Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter Two: The Spirit Queen

Uh, your beer is all foam,
so unless we can raid your
dad's liquor cabinet
No way.
He's gonna check it when they get back
from their church retreat or whatever.
I told you we should've
ordered more kegs.
Mm, can Greg go get us some?
Greg and I are in a huge fight,
so, uh, if you two
bitches want more beer,
you gotta go get it yourselves.
I'll find Greg and ask him. Mwah!
Ooh, sorry!
How long do we have to stay?
It's a party, Chip. Give it a chance.
Pretend we're at Tom Cruise's party
at the end of "Risky Business,"
or at the house party
in "Almost Famous,"
or from, like, "The
Social Network," or
- or you could just get us some drinks?
- Sure.
- Where'd you get those cups?
- Through there.
Shouldn't you be hangin'
with your football buddies?
I'd rather chill with you.
Karen's looking for you.
She wants you to do a beer run.
Jesus, can't a guy even take a piss?
You know how Karen gets
when she wants something.
- You know what I want?
- Hm?
I want Karen to be more like you.
I You're just such
a good person, Imogen.
Thanks, Greg.
You are, too.
You're going crazy tonight.
Hey, uh, Karen? We need to talk.
Have you seen Greg or Imogen?
That's what we need to talk about.
I'm so sorry. I just
I thought you should know.
Karen hey. I was
looking for you. Can we
You kissed my fucking boyfriend?!
- No, that's so not what happened.
- Imogen, I saw you together.
Then what you saw was Greg kissing me.
Babe, it was nothing. She was
just being drunk and stupid.
No! No, Karen, he kissed me.
- Get out!
- Karen, please, believe me
Get the fuck out of my house, you slut!
Karen had a party at her
house maybe six months ago.
It was the night Karen and Kelly
and I stopped being friends.
Wait, I think I was at
this party, randomly,
fully tryna be one of those cool kids
in that '80s rom-com kind of way.
Oh, yeah, I saw you with your boyfriend.
Who, Chip?
No, Chip is not my boyfriend.
He's more like my gay best friend
- who happens to be straight.
- Well, I was there with my boyfriend
right, right before
he became my boyfriend.
I heard about the
party after the fact.
Karen invited me to that party,
but I chose not to go.
There's a video from that night
that someone made on
their phone of Karen,
which, if people saw
it would destroy her.
Destroy Karen?
- Like, embarrass Karen?
- If we posted it somewhere?
Exactly. She is messy as fuck in it.
The internet is for eternity.
I'm just gonna ask
what we're all thinking.
Is it a sex video?
No! I would never. Not a sex video.
Okay, well
if we didn't wanna post it,
and it's not a sex video
- I could screen it.
- How?
I work at the Orpheum.
Depending on what kind of file it is,
I could project it right before
my Jordan Peele double feature.
By the way, you all have to come.
Kids would see it, but it wouldn't be
on the internet forever.
Unless they record it.
Maybe I could edit the video?
Make it short enough so people
don't even have enough time
- to pull out their phones.
- Okay
where's the video?
- Can we see it?
- I have it
on a phone
at my house.
Your old house?
My mom's a real estate agent.
She says bad things have
happened in most houses
but this is an Amityville
level of weird, right?
Like, I'm getting some serious
"Poltergeist" vibes right now.
Imogen? Everything okay?
Maybe one of us should go up there?
Yeah maybe you should.
Hey, Imogen? Is everything
Oh my god! No jump scares ever.
but we need to charge it.
Uh, but maybe in a more public setting.
Is anyone else hungry?
Are you really not gonna
tell us whose phone that is?
A douchebag. That's
all you need to know.
If it's not yours, how do
you have the pass-code for it?
Pass codes aren't hard.
Pass codes are easy if you know anything
about the person whose phone you have.
Yep, sounds like a major douchebag.
Who wants to see it first?
Keep the volume low.
Oh my god.
How drunk was she that night?
Seriously, whose phone is this?
And do they know you have it?
He's never said anything about it.
What if this backfires on us
- and people feel sorry for her?
- No.
There isn't a single
student in Millwood High
who wouldn't love to see her skinny ass
knocked down a peg or two.
I mean, I would.
I would, too.
Maybe we should vote.
- I vote we show it.
- Ditto.
Karen treats people like
shit every single day.
If you're not sucking up to her,
then she's trying to destroy you,
and she's not, like
on a hero's transformational
journey or whatever.
