Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Chapter Eighteen: Final Exam

Got a secret can you keep it? ♪
Swear this one you'll save ♪
Better lock it in your pocket ♪
Taking this one to the grave ♪
If I show you, then I know
you won't tell what I said ♪
'Cause two can keep a
secret if one of them is dead ♪
Two can keep a secret Two can
keep a secret if one of them is dead ♪
You're okay. You're okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
I had the chance to take
down Bloody Rose again, but
If I get an opinion here,
you did the right
thing, saving me instead.
It wasn't even a question.
Despite the shit you
pulled at Hell House.
I am so sorry about that.
It isn't important right now, Kelly.
No, it so is.
And truly, I am sorry about everything.
Kelly, you saw Bloody Rose.
Do you think it could be
your mom under those bandages?
Before heading to the pool, I
I locked Momma in our prayer closet.
[FARAN] Okay
Lots to unpack there.
Is it possible
she could have broken out
and come after you?
Only one way to find out.
- [MARTHA MUFFLED] What are you doing?
Let me out.
[NOA] Well
that answers that.
- Mrs. Beaze is not Bloody Rose.
How long has she been in there?
You should go.
All of you.
Momma and I have a lot to discuss.
Okay, but be careful.
- [MARTHA MUFFLED] Let me out.
Bloody Rose is still out there.
And "the Reckoning" is coming.
Whatever that may or may not be.
Hey, Faran.
[IMOGEN] You guys, um
right before I got Faran's text
about Kelly's attack,
I was with Dr. Sullivan at the cemetery
and now
she's missing.
Missing how?
[IMOGEN] I'm honestly not sure.
But her car was filled with
rose petals.
If Dr. Sullivan is MIA,
does that mean, what,
she was snatched by Bloody Rose?
Maybe. Or
she is Bloody Rose.
And this is all some
kind of epic gaslighting.
Anything's possible at this point.
Like we could be in the middle
of a Dr. Sullivan, real
Rose Waters team-up.
Two grieving mothers bonding
together to seek revenge.
Oh, crap.
I also have to tell you something
that happened right before
we met up at the pool.
Oh, my God.
This is my old friend, Mouse.
Rose Waters.
She was Angela's mom.
And Angela was friends with
With mom.
Yeah, that's right.
What are you doing here?
What do you want?
[ROSE] I was safe before you found me.
Now, everywhere I go,
they're looking at me.
Following me.
The SpookySpaghetti teens?
Wait, did you leave that
crazy bitch with your Lola?
No. I took her to
someplace that was, um
off the beaten path.
[NOA] Crazy Joe's train car?
Seriously, Mouse, this
is super re-traumatizing.
[FARAN] Agreed. And where's Rose?
[IMOGEN] I don't know.
judging by those rose petals,
your theory about a Rose
Waters, Dr. Sullivan team up
is feeling more and more plausible.
Or someone could be going after mothers.
Like, picking them off.
Mom, are you okay?
Why weren't you answering your phone?
When I call, you gotta answer.
My phone is charging in the
kitchen. What is going on?
[SPUTTERS] Nothing, Ms. Haworthe.
Um, your daughter just makes us watch
way too many scary movies.
I wish you girls would watch
a fun rom-com for a change.
Oh, by the way.
I got the lovely flowers.
[CHUCKLES] They're gorgeous.
And the card was so sweet.
"I love you more than life itself."
Those flowers and that
note were a clear message.
My mom's a target now.
Shouldn't we tell her,
Tabby? About Bloody Rose?
God, no. This yet again
seems like one of those
"keep your mouths shut
or else " moments.
Strong agree.
Okay, so what can we do?
[SCOFFS] Who can we trust at this point?
No one.
Us. Ourselves.
[SIDNEY] Girls, wake up.
Tabby, Imogen, get downstairs now!
Mom? What's going on?
You need to see this.
[REPORTER ON TV] That's right, Marcos.
We're here at the
Ravenswood Penitentiary
in the aftermath of a violent riot
that broke out here late last night
Ravenswood Penitentiary?
