Pretty Little Liars s06e18 Episode Script

Burn This

1 Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Did you tell Yvonne to leave her phone at lunch? Yes, wanted me to find something.
The night Charlotte came home the night she was murdered.
'Someone used the landline from' 'the Two Crows to call this house.
' I will got to my boss and I will tell her the truth.
You can't do that.
She'll kick you to the curb.
Melissa's suitcase is broken.
The pull up handle is missing a rod.
It could have been used as a weapon.
Jordan, sorry I haven't called you back.
I think I picked a date.
The Phillips camp believes the leak came out of our office.
- It's about her daughter.
- Yvonne? She got rid of an unwanted pregnancy.
I leaked it.
Gather your things and leave here.
Go in there and tell my mother the truth.
If there needs to be a scapegoat, let it be me.
(Emily) They may have found the weapon.
And they were willing to kill me to get it back.
Did Sara Harvey come after you? It wasn't her.
Sara Harvey wants this murder solved.
Whoever this was They wanna cover it up.
You want me to marry you to each other? It's just so weird, I mean, I barely know the guy's first name and now he's married to Ali? Right, well, I'm sure he seems like a stranger to us but Alison and Elliott have known each other for years.
Hey, they just started going out! I mean, what is this, her second date? What ever happened to dinner and a movie? Um, Han There's lipstick on that fork.
[sighs] I'm sure it seems strange but if you saw Alison and Elliott it was it was pretty romantic.
I don't think romance has anything to do with it.
Ali's lost everyone she's ever cared about.
She's desperate for a family.
Maybe she's smart.
If you elope, no one can throw you a bridal shower.
Since when do you not like bridal showers? Gifts, expensive lingerie, cake? Like, made for you.
Not when we have two monsters after us.
Spencer's not answering.
Yeah, well, she's probably still dealing with the fallout from the Yvonne leak.
There's no way Spencer's parents will believe Caleb did that.
Yeah, well, be glad that they do because if they thought that we had a new A, they would march straight down to the police station.
You guys, our stalker already warned us.
Okay? If we talk to the cops we're gonna have targets on our backs.
We already do! Melissa tried to turn me into road kill last night.
No, she is not the one sending texts and going after Yvonne.
[sighs] Spencer could just tell Toby I mean, he could quietly go and No, if we talk to Toby there's nothing quiet about that.
The whole Rosewood police force will be on a manhunt.
Okay, can we just talk about something nice for a second? I want my cake back.
Check out the pictures from the wedding.
Aw, your parents look so happy.
Great job on the dress, Han.
That's weird.
I'm in this picture.
Wonder who took this one.
[intense music] (Emily) What is that? (Aria) 'Wait, there's more.
' Oh, my God.
Got a secret can you keep it Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead [cell phone buzzing] Obviously Gil defused the situation and your mom has apologized to Yvonne and her family.
And she Could you please turn that off while I'm talking? - Sorry.
- Thank you.
[sighs] Several members of the press have caught wind of the fact that the "social media consultant" that was responsible for all the leaks is your boyfriend.
I think it would be wise to put out a statement you know, distancing yourself from him.
What? Why? This morning Toby spoke with the media.
Issued a personal statement.
- He did? - Yeah.
Naturally voicing his support for his girlfriend and taking a swipe at our "nasty political tactics.
" Does he know that it was Caleb who did it? I-why are you so protective of Caleb? [scoffs] I mean, come on, Spence.
Don't we all have a better idea of who he really is now? I-I have to go to the campaign office.
Um Dad? Would you please tell Melissa to call me? She hasn't been answering her phone.
She left for London.
- Her office needed her back.
- What? Wait, why would she leave right before the election? 'Why don't you stop worrying about Melissa' and start focusing your attention on helping your mom? Also might want to think about what you'll say to Toby.
[instrumental music] [music continues] Is this too risque for the party? You know what, honestly, maybe we should just cancel the party.
You know, reschedule it for another time.
Your hotel has that big thing for election night and The party is tomorrow.
We can't cancel.
You have friends coming in from New York And I have friends who have already left.
Ali can't come.
She had to go out of town.
It's a long story.
Okay, well, maybe now you can invite Mona instead.
Honey, it's the first time in years that you and your friends have all been in the same place.
