Power Rangers s01e40 Episode Script

Doomsday (2)

Cyclopsis is one of Rita's most terrifying creations.
She hasn't brought him out in over 10,000 years! You'll have to defeat him if you are to release the population of Angel Grove from the dimensional vortex in which Rita has them trapped.
Goldar has taken over piloting Cyclopsis with backup from Lokar.
The situation is grave.
If you don't win this battle soon, Angel Grove and the entire world is doomed! We've gotta stop that thing.
Billy, what's the update on the Zords? Still not fully re-energised.
They took a real beating in the fight against Cyclopsis.
The Zords still need another 12 hours to be at full power! We can't wait that long! We'll take 'em at half power.
Jason! If we do that we risk doing serious damage to the Zords! We don't have a choice.
There is too much danger in what you propose.
But Zordan, what about our city? We have to stop it from being destroyed! Not to mention rescuing all those people trapped in Rita's dimensional vortex! They're safe right now, but, if we have to wait 12 hours it may be too late! What you are asking has never been tried before.
If the Zords' backup fail, you and everything in the Morphing Grid could vanish forever.
- Do you want to try this? - You know me do, Zordan.
- Yeah.
- You got it.
Between Cyclopsis and Lokar, the world will now be mine! Co-ordinates are set.
Are you ready to morph to the city? - Ready, Alpha.
- Good luck, and let the Power protect you.
It's Morphin' time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth tiger! Tyrannosaurus! - All right! - Let's do it! Back for more? Lokar will take care of you for good! Right, Lokar? Yeahhh! He'll pay for that! - Power Grid's down! - Gyros off-line! - Switch to Emergency Power! - We can't! Backups are down! Victory is mine! Take that! Shields are down! One more hit and we're finished! - We gotta do something, fast! - Right! I just hope Dragonzord's powered up enough to help! There it is! - Oh, no! - He's down! Huh? Power Pods are gone! We can't move! Weapons are out! Uh! I can't believe it! They're all yours, Rita! - Power Rangers! Gotcha! - Wowee! The Power Rangers are finished! Yeah, I'm gonna enjoy this! Take that! Yes! - It's overloading! - Circuits are out! - We're coming apart! - Uh! Uh! Rangers! Abanon Ship! - You guys okay? - Yeah.
Jason to Command Center.
Jason to Command Center! We have an emergency! Rita's undoubtedly jamming the frequency! We've lost all contact with Zordan and Alpha.
- And the Zords! - They just came apart, they just dissoled! That was actually the new security system Zordan designed for the Zords.
See, if they lose in battle they automatically disassemble and return to the secret hiding place to re-energise.
- So the Zords aren't destroyed? - Negative.
Our problem now is that we have no way of contacting them! Maybe we do.
I might have the equipment back at my garage to change the - frequency on the communicators.
- Then let's move! - Alpha, status report.
- Their Zords are safe and being re-energised! What about the Power Rangers? We haven't heard from them in a while.
We're lost contact, Zordan! Their communicator frequency is being blocked! Keep trying, Alpha! You must establish contact with the Power Rangers.
Without the Zords they are vulnerable to Rita's attacks! Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai! Starting frequency search now! - Trini, check over there! - Okay! - Did you find it? - Yeah! How does it look, Billy? Well, I've got all the equipment I need.
It's just a matter of time.
Even if he does fix the communicators and establish contact with Zordan, - then what? - Hopefully Zordan's already come up with a plan Or this truly is the end of the Power Rangers.
- Ah! Do you see that, I'm winning! - Yes! Without Zordan and the Zords, the Power Rangers are ripe for defeat! Great! And I'm gonna go and personally finish each of those - Power Geeks myself! - That's great! Now get down there! - How's it coming, Billy? - I'm adjusting the modulator to read an alternative signal.
I just need a few more minutes! - Your few minutes are up! - Goldar! Greetings, Power Rangers! I thought I'd stop by and say hello before I say goodbye forever! It's been nice knowing ya! - Jason, the equipment! - Keep working, Billy! - We'll take care of Goldar.
