Pretty Hard Cases (2021) s02e11 Episode Script

Chipped Nails

1 Zorka.
7th generation psychic.
We want to talk to you about Balda.
She gave me a USB.
I should give it to you, if my charges are dropped.
Why does Adeline have this? This is how she got the cartel to supply the Coyotes the pink cocaine.
Sell me your drugs, or I tell your macho friends you like teenage boys.
Davidson and McConnell filed an official complaint against you this morning.
Hello from limbo.
Adeline French's evidence files have been scrambled.
So Adeline has someone inside covering her tracks.
Which means the OCE has a dirty cop.
The Brigs Legacy Center has a really nice ring to it, - don't you think? - It's a youth job program the deputy mayor set up to help.
Were those the earrings you were wearing? Always the sharp mind! A thumb drive containing a virus was found in your locker.
I'll hand it over to detectives Lafford and Harmon.
You're gonna have to surrender your badge and your gun.
We have to suspend you.
If you think she's a dirty cop, then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought.
You're on administrative leave until further notice.
That's With pleasure, sir.
Don't worry, your daughter's not expecting you home.
Hey, Duff! Richie let me in.
Come on.
Hey! You doing that thing where you lie in the bed and you stare at the ceiling? 'Cause I tell you something, I know every crack and water stain above my bed.
But eventually, you've got to get up Go away, I'm asleep.
I got breakfast sandwiches.
Food, it works every time.
You know what I think? I think the right sandwich could topple an empire or solve ancient differences.
- Ugh! What the hell is this? - That, uh I thought you were supposed to get me a breakfast sandwich.
It is, it's a vegan breakfast sandwich.
That's like a bacon substitute.
You wanna get that in you.
That's the good stuff.
No, thank you.
I'll make something later.
It's not like I gotta rush back to work.
Hey, guys.
I got that job with the private airport.
Hey! That's what I'm talking about! Yeah, congratulations, Richie, that's amazing! Thank you.
I'm heading out to cop some work shoes, I'm gonna be starting work in a couple of days.
I'll see you guys later.
Make me proud! And now, I don't even have a job, 'cause I'm a corrupt cop.
Come on, anyone with half a prefrontal cortex knows this is a set-up.
We just gotta prove it.
Come on! We gotta get back on the job.
Two problems with that: Professional Standards and Unit Commander Michaels.
God, don't remind me.
I wish Shanks never left.
This never would've happened if she was there.
- You're right.
- I am right.
We've got to get her back.
Hey, woah, my man! - Didn't I ask for two creams? - Yeah, and I gave you two.
I watched you, you put in one.
Have as a much cream as you'd like, be my guest.
Yeah, whatever.
So, y'all thought that was funny? It's all good, man.
Just don't shoot the guy before I can get a muffin.
Okay? Yeah, that's my bad, that's my bad.
- My day is off to a crap start.
- Oh yeah? - What happened to you? - I thought I was out when Kelly dumped me, but she's still finding ways to mess with my life.
Would you believe I had to use a vacation day to come over here to meet with Professional standards - over something she did.
- That's always the way.
But Duff's in some hot ass water from what I heard.
That's right.
It's boiling.
You know what? Good.
Everyone looked at me like I was the devil when we split.
I'm more than happy to watch her get a taste of it.
Or, if you want, let me throw this at you.
You can give her a bigger taste.
Maybe even the whole cake.
Hey look, if we don't stick together and trust each other, these females are gonna start picking us off one at a time.
That's why you've got to beat them at their own game.
You hear me? Okay, well come on, fill me in.
Man, these days, sexual harassment grinds anyone's career to a halt, and it's perfect.
Men are going down all the time, so why not the women? Nobody's gonna believe that about Kelly.
Really? They believed it about Shanks.
Wait, are you telling me Shanks didn't actually harass you? Look man, all I'm saying is she didn't need to, I only needed to say she did, that's the beauty.
Thank you.
What did I tell you? No, I hear you Ron, but with all due respect, it did not take McConnell and Davidson long to spill.
You could've No, you could've wrapped this up much quicker.
Of course I understand due process.
As a matter of fact, I'm considering a little due process of my own.
I'm considering filing a law suit about how this whole thing was handled.
No, no, no, think about it.
A proud, gay, Black woman in a toxic work environment.
No, I'm pretty sure they're going to stand up and take notice.
No, I'm not joking.
Yes, I do know how much spicy paperwork it'll put on your desk.
