Pretty Hard Cases (2021) s02e09 Episode Script

Crystal Ball

1 Uh-oh.
Davison and McConnell filed an official complaint against you this morning.
I'm sending you on secondment while we look into this.
Remember when we felt love like that? Yeah.
Thank God we numbed with age.
- I love when older women explore their sexualities.
- Older is right! You should see this kid she's shtupping! It's ridiculous! - I miss you.
- Angie Can we just go for dinner this week, maybe? I saw Naz at the hospital with his ex.
They were hugging closely.
He lied about it.
All right, if we're gonna find out why Will paid Dane to set off a shot-tipper, we need to get closer to him.
- It's not a party, it's a business meeting.
- That's your wife? I'm his sister.
- Police! Identify yourself! Adeline's booze cans.
- Balda.
- Will, who's Balda? Right now, you're stomping all over a homicide or suicide scene.
I need you both to tiptoe your asses outta here.
Now I need you both to tiptoe your asses outta here.
Good luck.
- These two.
- I'll handle it.
- Yeah, I'm Detec - Samantha Wazowski, I know.
And right now you're stomping all over a homicide or suicide scene in your excellent sneakers.
I'm gonna have to ask you and your partner Kelly Duff to skedaddle.
We should give you a statement.
Zip it.
We approach every scene with an open mind.
We can't have amateur theories muddying the water.
I need you two to tiptoe your asses out of here.
Good luck.
That's more of a pas de barré, but okay.
What a pair of idiots.
Hey! Where's the stiff? Will French, Park-Bench realtor.
Looks like this guy shot up enough dope to kill a horse.
Maybe, but French isn't an addict.
Look at his arms.
No tracks.
That's why it killed him, I guess.
He was a tourist trying to play in the big leagues.
What's going on? - You can't come in here, ma'am.
- Where's my brother?! Oh, my God.
Will! Ms.
French, I'm Detective Tara Swallows.
Like the bird? I love birds.
- I do, too.
- I'm Adeline.
- Oh! Adeline - Will, wake up.
Contamination of the crime scene, of the evidence.
Do we care? We'll take it outside.
Adeline, come with me.
Right now, come on.
- Wake up, wake up.
- He's dead.
Have a seat.
Adeline, did your brother have a drug problem? He used to, but I I I thought he quit.
I was with him a few hours ago, but he seemed upset, and then I went to my my burlesque class, and I just had a bad feeling, so I came to check on him here.
He OD'd.
Didn't he? Please tell me.
We're not sure.
We'd like to bring you in, have you answer a few questions.
Actually, hold on.
Just a sec.
What's your problem, hounding this poor, gorgeous woman? She's in shock.
Maybe she knows more than she's saying.
Ugh, don't be ridiculous.
This woman needs a moment.
She's grieving.
- Is he fully dead? - A hundred percent, fully.
I'm so sorry.
- Morning, Mom.
- Mm-hmm.
- Whatcha reading? - The Haunting of Chauncey Dubois.
Ooh! Is the haunting supposed to be sexy? Yeah, I know it looks like a bodice-ripping good time, but it's a total bore.
One of the morons in my book club suggested it.
Your book club? Since when do you have a book club? Since you told me to get a life.
I joined neighbourhoodmeetup.
First meeting's, uh Day after tomorrow.
Would you care to join? I'm hosting.
Mom, you're inviting a bunch of strangers into my house? Oh.
Sam, they're all your neighbours! You don't have any riff-raff in your neighbourhood.
You know what? I doubt I'll be able to make it.
I'm in the middle of a case.
- Oh.
- Two weeks ago, someone killed a drug-dealing real-estate agent.
They made it look like an overdose.
Sounds like the plot of a Chauncey novel without the ghosts.
- Mm.
- You really should take your own advice, forge new friendships, new relationships before it's too late.
Wh-wh-what's the update on this Naz fellow? Uh Uh, just He's just been, like, hanging out with his ex a lot lately, so Really? By themselves? Um, no.
