Power Rangers s01e09 Episode Script

For Whom the Bell Trolls

Ah! After 10,000 years, I'm free.
It's time to conquer earth.
Alpha, Rita's escaped.
Recruit a team of teenages with attitudes.
# Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Mighty Morphin' Power rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # Go, Go, Power Rangers # # You mighty Morphin' Power Rangers # ( banging ) ( music playing on headphones ) ( loudly ) You're right, Kimberly.
The performers assembled to create this harmonious tune transcend all predecessors to this genre of music.
translation, please? He likes the music.
Billy! We got a problem! Billy! ERNIE: Billy, I need you! Billy! Billy! - Billy! - Billy! Billy! Billy! Told you like the group, but I think Ernie's having a problem.
( bang ) I guess I still gotta work the kinks outts this thing.
I hate machines.
Ha ha ha ha! A birthday? We must make a present! Oh, yes! I have just the present in mind for good old Zack.
I'm going to make a monster that will wipe him out for good.
Ha ha ha ha! Oh, yeah! - Yeah, it looks.
All right.
- Kimberly, get back to work.
( giggles ) How's it going, Billy? I fail to ascertain why this appliance isn't working.
I mean, the molecular mix rearranger is still intact.
Problems? The cake-o-matic Billy built for Zack's surprise party, it went on the warpath.
nearly drowned me in cake mix.
Listen, Ernie, I wanted to thank you for keeping the place open late tonight so we could decorate for Zack's birthday party.
Boy, is he gonna be surprised.
Speaking of surprises, you guys'll never guess what I found out about the Power Rangers.
- The Power who? - You know, the superheroes with the large Dinozords.
- The ones with the colored costume.
- That's them.
They'll do for Angel Grove what Batman has done for Gotham City.
Think I've seen then on TV.
What have you heard? I've heard they're regular humans, just like you and me.
You know, I heard they were space aliens from a distant planet.
Aliens? But we should keep this space alien stuff under our hats.
I mean, we wouldn't want to panic anybody.
Whoa, this is big.
ERNIE: Aliens.
Aliens! Come on.
- Well, well, well.
- Chaa! If it isn't the nerd patrol from Angel Grove High.
- Uh, this place is closed, fellas.
- Yeah to nerd like you.
SKULL: Hey, Bulky lookie what we have here-- Oh! Whoops! A birthday party.
We would have invited you, but animals aren't allowed.
Heh heh! ( blows nose ) Party's over, kids.
Hey, I worked a long time on that.
Hey, tell you what, babe, what do you say I help you paint another one? - After we've done having a little fun.
- ( giggles ) ( giggles ) ( giggles ) Some oughta let the air outta you.
( clang ) My balloons! - ( clang ) - Ooh! Ha ha ha! - Yaah! - ( splat ) - I hate party crashers.
- ( giggles ) RITA: Finster! Finster! You know that monster you were talking about, Finster, the birthday present? I think we should pick out a particularly nasty one.
What will it be this time, your putridness, a giant fruit fly with an attitude? Shut up, crater face.
I need a special beast.
This time it's no more Miss Nice Guy.
- Uh, right.
- Got any ideas? No, but Finster's working on a real good one, right, Finster? - RITA: Uh-uh.
It's the Knasty Knight.
- Page 12.
Better be mean.
Ahh! I see.
It's the one we used on tarmic 3.
It makes spacedust out of their finest warriors.
- I want it, Finster! - I'm already working on it, my queen.
Get on it then! Her proficiency with complex illustrated characterizator is quite impressive.
- What did he say? - Don't look a I don't speak Billy.
He said a good cartoon.
Thanks, Billy.
The balloons are decire the banners are made, What else is there left to do? I think we're about done.
All we have left to accomplish now is to make sure that Zack doesn't find out about the planned festivities prematurely.
Hey, you guys! I just saw Zack for my office window.
I think he's headed this way.
( Zack singing ) Hey, Ernie.
What's with the late hours? Just catching up on some work, Zack.
And I'm all by myself, too, see? Yea, right.
Trini's mom told me the gang might be here, - so I just came down to see if I saw them.
- Nope, I haven't seen anyone.
It's just me, my stack of papers.
My bowl of popcorn a few tables, - a couple of chairs-- - I get the picture.
Yeah, you get the picture.
If the gang comes around, tell them I'm looking for them.
- Sure, no problem.
- I wonder where they disappeared to.
- I'll see you, Ernie.
- Take it easy, Zack.
- OK.
Coast is clear.
- Whew.
That was way too close.
Faster! Faster! Come on, you guys.
If we don't finish soon, Rita's gonna get real mad! - Come on! Come on! - Why don't you stop your babbling and help make this sword? This isn't easy work, you know.
But I like to babble! What kind of sword is it anyway? A very special one.
It can cut through any material in the universe and holds great magical powers.
There! Almost.
( laughing ) A little more work and it's done.
I'll just heat it up again.
It's turning out to be a particularly nasty sword, My queen, If I do say so myself.
There we go.
You can start the spell, your Badness, we're nearly through.
