Pretty Hard Cases (2021) s02e08 Episode Script

Bug Spray

1 Have a great night, okay? Because I am done.
What the hell is all this? - You're gorgeous.
- I'm taken.
What do you know about Marc the Shark Tremblay? He's a dangerous guy.
Not to mention, a beast.
Well, Stuart, it looks like it's gonna be business after all.
Business should just be between members only.
I'd like Stuart to join us.
Okay, Jackie, listen to me.
Do you see Naz? No, I tried to look for him, but I don't see him anymore.
Hey-ho, Detective! Police! Everybody stay where you are! Get him! Cover the north exit.
Tell backup to cover the south when they get here.
Police! Go, go, they went out the side door! This gang doesn't make sense to me.
Will calling the shots one day, then this guy showing up? Mm-mm.
You really didn't have to come.
I kind of did.
I mean, I'm still your emergency contact.
Can I help you? Hey, you! Are you gonna order something, or what? What are you doing here? I'm, uh, working, obviously.
And there's a lineup, so - I didn't know you worked here.
- Yeah, it's my first day.
Okay, so no coffee? Great.
Next! No, no, no, no.
Uh, I want coffees.
Um I want coffee with you, actually.
Are you ? Hey, boss.
This guy's harassing me.
This guy's harassing me.
Do you mind kicking him out? - No, no, no! - Is there a problem? No.
Yeah, actually, you might want to watch out for her.
Make sure she doesn't steal from your cash register.
She probably didn't put hustler in her resumé.
Elliot, where's my coffee? I gotta get to work.
Never mind, okay? Can we just go? No, I've been up for 37 hours, I need a coffee.
- Okay, Mom, can we please - No, fine, I'll get it myself! You're trying to ruin my life? Elliot, maybe we We're gonna Don't do any of what you're gonna do.
- Hey! I'm ruining your life? - Yes.
- How am I ruining your life? - For making me fall for you.
- What?! - And then your mother destroyed my entire family, and I'm the idiot for going to dinner with your parents, and having believed that they would actually think - I'm a decent person - Okay, okay.
Because you made me think that! - You made me think that! - Yeah, I loved you! I loved you! You promised me that we were gonna pull it together, and we were gonna have a normal life, and then you just took off on me! And for what?! - For the money! - No! Yes, a little bit for the money, I needed it for my mother, but Elliot, I am not a bad person.
I was trying to have a civil conversation in there, but you wanted to be an ass hole.
You treat me like a criminal, Elliot.
- You are a criminal! - So are you! You were right there with me the entire time! - I left it behind! - So did I! Why do you think I'm standing here in this stupid hat - and this stupid apron?! - Jackie.
You can take off the stupid hat and the stupid apron, because you're fired.
Ha! Awesome.
I guess I'm gonna go back to dealing drugs, then.
Yeah, good.
- Elliot, she did help save - Nah, I don't care.
Babe, I am heading back in.
My gosh, it's so hard to work on just two hours' sleep.
But that's why they pay me the medium bucks.
Uh, okay.
Uh, what's wrong? I just got off the phone with my handler.
She's coming down on me hard.
Told your team of yahoos all of this the other night.
Okay, wait, wait, Len.
There's no need to name call.
Why not? Hmm? Y'all went into that party under-prepared.
You arrested my guy for minor possession charges! Do not Do not yell at me.
I risked a lot for this case, and I just don't want it to be for nothing.
But it's not for nothing! It's not We we're so close.
So close to breaking up this Coyote alliance! And it's not just a few bikers! No, this group connects every gang, every organized crime system that we know of.
But you didn't loop me in.
- We - Hey, hey, hey.
You and your ex, Greene, were real tight, but it's like you didn't want me there.
That is not what happened, okay? Look, how was I supposed to know that Marc Tremblay was going to be at that party? It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
It's just stress.
I can deal with it.
I can deal with it.
- We get anywhere? - Not yet.
Spin team still working.
No hits on Will or Adeline.
We don't have any leads on Bishop either, so my intuition is saying that Will French is the key to the Coyote puzzle, and that we have to find him.
The question is how? The guy's completely disappeared.
