Power Rangers s01e16 Episode Script

Switching Places

Now let's see, that power source for Billy's new invention has got to be around here somewhere.
Uh! Ha! Just what I was looking for.
I'll just attach this to that and to this and "Bingo".
Ha ha! When Billy tests his new gizmo, his head will be scrambled like an omelete.
Ha ha! Those other Power Brats will be so busy trying to help him, they won't pay attention to what Rita is doing.
Ha ha! Now we can send down a monster.
Yeah, your right, and that monster will be the Genie.
Oh, an excellent choice, your Majesty, as usual.
Goldar, take a look, this is the chance we hace been waiting for.
You mean we can finally get rid of the Power Rangers? Yes, attack! So, like what is this new project? See, I've been working on this newsystem to facilitate diredt thought transfer.
You have a way for me to read your mind? Affirmative.
It's still in the experimental stage but I'm sure it will work.
Did you hear that? Yeah.
Sounded like a dog.
No, that geek Billy invented a machine that can read people's minds.
People's minds? If you had a mind to read? Imagine the possibilities.
The apparatus is somewhat imposing.
Watch the "do" okay.
It's okay.
I'm sure my parameters are within the specifed range.
OK, now I just have to flip down this microgenerator switch and we're all set.
Are you ready? Ah ha! Let me make one more adjustment.
What? Nice doggy! Are you feeling nominal? Like, I think so.
Billy? Kimberly? Look, what happened? The generator experienced a diotherunic overload.
What? We've undergone spacial personality displacement.
Will you please speak english.
My brain is in your body and yours is in mine.
What? Now that we have the magic lamp from k9 from the wolfs head.
Galaxy, those Power Rangers will be taken care of once and for all.
You got it, Squatt? Uh ha! Well, what are you waiting for.
Go on! Rub the lamp! Rub it? Of course.
What do you think? Whoa! Are you a Genie? At your service.
Well, what do you know, it worked.
Genie, you are going to be sent down to Earth and there you will attack the Power Rangers and destroy them.
Is that understood? Your wish is my command.
I saw how he did it.
It's a piece of cake.
Come on, get in there.
What do you want me to do? When I flip the switch, think of something and I'm going to try and read your mind.
Hey, Bulk, can I think of Kimberly? Don't tell me, you dimwit! I'm going to try and ready your mind.
Think, think.
Ha ha! Talk about a major gross out.
Look! I think make up's overated, anyway.
Can you show me how to do file sorting? Yeah, push shift f4 and then you, ah, you push this grungy button in the corner.
But that's the delete key.
Ah! Ah, not that corner, this corner.
Our project of the day is Cheese Souffle.
Are you feeling alright? Maybe we should do this another day? No! No! Ah, I think we can get this.
Ah, here it is.
What did you do that for? What's the big deal? The Cheese Souffle.
Take cover.
I've got only one question.
Can he beat the Power Rangers? I shall destroy them.
Hey, I like this guy! We'll send you down to Earth inside the Lamp so Zordon can't detect your arrival.
And by the time he does, it will be too late.
Right! Well, get back in the lamp now.
People think I've gone totally manic.
Look at the way you've got me looking.
My hair, my makeup.
Yuk! Yeah.
Well, I trusted you with an elementary process with Vitorio and you turned my transmission decoders into a synaptic nightmare.
What's wrong? Hey, I've never seen you guys in each others face before.
Billy's invention switched our brains.
If your Kimberly? This is? Obviously somebody who doesn't know how to put on makeup.
My synoptic interlock generators malfunctioned and I'm unable to reverse the personality displacement until I rebuild it.
Kimberly, are you in there? Afraid so.
Scarfing time! Yeah! Scarfing time! You're breathing on my food.
We gotta do something.
We've got to find that Billy geek.
After I eat my spaghetti.
Yeah! Spaghetti and meatballs.
Your Putties are ready, your Highness! Good, those insolent little brats are going to get what they deserve.
Take the monster down to Earth hidden in the lamp and not even Zordon will know he's there.
Now send those two down to Earth, Goldar.
Yes, my Queen.
Go ahead.
Okay, dokey.
Here goes! Careful, you'll drop it.
Whoops! Can't you do anything right? Ai yi yi! What are we going to do? There is a dangerous disturbance in the Morphing Grid, Alpha.
