Power Rangers s01e27 Episode Script

Wheel of Misfortune

Okay, let's try it again, people.
And places everyone.
Fair maiden, you must prove as your father claims, that you can spin all of this straw into gold.
If not, I will lock you into the dungeon, forever.
I cannot spin straw into gold.
Oh, whatever will I do? Whatever will I do.
Bulk, that's your cue.
What's the matter, sweet cheeks? Why are you crying? Where's your costume, Bulk? Hey, just adding a little touch of the 90's, Mr.
Get on with it, Bulk, you don't mind.
My, what a strange little man you are.
Now, I must spin all of this straw into gold by morning, or I'll be locked in the dungeon, forever.
Wow, bummer! Ha ha ha! Don't sweat it, babe.
I'll do it for ya! I can't believe, Bulk! Yeah, he's definately an original.
Bulk, be careful.
You're such a clod.
She's making me mess up my lines.
Not so fast! Oh, no! Ha ha ha! Hey! Oh no, you ruined my grandmother's spinning wheel! What's she going to say.
Honestly, Bulk.
Come on, kids.
Let's take a break before something else gets broken.
Don't get so bent out of shape, Kimberly.
This happens to be very important to me.
Oh, I've got a spinning wheel to send you, and when it hits, you pathetic Power Rangers will be smashed flat.
What's with the long face, Kim? This not like you.
I just feel bad about my grandmother's antique spinning wheel.
Why, what happened? I don't know, it's stuck or something.
Oh, Ernie.
Not only is this going to ruin the play, I'll never be able to face my grandmother again.
Hey, that's a tough break.
What's wrong, Kim? She's worried about her grandmother's spinning wheel.
It's just that is's always been very special to her.
What am I going to do if it's really broken? Don't be so bummed out.
I bet you I can fix it.
You really think you could? Sure.
Let's go take a look at it.
Oh, thank you, Tommy.
Bye, Ernie! The first thing we do is steal her spinning wheel.
At once, your Highness.
Then their own wheel shall become their wheel of misfortune and destroy them.
Yes! Ha ha ha! There it is, get it, let's go.
Thank you so much, Tommy, for doing this.
Hey, no problem.
Where's the spinning wheel? I don't know, maybe someone moved it.
It has to be here somewhere.
I don't see it anywhere.
Let's ask some of the kids if they know anything.
I don't know, Tommy, we're never going to find it.
Hey, did you see anyone move the spinning wheel from the play? It's missing.
No, man! Have you seen the spinning wheel from the school play? Uh, no! Have you seen the wheel from the play? Sorry, no.
How about you? Did you see it? Aah! Hey, you guys seen the spinning wheel? It's not in the classroom.
Oh, yeah.
I was broke, so Skull here decided to spin, we some money so I could buy a soda.
Hey, I'm not kidding around, Bulk.
I mean it.
Did you see it? No, I didn't see it, you goody good.
What would I want with a stupid spinning wheel? Okay, now I will summon the tread wheel of misfortune.
Arise and destroy.
What's the matter? You look quite distressed, Kim.
You guys aren't going to believed this.
Someone walked off with my grandmother's prized spinning wheel.
Ah, that's awful.
I know.
Rita, my Queen.
Green Ranger is on his way to Angel Grove Park.
I've sent the Putty Patrol to take care of him.
What are you claybrains doing here? I don't have time for this.
Man, why'd I put my communicator in my bag? Ah, that's one Power Ranger down, five more to go.
Morph to the Command Centre.
It's urgent, we have a desperate situation, Power Rangers.
We're on our way! The mysterious disappearance of your grandmothers spinning wheel has been solved, Kimberly.
Goldar has stolen it.
Why? So that Rita could put an evil spell on it.
Now it can destroy everything it touches, Power Rangers, including you.
I can't believe this! Behold the Viewing Globe.
Part of Rita's plan is to keep Tommy out of the way.
Ai yi yi! She's captured Green Ranger.
But by outsmarting her you can break the spell and destroy her evil wheel.
Oh, poor Tommy.
We better help him.
I'm afraid you have something more urgent to do, Power Rangers.
Goldar and Scorpina are on the rampage.
First you must deal with them.
Looks like it's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! See the power I have over you.
Watch now what happens and see how high they grow! Attack! We need Dinozord power now! Let's go! Alright, Rangers, let's take these monsters out.
Get the Red Ranger, throw the net.
Jason's in trouble! Time to finish you, Red Ranger, for good.
Hang on, Jason! Power Rangers, get away from here.
You've got to save yourselves before it's too late.
Ai yi yi! The Power Rangers need help, Zordon.
Tommy's just got to get free.
Have patience, Alpha, Tommy knows what he has to do.
Hey, buddies, help me, I'm starting to feel sick, really sick.
You clay brains are unbelievable.
Zordon, what's going on? A battle rages on the other side of the park, but more power is needed.
I have told Jason to bring al the Zords together to form Ultrazord.
If this fails, the world is doomed.
I'm on my way! Dragonzord! Jason, let's get them! Oh, man! Rangers, power up your crystals! Let's show 'em some Megazord power.
Let's switch to Megazord battle mode! - Right! - Right! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Alright, we're gonna need the Power Sword! Perfect it's working, chop them down! - What? - Huh? Attack! Yeah! Look out! We're not finished yet.
I call on Titanus and the power of the Ultrazord.
Ultrazord power up! Look out! Lock on and fire all weapons! Ah, nuts! You've destroyed our wheel! Those Power Geeks think they beat me but I'll be back and they'll be sorry.
Ah, that was so cool! We really socked it to Rita this time.
I'll tell you what, her evil wheel of musfortune is gone forever.
- Yes! - Yes! We destroyed it alright.
But what about my grandmother's spinning wheel.
What am I going to tell her? No way! It's back! And it works! But how did it get here? This is most mysterious.
It is no mystery, Power Rangers, when you defeated her henchmen, her magic spell was broken, therefore, Kimberly, you spinning wheel was returned to it's original location.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- Ha ha! - Ha ha! We've just gotten word that the amazing Power Rangers have saved our fair city and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's monsters.
Just when it was getting good.
Yeah, that was my favourite part.
What are you guys doing? The curtain is up.
Come on! Break a leg, Kim.
Don't you dare.
And you better spin all of this straw into gold.
Or else.
Yeah, or else.
Now I have three piles of straw to spin into gold.
Oh, Woe is me.
Where's Rumplestiltskin? Oh, where's Rumplestiltskin? Rumplestiltskin, did you hear me? Hurry up! Get out there! I'm going.
Take a chill pill will ya.
Never fear, fair babe, I said I'd be here and here I am.
It took you long enough.
Give us a smooch fair babe.
Yes, of course.
But first you have to spin all the straw into gold.
Get ready to pucker up, fair dame.
That's it, Bulk, bare your soul for your art.
Let's get out of here! The End.
Captioned by Grantman Brown