She's never gonna change.
She's been that way
since the second grade.
So, is that a vote
for "yes, we show it"?
You know what?
Let's sleep on it.
Maybe this is a bad idea.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
- I thought you were working a double.
- I should be,
but I got a call from school
saying that my daughter
put razor blades in
another girl's shoes.
When we call you and say it's important,
you can't just text us, Mouse.
And why does the school
think you put a dead rat
inside one of your classmate's bag?
You tested positive for marijuana?
Thank god Teresa called
me and not the sheriff.
- Do you wanna start, or should I?
- Okay, real talk
we didn't do it, Mom. Imogen
and I walked to school together,
and when we got there,
Karen's posters were trashed.
Somebody else did it,
probably Karen herself.
- Why?
- She's a psycho, Mom.
- Don't call her that.
- But she is!
She's like full "Jawbreaker."
We didn't do it. We were scapegoated.
I believe you.
And that is why you're
better than 99% of TV moms.
Are you watching the video?
- What video?
- The one Karen texted us.
It was Karen.
She called each and every one of us out.
What'd she say in your text, Imogen?
"That's what you get for
trying to steal my boyfriend."
How did she expect us to respond?
She doesn't. It's a mind fuck.
That's all this is. It's
like she's taunting us.
Why, though?
Because she's a
deranged bitch, clearly.
Should we tell someone? The cops?
- Karen's father, you mean?
- Yeah, maybe let's not do that.
You were friends with her,
Imogen, why is Karen doing this?
'Cause she's insecure,
and toxic, and not a good person.
She put an innocent
animal inside a tank,
and then turned that tank into a vacuum.
It died an excruciating
death while she filmed it.
Not a good person? She
is a horrible human being.
She's racist, homophobic,
hateful, privileged,
and she's gonna keep
being all those things
for the rest of high school.
Unless we do something to stop her.
Fuck it.
We have to take her down.
If we all agree to go for it
I had an idea of something
I could do with the video,
edit it in a certain way.
Okay, so we are doing this?
Because it's not even a question for me.
Yes. Hard yes.
She filmed herself killing
a living thing for fun
What do you think? Really?
I'm in if you are.
It's on.
Let me do my thing,
and we'll talk tomorrow.
What's this about?
I'm hosting a screening at the Orpheum.
- Why?
- Because Jordan Peele is dope,
and Mr. Smithee's racially biased.
And he's not the only one.
It's also an event to promote my
friend's Spirit Queen campaign.
Clanton's letting you run?
After you trashed my posters?
I think he was afraid
that the pregnant girl
would sue the school if he didn't.
And we didn't trash your posters.
Though, if there's anything
you'd like to confess,
this is your last chance.
What would I possibly have to confess?
Nothing at all, Karen. You're perfect.
You gonna give a speech or something?
- Why do you care?
- Maybe I'll come.
- Please don't.
- Oh, I'll be there.
You're blowing up, babe.
It's the guys. Just
makin' plans for the dance.
I gotta get off this thread.
You can go if you want.
Without you? No, I'm good.
Really, Shawn, you
should go. I'm serious.
Is this a test?
You're on the football
team. You should be there.
You guys are like the guests of honor.
When did you make this?
Last night in the wee hours.
And where'd you get the
raw footage?
Friend of a friend.
And you really wanna show
this before your screening?
It's kind of majorly fucked up, no?
Karen sent out some
videos of her own, okay?
Far more disturbing than this one.
Like, animal torture
porn, Jeffrey Dahmer style.
- What? Jesus.
- Yeah, she's
always been a monster,
but this week has been next level.
Okay, look, I'm I'm
with you. You know that.
Thanks, Chip.
You're the best, and quid pro quo,
Dr. Lecter, I'll owe you.
Uh, well, in that case, do you
wanna go to the Spirit
Week dance with me?
Will you project the video?
Then, yeah, let's go.
It'll be fun.
- Where's Karen sitting?
- Dead center.
I'm shocked she came, to be honest.
Proving my theory.
No one loves free shit
more than rich people.
Are you guys goin' in?
Hold onto your butts.
I'm hot, right?
Like, super fuckin' hot.
Show me how fuckin' hot you are.
- What's going on?
- Can you believe
Greg kissing that fucking
slut when he has me?
Asshole couldn't even
keep his little pencil dick
hard enough to fuck me properly.
Kelly, what is this?
I-I don't know.
