Pretty Little Liars s06e17 Episode Script

We've All Got Baggage

1 Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" (Spencer) We found a hole in Sara's closet in her room at The Radley.
The night Charlotte came home, the night she was murdered someone used a landline from The Two Crows to call this house.
(Ella) I'm so glad we finally told you.
Now we don't have to sneak around anymore.
I buried someone who made my life hell for years.
I'm now being questioned in her murder.
I lost my job.
- Come back to New York with me.
- I can't.
Damian, I came to ask you if your article is fully about millennials and politics or if you have another angle.
The murder weapon was a golf club.
What Detective Tanner described was a hollow piece of metal cut with a rectangle at the end.
(Caleb)I've been working with the data from Yvonne's cell phone.
These are my mom's medical records.
How do they have these? You and I need to talk about Ezra Fitz.
Does he know what you're doing? You wrote this, big parts of it.
Melissa's suitcase is broken and there's a part missing that's metal, hollow and cut with a rectangle in the end.
Did she check out or get hurled out? This is what the inside of Sara Harvey's head must look like.
I would have made her lick the carpet before she left.
Okay, let's show Ali the closet.
Urgh! Who leaves coleslaw in the middle of the floor? Hanna, closet.
(Alison) 'When you asked the front desk' 'did they know why she left so fast?' (Hanna) 'What do you think?' She's not racing off to a Messies Anonymous meeting.
- She knows we're on to her.
- It's gone.
- There's no hole.
- What? That's impossible.
There's not even a seam where the hole used to be.
Guys, maybe this wasn't her room.
Stop cutting Sara any slack.
Hey, I don't care how much she claimed to have loved Charlotte like a sister.
This girl has two faces.
[door opens] [gasps] - We should leave.
- No.
Look, guys, if my mom finds out that I used that key card We don't have to introduce ourselves.
We just have to walk out the door.
Emily, stop.
I'm not leaving until we can go back down there.
Okay, she doesn't even believe it exists! I didn't say that, I'm just trying to understand why she would stalk you.
(Emily) 'Because she thinks we had something' 'to do with Charlotte's murder.
' - She thinks we know who did it! - Shh! Alright, let's move.
Got a secret can you keep it swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead - Are you giving up? - Nope, it's done.
- Seriously? - The file was corrupted.
If they wanna leak your mom's medical report they're gonna have to break into her doctor's office again.
And you're sure that nobody in the Phillips camp could ever trace this back to you? No way, I mean, they might find an exit node but they'll never figure out where it originated.
The anonymizer software disseminates traffic through multiple sources and.
Did I just put you to sleep? No, no, I'm not.
I, I just.
I don't really think that this is just gonna go away.
You know, my mom could still be ambushed right before the election.
You're right, but if you tell her that then she's gonna wanna know how you learned about her being sick, and you open that box.
She's got enough to worry about.
Hey, let's make you some breakfast.
You need protein.
Fingernails can only supply so much.
When did you see me chew my fingernails? In your sleep.
You went after mine first.
- No.
- Yes.
Emily, hey, come in.
- Sorry to interrupt.
- No, you're not.
- Uh, you hungry? - I can't stay.
I've got to get to the bursar's office at Hollis.
What's wrong? Can you go back down with me? We'll find another way to get down there.
- Emily, stop.
- I know.
But if Sara Harvey is hiding under the hotel what is she planning next? Don't do this to yourself, okay? She may have had nothing to do with the fertility clinic.
She's just playing on your fear.
Yeah, well, it's workin'.
Okay, it's not like someone stole my chapstick.
This person may be storing my future offspring in a Styrofoam cooler.
And if the police don't come up with a suspect soon then Sara's gonna think we're withholding information.
Okay, but we're not withholding anything.
Wh-what was that look? You guys know something.
- Oh, what? - No, we know nothing.
- Melissa's suitcase is broken.
- What? The pull-up handle is missing a rod.
It could've been used as a weapon to crack someone's neck.
Okay, can we please not go there? Melissa wasn't even in town the night that Charlotte was murdered.
Are you sure about that? Emily, my mother's election is two weeks away.
I get it, but if Melissa had What? Never wanted to watch Charlotte walk the streets again? I mean, that pretty much covers everyone who loves us.
Should we add your mom to that suspect list too? (Aria) I don't know how to handle this.
- You have to tell him.
- How? Liam, he spent the last week pounding out chapters.