I don't know, I I just, like, overheard them planning a trip to Stratford together.
And, like, I didn't say anything.
'Cause Like, I just didn't want to be that person.
Mom, do do you think that's weird? I hang out with your ex all the time.
You think that's weird? Absolutely! I think that is absolutely so weird.
I'm sorry, but Steve is a good, good man.
I still think you cut him loose far too early.
Mom, you know what? I want you to invite as many people as you want to the book club, hmm? So you can make many, many new friends.
Not just my ex.
Adriana, you're picking up the gender-reveal fireworks and the gender-reveal cake, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Do we need fireworks and a cake? I thought Karina was the only one doing the gender reveal.
She is.
I don't care about gender.
Plus, you know I love a surprise.
We went over all this last time, Kel.
Oh, did you order the balloons? Yeah.
Well, consider this your 50th reminder.
Jesus, Kelly, the shower's tomorrow.
Now, I have to pee.
Ain't she supposed to be nesting and getting all sweet and motherly? Didn't you guys make up? What's going on with you? I ended things with Len.
Oh, Kel.
I'm sorry.
You know, I'm just not in the mood to celebrate people's perfect lives, perfect babies.
Just because it's not your time now doesn't mean it won't ever be.
Oh, I gotta go.
See you tomorrow.
Love you.
- Kelly, remember the balloons! - Yeah.
So the last time we saw this wild woman, she locked us in a cellar "accidentally," and then she took off with her brother, whom she hated, who also died of a heroin overdose a few short hours later.
While she scurried off to a burlesque class? I mean, I can't believe homicide actually bought that ridiculous alibi.
They did follow up, and her burlesque teacher did confirm her attendance.
- Oh, please.
- Either way, Will's last words were "Balda did this.
" And the only person who might know who Balda is, is Adeline.
And now we can't even ask her about it, because apparently, Adeline is on a grief retreat in the Laurentians, off the grid and unreachable.
Okay! Balda, who is that? Or what is that? I looked it up.
It's either a vintage camera or a toy store in Belgium.
But the guy was dying.
It could've been gibberish.
Why do you think Adeline would know about Balda? Look, the woman is smarter than anyone gives her credit for.
Yeah, maybe, but she doesn't pay for parking.
She's racked up thousands of dollars in parking tickets all over the city, including half a dozen on Westveld Street.
Okay, well, her rental car got another one there yesterday.
- Yesterday? - Grief retreat, my ass.
So what's around here that Adeline French can't stay away from? Bye-bye! Oh, and Olga, take it easy on the palinka.
You two! I've been expecting you.
You've come for a reading, correct? - Maybe some other time? - Do you have time to waste? Zorka.
Seventh-generation psychic.
When you're ready to see your future, entrez.
Maybe she's seen something, maybe we should go in.
- What, with her third eye? - Of course not, but if she solicits random people on the street, maybe she's seen Adeline.
Come on.
Been in the neighbourhood long? - Thirty years.
- Oh, that's exciting.
- I'm wondering if you've seen - I ask the questions first.
Get a feel for you both, hmm? Mm-hmm.
You are close like sisters.
Best friends? Are you you could just tell that by looking at us? - Who would like the first reading? - I will, I'll go, I'll do it.
Uh-huh, your romantic life, there's something wrong.
You have left behind a great love.
Ooh, Heartbreaker Wazowski, huh? Unlike you.
You are too careful with your heart, your feelings.
Which is why you have also lost a relationship with deep connections.
Uh, yeah.
Uh, can I use your bathroom? Second door on the left.
She's lucky.
Some losses are irreplaceable.
I-I'm sorry, I, uh I lost my son, Ilya.
Oh, God.
Was it recent? I'm so sorry.
What happened? My daughter, the human tornado.
That's what happened.
She's a bad seed.
If he got into drugs, it was because of her.
My daughter Balda, she's a handful.