Yo, whaddup, though? - Oh! - Hey! - Hey, there he is! - How you feeling, man? Well, I'm never playing golf again, I'll tell you that much.
Aw - Here you go.
- Thanks.
- Hey! - Hey.
Sam, you hungry? There's burgers and fries, there's a salad.
Uh, thank you, but no thank you, 'cause I promised my mom that I would have lunch with her today.
Oh, okay.
I thought I might see you at the hospital.
Um I sent you a text.
I just, I thought that you would have, like, a lot of visitors.
Well, I didn't.
Just a couple of grouchy nurses.
That's kind of surprising.
- So was it worth it? - Excuse me? Your rooftop bust? An operation I did not authorize, just to be clear.
Anything to show for it? We're supposed to be arresting an organized crime syndicate, not the high school prom.
We learned the Coyote alliance is real.
They have members from the mafia, street gangs, biker gangs, Mexican gangs, all working a side hustle that makes up the Coyotes.
We also learned that Will French is at the heart of it.
And Mr.
French, where is he now? We don't know.
Listen, we have teams on his house, on his businesses, and there's no action on his credit cards, his finances I see.
I'm taking this over, and thank you in advance, but I'll be putting my own team together.
Sir, we understand your frustration, we do.
We share it in fact, but We got a lot of promising leads.
Just give us another day.
To do what, exactly? Arrest more innocent people? Endanger more lives? They all weren't innocent, per se.
To bring in Will French.
The Coyote boss on a platter to you, sir.
One day, 24 hours, starting now? Will French on a platter, really? Given that he's disappeared into thin air? Well I blame you! You're the one who taught me to kiss ass and make empty promises.
Michael says that he's taking over the case tomorrow unless we bring him something solid.
Nathan, you you got something? I keep thinking about Marc the Shark.
He's a known Coyote associate, we have him in a cell not talking.
Maybe we can crack him.
No, no, no.
That'll put a nail in the coffin on Len's case.
Len's case is dead anyway.
I'll handle it.
I'm not scared of Len.
He's coming to talk to us now.
You all stay on Adeline.
We'll let you know if we make any headway.
Yeah, Sergeant, I'm not happy about this either.
I've already talked to your superiors.
- I'm aware.
- Your detectives were clear that Tremblay was Len's mark, so they were supposed to be hands off.
It's like they wanted to sabotage my case.
Like this one here had a personal beef.
Are you serious right now? Uh, Greene Tremblay was doing blow with a crowd of people, all of whom my detectives understandably arrested.
If they had ignored him, it would've tweaked something for the guy, don't you think? Okay, but once they realized Tremblay was there, they should've aborted the operation.
Listen, if my guys came in and asked me to bust up a biker party, I would've said, "Back off.
" But your guy walked into the middle of their investigation.
That's not on us.
So now, I'm gonna have to ask you to back off.
So, what now? Can you release him so I can, I don't know, try to repair this mess? Guys, you got him on a minor possession charge, - he's not gonna talk for that.
- My two cents? You're working a guy who's more wrapped up with the Coyotes than the bikers.
We know that Marc uses his satellite phone to communicate with these guys.
If we can get him to give up Will's pin, we'd be good to go.
Like I said, he's not going to give up that kind of gas.
Especially now that he's been busted.
His guys are gonna be all over him like flies.
Maybe that's how we get him.
We make him think the Jupiters are on to him, maybe he starts looking for protection.
Okay How will you pull that off? We let him sweat it out a little longer.
Send in a sketchy dude.
Make him feel like the bikers put out a hit on him.
Maybe then he starts talking.
One thing I know about Marc, he's paranoid as hell.
Where do we get a sketchy dude? There's lots of sketchy dudes around here.
This is the police force.
Ugh, Mom, that smells good.
I've been slaving over this for frittata.
You need to enjoy every single morsel, no rushing back to work! I know.
You need to spend quality time with me.
Every day is a blessing when you get to be our age.
What, I'm lumped in with your age now? Hey.
Adeline French.
An off-duty cop spotted her outside Skippers' Tackle Box in Barrie.
Thought he recognized her from the APB.
- Look at this.
