Pretty Hard Cases (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Pigeon Party

1 Kelly Marie Duff I know this may seem fast.
Let's dive in, let's do it! Let's get married! - What did you say? - I told him I need to think about it.
It's a big decision, and I don't know where to find the answers.
- I thought you were bringing friends.
- I didn't find anyone.
- You said it wasn't gonna be a problem.
- Hey, look, something came up for tomorrow; we need to talk about this now.
- Yeah.
- So tell me about yourself, Stuart.
What kind of business are you in? - Import, export.
- That's very sexual.
It's dangerous.
Shanika! I had to tell Tobin I couldn't find anyone.
They're not gonna let me out that easy.
It's my grandma's.
She always wanted you to have it.
Yes, I'll marry you.
Oh Ah-ha-ha.
Thank you.
Hey, Michael.
Um what do I want to eat today? Um, can I have an egg sandwich, please? Oh! I got the last one.
Oh, my God! I'm That's talking about the last egg sandwich, and that's upsetting, when there's no eggs around.
What's new? Hey, what's up? - Not much.
- No? Nothing to report? No news at all? You talking about work news? Like, professional things that two colleagues need to discuss? Well, you know what? Yeah, it could be work, or it could be, um You know what? It could be personal.
For instance, my mother clogged the toilet this morning by flushing a bunch of chicken bones down, because she didn't want the raccoons to eat them, and then they'd choke.
Isn't that strange? How 'bout you? Do you have any strange news that you would like to report? Nope.
Or Naz, I can tell you a little something about Naz.
He is a man that I am seeing.
He's a cop currently undercover, but he still finds time to see me.
You know why? Because we're romantically involved, it's not like we're getting married or anything, because if we were, I would tell you.
Why? You don't need my permission.
Why do we need other people's opinions influencing how we feel all the time? You're right, we don't.
But I think it's a good idea that at some You might not think I'm making a good decision about a particular thing, and I might not think you're making a good decision about a particular thing.
But we don't need to tell each other that.
Oh, my God, what do you mean? What am I doing? Is this about my mom? Or about Elliot? Or am I making a mistake where Naz is concerned? If you know something, I think it's really important you should tell me, because I would do the same for you.
Why don't you tell me? What am I doing What do I have to do to make you stop nattering in my ear? Well, you could take a turn to talk, share some of your, uh, impressive, albeit very, very, very shocking news.
Or you could just give me half your egg sandwich.
Gregory, it is zero exposure here.
Yeah, no, but, uh Are we gonna keep flirting with each other, or can I take you to the prom? No, look, if you're still frosty, I can float you a taste.
Yeah, on me.
Yeah? Yeah.
Yeah, my guy will send you the details.
Okay, okay, okay! Yeah.
I knew the boat felt a little heavier this time.
So when's my next run? No, I need something else from you this time.
Can you arrange that with my guys? Come on! Team player over here! I'm your guy.
Okay, look.
We've had some run-ins with another crew, and this I need this I need this to go smooth.
Can you do that? - Consider it done.
- All right.
Hey, speaking of team players, Jays game.
I, uh got some great seats.
A guy owed me, huh? What do you say we go down there, get some brewskis, a couple dogs, huh? Yeah, no.
- All right I mean - I mean - Yeah, nah, it's cool.
We don't have to Slow.
I get that, I get that.
I dunno, whatever you're really into, I just feel like Oh, you got the earbuds in? Okay, cool.
Um, tell you what.
I'm gonna handle this and then I will see you next time, next time.
- Yeah.
- I'll see you next time.
- No tail, right? - Like a common toad.
- So how'd it go? - Just like you said.
Boat runs have been going flawless the past few weeks, and now he's asking me to do more.
- Nice.
- Check it out.
It's a package drop.
It's just a sample size, but possibly for a new partner.
Okay, we can work with this.
Did he bite on the baseball tickets? No, it's like I offered him a bag of hot garbage.
God-darn, we should've went with the MMA or burlesque.
How 'bout this? I'm thinking pigeon drop.
Pigeon what? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, but like in reverse, right? - Exactly.
Almost like a fiddle game.
