Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e04 Episode Script

Chapter Fourteen: When a Stranger Calls Back

Got a secret can you keep it? ♪
Swear this one you'll save ♪
Better lock it in your pocket ♪
Taking this one to the grave ♪
If I show you then I know you ♪
Won't tell what I said ♪
'Cause two can keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
Two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead ♪
I'm so, so sorry, Archie.
You didn't deserve the cage.
[SIGHS] Bloody Rose is real.
I saw her.
She stalked me in this fucked
up game of hide and seek.
Okay, so, either Rose Waters is
alive in Millwood fucking with us.
- Or
- Or she's dead,
and it's some crazy person
dressed like Rose fucking with us.
Either way, it sounds like
she's a skinny old bitch.
So, let her come for me
and I'll kick her ass.
When I got to Rose E. Ricotta's
there was a demented note.
"This is your birthday test.
A final girl must escape any death trap.
You hide. I seek."
Technically speaking,
we're all final girls.
Which means one of us could be next.
This is so fucked up.
What are we supposed to do?
I say we make a pact.
No one answers the phone.
Uh-uh. I'm in the best
shape of my damn life.
I'll take this bitch down myself.
Calm down, Million Dollar Baby.
I think I already know
the answer to this.
But Dr. Sullivan. I mean,
it's late, but should we try her?
"If ever there was an emergency."
Hi. This message is for Dr. Sullivan.
It's Imogen and the girls.
We were wondering if we could
schedule an emergency session,
like, ASAP.
So, if you could, just give us a
call back and let us know. Please?
[MOUSE] Lola, I need you to tell
me about that phone call you got.
The one that asked you to
take me to that surprise party.
Who was it?
Lola, please.
This is so, so important.
She said her name was Rose,
and that she was calling
from the other side.
So, I went down a crazy
rabbit hole last night,
and what if our summoning worked?
My grandma said that she talked
to Rose, the night of my birthday,
and that Rose was a ghost.
Uh-uh. Nope. I can't even.
No ghost shit, please.
Don't answer.
[SIGHS] It's Dr. Sullivan's office.
- Hello.
- [WOMAN] Hi, Ms. Adams.
I'm calling from Doctor
Sullivan's office.
So, we got your message,
but Dr. Sullivan had a minor
accident and is recovering.
Where? At the hospital?
I'm not at liberty to say, but I'll
be in touch to reschedule shortly.
Holy shit!
It can't be a coincidence.
Or can it?
Mere hours after Mouse got
attacked by a homicidal maniac,
we left word for Sullivan, and
then she got into an accident.
No, not suspicious at all.
Last year, A threatened to
kill us if we told anyone.
This person's not messing around.
[SIGHS] As we learned last year,
we need to keep our heads
down and our mouths shut.
Okay. But what do we
do about Dr. Sullivan?
If someone hurt her on purpose
I'll track her down,
find out the tea and report it back.
[SIGHS WEARILY] Are you sure?
It's the third test.
Lance, I told you this would
happen if we had premarital sex.
[GREG] Whatever your decision, Judy,
however you want to
handle this situation,
I support your choice.
This isn't the scene.
I told you.
You can't rewrite the scene.
It's a little disrespectful.
It is the scene, Pastor Malachai.
Just with a few rewrites.
Tiny tweaks, really.
What's this about, Kelly?
Pastor Malachi, Mama,
I have doubts.
Doubts about Redemption House.
Some of the themes we're exploring,
I fear they might be hurtful to people.
People I care about.
I'm troubled by this.
These are not your doubts, Kelly.
They are the devil's doubts.
That's why you need
to be here in church,
working on Redemption House
and not out roller skating.
confession tomorrow, Kelly.
Confess and accept your penance.
Imogen, how did you get past the nurses?
I might have said
I was your daughter.
I see.
But we were all so
May I ask what happened, exactly?
I was leaving my office
and taking the stairs,
which I shouldn't
have done at that hour,
and someone pushed me.
Who pushed you? Did you see them?
I didn't. They were behind me.
I suspect it was a former patient.
It's been known to happen.
But the good news is I'm fine.
I'm so sorry.
What a nightmare. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
Imogen, my service said something
about an urgent sounding call.
That That was a false alarm.
But, um, while I'm here, can I get
you anything from the cafeteria?
A pudding cup, maybe.
All right. What do you want from us?
[WOMAN] Hello? Is this Tabitha Haworthe?
Who the hell is this?
