Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

Chapter Seventeen: The Bogeyman

Got a secret Can you keep it? ♪
Swear this one you'll save ♪
Better lock it In your pocket ♪
Taking this one To the grave ♪
If I show you Then I know you ♪
Won't tell what I said ♪
'Cause two can Keep a secret ♪
If one of them is dead ♪
Two can keep a secret ♪
Two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead ♪
- Hi, Mom,
- Miss Sunshine ♪
- Miss Sunshine ♪
That's what you are ♪
Meet your grandma, sweet girl.
This is exactly how it should be.
All of us together.
[TABBY] Imogen? Imogen.
Imogen, you with us?
Maybe we should take her
somewhere, like a hospital.
No, too many questions, Mouse.
By the way, now would be an excellent
- time to have a reliable therapist.
- Are you okay?
- Please say something.
[SNIFFLES] No. No, I'm not okay, Tabby.
I saw her.
It was my mom. She [WHIMPERS]
She was Bloody Rose.
Maybe Bloody Rose resembles
your mom, has similar features.
Could be. Or maybe,
it was someone made up
to look like your mom?
Or they were wearing,
I don't know, a mask?
Yeah, yeah. My vote is the mask thing.
- [MOUSE] Imogen.
- Talk to us.
My brain knows that it
couldn't have been my mom.
She's dead. She's buried.
But wouldn't I know the difference
between my mom and a mask?
Under normal circumstances, yes.
But these are not normal circumstances.
There's a reason
Bloody Rose chose to go
after you in the
middle of a hell house,
in your mother's bedroom.
So you'd be at your most vulnerable.
She wanted you on the razor's edge.
Classic psychological attack.
She was pushing you to
have a psychotic break.
Well [SWALLOWS] Guess
what, guys? [CHUCKLES WEAKLY]
Mission accomplished.
If tonight was Imogen's
test, that means
I'm definitely next.
[SCOFFS] I'm the only one
left. The final final girl.
Hey, we won't let anything
bad happen to you, Tabby.
But Bloody Rose didn't even warn
Imogen this time. She could do anything.
Go after Tabby
Or double back and
attack any of us again.
Bitch is all out of fucks.
Imogen, you're sleeping in my room
- with me tonight.
- You know it.
Everyone, remember what
we learned in self-defense.
And Tabby,
if you need me to be
your personal bodyguard
Don't worry, I'll call you.
I'll call all of y'all.
[JEN] Where's Shawn? Do you know?
Um, he's staying with
his family tonight.
His mom's still shook
from their recent break-in.
I'm sorry I Bling Ring-ed
your boyfriend's house.
I'll go, if that's what you want.
That's not what I want.
I wanna be with you.
Despite your recent B&E.
- Be with me like
- Like
Like I'm choosing you, Jen.
But we have to do it the right way.
We need to clean up our shit.
And I have to end things with Shawn.
Once and for all.
I'm tired of lying to him.
Yeah, but, you know,
some lies are helpful.
Like, maybe don't tell Shawn about us?
The cheating part might be
one blow too many for him.
[FARAN] You didn't have to come
all the way over here, Greg.
Well, you cut out a hell house, and
I wanted to make sure you were okay.
You did?
You know why.
Playin' with fire ♪
Playin' with fire ♪
- So, should I stay or
- You should stay.
[WHISPERS] Wanna see my room?
Hell, yeah.
Dr. Sullivan?
What are you doing here?
Just putting my face on.
[TABBY] I know we all hate an
early pre-summer school confab,
but it is beyond time to
figure out, once and for all,
who is running around as Bloody Rose.
Bloody Rose is a classic archetype.
A female figure of horror.
A mother driven by
love, seeking revenge.
Whoever is doing this
chose to dress up as
Bloody Rose, A's mother.
[TABBY] That's the clearest connection.
Then we should add the real
Rose Waters to that list.
- I mean, she's still out there.
Somehow she's part of this. I know it.
Based on what Imogen saw,
it's safe to say it's someone
who's good at making masks.
A Bloody Rose mask and also a
Davie mask. That requires skills.
Yes, I can talk to Christian.
See if he has any insights
he can offer on, um
mask making. But I
still think it's a woman.
And someone we know.
Kelly's mom is the top suspect for me.