- A fiddle game? What's a fiddle a fiddling a game of ? What's that? It's just street rip stuff from the old Kelly and Naz days.
Oh, street rips.
That's pfft cool.
I'd love to learn.
Lay it on my, Stu.
Uh, you know, guys? I'll be right back.
Enjoy your story time.
It's an engagement ring.
Because he asked her to marry him.
Oh, my God! Lifesaver! I thought I lost it! - Mm-hmm.
- Thank you! Hold up.
How'd you know where to find us? I told you not to put your op details in your notes.
And I told you to stop snooping.
Can you blame me, with John Forte hanging around? He in there? Nathan? No, no, he's not.
And don't you mean "Wyclef"? John Forte was the pretty one in the Fugees.
Ah, whatever, doesn't matter, 'cause I'm Lauryn anyway.
Okay, Ms.
I'll see you at home.
Oh, yes, you will.
That's on that doo wop, pop, pop.
me later.
- That thing that thing - Pop.
Okay? Watch it walk away.
It's been three weeks since you've been looking for your friend The one you let hit it and never called you again 'Member when he told you he was 'bout the Benjamins You act like you ain't Whoa! Oh! Oh, my Someone's feeling good this morning.
Well I woke up on the right side of the bed.
Glad to hear that.
Haven't seen your young man around, though.
I was about to start worrying about you.
If it's fizzled out, there's no harm in saying, "Hey, it was fun.
I'm a modern woman who can just have fun.
" Mom.
Taai and I have not fizzled out.
There's still tons of fizz.
If anything, we have fizzled in.
I mean, there is so much fizzle.
Just the other day, there was so much fizzle that I was just, like Hey, more stuff? Yeah.
I've been watching that Marie Kondo show.
You know, I just figured since I'm going away to school, it's probably a good time to declutter.
- I guess that included Jackie.
- Mom! What? Don't poke.
Oh, my bad, kiddo.
You know how I am before I've had my morning juice.
The juice.
Of course.
You know, it's totally fine.
Uh, listen, Elliot.
Would you like to talk I don't.
I actually blocked her number, you know, 'cause it was getting kinda too hard to ignore the calls, so I just - I'm just trying to - Move on.
Well come on, bring it in.
- Okay.
- No? That's Good.
Okay, I'll help you move the bags.
- Sweet.
- This one's heavy.
- How can there be no leader? - I'm not saying that, but it appears members of different gangs are working together as one entity.
They're all equal players, like Adam Gentle said.
Will French, Niccolo, Marc the Shark With everything we know about gangs, does this seem right to y'all? Nah.
In the end, there's always a top dog.
And what's the devil's greatest trick? Convincing you he doesn't exist.
Well, let's trick 'em right back.
Let's give 'em the old pigeon fiddle.
That's not The fiddle pi Fiddling pigeon drop The pigeon droppings.
The fiddle who loves pigeons.
I know what a pigeon drop is, Wazowski.
- That was I was - But how does that apply to the intel we got from Naz? - Will scored a new partner.
- Yeah, but apparently, he's a nervous nellie.
Naz said that Will's trying to reel him in, so he fronted him a small package to impress him, just a few kilos.
Apparently, they've had some issues with another crew trying to pick off deliveries.
Of course, they don't know that we know that, so we're gonna do something that's crossed every cop's mind at least once.
Well, every cop, maybe, except for Wazowski.
- What? - Oh - What? - You mean you're gonna That's right.
We're gonna rip off some drug dealers.
Fun? No.
Really? Yeah.
- Oh, excuse me.
- Hi.
Yes, hello.
Is there, like, a manager in there? Like, customer service or whatever? Oh, weird.
Technically Actually, forget it.
I just need to find Taai Nazeer.
Do you know him? Oh, Detective Taai Nazeer.
Yes, Detective Nazeer.
Is he in there? - Um no, actually, he's not.
- Can you give him this? Tell him that Angie brought his mail, and that I'm his ex-wife, not Canada Post.
Angie Well, he really has been meaning to update his address.
It's just he has been so busy kicking butt and taking names, and there's, like, lots of names that just, yup And just making loads of arrests, and, uh, commendations and more arrests, and things of that nature, but I'm gonna be sure to tell him about the mail.
