Power Rangers s01e45 Episode Script

To Flea or Not to Flee

Hey girls.
You look bummed.
Yeah, well in case you haven't heard, there's a huge science test on Monday.
Yeah, we know all about it.
And you guys are not worried? Nope.
Billy's got a great plan, he's going to make sure that we all pass.
Yeah, we were thinking we should all go to my Uncle's Resort in the mountains and spend the weekend studying.
Hah! If we stick together on this, it will be breeze.
Ha ha! Sounds good! This gives me an idea.
Do you know what these are? Early Birthday cards? Ah gee, Mr Caplin, you didn't have to do that.
I didn't.
They're your mid semester grades.
- Ouch! - Yeah, ouch! Ouch is right.
If you two boys get "D"s in Monday's test, you're going to be spending the rest of the year in detention.
Remember, D is for detention.
Well, at least we know where we'll be after school from now on.
Don't be a dweeb.
I've got a plan.
We're going to follow those geeks and they're going to do the work for us.
Hmm? What's going on? It's time for the crystal of nightmare, with it the Rangers will dream only of defeat.
The crystal will destroy their confidence forever.
Why should I care about that? Without self confidence their powers will be worthless.
That's good! And thus, diffusion is the movement of mollecules by random motion of a higher concentration to one of lower concentration.
Yes, and that is the end of chapter eight.
This was such a great idea.
All of us studying together.
Yeah, and we've already made significant progress for the exam.
I don't know about you guys but I'm getting hungry.
How about taking a break and getting something to eat? Yeah, I could use a big burger.
I know, chinese food.
- Ham salad.
- How about liver? What are you look at, numbskull? - Shush, don't move! - What? The bird's nest up there.
- Where? - Where? Crystal of nightmares I command you.
Soon the world will shudder I destroy the Power Rangers once and for all.
Those geeks have got have their secret study notes around here somewhere.
So lets find them.
You get that thing away from me.
I'm allergic to dust.
We've got to hurry.
They're going to be back any minute.
Will you put that thing away and help me out here.
Hey, good work today, guys.
See you in the morning.
Yeah, goodnight, ladies.
That was good.
Man, I love this fresh air.
It gives me energy to burn.
Maestro, music.
Sit down.
Right check out this move.
Now check out this move.
Oh yeah, want to check out this move? Oh, okay, you want to play.
Let's get him! The world will know it is I that is supreme.
After the Rangers dreams turn into nightmares and their powers will be lost forever.
- Goodnight, Kim.
- Goodnight, Trini.
Pleasant dreams.
Pleasant dreams dogooders and enjoy your last moment of happiness.
Yes! Yes, excellent! Dream on, Power Rangers, dream on! It's Morphin Time! Brontesaurus! Dogosaurus! I'm going to save the world.
I need Megazord power! Yeah, Megazord power! Alright! How do you drive this thing? Where's the gas? What's this? Who taught you how to drive anyway? Nobody.
How am I doing? Give me the controls.
Where'd it go? Ah, we're going to crash! What's going on? Where am I? Let me out of here! You're no match for me, you never have been, never will be.
Power Rangers, it has become obvious that you are no longer capable of doing you duties.
I have no choice but to strip you of your powers, forever.
It's done.
The Power Rangers have lost their self confidence.
Now we can destroy the world.
You guys have the same nightmare? Oh my gosh! It was horrible.
It was fairly disturbing.
An event I have been fearing has finally occurred.
Goldar has called forth the magic of the crystal of nightmares to destroy the Power Rangers self confidence.
Summon them at once.
Oh no! Zordon.
I don't know, I'm still not ready for another one of Rita's monsters.
Me either.
I don't think I ever will be.
They're too frightened, Zordon.
You must keep trying, Alpha.
Guys, I know we're scared but we have to answer.
This is Jason, Zordon.
Power Rangers, I am aware of the terrible nightmares you have experienced.
Zordon, I afraid we've lost all confidence in our abilities.
This was exactly Rita and Goldar's plan.
Without self confidence, you powers are completely useless.
So that's it.
We're through.
Fortunately Alpha has located the crystal of nightmares Goldar used to manipulate your minds.
You must destroy it.
That will release you from your fears.
No way! I'm hanging up my communicator.
I don't know if we can do it, Zordon.
You and you will.
Believe only that and you will suceed.
Putties! Now what are we going to do? We don't stand a chance.
Um, I need to go back to town, you guys.
Okay, um, let me know how it turns out.
Man, they're never been this strong before.
Or this ugly.
Help! This is most unfortunate.
Hang on, Rangers.
I'm going for it.
Having some bad dreams, Ranger? Alright, you gold goon, come and get me.
My pleasure.
Your nightmares is about to become my reality.
I'll get you yet, Red Ranger.
Power Rangers, you have the crystal of nightmares and broken Rita's spell.
You've regained your self confidance.
May the Power protect you.
Good work, guys.
I believe we're regained our confidence.
Yes! Scorpina! No more foolin' around, Rangers.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Power Rangers! Magic wand, make them grow! Alright guys, let's do it! We need Dinozord power now! Log on! Mastodon, ready for action! Triceratops, on line! Sabretooth Tiger, let's do it! Let's give them a total nightmare! Alright, power up your crystal.
Switching to battle mode now! Megazord activated.
Let's send these two back to Rita.
Stabilisers are out! We need more power! Take that! You're finished, Power Rangers! Ah yes, way to go! We're not through yet.
We need the Power Sword now! Alright, we've got them on the run.
Let's finish them! We'll get you next time, Rangers.
Count on it.
Don't give me, I told you so, you overgrown rag! Oh, I've got such a headache! Ah, some beds.
Hey! Ahh! Ahh! What are you screaming about? The test.
We've got to get out of here! Class since Miss Appleby is ill today, I thought I would fill in for her, so I could deliver these test results pessonally.
Congratulations all of you got "A"s.
Wow, focusing on our studies really paid off.
But you two, get up here.
Read them and weep.
Hey Bulk, the plan worked.
We didn't get "D"s.
No detention.
Shut up! Do you know what "F" stands for, gentlemen? Fun? Far out? No.
Forever, which is how long you'll be staying after school in my office.
That was my next guess.
I'm very disappointed in you gentlemen.
Take cover.
Captioned by Grantman Brown