- Yeah, because of a murder investigation - [sighs] You need this.
All of you do.
It will be a good distraction.
[door opens] How was your parents wedding? Um, good.
Did you want something to eat? Oh, no, I can't stay long.
I'm going to lunch with Liam.
Oh, that's right.
He seems, he seems bright.
He is.
He's very bright.
Look, um, I-I came here because I needed to know what you wanted me to do.
About the-the book.
How do you want me to handle it? So, I-I might have already handled it.
I spoke to Jillian this morning.
Cause I wanted to give you credit and make sure that you didn't lose your job over this and I sort of ended up Pitching you as co-writer.
What? Well, I mean, she-she loved the female voice that you gave and I suggested that we Write the book together.
Sort of a-a man and woman in dialogue.
I'm so sorry, I probably should've talked to you about this first.
No, don't be! I-I am so, so flattered.
But No Jillian's never gonna go for that.
- I'm an assistant over there.
- Aria.
Jillian seems open to this.
So are you? Wait, how did this happen? (Emily) 'More like "How did we' not see this coming?" Melissa's done this so many times before she probably has some special fugitive rate from the airlines.
Okay, so the only way we'll be able to confront her is on Video Chat? Doesn't matter, I'll just have to prove she did it without her actually being here.
Oh, and by the way, your mom called about the bar menu for the shower.
What's a pink drink? [sighs] Oh, God.
Is she talking about some kind of [whistling] [instrumental music] Em? [whistling continues] 'Em, are you there?' I've heard that sound before.
Alright, I will place a rush order.
And hopefully, the stock we have will last Until we can I-I'll stay in a broom closet.
I'm sorry, Ben, can you, uh excuse me a second? I need a place to say.
Caleb? Is everything okay? Uh, yeah, uh, I just, uh, I I'm just trying to get a room for tonight.
I thought you were staying with the Hastings.
Yeah, I was.
When I was working on the campaign.
Uh, which I no longer am.
What happened? Alright, I'll tell you what, why don't I make some calls to some other hotels and maybe No, no, thank you.
I already tried actually.
This was sort of my last stop.
Caleb! You know, if you can't find any place else to stay you can always stay in the guest room.
You know it well.
There's probably still one of your old beanies you know, stuffed in the dresser.
I actually, I left it for you.
In case you ever wanted to clean your chimney flue or something.
[chuckles] I really appreciate the offer, but, um I'll figure it out.
Oh, hey.
Oh, congratulations on the book.
Aria told us you maybe [whistling] Annoying, isn't it? It's made even worse with zero sleep and a writing deadline.
Have-have you heard that noise before? - Whistle-tips.
- Sorry? It's a piece that goes in the exhaust pipe of car makes that high-pitched whining sound.
So you're saying that noise is on purpose? Y-yeah, I think it's a sad desperate plea for attention but I don't know, maybe I'm cranky from lack of sleep.
[instrumental music] Melissa, please, just call me the second your plane lands, okay? I really need [exhales deeply] I really need to talk to you.
[knocking] I'm coming.
Toby Where is he? Caleb isn't here, okay? And I know you're upset He knows her.
She's not some faceless, nameless She's not even a candidate, okay? She didn't choose to put her life under a microscope.
I know.
But there's just so much about this that you don't know.
When the Phillips campaign manager told me it was Caleb that did this I told him he-he must've had his wires crossed.
I said "That there's no way.
" I told him, "I know this guy.
"And I would bet my life that he would never do something like this.
" I'm glad he didn't take that bet.
[door opens] Hey, Toby.
Toby, hey, just let him explain, okay? There's nothing to explain.
She thought you were a friend.
I thought you were a friend.
I'm sorry she's hurting.
Caleb, just tell him.
So you're not even going to deny it was you.
I can't.
I want to hear it from you! I want to hear it from your mouth.
Why you did this.
Toby, stop, okay? Caleb, tell him! I did what I had to do.
[grunts] Oh, my God! I called the auto shop, but no one answered.
- So, I'm gonna go over there.
- And do what? Pretend like you're going to tricking-out your sedan? It's not funny, Hanna.
Once I can prove that Melissa borrowed that SUV I'm telling the police.
You saw the message from this morning.
We're running out of time.
