Power Rangers s01e59 Episode Script

Mighty Morphin' Mutants

Hey, Tommy.
Hey Kim, I've got to go.
I'm late for Miss Appleby's class.
Ah, nearly got got my notebook.
And finally, focus your energy.
Tommy, how nice of you to join us.
We were just about to discuss this week's assignment.
Sorry, Miss Appleby.
I forgot to set my alarm clock.
Are you late for today or just early for tomorrow? Ha ha! Early of tomorrow, that's funny.
This next week.
I want you to ask your friends to choose something about you that they think needs a little work.
Your assignment is to try your best to change this fault.
Ah! Yes, boys.
If we don't have anything that needs changing does that mean we don't have to do the assignment? I'm hopeful that some of your classmate will be happy to offer suggestions.
If not, come see me.
I'm sure I'll be able to help.
If you really get stuck, I'll help you guys out.
Ha ha ha! You'll be lucky if you remember what the assignment is.
Ha ha! You're on a roll, Bulk.
Ha ha ha! You see dummies, I told you Green Ranger must have some weakness.
Now listen up.
Go the the dungeon and get the Badges of Darkness for our pathetic Putties.
Of course.
The Badges of Darkness.
It'll turn the Putties into Mutant Rangers.
Good shot, Jason.
You let your guard down.
That's two.
Am I getting better or you getting worse? I just can't focus.
I have this assignment I have to work on.
Hey, can I have a sip? I forgot mine.
What's this assignment? Well, we're supposed to ask people what they our biggest fault is, and then try to change it.
Hey, you have an extra towel.
I left mine in my locker.
You're in luck.
Thanks, man.
So what do you think I really need to work on? You really want to know? Yeah, come on we're bro's.
I say your biggest problem is you forget things.
Come on.
Man, I never thought of myself as forgetful.
Do you think I am? Well, you didn't exactly remember your notebook at school today.
I guess I've forgotten all the times I was forgetful too.
You know, I've got an idea.
Why don't we help you find ways to remember stuff.
Yeah, that'll be fun.
Yeah, we'll make it memorable.
Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.
That's enough you, clumsy claybrains, it's time to begin the Mutant Ranger training.
Not bad, No.
No number 6, leap then kick, now try it again.
No number 6, you're going to be a claypot on Rita's table if you don't shape up.
Agh! Yes, training is complete, and I have made my decision, you number 6 are going back to the clay jar on Finsters work bench.
With these Badges of Darkness you will become the evil twin of a Power Ranger.
No-one worthy of becoming Red Ranger.
No matter, it's Mutant Time! Hiya! Aren't you, ah, Tommy, come lately? Remember us, Bulk and Skull, set next to you in class.
Very funny, guys.
Now don't tell me you guys have already figured out which faults you're gonna change.
The simple fact is some people have none.
Yeah, and you don't consider being rude and obnoxious bad qualities? You know, just once I'd like to see you two dress and act like gentlemen.
We happen to like the way we are.
Yeah, we like it! Then I guess you're going to get a "F" on the assignment Mr.
Kaplin will love that.
Come on Kim, let's get out of here! Ha ha ha! Goldar, are they ready? They are, my Queen.
Ha ha! Attack! At least those two.
Whoa! What's going on? I don't know.
Hiya! Shall we morph? Not yet.
Let's see what these guys are all about.
What's the matter, Tommy, something look familiar? Come on, let's see what you've got.
Here goes.
It's kinda like fighting in a mirror, huh.
See, I know your moves better than you do.
Man, these guys are hard core.
That's just a taste of what you've going to get.
I'll be back.
I can't believe it! Rita's created our own evil Rangers again.
And they know all our moves.
We better contact Zordon and the others.
Ha ha! Good work, Goldar.
- We are nearing the time.
- Of my success.
Hot shot.
Who are these guys, Zordon? Yeah, we couldn't even scratch them.
There can only be one explanation.
Rita has employed the Badges of Darkness.
The Badges of Darkness? Powerful pseudo Morphin devices.
Rita has used them to transform Putties into evil mirror images of yourselves.
And they have the same power we do.
Correct, Zack.
But Zordon, why isn't there a red mutant? Rita has yet to create a powerful leader.
But there is no telling when she may succeed and command her evil mutants to destroy the world.
Ai yi yi! It makes my tubes tremble.
What will we do? What does this thing do, Billy? Well, I've inputed all the data that you need to remember during the day.
Here, listen.
Alert, school in ten minutes.
Wow, this is cool, Billy! Anything to take my mind off Rita's Rangers for a while.
That's about the only thing I'm not forgetting these days.
Alpha, when did this Crayfish creature appear? Just two minutes ago, Zordon.
I'm afraid that this means Rita has found a leader for her band of Mutants Rangers.
Monitor their movements closely Alpha.
You have trained well.
With your Badges of Darkness and me as your leader, we shall destroy the Power Rangers.
Sure, this is going to work, Kimberly? Yeah, my grandmother told me that tying ribbons around your wrists always helps you remember.
