Pretty Hard Cases (2021) s02e10 Episode Script

Worm Drive

I'm sending you on secondment while we look into this.
68 division.
Miss French, I'm Detective Tara Swallows.
- Like the bird? I love birds.
- I do, too.
Maybe she knows more than she's saying.
This woman needs a moment, she's grieving.
You have left behind a great love.
Did you ever think we gave up too quickly? I just want to make sure that, like We're okay, right? I'm a-okay.
- I'll see you at work.
- I'll see you at work.
Richie, I'm trying to help you.
You're the reason I'm in here.
- I don't know what happened.
- Did he call his lawyer? Yes, he did, but I didn't get his name.
He kept calling him "brother".
She gave me a USB.
My mother never approved of me.
If she could've chosen a different daughter, she would have.
I think that's how my daughter feels about me.
So, Adeline has someone inside covering her tracks? Which means the OCE has a dirty cop.
Michaels is losing it right now.
He's locking everything down.
Do you need a hand getting that down the stairs? No, no, I'm fine.
I'm a bit of a pro, but thank you.
You might need this, though.
What you doing here? Oh, I got your message.
It sounded urgent and you said it was private, so You didn't have to come all the way over here.
But thank you.
Why don't you invite me in for coffee, okay? I, um I'm still getting ready.
I was wondering, do you know how to remove a no-hit? Like, you know, if someone's been flagged in the system.
Only the person or unit that created the no-hit can take it off.
So, how do I know who created it? Wait a minute, what's this about? Hmm, it's for an acquaintance.
- What? - No, I just I don't know what I thought.
Michaels is already up my ass for telling you and Sam about the inside man.
I can't really be messing around doing off the books favours, because you have someone who might be into something shady.
Oh, oh He's not into anything, trust me.
See you later.
So, you're not gonna help? Nathan? You know what's weird? The database is down.
I can't access anything.
Why are we on the outs while he's having closed-door meetings with Gabrielle and Watts! The guy looks like he gets dressed in the dark.
He was with Adam Gentle when he was killed.
- I'm just saying.
- Exactly.
Who's to say he's not the mole that we're looking for? Uh, Commander, can we get a minute of your time? Please? Sir, we know that you know that we know about the mole.
And we can be of use, sir.
Until you're both officially cleared, it's need to know and thanks to DS Greene, you already know more than you need to.
Okay, but we are the departmental leads on the Coyotes and Adeline French, so if a dirty cop is helping her, we actually do need to know.
If there's been a security breach, I will notify you.
Pretty clear there's been a breach.
Uh, no.
It's clear a thumb drive containing evidence was scrambled.
We have to rule out an accident.
Also, since this is a highly sensitive investigation, the record-management system will be locked down until further notice.
All Guns and Gangs requisitions will go through acting DS Watts.
Come on, there must be something we can do to help.
Do your jobs.
Get some guns off the street.
Or you know what? Work on yourselves a bit.
Detective Swallows is giving a voluntary workshop today on mental health skills.
It explains why she's been lurking around this week.
A pipe burst in the multipurpose room in 44, so I'm sorry, but I've given her the Guns and Gangs office space.
- Uh - Wow.
Good luck.
He said this was voluntary, right? - I believe he did.
- Cool.
This is a dumpster fire! Let's just focus on what we do know.
Okay? Whoever scrambled the thumb drive got it from evidence lockup.
To get in there, they need a key card.
Yeah, which means our dirty cop is one of the names on that key card entry log.
Yeah, and log information is kept in the database, which means Look, digital is how we got into this mess.
I want to shift all requisitions to paper.
Dig up some old 289s.
You writing this down? Come on, keep up.
Things are happening, here.
I want to get the peanuts in the vending machine.
We're screwed.
Unless we can find somebody to go over Watt's head.
Someone that we trust, someone with admin security clearance.
So, you two are on my doorstep for the second time this week, because you are expecting me to drop everything, because you want me to look up some files for you.
I feel like you skipped over a lot of the relevant information.