Not only does she hate us
for what happened to Karen,
she's in that cult.
We can take Kelly off the list, though.
Don't forget, she
was at the roller
rink with us when
Mouse was attacked.
But she's also in that
cult, as Faran put it.
She and her mother could
be working together.
What about Kelly's friend, Sandy?
Uh, last I heard,
Sandy was on the Cape with her parents.
But admittedly, Henry told me that,
and it was a while ago.
And since we're talking
about unhinged mothers
Mrs. Langsberry. Chip's mom.
She was at Redemption House.
And even though Archie's
the one who killed Chip,
she might blame us for it.
But I don't think we have to go there.
At least, not yet.
I can't shake the feeling
that it's Dr. Sullivan.
I know we've gone back
and forth about her,
or at least I have.
But what happened to me at that hell
house was a psychological attack.
I mean, she knows our secrets,
our strengths, how to
turn them into weaknesses.
She's shady as fuck, and
she treated Rose Waters.
I mean, like Faran said,
that's our strongest connection.
Wise words, Obi-Wan.
But how do we suss her out now?
Watch this.
Hi, this
is Dr. Sullivan, please leave a message.
- Dr. Sullivan?
It's It It's me, Imogen. Um
[VOICE BREAKING] Last night,
I went to Redemption House,
and I was completely
[SOBBING] re-traumatized.
I think that I saw my mother there.
And now everybody thinks that I'm crazy.
Please, please call me back.
I'm [SOBBING] I'm spiraling.
Okay, Meryl.
Oh, my God, I mean, weaponize
those white women tears.
I have a lot of trauma to draw from.
Now we just wait for Dr.
Sullivan to call me back.
In the meantime, I'll talk to Christian,
find out the reals about
how hard it would be
to make a mask of
someone, or have one made.
Not that I particularly want
to see her after Hell House,
but it might be time
to talk to our former
bestie, Kelly, again.
And I'll keep monitoring
SpookySpaghetti, as I've been doing.
I I just have some
personal shit to deal with.
- Shawn stuff.
But But after that,
I'd be happy to help
take this shady ass bitch down for good.
In that case, class dismissed.
Returning to the scene
of the crime, Faran?
You must be so proud of yourself.
Why would I be proud of myself, Kelly?
Well, after we were raided
by five girls in demon masks,
Pastor Malachai got skittish and
he shut down Redemption House.
He went on a sabbatical
and left a message for Mama,
saying that Millwood is rife with sin.
That he doesn't feel safe here,
that none of us should feel safe here.
That's why I'm here,
Kelly, for your safety.
There's another killer after us
and they might be after you, too.
Her name is Bloody Rose.
We think she might be
someone who wants revenge
for everything that happened last year.
Someone who hates us. Someone
like your mother.
You're deranged.
Mama is working through some deep
personal trauma, like all of us,
but she is no killer. And I
won't abide you saying that.
What about Sandy?
She's a part of your hell house, right?
Sandy is
not this Bloody Rose
person. She's on the Cape.
Do you know that for a fact?
Look, believe me or not,
just let us know if you get any
weird phone calls or red roses.
Red roses?
Yeah, they're Bloody
Rose's calling card.
[TABBY] Hey, special
effects question for you.
Do you ever make more lifelike masks?
[Christian] Mission Impossible style?
Not really. You know, uh,
creature masks are more my thing.
And honestly, people's faces aren't
that much of a creative challenge.
Anyone with a 3D printer can make one.
Why do you ask?
thinking about some
ideas for my next movie.
[WES] That makes two of us.
Well, just to get all my stuff.
I Uh
I quit.
What? B because of our fight?
Yes. Well 'Cause of what you said.
Millwood's a dead end
for me, so I'm leaving.
One of my roommates from
NYU's interning at A24.
So, I'm gonna go to LA. Crash with
him, see if I can get anything going.
Maybe finally make my movie.
Wow, you You're
- Moving.
- [WES] Driving out tomorrow.
Oh, also, I talked to Mrs. Orpheum
and recommended you
both to be co-managers.
Anyway, she's down.
And she said you could
even do special programming.
Like a horror noir film festival?
- Sure.
- Wes, I
I don't even know what to say.
There's nothing for you to say.
I'm sorry I was such
a dick to you, Tabby.
Uh, to both of you.