Careful of that busted strap.
Okay, this has gotta look and sound real to work.
So who's part of our stick-up crew again? Bob Bloch and Watts, and that new kid from Drug Squad, Tom Kruse.
Oh, it's pronounced "Croos.
" "Croos.
" Anyway, it's a good call, 'cause Bob and Watts are gonna have a hard time not sounding like cops.
Yeah, Kruse isn't grizzled and jaded yet like the rest of us.
- Oh, sorry.
- "Croos.
" - "Croos.
" - Very good.
That's very good.
Look, the point is, we just gotta be on 'em real quick before they react so it doesn't go left, okay? - You ever hear of Cat People? - Cat People? It's a magazine called Cat People.
I'm guessing it's for people who love cats, but I also imagine there's a few other ways that it could go.
More importantly, it was amongst a pile of mail today that was dropped off for Naz by Angie.
- Angie.
- Angie.
- Angie, Angie?! - Angie, Angie, Angie.
- Wow! - I was passing by and she was, like: "Excuse me, do you have customer service?" Oh, my God, that is so Angie! I swear, if she end up in hell, she gonna ask to talk to the manager.
It was really, really horrible.
Anyway, listen, more importantly, do you think it's weird that Naz hasn't updated his address? Is that weird? Is that just me? What is that? Well, there's nothing not "not weird" about Naz.
- That's true, he's pretty - Weird.
We probably shouldn't keep them waiting.
- So wait, that cat magazine was for Naz, though? - Yeah.
- Hey, what's up? - Nothing.
But I need you to do something with me tomorrow.
Tobin wants me to work, and he's asked me to find some people.
Tobin? I thought you were done with all of that! He's giving me another shot.
Jackie, please, I need this.
Oh, yeah? Why? Look around.
There's no room.
I just need a bit of cash to get my own place.
Man, look, I get it.
I totally get it.
Like, me having to stay here is not a flex, but there are other ways to make money! Oh, yeah? Like what? - I'm still trying I'm figuring that out right now.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, you're not gonna do that by stalking Everett on ViewPix all day.
- Elliot! - Whatever.
The Jackie I knew would never get stitched up over some guy.
What happened to you? Nothing.
I'm the same as I ever been.
Not true.
The Jackie I knew always had my back.
And I still do, okay? I always will.
Then why not now, Jacks? Come on.
Regardless of my personal feelings, I just want you to know that I am there for you as a colleague, or for any bridesmaid, more specifically, like, a maid-of-honour-type duty, should you opt for that sort of thing.
I am there for you, okay? Your personal feelings? I'm assuming this is about Len? Shouldn't my personal feelings be enough? Shouldn't how I feel about it be all that matters? Absolutely.
That was the eh! That was the really You know, Len was the one who told me I should give you a break.
Told me I should let you help me when you try to, so I'm gonna do just that, you know, despite your - personal feelings.
- I got it, yep.
I should've chosen all my words better.
I'm gonna take those words, I'm gonna ship those words right out to sea.
Look, there they go.
They're drowning.
I'm not gonna help you, because you're bad words Duff? Order up.
Two travelling.
Pizza's here, two toppings.
About to ring the bell.
- Now.
- Ding-dong.
Hey, are you dumb?! Move your piece of crap off the road! Engine off! Don't reach for nothing else, or we light this sucker up! Did you happen to write that for Kruse? Mm.
I'm no Ava DuVernay, but I gave him a few things to say.
That was very good, very real.
You know what I want! Let's go! Do you idiots realize who you're dealing with right now? That don't mean anything to me.
And it ain't gonna help you.
So? - Come on! - It's in the back! Please, just stop dilly-dallying.
Just let it happen.
- Whoa! - Back up, guy.
Take it easy, bro.
Hey! You let us on your way, or your boy here's getting a facelift! - Okay.
- Hey, back off.
- Just take your foot off the gas.
It'll be fine.
- Shut your mouth.
All right, boys.
All outta dough.
Let's close up shop.
I have sex with that guy.
Yeah? Whoo! What a stud.
Just, like, take that, Angie.