And you also want me to accept this secondment position that I have been avoiding for ages so that you can go behind the back of your commanding officer and interfere in a sensitive, internal investigation that he specifically told you to stay away from.
- Yeah.
- Basically, yeah.
- That's correct.
- Summed it all up.
Guess it's a good thing I already accepted the job.
You what? As much as I have enjoyed sitting on my ass Going undercover with Zorka, it just made me itchy! I gotta get back in the saddle.
So, guess who starts at 68 Division next week? I mean, you could have told us that before we started our whole spiel.
Oh, I guess it's my flair for theatrics.
And my sincere desire to avoid all fanfare, and all first-day-on-the-job muffin baskets.
- You got that, Wazowski? - Well Pfft.
Co copy that.
But is there any way that you can start earlier, like, now? I suppose I could tell them that I gotta get a jump-start on the caseload? Okay, thank you, thank you, that would be wonderful.
- We really appreciate it - No, "Thank you, thank you, we really appreciate it" muffin baskets either, okay? Okay, anyway, we will start IDing everyone at the OCE that's connected to Adeline and the Coyotes.
But for obvious reasons, right, we can't run the operation at the station, so we were hoping that maybe we could do it Oh, I don't know, here? Here, yes, great idea.
No, because I have boundaries and they are called Elizabeth.
I can't bring that sort of stuff in our home, she would kill me! What's wrong with one of your homes? - Uh - Well - I have bees.
- The AC's not working at my place An infestation of bees in the walls.
You begged me on a weekly basis to come into your house, but now, you got bees? Listen, your AC has never worked, - now it's an issue? - At least I got a real reason! I have a real reason! I slept with Steve, okay? And I hate myself for it, but I really, really liked it.
I slept with him once.
- Twice.
- Oh! Thrice.
- Oh.
- Several times, in fact.
Well, it's not like you and Naz were exclusive, right? It's true.
I mean, we never actually said those words and he lied about Angie, so you know what? He could be sleeping with her.
Okay, but I still don't see why we can't go to your crib.
- What, just bring Naz over and pretend like nothing happened? That's a great idea.
Let's just sit Naz there, Steve's gonna come and go, and my mother's gonna pour gasoline on the whole thing.
Okay, fine.
Bad idea.
- So, what you gonna do now? - I don't know.
I mean, I have really journaled about it a lot and I just feel even more stressed out.
- Now, you go.
- Me go what? Well, I told you my thing, tell me your thing.
Why can't we go to your apartment? It's not truth or dare.
I do not have a thing.
No, no, no! Yes, you do, yes, you do, yes, you do.
Oh, I see it.
You've gone back and you've slept with Len.
Oh my God, look at us, a couple of backsliders.
Wow! - Hmm? Tell me I'm wrong.
- You're wrong.
Really? I'm so glad you could come.
Are you kidding? How could I refuse? Oh, book club was a snore.
Uh, bait and switch from discussing literature to a seminar on Roberta's cats.
So, we're having a do-over and guess who's not invited? My guess is Roberta.
Honestly though, Steve, I asked you here today because I met someone who I think would make a terrific match for you.
She's funny, sharp as a tack, not to mention drop-dead gorgeous.
If you can't have Samantha, she's the next best thing.
I might not be giving up on Samantha just yet.
Really? Oh, Jesus! Was that you sneaking out the other day? I want details! Oh, why didn't you tell me?! - Hey! - Hi, hi! Please, come on in.
Oh, thank you.
Just make yourselves at home in the living room, there.
Thank you, welcome.
Just have a seat on the couch, yes.
Hi, yes! - Judes! - Oh! Mmm! It smells like we're doing it right, this time.
There's no cat lady.
Oh! You kill me! Melanie, this is my Steve, my son in My son.
Oh! They grow up so fast.
Nice to meet you, Mel.
If it's too bright in here, I can dim the lights.
Oh, he's a gentleman, too.
No, it's fine.
I'm gonna lose the shades once the Visine kicks in.
