Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Chapter Twelve: Summer Lovin

[WOMAN] Archie.
Are you drawing with your crayons?
Can I see your picture?
And then, you can have
some birthday cake.
It's your birthday too.
Your sweet 16.
You drew Mom.
Oh, my God.
[LOLA] Happy Birthday, Apo.
I made your favorite.
That's great, Lola.
But my birthday's not
for a couple of days.
I was sure it was today.
Last night, I got a call
from an unknown number.
When I didn't answer, a video chat
invitation came up on SpookySpaghetti,
- and
- You just couldn't help yourself?
The invitation was from someone
claiming to be Bloody Rose
and whoever it was, threatened me.
Oh, my God.
I also got a missed call last night.
Oh, I got a random call too.
- Yep.
- Same.
Mamma Mia! two. Here We Go Again.
No, girl. That one's a reach.
[SIGHS] If it helps, I don't think it's
one of our established supervillains.
I did some recon on
SpookySpaghetti, and
Our phone numbers were
posted on this site.
Our new, private numbers.
- Oh, wait, what the actual fuck?
- What?
Who would've or could've
leaked our numbers?
I mean, I only gave mine to my moms,
and they're on a Disney Dream
Cruise with basically no internet.
I gave mine to my Dad, but he lives next
to a quarry, with basically no internet.
I gave mine to my new boss,
who happens to be Coach Rhodes,
and he's a little too old
for SpookySpaghetti, I think.
I gave mine to a new co-worker, Jen.
She She just started
at Pinball Pizza.
Uh, strangely enough, we
actually know each other.
From juvie.
She's good people.
I also gave my number to a co-worker.
Cute Christian?
For official work purposes only.
- [IMOGEN] Okay, well,
any one of those people might
have posted one of our numbers,
but how could someone
have posted all of them?
I don't know.
But I e-mailed the
SpookySpaghetti website, again,
and asked to have them taken down.
Obviously, I'm all over this
until I hear back from them,
but there is something
else I wanted to talk about.
[SIGHS] What is it?
I was kind of hoping someone
else would bring it up,
but it's my birthday Saturday.
Wait, it's your birthday?
I I wouldn't even be
bringing it up, but
It's my sweet 16,
and it wouldn't even be a big
deal if we can't do anything.
I just thought I would
mention it. Oh, so casually.
Oh I
I'm not sure about a birthday
party right now, Mouse.
Yeah, even if that call was just
some stupid SpookySpaghetti prank,
maybe we should be
keeping a low profile.
Yeah, business as usual. Good call.
But we can blow it out next year,
and have a sweet 17 party.
Oh, of course.
I understand. Better safe than sorry.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
[DR. SULLIVAN] So, tell me what's
going on with your grandmother, Mouse.
saw someone outside the window,
who wasn't there.
And later didn't even remember it.
Seeing signs like that in our loved
ones can be upsetting, no question.
And if her behavior persists or worsens,
you can always bring
her in for an evaluation.
But is something else
bothering you, Mouse?
That prank video call I told you about.
If you're concerned for your safety,
have you considered
talking to Deputy Maroon?
That's just it.
I'm not scared for my safety,
but I am annoyed that I'm
not having a birthday party
'cause my friends are scared.
Or maybe they just couldn't be bothered.
Or, worse, they
Don't like me.
I assure you, that's not the case.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but
I miss my moms.
Well, then.
I think we're making progress.
[NOA] We're all seriously going to hell.
No, we're not. This is a good lie.
And I confirmed with the roller rink,
they're reserving a
special section just for us
that we can take over
for the entire night.
- Mouse is gonna lose it.
Who doesn't want a
Xanadu-themed birthday party?
- Imogen?
- Mmm?
Can you still bring a
cake from the Creamery?
[CLICKS TONGUE] Uh, absolutely.
The biggest, meltiest
ice cream cake ever.
And Ash has been sworn to secrecy.
SpookySpaghetti be damned.
Operation Sweet Sixteen
is all systems go.
[PASTOR MALACHAI] A bit of housekeeping.
Sandy's mother called the rectory.
According to Mrs. Quinn,
Sandy decided against staying
in Millwood for the summer
and has instead joined
her family on the Cape.
[KELLY] Pastor Malachai.