Partying, shopping, women, men, bed to bed.
Ilya, he was managing her money.
Otherwise, she'd go broke.
But now Ilya's gone.
So Zorka's their mother? Yep, but Adeline is Balda Farkas, sister to Will, aka Ilya Farkas, and possibly responsible for his death.
Where did you find this picture? A simple toggle image search of Ilya and Balda Farkas brought me to the greater Toronto Hungarian community centre website.
And in 2015, the Farkas siblings cut themselves off from their Hungarian mobster father and their psychic mother.
And transformed themselves into Will and Adeline French, now both dead centre of this coyote alliance.
Check this out.
Do you suffer from bad Karma? Are you the victim of a curse? Love life getting you down? I am Zorka, seventh-generation psychic! after years of pain, Zorka told me I'd been cursed, so I drank her magic Hungarian spring water.
Now, I've never felt better in my whole life! Call 1-555-ZRKA.
Just 10 easy payments of 99.
So mom's a fraudster.
Magic water.
One step up from snake oil.
Zorka has a bunch of one-star reviews.
Customers say she sold them tap water for thousands.
She was arrested for it last year, but charges were dropped.
But she is definitely still running this scam.
So all we have to do is catch her selling this phony miracle water, threaten to charge her with fraud unless she gives us Adeline, then once we have Adeline, we're gonna flip her over to Frowny Mc-Smelled-a-Fart and human marionette to reconsider the homicide charge.
This is all very interesting, but last time I checked, you don't work homicide or fraud, and I'm not hearing anything about pink cocaine.
Nazeer, Greene, and I are gonna take a more logical approach.
Let's go, boys.
So who is gonna go in with Zorka? She seems to only target the gullible, the desperate and the over-fifties.
We might know someone.
You want my help because I'm old? If you think I'm gonna put on hard pants for this, you are sorely mistaken.
We do not think that you're old.
It has nothing to do with age, it's just more like general malaise.
We are asking because you have the most experience.
We need you, Ed.
Just for today, off the books.
You know, Kevin is sick, I can't leave him.
Um I guess that means you will not be needing your hard pants anymore.
Just curious, what size are you? Oh, no, that's the wrong colour for you, Wazowski.
But on me, it look damn nice.
Get your hands off my blazer.
I'm not done yet.
I think my partner's cheating on me.
My ex-partner also cheated.
You know what? I think I just attract them, cheaters.
Why would that be? Maybe I'm cursed.
I heard that you specialize in this sort of thing.
- What sort of thing? - Bad luck.
But that's not your problem.
Why isn't Zorka taking the bait? I don't know.
Maybe her recent arrest made her jumpy? Yeah, but that was a year ago.
What do you think my problem is? You're lying.
The cheating's not real, it's not why you're here.
It's your son, isn't it? He's sick.
Is she talking about Kevin? How's she know about Kevin? Zorka's not a psychic.
Kevin is ill.
How did you know? - Because I'm a psychic.
- What if she's right? - Kevin is a dog, not Shanks's son! - Well, don't tell Shanks that.
Besides, I'm talking about me.
Am I leaving a great love behind with Naz? Because I have been feeling pretty detached from him lately.
You've got unresolved trust issues.
It's no surprise, considering your ex cheated on you.
You clearly have no respect for my abilities.
Why did you even come here? I'm lost.
I gave my entire life to my career, and I make one mistake, and now I'm awaiting disciplinary action while someone else sits at my desk.
And what's almost worse is that I thought I was close to my coworkers, like, really close.
I thought I was a mentor.
Since I left, I barely see them.
People at work, especially the women, they're like my family, and I miss them, and I'm not sure I know who I am without them.
The fried pigeon Will not just fly into your mouth.
Uh, come again? You want change, you work for it.
Get out of bed, put on your clothes, answer those phone calls, stop moping! Luckily for you, I can help.
But first, at your work, you're replaced by an inferior man, am I right? So pink cocaine has recently been purchased here, here and here.
