Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e06 Episode Script

Chapter Sixteen: Hell House

Got a secret can you keep it? ♪
Swear this one you'll save ♪
Better lock it in your pocket ♪
Taking this one to the grave ♪
If I show you then I know you ♪
Won't tell what I said ♪
Cause two can keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
[FARAN] Noa, what the
hell happened to you?
That bitch Bloody Rose happened!
She sicked a dog on me,
and I had to run barefoot
across a shit ton of thorny rose stems.
- A dog.
- What the fuck?
She said that if I didn't go alone,
one of my loved ones would die.
- Meaning Shawn
- Or any of you guys.
I mean, I wasn't thinking.
I was just reacting.
Okay. Well, how did you escape from her?
I ran. I ran as fast as I could.
And then I flagged down
a car that was passing by.
- Thank God it was
- It was me.
I was on my way to the
Friday the 13th marathon.
I saw Noa, just
running on the side
of the road like
a bat out of hell.
Yeah, I got lucky.
Very lucky.
First Archie Waters and now Bloody Rose.
You guys can't catch a damn break.
Welcome to our nightmare.
I mean, everyone we tell is in danger.
What if she targets Jen?
I fucking dare that
bitch to come for me.
I'm throwing hands on sight.
I like this girl.
She's one of us.
Why did you text us to meet
you here instead of your house?
- Shawn's there.
- Shawn doesn't know,
and I don't want to tell him.
I don't wanna put him at risk, too.
But you guys needed to know
because now Bloody Roses
has attacked Faran, Mouse, and me.
Only ones left on her hit list are
- Us.
- Us.
When either of you gets the
call or a note or whatever,
what are you gonna do?
Only thing we can.
Do everything in our power to survive.
Like you guys did.
I repeat. Welcome to our nightmare.
How are your feet? Any better?
[SIGHS] Still blistery but
only way to be in calluses.
I mean, I guess that's what I get
for wearing shoes without
breaking them in first.
[SHAWN] I do the same
thing all the time.
It sucks. Don't push it.
Hey. See you later.
Oh, Shawn, take your money.
Oh, no. No. I told you.
- You guys don't have to pay me back.
- Yeah, we do.
Or at least I do.
You really came through for
me, Shawn, in a in a big way.
So, I appreciate it.
Thanks, Jen. I'll drop by the
bank. I'll deposit it before my run.
Before we get started,
we have a surprise guest
with a special invitation today.
- Good morning, Millwood High.
- Kelly.
Hey. So, we at Our Mother of Holy Grace
understand and are highly empathetic
to the reasons why you have found
yourselves here in summer school.
Be it bad choices
Bad choices? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
This bitch.
or bad influences.
At least she's not
speaking in tongues.
that is what our production
of Redemption House is all about,
bad choices.
How to avoid them,
and how to make up for them.
All the details are on the flyers
that are being passed around,
including a promotional
code for cheaper tickets.
Thank you.
And I hope to see you there.
Production, performances?
Oh, my God. They're doing this
thing, whatever the hell it is,
at my house.
Hey, honey. What's up?
Mom, did you rent
Imogen's house to Our
Mother of Holy Grace?
[SIDNEY] The church? No,
I rented it to an LLC. Why?
Could this church be behind the LLC?
I could try and find out.
What's going on?
We're not sure exactly
but we'll explain later.
Bye, Mom. Love you.
Not to trigger anyone further,
but based on what I saw
when I went to visit
that church unannounced,
whatever Redemption House is,
it's gonna be fucked up as hell.
You guys, what do we do?
I mean, do we go?
We have to go, right?
Or maybe we don't
willingly walk into a cult.
I think we think about it, and
then circle back after work.
[NOA] Yeah. Sounds like a plan.
And, guys, don't forget
Bloody Rose is still out there.
With Cujo.
[IMOGEN] Right.
So, no solo engagement with her.
Despite whatever threat she
makes, we're in this together.
We'll figure it out together.
Ride or die. You know it.