I'm chairman Dani McGuire
with the Pittsburgh
International Festival of Terror.
Is this Tabitha?
Yes, it is.
Uh, sorry. I've been getting robocalls.
Tabitha, one of the filmmakers we
accepted into our
festival had to withdraw.
Your original short wasn't
selected for inclusion, as you know,
but it did make an impression.
We were wondering if you had
anything more recent to share
that we might consider.
[CHRISTIAN] PIFT called? That's amazing.
What's your other short about?
It doesn't exist yet.
But I have two days
to send something in.
I'm dead, right?
No way.
You could 100% shoot and edit
something new in two days. Gonzo style.
I'd totally help.
The question is,
do you have any ideas for
what that short could be about?
[IMOGEN] Confirmed it
wasn't a freak accident.
Someone pushed Dr. Sullivan
down a flight of stairs.
Bloody Rose?
Sullivan didn't see the person.
Claimed it could have
been an ex-patient.
So, Bloody Rose is keeping tabs
on Dr. Sullivan because why?
Because we left her that message?
Because we planned to tell
her about Mouse's ordeal?
Which means since we can't
directly warn Dr. Sullivan,
I am going to low-key keep tabs on her.
Mouse, what's up? You look
like you're gonna barf.
Guys, I
I think I may be responsible
for creating Bloody Rose.
In the early days of SpookySpaghetti
when the trial was still happening,
I went online and I
I posted things about Archie's mask.
Details only someone who'd seen
the mask firsthand could know.
That it was stitched together
from pieces of leather.
Mouse, how does that mean
you created Bloody Rose?
People took the detail that
A's mask was stitched together
and ran with it,
built on the legend
until the story became
that Archie skinned his
mother's face to make his mask.
And now Now there's someone
out there with a bloody face
coming for us.
Sorry, but
you didn't cause or create
this craziness, Mouse.
Yeah. Someone is appropriating
Bloody Rose's iconography,
but that's not on you, Mouse.
And this makes me think
that it's most likely not
Rose Waters under the bandages.
We'd know, or at least
have a better idea
if we could find the real
Rose Waters and track her down.
[GASPS] Oh, wait. SpookySpaghetti.
- We can use it to find Rose Waters.
- But how?
If she's out there somewhere,
people might have seen her
or heard rumors of where she might be.
We just have to ask the question
and see what kind of
responses we get back.
Then that's our next play.
Uh At this point, it's our only play.
I'm on it,
and if she is alive, then
we know she's not a ghost.
On a completely different topic,
I may need all of your help
with something tomorrow.
What is it?
I potentially have another
shot of getting into PIFT.
The Pittsburgh International
Festival of Terror.
But I'd have to make
another short super-fast,
assuming I can figure out
what it should be about.
So, what's our next cinematic
undertaking gonna be?
Okay. I think I may have something,
but it's basically
Jaws in a movie theater.
Ooh, pitch me.
A psychotic
projectionist who killed
someone in a movie
theater 20 years ago
escapes the insane asylum the weekend
of the summer's biggest release.
The manager of the movie theater is
afraid he'll come back to his old lair
and wants to shut down the screens.
But the greedy owner wants to stay open
because he doesn't want to lose
income from the ticket sales.
Hey, aka Chief Brody
versus Mayor Vaughn,
but with a psychopath
instead of a shark.
That is genius. When did
you come up with this?
Last night. It was a
total lightbulb moment.
I think it's dope. Let's do it.
I'm assuming you're playing
the lead, the manager character?
I don't know. I think I'm more of
a behind-the-camera kind of person.
I mean, sure.
But you could totally be a
front-of-camera person, too, if you wanted.
I mean, you're movie-star beautiful.
Plus, it's always cool when the
final girl is black, don't you think?
I do.
Imogen, not to seem unwelcoming or
ungrateful, but don't you have work?
Or anything else to do
on this sunny summer day
than spend it cooped up with me?
Not at all.
It's my day off, so I'm all yours.
Okay. Six letter word
for doll or cookout.
Yes, nicely done.
Oh, wow.
Eight across. Seven letter word
for professional counseling.
Oh, you're joking.
Yiddish word for meant to be.
- Festschrift.
- [SCOFFS] Use it in a sentence.
- [CHUCKLES] Fine.
You and cheerleading
are not festschrift.
Maybe we leave that particular
extracurricular to Karen.
Hey! Cut me a little slack.
- It was my first pyramid.
- And your last. Mmm-hmm?
