Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Inside 'Proper Preparation and Planning'

- Homelander forces his son
to say "I love you"
after knowing him
all of two seconds.
The Deep is all
about the shroom life
and might just go
full cyto on us,
and apparently,
strong is the new pretty,
but don't forget
the lipgloss, ladies.
I'm Aisha Tyler
and this is
"Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys".
I am your host, Aisha Tyler and
we are peeling back the layers
and ripping off the face
of tonight's wild episode.
And if you haven't watched it
yet, you gotta go watch it
'cause we are going to ruin
all the surprises.
All right, joining me tonight,
the man who can't get enough
of Madelyn's breast milk,
Homelander himself,
Antony Starr.
Oh, beautiful.
- Hello. Hi, guys.
- Hi, you're welcome,
good to see you.
- Hey, good to see you.
- And the Seven's new addition
repping for the girls
who get it done,
Aya Cash, A.K.A. Stormfront.
Oh, hello, lady.
- That's me.
Oh, that's me, hello.
- Hi. And lastly, the man who
got his gills fingerbanged
oh so delicately,
Chace Crawford, The Deep.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How's it going?
- I'm good.
- Welcome, guys,
it's good to see you.
Antony, Chace, there are now
three women in the Seven.
It's a big kind of swing
in the power dynamic.
How do your characters
feel about this?
We'll start with Antony,
how does Homelander feel
about the fact that
he's almost outnumbered?
- Um, yeah, I don't think
Homelander really cares too much
about who's in the Seven
specifically based on gender
as long as they can function.
You'll notice that the most
dysfunctional member,
ex-member of the Seven
is The Deep.
- You miss me, though, right?
Homelander misses me, right?
- I desperately,
desperately miss
having someone to kick around.
I mean, you know.
- Oh, you fucking miss me.
- Everyone needs a
lackey, right?
100%, of course. Of course.
- How about The Deep, Chace?
I mean, I think The Deep
just wants back in
under any circumstance, right?
- I think he wants back in
under any circumstance, yes.
I think, uh
He would be Homelander's
assistant at this point.
But yeah, I think he misses
that fame lifestyle.
- Right.
- Vought might need a
new shoe shiner.
So there might be
an opening coming up.
- Oh, cruel!
- Please, I'll do it.
I'll do it.
- You can give me a nice
shoe polish with your gills.
- Aw
- Aya, Stormfront comes in,
she is her own, her very
specific powerhouse.
What do you think Stormfront
brings to the Seven?
- Well, I think Stormfront is
probably rivals Homelander
in terms of her
actual strength and powers,
so that's something
she contributes.
- Bullshit.
- But she's also
yeah. Yeah.
You'll see. You'll see.
I can let the work
speak for itself.
- Bullshit.
- You'll see.
- Yes.
- Um, also, I feel like
The Seven are mostly, like,
you know, they're sort of
the old-school movie stars
and Stormfront is
the new Tik-tok star,
with millions of fans
that everyone else doesn't quite
understand the value of yet.
But she's able to sort of
use social media
in a way that none of the rest
of the Seven understand
or know how to, so
she brings kind of a tech savvy
and a new generation.
- She's definitely
got that, like,
Supe-influencer vibe going on.
What's exciting about her
in the beginning,
it really looks like she
just wants to kind of like
shake things up
in service of the cause,
in service of making
the Seven more effective,
more popular and a
little bit more balanced
in terms of the dynamic.
This show a big kind of
throughline of this show
is corporate politics,
the way that people kind of
jostle for power in
a corporate environment.
Do any of you have any
real life experiences
that you brought into the show
to kind of inform
your performance?
- I'm not particularly
corporate friendly.
So, um
- I haven't got a lot
of corporate experience.
- I think you should list
that as one of
your strengths, honestly.
- You know, I mean,
again it comes back
to the power struggle.
I think Homelander, to be
honest as he says to his kid
in episode two,
uh, he believes
he's superior to everything.
So he believes that
the company exists for him,
the corporate structure
is only there
to facilitate his needs.
- Right, the rest of
it's immaterial.
Um, Chace, or Aya,
do either of you have
do you have like a previous--
like, I had a day job.
I had a corporate day job
before I was able to
throw it all away
and sleep 19 hours a day
and drink for breakfast.
Have either of you ever
had a corporate experience?
- The only corporate
experience I had
was probably
working at Abercrombie
when I was like 15 years old.
So that was, uh
that's about it.
- Of course you did.
- I brought a lot of that
to the character.
- Of course you worked
at Abercrombie & Fitch.
- That feels right.
That feels absolutely right.