- I told them to look up north! Will French has a fishing cabin on Bass Lake.
If I was gonna hide out, that's exactly where I would be.
- Yeah.
- Road trip, okay.
This is gonna be amazing.
I just gotta grab a few things.
- Hey, Kelly, I'm sorry - Oh no.
but Sam has other plans.
We're gonna sit down and eat lunch, and talk about the podcast.
What podcast? The podcast I sent you last night.
Brené Brown, vulnerability, owning your own story.
Oh! Yeah, so like, I didn't, uh, listen to it.
Jesus, Samantha! I'm trying to share, here! No, you know what? I'll probably Yeah, I'll listen to it on the road.
Road to where? The road to catching a drug kingpin, God willing.
Could you please go on that road a little bit later? I've been alone for two days now.
Mom, I love you.
I do, I really do, but if you're gonna stay here for any longer, you really have to find someone else to talk to besides me.
Oh, well aren't I the lonely loser? Well, welcome to the club, because I feel like that every day.
I'm sorry.
Okay! Let's go.
Finally, you idiots grew a brain.
Uh, no, sorry.
You're getting company.
All right, in you go.
Hey! Yeah Okay, okay, yeah.
What's your problem, dickhead? Sorry about that, cousin.
Just had a vision.
Little men everywhere.
Am I right? What? Am I right? Hey.
When I say they're little, I mean they look like giants! But when they're little in here, and they're little in here, I just see tiny, tiny men.
Traitors are little.
When you're little like that, it's easy to squash you like a humming bird.
You ever squash a humming bird? Okay, bro.
Just go over there Impressed.
Didn't know the brother had it in him.
- Yeah.
He's a versatile guy.
- Mmm.
You guys are tight, you and Nathan? - Yeah, pretty much.
- Guess I'm the bad guy, huh? Look, man, we all just want Kelly to be happy.
Me too.
- I love that woman.
- Good.
'Cause she's the real deal.
You're insane.
Wallets pay me gold to squash the hummingbirds.
They can't do it themselves, so they pay big man.
Big man up here.
Take out the traitors.
Big man need money too, you know? Dolla, dolla bill, yo.
Are you saying that someone put you in here to get at me? - All right, that's my cue.
- Yeah.
Hush, little baby.
Don't say a word.
'Cause I didn't do a thing, I'm not a traitor.
Whether you did or you didn't, they think you did.
Guard! It's getting a little crowded in here.
How you doing? - You're a cop.
- Sorry, man.
Okay, what road music would you like? Your call.
Uh okay, Tainted Love? Or Total Eclipse of the Heart? Mmm Very different vibes.
That is the great thing about love songs, you know? Uh, you can have tortured, you can have happy, we got blues, we got pop.
You know what? It's very much like how the Greeks have six different words for love.
There's Eros, there's Philia, there's Agape, there's Pragma If you're gonna be giving me a seminar on the Greek language, what's the point of listening to music? You know, I can very easily do both.
- Okay, let me ask you this - Okay.
What's the point of packing a tote bag for a two-hour drive up north? Mmm.
What a detectrice you are.
Well, 'cause it's a two-hour drive there, who knows how long we're gonna be there? And it's a two-hour drive back, we're gonna need things like snacks, sunblock, bug spray, Zoloft, a charger Ah.
Didn't know you took Zoloft.
What is that for? - Nothing.
- Uh-huh.
Anxiety, you know? Work, Will French, stretch marks, they really get me down.
Elliot, that's a good one.
Naz You know, just like, lots of different stuff.
It's purely situational.
I started taking it after Steve left.
So Steve left ten years ago.
I saw Naz at the hospital with his ex.
- They were hugging closely.
- Oh.
He lied about it.
Naz I said that I didn't see them together.
I lied right back, I I just, I panicked.
Maybe he still has feelings for her.
You know what? Maybe That's okay, that's fine, that's cool.
And I still have, like residual love for Steve, maybe that's what he Maybe that's what he feels for Angie.
It's just It's just a different kind of love.
I can help you, all right? You cooperate, I'll get you a deal.
Get out of here, all right? I'm not squealing.