Uh, I'm ready for that tour you promised me.
Although, I take it your daughter won't be joining us.
Aw What a beauty.
You know, the rose don't fall far from the bush, Judy.
Just saying.
Hey, where's this gorgeous mysterious man you wanted me to meet? Actually, I don't think that's gonna work out.
Why, is he a lawyer? Yes, how did you know? I know breakups are tough, Duff, but it's like a teenage boy moved in around here.
Oh Hey.
I didn't think you'd be back, yet.
So, a teenage boy did move in? Just till I help him find a job, okay? - Hey, Richie.
- I'm sorry about the mess, I was gonna clean up right before you got here.
Don't worry about it.
Richie, how's it going? All right.
Uh Things are just really different with my crew.
You know, it's all love and it's fam always, but I'm just not trying to be a waste yute, you know? That must have been a tough decision.
Good for you, Richie.
Kelly's helping me with some job prospects.
A program that she helped put together.
Yeah, it's a youth job program the deputy mayor is set up to help.
I got a really good feeling about this one.
Yeah, me too.
You gonna be a'ight.
Duff, you know what this looks like, right? Yes, yes, I know what it looks like.
If people knew my teenage informant was staying with me, a cop? Don't worry, I'm not gonna say anything.
But you're right.
- We can't work here.
- Mm-mm.
We need somebody we can trust.
Who lives alone.
- Yes.
- I feel like no.
- No.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Please? I'm gonna make some tea while we wait for the evidence key card log to print.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Mmm You can't literally laugh behind my back, okay? That's It's I know that this place is embarrassing.
- It's not embarrassing! - This place is dope! It's "chez Naz"! Okay, see now, that's patronizing.
It's hurtful and it's offensive.
This is just a place to rest my head while I get back on my feet, okay? Let me tell you something.
Divorce sucks, okay? In fact, never get married.
Also, been a pretty crazy time at work.
All right? Also, I may have done other stuff and so It's just been really busy.
Okay? So, do you want some tea, yes or no? Yes.
I love tea, she loves tea.
Okay, uh, so Shanks also sent over a list of all the people who had access to Adeline's file.
Anyone interesting? We have Michaels, Nathan, Gabrielle, Watts, Swallows.
Swallows accessed Adeline's file four times in the last two days.
Well, that's fair enough.
I mean She is investigating the death of Adeline's brother.
But didn't she rule his death as an overdose weeks ago? Yeah.
She's working out of the OCE this week in that seminar.
Oh, right, that mental health thing? So, Swallows, the dirty cop? Well There's one way to find out.
- Yeah.
- Please Cheers to our mental health, Duff.
- I'm with that.
- Yeah? Yeah.
Mental health.
From the Latin "mens", for mind.
The health of our mind.
It's not that important.
Right or wrong? - Wrong! - Exactly.
Is there a problem? Yeah.
Not enough people are taking mental health seriously.
The things we see in this job Hold on.
The things we see in this job can be tragic.
They can be traumatic.
It can feel like we can't share these things.
Take Detective Chase.
He clocks in, 8 AM.
Bam, bam, bam! Bam! He sees four murders by lunchtime.
If he doesn't process these feelings, they'll just keep building up.
And when he finally let's it all out - You want me to - Go ahead.
I just had this dry-cleaned.
Is this workshop a joke to you? Oh! Exactly.
Mental chaos.
This job is hard.
But we get through it because we can count on one another.
We trust our colleagues with our lives every day.
And today, we're gonna trust them with our feelings.
Look around this circle.
Each one of you sitting here has secrets.
And like a genie in a bottle, we're gonna let them out.
Now, I want you all to give yourself a gentle caress.
Remember, honesty starts from within.
We tell ourselves that we're okay.
We got dressed.
We made it to work, right? Well, that is a half-truth.
And what is a half-truth? Repeat after me: a half-truth is a whole lie.
A half-truth is a whole lie.
Every second person, look to your left.
I want you to pair up and open up.
Full truths only.
