Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter Three: Aftermath

Imogen, we have to go.
We have to go.
No, no, no, no, no!
- That did not just happen.
- I've never even seen
a dead body before, except online.
The sound, it wasn't like in the movies.
- Her bones
- Imogen, what the hell happened?
- What did you see?
- I don't know, um
- I saw Karen up in the rafters.
- So did we.
- She had, had a bucket.
- Like in "Carrie"?
And there was someone
else up there with her,
a man in a mask. He, he pushed her.
A mask like from "The
Texas Chainsaw Massacre"?
- I've seen that dude.
- Same.
- The text we all got from A.
- One bully down.
Karen. It has to be.
She didn't fall.
She was murdered.
Oh, thank god. I was texting you.
The hospital called.
They need me to come in.
What happened? Some
kids got hurt? How many?
- Oh my god.
- Oh my god what?
What happened at school?
We left early for pizza.
Why? What happened?
A student died.
Shirley, put on the news.
Oh my god.
And it was definitely Karen that died,
the same girl that got you
in trouble over those posters?
- It was her.
- What was she doing up there?
Everyone's saying
she did it on purpose.
Or maybe she fell by accident.
Poor girl
and her family.
Kelly, what was your
sister doing up there?
I already told you. I don't know.
You don't know? You two don't change
socks without consulting each other.
Maybe she killed herself.
Why would you say that?
Did something happen?
She asked me to help
her and I ignored her.
We all ignored her.
What Angela did wasn't
your fault, Sidney.
She was a messed-up girl.
Everyone just left.
No one even checked
to see if she was okay.
She wasn't okay.
And what were we supposed to do?
Shouldn't we call
an ambulance at least?
No. There's nothing
any of us can do for Angela now.
And this this isn't on us.
There were hundreds of people there,
probably someone already made the call.
- They'll find Angela.
- And then what, Corey?
Davie? And then what happens?
Maybe we
should tell Karen's dad.
- The Sheriff? No.
- I'm with Noa.
The text from A was a warning
to keep our mouths shut.
Whatever the fuck A is.
The guy in the mask
that Imogen saw.
That we've all seen.
You guys what if
Karen didn't frame us?
- What do you mean?
- I mean, we assumed
Karen put the razor blades in
her shoes, the rat in her bag,
but what if she didn't?
What if A put the razor
blades in the shoes
knowing we'd get back at Karen?
So, A has been messing
with us from the beginning?
No No. Karen was a bully,
just like the text from A said.
Imogen, you saw her up in
the rafters with a bucket,
and when Sheriff Beasley and
the cops find it up there,
they'll assume that
Karen was planning to
pull a "Carrie" on you,
and she fell.
That it was an-an accident.
That's fine for them, but I know
Karen was pushed by A.
Then that's even more reason
- to keep the fuck quiet.
- Yep.
If we do what A asks,
maybe it'll all be okay.
Let's hope and we'll
see what happens at school.
- Night.
- Bye.
- Can I sleep in here tonight?
- Course.
Tabby you asked me
before if my mom left a note.
She didn't.
But she wrote the letter A
in her own blood on the bathroom wall.
Oh my god.
Then, a red A was on our posters.
Then A pushed Karen, and
is sending us text messages.
The flyer my mom got
the night she died
did A send that to her as a message
to, like, push her over
the edge or something,
or maybe he killed her, or
was it?
What? What is it?
Oh my god.
- Karen brought the flyer in with her.
I'm confused. So, it
was Karen or it was A?
Either? Both?
I'm not sure.
But I need to find out
what this Y2K party was.
How these things are connected
A, my mom, Karen If they are.
Students, teachers staff.
Karen Beasley was
a beloved member of
Millwood High's community.
A daughter a sister
a friend.
To help us grieve and
work through this tragedy,
we've brought in a counselor
for the next two weeks.
Karen will live on in
these hallowed halls.
She was an exemplary
Millwood High student
the epitome of school spirit.
whatever support they need.
The Sheriff will be working out
of my office until further notice.
I-I didn't think you
would be at school today.
Yeah, well
my mom wanted to be alone,
and I didn't want to be at home, so.
I know how little the
words "I'm sorry" can mean
at a time like this, but
I'm sorry.
You're right.
