Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e05 Episode Script

Chapter Fifteen: Friday the 13th

Got a secret ♪
Can you keep it? ♪
Swear this one you'll save ♪
Better lock it in your pocket ♪
Taking this one to the grave ♪
If I show you then I know you ♪
Won't tell what I said ♪
'Cause two can keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
Two can keep a secret
if one of them is dead ♪
This is where her followers meet, right?
In Bloody Rose's shack?
[ALAN] Yes. Now shut the fuck up!
[NANCY] Holy shit! What are they doing?
Oh, my God, you're bleeding!
- I know.
Press the sides of the wound together.
Make sure the needle and
the thread are sterilized!
- We should go to the hospital!
- [MOUSE] No, no hospital!
- No, we got this!
Okay, this is gonna hurt like shit.
- Stay still.
- Wait
- Faran!
- [SCREAMS] Oh, it burns! Be gentle!
Look at me. Look at me.
- One, two, three.
What the fuck!
- Oh, my God, oh, my God.
- You're doing amazing, sweetie.
- Faran! Faran! Pay attention!
I hate my life!
It was Bloody Rose.
She targeted me.
Almost killed me.
But you're okay, Faran.
How did she get to you?
She called.
I answered.
What about our pact?
Not to engage?
I wanted to stop her
and save us.
I thought I could put an end
to all this shit once and for all.
I thought I'd be strong enough.
But I wasn't.
And I failed.
Hey, Faran, you didn't fail.
No, you survived.
And Faran, it's amazing that
you wanted to protect us,
but from now on
if the call comes in to any of us,
we answer it together.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Five against one.
Meanwhile, we found
the real Rose Waters,
as in Angela and Archie's mother.
- Oh, my God.
- [IMOGEN] Mmm-hmm.
Living in Tent City,
off-grid, under a bridge.
And after we told her that
Archie was still alive,
she, um
She jumped into the river
to get the fuck away from us.
Did, uh, did she survive?
[SPLUTTERS] It wasn't a tall bridge.
But if Rose was off-grid before,
- she's super off-grid now.
- Wait.
If you were with Rose Waters
at the time I was attacked,
that means Rose Waters
and Bloody Rose are
two different people.
Another OMG?
Turns out Rose Waters was
Dr. Sullivan's patient.
That shady fucking bitch.
So if we had a suspect board,
of who Bloody Rose could be,
we would take the
real Rose Waters off it
and add Dr. Sullivan to it.
And underline the fuck
out of Dr. Sullivan
- 'cause she is sus as fuck.
- Is she?
Because I I was with
her, in the hospital.
She was legit hurt, like in pain.
I mean, how could she have
attacked Faran in that condition?
- Painkillers.
- Meds.
It was all a fake-out.
psycho-killer strength.
Does anyone actually
know how we got connected
to Dr. Sullivan in the first place?
Mmm. Our moms set it up for us.
But who knows how they found her?
Imogen and I could low-key
inquire with my mom.
Fine, but I am done with group therapy.
Same. I don't know that it
was actually helping me anyway.
Yeah, hard pass.
Maybe taking a break
isn't such a bad idea.
Guys, I
I'm on meds that Dr.
Sullivan prescribed.
But I hear you, and I'll be careful.
As I do some sussing of my own.
[JENNIFER] Noa, can I come in?
Is everything okay? I
was worried about you.
[SIGHS] No, things are not okay.
Without really getting into it, my
My friends and I are dealing with some
majorly fucked up shit again.
I just I don't know
what to do about it.
Okay, well, in that case, come here.
Falling apart like a rose again ♪
Petals of white never hold against ♪
The winds and the gusts
when you're cold it breaks ♪
[IMOGEN] Everything's insane.
But in other, unrelated,
more positive news,
I've been dying to tell you.
I kissed Johnny.
Oh, my God! I kissed Christian!
- I would have told you already, but
We've been a little busy.
Wait, am I seeing a
double-date in our future?
- Yes.
If only this could be
the entirety of our lives.
Being normal girls talking
about their almost boyfriends.
Without some other psycho
in yet another mask trying to kill us.
