Power Rangers s01e41 Episode Script

Rita's Seed of Evil

Very nice work.
The samples you've grown for the science project look very healthy.
Thanks, Mr.
You know I think you're ready for phase 2.
Transplanting them to the park.
Cool! Soon they'll grow into trees and provide the environment oxygen and clean air.
At the excelerated rate that rainforests are being destroyed, every tree counts.
Wow! Keep me posted on your progress.
Nerds, how absurd, how does your garden grow.
Yeah, how does it grow? With special fertilzer, it's going to grow great.
Want to make a bet.
This time we've got you geeks beat.
Show 'em, Skull! Now these are baby trees.
Not like those toothpicks you guys are growing.
Yeah, toothpicks! Yeah, you guys are really ahead of us.
I thought I told you to pull off the tags.
Ah, I knew I forgot something.
Won't you watch what you're doing.
Now he's as close as he's ever going to get to having a green thumb.
Ah, so you want to raise some trees, yes? I will send down, Squatt.
My Queen, to sow some seeds of your terrible plant.
The plant will grow and grow until it's tenticles encircle the entire earth and destroy it.
We've got it.
This is the place in the park where we can plant trees.
This fertiliser should entrance the growing process.
Very impressive, Billy.
Alright guys, let's find a spot and do it.
Over here.
Good work, guys.
They look so cute.
It's hard to believe that huge tress start out as little things like that.
Hey, man, even you were a baby once.
Hey, we should go get some fresh water down at the river.
Yeah, let's go! They're gone! Time for phase 2 of my plan.
What was phase 1? You're wearing phase 1, numbskull! Taking the trees they planted, moving them somewhere else, we get a good grade is phase 2.
Oh, yeah.
Come on.
And we're doing something to make the world a better place.
Ooh! That was close! Now for Rita's seeds.
I'll be a regular Squatty Apple seed.
- Huh? - Huh? - Whoa! - Agh! Man, did you see that thing? Yeah, I saw that thing.
Ooh! I dig this job.
Now some evil seeds all sown, soon the Octoplant will grow.
This will make Rita so happy she'll probably give me that glow in the dark toothpaste I've been wanting.
Hey guys, look up ahead.
It's Squatt! Ooh, da de do! What is he doing? Whatever it is, it can't be good.
Putties! We're surrounded! I'm outta here! Take 'em! Ah! What smells in here? Bulk, did you forget to shower? When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Man, the lock is stuck.
We're trapped in here? - Agh! - Agh! Get down! Look out! Let us out of here! - Agh! - Agh! - Bulk? - What? I gotta go! What do you mean? You know, I gotta go.
Let me out of here! Let me out, let me out! Man, what was that all about? I don't know.
Rita must be up to something.
Definately up to something.
Let's get to the Command Centre.
Ai yi yi yi! Power Rangers, my sensors indicate a major disturbance in the morphing grid.
Observe the Viewing Globe.
Great, Rita is having another one of her temper tantrums.
As soon as Alpha has entered all the data, computer can initiate a search for the source of the disturbance.
Ai yi yi! So many figures, so little time.
Let me help you with that, Alpha.
Sounds like we need to work fast.
Time is of the essence, Rangers, we may be able to stop whatever Rita has planned, if we can catch it in time.
I want to go back to the park, Zordon.
See if I can figure out why Squatt was there.
It may tie into all this.
Excellent idea, Jason! I'll let you know what I find.
Good luck, Jase.
Be careful.
What is it, Zordon? We traced the energy distubance to the park.
Rita has apparently planted some powerful seeds there.
So that's what Squatt was doing here.
Yes, find the seeds.
If the bulb is allowed to bloom the monster will quickly reach full power.
I found something, Zordon.
I found Rita's seeds, Zordon, but they're protected in some kind of energy field.
It's Morphin Time! Tyrannosaurus! Let go of me you overgrown asparagus.
Soon my Octoplant will crush him.
And very soon the Octoplant will bloom.
Alright, I'm almost finished entering all the data.
The alarm! The Viewing Globe.
Jason is trapped! That things got a hold of him.
What is it? One of Rita's monsters, known as Octoplant.
We got to help him! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Triceratops! Jase, are you okay? Yeah.
Ooh! Curses, they saved him, for now.
Be careful, Jason, that energy field may still be active.
It's okay.
I'll just shut it down so we can get to the seeds.
Let's hurry! Let's do it! Affirmative.
Oh, they're going to wreck everything.
I shall lead the attack.
Whose with me? I am.
How perfectly evil.
Now it's time for you to leave those seeds alone.
Putties! My plan is suceeding.
While they fight the Putties, the Octoplant is growing underground.
You Putties will have to strike with more velocity than that.
Let's blast them! Come on, Rangers, let's get it together! Red Ranger, I have news for you, chum.
You and your playmates have met their match.
Come on, guys, can't let them beat us! But the monster hasn't bloomed yet.
Be quiet, you nutcase, you watch, my victory in certain.
Are you sure, mistress? Yes, you'll see.
Ai yi yi! The Power Rangers are in terrible trouble, Zordon.
Yes, I'm afraid Rita's Octoplant is about to bloom.
I am Octoplant, gaze upon me.
Just like I told you two.
Nasty, isn't it? You were right and I was wrong.
I knew it would work! And now I say grow! That's a tower of flower.
You puny animals! Puny, huh? We'll see about that you overgrown petal pusher.
Right, guys? - Right! - Right! We need Dinozord power now! Huh? Let's do it! Log on! Rangers, let's go! Yeah, ready to kick! On line and ready for action! Alright, all systems go! Let's wilt this flower! Take that! Alright Rangers, power up your crystals! Hit it! Let's see you handle this, small brain.
Huh, Megazord? Get it, you lousy seed lover.
Look out! She's heading straight for us! Let's get her! - Right! - Right! She keeps coming.
She's mostly composed of vegetable matter so our punches have little effect on her.
There's got to be something we can do.
Almost done now.
The tentacles.
She's got our arms pinned down.
What are we going to do.
We're sitting ducks.
Here she comes again.
Main power down.
One more blast and we are history.
We need the Power Sword now! Look behind you! She's looking at herself.
Now's our chance.
Ooh! No! Hey! Hey, what's going on? Come on, somebody, let us out of here! Somebody let us out of here! I really got to go! What's going on? - Help! - Help! Plant's can be amazing, huh.
Yeah, leave it to Rita to take something as beautiful as a plant and make it evil.
I just hope that's the end of her green thumb.
I just want you to know that I'm extremely impressed with all your science projects.
And I passed by the park this morning to see how the sapplings fared.
You really did a great job.
Thanks, Mr.
I just hope the people of Angel Grove will treat them with care and respect.
When they grow up to be trees they'll provide us with beauty, shade and clean air.
Hey, what about us? We deserve an A+ after what we've been through.
Yeah, after what we've been through.
You are late again.
Where have you been? We got taken for a ride and then we got dumped.
Yeah, in a dumpster.
What's the matter? What's the problem here? What is it with you two? Captioned by Grantman Brown