Okay, you know what, Ron? Oh, Ron.
No, Ron! I hate doing this too.
So how about this.
How about you reinstate me at OCE today, we can talk about it more calmly.
Now, I have to dress and get back to OCE where I belong.
Ooh, first order of business is that you get us reinstated, right? So we can get back to OCE.
- Where we belong.
- Yay! No.
That's not how we do.
What do you mean? You were suspended.
You have your own due process to go through.
Oh, come on, boss.
You know I'm no mole for the Coyotes.
I do know that, which is why I'm fully confident that once we go through all the necessary steps, - that you will be cleared.
- Me too, right? Insubordination is its own beast.
What do you mean? Come on! Look, can you two please just leave me in peace, and let me pack? I need to get out of this godawful shirt.
What are we supposed to do? Sit around, drink tea, - do our nails? - Don't knock it, I've been indulging in myself for six weeks.
Oh, boss! I do have a crown attorney pal, Bibby.
- Yeah, I know Bibby.
- So I asked her to find out which cop got Zorka Farka's fraud charges dropped last year.
If Zorka had a friend on the force, then it might be the same friend that Adeline's leaning on.
Okay, when she responds, send it to me and I will take care of it.
Now, the both of you go indulge yourselves and remember who you are without work.
Unit Commander Shanks is back in the saddle.
Thank you, ladies.
Look at you, relaxing with Professional Standards in the house.
This is not relaxing.
I mean, how could Michaels think that Duff is wrapped up with the Coyotes? It's now somebody else's job to look into that.
But we can look into this.
Tobin Meyers.
Yeah, I recognize him from Adeline's party.
But we didn't have anything on him.
Until now.
I reached out to Jackie Sullivan to see if she heard anything.
This guy's been recruiting kids to transport empty suitcases.
I don't know, man.
I feel like this kid's pretty low in the food chain.
There's nothing wrong with working our way up.
Especially now that all the big dogs are either in the box, - in the wind or in the - Freezer.
Well, we could use a win right about now.
Hello, Brad.
Edwina? Boss suits me fine.
I'm back.
And if you don't mind, I'd like my seat.
Uh This is sudden.
Overdue is the way I'd put it, but I guess it's a matter of perspective.
And from where I'm standing, you're still behind my desk.
Of course.
I only meant to ask for a moment to put in a call to Hill to gather my things.
Ron's expecting your call.
And Guns and Gangs could use your focus.
And as for your things, what do you say to an hour? That's about as much time as it took you to move in here, right? An hour sounds perfect.
Looking forward to working with you again, Detective Sergeant.
Would you care for a cloth soaked in ice and eucalyptus? - Oh, yes.
- Oh, my God! Are you gonna start feeding us grapes? I'm joking, I'm joking.
It's just, I feel like Dionysus, lounging over here and stuff.
Yeah, sorry.
Hey, you're supposed to leave that in your locker.
I know, I forgot.
I just I'll ignore it.
What if it's Bibby, the crown prosecutor? Maybe she found out who wanted to drop Zorka's charges.
Yeah, I know, I'll check later.
Okay? - I'm still in my chill vibe.
- Yep, yep.
Me too, so chill.
- So chill.
- Oh, I'm so relaxed.
I can't handle it.
Although, I could turn the ringer off.
If you're going to the ringer, might as well just What does it say? Beauchamp.
Gabrielle? What? Why would she try to pin this on you? I mean, I can think of a few reasons.
Oh come on, Nathan? That's extreme jealousy.
But I was also responsible for her getting shot.
Not really.
But if she is involved with the Coyotes, maybe she's not the sweet innocent person we thought.
You know, I did catch her snooping though Michaels' desk the other day, and it was hella suspicious.
But if she's working for the Coyotes, why would they try and shoot her? Maybe they wanted Gabrielle to shut up.
I think we oughta pay Gabrielle a visit.
We have a few interviews offsite, so we're heading out for the day.
- Will you be here tomorrow? - Absolutely.
Yeah? What are you doing? Detective Lafford asked me to drop off this report, so I'm right here, dropping it off.
A report on what exactly? I'll let PS loop you in on that, boss.
Wouldn't want to break protocol, not under such scrutinizing circumstances.
Thanks for the reminder.
Excuse me, I'm just gonna run some stuff out to my car, you know, downsizing.
I trust that's the last of it.
It's all yours.
Balls, balls, balls, balls! Hello.
I have a copy of the file.