(Ashley) 'Hanna?' [sighs] Can you help me turn on the air? Um, earlier, I tried to use the oven and Beyonce started playing.
I told you, it's all linked up.
It's like a Smart Loft.
Yeah, well, Smart Loft, dumb hostess.
I need two buttons, on and off.
So I ran into Caleb today.
At the hotel.
He said he lost his job.
Do you know what happened? Not exactly.
Well, I hope you don't mind but I offered him the guest room.
Every place in town is booked.
What? Mom, I-I do mind.
You're gonna let him stay in our house? My house and it seemed like he didn't have any place else to go.
He's an adult.
Not a pound puppy.
Hanna! This is someone you cared about.
He was a big part of your life.
Just admit it.
You like Caleb more than you like Jordan.
- What? - You never gave him a chance.
You've compared every guy I've ever dated to Caleb That's crazy.
'I think Jordan is great.
' I just don't know him as well as I know Caleb.
Yeah, well, how could you? 'You don't try to spend time with him.
' I have invited you both back here on multiple occasions.
You know, forget it.
I don't wanna talk about this.
Hey, Han? Um, I'll see you later, okay? Yeah.
Hold still.
Do you want me to do this or not? Not.
I keep saying "not" and you keep ignoring me.
Hold still.
You should just tell him the truth.
Just gonna make things worse.
How? How could it possibly make things any worse? What do you want to do? Do you want to waltz into Rosewood PD and tell them to slap cuffs on a girl with no hands? She has hands.
And, yes.
If I was sure that it was Sara Harvey who's behind all of this.
But she shut her spy hole and she's left town.
You don't think it's her? I don't know.
Maybe somebody who's helping her? But whoever it is, their getting impatient.
Because if we don't give them the killer in the next couple of days then Don't.
I'm not going to let anybody hurt you.
It's kind of hard for me to take comfort from that when you still have blood coming out of your nose.
Come here.
I'd rather have Toby hate me now than blame me later, you know? I know.
You did not have to do all this.
I would've been fine just eating leftovers from the wedding.
No, that's what an expense account is for.
Taking my girlfriend out for a porcini omelet and billing it as lunch with a client.
[chuckles] Well, it's funny because that may not be as big a lie as you think.
Ezra called Jillian to try and get me off the hook and Ended up asking for me to be his co-author.
- Whoa.
- Yeah.
I mean, obviously, I had no idea that he was gonna do that.
He didn't even have any idea he was gonna do that Oh, yeah, he did.
It wasn't an accident.
He didn't fall off a bicycle.
He made a decision.
Hey I'm sorry.
This is a great opportunity and I'm really happy for you.
You're going to be a published author.
That's amazing.
[door closes] Is this your way of thanking me? - Sorry? - The leak.
About Yvonne.
Okay, Caleb and I had nothing to do with it.
How do I know that you didn't do it? I mean, accusing other people of something that you've done that does have kind of a vintage Mona quality about it.
I genuinely do something good and I end up paying for it? Because of the leak, the Phillips team has gone through everything with a fine-toothed comb.
My gift of your mom's medical records was discovered.
I've been fired, my credibility is shot my future jeopardized, and now the one person who should be kissing my feet is here accusing me of screwing her.
Yeah, she's a powerful character.
Thank you.
Oh, I-I really like, uh, what you did.
The end of chapter five, the passage Oh, good.
Good, good.
Yeah, I-I love this section here about the bridge.
Do you actually think it works? I was trying to make it a metaphor for Yeah, no-i-it, it's great.
- I totally got it.
- Great.
Oh, um, I had a few thoughts this morning.
Let's see this, uh, that I'd love to talk to you about Now.
If I can just find them.
Ezra Why do you want me to write with you? I-I mean, this would be huge for me and-and it's not that I don't think my work is good.
I just I have to ask, cause, you know Well, I do.
Well Uh Nicole's voice was, um Taken away.
And I want to give it back.
But I didn't know her.
I know, that's why I need you.
Cause I would spend the whole time spinning in place trying to be faithful to reality and you're not Tied down by that.
I know it's a lot to ask, but Could you please help me with this? Of course.
[knocking on door] It's okay.
I've never enjoyed the feeling of deja vu myself.
Would it be possible for me to speak with Miss Montgomery alone? Something wrong? That's kind of an open-ended question.