It's worth a try.
Especially with Rita's Rangers out there.
I'm telling ya, it's one thing I can remember.
"Time to take out the trash.
" Alert.
Hm, that's strange.
I don't remember that being the time I specified.
"Alert, time to feed the cat".
"Alert, time to do your homework".
- Can't shut it off.
- Alert.
Oh no, my homework.
Trini spent all that time writing in my notebook and I left it at home.
I think he was doing better before we started helping him? Yeah, he seems to be getting more forgetful by the minute.
Zordon, it's Rita, she's making her move.
You must contact the Power Rangers immediately, Alpha.
Ai yi yi! Oh, this is one fishing trip that won't be any fun.
I can't believe we're justing waiting around for Rita to make her move.
I'd rather get it over with now.
I never thought I'd be glad to hear this thing go off.
Go ahead, Zordon, we read you.
Power Rangers, Rita has sent down a special monster to be the leader of the Mutant Rangers.
We'll take care of it.
Commander Crayfish is at the Angel Grove Shoreline.
You must stop him before he heads inland.
What about Tommy? For some reason he's not answering his communicator.
As soon as we contact him he'll be sent to join you.
We're on our way, Zordon! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Ready for us? So you've come to play.
We'd love to stay and play ugly but it's time to put you out of comission.
Wrong little Ranger.
It's Mutant Time! Ha ha ha! Now we'll show you who the real Rangers are.
I'm after you, blue.
Hey Trini, you want to play too.
Nice to meet you, Zack.
Told you I'd be back.
Guys, this is unreal.
What's with them? You guys may look like us, but that's not enough.
We'll soon see, little land lubber.
We have a real leader.
Oh, man! Zordon, this is Tommy, come in.
Tommy, you must hurry to the Angel Grove Shoreline.
The other Rangers need your help.
I'm on my way! Dragonzord! Ah Green Ranger, there is someone I want you to meet.
Is that the best you can do? There's plenty more where that came from, you overgrown seafood platter.
You're the ones about to be cooked, let's blast them, Mutants.
What? They've got a Power Blaster.
Fire! Somehow I expected more from you, Power Rangers.
Zordon, can you get us out of here? Prepare to teleport.
Alright guys, let's get some help.
- Right! - Right! Man, these guys are good.
They new every move we were gonna it.
Before we could make it.
Rangers, you will need new and more powerful weapons in order to defeat Rita's imposters.
Alpha has prepared these in case of such an emergency.
I don't know, Alpha, these look just like our old ones.
They look the same but trust me this is heavy duty artillery.
You must go now, Rangers, time is running out.
We'll take care of those bogus Rangers, Zordon.
Mutants, assemble the Power Blaster.
Oh yeah, we have a Power Blasters too.
These Power Punks will soon be cosmic dust.
- Yeah! - Yeah! We'll see about that, Antenna head.
Assemble Power Blaster.
- Right! - Right! Power Axe! Power Bow! Power Daggers! Power Lance! Power Sword! One cooked Crayfish coming up.
We'll see about that.
- Power! - Aim! Fire! Sceptre make my monster grow! What do you think of me now? We need Dinozord Power now! Rangers, log on! Zack here, there's no mistaking that! Billy ready for action! Let's turn this guy into gumdo! Alright, let's spoil his fun! Let's do it! Battle mode sequence engage.
Megazord sequence has been initiated.
Megazord activated.
I call upon Dragonzord.
Time to serve up a little seafood.
Let's get them, Mutants, charge! - Yeah.
- Alright.
Dragonzord, use your tailwhip now! It'll take more than that to whip us, flounder Rangers.
Check this out! Now we'll see who the shrimps are.
They're raised the Crayfish above the blaster's range.
So he can sit back there and fire on us at will.
Jason, we've got to get past his Mutant Rangers.
Okay, we're going in.
Prepare to meet your doom, Power Rangers.
Now blast them! Let's finish them off Mutants, charge! We need Ultrazord power now! Ah, hold it, fall back, fall back.
Sequence complete.
Weapons locked on.
- Right! - Right! Alright guys, fire! Ooh! I just don't believe it.
That's it! No more seafood.
I'm sure glad those Rangers weren't pefect either.
I just wish I could have done something to change my fault.
Tommy, you really tired.
And we weren't much help either.
Yeah, none of us are perfect.
That's the truth, we all have our faults.
You know, Tommy, what someone else see's as a fault might be just part of who you are and that's what makes you unique.
That's right, your red friends will accepts you for what you are.
Thanks, guys.
Ooh! How good to see you, nice lady.
We just returned from the opera.
Yes, quite so, the opera.
A gift, for our lovely teacher.
It's nice to see you boys taking this assignment se seriously.
Now why don't you be gentlemen and open this for me, I've just had my nails done.
Ah, but we would not like to deprive you of the pleasure.
Come on you guys, don't quit now.
Shut up, dweeb! Please, I insist.
Well, I suppose some of us will never change.
Captioned by Grantman Brown