- Sorry, kiddo.
- Hmm.
It's my job to keep you in one piece.
Imogen, where did you go just now?
My mom and I used to do
crossword puzzles together
anytime I was sick or got hurt.
I wish I could say it
gets easier with time.
But grief is many things,
including nonlinear.
Sounds like you're
speaking from experience.
I've had my share of loss.
Is there anyone I can
call for you, Dr. Sullivan?
I mean, family members or friends
who may be worried about you
or might want to check in.
Nope, I'm fine.
What's the next clue?
What the hell, Tabby? You
pulled all this together today?
Well, Christian already had a
lot of the stuff in his basement.
And the rest we Roger Corman-ed
from friends, and friends of friends.
The Projectionist, aka
Jaws in a movie theater,
Scene 1-A. Take one.
Set and action.
- And cut!
And cut!
That was amazing.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
You think you got everything you need?
I think so. I will double
confirm when I review my footage.
Pinball Pizza. Can I help you?
Another prank call.
Don't these idiots have
anything better to do?
No, they sure fucking don't.
I need to take a break.
Benny asked what happened.
[SIGHS] Yeah. Sorry.
Sorry. I just I cannot deal
with Benny's bullshit today.
Hey, do you wanna get out of here?
Yeah. I mean, it's slow as fuck today.
Yeah. Where do you wanna go?
My dad's place, he has
this, like, amazing pool, and
he's out of town on a business trip.
So, we could go, and, you know, no
one would really know we were there.
So, the girls are actually supportive
of you going on SpookySpaghetti, now?
In this case, yes.
SpookySpaghetti got us into this mess,
and I'm gonna see if it
can help get us out of it.
Or at least take one
suspect off the list.
I'm posting in these forums
that I'm "seeking Rose Waters",
so I can "join her" in her "kingdom".
Okay. Why exactly?
To find Rose. Not a ghost, not a
cosplayer, but the real Rose Waters.
And if she is out there and
you do find her, what then?
For starters, I can ask her
if she tried to burn me alive
at Rose E. Ricotta or
if that was someone else.
Henry, what are you doing here?
I've been feeling horrible,
Faran, about how we left things.
And if you don't wanna dance
anymore, that's your choice.
You don't owe me any
sort of explanation.
I'm just sorry for how I reacted.
And I wanted to let you know,
I signed up for swimming
lessons at the Y.
[CHUCKLES] Henry. You
didn't have to do that.
I want to. I wanna be close to you.
Well, I appreciate
you making the effort,
but if you really
wanna learn how to swim,
I can teach you.
Give you private lessons.
Here, after hours.
I have the keys.
- That sounds way better than the Y.
- Hmm.
[NOA] Holy fucking Wayne Manor, Batman.
You never said your dad was loaded.
He's an asshole.
He left me and my mom
when we needed him most.
But, you know, now
he's got this sweet pad
and I have the alarm code.
[NOA] So, how come your dad is so rich?
He's a total Pharma bro.
Like, he makes and sells the drugs
people like our moms get addicted to.
And when my mom needed him most,
he just left us, his family.
[SCOFFS] Fuck him.
He lives in this insane mansion
with all that fucking money
and still won't pay
for your mom's rehab?
Not even a penny?
He says she doesn't deserve his help.
You know what?
If he won't give you
money to help your mom,
we should just fucking take it.
Your dad's got a dozen Rolexes.
If we took one to sell,
would he even know?
Let's bling-ring this motherfucker.
- [IMOGEN] Hmm.
That's weird.
Is everything okay?
Um, It's Estelle's dad
calling, which he never does.
I should get this, Dr. Sullivan.
[ROB] Thank you so much for doing this.
Blake's mother passed away so suddenly
and with Estelle's ear infection,
well, she shouldn't be on a plane.
Oh, my gosh. No need to explain.
I completely get it.
All our emergency
numbers are on the fridge.
Estelle needs two drops in her left
ear before bed and two in the morning.
- Two before bed, two in the morning.
Mr. Winters, was I
really your only option?
Is that why you called me?
I called you because I
needed someone I could trust.
Someone who wouldn't let
anything happen to our baby.
- Say no more.
And I promise everything will be fine.
Daddy loves you, baby girl.
We'll be home tomorrow. Thank you again.
[SOFTLY] Hypocrites.
Oh, and I should confess.
I should re-virginize.
Re-virginize this, Mama.
-[TABBY ON VIDEO] Um, you're fantastic.