Don't you think? [intense music] What are you doing here? I have an eyewitness from the Two Crows Diner.
They saw the person who called the DiLaurentis on the night of Charlotte's murder.
Okay, what does that have to do with me? Well, maybe nothing.
But you fit the description.
And I'd like it if you come in for a line up.
I gave you my statement.
I didn't leave the hotel that night.
And I've never even been to the Two Crows Diner.
This will give us a chance to eliminate you as a suspect.
(Linda) 'Come forward, number three.
' 'Please step forward!' 'Return to the line.
' 'Number four, step forward.
' [intense music] 'Head up, please.
Face forward!' 'Number four, return to the line.
' [rock music] [indistinct chattering] Gonna make you sweat Gonna make you scream Gonna make oh yeah Hi Um I was wondering if anyone recently brought in a dark Grey SUV into the shop? Uh, maybe someone looking to get their muffler Can't help you.
Okay, does that mean they haven't or It means that I can't help you.
[instrumental music] [indistinct chattering] [door opens] (male 1) 'Thank you for your help.
' [music continues] [gasps] What the hell do you think you're doing? Um, th-this is the truck that I was asking about.
Do-do you know who drove this last night? Maybe I lent it to a friend.
I can't remember.
Okay, um Does this happen to be your friend? That's not her.
You need to go.
Thank you.
Miss Montgomery, did you forget something? Is your eyewitness Sara Harvey? We don't reveal the identity of witnesses.
Otherwise people would be scared to speak up.
Oh, I'm sure that she couldn't wait.
The person that you should be questioning was on your side of the glass! [phone ringing] Just a minute.
Yes, Lieutenant Tanner.
' Gimme that name again.
'I think we had him on lock up, march of last year.
' - Oh.
- Oh.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
[sighs] (Tanner) 'Let me check on his' 'I believe we picked him up on a DV, but I'll have to check.
' 'I'll have one of my guys call you back.
' Okay, okay, yeah, yeah.
Would you like to fill out the complaint form? A complaint form? Five years ago you found me, underground I would just think that after everything that's happened you would take what I say seriously.
I do.
I take every accusation seriously.
'Doesn't mean I have to act on it right away.
' And it's because of that, you are free to go.
[indistinct chatter] I don't get it.
If Sara was framing us then why were you free to go? Maybe that's what Tanner meant when she said the police don't always act on every accusation right away.
So all we can do is wait for the other shoe to drop? Hanna? You can't neglect your other guests.
Why don't you lead the group in some icebreakers? Sure.
As soon as Spencer gets here.
Well, where is she? Nice to see how much you take our little chats to heart.
What? Yeah, less then 24 hours after my request Caleb's in the house.
Dad, he had to get some clothes.
And how did you eve Then a park bench? Right? You cannot just ask me to cut this person out of my life.
Do I look like I'm asking? [sighs] Spence, listen I, I know how painful this is.
And maybe Caleb had good intentions but his actions prove that he doesn't share the same value system as this family.
Oh, my God! Can you really look at me and say that with a straight face? You are protecting her! She kills someone and you shuttle her off to Europe? What kind of value system is that? She didn't kill anyone.
She was being blackmailed.
What are you talking about? Right before Charlotte's hearing Your sister started getting threatening messages.
Someone claimed to have her on tape confessing to burying Bethany.
That can't be true, dad.
She was told to drop money off at a disclosed location Or the video would be released.
That's why she came back to Rosewood in secret.
Who was blackmailing her? She doesn't know.
But she dropped off the money and just hoped everything would go away.
Then Charlotte turned up dead.
O-okay, so then why flee? You said that she had nothing to do with it.
She got spooked, Spence.
Why didn't you tell her to go to the police? I was scared.
Okay, I was scared that, like you they would think she was guilty of more than just being Blackmailed? Do we really believe that? Well, even if it is true, isn't that more of a reason Melissa would have wanted Charlotte dead? Yeah, but Charlotte was still on lockdown when Melissa made her first payment.
So what are you saying? The person who's threatening us is probably the same person who was blackmailing my sister.
Well I don't think it was Melissa who borrowed that SUV.
I looked at the pictures, one look at that crowd and her Argyle socks would have blown off.
Which leaves us with nothing.