Ooh. Lamberto Bava. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
Demons. 80's music, mega
gore. What's not to love?
- FYI. It's one of Wes's favorites.
Oh, by the way, how's
his mood? Any better?
I wouldn't know. He hasn't come in.
I've been texting him all
morning, but no response.
I had to let the AC
repair guy in myself.
That's weird.
I mean, whenever he gets pissy, he
usually blows over in a day or two.
I mean, he's never just
not come in to work.
- Maybe he's sick or something.
- Too sick to text or call?
[CHRISTIAN] What else
could it be, do you think?
Hey, I think I found your problem.
- [CHRISTIAN] My God. Gross.
one dead crispy critter.
Looks like he chewed through the wiring.
Easy enough to fix. Should have it
back up and running in a couple hours.
Awesome. Thank you.
Well, at least that's
one mystery solved.
Yeah. But And not that I
want to see him, believe me,
but [SIGHS] where the
hell is Wes in all this?
Yo, Bryant.
Heard you and twinkle-toes
called it quits.
We did.
Meanwhile, your girl Kelly
came by summer school.
What the hell is Redemption
House anyway, Greg?
You've been rehearsing all summer.
So, what is it, like a play?
Yeah, a little bit like a play.
But also like a haunted house.
- But religious.
- Right.
Well, you better tell me
everything you know, Greg,
because I gotta protect my girls.
So spill.
This is such bullshit.
Redemption House, my ass.
I bet you $1,000 it's a hell house.
I have no idea what that is,
but you're probably right.
What's a hell house?
Hell houses are pure
concentrated, hardcore hate, Mouse.
Like an apocalyptic level of hate.
They take over a
location and set up rooms
showing sinners getting
punished for their sins.
Sins like?
Like getting AIDS and being
dragged to hell for being gay
among other horrible depictions
of the queer community.
Oh, my God.
[SCOFFS] And the irony is I
applied for a permit months ago
to host a tiny Pride party in Millwood
Park and got denied
by the Mayor's office.
Meanwhile, they're
letting this shit happen.
This is bad.
I I have to go, Mouse.
I have to let Spectrum
know that this is happening.
[STAMMERING] Of course.
And also the girls.
We may not be able to do
anything about Bloody Rose
or SpookySpaghetti at the moment, but
Imogen should know what's
happening at her house.
You haven't said anything in two hours.
Yeah. Well, there's
kind of a lot going on.
Can I say something?
- Okay. Um
Well, for starters,
I know you're feeling
conflicted about me and Shawn.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, that
would be an understatement.
So, what if you didn't have to choose?
Say what now?
What if the three of us
Jen, wait, wait, wait. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
Pump the brakes for a second. [CHUCKLES]
Listen, I'd be lying if I said
I didn't have feelings for you.
I do.
And then some.
I just I need to hit pause.
Jen, I'm juggling a lot
of heavy shit, as you know,
and I just I can't make a
decision right now about anything.
Let alone something
as important as this.
I'm sorry.
Shit. It's Mouse saying
we should meet up.
Can we table this? Us?
Yeah, definitely. Definitely.
Just consider "us" tabled.
You do not need anything
else on your plate.
[IMOGEN] A hell house?
Are you kidding me?
[SIGHS] Afraid so.
Greg more or less
confirmed the same thing.
Wait. I saw a documentary
about hell houses.
Those things are next level harrowing.
Like real life horror
movies with awful messaging.
Also to call it Redemption
House, that's so dark sided.
Yeah, these people are unhinged.
Ash is trying to see if he
could pull together a protest.
If not in time for
tonight, for tomorrow.
Why are they doing this?
Why is Kelly doing this at
all? But also at my house?
Maybe someone is making her do it.
Yeah, like her Margaret Whitesque mama.
I gotta talk to her.
I mean, this is so
crazy. We were friends.
We were too. I'll go with you.
- Safety in numbers.
- Yeah, that'd be good.
I wanna see what these
psychos are doing to my house.
Hi! You guys are early.
