Power Rangers s01e54 Episode Script

Trick or Treat

Hi, guys! Hi! Wait till you hear the totaly awesome news.
What? I'm going to be a contestant on the game show "trick or treat".
No way, that's great! "Trick or Treat"? Isn't that the most popular game show in America? Hm hm.
Millions of people will see you on TV.
I'm going to be a star.
You guys won't believe this, but I could actually win a brand new car.
- Wow! - Wow! So, you guys going to come with me next Saturday? Of course, count me in.
Ah, next Saturday? Oh, man! I've got this big inter-city karate match I can't miss.
Ah! That's okay, Tommy.
I understand.
Hey, I wonder who my opponent will be.
Trick or treat, smell my feet, - it's time to meet.
- The dude to beat.
No way! Way, Geeks, Skull is gonna win, big time.
Ready to meet a real winner? Kimbo.
Oh, please.
Forget it, dweebs, we've got our strategy all worked out.
That brand new car's going to be mine.
Yeah! Mine! Trick or Treat, guys.
Those bozo's just gave me a wonderful idea.
Yes, my Queen.
I had the same idea.
Unleash the Pumpkin Rapper monster and it will grow where we plant the rotten pumpkin seeds.
Why haven't you done so already? But we already planted them.
Yes, in the park just like you told us to.
The Rangers doom is at hand.
It's time to win, Skull.
Remember if you want to win, you have to cheat.
Yeah, turn it over! - Cheat! - Yeah! Alright everyone, it's time to play.
Trick or Treat! Hi gang, welcome to the program.
Good to see ya.
And now let's welcome today's two contestants.
First the lovely and beautiful princess Kimberly Hart.
And second, the recently escaped from detention, Eugene Skullavich.
Alright, Skull, alright.
Hi, Mum! And here's how we play "trick or treat".
Each of you take turns asking me trick questions.
If you manage to trick me, you will be awarded a pumpkin point.
The player with the most pumpkin points by the end of the game wins.
And today's fabulous treat is, a brand new car.
Mr Skullovich, you won the coin toss so you get to ask me first question.
I do? Yes, you do.
Ah, ha! I caught you.
No pumpkin points for you.
Whew! I wonder where all these rotten pumpkins came from? What's he doing there? Ooh.
I can't stand it.
Don't worry, my Queen.
I'll send down the Putties to deal with him.
Oh, man! It never ends with these claybrains.
And now we move on to Kimberly.
Can you tell me the identity of the Power Rangers.
Ah! Oh! Pumpkin point to Kimberly.
So big deal, you tricked me and got a pumpkin point.
Now let's see if you can pick up 3 more points by playing our wicked wheel of misfortunate.
Whoa! I love these game shows! Chalk up 3 more pumpkin points.
It looks like Kimberly's winning.
Move out of the way.
When Pumpkin Rapper is ripe, they'll all lose, permanently.
Zordon, I think Rita is up to her old tricks.
Your suspician are corrects, Tommy.
Go onto your karate match.
We will contact you there if the other Rangers should need you.
Got you, Zordon.
Ha ha! Skull, it's your turn to try and trick Marty.
Ah! What is my best friends scam.
What friend? He's got you there, Marty.
So you finally tricked me.
Well, one pumpkin point for you.
And you get to play the wicked web of disaster game.
The object of this game is to collect three bugs in 10 seconds.
Ugh! Bugs! And also manage to get out of the web before the spiders gets you.
No problemo.
Right, dude! Get ready, set, go! Yeah! Yeah! Aghhhh! Now we're having fun.
So where is this monster anyway? Can you tell us, Goldar.
The rapper is almost ripe, my Empress.
He'll awaken soon.
Ooh! Wake up! Kimberly, it's your turn.
All you need is this question to win the car.
Ai yi yi! I can't stand the excitement.
Rita is up to something, Alpha.
You must contact the Rangers immediately.
Just when Kimberly was about to win.
Oh well, that's show biz.
You really think you can trick Monty again, Kimberly? I don't feel so good.
At the stage lights were too much for her, she's seems to have experienced a slight cardiac infaraction.
She what? Um, fainted.
I new that.