Those words don't mean
anything coming from you.
Kelly, can I show you something?
Karen came over the
night that my mom died.
I was wondering if
you knew anything
Why would I know anything
about a stupid flyer?
I'm, I'm sorry. I I'm just, I'm
trying to figure out why my mom
This isn't about you.
Are you out of your mind, Imogen?
I just talked to Kelly.
Oh my god, she's at school?
Which shows you how
deranged that family is.
Like, take the day.
- Imogen, you don't look so good.
- I feel sick.
Deep breaths. You need
to relax. We all do.
That's our plan? We relax?
We don't say anything to anyone.
- Like we agreed. That's our plan.
- Mm.
Would Imogen
Adams, Tabitha Hayworth,
Faran Bryant, Noa
Olivar, and Minnie Honrada
report to the principal's
office, please.
You work at the
movie theater, don't you, Ms. Hayworth?
Yes, but the thing is
We didn't film what
happened to your daughter.
In fact, I stopped it.
You should be talking
to Tyler March and.
He filmed it.
We spoke to Mr. March and.
He claims you stole his phone,
Ms. Adams, is that accurate?
I mean
- I took it away from him.
- And then one of you,
or both of you, or all of you
then took that footage and
made some kind of fake campaign video
to humiliate my daughter, correct?
We only did it because
Karen bullied us first.
- We were trying to get her to stop.
- But we're sorry.
- We all are so, so sorry.
- But you did invite your classmates
to a screening of a video you edited
that's been described
to us as debasing
sick humiliating.
which one of you has that video now?
Ms. Hayworth
given your interests,
I'm assuming you made it.
Not to speak ill
of the dead, Sheriff,
but your daughter was a bully.
What do you think she was doing
up in the rafters with a bucket?
She was going to dump
something on Imogen.
There was no bucket in the rafters
or anywhere in the gym.
No, I saw Karen with my
own eyes. She had a bucket.
Then you were the only
person who saw that.
And we've spoken to many students,
and none of them mentioned a bucket.
But they all talked
about the video the
five of you screened,
with forethought, with malice,
that so distressed my daughter
that she took her own life!
- To me, that makes you murderers.
- Okay, we're done.
We aren't saying another word without
our lawyers present
or at least our parents.
That's certainly your prerogative.
And rest assured, we will
be bringing this matter
to our disciplinary committee
for hearing and judgment.
By the way
you should lawyer up.
Because I am going to
do everything in my power
to open a criminal
investigation against you five.
You called Mom?
Of course, he called me.
You know who didn't call me? You.
Because you are too busy to give a shit.
- Faran.
- And yet, I'm here.
Razor blades in some girl's shoes?
- That's assault.
- It would be
if I'd done it.
- But I didn't.
- Can you prove that?
Sit down, Misty Copeland,
and tell me everything that
happened, so I can fix this.
I want everything.
Your phone, your laptops, your tablets,
every single electronic
device you have in this room,
including your secret stash.
- Fine, I'll do it myself.
- Dee.
Why, Noa?
Why would you get involved
in something like this?
Unlike those other girls,
you are on probation.
That means jail next time.
And where is your ankle monitor?
Uh, Sheriff Beasley
hasn't put it back on.
Probably he'll be putting
it back on for life now.
Who are you?
Because the daughter that I raised
would never do something like this.
Imogen's mother just killed herself.
What's your excuse?
- We didn't think
- Clearly not.
No more working in that movie theater.
No more making your little movies,
no more watching movies in your room
in the middle of the
night. That is over.
Sheriff Beasley asked me about, uh,
the campaign video that you edited.
- Do you still have it?
- No, I deleted it off my laptop.
Was that the only copy?
Thank god.
Because that would've been hard evidence
against you, specifically.
That's Tyler's cell phone.
It has the original video of Karen.
Thought you should have it.
- Have you guys seen this?
- Way ahead of you, Honrada.
"Let's hope the disciplinary committee
"makes the right decision
and demands these bullies'
immediate expulsion."
We are so dead.
Well, one thing's for sure.
None of us is going to
win Mother of the Year.
You know things are dire
when the great Corey Bryant
deigns to grace us with her presence.
Love you too, Marge.
It feels wrong.
Doing this in Davie's house.
