Power Rangers s01e08 Episode Script

I, Eye Guy

Today we begin Hobby week, Trini has volunteered to share her interest with us.
Thanks, Miss Appleby.
I want to show you guys my collection of dolls.
Which represents many cultures from around the world.
This doll is from Japan, She wears an authentic kimono.
Yeah cute.
This here is my favorite: Mr.
My mother had it when she was little.
Legend has it Mr.
Ticklesneezer had this unique power.
He can capture things and put them in a magic bottle.
I never got to play with dolls when I was little.
I had to learn evil spells, and be bad while she played with dolls that Trini she's had it! Jason, your next with your Hobby.
Want till your next hop up and surf, And the it's cruising in the tube.
I've always been into gymnastics.
I want to show you a simple handstand.
That's nice, dear.
My homemade volcano will expicate how eruption occurs when gas and lava gush forth from the opening Very nice, Billy.
We'll continue with Hobby week tomorrow Remember tonight in your english book read chapter 4.
Question mark.
Why do we need them? - Cool volcano, Billy.
- Thanks.
- I liked your collectables, Trini.
- Thanks, Billy.
- Ha ha ha! - Bulk, put it back.
Hey, Skull.
Ha ha, cute little dolly.
- Ha ha ha.
- No.
Ha ha, Oh.
Ha ha ha.
You guys had a long day.
What am I saying? I had a long day.
Goodnight, Ticklesneezer.
So she's fond of that Ticklesneezer is she? Just wait until I get throught with him.
What do I do, what do I do, tell me.
Stop babbling and go get that doll.
Ha ha ha.
Ha ha ha.
Shh, come on, let's go.
Stand still, Ticklesneezer.
Sorry, I'm just nervous, I guess.
It's kind of strange being a live all of a sudden, you know.
Perhaps you would like me to change you back? Don't get me wrong, I like it.
According to this book of legends you have certain talents which might be of use to me.
- Aha.
- Well, what do you do? I have a goodie bottle.
That's where I put all the goodies I collect.
Collecting's my specialty.
That's what it says here.
According to my information you will collect anything which in his opinion is a goodie.
Whatever that is.
He could get a whole world of things for us.
I'd like that a lot.
And the Power Rangers can be part of his collection.
My friend, to Earth you go, with your bottle in tow and when I say, you'll do as I say.
I could have sworn he was on my nightstand.
Maybe you dropped him at school somewhere.
Come on, help me retrace my steps.
Got to collect things.
Hey, there's a goodie now, a nice one.
It's perfect.
Ha ha.
Aha, another goodie.
Now what's next.
He wasn't at school, he wasn't at the Youth Centre.
You know, I don't want to accuse anybody, but maybe.
I don't know, maybe someone stole Mr.
Billy, I think we found him.
A nice shiny car.
Yep, that's a goodie.
In you go.
Oh, there's even extra little goodie inside.
Help! - Hi, little goodies.
- Billy, what's going on? - He's going to crush us.
- Agh.
I don't want to hurt you, just add you to my collection.
Your mine now.
Mine forever.
Just like all my goodies.
It's working perfectly.
Goldar, I want you to go down and make sure Ticklesneezer keeps up the good work.
- Yes, Evil One.
- Hahaha, hurry up and get ready to go to earth.
- Getting good.
- I'm working on it.
- Hey, you guys ready for these.
- Yeah.
I'm amazed at how many years of training it takes to do this without hurting yourself.
- Wooh.
- Yeah.
Any wimp can do that trick.
Yeah, any wimp can do that trick.
I just said that.
Right, that's what you just said.
My hand is a lethal weapon, allow me to demonstrate.
Ha, I'm impresses.
Uh-oh, trouble.
Let's look.
- Zordon, we got your message.
- What's up? Billy and Trini are in serious danger.
Aye yi yi yi! Danger is right.
That's Mr.
What's is he doing? He's captured everything in sight.
Rita has Ticklesneezer under her spell and is controlling him, and now Billy and Trini have fallen into her trap.
- Jason, Kimberly, where are you guys? - You gotta get us out of here.
That's Billy and Trini, you guys, we've got to help them.
Rita has already sent down a small army of Putties to protect Ticklesneezer.
We'll get through them.
And she's also sent down Goldar, Squatt and Baboo.
Oh, man, you guys, we've got to hurry.
It's Morphin Time.
- Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! Tyrannosaurus! Haha.
Get out my way.
Whoa, I'm getting out of here.
Whoa, I've lost my bottle.
Whew, that was a close one.
Are you guys alright? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hang on, guys, I'll have you out of there.
My goodies.
-Help, a train is coming.
- Help.
Hang on.
Stop the train.
Billy-- Agh.
Oh, no.
Come on, we need your help.
- Right.
- Let's kick some Putties.
- Sabretooth Tiger! - Triceratops! - Let's do it.
- Hiya.
Where's my battle gone? I've still got a lot of collecting to do.
Ha ha.
Oh, Empress Leader, what's up? Your my collector and now you'll collect the Power Rangers.
I can't, I know I'm supposed to do whatever you say, but I don't have my bottle anymore.
No excuses, understand? Your going to do what I say.
And I say grow.
Ha ha.
Rita made him even bigger.
No problem.
What we need is Dinozord power.
Let's do it! Alright, Red Ranger power up! - 2.
1 power up! - Let's bring them, together.
Activating Megazord power.
Activating Sequence has been activated.
Megazord activated.
Alright, guys.
First thing we've got to do, is get that bottle away from Ticklesneezer.
Wowee, the best goodie of them all.
- In you go.
- Whoa! This is the best goodie I ever collected.
We need the Power Sword now.
Whoa! Alright, let's cut Tickleneezer down to size.
Give me my bottle, I've got to collect this for Empress Leader.
What a nice little doll you are.
Look, there's the bottle.
We can give them a taste of there own medicine.
Alright, Rita.
Release, Ticklesneezer or we bottle you up forever.
- Give me my bottle.
- Come on, give me it.
- Stop it.
- Aagh.
Give me, give me, give me.
We'll meet again.
Bet on it.
Whee, wait for me.
You must make certain that the things that the doll took are returned to the collect time and place.
What makes you so sure he'll give them back? Because he has goodness in his heart and mean't no harm to anyone.
You've got to give back everything you took, right now.
- Before you hurt someone.
- Golly, I wouldn't want to hurt anyone.
Give it back.
Ticklesneezer, all back.
That's it, give it back.
Give it back, Ticklesneezer.
Give it all back.
It's only a dream.
What? No, it can't be.
Your still here here, thank goodness.
I definately have too much Rita on my mind.
Class, we have one final presentation to complete for Hobby Week.
Please give your attention to Farcus and Eugene.
We like parasites.
We pick up fleas off the stray dogs in the neighbourhood.
Show 'em, Skull.
Ta da.
Flea circus.
Ta ta, haha.
Skull, where are the fleas? Huh.
Captioned by Grantman Brown