That's where A's being held.
So far, several fatalities
have been reported.
Many are still being identified.
- But among the dead
- Oh, God.
it is believed that Archie Waters,
the man behind last year's
gruesome Millwood massacre,
was one of those killed
last night during the riot
Okay, that's enough.
A's dead?
Just like that?
During a prison riot?
- That seems
- [SIDNEY] Suspicious?
It does.
Deputy Maroon feels the same way.
That's why she's heading out
to Ravenswood Penitentiary today.
And in the meantime, let's just
all be extra cautious, all right?
Stay in touch. Home before dark.
You don't have to tell us twice.
You too, Mom.
[IMOGEN] Kelly
Are you okay? How did
things go with your mom?
We were up all night talking about
well, everything.
Including Mrs. Langsberry.
Have you seen her recently?
Not since Hell House.
But she is on our
Bloody Rose suspect list.
[KELLY] That's good.
Because when I told
Momma about Bloody Rose,
her first thought was
could it be Mrs. Langsberry?
Momma said, over the last few months,
she's reached out to her.
But Mrs. Langsberry was, like,
a remorseless void.
With a
and I quote,
"An awful darkness inside of her."
And coming from my mother,
that's saying something.
It's time, Tabby.
As much as we've been
wanting to avoid her,
we have to suss Mrs. Langsberry out.
See if we get Bloody
Rose vibes off of her.
[TABBY] I was cleaning up my room.
And all of this stuff was Chip's.
we thought you might wanna
have it, Mrs. Langsberry.
you've heard the news.
Chip's murderer is dead.
Justice has been served.
Mrs. Langsberry, we
We're glad you feel
But up until now, you've seemed
By grief.
And anger.
I know.
If there was a sane way to have
been acting these last few months
doing whatever I could
to get through the days,
I wish somebody had told me what it was.
This is how I remember him.
As an innocent. Not yet
twisted by the world.
Wait, where did you get those?
Oh, beautiful, aren't they?
They were at my door this morning.
No note.
From a friend, I assumed.
We should be going.
But Mrs. Langsberry,
you really should be
Thank you, for your time.
Okay, so your two primary suspects
for this Bloody Rose bitch
are the real Rose
Waters and Dr. Sullivan
who are missing or possibly dead.
And you're just focusing
on women suspects, right?
Yeah, but we haven't ruled
out a possible team-up.
- Why?
- Just asking.
How well do you know Tabby
and Imogen's new boyfriends?
They just kind of
showed up outta nowhere.
I mean, doesn't that Christian
guy make horror masks?
We got a tip from Kelly this morning
to suss out Mrs. Langsberry.
And she was marked
with a bouquet of red roses.
It could be a ruse,
or it could be she's
another grieving mother
who's going to get snatched or
[SIGHS] worse.
Which I think we'd all be fine with.
- Yeah.
- Not gonna argue with that.
Mouse, what's SpookySpaghetti saying
about the prison riot?
They're popping off.
Saying that this is a sign
they've been waiting for
- and that it's almost time for
- [ALL] The Reckoning.
Which I'm monitoring as best I can.
And waiting on a call
from my computer teacher.
He's tracking down the server
that's hosting SpookySpaghetti.
- Ladies.
Oh, Principal Smithee.
Good morning. Nice to
see you here so early.
You're going to need
that extra discipline,
considering you all failed
your Keystone Practice Exam.
The ones we took last week?
While we were hella distracted?
Yes, you somehow managed to
do even worse than before.
[IMOGEN] Please, Principal Smithee,
we we are trying.
- It's it's just
- No sob stories.
You pass, you move forward.
You fail, well
The choice is yours.
[TABBY] That's it.
We're studying for real.
Let's call our boyfriends
and girlfriends and
have a good old fashioned
cram session.
All hands on deck to help us pass.
Bloody Rose may be beyond our control.
The Reckoning may or may not be upon us.
But there's safety in
numbers and I'll be damned
if we fail that stupid exam again.
What do you say?
- Hmm. I'm in.