It's ghoulish.
I'm supposed to be selling
it later this month,
and since no one else was
volunteering to host
Can't be a coincidence.
That it's all our daughters?
Millwood's a small town.
Millwood High's a small school.
It could very well be coincidence, Dee.
Either way, it's our daughters
we need to be worried about right now.
Strong agree. We gotta get them
through this disciplinary
committee meeting.
About that. Our daughters shouldn't be
the only ones in the cross hairs.
That boy should also
be held accountable.
I have the phone with
the original video.
It won't get our girls off the hook,
but it might mitigate what they did.
- That's smart. Cast a wider net.
- Who do we go to?
- The Sheriff or the principal?
- Both.
I'll take point but, Sid,
if you have all the backstory on
the video, you should come, too.
Mrs. Murray, can I borrow
a copy of the yearbook?
Class of 2000.
That's the year my mom graduated
and I'm just kind of
missing her right now.
I'll bring it to you.
To be blunt about it,
the other dancers don't
feel comfortable around you.
- Have they ever?
- Please, Faran.
I'm sorry, but you no longer
have a place in my class.
Gather your belongings
and excuse yourself.
Y2K Survivors Club.
Y2K Survivors
Club. Y2K Survivors Club.
Y2K Survivors Club.
"Body of Minor Found in
Old Harbor Warehouses."
Mrs. Murray?
Is it possible to
print off this thing?
Um, sorry you had to
see that after your loss.
But what that video says to me is that
this boy was clearly horribly
exploiting your daughter.
It all started with him.
The boy named Tyler March and, I think.
Your daughter
took that video, edited it
and screened it at a movie theater
in a premeditated
attack on my daughter
You interrogated our
daughters without us present.
Borderline harassed them, both of you.
You shouldn't even be in charge
of this investigation, Tom.
We're, we're working with
outside law enforcement as well.
Where? I don't see anyone.
- If you're lying, we'll sue.
- We'll sue you and your daughters
- right back, Mrs. Bryant.
- Gentlemen, please.
Can't we just talk
about this civilly?
Your daughters killed my daughter.
And we have nothing to talk about.
You shouldn't be in here, Noa.
And I'm late for practice.
You've blown off all my texts,
- so, let's just do this.
- Fine. You lied to me.
I have never lied to you, Shawn.
You didn't tell me about that screening
'cause you knew it was wrong.
It was a lie by omission.
Makes me wonder what
else you're lying about.
- What else you aren't telling me.
- What the fuck does that mean?
I heard you're using again.
- That your test came back positive.
- That's false.
I'm not using
but thanks for giving me
the benefit of the doubt.
- Well, did you get it?
- I-I don't have the flash drive.
Crap. Seriously, Chip?
I left it in the
projection booth that night.
I went back to look
for it, but it was gone.
Are you sure? Like, 100%
positive it's not there?
- Like 99%.
- Oh my god.
Joe, get! Get over here!
Imogen Adams had the phone and
the grudge to propose the idea.
Tabitha Hayworth,
she cut and screened
that disgusting video
at her place of employment.
You, and the other two
you went along with it.
Someone needs to answer
for my daughter's death.
You understand that, right?
But I want it to be the right people.
And to me
that's Adams and Hayworth.
So, help me get them
and you, and Honrada,
and Bryant walk.
You're afraid Imogen
and Tabby will get off.
No, I just want them punished
to the fullest extent of the law.
Tell the truth in front of
the disciplinary committee
that Adams and Hayworth intended
to do harm to my daughter,
that that was their specific intent.
Get Honrada and Bryant to back
you up, and that's gonna happen.
And remember, you've
got a lot more to lose.
Hey! Did you find what
you were lookin' for?
Wes, Chip says he left a-a flash
drive in the projection booth.
The one with the video you made.
Couple of deputies
came by earlier today.
If they get a hold of
it, that flash drive
would be pretty damning
evidence against you.
Don't worry
- I found it before they could.
- Thank god.
Uh, can I have it?
Oh, it's not here. It's at home.
If you want, you can come
over tonight and grab it.
- I I gotta go.
We don't even know what kind of
repercussions we're dealing with yet.
She's outta dance class.
Personally, I'd rather pull
my daughter out of school
- than see her expelled.