- I can just see you outside,
no top on,
getting the ladies coming in.
- The top was on,
I worked the register.
- Oh, God, I wanted to
work at Abercrombie.
- Sorry, I snorted.
That was so great.
- Maybe I can finally
get a job there.
You got to look real good
to get a job at Abercrombie.
I used to walk by the store
being like, no?
No? Not interested? Really?
I had a shaved head, it wasn't
what they were looking for.
Um, but, uh, I waited tables,
but, look we're actors.
I mean, actors, we,
television was created
to sell dishwashers.
The truth is, we're all sort
of part of a corporation.
- Right.
- Um, and I think
you have two choices:
you can either work within,
or you can work outside
the corporation
if you disagree with something,
or if you want to change things.
So everyone sort of
decides for themselves,
but let's not pretend
that actors
aren't a part of corporations.
- Yeah.
- Hi, Amazon!
- That's true. It's true.
We work for the biggest
corporation on the planet.
- Send me some handwipes!
- Um, but there's been this
theme running through this show
that Homelander's just got
a really intense love of dairy.
Um, and, obviously,
it's s throughline.
- Dairy, you say.
- Well, you know, human dairy.
I don't know what you
call human dairy.
And it's a theme,
it's a theme.
To me, it kind of speaks
to like the idea
of this guy being, like,
this Americana idea
that like, you know,
young healthy mid-western
boys drink milk.
Is that how you see it?
Is that how you think
Homelander sees it?
- I don't know that it is
quite that wholesome.
I think for Homelander
it's a way of reconnecting
with the person that he was
closest to in a lot of ways
that drove him nuts
but that was, you know,
his number one ally
as he was coming up.
And through all the years
that he's been part
of this corporate structure,
in this superhero business,
and I think that breast milk
is just a lonely,
tragic man's way
of connecting to
the woman he loves.
- That was beautiful.
- I don't
- What was it, though?
What was it?
- Oh, it was breast milk
from Elizabeth Shue.
- Oh, yeah.
I said I wouldn't do
the fucking scene if it wasn't.
- I just want to say
I just respect the method work.
- Method.
- That is so method.
Chace, in the world
of "The Boys",
a Supe who sexually assaults
someone is sent to the Stix
to reflect on their actions.
You know, their travel costs
are covered,
which, you know,
definitely smacks of
some Catholic Church shit.
Um, did this feel like
a fair punishment to you,
well, you know,
as an actor, as a character,
did it feel like
the punishment fit the crime?
- Oh, as the character,
oh yeah.
He thinks he was probably
way wronged
and punished over
the top, right?
I mean, clearly, yeah,
he should probably be
serving some prison time
or some charges, right?
I mean, but, uh
Yeah, you know, guys like
that, I feel like, you know,
they go through
with the apology
and well, I did it,
it should be squashed, you know,
and he felt like he got punished
and clearly needs some
more soul searching.
- A little bit more work.
A little bit more work.
Which I imagine he may get
to do during this season.
A little bit more
interior work.
Uh, well, I'm sure
that The Deep's story
has inspired people all over
the world to engage
in their own deep
so I've teamed up with
the Church of the Collective
for a little exercise and what
I want is for each of you guys
to draw a self-portrait
in 30 seconds.
- Don't start the clock yet.
- We're holding, we're holding.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- I can tell you mine would
be a stick figure
so, yeah.
- 30 seconds?
- 30 seconds, hold on.
- And, ok, wait.
We're holding.
- Wait, wait, wait,
wait wait.
Gotta get my pen ready.
Got shit all over me now.
- You're doing great.
You look like an artist.
- Get it together, Ant.
- You look like
an artist, Antony.
Oh, here we go, and
clock starts now.
Somebody timing this,
'cause okay, good.
I like how cool Chace looks,
just very relaxed.
- Chace looks cool all the time.
- Chace is just chill, like
he's been doing self-portraits.
- Why Abercrombie
wanted him to sell, uh
boxer shorts and teen jeans.
- If he holds up an Abercrombie
I'm going to fall
off my stool.
- Guys, it was like
three months.
I valeted cars as well,
which was a lot more fun.
- Five, four
- You go on any joyrides?
- Yeah, I did, actually.
- Three, two, one.
Hands up, pens down.
I've always wanted to say
something like that.
- Are you kidding me?
- It's like Chopped, I love it.
I love Chopped.
- Hands up!
Hands up, utensils down.
- Just sweating.
- I'm going to start
with Chace because
you looked so relaxed
during your drawing,
so I'm really excited to see
what you came up with.
So, want to throw
that up there?
Oh, motherfucker,
did you draw a dolphin?