But if he ships them to Boston before you speak to him He won't.
He wants to speak to me first.
He wants feedback.
Did you sleep at all last night? I'll sleep when I'm unemployed.
- Okay.
- Jillian's gonna fire me.
Or give you a book contract.
She loved what you wrote.
Because she thought that Ezra wrote it.
Okay, one step at a time.
First, tell the author.
Hopefully, he'll be flattered.
- Flattered? - Then he'll call our boss.
Tell her he's had an epiphany and he wants to take the story in another direction.
I think the word is betrayed.
Aria, two weeks ago, this dude was pouring rum on his corn flakes.
He's lucky that someone who once sat in the back of his classroom actually cares enough to save his reputation.
It's-it's not that simple.
[sighs] I'm gonna tell him this afternoon.
This hasn't even hit the stores yet.
I called in a favor.
It's lovely.
Silk? Yeah, and if you want, you can pair it with that beaded bolero unless you think that's too mother-of-the-bride.
This mother is a bride.
Did you bring all of these back from New York? 'Yeah, I tried to grab everything' without running into my former boss.
[cell phone rings] - You can get that.
- Oh, no.
- It's Jordan.
He'll call back.
- No, please, answer it.
I mean, I feel guilty that I'm making you do all this when you have your own wedding No, this is work.
And you're doing this now.
We haven't even set a date yet.
So, umm, do you wanna try something on or did I totally strike out? No, no, not at all.
You did a fabulous job.
It's just when Byron and I first got married umm, we were very determined not be traditional.
So we rented a barn and we basically dressed up like cowhands.
[chuckles] Well, that's cute.
- I mean, I love theme weddings.
- It wasn't a theme.
It was just two cynical college kids with no money and a skewed sense of what was romantic.
We made my mom sit on a keg.
Ugh! What did she wear? This time, I wanna feel like more of a bride and I wanna feel elegant.
- I can do elegant.
- I know you can.
Can you show me what you've picked out for yourself or is that a state secret? Uh, no, I mean, I-I haven't even thought about what I'm gonna wear.
Seriously? And your mom already sent out shower invitations and you haven't You know what? Give me till the end of the day.
I know the dress.
So sorry to bother.
Can I borrow a pen? What? Oh, sure.
Can I also borrow $1000? [chuckles] I'm lucky if I have enough left to buy a single textbook.
[chuckles] Hold it.
You taking Intro To Psych? - Yeah.
- Me too.
You know, the professor's supposed to be a real trip.
He's actually giving a lecture tonight.
I was thinking about going and asking a few questions just so I can start off on his good side.
You wanna join? I-I'll run my questions past you so I don't sound like the village idiot.
You free? Umm, yeah.
I'm Damian.
Hey, when did you get back? - Just now.
- How did it go? Fine, I guess.
I need a long hot shower.
Whose suitcase is that? Mine.
What happened to your other one? It was broken.
I tossed it.
- Good morning.
- It was until I opened my eyes.
Do you have time for a coffee? Oh, honey, I've already had a pot.
Oh, jeez, Gil, not the Shriners.
We're supposed to be hitting up new voters not resuscitating the dead.
What's going on? You look like a kid who just dropped her sucker in the sand.
- Honey, what is it? - You should have told us.
Told you what? That the cancer came back.
You kept it from us once when you promised us that that would never happen again.
The prognosis was good, so there was no reason There's every reason, mom.
I am not one of your constituents.
I'm gonna be fine, Spencer.
How did you find out about this? That doesn't even matter, but if I know you can bet that your opponent's camp knows as well.
What do they know? The doctors gave me a clean bill of health.
They supported my bid for office.
How about letting me support you? Look, I was planning on telling you and Melissa after the election.
But Gil, he, he begged me not to share this.
It would, it would scare off the voters, hijack the platform.
It would be all that anyone would ever ask me about.
So what if they did? Mom, I work on Capitol Hill.
I know all of the traps.
But you're running on a platform based on transparency and integrity.
Do not set yourself up to be blindsided once you get into the office.
You know, you were the one who taught me that courage is all about having grace under fire.
I mean, it doesn't really get harder than this.
You're right.
Thank you for reminding me why I did this.
Mom, you're gonna make a great senator.
I meant why I had kids.
You get the chance to make people better than yourself.
I love you.
[cell phone beeps] Do you wanna send that back, order something else? Hmm? Oh, no, no.