Let's just hope they bought it.
He wanted me to come back to you as soon as I could to tell you that he's in for a full order.
Forget that.
Talk about what you did.
What do you mean? I did what you asked me to do.
Come on.
The guys told me what happened.
I mean, what were you thinking? I dunno.
Look, I asked if they had a man below, and they didn't, so I volunteered.
- A man below, what's that? - Nah, you see, when I used to do my Rochester runs, I'd always keep a man below deck, usually my cousin Darla - dangerous woman, with a shotgun, 'cause, you know, you never know.
- You never know.
- And when you said you were having trouble with this route, I said, "Hey, better safe than sorry.
" - Wild man! - Yeah.
Look, man.
I'm gonna be honest with ya.
When Doc Griffin introduced us, you you were not what I was expecting.
I love the doc, I do.
He plays, y'know what I'm sayin'? But he doesn't really know all there is to know.
Yeah, I'm starting to see that.
I, uh I'm having a party for my sister.
It's her birthday.
- Okay.
- My closest friends, partners are gonna be there.
I want you to be there, Stu.
As long as you promise to dress up a little bit.
Are you serious? I mean, that that's amazing.
Yeah, thank you.
Okay, cool.
All right, man.
I'll holler at you with the deets.
Stick-up crew, you crushed it.
Tom Kruse, you're a natural.
- Nice job, guys.
- Nice play.
It worked.
All right.
And now Naz is on a guest list at a party where we hope he'll be able to identify the head of the snake, or the coyote.
Now, unfortunately, the location is tricky.
The VI-Lounge is a terrace club located on the eighth floor of this building.
Only one elevator and two sets of stairs go to the club.
So Naz will not be wired, okay? So he's gonna be communicating with us nonverbally.
It's imperative that we keep eyes on him whenever and wherever we can.
And if he IDs someone special, he'll signal us by rubbing his chin like this.
So if he's up there, how do we see him? Well, from the balcony from across the lounge.
It isn't the prettiest, but it's the best view available.
Wazowski will run surveillance from there, while I run ops on the ground.
Drew the short straw, Wazowski? I actually prefer to be up there.
My priority is to keep eyes on Naz.
And besides, DS Greene and I are gonna make it the place to be.
Uh, about that.
I don't do heights.
- You don't do heights? What ? - No, it's the only thing I'm terrified of.
Well, that and twins.
Multiples of any ki We're not talking about that right now.
I'm a twin.
Okay, Kruse, go with Wazowski.
You guys gotta be sharp, do your job, and hey, let's get lucky, okay? So do you have, like telekinetic abilities? Did you hear that? Did you read my mind? Hey! "I'm gonna give you a facelift?" Where do you come up with this stuff? I don't even know! You know, it's like, when Stu is on, I'm just watching.
It's weird.
Maybe Stu can come for a visit from time to time.
You know, you could have a Fight Club thing going.
Right? Nah, probably not, though, still.
I mean, where does it end, right? I mean, Stu the other day, he was talking about growing a moustache.
Maybe he does that! I dunno.
Uh I'm gonna, like, vote "no" to the moustache.
You know what? It's your body, so you can do with it as you please.
Listen, do you guys want to go over checkpoints, hand signals.
I have flash cards, it's ready to go, they're right back here.
Is that something - I got it all up here.
- He's got it.
Or Stu does.
How about home address? Does that need updating? What was that? No thing.
'Twas a joke.
Hey it's for luck.
Right, 'cause it's your favourite restaurant and the weirdest place you ever - Wow.
- Oh! Oh.
Y'all nasty.
- Put it up.
Put it up.
- You know what? Thank you, thank you, I've got it, it's fine.
You know what? Thank you for your help, but I'll just - How we looking? - All set.
Just waiting on Stu.
Tin Roof, what's the temperature? Uh, we are warm.
Very warm.
And we are hot.
Just waiting on Happy Cat.
Yeah, got it.
Again, I don't mind being on the ground with Nathan if you want your partner up here with you.
So we're just not gonna talk about it, hmm? You're the only one who hasn't weighed in yet.
Maybe I have nothing to say.
I find that hard to believe.
