Power Rangers s01e30 Episode Script

The Rockstar

This is going to be fun.
You guys are gonna have a good time.
Hey, Jason, you could come on this field trip with us.
Yeah, there's plenty of room.
Well, barely.
Thanks, guys, but I want to spend some time with my cousin, Jeremy, while he's in town.
Won't be the same without you, Jase.
Oh, sorry I'm late, guys.
I baked these in my gourmet cooking class to take a long on our trip.
Ugh! What is in these? It's an exotic recipe, very popular in France right now.
It's called Torte Escargo.
Escargo? Tasty.
In other words snail.
Ah, all ready to take on our trip.
Come on, guys.
Oh, goody, they're going away! This is what her nastiness has been waiting for.
So what's the plan, your Evilness? Find the mirror of destruction.
The one that can even destroy Super Putties? Yes, into a million pieces.
That mirrors power will destroy anything reflected in it.
One look in it and those Rangers are history.
We'll have to find it first.
We'll start today.
It's hidden on Earth.
Ba ba ba bam! You see, Skull, the beauty of this that you can make a huge funnel and there by jam more pizza down your throat.
Ba ba ba bam! Oh, look! It's Jason Smason! Ha ha ha! Hey, who's the pipsqueak? Hey, Jase, isn't this the famous bully you were telling me about? Hey, Bulk, you're famous.
Hey, Bulk, nice shirt.
Does that come with extra cheese.
Ha ha ha! You know I don't like your attitude.
I think it's time for me to teach you a lesson.
Hey, Jase, watch out for that! Ha ha ha! Gee, Bulk, that look is you.
That was awesome the way you tricked him into beating himself.
All you have do is remember it's brains before brawn.
Right, brains before brawn.
Getting better.
The cool thing about Martial Arts is it teaches you self discipline and confidence.
Hey, Jase, teach me a cool move.
Back leg front kick.
Alright this one's a little harder, but I want you to try it.
Alright, now try it again, but focus.
Hey, I did it! When I was your age, I was really insecure, but Martial Arts helped me build self confidence.
Wow, now you're the coolest! All you have to do is practice.
I hope that some day I can be as cool as the Power Rangers.
Power Rangers? Yeah, that's what I want to be when I grow up.
What's Jason doing there? Ah! Martial Arts? Silence fool, he's there, you said the Rangers were gone.
Finding the mirror will have to wait until my Putters have taken care of him, and that is going to happen right now.
Putties! Ah, man! What are we going to do? Stay behind me.
Watch my back! Stay back.
Good job, Jeremy.
I've always heard aout Rita and the Putties but I never thought I'd actually see them.
Let's hope you don't have to see them again.
Hey, I got something.
A bottle, weird.
I wonder what's inside.
Looks like a map.
Open it! What's going on? Get down, wait here! Coast is clear.
Zordon, come in.
Jason, my sensors are picking up something unusual in the morphing grid.
You had better take Jeremy to a safe place.
Right! Ah, my God! Earthquake! What's going on? Jeremy, are you okay? Okay, man, this is totally cool! What a way to start a vacation.
Check it out, this map! It leads to the mirror of destruction.
Ha ha! And once I've got my hands on it, you'll suffer the same fate as all the others.
It will zap them so hard they wonder what hit them.
We need that map.
Right go and get it, Scorpina! Yeah.
Over there! The Rockstar will take care of him in no time.
Get the map from the kid.
Jeremy-- run! But Now, I'll find you later! Don't let anything happen to that map.
Jason, now you'll get what's coming to you attack.
Now, Rockstar! You aren't going to get away with this, Scorpina.
Ai yi yi, that Rockstar is one tough monster.
Jason doesn't stand a chance pinned down like that.
He's a sitting duck.
What will we do? Alpha, we must contact the other Power Rangers.
They are the only one's that can save him.
Zordon, I read you.
Teleport to the beach immediately.
We're on our way! Here.
Don't worry, Jason.
Are you alright? Thanks.
That was a close one! Ah, we've got to find Jeremy.
He's got the map that Scorpina is looking for.
Let's go! Where's Jason? I hope he's okay.
- Jeremy! - Jeremy! - Jeremy! - Jeremy! Jeremy! Zordon, we read you.
You must go and fight Scorpina and her Rockstar monster at the beach club.
What about Jeremy? Don't worry, Jason.
I'll find him.
You must go immediately.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Alright, let's do it! Power Rangers! Attack! Zack, are you alright? I'm fine.
Not for long, Power Rangers.
You lost, I win.
Let's go, we've got to find that kid with the map.
Hurry and finish up! Hey, you guys okay? Yeah.
Get us out! Attack! Here they are.
Get them! Oh, see ya! Ha ha ha! Yes, brains before brawn.
Let me see.
This is where I am now.
It says to take 6 giant steps forward.
Ha ha! Should I finish them off, Scorpina? - A good idea! - Right! - What are you waiting for? - Yeah.
Ha ha ha! Wow! This must be it.
Huh? Whoa! Huh, no! Cool! Uh-oh! Yikes! Huh? This is too hot to handle.
Okay, you've had it.
Hey, look what I found.
Yeah, now I've got it.
We can finally get rid of those Power Rangers.
Grow, Scorpina, grow! Now, you're mine! We need Dinozord power, now! Let's do it! Way cool! Power Rangers to the rescue.
Power up the Megazord.
All systems are go! Let's do it! - Right! - Right! - Right! - Right! Megazord battle mode, now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord Activated.
Hide your eyes, don't look! Yoohoo! Over here! We can't break loose.
Nothing can save you now.
Behold, the mirror of destruction.
- Ah! - Don't look! Here's our chance.
We need the Power Sword now! - Yeah! - Alright! You'll pay for this, Power Rangers! Count on it.
Another job.
Well done, Rangers.
Thanks, Zordon.
Wow! You guys were awesome! You were pretty brave yourself.
Yeah, we're real proud of you, the way you out smarted those Putties.
Well, you know what they say, brains before brawn.
An exemplary motto.
I can't believe I finally got to meet you guys.
I can't wait till I tell my cousin, Jason.
Hey, by the way, where is Jason? I hope he's okay.
- Yeah.
- I'm sure he's just fine.
And then I kicked a Putty like this.
But then, when he was just about to nail me, this magic mirror blew him up into a zillion pieces.
Bang! Wow, to think we were stuck on a boring field trip.
But the Power Rangers, they were the coolest.
Man, you should have been them.
Oh, you've met the Power Rangers? Sure did, there was also a rock monster and a scorpion lady.
How idiosyncratic.
Yeah, and he spat out rocks as big as a house.
- Really? - Really.
Yeah, he hit the yellow one and then the black one, and kicked them into the pool.
And later the pink one flew through the air with her bow and arrow.
She was just awesome! Hey, tell us more about the black one.
And then the scorpion lady turned into this huge monster and another monster came down and the Power Rangers jumped into this huge robot.
- Wow! - Wow! Sounds like you had a pretty wild time.
I've got to go! You should have seen the red one battle it out with the scorpion lady.
He was the greatest! Yeah, continue.
Yeah, he did the coolest flying spin trick.
Hey, Jase, I meant to ask you, where were you all that time? I have a Martial Arts class I need to teach.
Come on, Jeremy.
Captioned by Grantman Brown