food packing plant.
Go now, Power Rangers, and let the Power protect you.
We're on our way.
- Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! - All right! Let's do it! - ALL: Power Rangers! Want more food.
Ha ha ha! Power Rangers, let's get him! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # - Come on, Piggy, free food! - What? Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! - Catch! - Chowtime! - Let's eat! - Here you go! OK, Trini, send down the hot stuff.
One red-hot radish coming up.
Hey, Pig, you hungry? Catch! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! - All right! - It's working! Hyah! ( passes gas ) # Go, Go, Power Rangers # Aah-aah! # Go, Go, Power Rangers # - All right, let's finish this pork! - ALL: Right! Power ax! Power bow! Power daggers! Power lance! Power sword! ALL: Power Rangers! Who-o-oa! - ALL: Yeah! - Hey, Rita, you have to do better than that if you want to beat us! You nincompoop! Your monster was worthless! Grr! But I warned you he wasn't my best work! This is all your fault! I don't know how, but you always mess everything up.
Now, my queen, please don't yell at me and turn me into a toad or something.
- Please, my queen, I beg you.
- I'm sensitive to dissatisfaction.
I'm feeling sick again, and it's all your fault! Grr! And as for you two, shut up! How can anyone conquer a world with these nitwits? That was right.
- We really gave it to Rita this time.
- We were-- Bam-- Morphenomenal! Yeah, we took care of the Pig, that's true, but what about the Food Festival? Do you guys think we made enough money for the playground equipment? ( beeping ) ZORDON: I see you finished your mission, Power Rangers.
We sent that Pudgy Pig to the fat farm.
- Congratulations.
Well done.
- Oh, Happy days! I have figured out a way to defeat that Pesky Pig! JASON: Whoa, Alpha.
I think we have the problem under control.
- Yeah.
That pig is sausage, man.
- But he ruined our Food Festival.
Oh, that's too bad.
Maybe these'll help.
Teleporting now.
Hey, thanks, Alpha.
Oh, Hi, Mr.
Look, we're really sorry about what happened.
Look, I know you kids weren't responsible.
We almost have enough money for the playground equipment - despite all this.
- With a little help, Mr.
Kaplan, we can make up for the rest.
Let's see what you've got I'll take this.
- That'll cost you $20.
- $20? - For the playground equipment? - OK.
I'm starving.
With all this craziness, I didn't eat lunch today.
Oh, no, not that one, Mr.
Kaplan! It's a little bit-- ( coughs ) Oh, water! I need water! Ahh a little hot, but not bad.
( laughing ) Captioned by Grantman Brown