What do I look like? Okay.
I'll leave you here.
You two have a good night.
Wait! Do people think that I said something? Because I didn't tell you a damn thing.
Marc, come on.
You know you told me a thing or two.
All right.
Just get me out of here.
Okay, slow down, slow down.
The cabin should be right up there.
Oh, yep, there it is.
Okay, pull over.
Pull over, we can watch from here.
That must be Adeline's car.
I don't see Will's anywhere.
Should I go knock on the door? No, I think we should wait it out.
Maybe Will will show up.
But I'll text the station, let 'em know we're here.
You know what? If we're gonna sit here I am rolling down this window so we can smell this fresh air.
Smell that! Mmm Ouch! Hey, um Can I speak to your manager for like two minutes, please? - Jimmy! - Thank you.
Hey, man.
Listen, I'm really sorry about this morning, but I just think you made a huge mistake firing Jackie.
That whole scene that I caused was completely my fault, she had nothing to do with it, she was defending herself, you know? I'm not sure if you know this, but you had the smartest, most hard-working person making coffee for you, and you let her go.
I just, I'd really appreciate it if you could call her and give her her job back in the morning, or Hey.
Hi, um I already actually came back and begged him for my job back.
He decided to give me another chance, but thank you.
Cool, um Yeah, no, I just, I didn't want to leave town knowing I screwed you out of a job.
Wait, you're leaving? Where you going? Halifax.
I'm Yeah, I'm going to school, so I'm heading out on a plane tonight.
Wow! Hey, that's so awesome, Elliot! I'm so happy for you.
Jackie? Back to work.
Back to work.
I'll never love anybody like I loved you.
It just hurts too much.
"You are my one and only, and I will never love anyone again.
" That kind of overly dramatic love, now, that is pure Eros.
It's like teenagers, it's wild, it's completely irrational.
Very, very different from Pragma, okay? That is like a longstanding love.
That is like, way more mature, pragmatic, you know, as the name suggests.
- You're still watching, right? - Yeah, of course, you can rest.
Philia, that's like, you know, comradery.
Sisters in arms on the battlefield type love.
It's friends, it's like Yeah, it's like close friends.
And then my favourite is Philautia, which is love of the self, which is like - Like vibrator love? - No, not vibrator Like No, it's not like that.
You know, it could be, though.
It could be, because it means compassion of the self.
What? Oh my gosh, she's coming over.
She's gonna recognize you from the boat.
- Shh, shh, shh.
- What should we do? - It's fine, just go handle it.
- How? - I don't know, just go! - Okay.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
- Can I help you? - Sorry.
We just got turned around, so we pulled over, so we could just look at the map.
Did Will send you? I'm sorry, I don't know who Will is.
Then who are you and what do you want? You know what, I'm just gonna be straight with you, even though it might backfire.
Um We My wife and I, uh We want your cabin, so If you're wanting to sell it? You wanna give me a call? We've had our eye on it for years.
Listen, honest-to-goodness, it is our dream getaway.
- This crap shack? - That's the one.
That's a pretty low bar.
Well, since you're here, do you want to come in and take a look around? - Really? - Yeah.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Is she coming, or what? No, she doesn't, she's shy.
So She's also asleep.
- Well, I'll wake her up.
- She won't like that.
Wifey! You coming? Yeah.
Welcome to my dysfunctional childhood.
Oh my gosh.
This place is gorgeous.
Cooler, anybody? I don't like to drink alone.
Oh, thanks.
I mean, obviously, I find a way.
So, do you own this place by yourself? No.
I mean, my brother and I, we inherited it together.
'Cause my father used to come up here to get away from my mom.
He'd bring us along.
We'd gut fish.
You know, it was every girl's dream.
Is your brother interested in selling? Will can be very nostalgic, but I would love to get rid of the place.
How long have you two been married? - Oh, 10.
- Oh, three, but but it feels like 10.
But, like, in a really in a nice way.
We were actually just talking about love in our relationship as based on, um, long-term commitments, mature.
Oh, lesbian bed death? - Mm, that's not a thing.
- No, I jest.
I jest.
I actually find lesbians very interesting in bed.