We'll take care of it.
Skulls the winner by default.
We won! We won! We won the car! I can't believe I lost the car to that bonehead.
Sorry, Kimberly.
Zordon needs us.
I know.
Oh, worry, worry, worry.
Power Rangers, you have a dangerous mission ahead of you.
Behold the Viewing Globe.
It's just a bunch of pumpkins.
No, Zack, they are Rita's evil doings.
These pumpkins can attach themselves to your head making it impossible for you to see or breathe.
When the biggest of them rippers, it will turn into Rita's newest creation, Pumpkin Rapper.
Zordon, what can this monster do? He will try and distrack you with his clever raps and rhymes, then he'll wrap his vines around you can then destroy you.
Man, Rita's got some evil tricks going on this time.
You must go to the park and find this monster before it ripens.
What about Tommy? Alpha will contact him if you need him.
Remember, Rangers, Tommy must conserve his power.
Guys, it's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Over there, guys, spread out.
Check over behind thise bushes.
Phew! What a smell? They're weird, huh, they don't look dangerous.
It sounds as if they are devoid any internal substance.
Well there's got to be something to them or Zordon wouldn't have sent us out here.
We've got to look into it.
Ugh! - What's going on? - I can't get out! Oh, no! Hang on, you guys! I'll get you out of there.
I can't see! Stand still for a second.
Thanks, I can breathe again.
That's better, man, what happened? They all came off once Kimberly cut mine off.
They must be connected some hour.
Look at them.
They're all moving.
This is not good guys.
I've a feeling something bads going to happen.
Let's get them! Take that, gourd head! Good job, guys.
But not good enough.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Everytime we knock them down, more of them pop up.
These pumpkins heads keep coming.
Here we go again.
Hold it, guys, do you see what I see? Whoa! It's gotta be the Rappers Pumpkin.
Let's check it out! Man, what a whopper.
Come on, guys, let's wake this this vegetable up.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Trick or Treat.
You're incomplete.
The Power Rangers, you can't beat! All you are.
Is pumpkin meat.
Ooh! You Rangers make me mad, waking me up with rap that bad.
Now it's time for us to beat you.
Well you think that's something you can do, well I've got some friends who'd like to meet you.
Attack now, get 'em, get 'em! Ooh! Is that the best you can do.
Welcome to my pumpkin patch, you'd like to play some catch.
Beat the first ones all you want, you'll never pumpkin shock.
Ai yi yi! Zordon, they can't take another shock like that.
Alpha, contact Tommy, immediately.
And now for our final contender, Tommy Oliver, representing Angel Grove.
Oh, man! I'm history.
Apparently Tommy is a no show making our winner by default, John Hayes.
Zordon, come in.
Tommy, Rita's Pumpkin Rapper monster is overwelming the Power Rangers.
You must get to the park immediately.
Gotcha, I'm morphin out of here.
Dragonzord! Come on, Rangers! Good job, Tommy.
You've got my vibe, but you're still mine.
Alright guys, I'm going to rush him.
Get your weapons ready.
- Right! - Right! That was bad so you'll feel the blast.
Ow! Don't do that! Alright guys, do it! Time for Mega Blaster power now! Power Axe! Power Bow! Power Daggers! Power Lance! Power Sword! Power Rangers! Hasta la pumpkin, squash brain.
Fire! Ah, you worthless bunch of brainsless, lazy, losers, you blew it again.
We sure made deep dish pumpkin pie with that one.
I'm sorry it cost you the karate match, Tommy.
Yeah, there'll be other trophies.
You would've looked great in that car.
I really, really, really wanted the car.
Hey Kim, you don't have to win prizes in a stupid game show to know you're a winner.
That goes for both of us.
Hi babe, do you want to take a ride in my brand new car? Our brand new car, pin head.
Dream on, Skull.
You two, out of the car! What do you mean? Yeah, what do you mean? I represent networks standards and practices.
We reviewed your episode of "Trice or Treat" and discovered that you and Bulk were cheating.
The car goes back to the network, so get out.
We're busted, Bulk Boy.
Well, I guess you win some, you lose some.
Trick or Treat, guys.
Captioned by Grantman Brown