And commence! So, it's you two, then you two and you two, and you two Chase You're very lucky, and vice versa, to have Chase.
- He's very lucky to have me.
- Well, everybody's lucky here.
I should warn you, I have a pretty straightforward interior life.
I believe that.
So, did you want to go first, or I get to go Angie came to see me.
Like, a month ago, at the hospital.
Um And I didn't tell you and I Well, actually, I full-on lied to you.
Listen You're not over her.
It I get it.
No, no, no.
No, no.
I'm definitely over her.
The lying was just this weird, knee-jerk reaction and I don't even know where it came from.
And then, I wanted to tell you about it afterwards, but then, I felt that if I did, it was gonna be more of a thing and it's Honestly, Sam, really not a thing.
I went to her mother's birthday party in Stratford.
So stupid.
Uh And I stayed over.
At like, a B&B.
It was by myself, obviously.
Which is that's still wrong.
I definitely should have told you.
You're genuine, Sam.
You're really genuine and I want to be I want to be genuine, too.
So, yeah.
I totally understand if you're, like, really mad I'm not mad.
I'm good.
You're good.
You're so good.
You're probably too good.
Oh, wow, that's Swallows.
She's right, I mean It feels like so much better to get that out.
Is there anything that you wanted to share too? I know about the secret smoking, so that doesn't bother me at all.
Uh We're pretty much like two open books.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
You don't need to read the book.
Just look it up online.
You get the gist of any story in under five minutes.
Steve, you are too much.
Uh, sorry, I just was curious as to why a man who doesn't like reading would attend a book club? Trust me, I wouldn't have graduated from law school magna cum laude if I didn't like reading.
Show me a book where I can't predict the ending.
I'll read it.
Can't imagine why she would divorce you.
Sorry, I didn't catch that.
How is it that you're divorced? Well I was not a good husband the first time around.
But I'm hoping for a second chance.
What was she hoping for? Loyalty? Accountability? Self-respect? What I meant was, I'd like the chance to make her happy.
I'd like to make good on the promises I broke.
I know men like you.
- Now, hold on - 160 pages.
If you're such an expert reader, you could have been through that in what? One trip to the toilet? But instead, you hijack this gathering of drop-dead gorgeous women and you impose on them your patriarchal controlling need to be the centre of attention while you belittle and make everyone feel inferior to you, while really, Steve, you just You could've simply read the damn book.
Oh, everything okay? I was just about to serve the fondue.
Let me help with that.
The powder room is where, again? - Uh, just upstairs.
- Oh, lovely.
I know these people are our colleagues, our friends, but one of them is corrupt.
Stay objective.
We have to look at this from every angle.
Any suspicious behaviour, money trouble, substance abuse, officers looking to cut corners, asking for favours, keep me posted, please.
- Please close the door.
- You bet.
You know, they can't blame you for this.
It happened on my watch, Greene.
If I get a sense any personal entanglements are holding you back from this investigation, I have to take you off of it.
Man, I am as objective as they come.
That's what I like to hear.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
And then, yesterday was Egg salad.
No! Wait, that was Tuesday.
- Woops.
- Oops.
I'll go next, how about that? I heard the reason they shut down records management is they're looking for a dirty cop.
Know anything about that? No.
It was cybersecurity.
You sure you aren't keeping anything in? It's hard to be honest about some things, like if the truth would hurt someone, or, you know, telling the truth opens you up to a whole bunch of things you're not ready to handle.
Have you ever felt that way? Not really.
- No? - Not at all.
- Wait, not really or not at all? - Never once.
How about Swallows there? You ever felt like she's not being honest about some things? Oh! I wouldn't know anything about that.
- Are you sure? - No clue.
I never heard anything about a surprise party.
But if she's asking, definitely chocolate.
Great work, everyone.
Let's take a quick break before we switch.
Oh my gosh.
I am seriously beating a deceased horse over there.
We have to go after her directly.
If we have an odd number, she'll have to pair with one of us.
Uh, hey.
