Power Rangers s01e15 Episode Script

Dark Warrior

Hey, Ernie, have you seen a little girl wearing long black pigtails around here? No.
Kimberly, sorry.
Billy, have you seen Maria? We can't find her anywhere.
Don't worry, I'm sure she's alright.
Hey, girls.
What's up? You look like you just lost something.
Not something, Jason, someone.
We've lost a little girl named Maria.
Kimberly, and I volunteered to be big sisters for the day.
She was supposed to be here half an hour ago.
You don't think she's in some kind of trouble, do you? Ladies, take it easy, there is no need to fear.
Detective Zack is here.
Besides, how much trouble can a little girl cause? Ha ha ha! Talk about a bad way to start the day.
Who'd do a thing like that, anyway? - Maria! - Maria! I'm so sick of those do-gooders.
I've got to find some way to get rid of them.
Wait, I've got a plan.
Finster, Goldar, come here.
Maria, we're not mad at you.
Why did you turn off the hot water? I just wanted to get your attention, that's all.
Maria, just be yourself, we'll be your friends not matter what you do? You will? Sure, that's what being friends is all about.
Right? Right! Now how would you like to go on a picnic.
We'll pack a giant basket and have lots of fun.
What do you say? I hope we know what we're getting ourselves into.
I've located the ancient Power Eggs and with them we'll be rid of the Power Rangers.
We'll use those eggs to surround the Power Geeks with a force not even Zordon can stop.
Ha ha ha! Ah, the Power Eggs, ours for the taking.
All this egg talk is making me hungry.
Those are magic eggs.
- You don't eat them.
- Quiet! - Open the box! - Yes, Evil One.
Ow! Ow! Oh, I forget, only a child can open this box.
Finster! Oh, Finster, I need a special monster right away! One that can get his hands on a young brat.
He needs to be ruthless and nasty and mean.
You know? Yes, my Queen! I want a Chunky Chicken! Yes, your Evilness, an excellent chocie.
Ieven have one ready to go.
The most horrifying chicken the world has ever seen.
Any minute now the child will be in your hands.
You better be right Finster or you'll live out your days as a sea slug.
Yes, Evil One, whatever you say.
Now into the monster maker, in seconds he'll be done.
He's disgusting.
Just looking at him makes me sick, he's perfect, the Power Rangers are goners.
Hey, Maria, come eat lunch, it's very good.
Thanks for being my friends, guys.
My dad tried read hard, but there are things he just doesn't understand.
Know what I mean? Maria, anytime you want to talk, we'll listen.
Yeah, you know, that's what friends are all about.
So, who's the raddest boy in your class? You kidding, they're all dorks.
Yuk! She'll learn.
Who are those guys? Uh-oh.
Looks like we've got picnic crashes.
Maria, come here quick, get between us.
What's going on? Duck.
Leave us alone! Go back where you came from.
Keep your hands off me, you creep! Maria! Great, now what are we going to do? They've taken the girl to the cave.
Good, we'll get her to open that thing and we get the eggs.
I myself will escort the eggs back to you, my Queen.
I want you two goons to come with me.
- Goons.
- I don't get it! I'm taking about you, you nitwits! Go get the eggs! Ha ha ha! Coming right up.
There you go, one Ernie special.
You guys is coming out next.
Thanks, Ernie! You couldn't eat that, you can't eat that.
Guys, we have a serious problem.
Rita just kidnapped Maria.
Six Putty Patrollers came out of no where and granned her.
We were going to go after them.
But we thought we should get help.
Why would Rita want to kidnap a little kid? I don't know, Billy, let's talk to Zordon.
The communicators are not working.
This is really turning out to be more than just a bad hair day.
What now? We've got to get to the Command Center.
Teleportation is down too.
Can you fix them.
Negative, repairs could take hours.
However there is one possible alternative.
You see, I'm manufacturing a little surprise in my garage.
I'm sure I can get us to the Command Center.
Is anybody interested.
- I'm in! - Me too! Let's do it! Well, what do you think, I call it the Radbug.
It's capable of transporting us to any destruction on the surface.
The Radbug.
What's so rad about it? It does zero to 3000 in 2.
8 seconds.
- Yeah.
- I'm sold, let's go! Me too! Let's do it! Buckle up, everybody, here we go.
Hey, Billy, what does this do.
Hey, don't touch anything, okay? It's an old car.
Oh, Power Rangers, how did you get here? Teleportation and communication has been out for hours.
Never mind that, you all look distressed.
What is troubling you? I'm afraid our old pal Rita is at it again.
She kidnapped a twelve year old girl named Maria, and is holding her captive.
What do you think she's up to, Zordon? Unfortunately, something I've been fearing for over ten millenia.
Oh, no! Rita has located the Power Eggs.
Power Eggs? I don't get it.
Behold the images in the Viewing Globe, and all your questions will be answered.
It is an ancient tale that dates back to when the battle between good and evil began.