- Yeah, that'd be nice.
- Hmm.
- [SHAWN] Noa, babe.
You ready?
- Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. I'll be right there, Shawn!
- Hi, good morning.
- Hi.
Mmm, I used my key. Is that okay?
Yeah, totally.
Wait, did you forget
we were training today?
I did. Yeah. I'm sorry.
Noa, the July 4th
Marathon's coming fast
I know, I know. But I'm
up now, and I'm ready.
Let's hit it.
Yo, yo.
Hey, Jen. How's it
going? How'd you sleep?
To be honest, Shawn, I didn't
really get much rest last night.
Okay, uh, we have to get
this run in before school.
And I'll see you at work.
- Definitely.
- Later, Jen.
- Morning, Mom.
- Morning, Mrs. Haworthe.
How are you doing, Mom?
Oh, fine. You know, no one's buying
anything in Millwood these days.
But what else is new?
- Why do you ask?
- [TABBY] No special reason.
Just Dr. Sullivan recommended
we do daily check-ins
with the people we love.
Hey, by the way, we were wondering
where did you say you
found her again, Mom?
She was a recommendation.
Deputy Maroon said, there
was no one more experienced
when it came to dealing
with adolescent trauma.
Don't you have an appointment
with her this morning?
Oh, no, just me. After school,
just to, get some refills on my
prescriptions. [CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY]
You wanna take a break?
By Junkie Alley? Nah, I'm good.
I'm glad we didn't skip
out on our run together.
That's my favorite part of the day.
[NOA] Shawn.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Sorry about what, babe?
That we're not spending
much time together lately,
that I'm working so much that
I'm stuck in goddamn
summer school, that
That Jen and I are living together.
I've just I've never ever
- felt this shitty before.
- Hey, hey, hey.
It's all good.
None of that stuff matters.
- You have nothing to apologize for.
I love you, Noa.
Come on.
Seriously looking for advice here.
How are we supposed to
focus on like, geometry,
while someone's trying to murder us?
Look, if, if Bloody Rose turns out to be
the reason why we repeat sophomore year,
- she is the true embodiment of evil.
- [TABBY] Mmm-hmm.
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Okay. Don't answer.
- [NOA] Faran.
- Relax.
It's just Henry.
Ouch! What's up with the decline?
Honestly, I'm not sure how much
longer Henry and I are for this world.
What? You guys are
such a great couple.
What happened?
- What's wrong?
- Unless he's disrespecting you.
- Is it about you not dancing?
- [NOA] What did he do?
Is it about Bloody Rose?
We've been drifting apart all summer,
even since before Bloody
Rose started coming after us.
The latest blow, it turns out
Henry's been talking about me
and our relationship at that church
during these weird
confessional sessions,
they hold, called "Kairos," I guess.
So wait, is it over-over, do you think?
Part of me thinks that
maybe I've just outgrown him.
Maybe that's just
what happens sometimes.
Or maybe it's just temporary,
the problems you're having,
maybe you just need to
wait it out a little bit,
and then things will go
back to the way they were.
[STAMMERS] Then either way,
you will know for sure what
What decision to make, what's
best, what's meant to be.
Obviously, I'm team Faran always
As are we all.
[TABBY] but I agree with Noa.
Mistakes aside, I think Henry's
one of the good ones, possibly.
Even if Kelly and her weird
Children of the Corn
friends have sunk their claws into him.
- I got you.
- We love you.
So Tabby's mom told us that Deputy
Maroon recommended you to help us.
How'd that happen, exactly?
Over the years, I've worked with
Millwood PD on several trauma cases,
and when I heard about yours,
I called Christine and told her
that I would offer
myself for counseling.
Where are the other girls, by the way?
Oh, they, uh They're not coming.
[INHALES] We had kind of a crazy night.
We found Rose Waters,
Archie Waters's mother.
How did you find her?
- Were you looking for her?
- I mean, it doesn't matter.
But the conversation
we had was fascinating.
Why didn't you tell
us that you treated
Rose Waters while she was in the Radley?
I mean, that seems
like the kind of thing
you disclose to the girls
who were tormented by her son.