Well, we certainly know our way around the old female genitalia.
So, if you hate it here, why do you still come up? I just To get away.
Life's stressing me out.
Oh, really? How come? Um, business, stuff with my brother.
'Cause he can be a right asshole.
He's condescending, he's cocky, he's controlling.
I mean, all the C words.
And he thinks I'm stupid.
But he thinks wrong.
So, what sort of business do you do? Oh, Christ.
Uh that's my brother.
If he finds out I'm trying to sell the place behind his back, he's gonna he's gonna he's kill me.
Oh, you know what? It's okay.
We can just go out the back.
No worries.
No, no, no, no.
Two minutes.
Two minutes? - No, um - In that room right there.
- I don't know about that.
- Just give me two minutes.
No, we can just go out the the back.
It's fine.
I'm gonna get rid of him.
Oh, okay.
We have been looking for this guy for days! - Wait, wait! - We should go and arrest him! Okay, yes! The Midland Police are on their way.
Plus I-I left my gun in the car and I don't have a gun, so I just really think we should wait for backup! What do you mean, you left your gun in the car? She was watching! Not gonna be like, just a second, reach over, pull my gun out! Plus I had to spin a yarn about our sexless lesbian marriage.
Well, I got mine.
We know this guy is armed.
We know he's dangerous! Exactly.
He's dangerous.
So for now, we are just gonna listen.
Maybe we learn something and we wait for backup.
Why aren't you answering your phone? Because I don't like talking to you! I don't care! Okay, they're saying something about getting played or flayed or laid.
I'm not sure.
- How much longer for backup? - Twelve minutes.
Are you kidding me? Duff, let me try.
Yeah, you know what? You were right.
Adeline! Adeline, are you okay?! Nothing.
Let's find a way to get outta here.
You know what? There's gotta be another door.
There's always another door in these old fishing cabins.
You're an expert on fishing cabins now?! I spent many a summer on a lake with my I don't want to hear a goddamn word about your goddamn uncle! You do realize it's your fault we're in this mess, right? I had my gun! I was ready to arrest the guy! But no! You had to play it safe, play by the rules, wait for backup! I get it! Okay? I get it.
It's all my fault.
Cool Kelly and Scrupulous Sam, 'twas ever thus.
Are you done? 'Cause there's a lot more useful things you could be doing right now! Ears! I'm not sure that was one of them.
Argh! I don't know why I ever listen to you! You don't listen to me.
Sometimes you defer to me, but you do not listen to me.
That's not true! When do I not listen?! Oh, I dunno! Len? I warned you about going back to a toxic well with that guy.
What'd you do? Oh, you just stopped talking to me.
And then you got engaged to him! 'Cause that wasn't your business! You made it my business when you told me about him! When you asked me to step in if you ever started to fall for him.
When you became my friend, you made it my business! Do you not see that?! You know what? Listen.
You think that I am so stunted when it comes to friendship, but you wouldn't know true Philia if it hit you in the side of the head! And here's the thing about not talking to your friends! You don't get to know what I know! Yeah, well, what do you know? Gabrielle and Nathan broke up! Naz told me last week! S-Sam, are you are you serious? Sam.
Sam! Are you serious? Weird.
Why are they trying to hide this freezer? Wazowski! Oh.
Wazowski? Oh, boy.
Well, we found Bishop.
Body looks fully frozen.
You think Will brought him up here to kill him after the shakedown with Naz? Says a lot if Will's got the balls to kill a cartel guy.
Toolbox, toolbox! It's through the hole, on the left.
Just go, go, go, go.
Yeah, okay.
Hold on.
Toolbox, toolbox, toolbox Ha! Here.
- I got it.
- All right.
See? And that is me listening.
Oh, yeah.
Will's car's still here.
I'll check the cabin! Okay.
Hey, we need to put an APB out - on Adeline French's car.
- Okay.
You need to go through this cabin, dust it and take everything of interest.
- Okay.
- Okay, call CIB, because there's a dead body in the freezer.
You mean, like, cut up? No, there's, like, this really big freezer in the cellar, so the body's fully intact.
You're welcome.
Place is empty.
She's not there.