- It's Free Willy.
- Amazing.
ANTONY: Oh, Chace, beautiful.
- And that's me.
- God, you're a real
artist, okay.
I'd need a week to draw
something like that.
- Yeah, I mean, I would
need months.
- Exactly.
- This is here's my
- I really enjoy that.
- You've got a big
- Replete with strange erection.
And just like
- It's on a canvas.
- It's great!
- I think we could sell it
for charity.
- I really think you could.
I really actually think
that you could.
Okay, and
CHACE: Give it a few years.
I mean, you know.
- For it to marinate.
Aya, how did you do?
I'm really excited about this.
I don't know,
I did okay.
- Oh, oh, wow.
That's fine.
ANTONY: Oh, come on!
- A lot of room to improve.
- I don't know,
it's interpretive.
- Amazing.
- I felt like, I don't know,
I feel like my boobs
are a little higher.
- Well, you're reclining,
so I wouldn't yeah.
- Thank you.
- Agent Raynor told Butcher
she'd send an edible arrangement
to his funeral in Season One,
so as a last fuck you,
Butcher sent one to hers.
We've decided to build her
a better one.
Why don't you guys take a look.
It's a deluxe
bereavement bouquet,
filled with chocolate dipped
doves as well as these
truly meaningful items:
a bar coaster from where Raynor
and Butcher first hooked up
ANTONY: Oh, wow.
- A self-help book: What to
Do When Your World Explodes.
A DVD entitled Famous Headless
People in History.
Headless Horseman, Marie
Antoinette, you get the deal.
A tampon for those unexpected
nose bleeds
right before your head explodes,
a torn piece of paper with
"Fuck You" written on it
which were Raynor's favorite
words and mine, too.
ANTONY: Fuck you.
- Goodbye, Agent Susan Raynor.
We'll miss you and your sweet,
sweet fuck off smile.
It's really like,
the "Fuck You" note that I think
really just brought
the emotion home.
- It gives it that little
je ne sais quoi.
- Okay.
- Laser baby!
- We all know what
laser baby means.
We are so excited to have
a surprise guest
joining us right now:
one of the evil masterminds
behind "The Boys" show,
executive producer
Seth Rogen.
- Hello!
Here we go.
- Hi, how's it going?
Good to see you.
- Um, welcome.
- I have a baby shooting lasers
from its eyes
introduce me wherever I go.
And finally, it makes sense.
- Wouldn't it be great if
we all just had a laser baby?
That's one of
my favorite scenes.
- Everyone deserves
a laser baby.
- It might be the thing that
made me
actually want to have a baby
one day.
- So, Seth,
the scope of the show
keeps getting bigger and bigger.
For a show that prides itself
on being extreme,
how do you keep
going there without
things kind of spinning apart?
- Um, it's a lot
of recombobulation.
I mean, we all watch the show,
we share what is
appalling to us
and what isn't
appalling to us,
and through a lot of
conversations we slowly arrive
at probably something that
is slightly more appalling
than it should be,
but, uh
In general, it's hard.
I'm sure we don't get it
right all the time.
Um, but we're swinging for
the fences, that's for sure.
- So this isn't the first
Garth Ennis comic
that you have adapted for
television, right?
You and Evan Goldberg
did "Preacher" as well.
- Yes.
- Were the processes
for adapting these two
properties different?
- They were.
"Preacher" I'd say
was harder to adapt.
Um, it's about religion
which is like a non-starter.
God is a character on the show,
Jesus played
an inbred buffoon
was portrayed as
an inbred buffoon on the show.
So there were some
alienating elements
that were baked into the show,
I would say.
And "The Boys"
is about superheroes,
which could not be more
popular right now especially,
so the timing of that was
also kind of helpful.
- Right.
- It's funny, because when
the comic came out,
the movies were not
very popular,
so it's kind of like
aged into relevancy
in a mainstream way.
- Right.
I guess that's my follow-up
question to that,
which is, were there people
we have a canonical relationship
to superheroes
that is generally positive.
I mean, if you are a
superhero fan,
we want our superheroes
to be complex
but we don't
want them to be assholes.
I think like our general belief
is that they're good people.
Was there any pushback,
either when you were
developing the show
or from fans saying, like,
"Hey, you've kind of
ruined my relationship
to superhero canon?"
- Not really, 'cause
I love superheroes, too.
Mostly like
celebrity culture I think
is what we were lampooning.
Like, is that a word
anyone uses anymore?
I just used it.
- It's time to bring it back.
- Let's bring it back.
But that was more the
conversation we would have
when trying to sell the show,
which is, like, you know,
I know this more than anyone,
is celebrities are insane,
and they have like just
slightly more power
than the average
rich person does.
