Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Inside 'The Big Ride'

- Starlight's going full Reba
at a funeral with no body,
Homelander's pounding a
dead woman's breast milk,
and Black Noir's severing heads
and playing with bunny rabbits.
I'm Aisha Tyler and
we're slicing through
the Season Two premiere
of "The Boys"
tonight on "Prime Rewind:
Inside the Boys."
- Now, we've created a
special cocktail tonight
in honor of The Deep, guys.
It's called The Rock Bottom.
It's light rum,
pineapple juice,
and a very healthy pour
of dolphin tears.
Now, okay, I admit,
those are hard to obtain,
because dolphins are
notoriously upbeat.
They cry, like, once
every couple of years.
Can you get dolphin tears
on Amazon?
(dolphin chitters)
Well, you can make your
own rock bottom at home,
and then tweet us a photo
with the hashtag,
#DrinkTheBoys, and please,
ingest your dolphin tears
All right, now that
we've got a drink,
let's introduce our guests.
Tonight we've got the man who
signs the Seven's paychecks,
Stan Edgar, A.K.A.
Giancarlo Esposito.
- What a pleasure to be here.
Get me one of those drinks.
- Oh, yes, I promise you guys
the minute we can be
people together again,
I will bartend for everyone.
Drinks at my place.
And we've got the new corporate
powerhouse at Vought,
Ashley, played by
Colby Minifie.
- Hi.
- It's thrilling.
- I wish we had one
of those drinks right now.
- I know.
- And our sweet zero
to supe exploding hero.
Hughie himself,
Jack Quaid.
Aw. That's adorable.
- Hi, everybody.
- How could that sweet guy
ever blow up a guy
in his anus?
That came out so wrong.
- You never know.
It came out so right.
- Thank you for your support.
Hi, guys, well,
thank you for being here.
Or, you know, virtually
being here anyway.
What did it feel
like to be back
playing Hughie
again this season?
- It feels amazing.
It's just
incredible, I mean,
Season One was the best job
I'd ever had, period,
and, uh, me and the entire cast
became this great big family.
And the fact that we're back,
the fact that we're
expanding our cast,
the fact that, uh,
I don't know,
I just get to hang out
with everybody every day,
it was just so exciting.
And playing Hughie
he's just my favorite character
I've ever played,
so just to go even further
with him, I was just excited
at the fact that
we got a Season Two.
Last season was so explosive,
but also there were, like,
a lot of emotional moments,
and obviously, for this kind
of budding relationship
between Hughie and Starlight
during which Hughie was
a flat out liar the entire time.
Like just could not stop lying.
How has that affected Hughie's
relationship with Starlight
when we come back to you guys?
- Well, I mean,
you saw the episode.
Like when we come back
and we see Hughie,
he is just he's quarantining
before quarantining was cool.
You know, he is he's still
holding out just a little
glimmer of hope now that him
and Annie are texting,
trying to get compound V.
Trying to maybe expose Vought
for the monsters that they are.
He's thinking, okay, maybe
if I can somehow get this done,
and then, you know, when
Raynor's head explodes,
all those hopes just are
completely dashed.
And then Butcher comes back,
which is just the shit cherry
on top of the shit sundae.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Yeah, so, he's not
doing too hot.
- Giancarlo, tell us
about Stan Edgar
and his stake in Vought,
I mean, because
you know, he's engaged in some
pretty shady dealings.
- Stan is a very particular
and tricky guy.
He's a businessman,
and he knows what he wants.
He's protecting his
shareholders and his board,
and he has to educate
his superheroes
as to what this
organization really is,
and how they can continue
to be a part of it.
- One of the things I love
about this character
is that very quickly we realize
that there is something
more powerful than the most
powerful beings on earth,
which is corporate profits.
And Stan is really the guy who's
gonna makes sure he
defends the bottom line,
and he's fearless,
which makes him terrifying,
- He is fearless,
and he can be terrifying.
He is looking out for the
interests of many, many people,
and so, you know,
when I was watching
this particular episode,
I felt as if,
wow, this is a cold guy,
but he has a lot
of responsibility.
- So, Colby, how has
Ashley changed now that
she is in what appears
to be at least at first blush
a power position at Vought.