An actual apology.
Take care.
[SIGHS] What is it, Noa?
I know something's wrong. You
haven't said a word our entire run.
I just I don't wanna
[EXHALES] say what I have to.
That doesn't sound good.
Shawn, I think we should break up.
- What? Why?
Did something happen? Did
Wait, did I do something?
'Cause whatever I did, I'm sorry.
No, no. You're [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
[SIGHS] You're amazing.
You didn't do anything wrong. It's me.
I just [SNIFFS]
I care about you so much, but it just
doesn't feel the same as it used to.
Yeah. I mean, you must
feel that too, don't you?
That it's different between us?
I don't even know what I'm
supposed to fucking say here.
I mean, one moment I'm going
on a run with my girlfriend,
the person I love, and the next we're
we're just done?
What else is going on?
I just
I I can't be your girlfriend anymore.
- [MRS. QUINN] Hello.
- Hi, Mrs. Quinn.
This is Kelly Beasley.
Uh, sorry to be calling
on your landline.
- I'm I'm trying to reach Sandy.
- [MRS. QUINN] Sandy?
Well, she's in Millwood.
Wait. Where Where are you, Kelly?
Oh, uh I'm
Mama and I are visiting
some relatives in Rosewood.
So, you've You've spoken to Sandy?
Well, she's been so busy
with Redemption House.
You know they just had their big
opening. But she texts me every night.
[RHODES] I got an
unsettling phone call, Faran.
Stringbean filed a complaint
against you for bullying.
Excuse me.
Look, I'm not sure
what exactly went down,
but he's making a claim
for wrongful termination.
I'm actually dealing with life and
death stuff right now, Coach Rhodes.
But trust me,
there was nothing wrongful
about his termination.
He he literally
fell asleep on the job.
Then later, showed up to work hungover,
- and a girl almost died.
Regardless, I have to open a file
and the incident has to be investigated.
And I'd recommend you talk to a lawyer.
This may not be life and
death, but it's serious, Faran.
[CHRISTIAN] So, for our
Horror Noir Film Festival,
I think we should focus
on Black horror movies
made by Black horror filmmakers.
Right, uh, good call.
Preferably with Black horror
villains and Black final girls.
Hey, Tabby.
- You, uh,
not excited about this horror noir idea?
I'm also extremely
preoccupied at the moment.
You don't feel guilty about Wes, do you?
No, uh, no.
It's something else that's
been going on all summer.
- [MAN] Uh, excuse me.
Don't mean to interrupt.
Yeah, um. Can we help you?
Uh, hope so. Uh, I'm Billy
Crane. I'm a film location scout.
Uh, the director I'm working with
is interested in possibly shooting here.
What's the movie?
I can't say much, but
it's a horror picture.
It's not about the
Millwood Massacre, is it?
I can't tell you that.
But who do I speak to about
arranging a tour for my director?
We're the summer managers.
[IMOGEN] Thank you for, um,
calling me back, Dr. Sullivan.
Last night,
my friends and I went
to Redemption House.
[BREATHES SHAKILY] And I was attacked
by this woman, wearing a
mask of my mother's face.
Oh, my God, Imogen. What woman?
It all started [BREATHING SHAKILY]
[SWALLOWS] with a story
on SpookySpaghetti
that claimed Archie Waters
skinned his mother's face.
[STAMMERS] And then,
this woman, dressed up as Bloody Rose,
came after us with
these elaborate attacks.
And [SNIFFS] Sorry.
And, um [SNIFFS]
And I think it's you.
Imogen, this feels a little bit
like defensive projection happening.
analyzing me.
And say something to
convince me I'm wrong.
And Dr. Sullivan, the bar is
real fucking high for that.
So, convince me you're not Bloody Rose.
Because how else do we explain
your connection to this story?
And there has to be one.
I can tell you a story
about the Bogeyman.
I never shared with you girls
that I met Archie
Waters a long time ago.
I treated Rose Waters
at the Radley Sanitarium,
after Angela took her
life on New Year's Eve.
During one of our sessions,
Rose started talking
about the boy in the
cage she'd left behind.
Her son, she said.
No one knew he existed,
back then, remember?
I knew I was crossing a line, but
something about Rose compelled me.
[DR. SULLIVAN] The house
had fallen into disrepair.