Billions of years ago ancient sorcerers, who called themselves the morphing masters, hid a universal power within two mystic Power Eggs.
By casting the eggs into the sea, the sorcerers believed, the ancient ancestors would look down on the eggs and protect them from universal danger.
To ensure the safely of the chest, only the touch of an innocent child, like Maria, can open the magical container.
Well, Zordon, what do you think we should do? You must save the girl and then return the Power Eggs to the sea.
If Rita gets hold of them, she'll become so powerful, she'll never be stopped.
Getting a kid to open the box was almost too easy.
Rita will be pleased.
Hey, Chicken, Rita sent us to get the eggs.
Wow! Look at them.
According to Zordon's instructions, we're nearly to the cave of the Morphing Masters.
If Rita touches one hair on Maria's head.
Hey, we'll save her.
She'll be alright.
Oh, boy, they sure look good.
How about a taste.
Hands off! We're supposed to protect the eggs, not eat them.
What good are eggs if you can't eat them? Why don't we just fly the car over there? Because, approaching by ground makes us less visible, and might allow us to surprise.
Yes, this is perfect, they've got the eggs.
Hey, wait, not so fast.
One more bend and we'll be there.
Everybody, keep your eyes open and be ready to morph.
I got the eggs.
Ha ha! Okay, Chicken, hide the kid and get back here.
We're going to need some help.
Ai yi yi! That Chunky Chicken has disappeared with Maria.
What'll we do, Zordon? Try to keep a fix on Maria's where abouts and her well being while the Rangers deal with the Power Eggs.
Right, Zordon! I just hope they can retrieve the eggs in time.
Look there's Rita's goons.
But, no, Maria.
Alright! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Release Maria and the Power Eggs.
Let's do it! Power Up! I hate those guys! Stop! Wait, my Power Eggs, don't let them go.
They're floating away! Stop them! Alpha, what is Maria's condition.
Ai yi yi! Chunky Chicken has her tied up at the old factory.
Hey, let me down, father face.
No way! I let you get down when the Rangers bring back my Power Eggs.
Alpha, contact the Power Rangers and tell them about Maria's situation.
Oh, that Rita Repulsa makes my circuits fry.
Hurry, Alpha! Time is running short.
Power Rangers, Rita's got Maria at the old factory.
Hurry! We need Dinozord Power now! Power Up! - Log on! - Zach here and I'm ready to rock! - Billy here, systems nominal! - Trini, all systems go! - Okay, let's resuce Maria.
- Alright, let's do it, Rangers.
Power up your Power Crystals.
- Right, Crystal Power! - Enegage crystal.
Two, one, power up.
Let's show them some Megazord power.
Megazord Battle Mode now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Alright, Rangers, we've got a little girl to save.
Let's do it! Alright, Power Geeks, I'll make you a deal, I'll let her go as soon as you bring me the Power Eggs.
Power Eggs.
Alright, Rita, you lost the Power Eggs, so let the little girl go now.
Yeah, let me go! Go ahead and cut it.
Hey! Cut it a little more, bird brain Hey, bird brain, cut that rope again and you've had it.
Ha ha! We're scared now.
Chunky Chicken, show the Power Rangers what we think of their threats.
Hey, stop it! Alright.
I hate you, guys! You may have saved the little girl, but all I have to do is make my chicken giant and he'll destroy that stupid zord of yours.
So what do you think of that.
Give us your best shot.
Wow, bring in the Radbug by remote, and get Maria out of here.
There it is, Jason, put Maria down by the car.
Right! Maria, climb in the car.
It will take you to safely.
You don't have to tell me twice.
Ouch! Oh! Rangers, pull it together.
We've got to stop it.
It's all over beak breath.
We need the Power Sword now! Let's finish this! - Way to go, guys, we got him! - Morphin! It was a perfect plan until you nincompoops messed it all up.
I should be ruling earth by now.
But I'm not, and it's all because of you.
It's Finsters fault.
If he hadn't built such a lame monster we would have won.
Oh, no! And what's do you have to say for yourself? Not much.
What about you, Baboo.
No, I don't.
Can't you weazels do anything right? Get me an aspirin, I've got a headache again.
Angel Grove mayor presented the angel award to a group of kids who set up a recycling drive and kept tons of trash out of our landfills.
This just in, we've just gotten word that once again the amazing Power Rangers have saved fair city from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters.
Yo, Billy, Kimberly, what's up? Kimberly, you get the chilli for me.
It's vege chilli, it's great.
The Power Rangers not only did battle, but they saved a little girl.
I'm the most happiest kid in class.
As you can see, she's doing fine.
As always, we'll continue to bring you the latest Power Ranger news as it happens.
Anybody want some of Ernie's Vege Chilli? I just made it fresh.
It's on the house.
Oh, no! Sorry.
Bulk, it was supposed to be on the house, not on you.
Captioned by Grantman Brown