It's tasty.
Listen, uh, okay, so your mother and I have this crazy idea.
Uh, we were thinking how great it would be if we were actually married by someone who really knew us.
Like you.
What? Dad, I can't officiate your wedding.
I'm not a minister.
Well, no, wait, that's the easy part.
You can just get a license online.
I mean, we would still have to be recognized by the state for the ceremony Dad, seriously, you don't want me to do that.
Why not? You are the writer in this family.
[clears throat] Okay, listen, there's no pressure, okay? It was just this crazy idea that your mom and I have.
It's not that I don't want to.
I just, I don't want Mike to feel left out or anything.
Oh don't worry about Mike.
Your brother's not coming.
Why? Why, I thought he said he was gonna try to I just think he's not, not so happy about this.
That is insane.
Why wouldn't he want you and mom to be back together? Possibly because he has never forgiven me for why we broke up.
He doesn't trust that I won't hurt her again.
Well, it's his loss because it's gonna be a very special day.
I'll work on the ceremony tonight.
She got her first text.
Wait, so now this freak thinks that Alison's hiding something about the murder too? That doesn't even make sense.
Well, if it is Sara Harvey, she's probably furious that Alison's talking to us again.
Why is Melissa just sitting there in her car? Okay.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Turns out my trip was a huge success.
Polls show a 12% gain.
I'm more persuasive than I thought.
Hail to the conqueror.
Hey, do you, umm, have that luggage tag on your old suitcase? Gil said you really need to submit it if you want Forget about it.
The trip's already paid for.
Put the funds toward mom's victory party.
Hey, umm, how did you break your suitcase? - What? - I told him about it.
'Cause he just really likes to fix things.
What makes you assume I broke it? Well, when did you notice it was broken? When I pulled it out of the cab from the Philly airport.
The idiot took every bumpy, potholed street to avoid baseball traffic.
- Have a nice walk.
- Bye.
I know what you're gonna say.
Well, then I won't say it.
Say it.
Your sister got back into town two Saturdays ago.
- Right? - Mmm.
The Phillies had an away game that day so that traffic would've been in Baltimore.
Please don't be silent.
Just talk this through with me.
Aria, it's done.
You've already submitted six chapters.
Did Jillian like it? Was she pleased? Kinda, yeah.
On a scale of one to ten ten being very pleased, over the moon Ezra - I need a number.
Nine, eight and a half, I.
Eight and a quarter.
She had notes.
Did she? And was I receptive? Ezra, I will go to my boss on Monday and I will tell her the truth.
Aria, you can't do that.
She'll kick you to the curb.
How could she even trust you again? It's what it is.
No, it isn't.
I know you were trying to protect me.
You saw that I was falling apart and you assumed the worst.
You thought the jury would hand down a lighter sentence if I wrote a painful and gripping story which also has all the makings of a great romantic novel if you wanna write that too.
I can't really tell if you wanna hug me or punch me.
How can I punch you? This wasn't a career move.
This-this was an act of love.
Oh, we-we could just turn in all of it.
I mean, Dickens was paid by the inch.
Can I just read what you wrote? It's probably a lot better than what I have.
(Hanna) Okay, tell me you're not in love.
It's gorgeous.
And I got a simple veil to go with it.
Nothing too insane, but just a little something to add mystery.
The mystery is how am I going to walk in it.
I may need to borrow Emily's legs.
Well, I'll hem it.
You're gonna rock this dress, I promise.
Please try it on.
Oh, wait.
- What about the veil? - No, that's okay.
I don't want anything to detract from the dress.
You did good.
Your work here is done.
What about the tables? You want them to complement the dress, right? Can I please do the tables? Knock yourself out.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Go back outside.
I don't want you to see the bride.
- It's bad luck.
- I'm not the groom, Hanna.
I'm the minister or officiator, whatever.
Well, I'm styling it, so I guess we'll both be working the party.
Wait, you're gonna be there? That's weird.
- Why is it weird? - Because I.
I didn't invite any friends.
I was trying to be sensitive.
Sensitive to what? Making you sit at a small wedding with Caleb and Spencer two feet from the ceremony.
Would you be comfortable with that? I have no issue with Spencer and Caleb, alright? They're great together and we're all different people now.
I'm happy for them.
This is happy.
Ali, what is it? The night that Charlotte came home.
We stayed up late talking.
And I told her about us.