So distribution didn't die with Will French.
No, but if we comb through these hotspots, perhaps we can figure out who the new local supplier is.
- How? - Well I have created an algorithm that uses pre-existing drug-arrest stats to show average physical proximity down to the kilometre between dealers and their local suppliers.
Isn't that basically geographic profiling? Used to find serial killers? Yes, but it's never been used to find drug suppliers before, and apprehend them before they get more product onto the streets.
Kind of like minority report, but for drugs.
I'm not sure what you're saying, I'm just saying I want to anticipate crime and stop it before it happens.
But don't we think the stats can be a little biased? It's called intelligence-led policing, Greene.
That's what we're doing today, okay? So pull the data on any dealer from these areas, input it, let the computer do the rest.
Excuse me.
It's as I suspected.
Both you and your son are cursed.
But I have just the thing to help.
Magic spring water from Egerszalók, Hungary.
$1,200 a bottle, but it can heal many ailments.
- Do you take cash? - Mm-hmm.
- Here you go.
- Hmm.
Okay! Go, go, go, go! Hey! Hang on a sec! I was just starting to believe! Where is she?! Go, go! No, you don't! Police! You're under arrest! - You're under arrest! - Sam! Forget that! Hey, stop! Get back here! Zorka Farkas, you are impressively fast, and under arrest.
How did you know where I was going? Do you also have the gift? Nah.
I'm just really good at my job.
Ammonia, phosphoric acid.
Sound like magic Hungarian water to you, Wazowski? It really does not.
It sounds like the exact composition of good old-fashioned Toronto tap water.
I am guessing that Zorka's water is a scam.
You can't prove it doesn't work.
Magic is tricky like that.
Magic or not, you misrepresented your product, which means you'll be charged with fraud.
- I am not a fraud.
- Mm.
This isn't really about me, is it? - We want to talk to you about Balda.
- Why? Because we think she killed your son.
- Where's your daughter now? - We need to find her, and if not her, then at least give us something we can use to bring her in.
I don't know where she is.
I I But maybe I have something.
My husband, Vencel, peace to his ashes, taught Balda: Get dirt on your enemies and then you're untouchable.
She gave me a USB.
If anything happened to her, I was supposed to give it to her accountant, an Adam something, to expose those that hurt her.
Now that she's hurt me, maybe I should give it to you? If my charges are dropped.
Well, unless you have a better option.
Gentlemen, meet Lucky Spacek, our new potential supplier.
He lives within five kilometres of four dealers who were arrested for pink-cocaine sales, and he's got an association with coyote member Bingo Ramirez, whom I believe you connected to Will French.
We should get a team over to his place ASAP, start surveilling him.
You want to watch him because he lives near someone who committed a crime? Context, Greene.
Plus, the numbers don't lie.
We should name this thing, this algorithm.
Something spiffy.
How about crack whacker? Okay, dope dotter? Dope daughter, like a kid? No, d-o-t-t do you want me should I write it? No, no, we get it.
It's, um Well, it's certainly creative.
That's why they gave me the promotions.
Happy to share my strategy with you: Doing the job you want to get.
People don't always see my point.
For example, I tried to give Gabrielle some advice, you know, coach her on next steps after her sergeant promotion.
Told her to freeze her eggs, give her some more time to climb.
I mean, why settle for a low-status position? Yeah.
Starting to see why you two broke up.
Really? What I want to know is why did you two break up? Hey, Nathan.
Could I get your help? Sure.
Had enough stats for today.
It looks like they used BitCrypt to encrypt Adeline's USB.
It's impossible to hack.
Our best shot is to get decryption software from the company Which is based in NYC.
So we'd have to go to the RCMP.
Well, uh, we could avoid that if one of us had a connection to a U.
law-enforcement agent.
You know, like a long-standing friendship, or maybe even a family tie who's having some sort of an event today? I get it.
This is ni-nice.