Adeline's last means of blackmailing the cartel is literally in my fingers.
Grubby? Need I remind you if these grubby fingers hadn't scrambled that drive, the cartel would go down and so would you.
I'm gonna take you up on that job offer.
I'm assuming it's still on the table.
Head of Security.
That's right.
Oh, and have we located Adeline yet? Kind of arrogant when you think about it, flight.
We pack into oversized mascara tubes at 30,000 feet.
Just a few inches of metal between us and the universe.
Human resilience in action.
Or stupidity.
Or both.
Okay, okay.
You talk so much.
I just thought you'd be a better listener, okay? I don't have my blood pressure medication, it makes me jittery.
What are you doing baby, huh? It's like you want them to find you! Word is out now.
The General sees you as a liability.
Now, I've got your passports and your new IDs, but we gotta smart about it.
Okay, so what's the price on my head? Like 200,000? 300? The rumour is 50 for you and 100 for the thumb drive.
What? How budget.
Hey! How are we gonna escape with every Coyote on the lookout for you? We're supposed to get out of this together.
I am so very serious about us.
We need to find a way out of here.
We have a way.
Right over there.
I can't have anything nice.
Come here.
Told you, use your finger pads when you open up the locker.
I know.
Do you think Gabrielle's home? Well, she's not at work.
Where are we - when we're not at work? - Home.
But she's more balanced than us.
There's no way she's balanced.
Jogging's pretty balanced.
- Oh, hey! - Hey.
- How's it going? - Good.
We were just driving by and we saw you, so.
Funny, 'cause I saw your car park there about half an hour ago.
We were driving by, we thought it was you, but then it wasn't, and now we think, "Oh my gosh, maybe it was you.
" We just wanted to come and talk about a few things.
That's it.
You were both suspended.
- I can't discuss work with you.
- And that's cool.
I just want to make sure that everything between me and you is all right.
Like you don't hold a grudge against her because of Nathan or anything like that Nathan and I have our own reasons for breaking up that have nothing to do with you.
Okay, um Look, I saw you going through Michaels' desk, what was that about? Why am I being interrogated? By two suspended cops no less.
You're not being interrogated Gabrielle, okay? But someone scrambled that hard drive.
And I think it's the same person that had the charges against Zorka Farkas dropped.
Do you know who that could've been? 'Cause we do.
I was pressured into having those charges dropped.
Okay? And I didn't feel great about it at the time.
And then, with this investigation, no indiscretion is too small.
I started to feel really weird about it.
Who pressured you to do it? Brad.
When we were dating.
He told me she was an important informant.
Why couldn't he do that himself? He wouldn't say.
Lately, he's been hovering around me.
I thought it was because he was still interested, but I'm starting to think he's making sure I'm not talking.
Once I realized Zorka was connected to Will and Adeline, I stopped sleeping.
So you're saying that Michaels is the Coyote connect? I'm saying Brad has got a hell of a lot more answers than I do.
Sergeant Beauchamp, you must know your romantic history with Detective Sergeant Michaels makes this a little more complex.
I understand, Detective.
Do you have anything to corroborate your claims that you got Zorka Farkas' charges dropped on behalf of Michaels? No.
But I have never had any personal connection with Zorka or her kids.
And if you start looking, I'm pretty sure you'll find out Michaels did.
I know you still need to verify my statement, but I was just doing my job.
- I can't quite believe it.
- Right? It's crazy! Hm.
Did PS bring in Michaels yet? - Nope.
- Why not? Don't know.
They have to play this one right, I guess.
Have they suspended him at least? Didn't have to.
He left a resignation letter on my desk two hours ago.
Michaels has left the building.
Well, if that doesn't say guilty, I don't know what does.
- Girl - Okay, please, boss.
We really need to get back on the job.
Or do you want to leave Guns and Gangs to Watts and company? Come on, you can't be serious.
Michaels totally pinned this on me! I already talked to Hill and the guys upstairs.
I need you two on the job.
Now, more than ever.
- Thank you! - Mm-hmm.
Yes! Yes! - The old way.
No, the old way.
- Yes! Okay, so what now? Well, if we can figure out the Coyotes' next move, we might be able to clarify Michaels' role in all this.
- Any new leads? - Yeah, we put a spin team on Tobin Meyers, AKA the Coyotes' chemist, AKA Hazmat.
Hey, that's the same van Hazmat was loading outside Will's Port Credit drug lab property! Yeah, the guy's same height, same little rat stature.
