Power Rangers s01e39 Episode Script

Doomsday (1)

And because of their contribution to justice, and their unending efforts to protect the entire planet, Angel Grove city officials have declared today Power Rangers Day! - Hey, guys! What's up? - Hey! Hey! We're reading about the Power Rangers! Oh yeah? What's it say? "Mayor Carrington hopes that the mysterious superheroes will make a public appearance in Angel Grove Park, where countless fans will be gathered to celebrate them.
" I have a feeling the Power Rangers will show up don't you? Mm! I wouldn't be surprised! C'mon Bulk, ya gotta tell me! What are you planning? Okay! All right! Okay! You know how they're planning that party for the Power Rangers in the park! - Yeah, yeah! - Well, we are gonna steal a little bit of their thunder! We're gonna show Angel Grove that the Power Rangers aren't the only superheroes in the city! Yeah! They're not the only superheroes in this city! - They're not? - Heh! Wait'll they get a load of us! Maybe we should attend this little party too! - Whoo! - Will there be any little Swedish Meatballs? - Wow! - Quiet, you bubbleheads! We're not going for a social visit, we're going to destroy the Power Rangers! That's right, Goldar, and to finish them off I will use all of my power to activate your Zord, Cyclopsis! Ohh my star of doom, wild stars! An evil witch arrive! Who darrres to challenge you! I can't watch! I shall not fail you, my Queen! I will pilot Cyclopsis and send the Power Rangers to their doom! Billy and the girls are supposed to meet us right around here.
Check it out, man! All these people are here to see the Power Rangers! Hey, Angela! Hey why don't we get together tonight, and go out? I'm serious! No, Zack! If you were a Power Ranger, I would say yes in a minute! Keep trying! - Nice to feel appreciated, huh? - Speaking of which, don't you think it's about time of us to morph into costume? Whoa! Whoa! We've still got a little time.
I mean by mingling with a crowd like this, We lessen the chances of anybody finding out who we really are.
I cannot believe how many people are here! Hey look, there's Ernie! - Hey, Ernie! - Hi! - Ms Appleby, hi! - Hi, kids! Prodigious! Everyone's here to see the Power Rangers! - Gosh, this is so neat! - I don't see Tommy anywhere.
He probably feels bad.
Y'know, kinda left out? - Yeah, he'll show up! - Hey look, there's Jason and Zack! Come on! Look at them! - You want a big crowd? - Yeah, we'll trap the people in another dimension and make it easy to hunt the Rangers down! My Queen, the dimensional vortex beam is ready! - Soon, every one of them will be our prisoners! - Huh! Today's the day the people of Angel Grove are gonna meet this city's newest superheroes! - C'mon , let's duck in here! - Yeah, let's duck in here! - With iron chests, and arms of steel - We've got real superhero appeal! We'll protect this city with all our might! Bulkster, - and Super Skull, - we'll set things right! - C'mon, let's go show up those Power Rangers! - Yeah! - So, you guys ready to morph? - Oh yeah! Yes! Yes! I gotta impress Angela! - Out of our way! - Yes, out of our way! This I've got to see.
Testing! Testing! Testing! Hello, good citizens of Angel Grove, and welcome to this city's most historic moment! A moment when two of the most dynamic, powerful, incredible superheroes ever to walk the Earth decided to move to this fair city, and protect its people! Of course I'm talking about myself and my sidekick.
I'm The Incredible Bulkster! And I'm Super Skull! Boy Wonderful! - Show us some of your superpowers! - Yeah! This is classic! My Queen, at your command, all of Angel Grove will be beamed into another dimension! - Zap them now! - Goodbye, snivelling citizens! Where'd he go? What's going on? - Whoa! - Oh, no! - Where's everyone gone? - The whole park is empty! Jason to Command Center, we have an emergency! Yes, I'm already picking it up, Rangers.
A powerful vortex beam, emanating from the moon, appears to have enveloped everyone in Angel Grove.
Rita! - I've got something, Zordan! - Good.
Now lock the scanner onto the dimensional beam and track its co-ordinates carefully, Alpha.
Look for any movement toward Earth.
But how can the moon move? The moon cannot, Alpha.
But Rita's Palace can! If she brings it to Earth, as I fear she may, it will greatly increase her powers.
Ha! All right, time to travel, everyone! Ooh, should I pack a bathing suit? To power my Battle-Zord, the Palace must be close to it! That's why I'm taking us to Earth! Where I shall destroy the puny Power Rangers once and for all! Ooh-hoo! We're right on target! Yeah-heh! We've got big trouble down here, Zordan! Ooh! Summon Cyclopsis, my Empress! With their powers right in downtown Angel Grove, Rita will be ten times more powerful, Zordan! - Yes, Alpha.
Activate the Viewing Globe! - Ai-yai, yai-yai-yai! Goldar, as I suspected.
And with the power of Rita's Palace they have activated Cyclopsis, Goldar's Warzord! It look very bad indeed.
We haven't seen this monster in ten thousabd years! Rangers, you must morph to downtown Angel Grove, and activate Megazord! It's Morphin' time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth tiger! Tyrannosaurus! - All right Rangers, let's do it! - We need Dinozord power, now! All right! - Rangers, log on! - Mastodon, ready to kick it! - Triceratops, online! - Sabretooth tiger, ready! - Pterodactyl, ready to rock! - All right, Rangers, power up your crystals now! All right Rangers, let's show 'em some Megazord power! - All right! Let's switch to Battle Mode! - Morphin'! Megazord Sequence has been initiated! Megazord activated! - Let's do it! - Right! Goldar's driving Cyclopsis! Attack! Here he comes! We can't allow him to gain a strategic advantage.
We've gotta match him move for move! - If we don't, we're finished! - Right! Jason, we've gotta get up! We can't let him trash the whole city! I'm trying! Cyclopsis is too powerful! I'll try and get the controls to respond.
Patch in the emergency pods and give me full power! All right! - Jason! We need help! - I know! It's time to call in Dragonzord! Time to feel the power of Cyclopsis! All right! Switch into Dragonzord Battle Mode! All right Rangers, let's move in! Take that! This is almost too easy! Smash them! - I hate those guys! - They're both down! Now to take 'em out! - All system back on-line! - Yes! Initiating Ultrazord Squence! Ultrazord powered up and ready for action! Lock on and fire! My Zord! This is impossible! - Yes! - Right on! Yeah! Why you take this! No, you don't! - Titanus is gone! Now what? - I don't know, Billy.
Hey suckers, you're next! You will all suffer the same fate! Mishar! Sozar! Miah-slee! Lokar! I summon thee! Lokar! You, Lokar, shall be the final ingredient in my master plan, and what a beauty too! With your power I can recreate Cyclopsis, and all the world is mine! So be it! Haa! Take that! Haha! - Lokar's outta control.
- Looks like Rita's reconstructed Cyclopsis! - Zordan, what are we gonna do? - Nothing.
So if we stop him, we stop Rita and the others, right, Zordan? Yes, Zack.
Alpha is scanning the computer memory for more data on Lokar.
It should provide a clue to help you defeat him.
Zordan, what about all the people? Where are they? My sensors indicate that they are all safe, but out of reach in Rita's dimensional vortex.
We're their only hope.
That is correct, Rangers.
Because if you lose this battle, they will all be trapped in Rita's vortex, forever.
Captioned by Grantman Brown