Looks like someone ate too much Pinterest and threw up everywhere.
Hey, we need her help, so please, - you have to be nice.
- All right.
Hey Congratulations, Karina.
I didn't think you'd make it.
You kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for the world.
I know it sounds cliché, but you actually are glowing right now.
You certainly are.
You're glowing like a big lightbulb, you are.
Okay, this is I'm gonna Good to see you.
Anyway great turnout.
Did, uh, Elijah make it? Pretty sure we asked him.
Elijah who? Elijah Fox? FBI Elijah? Why would you invite my ex-boyfriend to my shower? I don't know.
He's a nice guy.
All right, look.
Sam and I are in a bit of a bind, and we need the FBI to pressure BitCrypt to share some of their decryption software.
We don't have time to deal with the RCMP.
It's a huge, huge part of our case.
Karina, I would really appreciate it.
Oh, you would? Well, you want to know what I'd appreciate? If you acted like a sister and maybe participated in our shower.
Okay, well, when's the gender reveal? It's in five hours.
- Ah - Five hours.
That's that's good.
What kind of maniac has a six-hour baby shower?! Please tell me this is alcohol.
I think she's Why is Karina being so hard on you? - You just went through a really bad breakup.
- She doesn't know that.
- What, you didn't tell her? - She doesn't care.
She certainly doesn't want to hear about it on her special day.
You know what? If it's Karina's special day She better get ready to work for it.
- What? - Let's kick her ass.
All right, ladies! - What Sam, no, don't! - Who wants to play a game?! Yes! - Baby, are you ready for this? - Mm-hmm.
- Is everybody ready for this? - Yes! - Hey.
We're going to lose.
- No, no, we just have to align our asses.
No! No.
I mean we have to lose.
Look, look! - Ready? All right.
- Okay? On your mark, get set go! Whoo-hoo! Yeah!!! Ugh.
The cake tastes like envelopes.
Yeah, I know.
So good.
When I was little, I used to lick all the envelopes for our Christmas cards.
Judy thought I was being so helpful.
All right, but you were savouring the taste of the glue like a little creep.
- Yeah.
- Ah, yeah.
- It's great cake, huh? - Oh, my God.
I am loving it! So good.
Mm Elijah's sending over the software tomorrow morning.
- Really? That was fast.
- Kelly, I called in the favour the minute you asked.
Steve, hi.
I would just be normal.
I would like to talk to you about your past indiscretions in the hopes of getting closure.
Nobody does that.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You you look like you've been making out with a smurf.
What? Oh, jeez! Oh, uh It was Kelly's sister's baby shower.
It-it's blue cake.
She was having a boy.
It doesn't matter.
- Did you want a drink? - Sure.
Remember your baby shower? Judy got drunk and serenaded you with an acapella version of Your Body is a Wonderland.
Oh, my God.
I still don't know how she thought that was about a mother-daughter home birth.
We had fun when Elliot was little.
We did.
Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
Kind of what happened between us? Really? Um You never wanted to before.
I know.
I just was so angry, I couldn't.
And I-I realize now, I just St-Steve, I really I really need closure.
That's great.
I'm not gonna make any excuses.
I wish I could go back and Not sleep with our son's gym teacher.
Biggest regret of my life.
That, and not buying a rental property before Toronto real estate went nuts.
You ever think we gave up too quickly? Like left behind a great love for example? Maybe we didn't leave it behind.
When I look at you I still feel it.
Oh! Good morning, sunshine.
Oh, I forgot how you like to do that to wake me up.
Well, I can't help it.
It gives me so much joy.
Look what I found on the back of the bathroom door.
My old faithful.
I guess someone's been thinking about me.
Or more likely just kept using it after you were gone, but okay.
Coffees on, bagels are in the toaster.
I'm gonna hop in the shower, all right? - Hi.
- Hi! Hey, sorry.
You mind if I just put these down? 'Cause they are really hot! Ah.
I know, I-I know.
