Power Rangers s01e29 Episode Script

Island of Illusion (2)

Zack, you're disappearing! Don't let Rita get you, man.
Fight it, Zack! I don't know if I can.
Ha ha! You see it's working just as I planned.
Zack has lost his confidence and is vanishing into thin air.
I shall proceed with phase two.
Excellent! Goldar, now that's how an evil plot is supposed to work out.
Goodbye, Power Rangers! You're molecular integritity is fluctuating inverse ratio to your low self esteam.
What? The move Zack doubts himself, the less there is of Zack.
Hang in, man! Life, beat it if you can.
Only Quagmire knows her plan.
He's getting fainter.
It's not use, I can't beat Rita's magic.
If only we could contact Zordon.
Yeah, but our communicators are gone.
Hey, what about that weird little dude we saw? He said he knew Rita's plan.
What was his name? Quincey? Quasimoto? Quagmire.
Say my name and I appear.
Now why did you call Quagmire here? It's my friend Zack.
Rita's making him disappear.
You're no friend of Rita's? Then Quagmire's glad to greet you.
To keep from getting caught, think a positive thought.
Is this guy for real? Lack of confidence is the operative factor.
It just might work, Zack.
He's right, Zack.
Try it! Okay.
If you think it will work.
Here goes.
Zack man think positive.
I'm remembering a really tough fight.
Look, it's working.
Keep it up, Zack! You're coming back.
I didn't think I could win.
Ah, that nasty knight was tough, but I hung in there, and I beat him.
I did it! I'm here! Hey, man! Thanks.
Thanks for the pep talk.
My pleasure, and welcome back, but the key was inside of you, Zack.
Yeah, maybe, but we're still stuck here.
So Zack has escaped.
Well, the others will not be so lucky.
Ho ho! And then you can finally be the Earth's "big cheese".
Quiet, fools! Whoa! Ha ha! Without their precious Power Coins, it's only a matter of time.
Alpha, we must re-establish contact with the Power Rangers.
I don't understand.
Everything here seems to be working, but they still can't hear us.
Rita's island of illusion is deflecting our communication.
Keep trying.
Right, Zordon! Maybe I can boost our signal it I re-route the main computers microfler transponder.
Ouch! What is happening? I must have gotten my wires crossed.
Now I've blown the computer quasitronic fuse.
Quickly, try the bypass circuit.
Ouch! Quickly, Alpha.
It is imperative we contact the Power Rangers.
You hear that computer.
You must work.
You've got to help save my human friends.
Yow! Agh! If we don't find our Power Coins, we don't stand a chance.
Hey, maybe Quagmire know where they are.
You might get home, but the coins you seek you must find on your own.
On our own.
Where do we even start? Yeah, we already looked ever half the island.
My calculations suggest a 98% probability that our coins are in this direction.
Right, let's get started.
Yes, let's get started, with an illusion for Kimberly's confusion.
No way! I don't believe this! Hold my good friend.
I spy a defenceless little forest creature in need of our assistance.
Thou speakest true angel Bulk, and finding angel genius.
I must come to its aid, and with great haste.
Ah, nobel Skull, never in my bliss filled dreams could I ever consider troubling you.
Allow me.
Skull and Bulk? Being nice? What are you talking about? There's no-one there, Kim.
Are you okay? Um, I don't know.
Let us partake of this charitable dead together.
Ah, yes! Oh, good little friend.
Oh! If Rita can make them act like that.
She can make anything happen.
She's demolecularising.
Quagmire, quick, please help Kimberly! I toad might fighten to the marrow, stay your course, as straight as an arrow.
Oh, man! Not the toad creature.
That was way too gross.
I don't know if I want to remember that.
You've got to.
Kimberly, try! I have to.
He was big and he was ugly.
But I was the only one whose weapon could destroy him.
So I did what I had to do.
Yes, nice going, you beat the illusion.
Thank you.
Putties! Everywhere.
Oh, no! They're trying Tommy now.
You're ganging up on me, huh.