- Thanks. You too.
- You're a natural.
[TABBY] What about
Jaws in a movie theatre?
Specifically the Orpheum,
which is a location we have.
Killer stalking teens in a theater
instead of swimmers in the ocean.
- That is genius.
- Yeah?
Perfection. Yes, writing it down.
I can't wait to make this.
Mr. Winters. Hi.
[ROB] Listen, not to alarm
you, but I was calling
because we got an alert
from our security system
that one of the windows
in the house was open.
I'm sure it's just the wind but
I, uh I'll check them all right now.
And I'll call you back
if there's a problem.
- [JOHNNY] Hey.
- Johnny, hey. Yeah. Uh
Sorry about missing work.
Are you busy right now?
Nope. Not since you told half the
town I was a player. Freed me up.
Well, it was one girl.
Anyway. Do you wanna hang out?
I'm, uh, babysitting my daughter
and I could use the company if you want.
Um, sure. Text me the address.
Will do. I'll see you in a bit.
But the sooner the better.
Okay. Where do we start?
- What's my first lesson?
- Ah.
How about holding your breath?
[GREG] Oh, shit!
Looks like we had the same idea.
[CHUCKLES] Great minds
think alike, apparently.
- Yeah.
- Sorry for showing up like this, Faran.
I just needed to do something fun
for a night to get away from Mama.
But, clearly, we are
interrupting. So, we will go.
You're fine, Kelly. You
don't have to. [CHUCKLES]
Jump in.
The water is perfect.
Now would be a good
time to let me drown.
Mmm. You and me, both.
[EXHALES] Don't take this the wrong way,
but are you in the middle
of a full on spiral?
- I, uh
- Okay. Okay.
Do you want to hand her and the knife
to me and have a moment to yourself?
More than life itself.
- Okay.
- Hmm.
[SOFTLY] Thanks.
I'm glad you and Henry are doing better.
I know you guys were
going through some stuff.
Henry's been talking to you about us?
Oh, no. Not just to me, but
to everyone at church group.
Pastor Malachai has been
holding these Kairos sessions,
and he makes all of us participate.
What are Kairos sessions?
It's like a big group share.
We get, like, super vulnerable
and truthful and trauma bond.
[SNICKERS] Good to know our relationship
has been so traumatizing for Henry.
Oh, no. No, it's not like that.
It's just that he's been
struggling with the fact
that you've been lying to
him for so long, that's all.
[SCOFFS] Copy that.
It's so helpful to know
that my boyfriend is sharing
our personal business
with complete strangers.
- Um, Where's Where's Estelle?
- Asleep in her room.
Are you okay?
It's been a crazy couple of days.
A lot of weird shit's been happening.
It all started the night
of Mouse's birthday party.
Someone went after
her, and then our therapist
got pushed down some stairs and
Like, I could go on. But here's
where I should just shut up,
because telling you all of this could
either, A, be putting you in danger
or B, send you running for the hills,
which, honestly, I
would I completely get.
I'm not running for the hills.
I don't sound, like,
completely unhinged?
Honestly, most girls I date pretend
to be perfect the first couple months
and then break out their freak flag.
So, I actually respect you just putting
it all out there right out of the gate.
Did you say "most girls you date"?
I just meant I'm here for you, Imogen.
Whatever you need.
Mr. Winters?
Oh, uh
Oh, you saw a young man
enter on your Ring camera?
Um, that's That's
just my friend Johnny.
He was just leaving.
Yeah. I'll see you tomorrow morning.
That was Estelle's dad.
It's all good.
I can, uh I can I sit
in my car and wait for you.
All night long?
I got nothing better to do.
Ever since you, um, [CLEARS
THROAT] trashed my reputation. So
- Oh, my God. Oh, my God.
- What? Did people respond to your post?
Uh, yeah. Tons of people. With places
that they say they've seen Rose Waters
or where they think she might be living.
Shack in the woods, Millwood Cemetery,
the warehouse from that Y2K party.
Holy shit. Rose Waters is basically
like the Elvis of Millwood.
I'm making a list so we can
start checking these places out.
Mouse. Look, how many places?
Have I mentioned recently that
you're the bestest boyfriend ever?
We can take my bike.
Where have you been? Your hair is wet.
I went swimming, Mama. That's all.
By yourself?
What do you have to say for yourself?
[KELLY] Mama! No! Mama! Mama,
please. Please, Mama, no!
I thought you might be hungry.