Nobody likes a drop-in, but I just miss you, Sam.
And, um, I know we've both been super busy, so I figured I'd take a chance.
You know what? You probably don't want to be here, because my mother now likes to walk around naked after a shower.
It's just it's a Florida thing.
- Okay.
- So Well, we could go out back, just like old times.
You, me, and some Somalian dark roast? Uh thank you.
You're really Uh, I have to shower for work.
I have to get ready for work.
Yeah, no, for sure, of course you do.
- Yeah.
- I I'll leave you to it.
Seems like you and Judy have some breakfast plans there too, so - Yep.
- Okay.
Well, then, I'll go.
Sam, uh I just want to make sure that, like, um that we're okay, right? I'm I'm a-okay, so Okay, great.
That's great to hear.
I'll see you at work.
I'll see you at work.
Duff, could I just talk to you for a minute about Adeline's case.
Is that the thumb drive? Did you decode it? Okay, that's great.
What do we have here? What do we have here ? Well, his file has this list of names.
Most of them are coyotes who we've already found.
Strangely, someone that Michaels found yesterday was also on the list.
- Mm.
Lucky Spacek? - The asshole was right about one thing.
- We haven't opened all the files yet.
- Okay, what's this? Hey.
I-I know that face.
That's Enrique Flores Molina.
It's the cartel boss.
This guy's on red notice for importing cocaine.
Keep playing.
- What the hell? - That kid is definitely underage.
Oh God, I gotta stop, I gotta stop, I gotta stop.
- Why does Adeline have this? - She's blackmailing him.
This is how she got the cartel to supply the coyotes the pink cocaine.
Sell me your drugs, or I tell your macho friends that you like teenage boys.
So Adeline made the cartel connect, but Will's controlling everything? Explains why she felt entitled to take over.
Let's press Zorka.
Get her to contact Adeline now.
Balda, I need your help.
Come to the fair now.
I left her a message.
It was the place that her father picked for emergencies.
- You sure Adeline's getting these voicemails? - Yes.
See? The smile, it means she's coming.
Give me the phone back.
- What if there's an emergency? - Give me the You need anything, you just talk into this.
Testing, testing.
Okay, good to go.
And don't worry, we'll have eyes on you.
Detectives Duff and Wazowski will keep an eye out for Adeline.
Come on, let's get you into position.
- This is all a little weird.
- Yup! See Adeline yet? No.
Nothing but the butt of a dinosaur.
It's called a cloaca, actually.
It's a three-in-one orifice and it do-doesn't matter.
What's wrong with you today? Uh do you know that you are standing behind a historically inaccurate dinosaur? The brontosauri actually never existed.
You know, you spend a long time believing something and then bam! Everything you knew just isn't true.
She's not coming.
I have a bad feeling.
Balda, she only thinks of herself.
All right, sit tight.
We'll give it a few more minutes.
Where the hell is she? Dammit, let's go! Yeah, we lost Zorka.
Checking the southeast side of the mall! Got it.
We'll go northwest.
Let's go.
- Ugh! Where'd she go? - I don't know, I don't see her! Oh, eyes on Zorka! She's with a man, blue shirt, by the brontosaurus! - Brachiosaurus! - Ugh! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Come on, move! Hey, here! Come on! Let's go! - Excuse me! - Go, go, go! Excuse me! Go, go, go.
Hey! Sam, this way! - Stop! - Stop! Police! GTPD! Get your hands behind your back! Balda sent them to take me.
Take you? You paid me 500 bucks to get you outta there.
No, no, no.
So dude over here says he doesn't even know Adeline.
Yeah, and Zorka says she never gave him any money.
So who do we believe? Bad guy ride-share or snake oil saleswoman? Well, Adelina's a nightmare, but she's still the only family Zorka's got left, and she's still the strongest lead in our coyote case.