The doors to Redemption
House don't open until dusk.
Stop calling it that, Kelly.
We know what this really
is. It's a hell house.
- Plain and simple.
- Yep.
So much for being a fun
"religious" themed event.
[KELLY] It is all those things.
But if you're so dead set against
Redemption House, then why are you here?
I guess we are. Wondering
why you're doing it?
You specifically. And why
at my house, specifically?
I I didn't pick the
venue. Pastor Malachai did.
- Did you try to stop him? at least?
It's despicable, Kelly.
All this is doing is bringing more
hate and suffering into the world.
Does Millwood really need that?
My God, do we?
You're wrong about Redemption House.
I mean, this isn't about
inflicting suffering.
It's about releasing
people from their suffering.
How does that work?
It shows sinners that
there's always a path
the path to salvation.
Meaning you're trying to scare them
straight right into your crazy ass cult.
Imogen, we lost so much last year.
You, your mom and then
giving up your baby.
I lost my sister
and my dad, as bad as he was.
We're both living with
that grief and pain.
That trauma, aren't we?
And, Faran, you've been struggling, too.
Your troubles with Henry,
and for all I know you're still lying to
your mom about not being able to dance.
What does that have anything to
do with what we're talking about?
Redemption House is all about
new beginnings. Second chances.
You guys can call it a hell
house if you want. Fine.
But the fact is, we're in hell.
The three of us.
But I believe Redemption
House is a way out.
A way to purify our souls.
I don't need to purify my soul.
You know, I can't
tell if you actually
believe what
you're saying, Kelly
and that fucking terrifies me.
Why don't you come to Redemption
House tonight and see for yourselves?
Let's go, Imogen.
Some people just can't be saved.
I can't believe Kelly is
doing this thing at my house.
She had zero remorse.
I mean, like none at all.
Well just to ask. The house
is on the market, right?
Like, it was It was going
to be rented at some point.
Yes, yeah, but not by Kelly's
fire and brimstone church group.
- Especially since she knows.
- What?
What is it?
What I told you about my
mom taking her own life.
I left out the part where
I was the one to find her.
- Oh, my God. Imogen
- Kelly knew that.
Okay, her Her twin sister was
with me when it happened at my house.
That must have been awful.
Yeah, it was.
You know, even after I
moved in with the Haworthes,
all I could think was
"Who's gonna clean up the bathtub?"
So then, days later, I, uh
I snuck back in and all of
the blood, it was still there.
It was still there. It was
It was dried and And
caked and everywhere.
So, I turned on the water
and I started scrubbing
every square inch of the bathtub,
every stained tile
on the bathroom floor.
Even the bloody "A"
that my mom had written in her
own blood that she left behind.
And Johnny, that look on my mother's
face is burned into my brain
That will haunt me for the rest
of my life, and Kelly knows that.
Kelly knows what happened in that house.
Kelly knows that my mother died in
that house and that I [SNIFFLES]
That I almost died in that house.
Fuck. I am I am so fucking sorry.
I get it.
What that kind of pain can be.
Our Mother Mary, full of grace.
Father, son and Holy
ghost. Our Mary, full of grace.
Uh, Kelly, Kelly
I just walked through all
the rooms for the first time.
And? What is it? I'm warming up.
Well, it's a little
fucked up don't you think?
No, Greg. Uh-uh.
It is too late for you to be
pulling this shit on me, okay?
You signed up for Redemption House.
Now grab your football helmet, take
off your shirt and get to your mark.
Five till places, everyone.
The line's down the block.
People are so fucked up.
Ash said whatever's going on there
is gonna be super traumatizing.
The only question is
how super traumatizing.
Yeah. I'm definitely getting
House of the Devil vibes.
I know, we think we wanna see what's
going on in there, but do we really?
[WOMAN] There's so many things
I could say to you right now.
[BOTH] Mrs. Langsberry.
What are you doing here?
Looking for peace I cannot find.
Not after what you two did to my son.
