Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Spirit Week

I need help.
Davie, please.
Help me. Help me, please.
Please, look at me. Please.
Sidney. Sidney.
Sidney, please, look at me.
Please, I'm begging you.
Look at me, please. Please.
- Come on, Sid.
- Davie, maybe we should
We talked about this.
Okay, party people!
Grab those beers and steer
because the time is now!
Twenty, 19, 18
17, 16, 15
14, 13, 12
Can you see me now?!
No! Don't!
- Imogen.
- Hm?
Drink your milk.
- Milk with dinner is gross.
- Oh, okay.
Your only source of calcium
can't be from Ben and Jerry's.
Thank you.
Are you sure you're up
for this, sweetie?
'Cause, you know, you could
just burn her things.
- Like a backyard bonfire?
- That is standard punishment
for being a fair-weather friend.
And a stark raving crazy bitch.
Mom! The language.
If you hear screams
call for help.
Greg's waiting in the car,
so I don't want any drama.
Me neither.
Hello, Karen.
Haven't seen much of you lately.
Hi, Miss Adams.
I've been busy.
Here. This was taped
to your door.
Where's my stuff?
Upstairs in my room.
Karen: Fine.
Mom? Everything okay?
Yeah. Yes, yeah.
Just, um flyer for a new
restaurant in town.
You two, go on up.
You gave me that shirt,
It's not like you
can wear it anymore.
Karen, I told you.
I've told you. I didn't
kiss Greg. He kissed me.
Shut up!
When are you gonna let it go?
Let it go?
You sucked my boyfriend's
face at my fucking party.
You know what?
Forget it.
You can keep all this stuff.
It's shit anyway.
You look great, Mom.
What do you have,
an eharmony date later?
Oh, you're funny.
What are we thinking for dinner?
Oh, I'm working late.
It's Brian De Palma week.
We're showing "Body Double"
and "Dressed to Kill."
Hm, well, you've been picking up
a lot of extra shifts lately.
Almost like
you don't wanna be at home.
Tabby: It's not that. I
just wanna give Imogen
her space after
what happened.
Listen, will you do me a favor
and just drop off the spare key
at her house?
Under the mat.
Cleaners need to get in there
before I start
showing it next week.
Imogen: Morning.
Morning, Imogen!
- You want some breakfast?
- No.
I couldn't sleep last night,
and inhaled a pint
of chocolate fudge brownie
at, like, five in the morning.
I'll get some more after school.
All good.
Uh, s-school?
Are you sure, sweetie?
I have to do it, Miss Hayworth.
Even if it's just
to distract myself.
Plus, if I miss too
many more classes,
they'll make me repeat the year
and my mom would hate that.
Would've hated that.
In high school, I would've
done anything for your mom.
And she would've done
the same for me.
We can walk together.
Uh, Mom, do you have those keys?
Oh, you know what?
Don't worry about it.
I-I'll do it later.
It's fine really.
I was actually just
looking for a picture
that I think must
be at the house.
Did you know our moms were
friends back in high school,
'cause I definitely didn't.
Me neither.
And my mom and I pretty
much talked about everything.
- Though she did vague out about high school a bit.
- Same.
Well, I think it's really fucking
brave what you're doing.
Going back to the hell mouth
that is Millwood High.
Are you nervous?
It'll probably be like
when everyone heard
I was pregnant.
I'll be the teen tragedy
of the week
till some other kid
whose life is even more
messed up than mine comes along.
It's okay I'll do it.
And I'll come back
for my picture another time.
Oh my god.
It's spirit week?
Abandon hope, ye who enter here.
It's not too late to turn back.
Gotta rip the Band-Aid off.
Come on.
Don't make eye contact.
Karen: Imogen?
Oh my god.
I didn't think you'd be
back this year at all.
How are you holding up?
You would know, Karen,
if you weren't
such a narcissist
and cared enough
to check in with her.
Get off my ass, Tabitha.
You weren't there, okay?
I was.
It was traumatizing.
Look, anything you need
you just let me know, 'kay?
Come on, Imogen. Let's go.
One more thing.
People may be polite to you,
but trust me,
nobody wants your pregnant,
tragic ass here.
Have a good
first day back, 'kay?
Karen, why do you
have to be a bitch
about literally everything?
Karen's a giant walking
macro aggression,
but there's safety in numbers.
You wanna sit together at lunch?
Yeah for sure.
Cool, I'll meet you
in the cafeteria,
and, Imogen
fuck 'em.
You don't owe anyone anything.
Thanks, Tabby.
Ooh! Faran!
Aw, no need to come out, Rodent.
We already know.