Let's go.
Hey, also, the victim's name is Bishop Logan.
Our team's gonna be here within the hour.
And you've been a member of the Sons of Jupiter - for about 15 years? - Probably 20.
I dunno.
Got your full patch in '08? Some damn fine acting chops you got there, sir.
This guy's jumpy, so it didn't take much.
Probably didn't help that his bestie turned out to be a cop too.
What is it, a side hustle? Or are you sort of, I dunno, brokering between the two organizations? The Jupiters won't mess with the cartel.
I tried to organize a talk, but my road captain just shut it down.
You working with them on the sneak? So what if I am? You can't judge me, man.
I thought we were tight.
You coming over to my house, eating all my food, going on about Francesca.
What is she gonna do when she finds out you're getting married? - Are you even engaged? - Yeah.
I am.
Does Francesca know you're a cop, or have been you faking it with her this entire time too? Tell me, what do you know about the Coyotes? Hmm? You sure had her fooled, man.
- You had us all fooled.
Frances - Listen to me.
You need to worry about yourself right now.
I can get you a deal, protection, all of that.
But you gotta start singing.
Will's satellite-phone PIN, you know it? Did we just find out that Len has a girlfriend as part of his undercover play? That's what it sounds like.
Why did Adeline scream, Duff? I mean, she sounded like she was being attacked.
OKAY, ONE: Will killed Bishop and his sister.
Will killed Bishop, and his sister was in on it.
Will killed Bishop and his sister had an idea and When did, uh, Nathan and Gabrielle break up? Are you kidding me? What? - I mean - Now you're interested? This is some serious friendship currency here, okay? This is what friends do, and we are professional colleagues.
You see, gossip is good.
I've always told you that.
It's a sharing of information, an evolutionary tool.
They broke up last week.
Apparently, it was mutual.
- Hey.
- Wow Hey.
Good news.
Mark gave us Will's satellite phone PIN.
We can use that to turn on the GPS remotely and track him.
- Where are you guys? - Sheppard and Kingston Road.
Do we have backup ready for dispatch? - We do.
- Okay, let's do it.
Anna? It's Nathan.
Yeah, we're ready to roll.
41-22-12-2 and 3-26-10-5.
I'm seeing 134A Gibson Lane? Okay, great.
Thank you.
Yeah, sure.
I'd love to take you out for a drink.
Let's make it happen.
Okay, Missy Jeal-E-Ous, focus on the ring on that finger.
134A Gibson Lane.
We're headed there now.
- Got your gun this time? - Yeah, I got my gun.
- Police! - Go, go! Police! Identify yourself! Again, identify yourself! Duff, look.
Adeline's booze cans.
Sam? Get the kit.
It's in the trunk.
Looks like he OD'ed.
Buddy? Buddy, can you hear me? Hang on, Will.
He's still breathing.
Come on, Sam, hurry up.
Bitch is crazy.
Will, who's Balda? Who's the bitch? Who's crazy? She did this.
Not me.
Where's Adeline? Wi-Will? Will, keep talking.
Come on, keep talking! Hurry, Sam.
He's not breathing.
- Ready? - Yeah.
- I'm Detective - Samantha Wazowski, I know.
And right now you're stomping all over a homicide or suicide scene in your excellent sneakers.
I'm gonna have to ask you and your partner, Kelly Duff, to skedaddle.
We, uh, should give you a statement.
We were here when he died.
He said something Zip it.
We approach every scene with an open mind.
We can't have amateur theories muddying the water.
We get it.
Your minds need to be empty, hollow vessels.
- An echo chamber of sorts.
- Mm.
- You're catching on.
- Yeah.
- Now, I need you both to tiptoe your asses outta here.
- Huh.
Good luck.
That's more of a pas de barré, but okay.
Kelly, I need to talk to you.
Sam already told me.
You and Gabrielle broke up.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, Nathan, but I'm engaged now and I can't confuse myself emotionally - I know, but I - Hey, hey! There she is.
My baby! Come here, come here, come here.
Oh, we made real progress today, yeah? Yeah, we did.
Too bad we didn't get to Will before Balda did, whoever that is.