I found a cage where
Rose said it would be,
but whoever had been in it
had somehow managed to escape.
What I saw that day, wasn't a boy.
[DR. SULLIVAN] It was a feral creature.
That was Archie Waters.
And by the time I did call the
police, a couple of days later
there was no sign of a boy.
He'd fled.
past, the Radley closed,
Rose Waters was discharged.
I moved on with my life.
But then,
I couldn't shake the feeling
that he was out there,
following me.
It didn't matter where I
went, what town I moved to
Archie Waters was your Bogeyman.
There's more. I
I had a son.
When he was about your age, he went
out for a jog one night at dusk.
And he never came home.
They found his body two days later,
multiple stab wounds with a bowie knife,
but they never found the
person who killed him.
A random act of
violence, the police said.
But I was convinced
it was the Bogeyman getting his revenge,
because I hadn't done
enough for him or his mother.
How do you know for sure
it was Archie Waters
who killed your son?
Mother's intuition.
But the truth is,
I'll never know who killed him or why.
That is my connection to your case.
If I had acted more
decisively in the past,
if they had caught
Archie when he was a boy,
so much of what's happened since
then might have been avoided.
Even what happened to
you and your friends.
I failed my son. I couldn't protect him.
And so far, I've failed you, too.
But maybe it's not too
late to do right by you.
To help you.
That is, if you believe my story.
- [KELLY] Hey, Mama.
- Oh, Kelly.
The Lord has blessed us
with a bounty of Eternity Reds
this year. Aren't they gorgeous?
- [MARTHA] Did you need something?
[KELLY] Yes, I
I haven't heard from Sandy in a while.
Who was it that called to
say she was in Cape Cod again?
Her mother, I believe.
Although it was Pastor
Malachai that took
the call, if I'm remembering correctly.
But I'm glad you're here.
I thought we might take a drive to the
cemetery and visit your sister tomorrow.
Bring her some of our fresh roses.
What do you say?
Sure, Mama.
That sounds nice.
[MOUSE] Hi. Can I help you?
How much for this thing?
- I'll give you $200 for it.
- No way. That's a $1000 gaming model.
Then maybe you should
have used it for gaming,
instead of watching insane videos
that tell you to stab yourself.
[READING] "The reckoning is coming.
For the children who have been
ripped away from Bloody Rose.
First, she lost Angela, then
Archie was ripped from her.
If Archie Waters dies, there
must be blood atonement."
[ASH] What kind of blood atonement?
Probably linked to Archie Waters' fate.
Maybe to when they
announce his execution date.
Some kind of riot, or
ceremony, or sacrifice.
But Ash, I started the Bloody
Rose mythology on SpookySpaghetti,
and now, I
I have to try and stop it.
I know better than to
fight you on this, so
What do you wanna do?
I have a crazy idea.
[AS ANGELA] Hello, out there.
It's me, Angela.
Thanks to all of your efforts,
all of your stories, and
videos, and challenges,
I have finally been
reunited with my mother,
Rose Waters,
and we are at peace.
Soon, my brother, Archie, will join us.
Shed no more tears for us.
Shed no more blood.
There has already been too much.
Thank you.
Hopefully, a message from Angela Waters
will stop the reckoning
and clear the deck,
so we can deal with Bloody Rose
without any crazy fan interference.
So, we just wait now?
And hopefully nothing happens.
That would truly be
the best case scenario.
[FARAN] Mom, I can't handle
this on top of everything else.
[COREY] It's overwhelming, I know.
But Faran, baby,
I'm gonna get you through this
business with Coach Rhodes.
But I need you to hear what I'm saying.
You are strong enough.
You have nothing to prove to him.
- Mom
- [COREY] I'm not done.
Because I could keep saying this
You are strong enough.
You are tough enough.
Over and over again.
But it won't make a bit of
difference unless you believe it.
And I need you to believe it, baby,
I'm not okay I don't
wanna work every day ♪
I'm stressed out the world's
getting worse every day ♪
Compulsive social statements
You talk too much, just say ♪
I just crashed my car
I just crashed my car ♪
Flirting with the girl
that broke my heart ♪
Yeah, I don't wanna die out here ♪
Dancing on my grave no tears ♪
The voices in my head ♪
They don't pay the rent ♪
Yeah, I don't wanna
die, die, die out here ♪
Oh, my God. Look at this.