- Okay, honestly? - Yeah, honestly.
- I wouldn't even know where to start.
- How 'bout the truth? - Oh, the truth? - Yes! Which one? The one about how Len hurt you badly in the past? Or how you vowed never to get sucked in again? Or how I watch you change up on all of that to the point where now you're Really, Nathan? I changed up? You can't sit there and say I changed up when once upon a time, you said you were leaving Gabrielle.
Yes! And you told me that I could not do that at the time! Well, could you have? Look, I I don't want to fight.
Me neither.
How is this the job? I don't know.
He said come to work.
How would I know he meant this? You can't say I don't have your back now.
All right, Happy Cat is on the prowl.
Oh my gosh, he's so hot.
Happy Cat is the pick of the litter.
Stu! You made it! Yeah.
Hey, listen, thanks for the invite.
Very nice of you.
Yeah, man.
Look, uh, bar's over there.
- Get yourself a drink.
- Yeah.
- And I will be right back.
- All right, all right, all right.
Get a beer, please? Ninety-nine percent of riders are upstanding citizens.
Charity, camaraderie.
What, you never heard of a teddy-bear drive? - So what percentage are you? - Does it matter? Name's Shark, by the way.
Wow! If it isn't Mr.
Big Boat Man himself.
- Ha-ha.
- Hi.
- Adeline, happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Oh, thank you.
- It is my birthday, isn't it? - It is, yeah.
Although it's kind of hard to tell in a room full of Will's friends.
I'm sure plenty of people are here to see you.
I hope one of them is.
Stu, my man, there's somebody I want you to meet.
Adeline, go, uh mingle with your guests.
Nice chattin' with ya.
This is an associate of mine.
I'd like to introduce you to Stuart.
Heard a lot about you.
You really stepped up.
Got a new stray in the litter.
I didn't catch your name.
How come all the other guys around here have never heard of you? Oh, I like it that way.
Because they don't know who I know.
You see? I like that.
There's too many other guys around here trying to make a name for themselves.
But trust me.
Anonymous is better.
Happy Cat is scratching the post.
I repeat, Happy Cat has scratched the post.
I've never seen this dude before.
Maybe we get a lucky hit from the database? Good kitty.
Standby for treats.
I only come to this city when I have to.
It's not my cup of tea.
Maybe you just need a better tour guide.
I tell you what.
I'll take you out on the water sometime.
It's not so bad, right? I've had worse gigs.
I'd love a hot dog! So much! - What are you doing? - What what do you mean? You can't This is all for you.
- This is all for you - I love you.
Yo, is that the birthday girl? If she's dipping out on her own party, then she's my new hero.
- Rich people are weird.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm gonna circle, okay? - Yeah, get it, girl.
What are you doing here? Dude, what are you doing here? Seriously, keep it down.
Oh, you're undercover right now?! Easy, easy! Listen, you need to get outta here right now.
I can't leave.
I'm here with a friend.
Then you both need to leave.
I'm serious.
Wh ? I gotta go.
- Who was that? - Ugh! Nobody.
That was nobody.
He's a cop.
I heard you say "undercover.
" You don't know what you're talking about, okay? - We have to tell somebody.
- No, we don't gotta do it.
Okay? Actually.
Actually? I think we should leave right now.
You can go if you want.
I'm staying.
Ratting out that guy is not gonna get you brownie points, okay? You and I? We're the help.
That's it.
We'll see.
Oh, come on, Elliot, please answer.
What I should've said - No.
- No, just wait - I'm over it.
- Congratulations.
Okay? I should've said, "Congratulations.
" Thank you.
Is that car one of ours? Uh, I don't think so.
I'm telling ya, you scalp more on a Monday at Les Miz than you do to seats to the friggin' World Series.
They go nuts for musicals in this town.
This guy, this guy and his baseball.
What do you say it's about time you and I got down to business, huh? You've seen Book of Mormon, right? - Ah - Dear Evan Hansen? Are you kidding me right now? Wow! Yeah, of course! Waving Through a Window? I've never been the same ever since, I tell ya.
But for me, personally, all-time favourite? It's gotta be Fiddler.