- Excuse me? Pull me out to do what?
There's more opportunities
for a girl like you in Pittsburgh.
And now that I'm making
real money at my firm,
you can go to a better school,
enroll in a professional ballet academy.
Dad and I are a team
and I am not moving to Pittsburgh.
- But why stay in Millwood?
- Dad is here
- and you aren't.
- Faran!
Do not talk to your mother that way.
And forget about me for a
sec. Think about your future.
The only reason Mom's pushing for this
is so she can control my life
even more than she already does.
Oh, I see. So, I can
pay for your life
I just can't control it.
- Got it.
- No way am I moving.
Let's see what happens Friday.
There was this
girl, Angela Waters.
She went to Millwood High
and killed herself at
the rave from the flyer.
But her body wasn't
found until much later.
Didn't anyone call the
police or an ambulance?
You would think but not for days.
People thought she'd run away.
Anyway, there's a shrine to Angela now
at the warehouse. And while I was there,
someone else was creeping around, too.
A, I think.
Oh my god.
Is it from him?
No, from Kelly.
Inviting me to Karen's funeral.
- Weird.
- Is that tomorrow?
- Thursday.
- Great.
So, we can stake out
the warehouse tomorrow.
To find out who A is
in case they come back.
- MOUSE: Where are Tabby and Imogen?
I didn't ask them to come.
Shady. Why not?
at the disciplinary hearing,
I think we should say the
video was all Imogen and Tabby.
- You mean throw them under the bus?
- We didn't do anything.
We went along with it
and we handed out flyers,
and invited people.
Imogen had Tyler's phone.
Tabby organized a screening.
That makes them a lot more culpable.
We're all headed for an iceberg.
- But we can dodge it.
- By turning on our friends.
Yeah, but are they our friends?
What's the problem, Honrada?
A is testing us.
What are you talking about?
What if he's just watching us right now,
seeing what we do if
we turn on each other.
you need your devices back.
- You're starting to get paranoid.
- Yeah.
And I'm a lot more fucking
scared of Sheriff Beasley
than I am of A right now.
This is my last strike.
You guys
if I go down, that's it for me.
And it was Imogen's idea,
and Tabby does work
at the movie theater.
That's all we have to say.
That they knew exactly what they
were doing, and we didn't.
I just charged the battery.
If A comes back, we'll
have photographic proof.
Oh my god, is it from A?
- No, it's from my boss.
- The cute one?
- The manipulative one.
He has something I need.
Oh my god. It's him.
what are you doing here?
Paying my respects.
To Angela Waters?
Who was she?
Angela was one of our
classmates who died
At that warehouse, right?
She killed herself, like Karen?
Pretty much everyone was there,
all the kids, to celebrate Y2K.
And this poor girl, Angela, arrives.
She was just one of those unlucky girls.
We tried to befriend her.
But Angela was damaged
in ways we couldn't imagine.
Problems at home.
No father, mentally ill mother.
She jumped to her death
right at the stroke of midnight.
It was horrific.
Then what happened?
Well, everyone just fled.
Why didn't you call the police?
I suppose we all thought
that someone else would.
Two days later, someone did.
Angela's death was ruled what it was
a suicide.
In the article I read,
there was no mention of the rave.
Well, there wouldn't have been.
No, it was never spoken about.
But someone must've
asked or investigated
why Angela was at that warehouse.
If it had been anyone
else, they would've.
But not Angela.
Not the crazy girl
with the crazy mother.
Less said about them, the better.
Every so often, I-I-I go
there to pay my respects.
What were you two doing there?
I'm trying to figure
out what happened to my mom.
I'm being a supportive friend.
Right before my mom killed herself
she got this flyer
- for the party that was held there.
- That you were at too, Mom.
Ms. Hayworth
d-do you think that's why my mom
Is it, is it possible
that she felt guilty
about what happened to Angela
and that's why she
I think we all felt guilty.
Imogen, no one was kinder
to Angela than your mother.
She was the best of us.
Angela was just a lost soul.
I had, uh
started to think that maybe Karen
had given my mom this flyer,
it doesn't feel right anymore.
They were all over the
school back in the day.
I don't imagine
it was anyone in our
circle, but I could ask them.
