Power Rangers s01e37 Episode Script

Clean-Up Club

Everybody take their places, please.
Bulk, the world's greatest guy.
Take 32, I have always enjoyed this notable class.
Ha ha! Take your seats now, please.
That was Miss Appleby, who can wait for me to sit down, she really is a lovely teacher.
Ha ha! Ah, light's no good, left.
No, my left, no right, back up.
Don't worry about it, Bulk, I'll edit it out later.
It's time for our first video project, today.
My video project is called "Pollution problems in Angel Grove".
Pollution it exits even here in beautiful Angel Grove.
Despite all the attention focused on the evironment in the past few years, we still have a problem with trash, dirty air and polluted water.
Heavy industry, a major source of contaminants have made progress recently but there's still a lot that needs to be done.
We must take care not to destroy nature's delicate balance, for the sake of the animals and for our very world.
Because if the animals disappear, ultimately, so will we.
The time to act is now.
Very nice job, Trini.
Pollution is a serious concern to our society.
I couldn't agree more.
I'm deeply concerned about ecological ramifications of ozone depletion, acid rain, deforestization and the loss of our topsoils.
Yeah, you're right.
So what can we do to help beautify our city? I want to start a clean up club.
One day a week we can do some recycling, he can even count endahngered animals.
- Count me in! - Sounds cool! Totally.
A cleanup club, eh.
We'll give them something to clean.
Call Finster's Pollutatorn.
He will make such a mess of their planet they'll never get it cleaned up.
Goldar, I have you two to make sure it works, now go.
Yes, my Queen.
That was very good! Watch this.
Not very practable, but big points for style.
How's it going, huh? Good, two more and we're done.
- Very good, Billy! - Thanks.
I'm using a special mixture of totally organic paint pigmented with various natural substances.
Okay, a little to the left.
Back a little bit to the right.
It's great.
Listen, I want to thank you guys for helping me out.
With all this recycling stuff.
That's what the cleanup club is for.
Now let's go to that field near the park and pick up trash.
- Shall we? - Yes! Let's go! See you later, guys.
Bulk, the worlds greatest guy.
Scene 40.
Working out.
This is where I train.
Copping up is important to me.
Bulk, you promised I could do the scene with you.
Whose going to run the camera, stupid.
Hey, Ernie, do you want to film us working out? You two, working out? Just run the camera, okay.
Oh, this aught to be fun.
Guys, this is really sad.
Look at this mess.
This is terrible.
Who would think people would ruin such a beautiful place.
Let me take a soil sample.
Completely polluted.
This kind of wanted disregard is so destructive to such a fragile escosystem.
And it stinks.
Okay, cleanup club, time to get busy.
Looks like our club really cleaned up.
Looks totally far out and funky down the drain dude.
Very successful venture.
And it was fun too.
Now let's do that section over there and then head down to the recycling centre.
It's almost time.
Ha ha ha! Another brilliant plan, my Queen.
I'll send Putties to soften them up for the pollutercorn.
This is going to make me look good.
Thanks for all your help goodie goods.
Bulk, the worlds greatest guy.
Take 53.
I picked up all this trash myself.
Beautiful man, but this way.
Right, my right, other right.
To right, other right.
Get me out of here! What kind of people just dump their trash like this? Polluters like that.
Oh no! Putties! Now we've got something else to clean up.
So much for them.
Monster sky high.
Flying in fast.
That's one nightmare.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Power Rangers! Toxic winds blow! You guys okay? Come on, we've got to stop him or we could lose everything in sight? Oh man, what now? Okay.
Stop! I will take care of these irritants.
It doesn't even feel our attacks.
I like his style.
I'm going to destroy you and your miserable planet.
That's the way, Pollutercorn.
I'm so devious, it's delicious.
That horse things too much.
This monster may prove difficult for you to defeat Rangers.
Billy help Alpha with the situation analysis while I brief the others.
Yes, sir.
Data printout coming up.
So what's up with this new monster, Zordon? It's all part of Rita's latest plan to destroy the earth.
Observe the Viewing Globe.
Rita has created this monster called Pollutercorn to cover the earth with pollution.
We can't let that happen.
There's got to be a way to stop that thing.
Yeah, but how? Ai yi yi! Whoa! - Alpha.
- Are you alright? You okay? My analysis shows that Pollutercorn derives it's powers from it's horn.
Good work, Billy, I will bring it up on the Viewing Globe.
The Pollutercorn is attacking the Angel Grove Recycling plant.
I can pollute you whole pathetic little planet faster than you can clean it up.
We can't let him wreck that factory.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Hiya! You guys get them! Right! I'll check out horn head.
Alright, let's do it! Got to find a way to chop off that horn.
Face it.
I'm just too powerful for you puny Ranger.
Besides your friends are finished.
Wait a minute.
I've got to finish destroying this recycling plant first.
Ah, so much to pollute, so little time.
Your polluting days are over horse face.
I'm sending you back to the barn.
Alright, smog breath, my friends need help.
I summon the Power of Dragon Shield.
Ah ah ah ow! I'll get you for that.
Make my Pollutercorn grow! We need Dinozord power now! Toxic winds blow! Take that! We're getting done, guys.
We need the Power Zord! Let's finish him, ha! Oh, such a headache! Never fear someday we'll make those Power Rangers pay.
This special bulletin just in.
We've just gotten word that once again the Amazing Power Rangers have saved our town and the world from one of Rita Repulsa's lethal monsters.
Eye witness report that after a lengthy battle, the Power Rangers and their Zords were able to defeat the beasts, just before it attacked downtown Angel Grove.
No people were reported injured.
How long will we be safe from Rita Repulsa's monsters.
No one knows for sure, but thank you, Rangers.
Whoever you are.
Hey, more recycling gang.
Time to go to work.
Okay, Ernie.
That makes an even 500.
Someday soon this plastic's going to make a lot of credit cards.
Oh, yeah, well check out this pile of papers.
Man! We just saved a redwood.
Remember you want to help, act helpful.
Tell them your here to help.
I know my lines.
Alright, Bulk woulds greatest guy, scene 78.
I always like to help out with the recycling.
What a dork! I'm gonna pound you.
Oh, yeah.
I think whenever possible everything should be recycled.
Today we will be seeing Bulk and Skull's video, won't we? Uh, well.
Just finished editing it.
This will be very interesting.
I'm sure it will be an award winning project.
How's it look? There's a few glitches, but nothing to worry about.
I have a note class.
Take your seats now.
That Miss Apple can't can't teach.
Ah ha ah! Coping up is important to me.
I'm gonna.
Na na! cut that part out.
I picked trash myself.
I think I should be recycled.
I'm going to pound you, Camera Man.
I can fix it, I can fix it.
Captioned by Grantman Brown