Right? Well, Stuart, looks like it's gonna be business after all.
Uh, yeah, okay.
Well it's nice chatting with ya.
And maybe next time, uh, I'll actually catch your name.
You should join us.
Might be some room for some new blood.
Really? I mean, yeah.
I mean, I would just love to be a fly on the wall.
Um, actually, business should just be between members only.
I'd like Stuart to join us.
Uh Uh, Sam, I've lost him.
Maybe he's in the bathroom.
I don't like this.
I want eyes on him.
You're just jealous because he was flirting - with that hot girl.
- Okay, that's enough chitchat.
We don't even Gimme that.
I'm gonna do this.
And don't touch my sunflower seeds.
Still nothing.
Ninety seconds past check-in.
When do we start getting worried? First one that you ever saw in person, you remember? Yeah, sure, sure.
My mother took my sister and I to go, uh, check it out.
Back row, obstructed view, still amazing.
For me, it was Chorus Line.
You know that one? No, no, I don't think I know that one.
Well, I'm older than you.
Older and maybe a little bit wiser.
So is this, uh, normally where you guys come to, uh - talk business? - Well, you know what they say.
And curtain.
- Jackie? - Sam, I am so sorry.
I tried Elliot, but he's not answering.
- Okay, what's wrong? - I'm at this party, and that guy you work with is here.
Um, Naz, Taai Naz.
Whatever his name is.
Um, listen, there are some kind of bad guys at this party, and I'm not sure they're supposed to know that he's a cop, but I think that they do.
Okay, Jackie, listen to me.
Do you see him? Do you see Naz? No.
I tried to look for him, but I-I don't see him anymore.
Okay, don't hang up, don't hang up, don't hang up.
Just keep looking for him.
Hey, do you have a 20 down there on Happy Cat? No, we don't see him.
What's wrong? We have a serious problem.
Police! Everybody stay where you are! Nobody in or out.
Where's the buyer? Sir, you can't leave right now.
All clear in there.
There's no one over there, either.
Duff, where the hell did they go? And is that all he told you? Yeah.
Then he told me to leave.
He didn't say he was going anywhere? Database req came back.
You need to see this.
Bishop Logan.
Looks like a cartel boogeyman.
The rest is vague.
That scares me.
Jackie, what time did you get here? We have people on all entrances and no one saw you come in.
We got in at 3:00.
We used the elevator.
Again, we would've seen you.
Jackie, you did the right thing by calling me.
I can't stress that enough.
But an officer's life is in danger, so I need you to think real hard.
I know.
I know, Sam.
All I know is we all used the same elevator.
VIP, staff, everybody.
It's the same elevator.
But we got off the floor below and used the stairs because it doesn't go up all way.
Hey-ho! You're awake.
Yah! You still want to know my name? Kind of ceased to care! He just has clubs in the trunk? Always.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wai You you're the boss, huh? The Coyotes? You're you're the man in charge?! Fore! The boss? Me? Nah.
I'm merely an instrument.
Think of me as a an auditor.
They send me where the trouble is.
Are they the cartel? W-w-wait.
What are we doing here? I mean, this guy, uh, he drove a boat for me a couple of times.
He doesn't know anything.
Yeah, well, we're just about to find out what the truth is, Will.
Did you know that I wanted to turn pro? I have a two handicap.
Could do with some better lighting in here.
I was aiming for his head.
Yeah, well, I didn't buy this place to be a country-club driving range.
I mean, this is to wash money.
I mean, mostly kids sneak in here to drink.
You can take pride in anything, Will.
Maybe that's why they sent me here.
Yeah? Well, they're wrong.
Because I have this under control.
You sure about that? Why is there a utility elevator we didn't know about? The building plans we saw must be from before it was installed.
Which is why we didn't see them.
They took the stairs down one floor to an elevator we didn't know existed.
- That only exits here.
- Which means they must've had a car parked around here somewhere.
- Hey.
- Is that the ? Yeah.
They got rid of anything on him that looked like a tracking device.
Or Naz dropped it on purpose.
Come on, come on, come on.
Maybe he dropped it so we could see where they took him from.
- Get the make of that car, too.
- Okay, let's go.