- Samesies.
What about Jen?
Did she pass her practice
exam in Section B?
She did. Yeah.
Wait, did something happen with you two?
No, no, no. It's not that.
But while we're on the
topic of significant others,
do we think maybe
Johnny and Christian
should be added to our suspect list?
Johnny and Christian? [SCOFFS]
Why our boyfriends?
I mean, they showed up out of nowhere
at pretty much the exact same time.
[TABBY] Just as a reminder,
we're looking for a
"female" figure of horror.
Like, say, Jen, for example.
She saved me from Bloody Rose, remember?
And Johnny and Christian
were at Skidamarink
when Mouse was attacked, remember?
[NOA] They could be
working with somebody else.
So could Jen.
- We have history.
- Yeah, criminal history.
- Ah.
- Welcome to the chat, Faran.
Sorry. Just saying.
Tabby, Christian does make horror masks.
I mean, you did find a Bloody
Rose one in his basement.
Thank you for that, Mouse.
It must be nice to
have a perfect boyfriend
who no one thinks is a murderer.
It really is.
What about Shawn, hm?
A lover scorned. Tale as old as time.
I thought about that.
But we just broke up.
It doesn't make any sense.
Wait, speaking of lovers scorned.
When was the last time you
had contact with Henry, Faran?
What's he been up to lately?
- No idea.
- See?
Yeah, he looks exactly
like Jeffrey Dahmer.
You guys have the randos, okay?
Stop, stop, stop, stop!
This isn't us or what we do.
We're in this together, remember?
Tabby's, right. This is
a super stressful time
for all of us.
And as Faran has often
been quoted saying
All for one and one for all.
And as much as I don't wanna believe
that anyone who we're dating
could be capable of doing
something this heinous,
if I've learned anything
from Neve Campbell movies,
it's that typically
the killer or killers
are one or more of the boyfriends.
So why don't we do some
casual investigating
and pending the results
of said investigation,
we can regroup for our cram session?
I'll suss out Johnny.
And I'll do some Christian recon.
And Mouse, since Ash is beyond
suspicion, can you keep
Trolling SpookySpaghetti?
I'm on it.
AMC. This is Gerald speaking.
Hi, I'm calling from the Orpheum Theater
in Millwood, Pennsylvania.
I wanted to get a
reference on a projectionist
who worked for you last
year. Christian Peele?
[GERALD] Peele Doesn't ring a bell.
Are you sure?
Christian Peele's a
pretty distinct name.
[GERALD] I don't know what to tell you.
It's possible.
I just don't remember him specifically.
Sorry. I can't help more.
Thank you. Bye.
Who are you texting?
Huh? Oh
No one.
So you're not keeping your
options open with other girls?
Uh, no.
Where is this coming from?
Let me see your phone.
Prove me wrong.
Have at it.
The last person you texted was
- me.
- Yeah.
And check what I wrote.
"I miss you. Can't wait to
see you at work." With a
heart emoji.
That good enough for you?
- Checking your browser history.
Look, Imogen,
I know you have been through a lot.
But please,
believe me,
when I say I would never do
to hurt you.
God, I do believe you, Johnny.
I do and I want to trust you.
Okay? More than anything.
- It's just, it's
- It's okay.
It's a
fucking crazy-ass time.
[MOUSE] Okay, here we go.
Once more into the hellscape.
"Here are teasers of what's to come.
What we've been working towards "
- Oh, my God.
[JOHNNY] Crap. We're
out of butter pecan.
I'll get it.
You always brave the frozen tundra.
Did you find it?
You killed them.
- Imogen, what are you doing?
Stop it! Okay.
I I saw them.
I saw them. It was you.
Okay, Imogen, I'm just gonna take that.
The hell you are! Stay away from me!
Stay away from me!
Don't come any closer!
- Imogen!
- Stop it!
- Let me help you, please!
- Stop it!
- I promise. I'm not
- Stop it!
- I'm not gonna hurt you, I
No, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Please don't find anything suspicious.
Please don't find anything suspicious.