By the way, have you cast
your vote yet?
It's Mouse, you dick.
I'm sorry?
You heard me, basic Barbie.
Oh, shit, sorry.
You're good.
And you're right
Beasley is a dick.
She and Kelly
are both evil twins.
Noa: Order up.
Thank you.
How's your mom doing, Noa?
I-I don't miss the hospital,
but I miss her.
She's fine Surviving.
'Sup, Kelly? Saw Karen's
running for Spirit Queen.
Say hello for me?
Yeah will do.
Then, see you tomorrow morning.
First thing.
Like always.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Noa,
wait up. What's wrong?
My life's a shits how, Shawn.
I have to account
for every second of my day.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's only three more weeks, Noa.
No, the ankle monitor's
for just three more weeks.
Then peeing in a cup is
for the rest of the year,
and community service
is every day.
And the dance is this weekend.
I didn't think dances
were your thing.
They're not but you are.
And you're always
missing cool shit
because we have to stay home.
No, it's just a lame-ass dance.
I'll hang at your place instead.
We always hang at my place.
You're so close to getting
that shackle off.
It's not worth the risk.
I hear ya.
- Hey your mom's workin' nights this week, right?
- Mm-hm.
So, like I said
we'll hang at your place.
Catch you later.
As discussed, you'll be
pairing with a partner
to make a short film
inspired by a classic
from the list
that's going around.
- Tabitha, yes.
- Mr. Smithee,
there are 20 movies
on this list,
and not one was made
by a director of color.
And don't even get me
started on the fact
that there are only two women.
Seriously, Mr. Smithee,
Tabby's right.
There's no Kurosawa,
no Guillermo del Toro
No John Singleton,
no Ava DuVernay
As always, Miss Hayworth, your
passion for film is admirable,
but this curriculum has been vetted
by my colleagues and the school board.
No one is stopping you from
watching whatever movies you'd like to
outside of these four walls.
Good point
which is why I'm starting
a film series at the Or the um,
beginning with a Jordan Peele
double feature
Fantastic, but you still have
to participate in this class
with a film
from my approved list.
No texting in class,
Miss Hayworth.
Another thing that links
Melville and Hawthorne,
For Melville, the ur-symbol
is a white whale.
For Hawthorne,
it's a red letter A,
which Hester Prynne is forced
to wear around her neck
for being a sinner.
Imogen Adams?
Yes Sorry. What was the question?
Teacher: Can you
speak to Hester's duality?
For the lead roles,
Prince Siegfried, Henry;
Princess Odette, the White Swan,
Kelly Beasley;
And Odile, the Black Swan
Wait, so, I didn't get a part?
I'm sorry, Karen,
I missed you on my list.
You'll be dancing the Queen.
Siegfried's mother?
Madame Giry: All right, take
five minutes, and we'll get started.
- Congratulations, girl.
- Thanks, Karen.
I mean
Giry probably had to make you
the Black Swan because,
well, you're
the only girl who's
Who's what Karen?
Never mind.
You just be a queen, girl.
Faran: Mom,
I got it! I got the part.
Yes! I knew it.
My baby is the prima balleria
of Millwood High.
Honey, are you there?
Yeah, sorry.
Will you come?
What kind of a question is that?
Mom, you never wanna come
to any of my high school stuff.
For this, I would
make an exception.
I am so proud of you, baby.
Ew, he asked you?
That's insane. I literally
would've just walked away.
- sorry about your mom. Brutal.
- Thanks, Sandy.
Do you know what
you're gonna do now?
I'm staying with the Hayworths.
No, I meant about the baby.
Are you gonna have to raise it all
alone now, or can the father help?
He was some lifeguard, right?
Nurse Simmons:
What can I do for you, Imogen?
I wanna get rid of it,
Nurse Simmons
as soon as possible, like today.
My mom and I
we were gonna keep the baby
and raise it together,
but obviously,
that's not happening now,
and the father's
not going to help,
so I think
I've been thinking
that best option for me
is to abort it.
You know?
And I-I know that,
that you can't
do that here,
but maybe you can
call the clinic?
You're six months
pregnant, Imogen.
It's too late for an abortion.
You know that.
Yeah, I do.
Of course.
I'm just, um
a bit overwhelmed.
It's three months, Imogen.
Then you can give
it up for adoption.
You can make it three
more months, can't you?
Of course.
Hey, Olivar, wait up.
Vote for me for Spirit Queen?
I'm not voting for you, Karen.
Fine by me.
I'm running unopposed.
Then why even ask?
You know what? Forget it.
I'm running late. I gotta go.
On your way
to community service?