Oh, uh, do you mean
what your son did to us,
or what Archie Waters did to your son?
Because we didn't actually
do anything to Chip.
You shouldn't bother going through.
The truth is, you're beyond
redemption. You're liars.
And your lies cost my son his life.
Except we didn't lie.
Not about your son.
I'll pray for you, girls.
That's all I can do at this point.
- I'll cut a bitch.
- Ignore everything she just said
- because she's obviously
- Completely and utterly delusional.
That's exactly what she was
like at the movie theater.
Screw Mrs. Langsberry
and her piece-of-shit son.
If anyone should be burning in
hell right now, it should be him.
Let's fucking do this.
[FARAN] Is this, like,
one of those haunted houses
where people jump out and grab you?
Because I truly despise
audience participation.
In the documentary I
saw it was more like
each room had a theme or
presented a disturbing vignette.
Let's go.
- I'm here to dance with the devil ♪
I'm here to dance with the devil ♪
I'm ready. Let's meet up in person.
What should I wear?
Send options.
I'll choose.
- Will you send me some options?
- Sure.
What the fuck are you
two supposed to be?
Closeted gay kids going to hell for
looking at pornography. Seriously?
Henry, you're a dancer.
Most of your friends are gay.
And, Greg, are you telling me you
actually believe this
homophobic bullshit?
You both need to get
your heads examined.
What room is this?
My mom's.
[GASPS] I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done this to myself.
I don't wanna go to hell.
Please Please don't drag me to hell.
- [KELLY] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.
Please spare me.
Please. Please. Spare me!
out of here. Get me out of here.
- Imogen, say something. Anything.
Not in my fucking house.
So, what do we do now? I
mean, is that even legal?
Please, for all we know,
Millwood Sheriff's department is a
proud sponsor of Redemption House.
I hope this isn't true,
but it's almost like they
designed Redemption House for us.
I still can't believe
that Kelly would do that.
I mean, in my mom's
room. In my mom's bed.
It's quite possibly the most
batshit thing she's ever done.
Bat shit doesn't even begin to cover it.
I'm over feeling sorry for Kelly.
I'm over being worried about her.
One million percent.
As far as I'm concerned, we
never have to see her again.
Oh, I'm seeing Kelly again.
One last time.
And who are you supposed to be exactly?
A protester here to
disrupt our good work?
You won't scare us.
Your costume is nothing compared
to the terrors of eternal damnation.
In fact, why don't I give you a
personal tour of Redemption House?
I can put those away if you want.
I saw the true face of evil
tonight, and that's hell house.
[SCOFFS] To think, I used to
be so scared of monster masks,
or at least one in particular.
Are you okay?
Sure, what's one more
traumatic event to survive?
Chip's mom, Mrs. Langsberry,
was there at Redemption House.
Oh, my God. Did she say anything to you?
Yep. Basically, that we were
liars who were beyond salvation.
She, uh She doesn't
believe us, me and Imogen,
about what Chip did.
Come here.
What do you say we, uh,
watch a comedy tonight.
- Like a horror comedy?
How about Shaun of the Dead?
[MOUSE] It was awful, Ash.
How can people be so spiteful
and and cruel?
You want to hear the sickest part?
Redemption House is the kind of thing
that makes trans-kids hurt themselves.
Or even worse than hurt themselves.
This is a nightmare.
Instead of celebrating Pride,
Spectrum is gonna spend the next week
making anti-hate posters to
protest a basically X-rated,
take-no-prisoners hell house.
Or why not do both?
I told you. Millwood won't
give us the permit for Pride.
No, I I know.
But why don't we do our
own unofficial Pride party?
Maybe at Faran's pool
and and we can celebrate
who we are while
making our protest signs.
This is a nightmare
situation, like you said,
so let's at least add
some joy to the equation.
I could talk to the
girls. Get them on board.
But what do you say?
- You with me?
I'm always with you.
Yes, let's do this.
Let's be out and loud and proud
and screw the wrath of Satan.
- Where is she?