- Damn! You were spot on.
[READING] "The currently
untitled true crime horror project
is rumored to be directed by Ari Aster,
as a starring vehicle for
Sydney Sweeney and Emma Roberts,
the two teen girls at
the heart of the horror."
Are you fucking joking?
They straight up whitewashed
the hell out of your story.
I can't believe this.
First, Mrs. Langsberry's
op-ed and now this?
Who the hell do these
people think they are?
This is my story. Our story, and
Yet again, I'm being erased.
This is beyond insane.
So, this Bloody Rose person has
been terrorizing you all summer,
and you think it might be
- your therapist
- Mmm-hmm.
despite the crazy story she told you
about the Bogeyman, this afternoon.
God, I wanna believe
Dr Sullivan, Johnny.
I do.
But she could literally
be lying about everything.
Like, I went online to see if I
could find anything about her son.
And there's nothing, no trace.
Would you
maybe, wanna spend the night?
I I would feel much better
knowing that you were here.
Safe, with me.
I'd like that, too.
- Let me just
- Yeah.
Uh, everything good?
Uh, yeah, it's from Imogen.
She's staying over at Johnny's.
Cool, cool.
Uh, Christian
- could I maybe
- Stay over?
Uh, of course. If If you want to.
- And you're comfortable with it.
- I
think I am.
Cool. Then I'd love you to stay.
And you can have my bed and I can
sleep on the couch, or the floor.
We can figure that part out.
But first, let me text
back Imogen and my mom
to tell her that we're all
having a sleepover at Faran's.
[CHUCKLES] That sounds like a plan.
But first, I wanna tell you something.
And brace yourself.
It's a lot.
[MOUSE] Just one peek.
- Oh, no.
[TABBY] Christian?
What's going on?
They're just about to roll on the
untitled Millwood Massacre movie.
[CHUCKLES] It's super dope.
Who's the director?
What do you say, Tabs?
[DISTORTED] Wanna be my final girl?
I consulted with my mother
last night, Coach Rhodes,
who is in law school
and works for the third
largest law firm in Pittsburgh.
- And she gave me some good advice.
- Which was?
First of all
Here is a statement from the
mother of the child I saved
while Stringbean was
being negligent on the job.
Okay, I'll put this in your file.
- Oh, along with this.
It's my captain's log.
It is a 100% accurate record
of what my summer's been like,
and I think you'll find
that my "bullying Stringbean"
is in fact, much less egregious
than the toxicity and incompetence
I've been forced to contend
with by the management here.
Namely, you, and the
team you put together.
- Uh
- [FARAN] Oh, yes.
My mom says if you have any
questions, you should call her.
She, and the other attorneys
who are mentoring her,
would be happy
to walk you through the lawsuit
we'll be slapping you with,
should my permanent record be,
in any way, compromised by this
spurious claim.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
I am so late for school.
Holy shit, I mean
I actually got a good
night's sleep, you know?
No insomnia, no nightmares.
God, you
You are better than
Is that a good thing?
[KISSES] Trust me, it is a great thing.
Thank you for making me feel safe.
- Hmm.
- Okay.
I, um
I'll see you later, yes?
I'm counting on it.
Honestly, uh oh I'm
peaking your plateau ♪
honest with my shadow ♪
- Imogen.
- Tabby.
- Oh, my God.
- [TABBY] Oh, we're super late.
Classic post-school
down low with the girls?
- You know it.
It's about to get freaky ♪
- Noa Olivar?
- Here.
[MRS. GIBBONS] Ah, Miss Adams
and Miss Haworthe.
- So nice of you to join us.
Uh, so sorry about that, Mrs. Gibbons.
Won't happen again, Mrs. Gibbons.
Oh, no, that's a double walk of shame
if I've ever seen one. [CHUCKLES SOFTLY]
Oh, yeah.
- [MRS. GIBBONS] Helen Ripley?
- Spill.
- Every romantic detail.
And I demand an ab count
from the both of you.
Okay, nothing happened.
We just
We slept.
But I felt totally protected.
Aw! That's so sweet.
- Tabitha?
- Okay.
We also just slept,
after I told him all about Bloody
Rose and he didn't kick me out.
It was beyond sweet.