I believe Rita is up to something.
Send the Rangers to recover a lamp from Angel Grove Park.
Right, Zordon, I'll get right on it.
Look over there! That's it! I got it, look everybody.
I got the lamp! What do you suppose it is? Guys, we've got to get thing to Zordon right away.
I don't understand, Zordon, you said this was an emergency, but it's just an antique oil lamp.
What's so dangerous about it? What's so dangerous is the genie that was once inside it.
Rita was sent him to destroy the Power Rangers.
It's the Putty Patrol.
Ai yi yi! Let's go! Let the Power protect you.
I'll take care of the lamp.
- Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceraptops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Ha ha ha! - You okay? - Jason! Goldar and the Putties are a diversion, the real danger is the Genie.
Send the Rangers to his location.
Right, Zordon! I'm teleporting them right now! What is this? Can't move! Zordon, the Power Rangers are in trouble, ai yi yi! We must get them out of danger.
Teleport them here immediately to regroup.
I just hope we're not too late.
That should do it! As you have seen, Rangers, the Genie is extremely powerful.
Your right, like major muscle.
Never the less, Rangers, the power to defeat him is within each of you.
We couldn't get near him.
We never even laid a finger on him.
So how are we going to beat this guy? By networking our maxium energy linkage.
Believe in yourselves.
Combine your powers and the Genie cannot defeat you.
Okay, Power Rangers.
Let's do it! Yeah.
Ready to move and in the groove.
For sure, like that Genie's done for, okay.
Yeah, we'll show him, his magic won't work on us.
That Genie is finished.
In your face, Power Rangers.
Oh, great, Rita! We're going to have a lot of fun.
Take a good look at what you're facing now.
Now get them! Your wish is my command.
Go monster and destroy the Power Rangers! Remember, together we can beat it.
Let's do it! Dinozord power now! Let's go! Alright! Log on! Zach here, I'm takin it! - Kimberly.
I mean Billy.
- Trini, I'm ready to rock! - Billy on line! - Power Rangers, power up! Let's show him some Megazord Power! Megazord Dino Mode now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Ai yi yi! The Power Rangers are in trouble, repeat, Power Rangers in trouble.
Danger! Danger! Alpha, calm down! You need to trace the source of the Genie's power.
Perhaps that will unlock the secret to defeating him.
Ai yi yi! I can't believe it! What is it, Alpha, what have you found? The source of the Genie's power, it's the lamp.
You must dispose of it quickly, Alpha.
Right! We'll zap it in the teleporter.
Not so fast, Alpha.
It must be done carefully.
If you supply too much power at one time you'll destroy the Morphing Grid and everything in it including the Power Rangers.
Ai yi yi! This isn't going to be easy.
Keep it together, guys.
We've got to beat him.
He got our power circuits.
You're right, Billy, you've got to rewire those circuits to by pass the damage and tap into the power morphin system, you've got to get us more power before we get totalled.
I'll try! Kimberly, Trini, he'll need help.
- Right! - Right! Use your big drill.
We've got to hurry, Zordon, the Power Rangers are in trouble.
Patience, Alpha, you must increase the power slowly.
The slightest error and they'll all be vaporised.
Saving our planet is certainly not as easy as it used to be.
Oh, no! He's got us.
Yes! Zordon, we've got to destroy it right now! Just a few more seconds, Alpha.
But the Power Rangers don't have a few more seconds.
Oh, I can't look.
Now, Alpha, full power.
Look, somethings happening.
I've got one of those headaches again! And when we destroyd the lamp, the Genie disappeared.
All set.
Alright, Alpha.
We've go to go.
Billy and Kimberly are about to be switched.
Ai yi yi, tell them to be careful.
Are you sure, this is going to work? Ah, in science, nothing is certain.
Will you pull the swtich? Well? What happened? Are you guys back to normal? I appear to have regained control ever my synaptic neurons.
Yeah, and I'm me too.
Please, guys! Yeah! Please, guys.
We want to go back to normal.
Have you guys been playing with my machine? Should I? Maybe we should teach them a lesson? Not to mess with other people's property.
I think they learned a lesson.
Alright, step on up! Are we back to normal? Yeah! Normal! Do you suppose I could borrow your brain for my maths test on Monday? Some people will never learn.
Captioned by Grantman Brown