- Who?
Kelly. Where is your psycho daughter?
She's praying. Probably for your soul.
Young lady.
- Imogen, are you crazy?
- Please, you are.
Thinking that Redemption House
would release anyone from suffering.
How? How could you be a part of
something as sick as that, Kelly?
God, no. No, I'm sorry, but a dead
sister does not justify a place
that says the girls that drink at
parties are deserving of rape. Rape!
And how how could you portray
a suicide victim going to hell
in my mom's bedroom?
Do you know how that made me feel?
Well, guess what?
If my mother's in hell,
then so is your psychotic,
child-molesting, rapist father
and your mean, vain,
self-obsessed, bitch sister.
How about that?
[SOBBING] It's true.
It's true.
They are there.
Karen is there.
That's why we're doing
this, to give this awful town
a chance to escape
the same fate as them.
Save your crocodile tears, Kelly.
And let me tell you this.
For someone who is so
terrified of going to hell,
get ready.
Because I am about to make your life
a living, breathing hell on earth
every goddamn second of the day.
Pray on that,
[CHRISTIAN] You know,
Demons got me thinking.
What if we did a whole series of
horror films set in movie theaters?
- Mmm-hmm.
- There's The Tingler, of course,
and Fade to Black,
and The Last Matinee
Ooh. What about Popcorn?
Yeah, I can make a fresh batch.
No. I meant the movie. Popcorn?
Sorry, but it's really weird we
haven't heard from Wes, right?
I think maybe I should go check on him.
Okay. But if you're going, I'm going.
Why would he leave his
door unlocked like this?
Wes wouldn't.
Especially given his
obsession with the strangers.
Okay, what the fuck is Wes up to?
- Is he
- Copying me?
It sure seems like it.
Everything you said
about that guy is true.
Dude's a fucking poser.
Yeah, except his masks are
nowhere near as good as yours.
They're knockoffs.
Like something on
Looks like somebody's been
trolling SpookySpaghetti.
Did you ever find out who
posted your personal info?
No, I sure as hell didn't.
[SCOFFS] You know what?
Screw Wes and screw
whatever is going on in here.
I'm tired of stressing and dealing
with other people's psycho bullshit.
Let's forget about Wes and go
celebrate Pride with my friends.
Hell, yeah. Let's do it.
Mouse, I cannot believe this
came together as quick as it did.
It's exactly what we need right now.
Oh, not just need, deserve.
I mean, yes, there are
horrible people out there
but there's good people, too
trying to make the world better.
I love you, Mouse.
I love you, too.
I guess, that's what
tabling us looks like.
[SIGHS SOFTLY] What do you think?
A classic and rightfully so.
And, so far, no sign of
Bloody Rose crashing the party.
But it does look like
those two seem to be
- getting along at least.
Wait? Does this mean Are
we actually inching closer
To that elusive double
date in our future?
- You know, I believe so.
Lord. Here we go.
Before you say a single
goddamn thing about this party,
- I got permission from Coach Rhodes.
- I quit Redemption House.
I heard what you said.
And more than that, I finally
saw what we were doing,
and there's no excuse.
Long story short.
I walked away from the
church and from Kelly.
Okay. Good for you.
- Is that why you're here at Pride?
- That and I'm an ally.
My cousin Kevin, who lives
in Riverdale, he's gay,
and I'd never want to hurt him.
Looks like your friend Jen
is having a happy Pride.
I can't take it anymore.
Jen and I weren't just friends in juvie.
We were together.
Like together-together
[SIGHS] while I was still with Shawn.
And he has no idea.
And Jen and I hooked up again recently.
I've been waiting for this.
- Oh, yes.
Obvi. Your vibes were off
the charts at the roller rink.
- What?
I guess my birthday isn't the only
thing I missed out on that night
while fighting for my life.
Hey, we'll make it up to you, Mouse.
I did think it was semi-convenient
that Jen saved you from Bloody Rose.
Though it's nice we can cross
her name off the suspect board.