Um, I took Christian's bed and he
was on the floor right beside me.
Though we did hold hands until
I fell asleep, which I loved.
- How dreamy.
And here I thought Ash was
the last true gentleman.
But that's it? That's
all you did? Sleep?
At their own pace, Noa.
I think it's nice. Makes
me really like these guys.
Oh, uh, by the way, how was your
personal stuff with Shawn and Jen?
Uh, we
Shawn and I broke up.
But honestly, I I think it's okay.
And now, I can
I can make a real go of it with Jen.
- Ooh, uh, and another plot twist.
I talked to Dr. Sullivan,
and, wait for it
She also lost a child.
- [TABBY] What? -
[IMOGEN] Mmm-hmm.
What'd she say?
Apparently, back when
she treated Rose Waters,
Rose asked her to help Archie,
but she didn't.
Then, years later, her son was murdered.
Possibly by A, or possibly
by some other Bogeyman.
Seems slightly farfetched.
I know. It's like, do
I believe her or not?
While we're on the subject, I
may have seriously agitated the
SpookySpaghetti community
by posting a video of myself
pretending to be Angela Waters.
Okay, that doesn't sound good.
- It's not.
- [IMOGEN] Uh-uh.
It's terrifying.
But I reached out to my computer teacher
and basically begged
him to meet up with me
to see if he could make any
sense of SpookySpaghetti.
Maybe Maybe there is
a way to take it down.
Until then, as far as the
reckoning is concerned,
I think all of us are in the crosshairs.
It's not just Tabby anymore.
God. Okay. It's okay. It's okay.
It's just, um Hello?
- Dr. Sullivan?
- Imogen?
That story I told you?
I can prove it to you.
[KELLY] Mama?
Who do you blame for Karen's death?
- Archie Waters killed your sister.
Of course, it all started
with that video of your sister.
That horrible prank at the Orpheum.
Karen never would have
been up in the rafters
if it hadn't been for those awful girls.
Archie Waters will meet his
judgement soon, God willing,
but I pray for those girls
to suffer and burn for
what they did to Karen.
They have not yet atoned, Kelly.
But they will.
- He actually did it.
- [TABBY] He did.
Wes has officially left
the chat and Millwood.
Thanks for coming to check
out his place with me.
After my messed up nightmare last night,
I just had to be sure
he wasn't gaslighting us
in a part of this whole
Bloody Rose psychodrama.
Uh, of course.
I'm sorry you had that dream.
It was horrible.
But also helped me come to a decision.
So, guess what I'm making this summer?
My own unapologetically
Black Millwood Massacre movie.
Because guess what, bitches?
This is our story.
Our trauma, mine and my friends.
And I need to tell it.
For us.
- I'm so here for it.
[CHRISTIAN] But, Tabby
After everything you told me last night
about Bloody Rose and how
you're the final final girl
Yes, Bloody Rose is probably
coming for me next. I I know.
So, I say we make like
Jordan Peele and get out.
Meaning we book it out of
Millwood. Like, tonight.
I can't, Christian.
I can't leave my girls behind.
And even if I were to leave,
who's to say Bloody
Rose wouldn't follow me?
I mean, just like in
Friday the 13th Part 2,
when Jason left Camp Crystal Lake
and followed Alice
wherever she tried to go.
Okay, then.
I'm here for you, Tabby.
Whatever you need,
know I've got your back.
In that case,
will you help me make
my movie this summer?
- Definitely.
When are you thinking?
I'm targeting August 1st
as our start date.
Because I'm gonna be here, Christian,
alive and well,
to make a hot horror hit.
And just like Jason,
Bloody Rose can go to hell.
[MOUSE SIGHS] Thank you
again, for meeting me, Mr. G.
I wouldn't have asked, but
it's kind of an emergency.
Well, you weren't kidding, Mouse.
- This website is disturbing.
- [MOUSE] And dangerous.
Mr. G, is there any
way we can shut it down?
- Well, I mean, you could crash it.
[MR. GARDNER] If we can find the
server that's hosting the website
Then we can take it down that way.
Kill the server. Kill
the site. I like it.
So, how do we find the source?
I could possibly trace it, but
it might take me a couple of days.
[SIGHS] Whatever you need.
Oh, my God. Thank you, Mr. G.