Oh, my God.
So it was a mask.
Bloody Rose wore a
Davie mask at Hell House.
It's always the fucking boyfriends.
- [NOA] Wait, so I was right.
Johnny's the killer, or at
least one of the killers.
I don't know anything more
than what I told you, but
- possibly.
- Those bodies you found, Imogen.
Those murders, they're
on SpookySpaghetti.
Someone filmed them and
then they posted them as
as teasers.
- Teasers. Jesus! Like, for
- A movie.
Someone's making a movie
called The Reckoning.
It started. It's happening.
Speaking of movies,
why isn't our resident
movie nerd here yet?
- Tabby was on Christian duty.
Mr. Gee.
Any luck finding the
SpookySpaghetti servers?
Yes, I tracked them down
and it's strange, Mouse, but
I'm showing that they're
housed at the Orpheum.
Wait, the SpookySpaghetti servers
are at the Orpheum Movie Theater?
Holy shit.
Guys, if ice cream boy is
one of the killers, then
Tabby's out of nowhere boyfriend
could be a part of it too.
Thanks, Mr. Gee. We
we gotta go.
Where is she? Where's Tabby?
- What'd you do to her?
- Don't make me beat it out of you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! What's happening?
You tell us, Christian.
Where's Tabby? Why isn't
she texting us back?
- Also it's hot as shit in here.
- I know.
The AC broke again
and no one's answering my calls.
Not the repairman, not Tabby.
I tried her, like, five times.
If Tabby's is not here,
then where the hell is she?
Let me out.
Let me out!
Let me out!
What did I do?
Oh, my God! [PANTING]
Look, last I heard, Tabby said
she had some errands to run.
That's all I know.
So can somebody tell me
what's actually going on?
Wait, wait.
The servers.
Cristian, where are the
Orpheum's Internet servers?
[VOICE ECHOES] You hide, I seek
Why the hell are you doing this to us?
What the hell?
"Hot in here? Or is it just me?
Check out my movie. In
Screening Room Three."
Wonderful. This whole time, we should
have been looking for Dr. Seuss.
What does this even
mean? Who put this here?
Bloody Rose must've known we'd track
down the source of SpookySpaghetti.
She was counting on it.
Let's see what the hell's
playing in Screening Room Three.
No, no, no, no, no. Not A.
Not Archie.
You're dead.
There was a prison riot! You're dead!
You're dead! You're dead!
Oh, my God! It's Bloody Rose!
- And A.
- He's alive? Wasn't he dead?
Oh, no. It can't be.
What is this? Is this a movie?
Has this already happened?
I think it's a live-stream.
For SpookySpaghetti.
That number in the corner
That's the number of
people watching this live.
Confess your sins.
Tell the truth about my
son. Confess your lies.
Archie or
Mrs. Langsberry?
Who else?
Oh, my God, it's Chip's mom.
Chip's mom is Bloody Rose.
God, we were just at her house.
That means you're not Archie Waters.
You got me, Tabs.
But I had you there
for a second, didn't I?
Oh, my God.
- Piece of shit!
- Where is she?
- How do we help her?
- I've been to that place before.
Where they are.
It's Kelly's crazy-ass church.
Then let's fucking get there.
- Confess. Tell the truth.
- What truth?
That my son didn't do those
things to you and that other girl.
I couldn't save my son's life.
But I will redeem his legacy.
[WES] What do you think, Tabs?
Pretty good dilemma for a
horror movie's final girl.
Am I right?
You're making a horror movie?
Yep. Live-streaming it, actually.
And in this scene, you tell the
villains what they wanna hear.
Even if it betrays what you
know is in your heart of hearts.
And your ordeal ends.
You walk away from this.
Or, stand your ground and
everything gets way worse for you.
What the shit is this?
Blood for Bloody Rose.
Blood for her children!
I know that guy. He
came into the pawn shop.
This is the Reckoning. It's happening.
Who are they?
[MOUSE] They gotta be
from SpookySpaghetti.