It's a shame you have to
work with all those thugs.
Say hi to my dad for me.
Sheriff Beasley: The mayor thinks
this block is ripe for redevelopment.
Step one,
cleanin' up all the shit
that's been dumped
on it over the years.
Each of you takes a section.
Check in with me at six,
not a minute before.
Student: Woo!
Excuse me?
- My bad. Sorry, sorry.
- Yeah, I was wondering.
Theater's mopped.
- Hey, Tabby. What's up?
- Hey, Chip.
Will you mop up the booth, Chip?
It's looking pretty
gnarly in there.
Sure, but, uh, the schedule
says it's Tabby's turn.
- Sorry, Tabs.
- Wes: Tabby's helpin' me with the popcorn.
Can you mop up
the booth, please?
Yeah. Sure, it's, uh
no problem.
On it.
Fuck this.
I'm reporting your ass!
Shouldn't you at least
pretend to work?
I'm manager now.
I don't have to pretend.
And this is work. Research.
Hm, masters of horror.
Let me guess. The three Cs?
Carpenter, Cronenberg,
and Craven?
And your boy De Palma's
dissed yet again.
See? The thing most people
don't realize about De Palma
is he's an auteur
as good as Hitchcock,
better even.
I mean, the stalking sequence
in "Dressed to Kill"
is a tour de force.
Yeah, but is it better than
the shower scene in "Psycho"?
Not to mention "Dressed to Kill"
sexualizes all
of the killer's victims
before they're slashed to death
with a straight razor.
Are you sure you're just
in high school, Tabs?
'Cause you remind me a lot
of the girls I used
to date at NYU.
Dream school.
Hey speaking
of masters of horror,
would you be down
to host a double feature
of "Get Out" and "Us" on
Thursday, like right after school?
- For?
- Millwood High kids.
I'm trying to expose them
to at least some diverse
contemporary film making.
I figure the screenings
could be free,
but we charge
for popcorn and soda.
Smart. Let's do it.
Hey, you don't need
a ride home tonight, do you?
- Noa: Hi, Mom.
- Hey there.
How was community service?
It was okay.
You keeping your distance
from those other kids?
They're not the problem.
You don't need any bad
influences in your life.
What time's your shift?
- Graveyard, unfortunately.
- Mm.
- Wash up for dinner?
- Mm-hm.
I meant what I said earlier.
You're somethin' else,
you know that, Tabs?
You're special.
I really believe that.
And so do my old professors.
Wait, you've talked to them about me?
Of course, I have. It's
your dream school, right?
That or USC
or AFI, which is where
Ari Aster went. Yeah, I know.
Sort of annoying that
we're both the same age.
Mm, don't hate
on Ari Aster, please.
"Midsommar" is flawed,
but "Hereditary"
is a masterpiece,
and let's not get sidetracked.
You talked to your professors
about me? In what context?
As a young filmmaker
they should be lookin' out for.
Start the car now.
- Stay in here, Tabby.
- Wes?
Fincher, Zodiac don't.
- Hey.
- Hey. It's late.
Imogen's already in bed.
Yeah, we had to stay
and do inventory.
Wes gave me a ride.
- You hungry?
- No, I ate, like,
two buckets of caramel popcorn.
Plus, I have
a ton of homework.
- Night.
- Night.
Madame Giry:
Good enough.
We'll leave it here for today.
Class dismissed.
Nice work, Bryant.
Sorry if I sweat on you.
It's okay, Henry.
Occupational hazard, right?
Madame Giry:
Could we have a word in private?
Good luck.
Madame Giry: You didn't
stay to practice last night.
I was working.
Faran, I'm happy
you're in my class.
But you won't get to Alvin Ailey
by being a dilettante.
Who says Alvin Ailey's the goal?
- Isn't it?
- You mean because I'm Black?
I was thinking more ABT.
I worry ABT might not be
the right fit
for a dancer like you
with your medical history.
If ABT found out
about your scoliosis,
I doubt they'd accept you.
Too much risk of reinjury.
But don't worry.
I'll keep your secret safe.
Thank you Madame Giry.
- Hey, got a sec?
- What? Uh
What's up?
Hi I'm Ash.
I'm Mouse.
I've, uh, noticed
you in the halls,
checking out my fliers
for Spectrum.
You should come
to one of our meetings.
Oh, uh, yeah.
I-I'm not really into
extracurriculars or groups.
Totally get it.
But it's mostly
just about having
a super-safe place
for people to meet and talk.
we have great snacks.
I-I do like snacks.
In that case,
want to have lunch together?
Principal Clanton:
How are you
doing, Imogen?