Let me see this.
You know them? We didn't get any hits on the data base.
It's Dane Owens from Marshall Court.
Richie said his friends were involved in something shady.
Right now, those kids are the best leads we have.
I know it's a bit different here than in the private airports.
We get the suitcases in bins like that one.
And we wheel them on the plane.
That's cool.
So, is it just us two on shift today? Oh, no.
Most of team started last week.
Hey, Tobin.
I got another one here for you.
Yo, Richie.
You're in this now too? I thought you were too good for us.
- You Richie Clarke? - Yeah.
- You'll be working with him.
- Yeah! All right.
Everybody get to work.
Mom, you have been gone for three days.
Why don't you call me back? Aren't you the one who prides herself on prompt replies? I'm getting worried.
Call me back.
Hi, sweetie.
I'm having a blast in Saint Anne's.
It's great up here, even though I ate two pieces of apple pie and almost threw up.
Remember that time we were staying in that horrible hotel, and you threw up eating apple pie because the ice cream was rancid? Ah, dreamy days, weren't they? Anyway, I'll be home soon, okay? Bye, Sammy.
Sammy? Hey, you don't sound like yourself.
What's going on? Can you call me back? And why is your phone going straight to voicemail? Hey, hey, hey.
What's wrong with you? My mom went to Saint Anne's Spa, I don't know what room she's in or who she's with.
You know, she probably just needs a break from you.
These past few months, all she can do is guilt-trip me 'cause I don't spend enough time with her.
She's probably just trying to make you miss her.
You know how they do.
In the message, she called me "Sammy".
She hates when people call me Sammy.
- Maybe she's needling you.
- Yeah, maybe.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Okay, sorry.
So, Judes.
What was the hidden message in your message? I don't know what you're talking about.
I did exactly what you asked.
I didn't ask you to talk about apple pie and throwing up.
I was rambling.
I don't have my pills.
Combined with being kidnapped gives me verbal diarrhea, okay? Hey, Nicky Noodles, do you have that phone - I asked you to get? - Yeah, babe.
I need you to film us.
All right, smile.
Hey, Richie.
You good? Yeah, I'm at that new job, terminal V.
But something's up.
Whoa, what's going on? You know that cop, the one who tried to frame me for the shooting? He's here.
Michaels? Michaels is at the airport? Yes.
I mean, it's not just him.
Dane, some Marshall Court kids.
Last time I checked, they were all trying to get in on some hustle.
Something suss is definitely going on.
Okay, Richie, listen to me.
You need to get out of there now.
What if I'm over reacting? No, no, no, no, no.
Listen to me, Richie.
This may be connected to the Coyotes.
And if it this, it is not worth it, okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I hear you.
So terminal V, or whatever they call it, - is Michaels new gig? - It's all connected.
Michaels's doing favours for the Coyotes, and now he's working at the airport.
We know that those kids are working for Tobin, who's the key player in distributing the Coyotes' coke.
And now, they're working at the airport.
It only makes sense that this VIP terminal is the Coyotes' new way of smuggling in pink coke.
Okay, so everything about this gang says no hierarchy, but there is definitely somebody in charge of this airport.
They knew exactly what they were doing when they hired Michaels.
Hey, Detective Wazowski.
Armstrong couldn't find you, said some guy left this for you at the front desk.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
Give me a minute.
Hey, Sam? Sam! Wait up! - Sam, what's going on? - Oh nothing, I'm I'm just feeling a little bit queasy.
- Sam - No, I just need - Duff, I just need a minute.
- What the hell is going on? Okay.
But you have to swear on your whole family you will not say anything.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- What? - I can't take it.
I don't know what to do.
We need to alert someone right now.
No, stop! Stop.
You swore, you can't tell anybody.
Wait, stop, she left a note, she left this note.
Sam, we have to tell them.
Look at the phone.
She left this phone.
She's gonna call me.
We don't have time to wait for her to Okay.
Take a deep breath.
Deep breath.
Hi, Sammy, it's me.
It's Balda.
Where's my mother? Oh, she's with me.
You know, when I found out that you and your partner were very determined to bring me down, I had to find leverage against you and your mother was so desperate for friends, it just made her an easy target.
- Is she okay? - Isn't it funny how you bonded with my mother and now I'm bonding with yours? Of course, you screwed my mother over and locked her up.
And I'm usually a tit for tat kind of girl, but If you do what I ask, I'm gonna make sure your mom's fine.