Okay, so where the hell is Adeline? I hope you all had a chance to finish reading The Haunting of Chauncey Dubois, because there will be some spoilers! Spoilers as in rotten? Because I tried to read it, but it stinks! Don't you guys Think think so? Uh, so anyone want to try my bean salad? So anyway, the other day, I was playing with my cat, Cloudy, he's the Scottish fold with the bladder crystals, when all of a sudden, his favourite cat toy started to sway all on its own.
I wasn't moving it, and Cloudy certainly wasn't moving it! And I was wondering, maybe it was the air conditioner! But it's broken! Not that my landlord cares.
Do any of us really care? Okay, who here has slept with their landlord? Huh? Oh, hey, hi! Come on in.
What a nice surprise.
She's in there.
- Sam! What are you doing here? - Oh, well, the lights were on, I was passing by and I was, like: "Hey, I'll just " That's a lie.
I just wanted to talk about the other day with Zorka.
- What about it? - Uh, the whole thing about us being family, and then you feeling lost and neglected because We didn't come by to check on you.
I was acting.
I had to give her something.
Sounded true.
Oh, Sam.
Sam Ah! Come on.
I'm fine.
Yeah, I'm a little bored, a lot frustrated, but I'm fine.
Liz? Elizabeth! Kevin, he-he's he's walking, he's eating.
What'd you give him? Nothing, other than that water.
Mm - Night, Judy.
- Michaela.
"So my Scottish fold said to my air conditioner, 'maybe we're both haunted.
' " I think you are gonna be haunted by Michaela's bean salad tonight.
I've never seen someone pretend to enjoy legumes so much.
Well, what can I say? I'm really good at pretending.
- Yeah? - Pretending to like things, pretending to be someone I'm not.
- Why is that? - My mother never approved of me.
If she could've chosen a different daughter, she would've.
I think that's how my daughter feels about me.
But you guys live together, right? You're not close? Well, I try to be, but Sam's never here.
She's a She's a cop.
Total workaholic.
Obsessed with this new case.
- Ooh! True crime! - Mm.
Although I bet you can't really tell me about it, though, right? Well, I don't really know that much, but she thinks this real-estate agent's overdose was actually a murder.
H-honestly, I don't know.
Well If my mother would rather a different daughter, and your daughter would rather a different mother, then maybe they don't deserve us.
Maybe they don't.
Good night, new mommy.
- Good night, sweetie.
- Will I see you soon? Absolutely.
You forget something, or Uh, no.
I Actually wanted to talk to you.
Um I know I haven't been very supportive, or at all supportive, really.
I'm happy for you guys.
It's just not the easiest thing for me to show up for.
- Why? - Because I want a baby too.
It's like this emptiness inside.
Well, are you sure you want a baby? 'Cause it kind of sounds like you want to eat a baby.
Maybe you should've had more cake.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I guess you don't know what it feels like to be jealous Miss Perfect.
- Oh, Miss Perfect? - Yeah.
May I remind you that I'm having this baby on my own? It's far from what I wanted.
And believe it or not, I was jealous of you when we were kids.
Yes, you were my confident, funny-as-hell sister that all of my friends wanted to be friends with, and all of my crushes wanted to date.
Let's be clear, okay? At home, I was the underdog, like, dead last.
Well, then try putting yourself first for once.
That's why I'm doing this on my own.
I am putting what I want first.
So hey, if there's something that you want, go get it.
You have one life, right? Yeah.
It's okay, get it.
You're a cop, answer your goddamn phone.
Okay, okay, okay.
Hey, Nathan.
I'll be right there.
- I love you.
- I love you.
And I love you.
- Yes.
- Bye! Okay! What's going on? Adeline French's evidence files have been scrambled.
- What? - All the photos, everything on the drive: Gone.
- But the drive was in evidence.
Only police had access to it.
- Exactly.
So Adeline has someone inside covering her tracks.
Which means the OCE has a dirty cop.
Michaels is losing it right now.
He's locking everything down.
I wanted you to know, all right? Greene.
My office.

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