She stared at me like a cat.
And then she went upstairs.
I could tell that she felt betrayed.
Probably more by me than you.
I was her doctor.
No, I think she was angry at me.
That's why she ran out in the middle of the night.
It may not have been because of a phone call.
I might have delivered my sister.
To whoever did that to her.
Alison, th-that's not true.
The person who failed Charlotte in that moment.
Was me.
Not you.
Hey, how did it go? Excellent.
I'm now gainfully employed.
Well, at least until tomorrow night.
I'm starved.
Do you wanna order in? Oh, I'm going to a lecture with a guy from my psych class.
Trying to earn brownie points with the new professor.
Well, congratulations.
At least one of us will have a degree that matters.
I enrolled, Hanna, but it's not like it was four years ago when the only thing I had to worry about in freshman year was catching something from a communal shower curtain.
Emily, you're not gonna have Yes, I am, Hanna.
How am I supposed to take notes when the voice in my head is telling me that Sara Harvey is torturing you for something Melissa might have done? Wait, Melissa Hastings? Melissa might have called Charlotte from the diner, she could've been the one who lured her out in the middle of the night No, no, no, hold on.
Wasn't Melissa in London? Spencer thinks so.
Caleb doesn't.
[cell phone rings] Oh, who's Damian? Uh, he goes to Hollis.
That's who I'm meeting up with.
- Hey, there.
- 'Hey.
' It's a good thing I got here early.
It's insane.
That line behind me is waiting to get in.
- Can you save me a seat? - 'Sure.
' Yeah, I just wanted to make sure you're still coming.
- I'll see you soon.
- Bye.
He looks familiar.
Did you ever buy any used books from Hollis? No, but they did actually deliver a box for you this afternoon.
Really? I haven't ordered any.
Em, what's wrong? "What To Name The Baby?" What class is that? Oh, my God.
What does it say? I've chosen to share this with you because ultimately, my diagnosis was a wake-up call.
'And I trust now that you have this insight' you'll know that I don't give up without a fight.
[sighs] - Hanna, hey.
- Hey.
Hey, uh, did you get my messages? No, I'm-I'm so sorry.
I just turned my phone off, so that I could watch.
Are you okay? I think Melissa could have done it.
I saw your sister years ago in London.
Okay, where are you? You will never guess who just talked to me.
Okay, so I was in line at the bar and some stranger just compliments my shoes and I turn around, it's Claudia Freakin' Greco, Caleb.
And don't pretend like you don't know who she is.
I have to go.
Melissa? Hello, Hanna.
- What are you doing here? - I live here.
Well, not in this bathroom, but nearby.
No, this event.
Fashion Week.
Did you change careers? I came with a friend who ditched me because I've spent the entire night sobbing into my phone.
Is that drink yours or mine? Uh, yours.
How's Wren? He's gone.
He left me.
That scheming nut job who made your life a living hell has now moved on to mess with mine.
You mean Charlotte? Who the hell gave that twisted sister phone privileges? I mean, how does someone with her resume get put under penthouse arrest? I try not to think about her.
You know, forgive and forget.
Yeah, a leopard doesn't change its spots.
Wait, did she call you? No, she called Wren and clearly, she shared information with him because he's been looking at me for the last week like I should be the one locked up.
And is that because of Bethany Young? If she's willing to tell him, who else is she gonna tell? You know, we all have a past, Hanna.
Aren't you curious what she plans to use against you? Here.
Why don't we call her and find out? Melissa, stop.
Someone needs to shut her up for good.
Melissa, give me my phone! I'm doing you a favor.
You'll thank me one day.
Hi, this is Alison DiLaurentis.
Can I please speak to my sister, Charlotte? - Give me the phone.
- Well, wake her up.
She has her whole life to nap.
Tell her Hanna wants to say hi.
Melissa, stop.
No, I don't wanna speak to her doctor.
I wanna speak to my bloody sister! Put Charlotte on! I don't wanna hear her voice! [glass shatters] Well, you have a funny way of forgiving, Hanna.
Why didn't you tell me about this when you came home from that trip? She didn't want another person telling her that she wasn't over it.
Well, neither was your sister.
So can you at least find out if Melissa called that night from the diner? Thanks.
Oh, umm, what was the name of that sneaky blogger dude from Hollis? The one who freaked out you and Melissa? So what made you decide to come back? Here where you grew up.