All right, let's go home.
Come on.
You all right, Nathan? Yep.
Yep, great.
Have a good night.
Hey, Sam in there? Uh, no, I think she went home.
- Really? - Yeah.
Without saying good night? A bit of advice? Honesty will never do you wrong.
Tonight, my treat.
Jerk chicken, huh? Hey, there's snacks for you guys.
- Thank you.
- Extra cheese.
Did you pack the extra soap and toothpaste that I got you? - Yeah.
- And then I sent your comforter and your matching shams to residence Hey.
I got it.
I'm gonna be okay.
I'm not sad.
I'm not sad.
I promise.
Okay, kiddo.
You're gonna miss your plane.
All right? Okay, let's do this.
You can't leave! You can't leave! Not without saying a proper goodbye.
Remember when we felt love like that? - Yeah.
It was horrible.
- It really was.
Thank God we numbed with age.
I think the word is "crusted.
" I'll think about you every day, okay? Oh Only if it motivates you.
I love you so much, it's killing me.
Don't say that.
I need you in the world.
- You okay? - Yeah.
We're gonna see him again soon, okay? Yeah.
- Want some tea? - No, I'm good, thank you.
I'm just Yeah.
Oh, what a long day, right? Mm-hmm.
- Kelly? - Mm? What? I, uh, no, I just wanted to clear the air about a few things.
Full honesty, all right? Never do me wrong? Oh.
When I started this undercover play I needed to get in deep with these guys fast.
I ended up bumping this homegirl that was tight with Marc.
She was his nutritionist.
She was married, wanted a little something on the side.
Well It was the quickest way in, Kel.
But then she left her husband and I couldn't just shut her out cold.
I had to keep it going just until Wait.
Um Are you telling me that you got a girl you been sleeping with? It's undercover.
- It's not real.
- No, Len.
It's still real.
I haven't slept with her in a while.
In a while.
Um Have you been sleeping with her since you've been sleeping with me? Not since you put on my ring.
Wait, wait, wait.
Kel, I needed to keep it going.
Hey, come on, Kelly.
You know the stakes around these things.
You had to do drugs in order to work your undercover plays.
You had to be an asshole to work your undercover plays.
You know, I need you to get your stuff and get the hell out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Listen, Kelly, come on.
This is why I'm coming clean.
- Len?! Len! - Hey.
I don't know what I was thinking, but I'm not doing this.
I do not want to do this.
- Yes, you do.
Yes you do.
- No! No.
I don't.
We're done.
For real, Len.
Samantha, I took your cue and got a life.
I'm out for drinks with a lovely man 10 years my junior, but of course, he doesn't know that.
Don't wait up! Uh, God.
You are interrupting my movie night.
'Cause I got all my creature comforts.
I got chips, wine, cookies, Sandra Bullock movies Are you okay? I'm sorry.
I knew I couldn't trust him.
I knew it was too good to be true.
Everyone knew it.
And yet, I let him convince me that things had changed.
Because you wanted it.
Because you loved him.
Did I? Do I? Or do I love the idea? Because I love the idea, Sam, so much.
I love the idea.
The two of us working together, having a family, having a home.
Growing old together.
I love the idea.
Why do I love that idea? Because it is a beautiful idea.
Just because you are strong, you're so strong, an independent woman, it doesn't mean you can't wish for that.
I love that idea too.
Why did it feel so right with Len? Because it was familiar.
The brain just really likes things that are familiar.
Just familiar isn't necessarily good.
Like Nathan? He's good.
- He's really good.
- Yeah.
And he is certainly unfamiliar.
Why didn't I let that happen? Well, you know when you've been on the water for a long time, you just get used to things being uneven, and then when you get back on even ground you feel dizzy.
You just needed to find your sea legs.
The Philia love, that's the friendship one, right? - Yes, that is correct.
- Right.
Um, comrades on the battlefield loyalty.
- Right.
- Yeah.
I don't think that's the word for us.
I think we're more - Scylla.
- No, Scylla's We're Scylla.
I love it.
It's even better.
I love Skelly.
I love Skelly, too.
I love Skelly too.
It's gonna be okay.

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