It was, like, 15 seconds tops.
Shit. You are cold, girl.
Yo, keep it comin',
though. Keep it comin'.
What a lowly little bitch
with a tiny, tiny little pecker.
Mm how big are you?
I'm huge. Yeah, I'm massive.
Do you wanna show me? Come on.
Show me, show me, show me, show me.
Yeah, yeah. Okay, okay.
I'll show you mine, but ladies first.
What do you wanna see?
- Wanna see top or bottom?
- Karen!
We're okay, right?
I mean, it wasn't that bad Was it?
It wasn't as bad as torturing
and killing an animal.
Don't forget, she made it look like
I put razor blades in her shoes.
I could've been
arrested. I might
still be arrested
by her Nazi father.
It was a mirror.
We held up a mirror to her,
and everyone saw who she really is.
Guys, I should probably go.
Got curfew.
- Anyone want a ride?
- I wish.
I gotta stay and sweep up the floors.
- Fun.
- Yeah.
Was this okay?
- Really?
- Yes.
Karen's shook, which is what we wanted,
and now maybe she'll think twice
about harassing any of us.
Go catch a ride with them.
Okay? I'll see you at home.
Well, Chip? I'm waiting.
What's going on?
Didn't you see?
The little video Chip
played before the movie?
I got enough complaints about it.
- Wes, it wasn't Chip's video.
- Tabby, you don't have to
- What?
- It was mine.
I asked Chip to show it.
He tried to talk me out of
it, but I wouldn't let him.
- So, if you're gonna punish someone
- Chip, go home.
I need to talk to Tabby
We could all get in serious
trouble for what you did.
- I don't know, Tabby.
- Please don't fire me, Wes.
I really really love working here.
Besides my house, this is the one place
in this shitty town
where I feel at home.
I am truly beyond sorry.
I can tell you are.
So this is your one fuckup.
Thank you, Wes.
And, hopefully this
never comes up again,
but definitely not with
any of your professors at NYU, right?
You're lucky I like you so much.
Clean up then I'll
give you a ride home.
Hey, I gotta go,
but I'll see you in a bit, 'kay?
Sorry, Mom.
That was Karen, I take it?
I said I'd meet her at
the mall before it closes.
That cool?
Just remember something, Imogen.
You are who you hang out with.
What's that supposed to mean?
It means I don't like Karen.
She's a bully and a mean girl.
And I don't want you to be those things.
You can't ever be those
things, you understand?
I won't be, Mom.
You showed up, so I guess
that means I was right
that the video came from you?
It's from that party at my
house the night of our big fight.
How'd you get it anyway?
When you kicked me out,
I forgot my sweater.
And when I went back to get it
I'll show you mine, but ladies first.
What a gentleman, okay.
You wanna see? What do you
wanna see? Top or bottom?
'Cause I don't think you can handle it.
Whoa, what the fuck are you doing?!
Are you recording her, Tyler?
- No, she wants me to, right?
- Get off of her!
Yeah, I love it. I love Tyler.
He's my only friend in the entire world,
and he's so much hotter
than that needle dick Greg.
You are wasted, Karen.
Come on, I'm getting you outta here.
Fuck you!
- I hate you!
- That's fine. You can hate me, okay,
but you do not wanna be
on some dude's camera phone right now.
You are embarrassing yourself.
Yeah, smile, bitches.
After I grabbed Tyler's phone,
I handed you off to Kelly.
I made sure that you
were safe before I left.
My hero.
Earlier that night
I lost my virginity to Greg.
And the next thing I heard was
he was kissing my best friend.
That's why you were so pissed.
You know what I've been thinking about?
How you saved that video.
You could've deleted it.
You could've thrown the phone
in the lake, but you kept it.
Because you knew one day you'd
be able to use it to hurt me.
That's the only possible reason.
You're not a good person.
Well, maybe you shouldn't have
put razor blades in your own shoes
or mutilated a rat.
What are you talking
about? I didn't do that.
Okay, look, if we're not gonna
have an honest conversation,
then I, I think I'm gonna go.
Look, I don't think you
should be out here alone.
What, are you afraid I'll get hurt?
Get the fuck out of my
face, you goddamn bitch!
You okay?
You were basically falling
asleep in your Lucky Charms.
met up with Karen
late last night in a cemetery.
Okay, so many questions.
She texted me, and
I felt like I owed it to her.
When I brought up the
things that she did,
- she completely denied them.