This is DS Greene.
I need access to CCTV footage from a service room beneath the VI-Lounge! Okay, enough, enough.
I'm calling it.
All right, if you're gonna do him then do him already.
I got three balls left.
I'm almost out Detective.
Detective? And after that I'm afraid there's no more games.
Get him up! I got two balls left.
- Yeah.
- Tell me Tech got something.
We were able to track the car to Weston and Oak.
- Already called it in, but we're still the closest ones to it.
- Let's go.
Get him.
Cover the north exit! Tell backup to cover the south when they get here! Bishop, we gotta get outta here.
Come on.
Police! - Naz! - I'm here! Show me your hands.
Show me your hands! - Get your hands up.
- Naz! I'm here! Go, go! They're at the side door! Get Naz! Oh, sorry, sorry, sorry.
It's okay.
Listen I didn't know what to do.
I didn't know what to do.
I didn't have time to think.
I just reached into my pocket and I saw I saw the canoe.
It was perfect.
Whatever you do is perfect.
Hey, no sign, but we got teams out looking everywhere for 'em.
You okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
I think I'm I think I'm done with undercover work for now.
Okay? And golf.
I hate golf.
There was too many blind spots in there.
I should've called it off as soon as they got on the roof.
I got the blueprints to the building.
I should've known they predated that elevator.
- That's on me.
- Look, there's plenty of blame to go around.
I'm responsible for letting them get by us.
Shoot, can you imagine what would've happened if Jackie didn't call you? Jesus.
I know.
They were willing to shoot a cop tonight.
That's what they're capable of, so we need to turn up the heat.
Yeah, yeah.
Guys, I gotta go check on Naz.
I'm gonna get started on the paperwork.
See you back at the station.
Your people arrested Marc Tremblay tonight? Yeah, and a bunch of other people, but I don't care about that now.
Naz doing okay? - Hmm.
- Listen, listen.
I already put word out.
I'm gonna help y'all find Will, okay? Were you following me today? - What? - Were you following me today? I saw your car.
Oh, you did? - Yeah.
- Where? Near my op.
Okay, you saw my car, or a car that looked like mine? 'Cause I know I don't gotta explain to you how UC cars are supposed to look like every You still did not answer the question.
No, Kelly, I was not following you.
I'm tired.
It's been a long day.
- I thought we were past this.
- I know, but you followed me before, you've done that before.
- How am I supposed to know? - I'm not that guy anymore! - But how - Haven't I shown you? Oh.
Okay, you know what? Show my picture to the doorman at Crazy Eight Pool Hall.
He'll let you know I was there all day.
Wh-why would you even ? Len.
You really didn't have to come.
Uh, I kind of did.
I mean, I'm still your emergency contact.
What would I look like if they called to tell me you were hurt and I was just, like: "Mm-hmm.
" Yeah, that'd be that'd be pretty bad - if you did that.
- Yeah.
Ah, jeez.
Ooh, ooh.
Okay, be careful.
- I'm okay, I'm okay.
- Yeah? I'm all right.
Angie, I'm sorry I didn't update my emergency contact.
And my mailing address.
I know you've left me some messages.
No, no, it's it's okay.
Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to call.
But I get it.
It looks like you've been busy.
Kicking ass and taking names, right? Wrong.
Um, I've been getting my ass kicked.
But okay, sure.
I miss you.
You know that, right? - Angie, uh - Can we just go for dinner this week, maybe? Just talk.
I mean, once you're outta here.
Yeah, sure.
- Yeah? - Of course.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Any of the units out looking for Will and Bishop report back yet? No, not yet.
They're in the wind.
It wasn't a total loss.
This gang, it doesn't make sense to me.
Everything fast and loose, Will calling the shots one day and then this guy showing up? Mm-mm.
Doesn't jive for me.
Either way, it's the best lead we have.
We just need to find 'em.
My money's on Adeline.
That's gonna be the first person that Will reaches out to.
- Mmm.
- Okay.
Until we figure out a play, we need to keep this tight.
Just us three.
- Mm.
- Four.
You should play this close to the vest, though.
But you booked Marc the Shark tonight.
So now you got me.

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