Doctor-patient confidentiality.
I can't disclose any information
about my patients, past or present.
- Are you still in touch with her?
- No.
Not since the Radley closed.
But Imogen, I can't say
anything more about Rose Waters.
But I understand how information
like this could be destabilizing.
Okay, last question.
- Where were you last night?
- At home.
Zooming with a few
patients I treat remotely,
and no, I can't tell
you anything about them.
- Why do you ask?
- Just curious
if you've been out and about
you know, with your hurt ankle and all.
- Need help Bryant?
- I'm good.
Your arm's all kind of fucked up.
Are you sure you couldn't
use an assist from a
stud like me?
Greg, don't start.
Chill, I'm saying you don't
have to prove anything.
You know what?
That's it.
We're doing this. Right the fuck, now.
What? What are we doing?
[ALL CHEERING] Go, go, go
[JOCK] Whoo! Hell yeah, Faran!
Greg, she's got you, man!
Shut up! Shut up!
What? Dude, I let her win.
[TABBY] Okay, as we get ready for
our annual Friday the 13th marathon,
which is my fav screening
series of the year FYI.
What's your favorite one?
- My favorite's Friday the 13th.
- Hmm.
Mmm, I would have to go with Part 2,
the first one to feature
Jason as the killer,
but before his iconic hockey
mask look had been established.
Part 2 is my pick as well.
I love how the final girl
is a psychology student
at the university
who dresses up as Jason's mother
to try and stop him from killing her.
Plus a final girl with a pitchfork?
Now that's iconic. [CHUCKLES]
Weird that those movies made
me wanna go to summer camp.
I mean, I used to go to
Camp Millwood as a kid,
which was basically Camp Blood.
Shut down a few years back, though.
Uh, sorry to break
up all this hard work,
but does someone want to explain
what this was doing
in the popcorn machine?
Okay, um, don't get mad,
but I shot a short film,
here at the Orpheum.
I got a call from PIF
requesting to see something new from me,
a new short, and I had to
shoot something super-fast.
PIFT called you, wanting another short?
That's exciting.
It is. And as a matter of
fact, I was gonna ask you, um,
you mentioned you knew someone
in the selection committee?
Yeah, one of my professors from NYU.
I was wondering, would you mind
putting in a good word for me?
Sure. Yeah. I'll see what I can do.
Awesome. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
But you should have told me
that you were making a movie here, Tabs.
Not just as your
friend, as your manager.
There's like liability issues.
Totally, and it won't happen again.
Okay he's pissed.
I mean, did you see his face when you
said PIFT asked you for another short?
He's probably just stressed
about the marathon tomorrow night.
Friday the 13's the
unluckiest day of the year,
also, our most lucrative,
and something literally
always goes wrong.
Okay, if you say so.
But I don't trust him, Tabby.
That guy's darkness.
You're not actually mad at me.
Yeah, I actually am. Jen, what the fuck,
what were you thinking this
morning, coming out that way?
Nothing. I just I wanted a coffee.
Why the hell did my
son give you $2,000?
- Did Shawn tell you that?
- He didn't have to.
I monitor his bank account.
Money's been tight. Um
Shawn helped me pay for my mom's rehab.
You told us your
mother was out of rehab.
So which is it?
Were you lying then or lying now?
She got out. Then relapsed.
You know, honestly, I don't care
what you needed the money for.
The fact that you asked my teenage son
to empty his bank account for
you is highly inappropriate.
It wasn't like that.
Then pay Shawn back.
Make this right.
That was unhinged.
She's a nightmare.
Do you know what could clean this up?
Get her off your back?
Breaking up with Shawn.
And you'd just be done
with that entire family.
What are you talking about, Jen?
I'm not breaking up with Shawn.
So what was last night then?
Was it a mistake?
I don't know what it was.
Where are you going?
I'm the reason Shawn gave you the money.
So, thinking I need to come up
with two grand and make things right.
You doing okay?
Yeah. Yes.
Why wouldn't I be?
I don't know. Just, uh
gauging how you're feeling
after our
- Oh
Um, I I am feeling extremely good
- about our kiss.