- Of course, she did.
She's a sociopath.
Come on, say it with me,
Karen Beasley is
- a sociopath.
- Exactly.
Now, tell me why the cemetery?
It was kind of our thing.
Attention, please.
We're missing our Black Swan today,
so full company rehearsal is canceled.
I'll work privately with
the Baron and the Baroness.
I can dance the part Madame Giry.
That would be a waste of my time, Faran.
Such bullshit.
You're easily the best dancer in class.
I'm gonna talk to Giry.
You do you, but don't mention me.
Oh, no, I won't.
I'll make it all about
me, like I tend to do.
Are you goin' to the dance tomorrow?
To be honest, Henry, I
haven't given it much thought.
Well, I'm going.
Maybe you should, too.
Principal Clanton?
- Uh Ms. Beasley?
- Karen.
Yes, of course. Have
a seat, Kel uh, Karen.
What can I do for ya?
I don't wanna be Spirit Queen.
I'm withdrawing from the race.
All right, uh
- may I ask why?
- Because I don't deserve it.
Imogen and Tabitha didn't
destroy my Spirit Queen posters.
I did.
I was
jealous, and
I felt threatened by them, and
I'm so, so sorry, Principal Clanton.
This is quite an admission, Karen.
I know
and I'm ready for my punishment.
But it's why I truly believe
in my heart of hearts
that Imogen deserves to be Spirit Queen.
Not me.
Have you been reading comments?
I told you not to do that.
People hate me, Kelly.
They don't hate you, Karen.
They're just bored.
So, what's the plan?
I mean
what did Clanton say?
Did he recognize you?
He completely thought I was you.
You, Karen,
have a week's detention for the posters.
Now we just have to hope that
Imogen decides to go to the dance.
She will.
- I would.
- Then by Monday
no one
will be talking about that stupid video.
Those bitches like movies.
Well, let's give Imogen
a starring role in one.
I'm thinking we go with a classic
Imogen Adams, please report
to the principal's office.
Imogen Adams, please report
to the principal's office.
Karen Beasley came to
see me this morning.
She has recused herself
from the Spirit Queen race.
- Did she say why?
- Well, yes.
And it appears I owe you
and Miss Hayworth an apology.
Karen confessed to destroying
the posters herself.
- What? Really?
- Yes.
And I assure you, she will
be punished accordingly.
But it means since you were
the only other student in contention
you will be crowned
Spirit Queen at the dance.
Not much suspense, but
good news, nonetheless.
Congratulations, Imogen.
Like mother, like daughter
is my understanding.
We heard the announcement and assembled.
- You okay?
- Uh Karen dropped out of the race.
- Shit. 'Cause of us?
- I don't know.
Can you think of another reason?
And, um, she also took responsibility
for trashing the posters.
See? Female Patrick Bateman.
And I
I am going to be Spirit Queen.
Hey, Imogen, talk to us. We got you.
Oh, you guys. You guys
Bathroom, now.
Clanton said "Like
mother, like daughter."
But I
am nothing like my mom.
She never would've done what
I did showing that video.
No, no, no. It wasn't just you.
It was all of us. We made a
pact, like the Losers' Club.
My mom would've taken
a hammer to the phone,
not kept it for months like I did.
But if Beasley confessed
That doesn't make what we did right.
We messed up with Karen.
And all I can think about now is
what would my mom say if she were here?
Karen was right.
I'm a terrible person.
No, Imogen, don't let her gaslight you.
You are many things, but a
terrible person is not one of them.
Yeah, the terrible
person is still Karen.
That hasn't changed.
And I think it's badass
that you are going to be Millwood High's
first pregnant Spirit Queen.
That's, like, meaningful.
I'm not going.
I can't handle a school dance right now.
Okay, I'm not just suggesting this
because after "Moonlight,"
"Perks of Being a Wallflower"
is my favorite boy
coming-of-age movie,
but what if we went together?
Us. Us five as, like friends?
I can't.
My ankle monitor.
But you four should definitely go.
Be young and free and shit.
I've never been to a dance
in real life.
Have you ever done
anything in real life?
Maybe this makes me a terrible person,
but I don't feel guilty at all.
And I'm definitely down for the dance.
This hot guy from "Swan
Lake" is gonna be there,
and shockingly
I think he's straight.
Will you accept your
birthright as queen?
I, uh
I don't even have a dress that fits.
Relax, ladybird.