I know Sandy's part.
Very well, Kelly.
Mrs. Beasly also has flyers
for us to put up around town.
Redemption House is coming,
and we must all do our part
to save those who are worthy.
Excuse me, but who the hell are you?
- Uh
- Oh, uh, Mom, uh, this is Christian.
He's a friend from work, and we're
walking to the Orpheum together.
Nice to meet you, Ms. Haworthe.
Hey, sorry I'm late.
All good.
Hey, Jen, you haven't given
anyone else my number, have you?
No, why would I do that?
[CHUCKLES] You wouldn't. Forget I asked.
[IMOGEN] Two scoops of mint
chocolate chip and a banana split.
Oh, my gosh, hi.
Since when do you work at the Creamery?
Oh, it's recent-ish. [CHUCKLES]
What about you? How How've you been?
Good. Really good. Busy, you know.
What's, uh What's with
the flyers? [CHUCKLES]
Oh, I was just, um
Hitting up some stores, passing these
out for Our Mother
of Holy Grace.
You know, my church.
I was, um, hoping to leave
a stack on the counter, but
You know what, don't
worry about it. Really.
No, you totally [CHUCKLES] can.
What's Redemption House?
Oh, it's, uh Sort of, like a
Religious-themed audience
participation type of
You mean, like a play?
Yes, except way more fun.
Oh. [GASPS] Speaking of fun,
the girls and I are throwing Mouse
a super-secret sweet 16
party at the roller rink,
tomorrow night.
You should totally come.
And invite Greg too, if you want.
Oh, Kelly, I really hope you can come.
You do?
Of course.
It's been, like, way too long.
Enjoy the movie.
Okay. [EXHALES] This is important.
What's your favorite vampire flick?
Hey, that's my question.
- Well?
Hmm [EXHALES] This
is a tough one, I mean
Hard to beat Coppola's Dracula,
even with Keanu as Jonathan Harker,
but I also have a soft spot for
the Buffy movie. True horror comedy.
And who doesn't wanna get on the
back of Luke Perry's motorcycle?
Ooh, wait
Maybe Queen of the Damned.
Okay, stop, stop, stop. You
cannot be serious right now.
Hey, before you judge, what's
your favorite vampire movie?
The man, the icon, the legend,
- Hmm. Never seen it.
- Ugh. Okay.
We need to rectify this
situation immediately.
You should come over to my house,
and we can watch it tonight.
Unless your mom wouldn't be cool
with that. She seemed kinda
Oh, no. It's not that. She's just
Overprotective. [CHUCKLES]
But sure, I'd love to.
Awesome. And you can see my studio
where I do my mask
design and makeup effects.
- You have a studio?
- Uh, I mean
Nothing fancy. It's just my basement.
Which one of you incels
does this belong to?
[CHUCKLES] Yo Stringbean,
go get your mom's bikini, bro.
You put this in my locker?
- Seriously, Stringbean, not cool.
Lighten up, Captain.
I just I thought
you'd look better in this.
- What is it with you assholes?
Damn, Faran, why you so uptight?
We're just giving you shit.
You know what? Get on the concrete.
You jackasses can't laugh
while you're planking.
[BENNY] Jen, Noa, got a sec?
I just counted the till.
We're supposed to be at
$580, and we're $20 short.
Did either of you accidentally
take money out of the register?
- Wow, really?
- Of course not.
So, if I were to ask you
to empty your pockets
I would quit and sue
your ass for harassment.
Can you just answer my question?
Did either of you take any
money out of the register
accidentally or otherwise?
Why would I steal from
my place of employment?
Uh, hold up. We're not short,
Benny. You miscounted again.
We're at $580 and 12 cents.
Check my math if you want.
I will, at the end of the day.
Before either of you clocks out.
[JOHNNY] What was your name again?
Well, Riley, unfortunately, we're out of
chocolate chip, but I
can check the back.
If not, I know this amazing
ice cream spot in Rosewood
that I could take you to tonight.
Just so you know, he's a total player.
Let's just say you're not the
only girl he's hit on today.
What's your fucking problem?
Oh, no. No problem. I I'm just
trying to give you a heads up.
Us girls gotta stick together.
How about you mind
your own damn business?
Dumb bitch.
