Power Rangers s01e36 Episode Script

Birds of a Feather

Ready, 1, 2.
That's great, guys! Cameron, I'd like you to go through the new kata for us.
Are you sure you don't want Josh to do it? Yeah, I'm sure.
Trusting your instincts and skills is what Martial Arts is all about.
I'll do it with you.
With a little more concentration, you'll be great in the competition this weekend.
Yeah, if your giving out prizes for geeks.
Ha ha ha! I don't remember you being an expert in this Martial Art.
It involves self discipline, control, knowledge.
I'll tell you what I know.
My protege, Biff, is going to crush your wimpy dude in the competition.
Show 'em, Biff! Ha ha! Now that Finster has sent my monster down to earth, the Power Rangers will be destroyed once and for all.
Once Hatchasaurus has stopped Dragonzord the Power Rangers won't stand a chance.
They'll be crushed.
Feet together, bow! Okay, see you tomorrow.
Yo, Cameron, come here.
I want to talk to you about something.
Look man, don't let Biff pschyc you out just because he's bigger than you.
But what if he cheats? He'll be disqualified.
I couldn't have done this without you, Zack.
Yeah, you could.
You just remember to do all the cool dance stuff in between.
Hey, just remember, I'll be in your corner if you need me.
- Thanks.
- Let's do it! Welcome to the Angel Grove Junior Martial Arts competition.
First round competitors get ready.
Alright, Cameron, that's you, buddy! Hey, Zack! I'm really not sure about those new moves.
Hey, have confidence in your skills.
I know you'll make me proud.
I will.
- Hey, guys! - Hey.
I read you, Zordon.
Rita has sent a monster to Earth.
Teleport to the Command Centre right away.
I'll get the other Rangers.
Hi, Jason! Guys, trouble, we've got to go.
- Oh, man! Why now? - Sorry.
Cameron, I've got to go! - What? - It's an emergency.
You can't leave, it'll ruin everything.
I can't do it without you, Zack.
Believe in yourself.
You can do it! Zordon, what's happening? Rita has buried a bird like monster called Hatchasaurus in the ground near the powerplant.
Observe the Viewing Globe.
Man, that has got a serious case of the uglies.
Don't be fooled by it's appearance, it is controlled by an over intelligent internal computer called Cardiotron.
Your mission is to get inside Hatchasaurus and disconnect Cardiotron.
Get inside that thing? Oh, gross! How can we do that? Have confidence in your skills.
I know you will find a way.
Good luck, Power Rangers! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! We need Dinozord Power now! Log on! In the groove and ready to move! All systems on line! Powered up and ready to go! Alright, let's get do it! I think we could do with some help.
Hey, look! It's attacking.
Dragonzord's got him, let's finish him, guys! Locked on target and ready to fire! Yeah, let's blast him! Finish him! And crush him! Tyrannosaurus, fire! Wow, whee, did you see that? The Hatchasaurus is a goner.
The Power Rangers blew him into a zillion pieces.
He's isn't finished yet, right, my Quenn? Hmm! Bring the Power Rangers here at once.
The Earth is still endangered by Rita's monster.
Ai yi yi! Zordon, what's wrong? The Hatchasaurus has not been defeated.
I thought we totally shredded that thing.
You must still destroy Cardiotron.
It's computer.
Observe the Viewing Globe.
This is impossible! I think we're going to need the Mega Dragonzord to take this one out.
I'm finally going to red rid of those brats today.
Thanks to my Hatchasaurus.
Oh, yeah! But won't the Dragonzord inferfere? No, the Dragonzord is easy for me to stop.
Dragonzord, gone is your energy, my spell will make you weak, as you hear me speak.
My spell will make you weak as you hear me speak.
If we don't stop this thing, it's going to destroy the Earth.
Remember, there is only one way to defeat Hatchasaurus.
We must disconnect the Cardiotron.
Guys, it's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! You want to fight? You've got it! - Ahha! He's winning.
- No doubt about it, he's a stinker.
As usual your plan was brilliant, my Queen.
Yes, he's destroying those Power Rangers just like I said.
- Yes, highless.
- I did it! Ha ha ha! You've had it, birdbrain! He's tough, but we're together.
Now it's our turn.
Brace yourselves, guys, he's heading straight for us.
We need Dragonzord Power now! Something wrong? Dragonzord should be here by now.
Something's interfering with his Megareceptors.
Oh, man! We need the Power Sword now! Our power's down by 50%.
Keep it steady, guys.
It's time we finished this, dude.
So the Hatchasaurus is going to destroy them.
Looks like we've got to finish him again.
Right! There's something wrong? Billy, check it out! There's an outside energy source working against the Zords.
Rita's got it locked in a spell.
Looks like we've on our own.
Oh no! Jase, what are we going to do? I've got to disconnect that computer.
Here goes.
- Oh, man! - Jason! A visitor, how nice.
A pity I must destroy you.
It's over, Cardiotron.
I'm going to break you down.
I'm afraid that the only one who's going down is you, my little friend.
Since I have nothing better to do, I'm going to break you into teensy weensy little pieces.
Jason! Here he come again, hang on! He's helpless.
Jase, the Dragon Flute.
It's no use.
Your silly little flute is no match for Rita's evil power.
Want to bet.
Dragonzord power! Ooh, those Power Brats got lucky.
Wow, look at that! It's Cardiotron! You will not defeat me! Oh, yeah.
You are a worthy oponent, Power Rangers, a pity I must destroy you.
Yeah, well your about to feel the strength of Dragonzord power.
Yeah, so much for Cardiotron.
Now for that geek with the beak.
I call on the power of Titanus and the Ultrazord.
Ultrazord, power up! Lock on and fire! Ah, I hate the Power Rangers! Yes, yes, yes! Cameron made it to the highest Martial Arts level.
Whoa! I just hope he's not too mad at me for leaving yesterday.
Ah, chill.
Cameron man, hey, you made it! Yeah.
I'm sorry I had to bail on you yesterday.
I promise I'll be here for the rest of the competition.
Yeah, okay.
You'll do great! I know you will.
In your dreams.
Biff will make mince meat out of that cream puff.
Yeah, mince meat! Don't let them psych you, Cam.
You call this a psych.
Show 'em, Biff! You just stick to the fight plan.
You'll do great.
He's going to get him, with the new moves I taught him.
Yes! - Say Uncle.
- Never! Cameron, use the new leg move.
Break, centre.
Yes! Time, the round is over.
Judges call.
Winner, Cameron.
Yes! Nice match! Yeah, you too.
You were great! Why didn't you use the secret weapon move I showed you? You mean this one? I'm getting a new coach.
So did I make you proud, Zack? Absolutely, proud because you believed in yourself.
Captioned by Grantman Brown