Power Rangers s01e55 Episode Script

Second Chance

Ah! Ah, body looks until I'm ready.
Okay, I'm ready.
Da da da! Junior soccer tryout results.
Hey, Ernie.
How ya doing, guys? Anything I can get for you? - No, we're okay? - Thanks.
Hey Ernie, who's that? He looks kind of bombed out.
He sure does.
That's Roger and I know just how he feels.
I hate choosing teams.
Gee, Ernie.
I love soccer, but I guess I'm not any good at it.
Roger, I'm really sorry about all this.
Everybody tried so hard.
Ernie, why don't you give the kids a second chance? Hey, if it was up to me, I'd give everybody that didn't make the team a second chance.
The kids deserve it.
Uh, Ernie, isn't it up to you? That's right, it is up to me.
That's it then.
We're going to have a second tryout.
- Yes! - Alright, Ernie! This time I'm gonna make it.
If the Rangers want to help that brat play ball we should supply the equipment.
Bring me a ball that'll kick around the Rangers.
I have just the thing, my Queen.
The Soccadillo monster ball.
Will it destroy the Power Rangers? Yes, when it's fully energised.
Continue charging it.
We'll send it down as soon as it's finished.
Then we'll have something to clobber those Rangers.
- Ha ha ha! - Ha ha ha! Hey Jase, I hear you and Zack got Ernie to give Roger another try for the Junior Soccer Team.
Yeah, Ernie's great.
He's giving all the runners-up a second chance.
Wow! Do you think Roger will make it this time? After training with the Jase man and me, oh.
Don't you think someone who knows soccer aught to train the kid? And that would be? Obviously you've never seen me on the practice field.
I don't think anybody has.
That's because I don't need practice.
Allow me to demonstrate.
Careful, guys.
Ah! Ah, you know you shouldn't be doing this in the hallway.
See Bulk, somebody could've got hurt.
Oh, Mrs Appleby, are you alright? Hey Skull, you were supposed to catch it.
Bulk, Skull, detention after school for both of you.
Are you alright? I'm fine.
See you after first period.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Zordon, you called? No, Tommy, you contacted me.
There must be a problem with my communicator.
I'll take it to Billy as soon as I can.
Zordon out.
Finster, tell me about my monster.
Of course.
The longer the Soccadille absorbs energy, the more nasty power it gains.
When it finally reaches full charge it will have terrible claws, electrice needles.
Even the Power Rangers will not stop it.
Today we're going to talk about the theory of the survival of the fitest.
Tommy, turn off your pager please.
Um, my pager? Oh yes, my pager, sure, Miss Appleby.
I'm not going to tell you again, Tommy.
Tommy, just give that to me.
What? We can't have your friends beeping you in class.
But, Miss Appleby-- Hand it over now! Thankyou.
Now where were we.
Okay Roger, let's try goal.
Agh! That kids terrible.
I want to send my monster down now.
Ha! Goldar.
The monster is not fully charged.
I suggest we first send down Putties to wear the Rangers down.
Alright, we'll have a little game with them, yeah.
Let's try trapping the ball with your foot.
- Not bad.
- That's pretty good.
You ready? I'm just not good at this.
You guys are wasting your time.
No, we're not.
It takes time to be good at anything.
You just have to be patient.
Oh great, clayheads.
Stay back, Roger! What are they waiting for? I don't care if he's ready or not, send down Soccadillo.
Very well, my Queen.
Start the attack.
Jason, do you see what I see? I'm seeing it, I'm just not believing it.
The Putties playing soccer.
Man, this thing is gonna run us down.
It's coming this way.
So Ernie, are you ready for the tryout? It was such a strain to make a choice among all these kids the first time, I don't know how I'm going to do it again.
What is that? What is what? I'm so concerned over these tryouts, I'm hearing things.
Zordon? Ai yi yi! Jason and Zack are under attack by Putties at the park.
Ai yi yi! Roger is with them.
I can arrange to teleport you there in a spot hidden from view.
We're ready, Alpha.
I'm going to stay here with Roger.