I guess I won't be seeing
you at the women's march.
What's going on?
Fuck you and this bitch. I'm out.
What the hell just happened?
I told her the truth.
That you're leading on a bunch of girls,
so you can hook up
with all of them later.
Wow, okay. Uh
Even if that were the case,
what's the problem?
The problem is that you
shouldn't treat girls that way.
Like Like they're interchangeable.
Imogen, due respect
Get over yourself.
It's summer, I'm single, I'm hot.
I'm not looking for a
girlfriend right now.
And just because you're some sort of
stuck up prude,
don't ice my game.
We need to talk, obviously.
Yeah, we do. Uh, thank you
for covering for me with Benny.
What'd you do, exactly?
[SCOFFS] I had to slip in
a 20 out of my own tip money
to make up for what was missing.
What the fuck are you doing, Jen?
Relax, it's $20.
We get paid for shit at
this place. Barely any tips.
Pretty sure me and my mom need that
money more than douchebag Benny does.
This isn't The Bear. I'm not
here 'cause I love making food.
I vouched for you, and
I really need this job.
I'm completely on my own, Jen.
I get it, I I get that you're going
through some rough shit with your mom,
but do not drag me into your drama.
- Fine. Calm the fuck down.
- No, you calm the fuck down.
Oh, and by the way,
you owe me $20, bitch.
- [TABBY] This is a super cool house.
- Thanks.
Can I ask why did you guys
move from New York to Millwood?
- My parents are visual artists.
You know, painter and photographer.
They were looking for
more space, less rent.
Got it.
So you wanna check out my studio?
Then we can watch Blacula?
You comin'?
Yes, I am
Totally climbing down
these creepy-ass stairs.
You made all of these?
- By yourself?
- Yep.
[STAMMERS] Oh, a lot of trial and error.
But I've But I've got every back
issue of Fangoria and The Gorezone,
and I've read every book
by and about Tom Savini,
and, I, uh
Study a lot of YouTube videos.
God, I'd love to have a space
like this to work out of.
My own studio.
Oh, you can work out of
this one any time. Seriously.
Thanks. [CHUCKLES]
- That would be our pizza rolls.
I'll, uh, be right back.
Just leave it. No need to snoop.
[WHISPERING] Oh, fuck it.
No, no, no, no, no
- Tabby I I can explain.
- Save it.
Well, obviously, I didn't
want you to find those.
Yeah, no shit.
- Tabby, I
- Back off.
Back the fuck away.
Oh, my God. They actually
took our numbers down.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, yay!
What role are you playing
for Redemption House?
Couple different parts.
Don't worry. You don't have
to come if you don't want to.
Oh, trust me, I'm coming.
Anyway, how was work?
But the guys keep messing with me.
You know, playing practical jokes.
Which is Whatever, but then
they act like I'm the problem.
Like, I'm uptight and
don't have a sense of humor.
Like I'm no fun.
Well, I mean, you can
be a little intense.
All I'm saying is, if you
want those guys to like you
I want them to respect me.
Well, if you want them
to do either, or both,
you know, maybe try [BREATHES DEEPLY]
Being a little less of a hard-ass?
More of a regular person.
You know, one of the guys.
Looks like you had as good
of a day-slash-night as I did.
may have just freaked
the fuck out on Christian.
Cute Christian? What happened?
[SIGHS] He invited me over to
watch a movie, and [INHALES]
Things were actually going
okay, until I went snooping.
- Oh, no.
- And found a homemade Archie Waters mask
in his basement.
Oh, my God.
- Wait, you You don't think
- Mmm, no.
Probably, uh, he's just into
horror movies and serial killers
in a completely innocent,
nerdy kind of way.
You did the right thing, Tabby.
If you ever get uncomfortable, no matter
what the situation,
you should always go.
Leave. Immediately.
[SIGHS] God, when am I gonna
be able to just like a guy?
Date a guy without having PTSD?
Right there with you.
I, um
I had a freak-out of my own
with the new guy I'm working with.
Tell me more about this new guy.
His name's Johnny.
He's not
Code for super-hot.
Ugh. And he knows it.
- He's a total player.
- Hmm.
Hitting on every single
girl who comes in the door.
And I
I basically went off on him.
God, Tabby.
Are summer flings meant
to be this terrifying?