I don't think Naz can continue with the workshop, he has a really bad migraine.
It's off the hook.
Yeah, it's It's definitely getting worse, so I'm sorry, but I I'm gonna have to call it.
For a headache? - Mental health doesn't take a sick day.
- Huh? Okay, fine.
Get out of here.
Feel better.
Lucky you.
Okay! Well, I guess it's just you and me, yeah! Let's dig deep.
Remember, all the thoughts and fears you're scared to share, they're okay.
They're what make you Sandra.
Samantha I see you, I accept you.
Deep breath.
Feels nice.
Wow, oh, uh Tara, does anyone ever ask you how you're doing? I mean, is there anything you want to talk about? Is there anything that you're keeping in? And the student becomes the master.
I'm very open about my feelings.
Uh, I'm pretty new with this, but I'm pretty sure that's a half-truth.
Why would you say that? Maybe 'cause I saw your face twitch.
If my face twitched, it was involuntary.
What do they call it, hereditary trauma? Ironically, my mother taught me that if I'm open and honest, my truth can be used against me, so I suppose I do keep a few things hidden.
Oh, wow.
Will anyone ever see the real you? It's true.
When I meet someone, like lately, actually, I act like I'm her rescuer, but really, I just wanted her to rescue me.
She must have rescued you a little bit.
I don't know.
I played it so cool.
I led with my strengths, which are plentiful.
I think she saw me as a sturdy raft to save her from a sinking ship.
You never know when somebody is telling you the whole truth.
Are you telling me the whole truth? She's the woman of my dreams.
Smart, vulnerable, a trained dancer.
- You're kidding me.
- No, burlesque! Wow! Wow! But the truth Let it out, Tara.
I don't know if I can trust her.
She's clearly lying about a few things.
I think she might be seeing someone else.
I didn't mean to stir the pot.
No worries.
In our days, we called it flirting.
Well, maybe next time, it could just be me and you.
I would love that.
I will pick the book.
But I'm going to read it first, just to make sure that it's juicy.
Hmm Hello from limbo.
- Hey, boss.
- Hey, Shanks! Hold on.
Swallows has the hots for Adeline.
We think she's the dirty cop.
- You got that? - Swallows, huh? Yup.
So, you need to break into her office and see what you can find.
They're my favourite pair.
You didn't see them? If I did, I'd give them back.
I don't understand how you keep losing things like this.
Inspector Shanks! Detective Swallows, hello.
I can't believe this.
Look at us, neighbours! Oh! It's an honour to have you here, ma'am.
Oh, it is? I wasn't going to do this, but When I first started, I didn't know how my colleagues would be about, you know.
So, hearing a senior officer talk so openly about her wife, it - Oh! - It meant a lot.
- It's nice.
- Wow.
Well, I'm I'm really glad to hear that.
Anything you need, anything at all, we're right here.
I'm an ace with the printer, Chase gives a very thorough neck massage.
He honestly should do it for a living.
I thought about it.
You got a minute? Not really.
Busy day.
It's on Richie Clarke, okay? The no-hit.
I'm trying to help him get a job, and I need it removed.
Look, it's not a good time, right now.
We're under a microscope.
And anyway, you shouldn't be interfering with someone else's case like that.
What case? This is Richie Clarke we're talking about.
He wasn't involved in anything.
Well, if that's true, then whoever's monitoring him will realize that eventually.
Maybe, but the deputy mayor sponsored that youth jobs program in Marshall Court.
He's applying today, Nathan.
You can't just keep coming to me for whatever you want, whenever you want it.
I don't know why you're so pissed off at me.
You need to be pissed at whoever put that no-hit on him.
He's being profiled, Nathan.
I do not need a lecture about Black boys and cops, Kelly.
I lived that.
I lived that.
I still do.
That's exactly why I can't be cutting corners.
Dirty cops, corruption, I told you about all of it.
I told you about all of that, even though I knew it was bending the rules.
I felt like I owed you something.
But now, I'm not so sure that's true.
Yeah, because I don't know who I can trust.