Hey, dude, what are you doing? Hey, Tommy, what's wrong with you? Tommy, what's going on? Tommy.
Tommy, it's us.
Come on, man, snap out of it.
Tommy, it's us.
He's seeing things.
Cool off, man.
Yo, Tommy, chill, it's just us.
I'll take you all on.
What is the status of your repairs, Alpha? I'm happy to report, Zordon, that I'm finished, and all systens are go.
Ohhh! Looks like our little friend Tommy has lost all confidence in his companions.
Before long, my Queen, all will be lost for the Power Rangers.
I won't, I won't let you get me.
Tommy, it's us.
Too many, I can't win.
Oh, no! Look! He's fading.
Help us, Quagmire! Dude, don't let us Rita steer you wrong, with strong thoughts, you'll be strong.
Right, got it, got to be strong.
I was all on my own.
Hang in there, Tommy! Please, Tommy, don't leave us.
But I knew I could do it.
And I did, yes! Yes! Curse that Tommy and worse.
Fade away Billy and Trini, never to come back.
No really, I felt a zillion Putties coming at me.
But I wasn't scared, I just.
Trini, are you okay? I'm afraid Rita might come after me next.
That's just what she wants to think.
Trini, you're becoming translucent.
No! No! No! Billy, you're too high up! Billy, you're too high! Billy, you're too high up! It's Rita's illusion.
Quick, think posititve.
Remember what Quagmire said.
Trini had to conquer height, even though it was her greatest fright.
Now my child, do your best to pass this part of Rita's test.
Come on! Way to go, Trini! Billy.
It's no use.
Even all my scientific knowledge can't get us out of this one.
No, Billy, it's not your fault.
Don't let Rita get to you.
Quagmire, Rita's after Billy.
I sense a fight in a land of dreams, where Billy fought a nightmare Queen.
I recall the confrontation.
She had me in a most impressive grip.
But I finally applied sufficient leverage to the feeler.
Wow, prodigious! Yay, Billy! Morphinominal! You did it! I seem to be completely reconstituted.
Good, now mabye we can find our Power Coins and get out of here.
If you were a real leader, Jason, you'd have saved your friends already.
Get the leader of the Power Geeks.
Let my magic work on you most of all.
She's right.
I should figured a way out.
Don't listen to her, Jase.
She's just trying to make you doubt yourself.
I should've done something.
Quagmire, quickly we need your assistance.
Oh, dear, nasty magic happening here.
You're disappearing.
Jason, help! No! They're gone! They were depending on me and I let them down.
He can't see or hear us.
It's making him disappear.
Inside you know your power's great, you can win, just concentrate.
I will.
I can.
You haven't won yet, Rita.
I remember the time I fought King Sphinx.
It was looking bad for me, but I didn't give up.
I'm back! - Way to go! - Alright.
I don't believe it! They beat all my illusions.
Look, our communicators! And our Power Coins! We could have has these all along.
Yeah, and we each had the power to break Rita's spell.
All we needed was a little self confidence.
- Yes! - Yes! Oh, Dummies! I have to do everything myself.
We've got to hurry! It's Morphin Time! - Dragonzord! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Tyrannosaurus! Ha ha ha! They got off the island.
Alright, let's get her! - Right! - Right! Mega Dragonzord, power up! Ahh! Mutitus, attack! Mega Dragonzord, fire! Alright, Rangers.
Full power! Huh? Alright, Lokar, you're next! We call on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord.
Alright, guys, let's finish it! Ultrazord power up! Agh! It's all over for you, pal.
Lock on and fire weapons! Agh! Noooo! Ah, no! Guys, Lokar got away! We'll get him next time.
Agh! Move it! A fine effort by Bulk and Skull.
And next Zack.
This is yours, just go out and have fun.
You're sure to win it, buddy! I don't know, something's not right.
Come on, man! You're the best! You are not losing your confidence.
After all we've been through.
Just do it! Go! Style and tunes.
I know.
Whose the D.
Look you guys, it's Quasimoto.
And our winner is.
Let's boogie! Captioned by Grantman Brown