It's just other stuff
I'm working through.
- [JOHNNY] Mmm.
So what's going on, Dad?
You hardly ever come to Millwood.
I had some deliveries to make.
And I I wanted to see you.
Besides that one quick visit,
I know we haven't been in touch lately.
But I'd like that to change, Imogen.
I'd like that, too.
I also wanna let you
know that I've been
seeing someone.
Her name is Rebecca.
Uh, is it serious?
- We're engaged.
- You're engaged?
- Yeah.
Wow, I I didn't even
know you started dating.
You had, you know, a tough year.
I didn't wanna add to your plate,
but I was hoping
that you could come over
for dinner tomorrow night.
Say, around six o'clock or so?
Why not?
I don't know what's going on, but
I'm digging whatever it is.
- Where's Jen?
- Out. It's just you and me
in an empty apartment.
That's why I texted you.
[HENRY] Kelly told me
what she said to you
about Kairos.
I understand why you're upset.
It was hard for me
to come clean with you
about what I've been going through.
That was our business, Henry.
My business.
And I'm sorry
that you found out
about it the way you did,
but [INHALES] I was looking for guidance
in a non-judgmental, safe space.
I wish you'd come.
To Our Mother of Holy Grace?
Not to a service or anything,
but to one of our youth group sessions,
so you could see what it's all about.
Look, there's one tonight
and, Faran, trust me,
it's genuinely helpful.
It quiets the noise, you know?
And it shines a light on
what's really important.
Okay, between Friday the
13th Part VII The New Blood
and Part VIII Jason Takes Manhattan.
Part VII. No question.
I know it's batshit
crazy, that the final girl
both re-animates and kills Jason
with her telekinetic powers,
but I was there for it.
Gave me Dream Warriors vibes.
Hey, Tabby, uh, about PIFT
Oh, yeah, did you talk to your
professor in the committee?
Not yet, but I don't think you're
gonna want me to reach out to him.
I was digging through PIFT socials
and I'm pretty sure I
know why they called you
to submit another short.
Because she's excellent?
Oh, sure, but also
because PIFT's been dragged
for the last couple years
about their lack of diversity.
Surely you're not suggesting
the reason I was asked
to submit another short
is because I'm Black?
Uh, I mean, I'm sure that
wasn't the only reason.
First of all,
I'm proud to be a Black
filmmaker with a perspective
that people like you will never have.
But that's not why I got the call, Wes.
I got the call because I'm good,
my voice is unique and I am needed.
And if you know so much,
then why are you the one
who's barreling towards
30 like the Train to Busan
working in the same movie theater as me,
a teenager?
It's harder for a straight
white guy right now,
- everyone knows that.
- Oh, my God.
Or maybe you can do
what women, and artists of color
have been doing this
whole time to break in.
Be undeniable.
You know what, Tarantino?
Let's put our directing
chops to the test.
A color-blind test.
You post your latest short,
if you even have one,
and I'll post mine without credits,
and let's let the masses vote
and decide which is better.
- A movie-off. Perfect.
- Exactly a movie-off.
What do you say, Wes?
Or are you scared to put your
money where your mouth is?
Fuck that. And you can forget about me
putting in a word for
you with the judges.
I don't need you to.
You probably would have
tried to undermine me anyway.
I'm your boss and you
talk to me like that?
You know what?
Good luck getting through
the Friday the 13th marathon without me.
Shawn, I have to tell you something.
Your mom visited me at work.
She knew about the $2,000 and
was pretty pissed about it.
Demanded I pay you back,
and also said some
pretty nasty shit to me.
Noa, when the fuck did this happen?
You know, it doesn't matter.
It's my money.
You're my girlfriend.
And she has no fucking
right to do that to you,
to come at you at work like that.
Shawn, where are you going?
To make things right.
Don't worry, I'm handling this.
Hey, Lola.
Is that one of my laptops?
Shh. I'm watching something.
What are you watching?
reckoning is coming soon.
In honor of Friday the 13th,
she has delivered us a message.
We must prove our devotion to her
or risk her wrath on the
night of Blood Atonement.