You're a lifesaver. I mean, literally,
you might be saving my life.
Should we go to the closet
to say some prayers for Karen?
I think that's a lovely idea, Kelly.
Why don't I make you another
cup of tea before we start?
Thank you, sweetheart.
I know I lied about some things,
- but I would never lie about this.
Sebastian's death drove me to do things.
I know it doesn't justify
how I betrayed you girls,
but I thought inviting you here
might help you understand
me a little better.
[SNIFFS] And perhaps, forgive me.
I thought about burying him in
Rosewood, where we were living when
But we're originally
from Millwood, so
is where my family is.
I can give you some
privacy if you'd like.
Go visit with my mom.
Would you, Imogen?
Jen, what's up?
Shawn knows about us.
Shawn was here?
Yeah, um, he figured it out.
That we've been together.
And he got super pissed and came here.
He was so angry and he
was yelling and cursing,
and he did that.
Oh, my God.
He's gonna regret that.
Stay here, Jen.
Noa, what are you gonna do with that?
- Kelly, what are you doing? Let me out!
You drugged me.
[GRUNTING] Open this door, child.
- Faran, it's me again.
- [MARTHA] Let me out!
I need to get out of here
and I need to talk to you.
- [MARTHA] Kelly!
- Meet me at the pool.
You might have been right about my mom.
All right, you were saying.
What did Coach Rhodes do
after you read him to filth?
It's more what I did.
I quit the pool.
Look, I know I gave
you a lot of shit at
the beginning, but
you're the best of us.
You deserve to be captain.
Trust me. I know.
[CHUCKLES] And thank you for that.
But after talking to my mom last night,
I realized this was never
about my ability to do the job.
I don't need to be a
lifeguard to be a life saver.
This whole time,
I've been trying to prove myself.
Prove that I belong, that I'm
tough enough, strong enough.
But her advice to me last
night was so clear, Greg.
I don't have to prove myself to anyone.
Your mom's right.
There's a reason I spent
this year getting so strong
and it wasn't to babysit
you yahoos at the pool.
It was to be strong for my girls.
Dr. Sullivan?
In-a-gadda-da-vida, honey ♪
Don't you know that I'm loving you? ♪
In-a-gadda-da-vida, baby ♪
Don't you know that
I'll always be true? ♪
[MOUSE] Hey, Lola.
[GASPS] Oh, my God.
[FARAN] Shit.
[KELLY] Faran, it's me again.
I need to get out of here
and I need to talk to you.
Meet me at the pool.
You might have been right about my mom.
- This is such a sweet revenge ♪
Give it to you good and
then I'll do it again ♪
Noa, what the fuck are you doing?
"Everything that you
do comes back one day!" ♪
Are you crazy?
- [SHAWN] What the fuck?
- What are you doing, Shawn?
If you have a problem,
it's with me, not Jen.
I mean, going at her like that?
Fucking punching a wall, Shawn?
You're a liar. A A cheater.
You had so many opportunities
to tell me the truth, Noa.
- So, why didn't you?
- I should have.
And I am sorry for that.
But that does not give you the right
to go into my fucking house
and threaten my girlfriend.
Whatever you have with
Jen, it's not real.
You just need someone to save.
You have no fucking idea what
you're talking about, Shawn.
And I swear to God,
if you ever come within
50 feet of me or Jen,
I'll do to you what I
just did to your car.
I've been alone in my head ♪
Seeing nothing but red ♪
I wanna take back what I said ♪
Come clean but I'm not ready yet ♪
Secret secrets are no fun ♪
Secret secrets hurt someone ♪
Secret secrets are no fun ♪
Secret secrets hurt someone ♪
Secrets are a loaded gun ♪
I've got secrets on my tongue ♪
I just might tell everyone ♪
You been pleading the fifth
swearing you're innocent ♪
But don't you forget I was
betrayed by your Judas kiss ♪
And you should be found out ♪
For dragging me down now ♪
Twenty to life dressed up
in stripes sun up to sun down ♪
You've got blood on your hands ♪
You're the one that ♪
Saw in me the devil's dance ♪
Secret secrets are no fun ♪
Secret secrets hurt someone ♪
Secrets are a loaded gun ♪
I've got secrets on my tongue ♪
Seal my lips, lock me up ♪
And throw away the key ♪
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