- (chuckles)
So, um
Ashley was fired last year.
She definitely thought
that her job was over,
and then as soon as she has
a little idea with Homelander,
he shuts her down and
now she's afraid for her life.
I think she's going
through a lot.
I think she's, uh she
was really excited
and now
she's absolutely crushed.
- Yeah, it really does feel
like he brought her in
specifically so that he could
run her into the ground.
- That's definitely
what's going on.
- Poor Ashley.
All right, let's dig a little
deeper into the episode.
Now, at the beginning
of the show,
Translucent's been
hailed as a hero
during this funeral, and his
death is being used specifically
to gin up support for bringing
the Seven into the military.
I wonder, does Hughie have any
regrets about killing this guy?
'Cause he's martyred someone
who he knows to be a
pretty bad person.
- I think, if there is
any regret, it's the fact
that this guy has a son
and a family,
and people that
maybe didn't know
just quite how creepy
he actually is.
But I think if there's
any regret in terms of
murdering Translucent,
I think it's that,
but I think the reason
he's watching that broadcast
with such sadness is just
because he finally gets
to see Annie again
and she's putting on this
persona of Starlight,
you know, the public
Starlight persona,
I think he's wondering,
is that who she really
is now?
Does she still care about me?
Does she even
think about me?
Is she doing okay?
Is this an act that
she's putting on so
that she doesn't get in trouble?
I think there's a lot
of mixed emotions happening
as he watches
that broadcast.
- Yeah, he does swallow
a little lump
when he realizes
the guy's got a kid
and the kid is sitting
in the front row.
You're like oops.
- Ooh, sorry.
- You know you're
at a good funeral
when there's a merch fair
right outside,
and even thought we couldn't
all be there in person,
we can still order the hottest
Translucent commemorative items
right from the comfort
of our very own home.
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So, during the premier,
Stan Edgar,
the CEO of Vought
gives Homelander, an, well,
illuminating lecture
on the history of the company.
And of course,
there's a Hitler connection.
How does this revelation
change things?
Were any of you guys surprised
by the Vought Nazi connection?
Was that a surprising storyline
for any of you?
- No, not at all.
I wasn't surprised.
It's Vought, of course
they're connected to the Nazis.
You know, uh
It reminded me of the U.S.
We used an ex-Nazi's
rocket technology
to help us get to the moon.
It just makes Vought so much
more hateable, which is great.
- Right, you're right.
We used Nazis to develop
our nuclear program.
We used them to develop
our space program.
You know, with very little
regret on the government's part.
There are a lot of companies
still operating out there today
with very strong historical
connections to Nazi Germany
and also with the body of wealth
that was built by the Nazis
or during World War II, so
what debt do these companies
owe society for profiteering
from fascism?
- Uh, at least a discount.
I would say.
- No discounts for any of you.
- Come on, Stan.
- I mean, look, finally after
years and years it's coming out
that everything,
all of our existence,
most of our country is
created on some kind of lie.
And it's sad, but the folks
who are greedy, well, they lie
because they want more
for themselves
and to create a network that
they feel they can rule
better than everyone else.
So it's a crazy world,
but I'm happy to be
at the top
and not at the fucking bottom.
- I don't know how much
of that was Giancarlo
and how much of that
was Stan Edgar.
- It's also our entire culture.
How much of our wealth
and how much of our
country and all of capitalism
and our constitution
is built on abusing people,
and built on an ideal
that white people rule
and everybody else is worth
three-fifths of a person.
You know, it's a question
that we really have
to contend with right now.
And Vought's a perfect
example of that.
- Well put.
Well put, Colby.
The one thing I will say,
I think about the complexity
of this question, I think it's
a question the show is asking,
I think it's a questions
that Vought proposes
and it think it's a question
the Stan Edgar character poses,
is that money really is the
driving force in this culture.
- Yeah.
- More than morals.
More than principles,
it's really money that rules us.
We live in a
capitalist society,
and money is king.
And now the question becomes
if we stop making money
our principal motivation,
who do we become?
And I think that's a question
we're asking ourselves
as a culture now.
I think that's a question
the show is asking.
- Um, and, I have to move
on to this next segment,
- Exactly.
- which is going to be a very
hard right turn, everybody.