Just like the Slender Man
had proxies to do his bidding,
they must be Bloody Rose's proxies.
Where can we go?
Back to the screening room. No
windows. We can lock ourselves in.
I have something to say
to all of you watching.
I confess that Chip Langsberry
- raped me.
- Liar!
And he raped Imogen Adams,
- who had his baby.
- Whore!
We are survivors of more
than the Millwood Massacre.
We are survivors of Chip Langsberry!
- Liar! Whore!
- And he
he got what he deserved.
- Whore of Babylon!
- [WES] Not yet!
We gave her the choice
and as expected
she didn't take the easy way out.
So, the harrowing of
Tabitha Haworthe continues.
And at the end of it, as promised
she dies.
Are those proxies
actually here to kill us?
Or maybe they're trying to
stop us from getting to Tabby.
Which, how do we get to Tabby?
That exit door down
front leads to the alley.
Go. Go, get Tabby, I'll
hold the line here. Go!
Why are you doing this, Wes?
Mrs. Langsberry was Chip's
mother. But, why you?
Why all this?
After Chip was slaughtered,
I emptied out his locker at work.
Took his stuff over to Mrs. Langsberry.
She was broken.
She needed someone to fill the void
that you and Imogen had created.
But then, as time passed,
I opened up to her, too.
You know, Chip and I we
talked about making a movie once.
You know what would be
the ultimate horror movie?
What, Wes? What are you thinking?
You kill someone for real.
In real time, with people
watching, as you film it.
You're joking, right?
[FAKE LAUGHTER] Yeah, of course.
It took a while for the stars to align.
But then I needed to
lay a lot of groundwork.
Build SpookySpaghetti.
Use it to recruit a cast.
A crew.
Figure out what to tell them exactly.
Although in most of my proxies,
they were already lost souls.
Members of Pastor
Malachai's church cult.
Was there seriously no other
way for you to make a movie?
It's like I told you, Tabs.
It's hard for young white guys
trying to break in right now.
The doors just don't fly
open like they used to,
'cause they're too busy
opening up for people like you.
Okay. Faran, how far away
is the church from here?
- Can we hoof it?
- No way. It's too far.
Plus we need to get there fast.
In that case, fuck it.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
God Okay.
This one's open. Get in.
Is it really a good idea to
be stealing a car right now?
It's an emergency, people.
And do you actually know
how to hot-wire a car?
No. No, I don't. But I know
somebody who does. Okay.
Noa? Where the hell are you?
Okay, Jen, I'll explain later.
But I need you to walk me
through how to hot-wire a car.
It would be an honor. Okay.
First, you need to find the panel
that's under this steering wheel.
You're such an idiot, Wes.
You actually think you're gonna
get away with murdering me,
while live-streaming it to witnesses?
Get away with it?
I want people to know what I did.
How I planned and executed
the ultimate horror movie.
My magnum opus.
The type of movie not even
Ari Aster could pull off.
You've killed people! You
tried to kill my friends!
A horror movie can't just
be one big final chase.
You can't have a final girl without
victims and potential victims.
Tabby, you know that.
It goes without saying,
but you're insane.
You're both insane.
Guys, how close are you to
getting this car started?
Are enough of the wires exposed?
I don't know. I think so.
Noa, you got this.
You just need to cross
them and get one good spark.
I see her!
Must start car. Must start car now!
[SCREAMS] We're gonna die!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
So, when you quit the Orpheum to move,
- that was
- A classic misdirect.
Plus, I needed time to get ready.
Oh! Hey, how did Imogen
like seeing Mrs. Langsberry
in that mask of her mother?
And then planting the mask
in your boyfriend's basement,
just as you were falling
for him. Chef's Kiss.
Shut up.
Just stop talking, Wes.
You're a hack.
I know it. Everyone knows it.
And when you get
arrested for all of this,
no one will be talking about
how you're a great filmmaker.
Just some other small,
pathetic, loser monster
with a grudge against the world
who wants to feel like a big man.
Uh, shouldn't you be thanking me, Tabs?
I'm giving you exactly
what you've always wanted.