- Still living in a fantasy, huh? You're about to learn a lesson! Any success in finding the Rangers, Alpha? It's impossible with their communicators down! I've just found some important information, Zordan! It appears that because Rita's Palace is now on Earth, our computer has been able to penetrate her data-bank! Excellent, Alpha! That means we have access to her files of spells and secrets! Affirmative, Zordan! Alpha, these files could help us reduce Rita's power, of even stop her altogether! I'd better hurry and tie into her system! - You guys! I did it, they functional! - impossible! - We're outta here! - No! - Rangers! You're okay! - Zordan! - Are you all right? - Yeah, we're all in one piece! Then there is no time to waste.
We may finally have a way to defeat Rita! - How? - Alpha tapped into Rita's data storage and discovered a weakness in Cyclopsis we can use! - What do we do? - Cyclopsis will adjust to whatever it fights.
If you change Battle Modes frequently it will not be able to keep up.
- Are the Zords powered up? - Ready and waiting you! Each time you change, Cyclopsis will weaken as it tries to adjust.
Use this to your advantage, Rangers.
Titanus is now re-energised and is ready for action.
When the time is right, call upon the power of Ultrazord! If you fire on Cyclopsis in its moment of weakness, you will be able to destroy it.
- Then there's no time to lose.
- Let the Power protect you.
Remember, the quicker you change modes, the weaker Cyclopsis becomes.
It's Morphin' time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Power Rangers! All right! Let's get to work! Tyrannosaurus Power! Oh yeah! I call on the power of the Mastodon! Prodigious! Triceratops Power! I call on the power of the Pterodactyl! I call on the power of the Sabretooth tiger! Yeah! Give me your best shot! - Switching to Megazord, now! - Megazord Sequence has been initiated! Megazord activated! Power Sword! Now! You can't win, Rangers! Time to bring in Dragonzord Power! Dragonzord Battle Mode! Aaah! Titanus! Now! Ultrazord! Power up! You two have had it! All right Rangers, let's finish 'em! Lock on and fire! Overload! Overload! Too many changes! System locked! No! I don't believe it! It can't be! Abandon ship! - Yeah! - See what? - All right! - Yeah! - Uhh! I can't stand it! - Ooh, I certainly regret your displeasure! It wasn't my fault, I was sleep! You can't blame me! This time it's all Goldar's fault! Hmpf! Never mind that! Rita! Get us out of here before Ultrazord blasts us! Hah! Yes! - Goldar! - Yes, Empress? Don't ever tell me what to do again! We're back! We're back! - That's my cape! - Get out of here! Look, everyone! It's the Power Rangers! My heroes! - They must have saved us! - Clear the way for the Power Rangers! What about us? Make way for the Power Rangers! Thanks! Thanks! - Red Rangers is the strongest! - Uh-uh! The Black Ranger has the most Power! No way! The Blue Ranger is the coolest! I hear that the Pink and Yellow Rangers are the best! I'll let you guys in on a little secrets.
They're all totally awesome! As the Mayor of Angel Grove City, it is with great pride that I stand here before you in the presence of true heroes! They have risked their lives countless times for the safely of our city and its people.
They are true examples of Good triumphing over Evil, and now it is time to thank them.
They are the Power Rangers! - Thanks! - Thanks! - Lookin' good! - Hi! Power Rangers! Congratulations, Power Rangers! Victory is yours.
You have dealt Rita a serious blow and have proven yourselves to be the - mightiest heroes on Earth.
- Thanks, Zordan.
Rangers, the time has come for you to choose again.
What do you mean? You have gone far beyond the call of duty and saved your world from a terrible fate.
And altrough the danger has not passed completely, you may now choose whether you wish to remain Power Rangers or return to your regular lives.
The decision is yours.
There's no decision to be made, Zordan.
I think we all feel the same way.
- Yeah, we're the Power Rangers! - To the end! The reason you chose us was to stop Rita, but it doesn't end there.
There are other villains! Other crimes to protect the city from! Zordan, you've taught us what truth, honour, and real courage are all about.
We don't want to abandon that now! So, in other words You can't get rid of us! I am very pleased to hear you say those things.
The world is very lucky to have you, and so am I.
May the Power protect you always.
Sorry, Rangers! I've caught the computer virus! Guys? Power Rangers! Captioned by Grantman Brown