Thank you for asking,
Principal Clanton.
Nurse Simmons came
to see me about you.
Isn't she supposed to keep those
visits confidential
or something?
Oh, this is purely out of
concern for your well-being.
We're all just so
worried about you, Imogen,
to the point where we've
been discussing how.
Millwood High might
not be e-equipped
to offer you the kind
of support that you need
at this vulnerable time.
I had a bad day,
Principal Clanton, that's all.
do not kick me out.
Oh, no. No one's
kicking anyone out.
You haven't done anything wrong,
but as principal,
I have a responsibility
to the entire student body.
Some of your classmates are
triggered by your presence here.
What classmates in particular?
Are you fucking serious, Karen?!
- Excuse me?
- Don't play dumb.
Like you didn't go to
Principal Clanton about me.
Oh, shit.
Imogen you don't seem well.
Are you sure this is
the right environment
for someone in your
delicate condition?
Thank you so much
for your concern,
but I'm fine.
Your unhinged behavior
indicates otherwise.
What did I ever do to you?
And, Greg.
You piece of shit coward.
Will you finally
tell her the truth?
You don't belong here.
And I am not the only person
who feels that way.
Hm Hm.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
In fact
I'm gonna be Spirit Queen
just like my mom was.
- What are you even talking about?
- Aw, keep up, Karen.
I'm running against you,
and I'm gonna win.
She's got my vote.
Could you say
something next time?
How was school today, girls?
It was fine.
Not fine.
Everyone is insane.
Starting with Imogen Adams,
who thinks it's perfectly normal
to be walking around
six months pregnant
and now, with a dead,
suicidal mother.
And to top it off,
Madame Giry gave
the lead role in "Swan Lake"
to this one girl
- just 'cause she's
- Better than you.
Is she a better dancer than you?
Karen's really good, Dad.
I mean
I don't think so.
Take a look around you
your nice clothes,
and this house.
Do you know how all
these things are possible?
It is because I'm the best
at what I do.
You want to dance the lead role,
be better than everyone else.
Should we have dessert?
Who are you chatting with?
A friend from school.
I don't like you spending
so much time online, Mouse.
It's fine.
Just be careful.
There are bad people out there.
- Night.
- Night.
You need to get a suit.
I'm not gonna be
crowed Spirit Queen
with you in your stupid
letter man jacket.
Babe I told ya,
I got a new sports coat.
You're gonna have to get another
one if you keep eating that way.
Why are you giving me shit?
Coach had us running sprints today.
And it's not my fault
you had another one
of your fucked-up
family dinners.
I'm not your mom.
'Kay? You can't just talk
to me however you want.
God she is so pathetic.
I'll never be like her.
And my dad,
he is such a little cocksucker
acting like I don't
deserve to be the lead
when I'm a way better
dancer than that cunt.
It's ballet.
Seriously, who cares?
Who cares?
- Ow! The fuck is wrong with you?
- You're what's wrong with me.
Look, do I go around
telling you that
your football games
don't matter,
even though you lose
every single one?
No. I fucking stand there,
cheering you on, supporting you
because that's what
a good girlfriend does.
God, you stupid shit.
You're lucky I let you touch me.
- What are you doing?
- I'm not doin' this with you tonight, Karen.
so I guess I'm
paying for dinner.
Way to be a gentleman, Greg.
Fuck off, Karen.
Why aren't you practicing?
I'm taking a break.
You have to build up
your endurance.
But you know that already.
See you tomorrow.
- Tabby: So, Spirit Queen, huh?
- Yeah.
It's official.
The teen tragedy of the week is
- full-on spiraling.
- What?
You calling Karen a bitch
in front of everyone?
That wasn't spiraling.
That was truth.
Not that part so much.
I, um
had a panic attack yesterday
a series of many panic attacks.
Oh my god.
When you say "panic attacks,"
do you mean
I mean, I couldn't
stop throwing up
and I asked Nurse Simmons to make
me an appointment for an abortion.
- But other than that.
- Listen
no one loves an abortion
road trip movie more than me,
- but I don't think
- No, I know.
It wasn't a rational request.
It's all just so
Like, it was hard enough
when my mom was still here,
but now, that it's just me.
went back
to the house yesterday.
Tabby, the night my mom
That night, my mom got this.
It's an invitation to some party
back when she
was in high school.
Also, I have no idea
why she did it.
M-My mother would never
She would never
leave me that way,
especially not now when I'm.
Did she leave a note?
This is the picture
that I went looking for.
My mom came with me to
the hospital, and held my hand,
and said everything
was going to be okay.
That was a lie I guess.
