Power Rangers s01e34 Episode Script

The Green Candle (1)

Okay, man? Yeah.
Good move! Hey, you weren't too bad yourself.
So, what's up with the dance? I haven't asked her.
What? I don't know, I guess I'm nervous.
Oh, bro! Kimberly is going to say yes, but you have to ask her first.
So you think I should ask her today? Don't put it off, man.
It's time to make you move.
Your right.
Ha ha ha! The time has finally come.
Gather around fools.
I have the perfect plan to conquer that pathetic little planet called Earth.
Oh, gee! Yes, it's so devious and sinister, even for me.
What's the plan, your Evilness? When the green candle, formed from magic wax burns down, it will steal the Green Rangers powers.
First, we kidnap him, then the Earth shall shake.
You'll have the Green Rangers power as well as your own.
Ooh! Whisper softly, let it out, find the Green Ranger, point him out.
- Hey! - It works! Oh, what a great day! You lost your focus.
Cause you've got me thinking about Kim.
The sooner you ask Kim to the dance, the sooner your mind will be at ease, trust me.
Yeah, okay, Zack, if you such a pro, let's see you in action.
Childs play my friend, first you have to catch her eye with your walk.
Then you have to impress her with somesmooth spins.
Finally you just have to bust and move.
Zach, get a life.
Ha ha ha! Real impressive bud.
Yeah, real impressive if your trying to get a date with a carnival geek.
What's the matter.
You guys can't get a date? Well, if you're such experts, why don't you teach us? Roses are red, violets are blue, no girl in the world's going to go out with you.
Hey, I'm stuck! Get me out of here! Get me out of here! I can't breathe! I can't breathe! Alright, hold still, I'm trying! Yo, ladies, check this out! - Oh! - Ha ha ha! - Roses are red.
- Violets are blue.
We sure can learn something from you.
Candle of Green, Shabom, take Green Rangers power.
It will be done.
The Putties will find Green Ranger and take his coin.
And then, and then, we'll have him.
So, what did you want to talk to me about? You sounded so serious over the phone.
Yeah, um, well um, I want to know Yes.
If maybe you'd like to, um Like to what, Tommy? Kim, I just don't know how to ask you this.
Come on, Tommy! We're friends, you can ask me anything.
- Really? - Yes.
Alright, here it goes.
Um, Kim I was wondering if you'd like to go the - Look out! - Putties! Tommy, my morpher! I can't reach mine.
It's Goldar! What do you want now, metal head? Go take him! Tommy! Say goodbye to Green Ranger forever.
Just like old times, isn't it, Green Ranger.
What's this all about, Goldar? Ah, yes.
It's morpher.
Leave him to me.
Get comfortable, Green Ranger, Rita has big plans for you.
Never! - Ha ha! - Jason? Alpha? Forget it! Your telecommuncation device doesn't work in this dimension.
Why am I here? That's simple.
If you serve Rita, you can keep your powers, if not, you'll lose them when the candle burns out.
What candle? The green candle? It's made of very special wax.
When it burns out, Rita will have stolen your powers.
Do you have my monster ready? Cause, Finster, I need it! Coming, right up, your Evilness.
He's the worst, in the best of ways of course.
He's able the change into any shape at will.
Ooh, this I want to see.
Ooh, he look great! Here's looking at ya.
He makes me look good, doesn't he? Ah, yes, yes! Meet the Cyclops.
The Earth is mine, at last.
Yes! I won't let you get away with this, Goldar.
Like to stop the candle from burning.
By my guest.
You are doomed! Another one of Rita's wicked plans.
She's going to try to regain control of Tommy.
I just know it.
I can't get a lock on him.
Rita must be holding him in her dimensional prison.
Billy, have you come up with anything.
Not yet.
Still trying to tune into the frequency on Tommy's morpher.
Ai yi yi! The alarm! Look, the Viewing Globe! Dragonzord, attacking Angel Grove.
That can only mean one thing.
Rita has regained control of the Dragonzord.
We've got to stop it.
What about Tommy? We'll have to take him down too.
Wait! My sensors indicate the Dragonzord we see is an imposter.
One of Rita's creations? Trying to lure us into a trap.
We don't have a choice.
It's got to be stopped.
Be careful, Power Rangers.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! No! Make them pay, Goldar.
I am called to battle.
Don't get any foolish ideas, Ranger.
The candle will be safe while I'm away.
Ha ha ha ha! Crush them! Where's Tommy, Goldar? You will never see your friend again.
It's destroying the city.
We've got to do something.
And fast.
Ah, man! We need Dinozord Power now! Log on! Mastodon - Ready to rock! Triceratops - On line! Sabretooth Tiger.
Powered up! Power up your crystal! Okay, Power Rangers, let's do it! Let's show him some Megazord Power.
Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Man, he's just as powerful as the real Dragonzord.
And Rita controls him.
What if we can't defeat him? We've got to.
But how? We'd do it if we had Tommy's help.
Rangers, we've got to pull it together until he gets here.
Hey! I'm back, and happy to report your miserable friends are losing the battle.
You won't defeat them, Goldar.
Once she has your power, Rita will be able to defeat everyone.
She'll never have it.
Oh, she will.
See how it burns.
Like to try stopping it again? Face it, Green Ranger, you're trapped.
I saw how you got in here, Goldar.
Now we'll see if it works in reverse.
No! No! See you later, Gold Guy! Dragonzord! Well, you may have escaped, but your powers won't last after your candle burns low.
Oh, no! Rangers, I'm here.
Goldar had me trapped.
It's time for some real Dragonzord power! Huh? My powers are weakening already.
Hey, here comes the real Dragonzord.
Huh? Yes! Look, we must have hurt him.
He can't hold his shape anymore.
- Yeah! - Way to go, Tommy! Glad your back! I'm a Power Ranger until the end.
Yes, and your end will come soon, Green Ranger.
What is Alpha doing? He's scanning Tommy for internal damage due to crossing dimensions.
Your all clear! - Thanks, Alpha.
- You're welcome! Man, I'm just glad I was able to get out of there.
Hey, I remember Rita's secret dimension.
That's one bad place.
The important thing, Tommy.
Is that you're okay.
Am I? According to Rita my power is going to be gone soon.
She's just bluffing, Tommy.
Trying to scare you.
How would she be able to take away your power? I'm afraid it is possible, Rangers.
Zordon, then you found out something about the green candle I told you about.
Yes, Rita has a special form of wax from the gamma fry system once touched it retains a person's body energy.
But I never touched anything.
You did when you worked for Rita.
No way! And she's been saving the wax all this time? Yes, and now she has made a candle from the wax and cast a spell over it, connecting the Green Rangers power with the flame.
The Rita wasn't bluffing.
Once the candle burns out.
I'm history.
The Green Ranger's finished.
Captioned by Grantman Brown