Power Rangers s01e26 Episode Script

Life's a Masquerade (1)

Could of had you, man.
I pulled the kick.
Look at it this way.
Hey, you've got a lot more to do before the team ninja finals.
Yeah, there's the computer aid training program I created will have you guys in shape in no time.
If you'd learn to co-operate.
Guys, thanks for managing us, but, I've got a lot on this team ninja thing.
Check this out.
Yeah! Good, but your punches need more work.
Guys, this is supposed to be a team competition.
I got you! Good, got you back.
That's it, move together.
Hey, how's it going? Ah well, they're having a little trouble developing their teamwork.
Hey, check this out.
Oh yeah, I got that beat.
Now you two have to learn how to Gung Ho.
- Ha! - What? You know, Gung Ho, it's chinese for working together.
You have to learn to work together if you hope to win the team ninja finals.
While they're busy fighting each other, my new Super Putties will wipe them off the planet.
You're supposed to kick on the other side.
You punched out of sequence, I had to reverse.
Hey, come on! You guys only lasted Looks like your boys need some work.
Yeah, a lot of work! Well, don't you worry about it, Bulk.
Tommy and Jason are ready for the finals.
Well, they better be, because my ninja's are the best.
Whoa, that is some heavy competition.
You are looking at the team that is going to win the ninja finals.
I only manage the best.
Gentlemen, time for your workout.
Yeah, time for your workout! Look at them, that's what loser's look like.
Yeah, losers! Wow! They look like pros to me.
They are extremely proficiant.
Yeah, and they're good.
Man, I could take those guys by myself.
Yeah, so could I.
Stop! Shinaiz.
Stop! Now, power kick.
I told you they were super ninjas.
Hurry up with those Super Putties.
You know this stuff is going to make the Putty Patrol.
Ah, what's the word? Unbeatable.
Yeah, they won't lose either.
Nothing in the Power Rangers' arsenal can stop these.
Excellent! Finster, you've really outdone yourself.
Thank you, your Evilness.
Just a few more now, and your Putties will be complete.
And those irritating teenagers will be powerless to stop them.
They're completely invincible.
Great, what does that mean? It means that the Power Rangers will soon be finished.
Come to me, my Super Putties! They going to get it.
Wow! Those ninjas were really awesome, huh? Tommy and Jason are going to have to learn to work together, if they're going to beat them.
Well, Zack is going to practice with them, all day.
Good, then they'll learn to work as a team.
Huh? - Uh-oh! It's time to Gung Ho.
- Uh-oh! It's time to Gung Ho.
Those guys are tough.
I know, they're lika a whole new breed of Putty.
Zordon, we've been attacked by Putties and we can't stop them.
You blew that last combination.
I was tired, okay.
Kimberly and Trini have been attacked by Putties Angel Grove Park.
Hurry! - Right! - Let's go! I'll protect Trini.
I'll take care of her.
Man, we're getting pounded! Yeah, everybody back to the Command Centre to regroup.
Zordon, we've never had had that much trouble with Putties, before.
Yeah, what's the deal with those clay hands? They're not ordinary Putties, Power Rangers, they are Rita's new Super Putties.
Behold the Viewing Globe.
They're made from the Super Putty she mined and are nearly indestructable.
Uh-oh! The Super Putties are attacking a factory.
Jason and Tommy, I'm sending you on a quest to the weapons needed to defeat this new menace.
What about us? The rest of you must keep the Super Putties at Bay.
- Right! - Right! You hold off those Super Putties as long as you can.
You got it.
Alright, it's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Triceratops! - Pterodactyl! Only by working together will you be able to succeed in your mission.
The way is treacherous.
Use this map and may the Power protect you.
We'll get those weapons.
Let's blast them! Fire! Oh, man! There's not even a scratch on them.
Nothing seems to work on these dudes.
Look out! Here they come again.
Hey, I found the marker.
What do you mean you found the marker? You couldn't have done it without my half of the map.
Come on, we've got to be on the right path.
Good, they're nearly there.
Putting those together was a bad idea.
No, I had to give Jason and Tommy this test so they would learn the value of working together.
I just hope the other Power Rangers can hold on.
Those Putties are unbeatable.
Ooh! I'm so bad.
Look, that must be what Zordon sent us to get.
This is too easy, come on.
Hey! What is that thing? I don't know, but it's Morphin Time! - Tyrannosaurus! - Dragonzord! I'll take care of that land lizard.
Hey, wait for me.
Man, that dude packs a punch.
- Tommy, are you okay? - Yeah.
He almost finished us.
Yeah, but if we don't get up there soon our friends will be ones that are finished.
I've got the strength to get up the hill faster than you, but you're better with the sword than I am.
If we work together we can beat this thing.
What do you say? You're right.
Time for some Gung Ho, partner, you take the hill, I'll cover you.
I can't let you go unprotected, take my shield.
Whoa! Hey, thanks, man.
We're partners, right? Get up there and get those weapons.
Tommy, be careful.
You too.
Let's do it! - Tommy! - I'm okay, keep going.
Cover me.
Hey, ugly! Take this! Oh, man! These are great! Tommy, I got 'em! Come on, guys, we can't let them beat us.
- Jason! - Tommy! We're back! We got some presents for you, curtesy of Zordon.
Catch! - Yeah! - Wow! Rangers, fire at will! Yours again, Rita.
Ooh, I've got such a headache! Now you guys, remember, concentrate.
We can do this, man, you just got to work together.
- Hi, losers! - Yeah, losers! Don't listen to them.
Now remember teamwork is the key.
Exactly, you score hard points when you operate in unison.
The essence of Martial Arts is self control and discipline.
Right? Hey, are you guys ready? Yeah.
We finally learned how to Guno Ho.
Right, partner? Right! Nice work in defeating the Super Putties, Power Rangers.
Thanks, Zordon, but we have to fight Titanus again? That was only test of your teamwork, Jason Titanus is really a valuable ally and friend.
Alright, everyone the finals are just about to begin.
Judges, are you ready? Good luck! Go for it, guys! Let's get to it, fellas! Competitors, please enter the ring and go to your corners.
That's it, come on! Yes! Alright.
Come on, you! Yeah! Come on! Time out in round one.
Competitors please change places.
Hey, I'll take him! What's wrong with you? Yeah, what's wrong with you? Yes! Time on round two.
Staffs are next.
That's it, come on! That's it for this round.
Shina is are next.
I knew they could do it.
See what I mean.
Gung Ho.
That's it for this round.
And now for the final event.
Double combat.
Jason! Time, the competition is over.
The judges will make their decisions in just a moment.
Yeah, congratulations, fellas! You guys are awsome! Way to Gung Ho! Congratulations, you guys.
Yes, we did it, partner! Yeah, we make a great team! Skull, water for our warriors.
Water coming up.
Captioned by Grantman Brown