Um, we are super-excited
that we actually,
we have Homelander
on the show tonight.
We're going to have him on in a
second, he's in the green room.
We're just going to check in
with him, see how he's doing.
- (romantic music plays)
- (moans)
- Oh, no.
- Do we not have, like, water
for our guests on this show?
Or okay.
So, Colby, tell me,
what does Ashley think
about how the women
of the Seven,
specifically the women
in the Seven are being
exploited based
on their gender?
They're definitely-- Starlight's
still in that ridiculous outfit.
Right? She's kinda given up.
Uh, and really, you know,
this whole kind of
like commercial
leveraging of like,
you know,
it's girl power time, guys!
What are Ashley's thoughts
on this situation?
- I don't think that
she really feels bad
about exploiting the women
in the Seven.
I think she's very much looking
at optics all the time.
Um, she has that line
in the Blindspot scene
where she's like we have
a differently-abled
member of the Seven.
We're going to poll really
well with Millenials.
I mean, she's
constantly thinking
about that kind of thing.
- Right, yeah,
there's that leveraging.
You know, Millenials care
about the environment,
so, you know, we're going
to get the Deep out here
with the fishies and
make them feel something.
You know, so we can get
our numbers up.
Um, I want to ask you, Jack,
I think through
this entire episode
we've seen Hughie really
step up and try to provide
a little bit of leadership
for The Boys.
He feels like, okay,
there's a power vacuum here,
I'm going to fill it,
I'm going to be
the moral leader of this group,
and we're going to make a plan.
And I'm going to be the guy
who makes it.
And then Butcher shows up at
the end of the episode
and kind of like
deflates his balloon,
so what does the return of
Butcher mean for Hughie now?
- I mean, uh it's not good.
It's not good because
when Butcher was around,
things were done a certain way,
and we saw at the end
of Season One that
when you do it Butcher's way,
sometimes he just
all out abandons you.
And just pursues
his own interests.
So, you know, Hughie went
and rescued his team.
I think that he's not
so much trying
to lead The Boys,
it's more so that
they're all he has.
He's trying to keep
his family together, you know?
He says at a certain
point in the episode that,
you know, his dad left him
for witness protection,
for the witness
protection program.
Robin left him in
just a gruesome way.
Um, his whole life,
he doesn't really
you know, he doesn't
have Annie anymore.
So everyone
in his life is gone
except for the team, and so
when they all start to go hey,
maybe we should go our
own separate ways,
Hughie's like, look,
we can finish this fight.
Everyone just needs to
stay together
so that maybe,
at the end of it,
we have hope of returning
to a normal life.
But in terms of
leading The Boys,
I don't think Hughie
is qualified at all.
He's been with them
for about, I don't know,
I guess like, it's been
like, what, six months?
Or a year at this point,
and, uh, I think if anyone
should lead The Boys
in absence of Butcher,
it should be Mother's Milk,
and Hughie could be, uh,
to put like
a Star Trek reference,
like a First Officer, you know?
He mans the ship when Picard's
going down to the planet.
- Yeah, I was thinking actually
Hughie could be like the bursar,
or the one guy on Star Trek
with the red shirt,
and the single bar that
always gets killed
like right at the beginning
of the episode. That's
- He's a red shirt
for sure, yes.
Oh boy.
Laser Baby just
lit up the room.
You know what that means?
We have a surprise guest.
We're so excited
to have everyone's
favorite Vought writer
who suffered a serious loss
during Supe sex,
here right now,
Malcolm Barrett.
Malcolm, hi.
You look great, and
we respect you.
You're washing your hands,
you're not touching your face.
- Your producer was actually
screaming at me
for like 30 minutes
before it happened.
She's like,
"Yo! Take your shit off!
Take it off now!
Take it the fuck off!"
- So, it's really exciting
to have you on the show.
Thanks for being here.
Before we get to
the questions I just want
to check in really quickly on
Homelander in the green room
and see how he's doing.
- (romantic music plays)
- Still okay.
- (moans)
Still on the breast milk.
- So gross.
- I mean it is.
Breast milk, apparently
it does a Supe good.
Malcolm, your character,
to me,
is like the perfect
example of like
just a maniacal kind
of P.R. writer
who has no sense of tone,
no sense of what's appropriate.