Thank you, Mama.
We must be strong, Kelly.
Strong for each other
and strong for the souls of this town.
I will be, Mama. I promise.
You actually stayed.
I promised I would.
[CHRISTIAN] It looks dope, Tabby.
Well, we could get some killer POV
shots from the back of the theater.
Yeah, maybe. Let me
Let me think on that.
I mean, obviously, if that's not the
direction you wanna go, no pressure.
No, you're good.
- It's
- What? What is it?
Oh. God. Okay.
This idea, Jaws in a movie theater,
it's something I spit-balled
with that guy Chip.
I mean, it was my idea completely,
but Chip and I used to spend
hours dreaming up crazy log lines
for all the horror movies
we were gonna make together.
As fun as the short was to
shoot, and trust that it was,
it's also
a reminder of something that's
still a part of my life, I guess.
And, maybe, always will be.
Tabby, you don't owe that guy anything.
Don't let him take this away from you.
Your new short is incredible.
And you're incredible.
And no matter what happens with PIFT,
you made a new movie.
And it kicks serious ass.
Was that okay?
It was for me.
Was it okay for you?
Yes. Yes, I'll accept the charges.
You're the only person
I could go to for help.
My friend, Jen, her rich
supervillain dad got her arrested.
What the hell? What happened?
She just called from jail.
Said she snuck into her dad's house
to grab some some
clothes and and her stuff,
and the fucker called the cops on her.
And now Jen's locked up
unless she makes bail.
Two grand.
That's a lot of money.
But let's do it. Let's
get her out of there.
Really? Thank you. Thank you.
[WOMAN] Excuse me, Faran Byrant.
Oh, hi.
How's your daughter doing?
Better. And, uh, I wanted to
say again in person. Thank you.
And thank God there are
people like you in the world.
Like me?
Who don't stand on the sidelines.
Who run towards the danger
and not hide away from it.
Noa, I am so sorry for dragging
you into my nightmare family drama.
No. No, no, no. Don't apologize.
I feel terrible, Jen. It was my
stupid idea to take the Rolex.
I just
I feel like I'm all alone, you know?
You're not, Jen.
You're not alone.
Fuck it.
- What do you want, Henry?
- [BLOODY ROSE] It's not Henry.
Time for your test if
you're strong enough.
Or are you the same weak,
little, broken, scarred Faran?
I'm in the best shape of my damn life.
I'll take this bitch down myself.
I'm ready.
When and where, bitch?
The construction site on the south side.
Dusk, you and you alone.
Or else someone will get hurt.
Oh, my God.
"A final girl can
never lose her strength.
Lift the girder.
If it touches the ground
before time runs out,
someone you love dies."
[BLOODY ROSE] If you're strong enough.
Mind over matter. You got this.
Hey, Mouse. What's up?
Weird question, but the last time you
saw Rose Waters, she
was unhoused, right?
Yes, at the soup kitchen.
I have a lead about where
Rose Waters might be.
You know where tent city
is by the old bridge?
Someone on SpookySpaghetti,
says Rose is living there
- Here.
- Is that where you are right now?
Is Ash with you?
No. We split up. My idea.
Okay. Okay. Don't do anything.
I'll rally the girls
and we'll meet you there.
Then we'll look for Rose together.
[MOUSE] Where's Faran?
I'm not sure. She didn't
answer my call or my text,
but she may be working at the pool.
Okay. Well, I have an image I
pulled off of SpookySpaghetti
of what Rose Waters
supposedly looks like.
We should walk around,
talk to people, see what they
know and maybe we'll get lucky.
Oh, yeah. She's here. Just lives
over there under the bridge.
Excuse me. Are you Rose Waters?
That's her.
We just want to talk to
you about your son Archie.
Archie Waters came after me.
Came after my friends.
Archie's alive?
Yes, but don't worry.
He's not a threat anymore.
[IMOGEN] No, Rose!
Rose, please!
Mouse! Mouse!
You guys, we needed proof
that she was Rose Waters.
Or this was all for nothing.
[MOUSE] Hang on.
- [NOA] Holy fuck.
- [MOUSE] Angela Waters.
So, it was her.
Oh, my God. It's Rose's file.
From the Radley. I mean,
everything's in here. Her
- Holy shit!
- What?
Dr. Sullivan was Rose Waters's doctor.
What the fuck?
[PANTING] I did it.
I fucking did it!
[GROANS] Shit.
I fucking did it!
You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
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