Definitely not.
But I think we, of all people,
are justified in having our guards up.
I was thinking I could make an
'80s playlist to accompany Xanadu.
I mean, every song is a hot hit.
But the album's only,
like, half an hour long.
- Oh, love that. So fun.
- Thank you. I'm extremely fun.
You guys [EXHALES]
Great news. It worked.
- Uh
- What worked?
I was monitoring SpookySpaghetti,
which is my thing now,
and our photos
are gone. [SIGHS]
More importantly, our cell phone
numbers were taken down, too.
- Which means
We could have my birthday party.
I mean, if we wanted to.
Mouse, I I thought we decided
we were gonna wait, you know.
Yeah, uh, we're slammed at the
Orpheum all weekend. [CLICKS TONGUE]
Same. Benny's got me
on double delivery duty.
Uh, I'm supervising
kiddie swim at the pool.
But maybe we do something
for the Fourth of July.
- Oh, yeah, sure. Sounds
Sounds good.
[FARAN] I guess just
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
- Hi.
Look. Um
About yesterday, I was way out
of line talking to that girl,
and then going after you like that.
Seriously, Imogen, you're good. Uh
I'm the one who's sorry.
- For what? [CHUCKLES]
- I didn't mean to be, uh
[CLICKS TONGUE] Insensitive.
And just so you know, I
I would never do anything
untoward, to
any of those girls.
"Untoward." [CHUCKLES]
Anything we would be doing would be
one-hundred percent consensual.
Johnny, did Did you,
by any chance, Google me?
Mmm, yeah. I saw some
stuff on this website
- SpookySpaghetti.
- SpookySpaghetti.
Oh, the bane of my existence. [CHUCKLES]
That you survived the Millwood Massacre.
That there was that Chip guy,
who was killed, uh,
- but before that, he, uh
- Chip Langsberry, yeah.
Anyway, uh, I
like to have a good time,
but I'm not a bad dude.
appreciate you saying that.
- Good.
- Yeah, it's good.
Yeah, okay. [CHUCKLES]
- Listen, sorry I freaked
- Tabby, I'm really sorry, I
- You first. [CHUCKLES]
I feel terrible about
what happened last night.
And And for what it's worth, I
made those masks before I knew you.
I get it. And I'm sorry, too.
I shouldn't have snooped.
Well, I I don't blame you.
[BREATHES DEEPLY] I must've been
giving off some major Barbarian vibes.
That is an apt comparison.
Why those masks in particular?
[SIGHS] Full disclosure?
I've been on SpookySpaghetti.
Who in Millwood hasn't, at this point?
No, I I got inspired and started
working on those masks you found, again,
[INHALES] before I even met you.
I hate to ask this, but
you didn't post my number
on SpookySpaghetti, or
Or share it with anyone, did you?
No, of course not.
Wait. Do I seem like the kinda guy
that would do something like that?
- Post your number?
- Uh, no.
No, not at all. But
Avenge was autobiographical.
I, uh
Figured there was some truth in there.
Felt pretty personal.
There's more.
The guy who did that to
me was my best friend.
This guy named Chip,
worked here with me
like you do now.
And we also loved horror
movies and we used to hang out,
[BREATHES DEEPLY] also in his basement.
That's a lot.
I'm so sorry for what happened to you.
[INHALES] Now, if I haven't completely
freaked you out at this point,
uh, my girlfriends and I are
throwing a surprise birthday party
for our friend, Mouse,
at the roller rink.
Would you maybe wanna come?
With me?
Yeah, maybe.
eventually it turned into a
three-ski. You know what I mean?
- Stringbean, what the fuck are you doing?
There's someone at
the bottom of the pool.
Come on, come on.
You assholes. This isn't funny.
Hey, don't blame us.
This was Captain's idea.
You're right, Stringbean. Falling
asleep while on duty isn't funny.
It's negligent.
Consider this your first official
warning. And you don't get a second one.
Come on, Cap.
Hey, don't pass out
in the caramel sauce.
I'm sorry, I, um
I've been having trouble
sleeping. [CHUCKLES]
There is a cot in the back
office if you wanna take a nap.
[MOUSE] Unbelievable.
My moms are living their
best lives without me.