No, there's the eyewitness report.
A hot brunette with a cheesy keychain? That's, like, half this party.
[glass clicking] Ladies, if you could all move to the sofa.
Uh, sweetie, I thought you could open your presents now.
If any of you guys got me some kind of toy you're dead.
[knocking on door] Congratulations, Han.
I just wanted to drop that off.
'I figured you'd get a kick out of it.
' [chuckles] Remember the summer before eighth grade? We were all set to have double weddings.
'I was going to marry Justin Timberlake' and you were going to tie the knot with Matt Damon.
I can't believe you still have this.
That's so thoughtful of you, Mona.
Why don't you come in for a drink? 'Hanna was just about to open more gifts.
' I don't want to intrude, but sure.
Okay, uh, it's time for 21 Questions.
Uh, this version is "How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom?" So, whoever gets the most points, wins a prize.
So, first question, for 100 points Where did Jordan propose? Why is she here? I thought you two had it out at The Brew.
Hm, she brought a gift.
Yeah, and an ax to grind.
(Ashley) Emily, for 50 points.
Do you know this one? Uh "How did the bride and groom meet?" Yeah, um 'I, uh, I think it was at a work function.
' No, no, it was, um, it was at-at a party.
Uh, Spencer? Um Mm Wait, I know this.
Uh Um, you know what, this game is kind of silly.
Um, isn't there one where everyone takes a shot when you hear the word bride? [all laugh] [beeping] [sighs] 'What is wrong with this thing?' [alarm blaring] [rock music] - Hanna! - I don't know how to stop it.
Here, here.
What is happening? I have no idea.
[blaring continues] [whirring] - 'Is that the air conditioner?' - 'What is that?' [glass shatters] (female 1) 'Somebody turn it off!' [screaming] - Aria! - Oh, my God! [indistinct chattering] (Spencer) Okay.
Yeah, just give me a call.
Well, she's just been admitted into the ER.
I mean, she has second-degree burns but the doctors say that she's gonna be fine.
[exhales] How did this even happen? Why don't you ask her? I mean, is it just a coincidence that the loft tried to turn Aria into a s'more right after she arrived? [cell phone beeps] [dramatic music] How long does this take? Three minutes.
Said on the package.
Um I have to go.
Who's was that? Hannah? No, it was, uh it-it was my dad.
Uh, but I'll call you later.
[music continues] Do you wanna talk about it? Talk about what? What we're gonna do if Toby, I'm a sophomore okay? I'm having a hard enough time juggling exams.
I know.
And you don't even live in this state.
I-I know, but I Could apply for a transfer.
And what? You gonna move into my dorm room? You don't have to Say it like that.
Like what? Like living together would be such a horrible thing.
In this context it would be.
I'm sorry, but it would.
You're Talking about this like it would Ruin our lives.
I mean, isn't this what we are planning for Eventually? I-I don't know.
You know, I really I hadn't really thought that far ahead.
I haven't even made up my mind yet about grad school, I don't Well, have you, have you made up your mind about me? Don't make this about something that it isn't.
[instrumental music] And what about you? I'm not the only person here who has plans.
You know, you were, you said that you wanted to quit the force and you said that wanted to go back to school.
That was your idea, not mine.
And it was only because being with a cop isn't good enough for you.
I have never said that, okay? I just, I don't know, I thought that maybe you wanted More? Can we please not do this right now? [music continues] This is really hard.
[music continues] I'm sorry.
I'm not trying to make it harder.
'It's just' I feel like When we're picturing our future together We're not Looking at the same picture anymore.
[cell phone beeps] Hard to write it all out You work so (Toby) 'Spencer.
' Push it all down Toby.
Um, thanks for coming to see me.
Yeah, I-I can't stay long, I'm on duty, so Yeah, of course.
O-o-o-o-open Heart Hidden in the dark O-o-o-o-open Caleb doesn't know that I'm here.
If you're, if you're gonna try and get me He didn't do it.
Okay? He didn't leak it.
He's just taking the blame.
Why? Because "A" is back.
Not "A" exactly, just, uh, some copycat version What? Whoever this is, thinks that we know who killed Charlotte and so they're trying to make our lives miserable because of it.
And I'm really sorry, but Yvonne was just collateral damage.
