Power Rangers s01e46 Episode Script

Reign of the Jellyfish

Save the Youth Centre.
Ernie, thanks ya.
Save the Youth Centre.
Save the Youth Centre.
Hey, save the Youth Centre.
That's "going out of business" sign is really depressing.
I can't believe this place is really closing down.
We had a lot of great times here, huh? Hey, how's it going with Ernie's books? From the looks of these reports, Ernie's last quarter operating expenses far exceeded his revenues.
Trini? He's broke.
How much do we have in donations? Not enough for a burger and shake.
Poor Ernie.
I have never seen him so bombed out.
Hey guys, how's Ernie? Not too good.
Where'd you get the dog? He's so adorable.
He followed me here after school.
He looked kinda lost so I brought him in.
Help us find our lost doggy.
Ah-- There will be a genius fee for the person who finds him.
Hey Bulk, why would anyone want a genius fee when they could have money instead? That's a generous fee, dimwit.
Hey, that's money! If we can get our hands on this mutt, then we can turn it on for the money.
Get it.
Yeah, l get it.
Good idea, Bulk! And just to make sure no one else has a chance.
Ah, a mongrel.
How cute! We can use that mutt to get to the Rangers.
A brilliant idea.
- Aha! - Aha! Wish, I thought of it.
Finster, it's time to hatch my fabulous fighting flea.
Yes, my Queen.
Look out, Red Ranger! That takes care of Red Ranger, but what about the others? I'll cast a spell to make the itch contagious and get them all.
I've been looking forward to this for such a long time.
You're going to put quite a bit on the Rangers.
Hey, it's munch a roonie time.
Here's flea bite.
I'm hungry! I thought your new pal would like a pick me up.
Here's something for him.
Thanks, Ernie.
I feel bad for the little guy, being away from home and everything.
My problems don't seem terrible all of a sudden.
Ernie is so sweet.
We can't let the juice bar go out of business.
You're right.
Guys, there's got to be something we can do.
Are you okay, guy? Hey, he probably has to go to the little puppies room.
Your probably right.
I should take him for a walk in the park.
Hey, I'll go with you.
It's on my way home.
You see what I see? A geek convention? Geek? No, peebrain.
Look! That's the dog! We're going to get that reward.
Geeks or no geeks.
I can't believe anyone would let such a sweetheart out of their sights.
He's so cute! Yeah, I know.
- You ready? - Ready.
- Shush! - Shush! Now remember, wait until I give the signal.
Well, what do you think now, Goldar? How will he get close to him? I'll tell ya how.
I'm gonna shrink him and put him on the little doggie.
I wonder what's wrong with him? What's the matter, boy, huh? You don't have to go, you've been onee in the park.
Ouch! What? What's the matter? You alright? Something bit me.
Ah, what's happening? Maybe you shouldn't scratch so much? I can't stop scrathing, it's driving me crazy.
Come here, doggy! Doggy! Come to poppy, you little fleabag! - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Wheres? Let's go! That was great! Yes, the flea did work out well.
Forget about that, we must send down the Putties to finish off Red Ranger once and for all.
Here, doggy, doggy, doggy.
Here, boy.
Here, puppy.
Jason, behind you! What's with the Putty? I don't know, he must have caught the itch from me.
Ah, you mean that can happen to anyone? I've got an idea! Get the Putties over here.
Oh, wow! That looks really horrible, we have to get you some help.
Ai yi yi! That's one heavy duty rash, dude.
My epidermal scanner is going haywire.
What could it be, Zordon? I'm afraid it's quite serious, Rangers.
Rita has finally hatched her Fighting Flea.
Man, I should have known Rita was behind this.
She must have planted it on Jasons dog, some how.
Yes, Kimberly.
And as you've discovered the flea's bite is extremely contagious.
Be careful.
No only will the itch spread all over, Jason, but to anyone who touches the rash.
Isn't there anything we can do? This spray will temporarily stop the itching.
However any contact with Rita's monsters will immediately neutralise the formulas power.
I'm going to take the data in Alpha's scanner back to my lab.
Perhaps I can some up with a permanent antidote.
An excellent idea, Billy! I want to go back to the park.
I've got to find that dog.
No, Jason, it's too dangerous! Wait until Billy finds the antidote.
Alpha's right, man.
Rita could be waiting for you.
Look somebody else could pat that dog and this will happen to them.
It will be my fault.
Alright, but I'm going with you.
Zack and I will around back at the juice bar.
