Power Rangers s01e38 Episode Script

A Bad Reflection on You

You puny Power Rangers think you're so tough, well let's twin man's a whole lot tougher than you are.
Scorpina will be in command of this mission and with the help of the twin man's powers they shall pulverise those brats once and for all.
We've got our work cut out for us, don't we? The twin man will transform you into exact duplicates of the Power Rangers.
Once you are on Earth do your best to do your worst.
Make them look bad and ruin their reputations.
Ah ha! And then you'll slice them and dice them.
We have our orders.
Let's go! Hey babe, wanna catch the submarine races tonight? Sure, sweet lips, give me a call.
- Huh? - Huh? Hi, Billy! This is gonna hurt you a lot more than it's gonna hurt me.
Posta la pizza, baby! Whoa! How lovely.
It's all going exactly as I said.
Ha ha! Good grief.
And this is only the beginning.
Gotcha! Detention.
We really cleaned up.
Mr Kaplin, can we give you a hand? You five, detention now! - What? - Huh? Yes.
Now, you all know why you are here.
Your drinking fountain prank was the height of delinquency.
- But, Mr.
Kaplin-- - Silence! Now you're to remain in your seats for the duration of the day.
I have a meeting to attend.
Hey, Mr.
Kaplin, go to your meeting.
I know the routine.
I'll fill them in on the rest.
Alright, but I'll be back to check on you shortly.
Though he'd never leave.
Hey, you, get out of my chair.
Do I see your written on it? Yeah, right there.
See, B.
It's not even spelt right.
So, we still on for tonight? Get real, eel.
I wonder what Mom made me for detention today? Quit staring.
Your ugly mug is making me lose my appetite.
Come on, Bulky, give me a little piece, please.
Something's not right, guys.
Yeah, what is going on? Skull think he has a date with Kimberly.
Not even Skull is that mentally deficient.
Oh, yeah.
- Oh! She done it.
- Shut up, moon brain! See Bulk, this is better than Mom makes.
Thanks for sharing.
Ah man, do we have to put up with this all afternoon? Now for phase two.
It's going to be so good to see those Rangers get what they deserve.
- No mercy.
- Right! Surprise! Man, this stinks! Yeah, we're being blamed for something we didn't do.
Oh, boy! It's time for my favourite cartoon.
Out of my way, pinhead! But Bulk, I want to see too.
What a remarkable display of early nethanderal social contact.
We interupt this program for special report.
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers who once fought on the side of justice and the defenders of our planet have now joined with the forces of evil.
Say what? That's bogus! We I mean the Power Rangers would never join the forces of evil.
This tragic turn of as the Power Rangers staged a terrifying attack on downtown Angel Grove just moments ago.
I don't believe my eyes! Or my ears.
This attack was totally unprovoked and took the city by surprise.
But that's impossible.
Man, the Power Rangers are being framed.
Today the Power Rangers are behaving like the hoodlums they put out of business.
This is indeed a dark day for Angel Grove and the entire world.
- Alright.
- Alright.
The Power Rangers would never in a million milleniums join the forces of evil.
Of course not.
This is Rita's doing.
She's reached a new low this time.
I just can't believe it.
This is got to be one of Rita's most evil plans ever.
We've got to get out of here and stop those phony Rangers before they destroy the world.
We could just morph.
No way! We can't reveal our identities to Bulk and Skull.
Hey, Kaplin just took off.
Now's our chance to sneak out.
Let's follow her.
I wouldn't.
She'll be back.
And stay in.
Attention students, due to the current state of emergency, no-one is allowed to leave the school premisis until further notice.
Have a nice day.
Oh! We're back with live coverage of the current crisis in downtown Angel Grove.
The magnitude of this crisis is increasing as the amount of destruction at this point is impossible to estimate.
All efforts to stop the Power Rangers have failed, and the city, perhaps the world is at their mercy.
Morphin's the only way.
But how? I've got an idea! Hey Skull, do you want to see my new trick? Sure.
Yeah geek, show us something we haven't seen.
You mean like the alphabet.
Alright, alright, check this out.
I can make us disappear.
No way! Yes way, but first, cover your eyes.
And count backwards from ten.
Now plug your ears with your fingers and count backwards.
- 10.
- 9.
- 7.
- 8.
- Ah! 6.
- 8.
- 7.
- 9.
Ah! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Now! - 9.
- Hey, don't forget to tell us when we can open them.
Yeah, that's it! Beat them, my Rangers! You don't stand a chance.
- Yeah.
- Not.
Oh, yeah.
You want to bet? You can't beat the real thing, Scorpina.
- 6.
- 7.
- 8.
- 7.
Ah! 8.
Wait already said that.
I give up.
Hey, they're gone! What did you do with them? I can't hear you.
Hey, they're gone! Nothing get's past you.
Come on, we've got to find them.
Power Rangers! Get them! Trini, help! Hiyah! If your her, you stay behind me.
Don't make me laugh! Hold on, Trini! Huh? Oh oh! Are you okay? Yeah, thanks.
Are you sure it's you, Trini.
You bet! No! Oh, those Power Rangers are doing it again.
I can't stand it.
Not in there.
Huh? Not in there.
Huh? There not in there either.
Farewell, Power Brats.
Mirrors all around, smash the Rangers to the ground.
This guys getting on my nerves.
And to think I always liked mirrors.
Let's get them, guys! You're finished! Rangers, blasters up! Fire! Alright, Power Rangers, let's bring them together! Alright.
Power Axe! Power Bow! Power Daggers! Power Lance! Power Sword! Power Rangers! Fire! Power Rangers! I saw the whole thing.
It's bad how those evil twins tried to frame you.
We knew you wouldn't let us down.
Not the real Power Rangers.
And so the Power Rangers are cleared of all wrong doing and once again have made the world a safer place.
Finster, I've got have a better monster to beat these guys.
Oh, I've got a headache! Not in there either.
Hey Bulk, I've got a good idea.
Why don't we turn those goody two shoes in? Oh! Let's do it! Hey, Mr Kaplin.
Those goody goodies split.
Sure, Bulk.
Scout's honour, just go in and check.
Alright, but if they're in there, you guys will be doing detention at age 50.
So what's another two years? Put a lid on it, nincompoop.
Good afternoon, Mr Kaplin.
Hey, how'd you do that? It's magic! Yeah, with mirrors like this one.
Wow! I hope you all learned a lesson? We sure did.
And I'll see you two tomorrow.
Guys, come on.
Guys, tell us how you did it.
Guys, come on, Zack.
Get a life! Captioned by Grantman Brown