For your story not to be erased,
but to be talked about.
Nay, celebrated, for years to come.
Think about it.
You're Jamie Lee in Halloween.
Sally in Texas Chainsaw.
Hell, Florence Pugh in Midsommar.
This is huge history-making stuff.
You, Tabitha Haworthe
are at the center of a
real-life modern horror flick
as a Black final girl.
So, without me,
your movie is nothing.
It's just another one of your
unfinished pieces of garbage.
Well, guess what, Wes.
I'm not giving you what you want.
No more screams or tears.
No more fear.
I'm not giving you your big,
amazing final girl performance
for your for fucked-up
shitty joke of a movie.
Sure you are.
You just need the right motivation.
Take a look.
Now listen to me very carefully.
There are seven of my
SpookySpaghetti proxies
stationed right outside your house.
One text from me
and they'll start to break in.
You piece of shit.
I know this look. [LAUGHS]
This is the part where the
final girl plots her escape.
But all the exits are covered.
There's nowhere to go, Tabby.
There's nothing to do, but
Hot damn! I was hoping she'd do that.
Get her. And don't stop filming.
We'll be back for the
post-credit tag, Mrs. Langsberry.
With the sacrifice. I promise.
[PROXY 1] Here, Chickie,
Chickie, Chickie!
Where the fuck is she?
[TABBY] Right behind you, asshole!
One down.
[PROXY 2] James? Dave?
Do we have eyes on her?
Do we have eyes on this crazy bitch?
Hello? Guys, talk to me. If you
want to stay in touch with
That's two.
That's my final girl.
Wait, wait, wait. This is
basically Jason's cabin.
Oh, think. Would a real final
girl walk into a death trap?
I'm confused.
Where did everybody go?
One for all and all for one.
Damn, Bryant. Bad-ass
self-defense moves.
Oh, my God. That footage.
I think that's Bloody Rose's cabin.
Tabby could be in there.
[WES] Come on.
We know how this ends.
It's pre-ordained.
The Reckoning
Great title, by the way
demands a blood sacrifice, Tabs.
[TABBY] Turn around, dumbass.
Just because you're a horror cliche
doesn't mean that I'm one.
Only a novice final girl
would walk into the
crazy killer's shack.
By the way, did
you find this place or
Built it.
With my crew.
I gotta say, I'm really appreciating
your set dec. skills right about now.
Especially this pitchfork.
What are you gonna do?
Kill me with it?
- You don't have it in you
- [MUFFLED] Tabby
[IN NORMAL VOICE] Tabby, are you okay?
No, she's she's in shock.
What happened? The live feed cut out.
[IMOGEN] Tabby?
Hey, hey.
Is Wes
I don't know.
he's in there.
Stay here.
We'll be right back.
- Oh, my God! Dr. Sullivan!
- Holy shit.
Oh, my God.
Time's up.
Pencils down, please.
How did your makeup exams go?
I'm pretty sure I forgot
the meaning of mitochondria.
But otherwise
At least Principal Smithee
gave us an extension to study.
I just hate this uneasy
feeling. The limbo of it all.
I understand. The not
knowing is challenging.
But, you'll get your
test results imminently.
And then you'll know one way or another.
How are you otherwise?
Tabby, how's Christian doing?
Good. Thankfully,
Wes's proxies weren't able to
break into the screening room
on Reckoning night,
while he was calling the police.
And, the Orpheum's officially fixed
up and open for business again.
[DR. SULLIVAN] That's wonderful.
And did you and Imogen finally
get to have your double date?
Well, not exactly.
After Johnny's time in the freezer,
we decided to, uh, cool it.
Well, Johnny decided to cool it.
Not that I blame him,
you know, after I
knocked him unconscious and
nearly froze him to death.
Hey, we both thought we had a
Billy, Stu situation on our hands.
I'm sure he'll forgive you.
[IMOGEN] Maybe. Eventually.
But for now, I don't mind
being everyone's third wheel.
after Reckoning night, we had an
epic two-week long cram session.