How fun was it
to learn and develop,
not just the way
that that guy spoke
but his whole
kind of demeanor?
- Uh, I love playing people
who don't know
what's wrong with them.
Um, and so, like that's
why I love that character
because I think he doesn't
necessarily know
all the ways and reasons
why he's kind of an asshole.
And so like, that's fun, right?
If you're going to play,
like, a really bad person,
you don't go like,
hey, I'm a really bad person.
'Cause most people don't think
like that.
Most people think
they're doing good
even when they're doing
very bad things.
And so I just did my best
to tap into that.
- He's such an earnest
There's so much
And, you know,
always the namaste.
You know, oh yes, there's always
that jackhole namaste move.
Um, but something really
terrible happened to this guy,
and I wonder how he's
able to hold on to his dignity
after a Supe snapped
off his schlong,
and unceremoniously
took his manhood.
How was he able to
still continue
to work around superheroes?
- You talking about my dick?
- I'm talking about your dick.
I'm talking about
I hope I'm not talking
about your dick.
- The one that got frozen off?
- If we're talking
about your dick,
then you need to file
a complaint.
- No, no, no, my character's.
- A claim.
- My character's.
- Your character's dick.
- I think he's a person who
believes he leads with love.
And so, um
I think that's what
keeps him going
even when things
go really, badly.
Like I think, at the end
of the day,
I think he thinks just being
a part of something that was
more special than him
even if it cost him his dignity
was more important than
never being a part
of something special at all.
That was way too earnest,
I don't want it to be that.
But it is, so
let's live with it. Let's go.
- You're in it, man.
You're just living
that method life.
It's just radiating off of you.
Just the false earnesty,
the ingenuousness.
It's adorable.
As actors, you guys
know that we get
to do something that
fans can only dream of,
which is that we get to read
the show scripts ahead of time.
We get to know what's
going to happen.
So I want to take you guys back
to when you read the script
for this episode
and talk about your
first impressions.
What was it like to see Vought
go from regular corporate evil
to full-on Nazi level evil?
Jack, tell me about that.
When you first read the script
and you realized
this was the turn that
the show was going to take,
and that Vought was going
to be a company that was
founded, you know,
during the Nazi regime.
What were your thoughts
about it?
- What I really liked
about the scene
was the distinction that
your character makes, Giancarlo
of the fact that Vought
isn't a superhero company,
it's a pharmaceutical company.
That's where the real money is.
And I think that that's
just so interesting
in a show that's
"about superheroes",
it's like, no, these people
are basically out there
to advertise a product
that people don't even know
they're getting sold yet.
So I thought that that
was so interesting
and cool and I think I read that
and I was just like,
oh, the show just keeps
getting more complex,
I love the fact that I'm on it.
- Yeah.
I think one of the
great things about the show
is its complexity.
It generates a lot of
thoughtful reaction,
a lot of vigorous
discussion online.
A lot of vigorous
discussion here.
We're going to go to
@Larrytron, who writes online
And I think that last phrase,
"Absolute power corrupting
is a big kind of central
theme of the show.
Has working on this show
Well, let's assume we still
remember how we related
to superheroes as a kid,
which is that we loved them.
You know what I mean,
we idolized them.
Do you still feel the same way
about superheroes now that
you worked on the show, Jack?
You want to start
with that one?
- Oh, man, uh
I certainly just can't
look at heroes
in anyway the same way.
I mean, I think that that
scene where A-train speeds
through Robin in
the first season I think
1000% single-handedly
did that for me.
- How about you, Colby?
Has it changed your
relationship with superheroes?
- I unfortunately didn't have
a giant relationship
to superheroes as a child.
I was deprived in that sense.
My favorite superhero
is, like, Mrs. Doubtfire.
That's as far as it goes.
In terms of, like, "The Boys"
and how it's written
and how it treats superheroes,
like, I am all about it.
- Malcolm, how about you?
Has your perspective on
superheroism changed?
- No, you know?
It hasn't changed at all
only because, um,
at the end of the day
for most people or
how I grew up
is that superheroes
are an ideal, you know?
It's not necessarily a reality.