What was the, what was the draw? Oh, uh, my mom was alone so I thought it'd be good to be nearby.
Hey, do you wanna grab a cup of coffee in here and take it across the street? - Sure.
That sounds great.
- Yeah.
[cell phone beeps] How do you take it? Your coffee? You know what? Let's skip the coffee.
Let's grab dinner instead.
Even better.
Ezra Fitz? Hi, I'm Liam Greene.
Uh, we met once before.
I work with Aria at the publishing house.
That's right.
Umm, what brings you to Rosewood? Aria invited me to her parents' wedding.
Oh, that's great.
That should be a lot of fun.
In a parents' wedding sort of way.
I'm actually meeting Aria here.
Umm, she suggested that, uh, we go over the chapters I gave her.
Oh, well, I'm anxious to read them myself.
From what I hear, it's a great plot.
Nice twists.
Strong characters.
Umm, I just wanna put it out there.
Uh, the protagonist was inspired by this woman that I traveled the world with.
Uh, it's not Aria.
Umm, I mean, we never ventured out past Philly.
And though some can find romance in the Liberty Bell umm, I just wanted to say this so there's no confusion.
If you thought I was writing about Aria and me, I'm not.
- Hey.
- Oh, look who it is.
Uh, sorry, I'm late, I was working on the ceremony and I must have lost track of time.
Umm, so how long have you two been sitting here? Umm, not long, but I'll leave you two alone.
I'm sure Mr.
Fitz is eager to get his feedback.
Liam, wait.
Does Ezra know that you know? - Know what? - About me ghostwriting.
No, but at least now I know that Mr.
Fitz was more than just your favorite teacher.
Is this why you wanted to stay in Rosewood? Liam.
Please pick up, pick up.
[automated message] 'Please leave a message.
' [sighs] Hey, Liam, it's me again.
Look, I'm so sorry, okay? Just.
I-I need a chance to explain.
Call me.
Oh, but not after 5:00.
I'll be marrying my parents.
- 'Have you eaten today?' - I can't remember.
- What day is it? - It's your wedding day.
You can't be nervous.
You've married Byron before.
'True, it makes no logical sense' but when he walks in the room, it's like I'm 19 again.
God, help me.
Well, I think it's fate.
People who are meant to be together take a break and then find their way back to their first love.
What's more romantic than that? Oh, Byron wasn't my first love.
His name was Ricky Eichler.
He played the drums and had green eyes that you could drown in and he was sexy and badass and I thought we would be together forever.
- What happened to him? - Who knows? We graduated and we grew up.
[cell phone rings] I'll call him back.
Is that message for me? How long are you gonna avoid me? I'm not avoiding you.
I'm trying Alison, I will give you as much space as you need.
I just don't wanna be pushed away because you feel unnecessary guilt.
I'm I'm feeling a lot of things.
Is there any way you can look at me and not see your sister? I'm here, Alison.
I'm alive.
And I love you.
And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.
What are you saying? Exactly what you think I said.
(Veronica) 'I mean, Gil said that.
' Hey, I wanted to say congratulations but by the time we got home, you were already asleep.
Oh, it was an exhausting day.
What's wrong? Apparently, while I was recording the speech a story came out intended to crush my opponent.
Well, that's politics.
Some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue.
Don't be glib.
This could destroy all the goodwill mom just earned.
How? Why would anything about Christine Phillips affect mom's speech? It's not about Christine.
- It's about her daughter.
- Yvonne? Why? What did she do? She got rid of an unwanted pregnancy in high school.
(Veronica) 'And someone was able to dredge up a medical report' which is more than just a little embarrassing when you're running on a pro-life platform.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah, it gets worse.
The Phillips camp believes the leak came out of our office.
There's a full-on investigation underway.
Any idea who would have put that out there? (Emily) 'I had a drink with Damian and all I could get out of him' was that Melissa was definitely back before Charlotte was released.
She could have made that call from the diner.
Okay, this place is either really unpopular or really closed.
Hanna, call me back.
The reception out here sucks, but keep trying.
Oh, and send me some wedding pictures.
[dramatic music] [doorknob rattles] [engine revving] [gasps] [engine revving] [banging] Hello, is anybody there? Hello? [intense music] (Aria) Who are we when we're alone? And who are we when we're with this other person? Are we really ready to be with another person 'before we truly know ourselves?' My parents have answered these questions.
They know exactly who they are and what they want.