Oh, my gosh, Lola, you
You shouldn't be on SpookySpaghetti,
watching stuff like this.
Please promise me you won't
go on this website again.
I don't want you getting upset.
All right, apo, I promise.
And how was your day, dear?
Hmm Let's see
Oh, my dad showed up out of the blue
and wants me to meet his new fiancee.
And yours, honey?
I read the shit out of Wes
after he racially macro-aggressed me.
Where's Bloody Rose when you need her?
Good question.
Speaking of, how was your
sussing with Dr. Sullivan?
Less reassuring than I would have liked,
to be honest.
A lot of doctor-patient
confidentiality talk,
which is legit, but also
I think she's hiding something, Tabby.
What if she's using everything we've
told her against us as Bloody Rose?
[IMOGEN] Okay, so what do we do?
Break into her office
and go through all of her stuff?
We could probably do that.
Security does not seem to be
a high priority in
that building of hers.
[PASTOR MALACHAI] Welcome, Faran.
We're glad you're visiting us tonight.
As Kelly may have told you,
Kairos is a ceremony of truth,
and of forgiveness.
In the spirit of that, we invite anyone
who has a truth to step forward
and tell it.
My truth is
I was cruel to Faran
because I was jealous of her.
I was jealous of her talent.
Thankfully, she gave me a second chance.
She found me when I was
hurting myself.
And we became friends.
I love her for it.
I, um
I've been giving Faran shit all summer.
Poking fun at her for being jacked.
Like somehow that would
make her less attractive.
As if that were possible.
And then I tried to
make her feel weak
like she could never be
as strong as the boys.
Me included.
That's not true.
I respect you.
You don't take shit from
anyone, including me.
Which is very cool.
Thank you, Greg.
I'd like to make a public
apology to my girlfriend, Faran.
I, uh
I wasn't strong enough to be direct
about my feelings with her.
My truth is, I miss dancing,
the way we used to,
and maybe that part of our
relationship is over, but
hopefully, that doesn't mean
we can't somehow be together,
in a new way.
And maybe that way could
be Redemption House.
It's never too late for a second chance.
A new beginning.
[TABBY] Are those more
files from the Radley?
[IMOGEN] They don't seem to be.
They're more like
private practice files.
"Imogen Adams."
"Teetering on the verge
of a psychotic break."
Wait, Tabby.
There's transcripts in here
from all my sessions, our sessions.
Every word I've ever said
about my mom, about everything
- That tracks.
- What is that?
It's a digital recorder.
How much do you wanna bet we'll find
transcriptions like
that in all our files.
That means Dr. Sullivan's
been recording us.
Without our knowledge.
That shady, bitch.
You can't record people without
their consent in Pennsylvania.
It's against the law.
Mmm. Confirmed. Just checked.
Okay, she might not be Bloody Rose,
but she's definitely
gaslighting the fuck out of us.
And I, like an idiot, was defending her.
Imogen, we all trusted her.
Not me.
I thought she was a
suspect from day one.
Which is why I was very careful
about what I said to her.
Okay, but we're all in
agreement now, right?
We're completely done with Dr. Psycho.
I'm sorry. Did we have an appointment?
No, but we do have a question for you.
Do you record all your patients
without their knowledge or just us?
And don't even think about lying.
We know about your
recorder under your desk.
- How did you
- [FARAN] Uh-uh.
We're the ones asking
questions for once.
Why the hell did you
record us, Dr. Sullivan?
Again, don't lie.
I'm working on a book
about adolescent survivors
of traumatic events.
My expertise, like, for
instance, the Millwood Massacre,
I believe your stories of survival
can help other young
women, similar survivors.
How noble. Except we didn't
consent to being recorded.
What was your plan?
To let you read the
book when it's ready.
And it goes without saying,
I'm prepared to redact
anything you feel uncomfortable about.
We feel uncomfortable with
you profiting off our traumas.
I hope you got one hell
of an advance, lady,
because we are going to sue
you for every penny you have.
Oh, and in case you're wondering,
we're done with therapy,
and we're done with you.
Put that in your book, bitch.
Or better yet don't.
