Power Rangers s01e17 Episode Script

Green With Evil (1): Out of Control

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Angel Grove Martial Arts Expo! Let's hear it for that awesome display of Martial Arts.
All right, Jase, now remember: think positive, concentrate on your moves.
Yeah, and focus your mind as well your body.
Thanks, guys, but, ah, it look like I'm gonna need all the help I can get.
Man, that dude is pumped.
- Who is he? - I don't know.
Probably some new kid in school.
He is really cute.
Coming up next: a Karate competition featuring Angel Grove's finest and a new challenger.
Ooh, did you see that guy? He'll be a great Green Ranger! - Hah! - Huh? You mean one of their own kind? - Of course! - Hoo, I'm such a genius.
How brilliant: the Power Rangers destroyed by teenager! Yes! - Yes! - Ooh, yes! - Uh-huh! - Huh-hoo! I can't wait to see how Rita's gonna pull this off! Come-to-me! Break break.
- All right! - Yes! Return to center.
Judge's call: one point.
Fight stance! Come-to-me! Break, break, break! Return to center.
Judge's call: one point.
Fight stance! Come-to-me! Break, break, break! Return to center! Judge's call: one point.
Fight stance! Come-to-me! Break, break, break-break-break! Back to center, back to center.
Judge's call: out of bounds.
Win one point.
Fight stance! Come-to-me! Break, break! Judge's call: one point.
- Come on, Jason! - Fight stance! - Time's running out! - Come-to-me! - Time - Yes! Judge's call: one point.
Match ends in a drew: no winner.
Bow to me.
Bow to each other.
- Good match, man.
You got me going.
- Yeah, same here.
- See you round.
- Okay.
- Good Match.
- Most impressive.
- You did great! - You were awesome, Jason.
- I didn't win.
- Oh, come on, Jason.
In Karate, it's the dignity and spirit with which you compete that's most important.
Mm-hm, I know.
Listen, I'm gonna catch a shower, and, ah, I'll meet you guys st the Juice Bar.
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
- Hey, Kim, are you coming? - Yeah, thanks.
- He is gorgeous, isn't he? - Yeah, you can say that again.
Maybe you'll catch him in school tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Hey, baaabe.
Need a big, strong man to help you with your books? Dream on, Skull.
Time to teach her a lesson.
Didn't you hear the lady? She said no.
I think it's time for somebody else to be taught a lesson.
M-maybe we'll teach you that lesson s-some other time! Go over to the right! The door! - Thanks.
That was really great.
- Sure.
I'll see you later.
Hey! Um, I'm Kimberly.
You're new around here, aren't you? Yeah.
I'm Tommy.
- Hi - Hi Um listen, do you want to get together with some of us after school? You know, nothing major, just hang out, at the Youth Center? - Yeah.
That sounds cool.
- Okay.
I'll see you then.
Soon, young Tommy, you will go under my spell, as I call forth the power of the sixth Power Coin! You will become my evil Green Ranger, after you face my Putties in a test.
Yol ya-zha shabah! Bom-zhe-dah-deh BAAAAAA-SHELAH! - All right.
- See you later.
Huh! Tchuh! Man! Why me? Yes this boy is truly the one that shall become my evil Green Ranger! Prepare my crystal ball to receive him! That was like a bad dream.
Hey! What's going on? - Tommy! I have chosen you! - Noooo! Ho, there you are.
You've arrived at last.
What do you think? He's perfect, your Evilness! Yom yah-shah sha-ba! Om shez-naaaaa zeh hebuh! Yes! Yes! Arise, my Green Ranger! How can I serve my Empress? As a Ranger you can now enter the Command Center.
There you'll disable Zordan, and then destroy the Power Rangers.
Jason, the Red Ranger Zack, the Black Ranger Kimberly, the Pink Ranger Billy, the Blue Ranger and Trini, the Yellow Ranger.
Now, prepare to receive the sixth Power Coin, and become my Green Ranger! - But, Zordan, I might miss out! - Would you please take this opportunity to recharge, while I place myself into a meditative state? Yes, Zordan.
You're right, of course.
And now, morph into the Green Ranger! To the fall of Zordan, and the destruction of the Power Rangers! - You know what to do.
- Your wish is my command, Empress.
Alert! Alert! Hostile takeover! - Sweet dreams, tinhead.
- Alert.
Alerrrrt How is it possible that you are here? Only one who has a Power Coin may enter this fortess undetected.
Yes, I have the Coin.
And the Power! And there's nothing you can do to stop me.
So Rita has finally chosen someone to give it to.