My friends are completely checked out,
not doing anything for my birthday.
I know we're going mini-golfing
tonight, and I love you for that,
but I just I feel
Like this is gonna be the worst
birthday weekend of my life.
Mouse, [SIGHS]
I was sworn to secrecy, but [SIGHS]
Your friends are throwing
you a surprise party.
OMG, really? [GASPS]
Ugh, those liars.
Give me all the details.
When? Where? How?
No, no way. [CHUCKLES]
I've already said too much.
Just act surprised when
the time comes, please?
Seriously? You're not
gonna tell me anything?
Can you at least give me a hint?
Like, is it gonna happen
on my official birthday
- Tonight.
- But for real, that is all I am saying.
Hey, Noa. Um
Silent treatment? Really?
Are you that mad at me?
Um, hello?
Uh, did you guys,
maybe, forget something?
Dude, you didn't tip her?
Uh, damn. I guess I did forget.
Don't worry, I got a tip
for you, baby. [SIGHS]
Actually, it's a lot
more than just the tip.
Where's her fucking tip, man?
- Whoa.
- All right.
All right. Calm down.
Can I at least get your friend's digits?
- Or yours?
- [CHUCKLES] You want digits?
Well, here's two.
Got your tip money.
Keep it. I'm in the red with you.
Just forget about that. Take it.
Thank you. [SNIFFLES]
sorry I got so pissed.
I just
[SIGHS] I can't go back to juvie, Jen.
Me neither.
Not even if you were there.
Oh, uh
Do you wanna come to my friend
Mouse's birthday party tonight?
Uh, it's very, very casual.
We're taking over the roller rink.
Uh, if If you wanna
come, you totally can.
Is Shawn gonna be there?
No, it's not [SIGHS]
Not really his scene.
How'd you do?
I actually slept. [CHUCKLES]
But I, uh, had a weird dream.
You wanna tell me about it?
[IMOGEN] You know about Archie Waters?
From the Millwood Massacre?
Well, I keep seeing his mother.
Bloody Rose Waters.
But the weird part is,
when I see this person,
it's Rose Waters, but it's also my mom.
Anyways, in the dream,
you were in it too.
We were both here, working.
I was taking the trash out.
And when I walked to the dumpsters,
I saw her.
This bloody, [GULPS] horrifying face.
A face I never wanna see again.
I know it's crazy,
but, Johnny, I wanna go back out there.
Make sure she's not there.
You want me to come with you?
No, I need to do this on my own.
How'd you do? Get some z's?
I I did.
But I had a weird dream, and
I I don't wanna talk about it.
[WOMAN] Delaney?
- Delaney!
Somebody, help her. Help!
[SHAWN] Everybody, everybody, get back.
Everybody, back up, back up!
- Right there.
[FARAN] Who was supposed
to be in the chair?
Who was meant to be in the chair?
It was me.
[STAMMERS] I should've been
up there, I I fucked up.
You're fired.
Get your shit and get out of here.
- Party's over.
No more fucking around
on the job. I mean it.
Me included.
This is life or death, as
I hope we all saw today.
And anyone who thinks
otherwise is welcome to leave.
Hey, I don't have any plans tonight.
So you can leave early if
you want. I'll close up.
Ah, I appreciate that. [CHUCKLES]
It's actually my friend
Mouse's birthday party tonight
at Skidamarink Rollerway.
You can stop by.
If you want, if you're
up for it. [CHUCKLES]
- Yeah, okay.
- Cool.
[FARAN] The little
girl's going to be okay.
But I swear, my heart
stopped, Henry. [SHUDDERS]
Jesus, sounds harrowing.
Hey, but, you shouldn't keep
beating yourself up over it, Faran.
You did your job. You saved her life.
I'm beating myself up
over it, because I
- I made a mistake.
- What mistake?
I tried to be one of
the guys when I'm not.
I'm a woman, for one.
I'm Black, I'm Captain, I'm strong.
I'm a force, and I need to
own that, not be scared of it.
Does that make sense?
Yeah, it does.
And you're right.
Thank you.
[GULPS] And now I need to
Tap into my strength
and tell you something
that I was scared to say before.
I got the all-clear to dance.
Oh, Faran, that's amazing.
Henry, I got it weeks ago.