Have you thought about
what you're going to do?
Um, I mean, Jen, low-key,
proposed a throuple.
- Oh. Wow. Okay.
Shades of Gossip Girl Season 2.
No, no, no, it's it's not happening.
No, no, no throuple.
But I told Jen we should take a pause.
A break because of Shawn
because of Bloody Rose.
Take it from me,
if you don't want to be with Shawn,
you should tell him
sooner rather than later.
[NOA] I know. I know you're right.
But Shawn's the most amazing guy.
It's just Jen and I are more alike.
And at the end of the
day, I wanna be with her.
- Yay!
Selfishly, I'm happy to know
I'm no longer the only queer
member of our friend group.
It'll make protesting hell
house all the more meaningful.
Give those two-faced,
Bible thumpers some hell.
Wait. That's it.
- We could protest
- Mmm-hmm.
or we could do something else.
Christian has a collection
of super scary masks.
Redemption House wants to demonize us,
let's give them exactly what they want.
Let's turn into demons and monsters
and scare the living crap out of them.
- Yes, yes, yes!
- I'm so in.
- For sure.
- It'll feel good AF.
- Hmm.
[GREG] Hey. Where you headed now?
Are you gonna go protest
Redemption House or something?
Full disclosure.
We're gonna put on some devil masks
and terrorize the shit out of them.
That sounds fucking awesome.
Can I help or come watch?
Why the hell not?
You can do this. You can do this.
Just gotta rip the Band-Aid off.
Shawn? What What's going on?
My mom called me.
Our house got broken into. Some
cash and jewelry was stolen.
- A couple grand worth of stuff.
- Holy shit!
And she actually
accused you of doing it.
I mean, can you believe that shit?
Don't worry. I told her
she can fuck the hell off.
Like she has no right to
talk about you like that.
I'm just I'm done with her.
I love you, Noa.
Did you rob Shawn's
house, and don't lie to me?
- Yeah, I bling-ringed
- Yeah, well, thanks a lot.
- She now thinks I robbed her.
- Why would she think that you did it?
Because she came in
here demanding $2,000,
and then she was, oh, suddenly
robbed. for the exact same amount.
Jen, for a repeat offender, you're
not, like, a criminal mastermind.
You had a chance to break
things off with Shawn.
Wipe the slate clean. But you
didn't, and you didn't want to share.
So, what the fuck do you want, Olivar?
Because I am sick of trying
to figure it out for you.
The same thing I asked for before. Time.
How much time?
One more night.
And, by the way, it
would not be a bad idea
for you to stop robbing people's houses.
That's fair.
Beg for Battie Bat's Mercy!
It's one of the first masks I made.
I love a good sleep demon.
Thanks again for lending these to us.
Happy to help.
What's the plan again?
Basically, we raid Redemption
House as literal demons from hell.
They crap their pants and come
running out of Imogen's house.
You guys get it all on camera
and we post the video online
and reveal that they're
total hypocrites and jokers.
Admittedly, it's not the most mature
or sophisticated of plans, but
I love it.
Let's tear down that
bullshit house of horrors.
Another good thing about Christian's
masks, they'll keep our faces hidden.
Okay. We'll sneak in through the
cellar door, then spread out from there.
Yep. And then we'll scare the holy
shit out of those righteous assholes.
Just don't hurt anyone
or break anything.
Exactly. We get in, we freak them out,
and then we regroup
for ice cream. My treat.
And me and the guys will be here
recording it all for posterity.
Okay, my X-Women, let's do this.
Just so everyone knows, Kelly is mine.
You do you, girl?
I never get a chance to be bad.
- I'm ready to work out some issues.
All right.
- Yeah. You better run!
Best semi-peaceful protest ever.
- Did you see those assholes run?
Hang on. Where's Imogen?
Uh, still fucking the bitch up, I hope.
- That was Imogen.
Are you okay?
- Was Bloody Rose here?
- Did you see her face?
Who was it?
Who was under the gauze?
My mom.
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