- Would you, Ms. Hayworth?
- Of course, sweetheart. Yeah.
Should we get outta here?
I have to pick up my
paycheck at the Orpheum.
My last paycheck.
Okay. See ya at home.
There she is.
Come on in, Tabs.
Water just started boiling.
Hope you like pasta.
Thought we could
have a mini-international
film festival this month.
Every night, a different country
to help get your mind off things.
Like, tonight is my
grandmother's spaghetti arrabiata,
paired with some nice vino
from Francis Ford Coppola's vineyard.
And one of my favorite Italian movies.
- What about the, the flash drive, Wes?
- Mm.
You'll get it. I promise.
But dinner and a movie first.
I was thinking Dario Argento.
The obvious choice would be "Suspiria."
Hey, c-could you pour me a glass
and another for yourself?
I thought you were mad at me.
Is your mom here?
At the hospital.
Can I come in?
I wasn't mad at you.
Was just confused
and scared.
When I heard about the drug test, it
took me back to
when you were arrested.
I didn't fail my drug test, Shawn.
I've never even tried drugs.
- Noa
- I'm gonna tell you a secret
that no one else knows.
But you can't say anything to anyone
I-I swear.
The night I got arrested
I was covering for my mom.
They were her drugs
not mine.
Hold up, you took the
rap for your mother?
I didn't have a choice.
She would've lost everything.
What kind of mother does
that to her own daughter?
- A desperate one.
- Yeah, but to throw you under the bus?
Hey I'm sorry I
didn't believe you, babe.
Fun fact
giallo is the Italian word for yellow
which is where the term comes from.
Uh, because there used to
be these incredibly cheap
super popular pulp
novels published in Italy,
uh, that had yellow covers
because yellow was the cheapest ink.
And, of course, the color red
is most commonly associated with
- Fuck this.
- giallo movies
because of all the blood.
Now, I thought
we could watch "Profondo Rosso,"
AKA, "Deep Red"
which is, to me, Argento's masterpiece.
We've gathered here today
to pay our respects to
our sister in Christ,
Karen Elizabeth Beasley.
During trials like this,
you may ask yourself, Lord,
why would you let a
thing like this happen
to someone so young, so beloved?
Why would you test her
father, her mother, her sister,
in such an unspeakable way?
Proverbs 3:5,
"Trust in the Lord
with all your heart
and lean not on
your own understanding."
- Come on. Mom.
- "In all your ways
- "acknowledge him
- Let's go. Come on.
"And he shall direct your path.
"Be not wise in thine own eyes.
"Fear the Lord, and
depart from evil
No. What are, what are you doing here?
- I-I am so sorry, Mrs. Beasley.
- How dare you?
- Do you not have an ounce of shame?
- Mom, please.
I invited her. She was Karen's friend.
I pray you burn in hell
for what you did to my sweet Karen.
May your child be taken from you
the way you took mine from me!
- I'm sorry.
- Mom, Mom, please.
Oh my god. That's awful.
Like, "Pet Sematary" awful.
I just I ran.
You don't think
Kelly set you up, do you?
She looked as shook as I was.
I didn't think the Beasleys
could be more dysfunctional.
Seriously. Forget "Pet Sematary."
That's some "Hereditary"-level shit.
At the hearing, I'm gonna tell
them that it was all my idea
Which it was and that I
should be the one punished.
- Not you guys.
- No. No way.
I cut the video, I screened it.
And I have the proof.
If anyone should be expelled, it's me.
I could've said "no" or "stop," but
I didn't.
None of us did.
Honrada's right.
We're all in this together
whatever happens.
Right, Bryant?
All for one and one for all.
- Now give me that flash drive.
- Why?
So I can flush it down the toilet.
Mama, sit down. I got it.
What broke this time?
- It was an accident, Dad.
- Another one?
- She-she's gone, Tom.
- Mm.
Our baby's gone.
She was ripped from us, Martha
- by those fucking
- Dad, please
- I'm sure they feel awful.
- No.
Not yet
but they will
for the rest of their goddamn lives,
and they will suffer for
what they did to your sister.
what are you saying?
Tomorrow, they will be expelled.
And after that, so help me jail.
They took away your sister's life.
We will take away theirs.