[IMOGEN] You know, I trusted you.
I actually thought you cared about me.
About us.
But you didn't, did you?
So consider yourself warned.
Stay away from me.
And stay away from my friends.
Question, does the fact that Dr.
Sullivan is writing a book about us
make her more likely or less
likely to be Bloody Rose?
Let's keep her on the list.
And by the way, at this point,
we should make an actual list.
[MOUSE] Not to pile on more bad news,
but someone on SpookySpaghetti,
maybe Bloody Rose herself,
is asking people to cut their foreheads
and get ready for The Reckoning.
What the fuck is "The Reckoning"?
That sounds apocalyptic.
No specific details have been posted,
but it definitely seems like
this Bloody Rose Challenge
was only step one of The Reckoning.
And people are participating,
hurting themselves for Bloody Rose.
People like my grandma.
Oh, my God, is she okay?
Better. I don't think
she's taking her meds,
and I added parental
controls to all our devices,
after hiding every sharp object
in our house, just to be safe.
But if you see anyone with a cut
across their forehead, do not engage.
One more reason for us to lock arms,
as we like to say, and stick together.
Yep, and maybe that starts
- with my Friday the 13th marathon.
I've got dinner at my dad's,
but I'll come right after.
Okay, as long as my
grandma's in a good place,
but I'm covering my eyes
for all the scary bits.
What's going on?
You look like The
Incredible Melting Man.
The AC broke and Wes decided
not to show up to work today.
Oh, my God, what a little bitch.
What do we do?
No way people are gonna sit
in this sauna all night long.
Okay. Crazy idea,
but this one time, I made
my mom take me to Evans City
to see Night of the Living
Dead at an outdoor screening
at the cemetery where Romero filmed it.
What if we pivoted and
did something like that?
That would be incredible.
But wouldn't we need permits?
Technically, yes.
Or we could do it at Camp Millwood,
which is currently nice and abandoned.
Love it. We can redirect
ticket takers from here,
uh, get the word out on social and
Hey, we make a pretty good team, huh?
Hmm Yeah, like Bill and Ted,
Doc and Marty, Sam and Frodo.
I was thinking more
like Quincy and Monica.
Ah, Love & Basketball.
Yeah, that is the more romantic choice.
Though arguably, so is Sam and Frodo.
[SHAWN] I talked to my mom.
You don't have to worry
about paying me back
- or worry about her anymore.
- What?
Wha What'd you do?
Well, I kind of told my
mom that I was moving out.
Staying with some friends for a bit.
What do you think about
me crashing with you?
With me and Jen?
I just I don't wanna
be around my mom right now,
and she needs to learn that I'm
always gonna choose you, Noa.
Over anyone, no matter what.
Hey, it was cool you
came to Kairos last night.
[FARAN] You know, Greg
I didn't think you'd be the type
who'd be into sharing your feelings,
but the things you said last night
were shockingly evolved.
I told you, I contain multitudes.
Are all the youth group
meetings like that?
I'm not sure. I'm not really part
of the, like, inner-inner circle.
Is Henry?
Yeah, him, Kelly.
Some other freaky geeks.
They have these secret meetings
the rest of us aren't invited to,
you know, "channeling the Lord,"
inviting Him in, anyway.
I'm just there for the snacks.
Imogen, come in, come in.
And you brought your friend
from the ice cream parlor.
Yeah, I, uh, invited Johnny.
We brought some Rocky Road.
- What, with the whole quarry theme.
- Mmm.
[REBECCA] Imogen?
Wow, your photos don't do you justice.
You're even prettier in person.
Thank you. Yeah.
You kids hungry?
- [JOHNNY] So, Mr. Adams.
- Mmm-hmm.
I've always wondered, what's
it like working at a quarry.
Well, it's not the most
glamorous gig in the world,
but I like working with my hands,
feeling tired at the end of the day.
Same. That's why I got
a job at the Creamery.
My arms are jacked from
scooping ice cream all day.
Or at least one of them is. Right here.
- That one?
- It's that one. Obviously, come on.
You know.
I'm really glad we're finally
getting the chance to do this.