So, you know, I think
there's room
for all types
of superheroes, and,
you know, I'm such a fanboy
that I'm excited
about living at a time
where we'll actually get to see
probably every version of every
superhero we've ever seen,
and to me seeing all
these incarnations
are beautiful, because
it shows the world,
and I love seeing
the fucking dangerous
fucking asshole superheroes.
- Giancarlo, has it changed
your perspective on it?
- It has, it's made me more
compassionate toward them.
I mean they're human.
I mean, I know they're
super and they're heroes,
but they have human emotions,
and this is what
I love about this show.
They're deluded, they lie.
They jerk off in front
of each other.
Even poor Homelander
is so deluded he thinks
he really wants to be
and can be this perfect father,
come back into this kid's life
and the kid's looking at him
like, "You're out of
your frickin' mind."
You know, and he doesn't get it?
Because what does he want?
It hit me, he wants love.
So it's completely
changed for me.
I feel like they've now
entered my life and my world
in a compassionate way
where I go,
"I want to be your therapist.
Let me help you."
- Yes. Guys, we've already been
through so much together,
and we're only one episode
in to the series.
So, I want to take a quick
moment for each of you to give
your character's most
sincere thoughts and prayers
to any other character
on the show,
a character of your choice.
We're going to start
first with Malcolm.
- Excellent.
Uh, thought and prayers
to, uh the Butcher.
For not getting to say "cunt"
for 45 minutes
out of the episode.
And, uh, to lazy black people
who now have to become
Ida B. Wells because their
white friend keeps calling them.
- I'm so I'm going to send
you a very strongly worded DM
on Twitter, Malcolm.
- How about you, Colby?
- Oh, man, I love that so much.
My thoughts and prayers
are with Blindspot.
I'm, um I'm so sorry
about what happened
to your ears.
And, uh
here's a commemorative
Vought pen for your troubles.
- It seems like that's just
the right amount of sensitivity
for Ashley, the very most.
- How about you, Jack?
- Uh, my thoughts and prayers
go out to Translucent's ghost.
Um look
sorry that you died?
I hope that your ghost
roams this earth.
It shouldn't be too different
from how you normally operated
except for now you can't
perv out as much.
Uh I hope that your son
Maverick never finds out
just how much of
a creep you were,
but if he does I hope he also
finds out that a kid from Queens
blew up your entire ass.
- When I start my punk band,
it's going to be called
A Kid from Queens Blew Up
Your Entire Ass,
so thank you for
the inspiration.
- Finally, Giancarlo.
- I don't know!
These are some wonderful
thoughts and prayers.
Look, I want to offer Homelander
my thoughts and prayers
for peace.
While Homelander thinks
he's the big cheese
and the big boss,
I pray for you, my friend.
You're just a cog in the wheel
being moved around
by none other than me,
Stan Edgar.
So I have some advice:
take a long walk off
a short pier,
in your superhero gear,
and I hope you can swim.
- Ooh, that was elegant.
That was like a haiku.
- Wow.
- Now, guys, normally we
would give you
a first look sneak preview
of Episode Two,
but it's already out.
So what are you waiting for?
Go fucking watch the show, man.
I'm not your mom.
Thanks so much to Giancarlo,
Jack, Colby and Malcolm.
I want to shout out
Ashley's new job
and thanks to the fans at home
for taking a Prime Rewind
to go "Inside the Boys"
fist first,
but like, in a gentle,
tender loving way
asking permission before
you go in fist first.
We're gentle lovers here and
we insist that you be, too.
Now, you know every Supe out
there is secretly
working on their memoirs,
John Bolton style.
Summer Book Clubs are
going to go really deep
for The Deep's Deeper.
Apologies to Agent Raynor
whose memoir got cut
a little short.
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#InsidetheBoys or
This has only been
the first episode of the season.
We have got seven more
episodes of "The Boys" mayhem
ahead of us, and we'll be
here after every episode
with surprise guests,
exclusive content
and a breakdown of all
the action from Gecko's arm
to Gecko's $1000
premium package.
So go watch "The Boys",
and then rewatch "The Boys",
and then live "The Boys",
but like safely.
Wear a seatbelt.
Goodnight, everybody,
thanks for watching.
Hey, Homelander, can I, like,
get you a cookie,
or you good?
- (romantic music plays)
- (moans)
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