Man, are we glad to see you guys.
Let's go play ball with these amateurs.
Watch out, Kim! What is it doing? That thing should have crushed those kids.
You guys we're great.
What is that thing? Behold the Soccadillo.
Amazing, looks like a member of the daisuputty family.
An armoured mammal.
Zordon, this isn't the same creature we saw at the park.
Rita is feeding the Soccadillo energy to enable it to change form and to increase its powers.
In less than an hour it may be invincible.
Rangers, I've been trying for some time to contact Tommy.
- Any luck? - No, nothing.
Power Rangers, without the Green Ranger you cannot defeat the Soccadillo.
- Ow! - Ow! What are you guys doing? wrestling time.
Okay, fine, have you seen Miss Appleby? You think Miss Appleby's going to give you back your pager? Miss Appleby gives nothing back.
The Soccadillo has reappeared just outside of Angel Grove.
We still can't reach Tommy.
We can't wait any longer, with or without Tommy.
It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Ah, Power Rangers, at last we meet.
But you'll soon find your puny weapons are no match for my armour.
Let's get him, guys! - Tommy.
- Miss Appleby.
Would you consider returning, my, um, pager? Please.
What's the matter, Power Rangers, tried so soon? Creature's gaining strength rapidly, we've got to stop him.
Ha ha! Point for me, opponent caught napping in goal.
The games not over yet.
Tower formation.
- Right! - Right! Okay, we're in position.
Now! Uh-oh, wait! Power up! Fire! Oh, no! It had no effect on him.
Ha ha! Hey, Power Rangers, maybe you'd like to play a little ball.
Whoa! Ha ha! You're not very good at soccer, are you? Well, I'll bring some coaches for you.
Ha ha! Get them, Putties! Ha! Score five for our side and not only that, we get a free kick.
Do it, Putties! Zordon, come in.
Alpha, man, this thing still doesn't work.
Alpha 5 to Tommy, Alpha 5 to Tommy, come in.
Ai yi yi! Alpha, this is Tommy here.
Tommy, the Rangers need you immediately at the rock quarry.
I'm on my way! It's Morphin Time! Dragonzord! Ah, Tommy! Man, looks like I'm just in time to get in this game.
Let's kick this creep! Yeah! Tommy, power punch! Yeah! Oh! Oh, you Power Rangers are really getting under my armour now.
That does it.
I'll fix you, Rangers, as soon as I stop feeling dizzy.
- We did it, guys! - Yes! Ah, grow! Ha ha! Now I am invincible.
We need Dinozord power now! Let's do it! Rangers, log on! Let's rock this rodent! I'm ready! Okay, let's let play ball! Alright guys, the ball's in our court, let's come together and score one for the good guys.
Right, power up your crystal.
Let's do it! We need Megazord power now! Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
Ah, I'm going to open you up like a couple of sardine cans.
Dragonzord, stay on our flank.
Man, when he's scrunched up in a ball, our best shots just bounce right of it.
Got any ideas? Yeah, wait until he unrolls and get him with the Power Sword.
We got to hang in there.
It can't stay rolled up forever.
And now to finish you.
Not so close.
I call for the Power Sword now! Let's finish him! Aghhh! - Yes! - Yes! You messed up another great plan.
When will I ever learn.
I've seen lunch meat smart than the four of you.
Man, we missed the second tryout.
Yeah, but we're just intime to see the results.
Oh, I hope Roger made it.
Cross your fingers.
- Yes! - Yes! - Good job, guys.
- Good luck, fellas.
I made it, I made it! Huh? The kids did so well, I made up a second team.
Alright, Ernie.
What did I tell everybody.
You see kid you didn't have to work after all.
Yes, I did! How do you figure? Yeah, how do you figure? If I hadn't practiced, I wouldn't be captain of the team.
Ah, I still say you don't have to practice to be good at something.
Take Skull here for instance.
He's never practiced anything in his life.
Hey! Hey, give me the ball! Skull, show the kid what you've got.
I'm waiting, Skull.
Captioned by Grantman Brown