Power Rangers s01e35 Episode Script

The Green Candle (2)

I don't believe this! Rita has linked my powers to a candle? Yes, and if the flame should burn out while in her possession, you'll be stripped of those powers and they'll belong to Rita forever.
Zordon, isn't there anything we can do? Someone must journey into Rita's Dark Dimension and get the candle before it burns out.
So how do I get there? You don't.
Your presence will only accelerate Rita's spell.
Another ranger must go.
I'll go! Forget it! No way! Look, it makes sense.
I'm the only other Ranger whose ever been there.
It's way too dangerous.
It's your only chance, Tommy.
There's no way I'm going to risk something happening to Jason because of me.
Look, Tommy, you're one of us.
You're a Power Ranger, man.
I'm not going to stand be and watch us loose a team mate.
Jason speaks for all of us, Tommy.
Thanks, man.
Zordon, I've found it.
Found what? The molecular energy patterns left by the Putties in the park.
- I don't understand? - What? Alpha's found the doorway to Rita's Dark Dimension.
The green candle burns bright, O Queen, soon it will be out and Green Rangers power will yours, all yours.
And with that power, I shall take over the world.
Yeah! A clever plan, Goldar.
Just do it! Ah! They're ready! Ai yi yi! I sure hope this works, Billy.
What are these things? Molecular decoders.
You see, Alpha found traces of the putties molecular patterns in the park.
Oh, from when they took Tommy? Affirmative.
And since the Putties teleported from the park to Rita's Dark Dimension, we'll be able to follow the same path with these.
Molecular decoders.
Got it.
Everyone, ready to teleport? Yep, we're all set.
Alright, we're out of here.
Thanks, I don't know what else to say.
Absolutely nothing.
Just know you mean a lot to us.
Let's do it! Stay in contact, Rangers and be careful.
Good luck, my friends.
I can't wait until I'm queen of everything, Cyclops, do we understand each other? - Yes! - Yes! You know what I mean, Goldar.
Cyclops will go down to Earth to impresonate Megazord, forcing the Power Rangers into battle.
I'm confused.
Meanwhile the green candle will burn.
Excellent, did you get that? Yes.
Go, Cyclops! Kim, is this the place where Goldar captured Tommy? Yeah, I'm pretty sure.
Let's get ready to set up the decoders.
Hey, the geeks are on top of our hill.
Come on, let's see what they're up to.
Is this right, Billy? Almost, they need to line up exactly.
Give me a hand.
How goes, Billy? That should just about do it.
Let's fire these puppies up! Hey, do you guys, like, hear that really gross sound? Push! - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey! You guys are in our private park.
Ah! Ah! Actually fella's this is a public park, anyone can visit.
Yeah, anyone but you, brainaic.
So get going.
Now! just leave us alone.
We've got work to do.
Hey, Bulk, what are those things? I don't know, let's find out! Hey, you can look, but don't touch.
Nobody tells me what to do.
Bulky boy, are you okay? You don't look so good.
I don't feel so good.
The portal will appear almost immediately once the decoders are activated.
Man, I just feel bad that I'm not with them.
Tommy, you must trust in your friends.
I do, Zordon.
If Jason can get into the other dimension, I just know he'll get that candle for me.
Ai yi yi! Red alert! What's happened? There's been an attack on the city of Angel Grove.
Check the Viewing Globe.
It's Dragonzord in battle mode.
But how, all the Zords are on standby.
It can only be an imposter.
No doubt it's Rita's Cyclops monster posing as Dragonzord.
And assuming Dragonzord's power.
Shall I contact the Rangers? That is what Rita hopes we will do, so that while the Rangers are occupied, the green candle will burn down.
Then let me take him on, Zordon.
But you'll be all alone against him, Tommy.
Give me this chance.
I can handle him.
Very well then, let the Power protect you.
It's Morphin Time! Dragonzord! Time for this real Dragonzord power! It's not going very well, is it? Ooh! Oh, yeah.
