Power Rangers s01e44 Episode Script

Lions and Blizzards

What's wrong, Angela? Can't keep up? Come on, hop to it! Come on, Jason! Faster! Faster, go! Come on, you can do it! - Yes! - Alright! Wow! Alright, settle down, the red team wins.
But there is a tie between the red and blue teams in terms of points.
Now, the final event.
A tug-of-war.
The winner will receive the coveted Noble Lion Trophy.
Alright, everybody.
Man your positions.
We are going to whip you good, Jason.
Give it your best shot, Bulk.
Hey Angela, do you want to defect over to the winning side? Zackman saved a special place just for you.
Dream on! Yeah right, Zackman.
Angela knows which side the real men are on.
Yeah, the real men! Ha ha! A lion trophy.
I'll show them a lion trophy.
Of course, my Queen.
Goatan, the Stormbringer, the earth and the Power Rangers will be destroyed forever.
Ha ha ha! On the count of three, I'll blow the whistle.
Alright, let's do it, Jase! Yeah! That trophey's mine, buzzard breath! Prepare to eat your words, Bulk.
Put an end to this now.
Use the law of physics.
Alright, everyone, pull together.
Yeah! Stupendious, we won the Noble Lion Trophy.
What's the matter, Bulk? Excuse me Miss, maybe I be of some assistance? You're just loving this, aren't you? Did you see Bulk's face when he hit the mud? How about poor Mr Kaplin? Once again, team work has proved most effective against our adversaries.
Ernie is going to get a big kick out of the Noble Lion Trophy.
Yes! Hey, you guys, speaking of the trophy.
Hey, the trophy's gone.
Oh, man! I bet Bulk and Skull had something to do with this.
Come on! We cannot let them get away with it.
Well, this is a decidedly large expanse to cover.
Let's split up! I'll go with you, Jase.
Come on! Those goody goodies think they are so smart.
But not smart enough to keep the prize.
Our trophy's getting away! Those two bumblers won't get far, my Queen.
I'll send down a hoard of Putties to keep those Power Brats away.
If you were Bulk and Skull, where would you go? Ugh! Don't even mention such a horror.
Billy, look out! Heading your way.
Man, that was weird! I wonder what Rita's up to now.
We should find Kimberly and Jason.
Come on.
Hey! Hey, watch it, dogboy! What is your badness up to.
Silence, you fool! You'll break her concentration.
She's casting a spell.
To turn the Lion trophy into the monster Goatan.
Moons of Cryon, make me a monster.
Half goat, half lion.
I'm warning you.
Agh! - Nice kitty! - Kitty, kitty! Insolent fools, take that! I've got ya! Got ya! Too bad about that trophy.
Hey, we don't need a trophy wo know that we are winners.
Hey, don't look now, but your dream diva is headed our way.
Ask her out again, Zack? She's a babe, but I gave up on Angela a long time ago.
Gave up? Hey, Zack.
How about you and me catching a matinee or something? Ah, don't call me, I'll call you.
Way to go, Zackman! Ai yi yi! What is it, Alpha? Everything's suddenly gone haywire.
This disturbance is familiar.
I believe Rita has summon forth her lion goat to attack Angel Grove.
Summon the Power Rangers for Goatan the lion goat brings with him terrible storms.
Ai yi yi! If Goatan is allowed to control the weather, the entire earth will be in peril.
Oh, this weather is particulaly precarious.
The storms is just raging outside.
It came from nowhere.
We're on a tornado watch.
I just heard it on the news.
Everyone, let's head for the basement.
Guys, I don't like the looks of this.
Something tells me this isn't mother nature at work.
Sounds like Rita if you asked me.
We read you, Zordon.
What's up? Rita has unleashed another of her monsters.
You must teleport to the Command Centre at once.
Zack's not with us.
Alpha will contact him from here.
Hurry, Rangers! Alright, guys.
Ready for teleportation.
Rangers, we have a dire situation on our hands.
Rita has used your Noble Lion Trophy to summon the evil Goatan, the lion goat.
So that's what happened to the trophy.
Yes, observe the Viewing Globe.
Wow! Man, that dude is bad news.
Goatan has the ability to create storms blizzards and even hurricanes to destroy the world.
This creature must be stopped quickly.
Alpha, have you managed to contact Zack yet? No luck as yet.
I can't understand why he's not responding.
I'll try again.
It's chilly in here.
It feels like winter.
It's not that cold.
Alpha will continue trying to raise Zack, you four must go ahead and battle Goatan.
Good luck, Rangers.
It's Morphin Time! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! - Tyrannosaurus! Ah, lunch! Alright, enough is enough.
You have no power to match mine, Puny Rangers! Go ahead and try it.
Kimberly! I'll teach this firball some manners.
Right now! Let's get him! You see, Power Rangers.
You cannot win! Now to finish you.
Had enough you pathetic weaklings? Nothing can save you now, Power Rangers.
Ha ha ha! The Rangers.
are gone forever.
Two heads are better the one.
At last the end of the Power Rangers is at hand.
What's that? Uh, nothing.
It's my popcorn alarm.
Um, save my seat.
I'll be right back! I read you.
What's up? Zack, the Rangers need your help.
They've been trapped inside a tornado by Goatan, Rita's evil shimero monster.
I'm on the job! Man, this monster's going to pay! It's Morphin Time! Mastodon! Oh, man! Hey, firball.
So Black Ranger, you're here.
You're one messed up looking cat.
It's Zack! Just in time.
Oh, you're gonna pay big time, for messing with my friends.
And expecially for messing with my date.
You're all talk, Ranger.
You're all through.
That oughta change your minds, Goatan.
Both of them.
What's the matter with ya? Grow, Goatan, grow! Our problem just got bigger, guys.
We need Dinozord power now! Jumpstart.
Power up, guys! Let's do it! Right! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
All the controls are frozen.
Nice to see you've cooled off Rangers now to put the icing on the cake.
I'm still with left turn.
Maybe we can spin this baby? Whoa! Ah! Let's finished him off! Bring on the Power Sword.
Let's get the job done.
- Alright! - Yeah! Those wretched Rangers give me such a headache! Goatan was obviously unworthy, my Queen.
I swear to you, we'll be back.
Congratulations on a job well done, Rangers.
I regret your trophy was destroyed.
That's alright.
We don't need a trophy to prove that we're winners.
Right, Jason.
Right, Bro.
Another happy ending.
Oh, no! Zack, what's wrong? Speaking of happy endings, I left Angela sitting back at the theatre.
If I don't get back before the curtain goes down, it's going to be curtains for me.
I'm outta here.
See ya.
Sorry, it was a long line.
What do you think? Does it brighten up the place? Excuse me.
I'm trying to find out if anyone can positively identify these two gentlemen.
Identify them? Sure, aren't they the swamp creatures from the Black Lagoon? Come on, guys, don't you recognise us, it's your friends Bulk and Skull.
Unfortunally, Officer, we do know them.
That's move like it.
Hey, what's going on? I feel something.
It's okay.
You need a bath anyway.
Captioned by Grantman Brown