And Caleb didn't wanna tell you because he didn't wanna put you at risk.
My eyes Is reserved all for you Thank you for telling me.
So Hard to write it all down How are you, are you okay? Yeah.
I'm okay.
It all down I just, um I really couldn't have you thinking that I would ever judge Yvonne for making that choice.
Hard to push it all Not after You keep You and I Almost had to make that choice.
O-o-o-o-open Yeah.
Hidden in the dark O-o-o-o I, uh, I gotta go.
How's Yvonne? Uh, she's-she's been a-amazing, you know.
Just really strong.
Hidden in the dark O-o-o-o-open I guess I have a type.
It'll break apart Take care of yourself.
You, too.
I think that you should start To have an open heart [cell phone beeps] [dramatic music] [monitor beeping] [cell phone beeps] - Hey.
- Hey.
- You okay? - How did you know that I 'Uh, Hannah.
She texted me.
' Are you in pain? Well, they gave me something.
It's not completely helping.
Aria, I'm-I'm so sorry.
Um, I told Hannah and her mother that if they needed rest that I could, I could take you home.
Nurse says, it's gonna be a long night.
[sighs] Well I'm prepared for that.
We have Reading material, uh, spare clothes.
Unfortunately, they're my clothes but I'm pretty sure we can find some medical tape that I can just sort of cinch around the top of the sweatpants.
Uh, I have Gummy Bears.
I have several sets of [instrumental music] Hey.
Don't be scared.
You want the doctor - No.
Aria, it's a terrible accident.
It wasn't an accident.
What? What do you mean? Nothing.
Nothing, I It was my fault.
I shouldn't have been standing so close to the fireplace.
[music continues] [indistinct chattering] Mom, I'm really sorry for being such a Bridezilla.
And clearly, I'm the one who hasn't been including Jordan enough in my life, not the other way around.
Can I ask you a question? Why have you iced out Mona? I saw the way you and your friends reacted when she showed up.
I think a sewer rat would have gotten a warmer welcome.
Well, she wasn't invited.
Why not? Clearly you mean a great deal to her.
Has something happened since the investigation started? Honestly, I don't know what Mona's been up to lately.
What does that mean? Nothing.
Look, we're both tired.
I'm gonna get us some coffee.
[indistinct chattering] Don't stop, it was working.
Uh, I was definitely starting to feel sleepy.
So was I.
[chuckles] Okay, um "This season is all about prints.
"The bolder, the brighter, the better.
Uh, "But how, you ask, can I incorporate such strong design elements into my wardrobe?" Mm, you know maybe there's something snappier in the waiting room, like a-a car manual.
[chuckles] It's informative.
If it's informative you want I suggest we give that pamphlet on staph infection another shot.
[chuckles] Wasn't true, what you said earlier.
'About the writing.
' I have a creative baggage, too.
Wanting to make you proud.
[door opens] Oh, thank God, you're okay.
I'm so sorry.
My phone died on the way back from Philly.
And I-I came here as soon as I heard the message.
Hey, man.
I appreciate you being here.
Yeah, of course.
Oh, let me be the first to share the good news.
Jillian approved the book.
- What? That's amazing.
- That's great.
Yeah, congratulations.
You're gonna be an author.
[instrumental music] Hey, um Congratulations.
And, uh-uh, feel better.
(Aria) 'Thank you.
' Bye.
Oh, you should see the email Jillian sent me.
You hungry? 'Can I get you something to eat from the cafeteria?' Hey, Yvonne.
Um, this is S-Spencer Hastings.
I know that I'm probably the last person that you wanna hear from right now but I just really wanted to say that I'm sorry.
[instrumental music] I'm really, really sorry.
[music continues] And if you ever need anybody to talk to I know, there's probably a million other people that you'd wanna talk to before me, but I'm here.
[music continues] Is there any more? No.
That's it.
You didn't have to stay.
I could've done this myself.
It seems whatever I do ends up this way.
Good intentions that look like trash.
[dramatic music] Sorry.
You need a ride? No, that's okay.
Mine's right here.
[music continues] [car alarm beeps] [intense music] Was it you? Did you call Charlotte that night from the Two Crows Diner? Emily, I can't talk about this here.
Get in the car.
[music continues] Get in the car.
[music continues]