Well, my name is not Len.
All right? If you don't know that by now, what the hell are we doing? Nathan.
Wait, where are you going? Nathan! Wait.
Will you just Greene.
Got something? I do.
I started going through the evidence room logs Let's talk in my office.
Okay, update me.
Well, I was going through key card records for our evidence room, and I came across a card from 68 Division.
I wondered why someone from 68 would need access to our lockup.
Why indeed.
Okay, let's bring him in.
Was it Detective Swallows? No, actually.
It was Detective Chase.
Uh, yes, sir.
Of course.
I'll see you shortly.
Where would she keep the damn key Ah! Huh.
Hey! So, update.
Big boss is working on intel over at 68.
So, really, it's only a matter of time before she puts the squeeze on Michaels That's my diary.
Yeah, someone just handed it to me.
This is private, Naz.
This was on my bedside table.
Well, I didn't read it.
A courier dropped it off at reception saying it was mine, but then I opened it and saw your name, didn't read any more.
- A courier? - Yeah, but Sam, I'm telling you, I didn't read it.
You planning on smoking that? I just like holding it.
For now, holding it is good enough.
- Hey, Duff? - Yeah? Someone dropped my diary off at work.
Then, whoever sent it made sure it was given to Naz.
Wow! Who dropped it off? A courier.
So, I know it was sent from my house.
Judy? You think she's team Steve? I'm really glad I have you, Duff.
Me too.
Just promise me we'll always keep it 100.
- Oh! - Hi! You're back for round two with Steve? Oh, he wishes.
That was just a first-round knockout.
I I think I may have lost an earring.
Oh! No problem.
Come on, we'll find it.
So, did you pick the book yet? I found one, but the main character turned out to be very disappointing.
I mean, she seemed like she'd have all the interesting flaws, like the kinds of weaknesses you can just sink your teeth into, but Turns out she's a real goody-goody bore who agonizes over the tiniest little thing.
Sounds like we should write our own.
Yeah! Yeah, like a good woman-focused revenge tale full of lust, and intrigue, and Threesomes, you know? Just fun.
Now, we're talking! Where the protagonist has been betrayed and seeking retribution.
Unfairly persecuted, her family targeted, she's just driven to find leverage, so she inserts herself into the life of her antagonist.
Oh, Melanie, don't make it too arch.
The thing is, the protagonist has come a little bit too far to turn back.
So, really, her only option is to just Follow through and just take something her adversary loves.
Sorry, my love, but weren't those the earrings you were wearing? Oh! Damn! Judes! Always the sharp one.
Oh! Uh Oopsy daisies.
And you misplaced your key card when? Yesterday morning.
I almost lost my temp one today.
It was stupid of me, but I didn't do anything wrong.
I'm a really, really honest person.
T taught me that.
Tara Swallows.
I call her T for short.
Because you know, she's a She's my friend.
So, we have nicknames.
Hmm Geez, that must be hard to watch.
I'm quite floored.
Shocked, even.
- To think that Chase - How has your partner been lately? Weird behaviour? No.
I mean, except for the surprise party.
It's my birthday tomorrow and she keeps asking me to stay away from her desk.
Can't believe she actually remembered, for once.
Oh, that is so sweet.
When is the party? I mean, I did know that he had a birthday coming up.
You know, like everyone else.
It's annual, so Doesn't sound like you had much planned, so Why keep him away from your desk? I keep pornography in there.
She's been my partner since day one, my first for everything.
Non-sexually, of course.
You say you're an honest person.
Non-sexually, of course.
How can you just sit here and watch him suffer like that for something that you did? Come on, Tara.
T! T-Bone! Huh? You showed us what happens when you don't release.
When you let things brew inside.
You have only one way for it to come out after that, right? Okay, I took Chase's key card.
I'll tell you everything, just get my guy out of the box.
He has nothing to do with it.
At first, I didn't buy it.
But then, there was something fragile about her.
Something scared, so when she asked for my help, I couldn't say no.