If it's about a dress,
my mom can help with that.
Williams, Patterson, DeWille
you're primin' the walls for
the mural that's going up.
Olivar you hang back.
Not much longer on your sentence.
Yeah, just till the end of the month.
You know what I like about you, Olivar?
You made a mistake. You did your time.
Now you're turnin' your life around.
Another thing I like about you
is you know how to
keep your mouth shut.
Don't you?
I do.
Learned that in juvie.
Valuable skill.
Get you far.
since I'm feeling benevolent
do you wanna pick up trash
or do some priming?
Sheriff Beasley?
Can I ask you for a favor?
It's not for me. It's
for my boyfriend, Shawn.
- Hey.
- Hey.
All right, so what's this good news?
Sheriff Beasley gave me
permission to go to the dance,
which means
we are going to the dance.
What about your ankle thing?
Oh, it's comin' off for the
night. It's pretty cool, right?
Yeah. How did that happen?
I asked.
He was feeling benevolent, I guess.
Look who's here! Your
glam squad has arrived.
Okay, okay. Favorite
dance movie of all time?
Mine's "Suspiria," shocking no one.
- "Center Stage," obviously.
- Ooh, Dirty Dancing," of course.
Uh, the "Step Up" franchise.
- "West Side Story."
- Okay, truth time,
I love it, too.
When I was a little girl, I
really, really wanted to be
- Fuck that! I wanted to be Maria.
- Oh.
- So I could jump Tony's bones.
- Oh!
I mean, I'm serious.
Oh my god, I'm telling Shawn.
You guys
when we get to the dance tonight,
I'm gonna find Karen and apologize.
And I'm gonna give her my crown.
Or try to, at least.
Sounds like an excellent plan,
and we'll help you.
Okay, my X-Women.
Fan out and stay in touch.
- I'm so glad I found you.
- Actually, it's Kelly.
I thought we were past
the twin-fusion, Imogen.
Sorry, Kelly. Is Karen here?
Yeah, she's around.
- Why, what else do you wanna do to her?
- Apologize.
I messed up, and I
want to make it right.
When you see her, will you please
tell her that I'm looking for her?
And congratulations, by the way.
You won.
Against my sister.
Not a lot of people can say that.
I can't wait to see you
up on that stage tonight.
Well, if it isn't the one true swan.
I was hoping you'd show.
Or are you meeting someone here?
I'm searching for someone.
Karen, if you can believe it.
Huh, I saw her when I came in,
but you're lookin' for her? Why?
Good question.
Well, should I let you
get back to your hunt,
or should The Prince ask Odile to dance?
The latter.
Hey, Gunnar, Gunnar. Check this fool out.
- Lookin' for someone?
- Ash.
Mouse, are you okay?
You kind of seem on edge.
Maybe a little.
Crowds make me nervous.
Social anxiety.
You, uh
wanna get high?
Wow. You're a natural.
Oh, you
Did you think this was
my first time smoking pot?
Okay this is my first time.
Next time, we'll take gummies.
Works for me.
Why Mouse?
I'm assuming it's a nickname?
My real name's Minnie.
But my moms have
always called me Mouse.
It's partly 'cause my family's
Disney obsessed ,
partly it's
'cause, um
they want to keep me
a little girl forever.
Childhood trauma.
Too tragic to get into tonight.
- Chip!
- Hey.
I, uh, waited for ya
by the punch bowl, like we discussed.
Oh shit. I'm-I'm so sorry.
We're on a stealth mission
trying to find Karen
so we can apologize
for that crazy video.
In fact, do you wanna help me
find her and be my wingman?
- Sure, yeah.
- Cool.
Where are we going?
You'll see.
I am digging this turn of events.
Shawn, you've been such
an incredible boyfriend.
Loving, understanding respectful.
When I went to juvie,
I thought you were
gonna break up with me.
What? No way.
Most guys would've.
In a heartbeat.
Girlfriend with an ankle monitor?
Shit happens.
I know who you really are Noa.
Uh-oh. "Perks" alert.
It's time for a friend-tervention.
Do you mind?
No, no. Of course not. Go.
May we have this dance?
All right, show me what you got.
Good evening.
May I have your attention, please?
The time has come
to announce Millwood
High's Spirit Queen!
That's right!
So, without further ado,
let's welcome her to the stage
Imogen Adams!
There she is! Come on up!
Oh my god, she killed herself!
What the fuck are you supposed to be?
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