Right, Zordan.
I am her Green Ranger, and she is my Queen.
Tommy, she has you under an evil spell.
Let me help.
I can save you.
Worry about saving yourself, old man! No! You must not do this.
Alpha! Alpha 5, wake up! Alpha, you must warn the other Power Rangers! Tommy, stop! I'm losing power! Losing my orientation losing contact with your dimension! Tommy nooo! It is done, my Empress.
Zordan has been eliminated.
And the Power Rangers are next! So long, Zordan.
My work here is done.
Yess! And now, for an even bigger surprise! With Zordan out of the way, it's just a matter of time before Rita controls the whole world! - Ready, Empress! - Magic wand, make my Goldar grow! Oh, boy! You watch! He'll crush them all! And now for an end to those Power Rangers! I don't think I've ever seen the RAGBUG this clean.
Yeah, well, ah, it's gonna be stylin' after Zack's wax.
- "Zack's wax" - Hey! - Hey, what's up? - Hey, ladies, just in time.
- Just grab a rag and Join in.
- No, I'm not in the mood.
- What's wrong? -Tommy.
The guy I fought in the competition.
Yeah he was supposed to meet me at the Youth Center, and he never showed.
Well, maybe something came up.
Ran-rangers! Rangers! If you read me, please come in, Rangers Alpha, you're breaking up.
I can't hear you.
The communicators! They're non-functional.
Teleportation's down.
- Guys, something is seriously wrong.
- We have to get to the command Center.
- It's the only way to fly.
Buckle up, everyone.
- Alpha sound upset.
- Yeah, I think something bad is going down.
- I bet Rita's up to something.
- Can't this thing go any faster, Billy? - All right! -Whoa! Look at this place! The control panels have been ripped out! - Oh, man, this place is totalled.
- Look! You guys, Zordan's gone.
- Alpha! What happened? - Power Rangers! Power Rangers! Come in! I need help! Power Rangers! - What's wrong with him? - Someone must have fed a virus into his data bank.
- Power Rangers! - Billy can you help him? Power Rangers, come in! I need help! - Power Rangers - Affirmative.
- Power Rangers, you're here! - Alpha who did this to you? Where's Zordan? All my memory chips have been scrambled.
No recollection! Was barely able to contact you.
Somebody obviously broke into the Command Center.
But who? No-one has access to this place without a Power Coin.
Look at this.
It's Goldar.
Alpha, we have to stop him.
You'll be all right? I'm semi-operational.
You take care of Goldar.
I'll try to locate Zordan.
It's morphin' time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth tiger! Tyrannosaurus! - Power Rangers! - The Power Rangers are here, Rita! Bring on the Putty Patrol! To the beginning of the end for the Power Rangers! W-hoa, this is gonna be fun! Go get'em, Goldar! Get them, Putty Patrollers! Get them all! Come on, Rangers, we've got to keep it together! Ba-ba-bing! Ba-ba-bang! We gotta stop Goldar! We need Dinozord Power now! Do it! - Log on! - All right! Let's do it on it! - Systems nominal.
- Yes! Ready to rock! - All right, let's get it together! - All right, power up your crystals! Switch into Megazord Battle Mode, now! Megazord Sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated! We need the Power Sword, now! Prepare to feel the wrath of Rita Repulsa! Oh, boy! Wow! - Who's that? - Huh? My turn! Time to meet the Green Ranger! - We gotta-- Hey! -Long live Empress Rita! You're finished! Ha, ha! Yes! -Are you okay? - You think you're so tough? Take me on! With pleasure! - Jason - Oh, no! Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi! Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi! Zordan, come in! Zordan! Ai-yi-yi-yi-YI! Zordan, oh, Zordan where are you? - Alpha! - Rangers, I still haven't been able to - bring Zordan back! - Well, keep trying.
We need answer now! A guy in a green costume attacked our Zords.
He just busted right in! Do you have any idea who is was? I'm sorry, Rangers.
I don't.
- Alpha? - He's still not competely recovered from the computer virus.
Quasitronic circuitry now in overload! Overload! Temporary shutdown! Shutdown - This is bad news.
Man! - First Zordan disappears, - and then this green guy shows.
- And I think we only got a small sample - of his true power.
- This is all too weird.
What are we gonna do? Prepare ourselves.
We don't have Zordan to help us this time.
We'll have to do it on our own.
I think we've only made it to round one, of what's about to be a - major battle.
- Hey, look.
To fall of The Power Rangers! I'll destroy you, one and all.
Captioned by Grantman Brown