RITA: Very well, Finster.
It better be good.
Moon of Ivory, start of old, candlelight that's spun of gold, sky of fire, wind of might, bring to me a Knasty Knight! Ha ha ha! - Ooh! Ha ha! - ( growling ) - GIRL: Hi.
- Hey.
- Yo, Kimberly.
- Hi, Zack.
set do I look any older to you today? Older? No.
- Oh, my gosh! - You just rememberd something, right? Yeah, and I feel really terrible about it.
Don't sweat it.
People forget stuff all the time.
I know, but this was really important to somebody that I really care about.
And, um, I hope that she'll forgive me.
Of course she'll-- Wait, "she'll"? Did you say "she'll"? Yeah, it's my Poodle's birthday, and I forgot to buy her a birthday present.
- Why? - What did you think I was talking about? Forget it.
Thanks for reminding me about my Poodle.
- Sure.
No problem.
- Hey, Zack, what's up? Yeah, right.
- What's wrong with him? - He thinks we forgot his birthday.
He'll be OK.
You guys, he seemed really bummed.
Do you think the surprise party's a good idea? Of course, his feeling of disappointment right now will only serve as his enjoyment - later on.
- Yeah.
He's gonna be so surprised later, we'll have to pull him off the ceiling.
- He'll be OK until then.
- You're right.
- Bye, you guys.
- Bye.
( bell rings ) They knew my birthday was coming up.
How could they forget? Guess they were just too busy thinking of their own lives.
That's messed up.
I should have just stayed in bed today.
RITA: Happy birthday! We throwing you a party! And we're even taping it for you.
That's right, oh, and we brought you a present.
meet the Knasty Knight.
Mastodon! Yaaah! ZACK: Give up? Ohh! Guess not.
The Knasty Knight puts the Power Ranger down to his knees.
Oh, man.
This is not the way I wanted to spend my birthday.
I can! Bad is so beautiful.
Oh, no, it's out of control! I can't stop it! - Aah! - ( laughing ) I sense a disturbance in the morphing grid.
Activate the Viewing Globe and see if you can find out what it is.
Looks like quite a battle raging.
It's Zack.
Alone against one of Rita's diabolical henchmen.
I'll contact the Rangers.
Prepare to teleport them to Zack's location that Rita Repulpa real fries my circuit boards.
- What's up, Zordon? - Zack is in trouble Rita sent one of our creatures to attack him.
- He needs help fast.
- We're on our way.
Come on, guys.
It's Morphin' Time.
- Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Tyrannosaurus! - Hyah! - Hyah! - Yah! - Yah! - Zack.
- Back off.
( roaring ) Hyah! - ZACK: Jason, you all right? - I am.
- But check out the sword.
- Ruined our weapons.
- This is not good.
- What do we do now? Hyah! Rangers, Blade Blaster up.
Let's bring 'em together.
Fire! Ha, take that, wise guys! ( Roaring ) Tyrannosaurus Dinozord power, now! Mastodon power! Let toast this dude.
Triceratops power! Sabretooth Tiger power! Let's go! Power Rangers, synch up! - 2.
- Yeah! Let's show him some Megazord power! Zordon, give me the Power Sword, now! Oh, man, he fried the Power Sword! ( Roaring ) Great.
Good work.
Also very nasty.
Now, finish him like this.
Uhh, uhh, uhh! - Understand? - Yeah! Man, I just figured out why ugly man's beating us.
Any energy we throw at him, he just reflects back at us.
That's why our weapons all burned out.
- So what do we do about it? - Reflect his energy back to him - along with a bit of our own.
- Morphenomenal, Zach.
We'll give him a little bit of his own medicine.
Hey, let me have the honor of zapping sir bucket head.
( Roaring ) - Doofus, get free! - I'm trying! Uh-oh! Hey, wait a second! Aah! Great galaxy gas! I'm going up, but I'll be back.
You worthless bunch of misfits! Can't you dweebs do anything right? You! Next time I ask you to get the Power Rangers, get them! You your monsters are worthless! - You are absolutely right.
- As for you two, you're nothing but a couple of empty-headed twits! SQUATT: Sorry, but-- What am I going to do with these nitwits! ZACK: I still don't know why we had to come by here.
Hey, wait.
Why is it so dark in here? Where's Ernie? Surprise! Happy birthday, Zack! - Happy birthday! - Oh, man! - Happy birthday, Zack.
- Happy birthday, Zachary.
- Aw, man.
- You thought we forgot, did't you? Yeah, I was bumming.
This is so cool, you guys.
What's that noise? - ( gurgling ) - Oh, no, not again! Oh, I thought this thing was fixed.
# If I could take the time to change your point of view # Let's party, everyone.
# Because this is a special day # # A day for you alone # # You can get away with anything you want to # # So today is your birthday # # And every little thing's gonna go your way # # Happy, happy birthday, baby # # You know I only have one wish for you # # That on your happy birthday, baby # # That all your dreams they will come true # # Happy, happy birthday, baby # # Happy, happy birthday, baby # # Happy, happy, happy birthday # Captioned by Grantman Brown