Is she taking her blood pressure medication? Oh, uh no.
Sadly, I think that's why she's seeming a little bit off.
But as soon as you get me out of this country, I'm gonna tell you exactly - where she is.
- How? I can't do that.
I need you to put it in the system that I've been arrested.
And then, word's gonna spread amongst the Coyotes, they're gonna go underground in a panic, thinking that I'm talking, and they'll be far too worried to kind of notice me slipping out of the country, like a cute little sneaky mouse.
I can't make it look like I arrested you.
I'm gonna have to bring you in and parade you in front of the officer in charge.
They'll put you in the system, then I could let you go after No, not coming into the station.
Just figure it out, and then once it's in there, the Coyotes will know, and in case you haven't noticed, they have people everywhere.
Oh, and I need you to do it within the next three hours.
Adeline, please.
Just let my mother go.
Tit for tat, Sammy.
And tell nobody or she's gonna die.
Sam, we gotta at least bring the guys in on this.
We can't do this on our own.
Adeline killed her own brother, she will kill my mother in a heartbeat if we give her reason.
I shouldn't have told you.
I shouldn't have done that.
But I did.
And now, you are in this with me, - but you promised.
- Okay, okay.
Hey Hanlon, how's it going? I'm starving.
Haven't had lunch.
Go get lunch.
I'll wait till I get some relief.
Well, relief's here.
Right here.
Uh, that's okay.
I'm serious.
Listen, to be honest, I came here to avoid a guy that I'm dating, or like, was dating.
It's just super claustrophobic, so listen, take 10 minutes, go grab a sandwich, - I got you.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Wazowski.
- Yeah.
And people say you're not cool.
I'm officially corrupt.
No, you're not.
I am.
Probably will get fired.
There'll be criminal charges.
Sam, you acted under duress, it won't go that far.
When my mom said she was going to Saint Anne's, I should've asked more questions, but I was just so happy that she was out of my hair.
Sam, a watched phone never rings.
Okay? And a chipped nail should never see the light of day.
Hmm? Nothing looks dumber than a detective wearing chip nails.
- I don't care.
- Give it to me.
Yes, I know you don't care.
It won't match.
- It won't match.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Yes, it will.
Okay? 'Cause I bought it at the spa.
All right, just take a deep breath.
Relax, all right? All right.
Look at that.
Better, right? - It's better.
- Okay.
Now, walk me through your mom's message.
Okay, uh She said nothing really, that She said she was fine, and called me Sammy.
Okay, but That told you something was wrong, 'cause she never calls you Sammy.
So, she was sending you a message.
What else did it say? Uh Hi, sweetie.
I'm having a blast in Saint Anne's.
It's great up here, even though I ate two pieces of apple pie and almost threw up.
Remember that time we were staying in that horrible hotel, and you threw up eating apple pie because the ice cream was rancid? Ah, dreamy days, weren't they? Anyway, I'll be home soon, okay? Bye, Sammy.
Is there anything to that? Uh, nothing.
I mean, I don't think so.
I don't know.
It's just my mom rambling.
But what about that memory.
Was it weird or out of place? Anything about it? Okay, I was a kid.
Our flight got delayed, and then we stayed at this really crappy hotel near the airport.
Where did you stay? - I don't know.
- Come on, Sam.
Think about it.
I don't know.
- I know, but just - Okay, okay.
I'll just Holiday Home Hotel.
She said that she would never stay in another Holiday Home.
Holiday Home Hotel.
- Yeah.
- Okay, - let's start there.
- Yeah.
Holiday Home.
It doesn't exist anymore.
Now it's called Dreamstate Inn.
Dreamstate Inn.
Oh, dreamy days! That's what she said in her message.
Do you remember? Dreamy days.
Dreamstate Inn.
Hotel said two women matching Adeline and Judy's descriptions checked in under the name Jillian Wood.
- Hey, I need to talk to you.
- Not now, something came up.
Are you okay? - Hey, need some help? - Not now, Len.
Kelly, you're worrying me! Yes, of course I'm interested in the superintendent promotion.
And yes, I'm more than happy to attend the seminar, but we're actually in the middle of a really big investigation right now, and I just got back.
Oh, we arrested Adeline French Yes.
Yes, of course, yes, we arrested Adeline French.
Okay! Well, great.
Count me in.
Oh, hey, we arrested Adeline French? - Who? - Okay.
- Where are Sam and Kelly? - I don't know, boss.