As individuals, each of them is loving, wise and sensitive.
Together, they're more.
They're inspiring.
So here they are together again making a new commitment to be there for the best week ever and the worst week ever which sometimes happens in the same week.
Byron, Ella do you promise to love, comfort and honor each other for the rest of your lives? (both) We do.
Then I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Dad, you may kiss mom.
But remember, you're doing it in front of your daughter.
[cheering and applauding] [cell phone beeps] [cell phone beeps] [engine revving] [grunts] [intense music] (Caleb) It can't be Mona.
- You don't know that.
- I do.
I made it clear, if she messes with this family she's gonna be back underground breathing through a straw.
Okay, so what? You think Sara Harvey did this? [door opens] Forgive the intrusion, but I just got off the phone with Gil.
- What did he say? - Maybe you should come inside.
I am inside.
What did he say? Christine Phillips hired an expert who tracked the source of the leak.
What is going on? It was traced back to your IP address, Spencer.
What? That doesn't make any sense.
I haven't touched this laptop all day.
I was with Caleb watching your speech on his computer at The Brew Spencer, please, don't lie to me.
You must have hacked into their system.
That's how you knew about my diagnosis.
No, mom, that's not how I knew No, she didn't do it.
I did it.
I leaked it.
Is that true? Caleb, why are you saying this? Do you understand what this means? They were prepared to do the same to you.
Sometimes you need to make a preemptive strike.
That wasn't your call to make.
Mom, he didn't do this.
Well, you'll need to resign from this campaign immediately.
And it would also be wise to gather your things and leave here tonight.
[engine revving] [engine revving] [gasps] [panting] So where are they going for their honeymoon? Atlantic City.
My mom had a Groupon.
I'm joking.
It's some dumpy, little motel on the Jersey Shore where they spent a wild college weekend.
Thanks for coming.
I'm glad I did.
It was helpful to hear what your thoughts are on true love and commitment.
I am so sorry.
I wasn't completely honest about my.
History with Ezra.
Why did you hold back? I guess I still wasn't being completely honest with myself.
It's been.
It's been confusing.
It was pretty clear on the page.
If he's the one you were writing about I wasn't or.
Maybe I was.
I don't know.
Writing those words.
Maybe it gave me the chance to work it out.
And have you? I think so.
How does it end? I didn't know until right now.
Take apart this careful mask I've made Would you care to offer up your skin So I can breathe again Here we go again back to the starting line Here we go again saving face and doing time Here we go again is it your choice or mine Never mind I'm doing fine Hey, Jordan, sorry, I haven't called you back.
I've been in full wedding mode.
Well, somebody else's.
But for ours, I think I picked a date.
How does May 17 sound to you? Okay, well, umm, call me back.
Oh, and I love you.
Here we go again is it your choice or mine Here we go Oh never mind I'll be fine No.
No, you're not leaving.
Please, just go in there and tell my mother the truth.
Spencer, she's two weeks out.
This is the truth she needs to win.
If there needs to be a scapegoat, let it be me.
- Not you.
- Caleb Hey, I will figure out who did this.
You need to find out what Melissa's been up to.
I can cover for one sister at a time.
Where are you gonna go? I don't know.
I'll-I'll work it out.
I want you to stay.
I know you do.
But I can't.
What happened? What is that? What's left of my phone.
Emily, where were you? Did you go back to the tunnel? Did your car break down? I couldn't even make it to my car.
And when I did, I was shaking so much, I could barely drive.
Emily, were you attacked? Did Sara Harvey come after you? - I was, but it wasn't her.
- Well, then who? I don't know.
Sara Harvey wants this murder solved.
Whoever this was, they wanna cover it up.
How do you know that? Because they may have found the weapon.
What? They were willing to kill me to get it back.
So what are you saying? There's now more than one person after us? There's definitely two.
[pounding on door] Whoa! Who is that? [pounding continues] Sure someone paid the caterer? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I told you it was too late.
- She was sleeping.
- They weren't sleeping.
- 'Oh, hi.
' - Hi.
Party's kinda over, guys.
Umm, were you guys looking Get married tonight.
Alison tells me you're now licensed.
Wait, you wanna get married? You want me to marry you? To each other? Right now? Is English her first language? Oh, I cannot do that.
Why not? Your twinkle lights are still on in your backyard.
And I have rings.
Please, Aria, marry us.
[dramatic music]