Your dad told me what it's been
like for you this last year, and I
I just I wanted to be mindful.
I appreciate that.
That's my mom's ring.
Why the hell is it on your finger?
Hey, kiddo. Kiddo, please.
That is my mother's ring.
It has been in our
family for generations.
When your mom and I split
up, she gave it back to me.
Did you know that?
Did you know that you're
wearing my dead mother's ring?
I I don't know what to say.
Sweetheart, please do not do this.
Don't call me sweet.
Okay? I stopped being sweet
the day that my mom
died, and maybe I'm crazy,
but I would think that after
your ex-wife killed herself
that you would give her
ring to your daughter.
The ring didn't belong to her, Imogen.
I want it back!
The ring! Either you
give it to me right now
- or I cut it off your finger!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey! That is
enough. Imogen, you put
that knife down and
you get out of this house!
Are you insane?
Oh, what can I say? Like
mother, like daughter.
It's okay. You're
good. It's not worth it.
You couldn't even bother
to come to her funeral,
you fucking coward!
You were too weak to show up,
and now, now you do this.
Don't you ever come
looking for me again.
You weren't supposed to see that.
Clearly not but I did.
So, which is the real face
of Redemption House, Henry?
The meeting last night
or what I just witnessed?
It's It's both things.
And are you actually trying
to get back together with me
because you want to be with me
or because you and Kelly want to
I don't know, indoctrinate me?
No, no. No.
It's It's nothing like that.
[FARAN] Look
I don't know what I saw up there,
but I know it wasn't good.
So I'll just ask you
point blank, Henry
will you walk away from this place
for me?
We are utterly and
completely broken-up
for good, this time.
God, I'm so sorry.
must think that I am
I'm just totally nuts.
I don't.
I think you took a chance
on your dad tonight,
and he let you down.
And that sucks.
of course you're hurting.
Hey, if it's any consolation,
my dad is a certified asshole, too.
What was your mom like?
- super smart.
- Mmm.
Not so good at biting her tongue.
Like mother, like daughter.
It's all in here.
The two grand I owe Shawn.
- How did you
- Don't ask questions
you don't the answers to,
but now you can settle up
with your boyfriend and things can go
back to the way that they were.
Not exactly.
I don't know, Jen, we're gonna
have to figure out what we're
Wait. What are those?
They were just waiting by
the door when I got here.
Figured they were from lover
boy, but I didn't read the card.
[BLOODY ROSE] You've been
walking the forbidden path.
Go there now alone, or
one of your beloveds dies.
Jen, I have to do something.
What do you mean?
You have to go!
Yeah, you have to get out of here.
Are you seriously
kicking me out right now?
Yeah. Yeah, yes. Yes, I am.
Just go Go back to your mom's
or wherever you want,
but I need you to be gone.
So, you're picking Shawn over me?
Yes I am.
I did. We
We slept together.
After you and me
while, while you were getting that cash.
Because when we had sex, Jen
it didn't mean anything.
It was a mistake.
I love Shawn.
Not you.
It's over.
Now, get the hell out of my house.
You don't mean that, Noa.
I I know you.
- And you don't mean this.
- I do!
I do and you don't know me at all, Jen.
Now go!
Fucking leave, Jen!
I mean it!
This turnout is crazy.
Is there anything people like more
than outdoor movies in summer?
Hi, welcome to Camp Blood.
[BLOODY ROSE] A final girl must
have a high threshold for pain.
Take off your shoes and start walking.
What the fuck?
[JOHNNY] Here we go
[IMOGEN] There you go.
Ow, shit.
Fuck that.
Why the hell are you doing this to us?
What did we do?
[IMOGEN] Faran?
Is everything okay?
We need to talk.
I broke up with Henry.
You know that church group
that Henry and Kelly and Greg
and pretty much everyone else
but us, is a part of this summer,
it's basically a full-on cult.
That's both unexpected yet
also totally makes sense.
Seriously, I mean, if Noa were here,
she'd say something like,
"Jesus, that's exactly
what we fucking need."
Why isn't Noa here?
Get in!
Jen, go! Go!
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