Apparently, someone just arrested Adeline French, and it's leaked all over the police radio.
That's the first I've heard of it.
Okay, so good thing I came back, 'cause nobody knows anything around here.
I just want you to know that word spread about my arrest - just like we planned.
- Where's my mother? You're gonna have to wait until I get to where I'm going safely, and I might be traveling under the name Balda, Andrea, Gaylene, I mean, you don't know, you just have to wait.
Adeline French? Hi.
You're under arrest.
Go get your mom! Come on, get up.
Hands behind your back, now.
It's been a while since you've been to the spa, huh? Let's go.
Adeline French, you are under arrest.
- Okay, yeah.
Let me - Hey.
I need to get to Jillian Wood's room, now.
Let's go.
- Let's go! - I'll activate her key.
- Jillian Wood's? That it? - Yeah.
Yeah? Room 1012! Excuse me, folks.
Watch your head.
Nicky, I need you to get these cuffs off me.
We've got to find the car.
Drop it! Drop it, now! Now my vision is clear To get back up on my feet And if this don't go well Freeze, Niccolo! Hands on your head.
I said, you're under arrest.
Let's go.
Mom? Mom! Oh, my God, mom! You're okay.
You're okay, you're okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'll be fine.
If I had my gun, none of this would've happened.
Okay, mom.
- Okay, bye bye.
- Yeah.
Hey, you don't mind staying with her? I just I gotta go tie up a few things.
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.
- Okay.
- I'll get her sorted out, then I'll come back to your place.
All right? Okay.
So, this is twice, that you've saved my ass in the past three days.
So, thank you.
It's an ass worth saving.
For the record I also think our relationship is worth saving.
Len, I can't go back.
Even before things ended, we both know that proposal was too fast.
You were afraid of losing me, I was afraid that it was my last chance at a family.
But it wasn't right.
I gotta take care of me.
All right? And if I'm being honest, I think you could do the same.
That's why I'm gonna take some time off from work again.
Gonna do some therapy, avoid undercover, work on boundaries.
I just get too intense.
Works for the case, but screws everything else up.
You know? Yeah, I know.
I'm happy for you.
I envy you.
Best undercover cop I know, but you're always Kelly.
You think I got into this willingly? It was all Ilya.
It was Will, my brother.
The only reason I had that video of Enrique and his friend was as insurance.
And now, thanks to you, the Coyotes know I have it, and now, I'm the General's newest target.
Let me guess.
Uh, the General, that's the head of the Coyote alliance? The alliance runs itself.
I mean, some people are more powerful than others, and the General is one of those people.
Is Brad Michaels the General? I don't know Brad Michaels.
Come on.
He's the guy that scrambled your hard drive, he got your mom's charges dropped last year, he's clearly trying to help you.
Oh, that Yeah, I know Brad Michaels.
Maybe he did it for Will.
Or maybe he did it for the General.
Or maybe he is the General.
I wouldn't know, 'cause he never told me anything, because Will saw me as a liability.
I can't see why.
Kidnapping grandmas, locking cops in the cellar with the frozen corpse of one of your victims.
Bishop? I didn't Sorry.
I didn't kill Bishop.
- Of course, you didn't.
- Will did.
They got into it over Stu being an undercover cop, and then things got heated, so Is that what happened between you and Will? Things got heated? Is that why you killed your brother? I didn't kill my brother.
I'm so I mean Are you buying what she's selling? My cart's full, but you know, I'm not putting my credit card information yet.
- Right? - Hmm.
In every lie, there's a little bit of truth.
I'm thinking that General is that bit of truth, you know? And maybe, we find the General before people find out that I forged arrest records and get fired.
Well It'd be a hella lot worse if she actually wasn't arrested.
Let's find out who's running that airport.
I'm on it.
Terminal V for VIPs.
What a bunch of assholes.
Looks like it just opened up this week.
It was supposed to open up six months ago, - but they had "delays".
- Go back, go back.
- Look at the board of directors.
- All right.
That's the forward key, press the back, press the back.
Look who's the chair of the board.
No way in hell.
Yo! Do you even know what he's checking these for? You don't ask questions.
Just Do what they say and take the money.
I'm gonna quit.
You should too.
I mean, I'm just waiting for my Paychecks.
I got them right here.
End of day, you get yours.
Hey, man.
Heads up.
The General just arrived.
What are you looking at? Back to work.
I guess we get to see boss man.
I don't think it's a man.
So nice to see you, Deputy Mayor.

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