Everything is gonna be okay,
and for what it's worth,
I think you should run
for Spirit Queen.
- Oh god.
- Come on!
- Let's go Tracy Flick on this bitch.
- Mm.
We can make flyers
for your campaign,
and we can put them up tomorrow.
And worst-case scenario,
we make Karen sweat
just a little bit.
Mm, that
- might be worth it.
- Mm-hm.
Hey! Can I help
you with somethin'?
You can't be in here. Hey!
What the hell are
you doin' in here?
This This is off-limits.
School property.
Fuck this.
I'm callin' the sheriff.
- Imogen: Wait.
- Tabby: Who did this?
Both: Karen.
Miss Adams
Miss Hayworth
my office, now!
Do you have a pen?
- Student: Ew!
- Oh my god!
Mr. G
- What's up?
- Principal Clanton wants to see you in his office, Mouse.
Did you put.
A dead rat in Karen Beasley's
book bag?
Nurse Simmons: Your test came
back positive for cannabis, Noa.
What? No.
No, that's impossible. Someone
screwed up, or switched samples.
Who would've done that?
And why?
- Now, I should notify Sheriff Beasley.
- No. God, no, please.
I didn't.
I called your mother instead.
So, detention for a week,
and tests until summer break.
What's wrong? Are you okay?
What is it now, Karen?
It's my foot.
I don't know.
Why, Faran?
You already had the part.
- I didn't do this.
- No one else would've.
Faran, go to my office.
Detention, ladies,
lasts one hour.
This is such bullshit.
We shouldn't be here, Tabby.
Faran: Wait.
Are you two the ones who trashed.
Karen's stupid
Spirit Queen posters?
Mm, I truly wish we could take
the credit, but no.
We didn't do it. Karen trashed
her own posters to frame us.
She sent me a message
in the posters.
A message only I
would understand.
But it was her Trust.
I thought you two were tight.
No, that was last year.
This year, she wants
to annihilate me.
At first, it was
because she thinks
I kissed her boyfriend.
Now, it is because
everything I do enrages her.
Tabby: And, of course,
Principal Clanton
took Karen's word against ours,
even though it's
two against one.
Karen put razor blades
in her pointe shoes,
then said it was me,
which got me thrown
out of "Swan Lake."
Damn That's some extreme
ballet shit there.
Imogen: Yep.
She'll do anything to win,
or to destroy anyone
she sees as a threat.
Why didn't you tell
your teacher the truth?
I tried to,
but she's basically
an adult version of Karen.
This whole school is Karens.
Principal Clanton, our teachers.
They should have our backs,
not stab them.
Okay, now I'm thinking Karen
landed my ass in detention, too.
I have to take these
drug tests, right?
Well, Nurse Simmons says
I failed my last one,
but I bet that bitch got
her sister to spike my pee.
Only 'cause I said I wouldn't
vote for her for Spirit Queen.
That would be more than
enough justification for Karen.
And, and before she started
dating her boyfriend
- she tried to get with mine.
- Imogen: Wait.
- Is your boyfriend Shawn Noble?
- Yes?
She definitely went after him,
and he definitely
wasn't interested,
so she definitely hates you.
- Sorry.
- Like I give a shit what that psycho thinks.
I just I don't need any more
trouble from her dad at this point.
Karen said I put
a dead rat in her bag.
- What the fuck?
- What?
- Jesus.
- Did you?
Of course, I didn't.
It was Karen.
On the first day of school,
when I introduced myself
to her in homeroom and said,
"Hi, my name is Mouse,"
- she said
- You're named after a rodent?
Ew, that's disgusting.
And ever since that day,
she's called me "rodent."
Okay, but why would
she go after you now?
That's the terrifying
thing about Karen.
She doesn't need a reason.
But I did just call her
a basic Barbie,
and basically told her
to fuck off,
so I guess I deserve it.
She's rampaging
'cause she's scared she
may not win Spirit Queen.
I dared to challenge her,
and you all made it clear
she won't be getting your votes.
Wait, so we're all here because
that bitch Beasley targeted us.
Yes, and because no one
in the school cares enough
- to hold her accountable.
- Seriously, how has Karen not been canceled yet?
Maybe we need to be
the ones to do it.
My mom died and she didn't
even bother to come to the funeral.
Like you said,
Beasley's a bitch.
But so is payback.
Who's with me?
I'm in with whatever.
I'm in.
Hell yeah.
Let's fuck some shit up.
Yes, 100% yes.
Tabby: Awesome.
The question is
what do we do?
What can we do?
Oh, that's easy.
I think
we should kill Karen Beasley.
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