Hang on! I'm coming on board.
Now let's go get him! Poor Power Ranger, your doom is near.
Hah! Ha ha! The candle nears it end.
Soon the Green Rangers powers will be yours.
The decoders been activated.
Second decorder activated.
The portals open.
Zordon, I'm going in! Good luck, Jason and may the Power protect you.
I'm ready! Close the portal after I'm in.
Jason, good luck.
Thanks, bro.
I need it.
Well, it seems I have a guest.
Welcome back, old friend.
What an unexpected pleasure.
That's it! So you think you're going to save your friend, don't you? You don't have a chance.
Come and get it, little Red Ranger.
He's been in there too long.
Come on, Jase! The Green Ranger's in trouble, Zordon.
We cannot hold off any longer.
I must send the other Rangers to help him.
But, what about the green candle? Ai yi yi! I'm worried about Jase.
He should've been back by now.
I'm sure everything's fine, these things just take time.
Zordon, what is it? You must abort the mission.
Green Ranger is in serious trouble.
Well, what about Jason? He's not back yet.
One of you will have to enter the portal and retrieve him.
I'll go! Be careful, Zack.
Get Jason and yourself back safely.
I'm ready! Jason! You missed your chance.
What are you doing here? Jason, you've got to come back.
Tommy's in big trouble.
You're all in trouble now! But if I don't get the candle in time, he'll lose his powers.
If we don't get to him in time, he'll lose his life.
Which will you choose, Red Ranger? Come on, Jason! Come on! You gave up too easily.
Jason, Zack, are you okay? The candle? I didn't get it.
- But? - We'll have to go back.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Log on! Morphin! The candle burns.
No, you can't take my powers, Rita, I'm the Green Ranger.
Ultrazord, power up! Ultrazord sequence complete! Lock on, fire! - Yeah! - Let's get to the Command Center! The green candle is almost out.
Soon my queen shall be all powerful.
Behold, the flame's last gasp.
Ha ha ha! I'm going back in after the candle.
I'm afraid it's too late Rangers.
The candle has been extinguished.
- What? - Then Rita's won? Ai yi yi! There is only one way to stop the transferrence of power now.
Green Ranger must give up his Power Coin.
No way! He can't just give up.
There's no other choice, Kim.
By giving his coin to another Ranger Tommy can prevent Rita from gaining it's power.
It is the only way.
I guess this is it, huh? Well, it's been great.
Ah, Tommy! Don't worry.
I'll be alright! - Tommy.
- I'm sorry.
No, they've stolen my power.
That was mine.
Another one of my perfect plans ruined.
I'll get them back for this.
Zordon and his Power Rangers and that talking tin can, too.
It's over, isn't it? Yes, I'm afraid so.
And Rita? With the coin in Jason's hands, the power is protected.
I feel strange inside.
Your body is morphing back to it's normal state.
This is weird.
You are a strong and courageous fighter, Green Ranger, and an honorable man.
Something's happening.
Are you okay? It was great being a Ranger, Zordon.
You'll always be with me.
Sorry, Tommy.
I tried to get the candle.
You did what you had to do.
My powers are with you now.
Use them to defeat Rita.
You can count on it, man.
What's important to me now is my friendship with you.
I never want that to change.
It won't, Tommy, you'll always be one of us.
They said back at the gym, I'd find you here.
Yeah, I like practising outside, sometimes.
I can smell the fresh air.
How are you doing? I'm hanging, I've been working on my karate, focusing on my schoolwork.
I'm just trying to keep busy, you know.
We miss you! Yeah, well, you guys were a team long before I showed up.
It will all be back to normal before too long.
I miss you! I've been wanting to do that for a long time.
Me too.
Cool! Now that's over with, I guess my next question's a piece of cake.
What's that? Kimberly, will you be my date for the dance on Saturday night? Well? Kimberly? Ha ha! I didn't want to make it too easy for you.
Of course I'll be your date to the dance.
Yes! Captioned by Grantman Brown