[NOA] Yep. Jen led the charge
since she aced her Keystone.
[IMOGEN] Hopefully it's enough.
Pass or fail, junior year
or sophomore year again,
you'll survive.
Wes and Mrs. Langsberry arrested,
the SpookySpaghetti website shut down
all the proxies accounted
for and being charged,
- that must feel like
- Like we dodged a bullet.
The only last thing on my
list for us to discuss is us.
Now that almost all of the
loose ends are tied up again,
would you like to continue
our sessions or suspend them?
We've talked about it,
Dr. Sullivan. And
this time, we think
we're ready to move on.
Pull the plug on this final
girl support group for real.
But, despite all the ups and downs,
you've been a huge help.
I'm so happy to hear that.
- Perfect timing.
But if this is our last session,
allow me to make one final suggestion.
Please do something nice
and special for yourselves
while you're waiting
for your test results.
You certainly deserve it.
Oh, don't worry, Doc.
We are.
Remember when we thought we were
gonna have a hot girl summer?
Oh, turns out we had
a final girl summer.
Which, of course
And what better way to show
we're bonded for life
Than with these sick FGE tats.
It was a killer idea, Haworthe.
Mm. I mean, it made sense.
We're survivors.
Badasses, who can get through anything.
And that's what final
girl energy is all about.
Momma's gonna kill me when she
finds out I defiled my body.
Luckily, we agreed though,
no more prayer closet, ever.
I can't believe we actually
went through with it.
I feel like such a badass.
I mean, I only cried a little.
And I can't believe
summer's already half over.
Uh, not quite.
But honestly, and maybe
it's because of my breakup,
or the fact that multiple people
spent June trying to kill us.
But I'm done with summer.
I'm ready for junior year.
Assuming we even have a junior year.
Listen up, my X-Women.
No matter what happens, no matter
what our Keystone exam results are
we have each other.
Moment of truth time.
I am a woman ♪
I am a rebel ♪
Well, ladies.
Your scores came back and
in a surprise twist
Ooh-ooh ♪
Why am I not everything to you? ♪
I still can't believe we passed.
I can.
We're smart, powerful, resourceful.
And I can safely say at this point
we can handle anything
life throws at us.
Damn straight.
- I've been meaning to ask.
Are you and cute Christian
still gonna make your rogue
Millwood Massacre movie?
I don't know.
I think I'm maybe
done with Archie.
And Bloody Rose.
The whole Waters family.
Maybe, for my next movie, it's
not about rehashing the past.
Maybe it's about
something completely new.
Ooh. A new story?
With a new slasher villain?
[TABBY] Or villains.
- Plural.
[TABBY] Bigger badder bolder.
Love it!
I can't wait to see it.
Can you imagine how angry
Archie Waters would be
that we are finally moving on?
You mean, if he were still alive?
I don't even wanna think about it.
Anne, your book
about teen trauma
is a masterpiece.
An instant classic.
We're gonna rush it, so it can
be our big Christmas release.
That is so gratifying to hear.
Especially given what
I survived to finish it.
The only thing left to do is,
to get your five main
subjects to sign off on it.
Given the details you exposed, I'm not
sure we can go unauthorized with this.
Don't you worry about that.
Having treated these girls for
the better part of six months,
I can assure you, they're narcissists.
We'll get them to sign off.
And if they're waffling,
well, money talks.
Uh, Colin, I have to call you back.
My office hours are over, and I
know you don't have an appointment.
Can I help you? I
They said you died.
In the prison riot.
But they don't know the truth, do they?
The bogeyman never dies.
- Was it you?
Did you kill my son?
Did you kill Sebastian?
Please, just tell me the truth.
I need to know the
truth, once and for all.
- Did you kill
No summer In the winter time ♪
Will keep you warm
like a funeral pyre ♪
And nothing like an August night ♪
Drenched in your loving ♪
I got a dirty black summer ♪
Yeah, my dirty black summer ♪
Yeah, come on, baby ♪
Dirty black summer ♪
Yeah ♪
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