So, what did Adeline ask you to do? The thumb drive in evidence, she wanted me to get it for her.
I knew it was stupid, but But you used your partner's key card instead of your own.
Right? You weren't that stupid.
You framed him.
No, I Hmm? - I guess, yeah.
- Then you took the thumb drive and scrambled the data on it.
- No.
No, she asked for photos.
Photos of her recently deceased brother.
Or at least, that's what she told me.
But I needed to know for sure, so I took a look.
It was encrypted.
So? So, I realized that either it was the wrong drive or she was playing me.
I put it back.
You just put it back? Just like that? You didn't do anything to it? You didn't use a file-scorching worm virus or anything? Of course not, no, I Those things usually come on a USB, right? I'd need a whole other thumb drive with a virus on it and plug them both into the same computer.
Well, look at the USB history on my computer.
You'll see I haven't plugged anything else in there all week.
It looks like Tara's USB history checks out.
There's no sign of her introducing another thumb drive or anything that could host a virus.
You're saying it might not be her? I think we've been coming at this the wrong way.
We need to find that worm drive.
Find the virus find the dirty cop.
Okay, Sam.
What are we doing here? I need you I need to get through this, so you just can't talk, you can't say anything, you just have to listen or else I'm gonna throw up before I finish, okay? - Okay.
- I had intercourse with Steve.
But like, sexually speaking.
I'm so sorry.
I just saw you in the hospital with Angie.
And then, I heard you guys were gonna go to Stratford together, so I was just really hurt.
I was really confused.
I'm just really insecure.
I just don't think that I'm good enough.
For you.
Oh my God.
I didn't do it to hurt you.
That's not what I did.
I didn't do it to get back at you or anything like that, that's not what I was doing.
I think we need to revisit some chapters in our lives and I'm just looking at my chapter, I just I have a lot more unresolved Looks like we found our mole.
Does anyone care to fill me in on why I'm in the hot seat right now? Nathan, what the hell is going on? Why is Michaels interrogating Duff? Nothing I could do.
Do you know why you're here today? No idea.
We found something in your locker that we're concerned about.
Why was my locker searched? After examining everyone's USB history, there was a hit in your activity that warranted a search.
That's when a thumb drive containing a virus was found in your locker.
Is there anything you want to tell me? Okay.
I'll handle it over to Detectives Lafford and Harmon from Professional Standards.
You of all people know that Duff didn't do this.
- I know that! - You know that? - Of course, I know that! - You know that? I already told you, I was with my partner, Samantha Wazowski, working this exact same case that y'all are screwing up right now.
I take it Detective Wazowski can account for all your movements yesterday? Are you asking if we went to the bathroom together? Okay.
Well, it looks like your key card was used to enter evidence lockup.
And both the thumb drive from evidence and the thumb drive with the worm virus were used at your computer terminal.
Michaels is so far up my ass right now, if I do anything to interfere with the investigation, anything, he will take me off it.
Or worse! I get suspended.
- And then, what good am I to - She'd know where you stood! That's what good you'd be! Look.
I told you everything I know.
Am I free to go? Absolutely.
Wouldn't want to keep you here.
It's just You're gonna have to surrender your badge and your gun.
We have to suspend you while we investigate.
You're gonna stand there and let them treat me like I'm some kind of dirty cop? Wazowski? If you're calling my partner dirty, then you're calling me dirty, too.
Wazowski, stand down.
This is your official warning.
Sorry, sir.
But as long as you continue to hold Detective Duff on these sham accusations, I'm not going anywhere.
You don't have to do this.
I'm just letting you know where I stand.
Back off.
I'll back off when you back off.
Last warning, Detective.
If you think she's a dirty cop, then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought.
You're on administrative leave until further notice.
That's with pleasure.
Not to me, go find the desk sergeant! Sorry, that's a stunning pantsuit, by the way.
Don't worry, your daughter's not expecting you home.
You're out getting lucky.
Niccolo, let's go already.
Whatever you need, baby girl.

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