And by the time that I
am through with them
they will wish they were dead.
All five of those little lying bitches.
Whatever happens in there,
keep your mouths shut.
Let me do the talking.
And don't agree to anything in the room.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
The, uh, disciplinary committee
meeting has been postponed
- to a later date.
- Why? What happened?
Kelly Beasley came to
see me this morning.
She admitted that
Karen was in the rafters
with the specific
intention of harming Imogen
at the Spirit Week dance.
She even provided some evidence.
- The bucket?
- I can't say any more.
But it seems that what
we have here is a tragic
but accidental death.
What does that mean for
us? For our daughters?
Given these new circumstances,
I don't believe the committee
is seeking expulsion anymore.
A two-week suspension, or four weeks
of detention have been discussed.
We'll let you know what we decide.
Thank god, thank god, thank god.
- I'm still in shock.
- I've barely eaten all week.
Detention, fine.
Community service, fine.
- Could've been so much worse.
- So much worse.
They're good girls.
I mean, they made a mistake,
but they're good girls.
They're sitting in our booth.
it's like looking
through a time machine.
Imogen told me that
right before Davie died,
someone sent her that old
red flyer for the rave.
Tabby and Imogen know about Angela.
- You told them?
- They asked me,
and I only told them what
everyone knows to be the truth.
Great but who sent Davie that flyer?
It's been months and none of us
have gotten anything like that, right,
since Davie died?
Then it was a fluke.
And let's take the win here.
I still can't believe it.
- Kelly.
- Her dad's gotta be pissed as fuck.
Why'd she do that? Save us.
- Why the change of heart?
- She's not a monster.
And I bet she feels
just as awful as we do.
More so, even.
One good thing, we haven't
heard from A this week.
Because we did what A asked.
Kept his secret.
Maybe it's over.
Imogen, are you okay?
was thinking about my mom
and how she killed herself
right after she got that flyer.
Probably from A. She must've felt guilty
about what happened to Angela Waters,
and, Tabby your
mom feels guilty enough
to visit the place where Angela died.
It can't be a coincidence.
What aren't they telling us?
You'll get the others back
when you're done with detention.
Thanks, Mom.
I'm trying okay?
I just don't want anything
bad to happen to you.
I can't go through that again.
I know Mom.
I get it, and it won't.
Are you sure we can't drive you?
Car's two minutes away.
- Safe trip, Corey.
- Bye, Zeke.
Bye, Mom.
Thanks for letting me stay.
I still think Pittsburgh
would be better for you.
But as long as you put
this nightmare behind you
- and focus on your dancing.
- That part's gonna be hard.
Not as hard as you think.
I talked to your teacher,
Madame Bun Head.
You're back in "Swan Lake"
- as the Black Swan.
- What? How?
Nothing's quite as motivating
as the threat of a lawsuit.
- Thanks for coming, Imogen.
- No problem.
I'm sorry about what
happened at the funeral.
- What my mom did to you
- It's okay.
If losing a daughter is
anything like losing a mom.
Or a sister.
Thanks for telling Clanton
the truth about Karen
and why she was up there.
it was my idea.
To pull a "Carrie."
She was up there because of me.
- It's my fault that Karen's dead.
- No, no, no. Hey, whoa.
Hey, shh.
No, Kelly, it-it's not your fault.
I promise you.
we were both horrible to
each other at different times,
and I regret that.
It's not who I am and it's
not who you were deep down.
I missed you when we stopped talking.
And now, I'll miss you forever.
For a while, you were my best friend.
I'm gonna hold on to that.
regardless of everything,
the reason you were up in the rafters
is because we showed that video
that I made.
We shouldn't have done that.
And we will never do
anything like that ever again.
I, um
didn't really know you
very well, Karen, but
you threw a lit party.
Wish we could be at
another one together.
Maybe down the road.
Rest in peace, Beas.
you didn't deserve what happened to you.
And, uh
though you barely
acknowledged my existence
I wish we could've found
a way to coexist.
I didn't like you, Karen.
But that doesn't mean
that I'm happy you're gone.
You should be alive right now.
Maybe you would've changed over time.
Maybe not. I guess we'll never know.
But, I'll always be sorry
for how we hurt you.
Is everyone seeing what I'm seeing?
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