Wait, so [SIGHS]
You've been lying to me?
Ugh, God, but I
You could've been honest with me.
Why weren't you?
Because I was scared
about how you'd react.
But the thought of putting on
those ballet slippers again
I think that after everything
that happened last year,
I still have emotional
scars I'm dealing with,
which is not fair to you, I know.
Look, I gotta
I gotta go. I gotta wrap my brain
around this. [BREATHES DEEPLY]
Tell, uh tell Mouse
"Happy birthday" for me.
I just
I need a beat here.
Of course. I understand.
A place where nobody dared to go ♪
The love that we came to know ♪
They call it Xanadu ♪
[CHORUS] It takes your breath
and it'll leave you blind ♪
[LAUGHS] Okay, I talked to the DJ,
and as soon as Mouse walks
in, she's gonna cut the music,
and we're all gonna jump
out, and say "Surprise!"
I cannot wait to see
the look on her face.
You don't think Ash
spilled the beans, right?
- He knows better.
- Yeah.
Hey, Bryant, where's Henry?
He couldn't make it. Where's Shawn?
Couldn't make it.
But look who did make it.
- Hi!
- Greg!
Come on, Mouse, we have to go.
Go? Go where?
I'm supposed to take you to
A place.
[GASPS] Wait, is this part of
The thing?
[SIGHS] I'm not supposed to say much.
[GASPS] Lola, did one of my
friends tell you to do this?
- Yes.
But I'm not supposed to tell you
anything else. Now, go get dressed.
Okay. [KISSES]
Xanadu, Xanadu ♪
- Now we are here ♪
- In Xanadu ♪
- You made it!
- Yeah.
And you brought ice cream.
- Didn't wanna show up empty-handed.
- Hmm.
Uh, only thing is, I don't have dry ice.
Oh, uh There's a freezer,
somewhere. [CHUCKLES]
Okay, I'll find it.
And I'll be right back.
Um, is that the guy from the Creamery?
It totally is. I see
him there all the time.
Okay, your outfit, it looks fire.
Look at yours. Olivia
Newton-John would be proud.
- RIP.
Okay, come on. Let's get you skates.
- Hey, you came.
- Hey, I did.
My only hesitation
was that I can't skate.
That's okay. I can help.
[MOUSE] This is where my party is?
Shouldn't there be, like,
lights and balloons or something?
It's a super-secret surprise.
Anybody here?
Three blind mice Three blind mice ♪
See how they run
See how they run ♪
They all run after the farmer's wife ♪
She cut off their tails
with a carving knife ♪
Did you ever see such
a sight in your life ♪
As three blind mice ♪
"This is your birthday test.
A final girl must escape any death trap.
You hide, I seek."
No, thank you. [SNIFFLES] I'm good.
[GASPS] No, no, no, no
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! [PANTS]
We are magic ♪
Nothing can stand in our way ♪
How does Noa know Jen again?
Pinball Pizza. But also juvie.
They seem [SIGHS]
Maybe they were lesbian
lovers in there, or something.
- That happens.
- [ALL] Greg!
The trick is to relax.
And most importantly, eyes up.
There you go. A natural.
Destiny will arrive ♪
Or we could do this, yes. [LAUGHS]
Um, maybe I should get
one of those skate trainer
things for little kids.
Or you can take my hand.
Mrs. Honrada, hey.
I'm here to pick up the birthday girl.
I already dropped her off.
For the surprise.
What? Dropped her off where?
[DISTORTED] Three blind mice ♪
Ash just called me. He said something
weird is going on with Mouse.
Apparently, her grandma dropped her off
at a Rose E. Ricotta's for her
party, but can't remember where it is.
Wait, that That
literally makes no sense.
[SPUTTERS] We're here.
The surprise party's here.
Yeah, and what Rose E. Ricotta's?
I mean, didn't they all
basically get torn down?
Uh, there's an old one on
Route 36, by the truck depot.
My mom used to take me.
We'll text Ash, tell
him to meet us there.
- [ASH] Oh, my God.
[IMOGEN] Mouse!
- [NOA] Mouse! Mouse! Oh, my God!
[FARAN] Are you okay?
What What happened?
[CRYING] Bloody Rose.
It started again.
[IMOGEN] It's okay. It's okay.
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