Be careful, Power Rangers and stay in close contact at all times.
Here, hold this! I'm hungry! I'm hungry! - Bulk.
- Quiet, numbskull it's ringing.
I really think you aught to see this.
What? What is it? Oh boy, a bite to eat.
I'll call you back.
Every dog for himself.
Let's get out of here! Oh well, I'd rather have seconds of that tasty Red Ranger.
Come on, Billy, think, you can do this.
He could be anywhere.
Oh, hope he doesn't go to the junkyard.
We're just going to have to keep looking.
Be on guard, Red Ranger, for this time you've finally met your match.
- Puppy! - Here, boy! I can't believe he's gotten this far away.
Ah Red Ranger, I'm so happy to see ya.
Oh, it's Rita's flea, it's even more gross than I thought.
Let's get to work! It's Morphin Time! - Pterodactyl! - Tyrannosaurus! - Ah! - Jason! It spread and reactivated.
What's the matter, Red Ranger? I thought you were itching to fight me.
Stay here.
Alright, bug breath, it's extermination time.
Kimberly, are you alright? Yeah, I'm okay.
It's getting worse.
As for you, Pink Ranger, I'll take care of you when I finish with your friend.
You stay away from him! Think you scare me? Take that! I got her! I got her! That's it! I'm not going to let Rita or her pesky flea get the best of me.
This is Billy.
Go ahead, Zordon? Billy, as soon as you finish the antidote you must hurry to the old junk yard behind Angel Grove Park.
Kimberly and Jason need your help.
Right! I read you, Zordon.
There's Jason's dog! Hey Ernie, what's he doing here? I guess he really loves my Chilli.
You know, I wish I had more loyal customers like him.
Trini, here, Zordon.
Trini, Jason and Kimberly are in trouble, you must morph immediately.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Sabretooth Tiger! Help is on the way Jason.
Triceratops! Jason! Ha ha ha! Over here, guys, look there they are! Jason.
I'm okay.
It's getting worse.
Zack, let's keep this guy busy.
Right! Jason, look, I've got the antidote! Great, man, I'm just about to go crazy.
Ah, man! I can't believe it, the itch is completely gone! Hey Billy, that work great! Thanks.
No problem! Now let's get this guy! Hey guys, thanks for coming.
Now it's my turn! Ah, Red Ranger! Still itching for fun.
Not anymore.
My antidote neutralises the effect of your evil bite.
That's not fair, you cheat! Alright, Power Rangers, how about a little pest control.
- Right! - Right! Power Rangers! Oh yeah, think again, Rangers.
Putties, attack! Okay everybody, try to stay together! I've got you now! Ohh! We need magic! Wand make the monster grow! Ha Ha ha! What do you think, Rangers? You're just bitesize.
We need Dinozord power now! Alright! Rangers, log on and activate your Dinozords.
Mastodon, ready to kick! Triceratops powered up! Sabretooth Tiger ready! Let's falten this flea! Right! Power up your crystal! Initiate Megazord sequence.
Alright, let's bag us a flea! - Morphin! - Morphin! Five all canons.
Switching to battle mode.
Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Alright, let's do it! Your doomed, Power Rangers! I'm going to tear you into parts.
He's charging us.
We need the Power Sword now! You've had it, flea head! That's what you think.
Yeah! You two have had it.
Just when I come up with a perfect plan, you do nothing but fowl it up.
Fools! Pierre! Oh, Pierre! There you are, you naughty little thing.
You had mummy so worried.
This is your dog? Yes, which one of you children found my little angel? Um, person you should really thank is Ernie.
Then here you are, Ernie.
Holy cow! This is a lot of money.
It's the least I can do.
I don't know what I'd do without Pierre.
Well, I've got to be going.
Thanks again.
- Bye! - Bye! Hey, looks like you won't be needing this anymore.
Whoa! I don't know what to say kids.
I mean this is incredible.
Ernie, good things happen to good people.
And you're the best! How about some soda's and pizzas? It's on the house.
Sounds great! Yes! What happened to those two? I'll give you two guess.
Do you think I should give them the antidote? Why not? Nobody should be that miserable.
Not even those two clowns.
What do you geeks want? Ah! Ahm be nice or Billy won't give you your surprise.
What surprise? Yeah, what surprise? You guys want to stop itching? You serious? You guys could get rid of this? Just hold still! Now don't take them off for a week.
- A week? - A week? A week.
Captioned by Grantman Brown