And, like, imagine
they could fly.
They would literally be the
worst people ever to be born.
- Absolutely would be.
In this episode of "The Boys",
The Deep really I don't know
if this is the right phrasing.
Really reconnected
with his body.
- Yeah.
- He had this shroom fueled
conversation with his
very, very chatty gills
so I think this question
is for the whole panel
but I want to start
with you, Seth.
In that same situation, is there
a part of your body
that you think would be
particularly conversational?
- Ooh, probably.
Your body gets weird
when you're on
enough hallucinogens, I'll say.
Yeah, I remember being on acid
and staring at my own nostrils
for maybe two hours wondering
what the fuck they were.
So, uh, yeah, I think
in general orifices are strange
and hallucinogens
just add to that.
- Right, yeah, it is.
It did seem to effect him
in a very specific way.
Has anybody ever had
I'm not saying anyone's ever
spoken to their gills,
but when ever I see
hallucinogenic drugs portrayed
on television, I'm like,
that's not how it was.
Um but has anybody ever
had an experience
We won't call the cops on you
that was that kind of
transformative or
out of body?
- I remember when
I was a teenager
doing shrooms and,
like, being
I was a very late bloomer
still waiting
and, um
Stormfront's fake, by the way.
And, um, and
I remember being like,
oh, I have boobs.
Like I have boobs!
Like and finding my boobs
really beautiful.
This is too much information.
But I was really excited.
Look at these things!
They're gorgeous!
- I've had that exact same
revelation while on shrooms.
- I had a strange LSD experience
when I was younger.
Um we, me and some
friends took some LSD
and we started coming
up on it
and there was a guy
up a tree
and I decided that
I was sort of a hedgehog
and, uh
I looked up at this guy
and I was like,
"What the fuck are you
doing up there?"
And he's like, "I'm a spider."
And I spent, I want to
say three, four hours
chasing this guy up a tree
trying to like catch him
as a hedgehog trying
to catch a fucking spider.
And then after a while we
started coming down a little bit
and I'm like,
who the fuck are you?
What are we doing?
And that was it, never saw
this guy again in my life.
- Oh. That seems like a
really lovely moment.
- Was this at burning man?
- That's New Zealand. We're all
doing that in New Zealand.
- I know.
- Chace, have you ever had
an experience like that
that you were able to
bring into that performance?
- Uh, yeah, you know.
I've definitely
done some research.
I mean, nowadays I'll usually
just end up on the floor
with my dog, just like,
"Are you okay?"
You know, really like
connecting with him
and you know talking to him
and learning from him, but, no.
I guess when I was younger we
broke into a football field,
got in the announcing booth,
flipped all the switches
and got the microphone
and heard our voices
through the whole stadium.
So that was pretty good.
- Wow.
- Different than The Deep,
for sure.
- Um, Chace, I actually hear
that playing The Deep
was not the character that
you originally auditioned for.
Is that true?
- It is true, yeah.
I, to be honest I went in there
with a different pitch.
I was Kripke was in the room
when I went in there,
but I wanted to play
the gills.
I'm always cast
as this, like, pretty boy,
I wanted to do
some character work.
And they they let me try it,
but they didn't ultimately
go that direction, I guess?
- Mad respect.
- I was kinda bummed out.
- But hey.
- I respect you. I respect that.
I actually think we have
a clip of the audition.
Can we play that?
Is that cool with you?
- Please.
- Let's roll the clip.
- As the ocean waves
crash through my slits
I am the oxygen of
the Mariana Trench!
The fury of the
subtropical gyre.
The gulfstream's
thunderous tide!
If that was too small,
I can go bigger.
Oh, that was good?
All right. See you guys.
- Um, let's talk about
the party store.
Um, because before Kimiko's
brother wrecked the place,
we got to see all
The Seven's merch
and, um, what is your
reaction when you see fans
wearing your costumes
in real life?
Has there been a lot of
cosplay for this show yet?
Have you seen a lot
of people dressed up?
- Oh, yeah. There's a ton.
And it's incredible, you know?
I don't know how they
get them so specific
and so so accurate.
- Yeah.
- They almost look as good
as the stuff on the show.
I mean, they're not,
obviously, but
- I will say cosplay levels
in like the last few years
- Crazy.
- I guess when they started
to realize people were
taking pictures of them,
has just, like, skyrocketed,
the quality of it.
A lot more naked cosplay,
no more guys
with their feet
in toilet paper boxes,
or anything like that.
Like they really go
they go hard.
Chace, would you be excited if
your gills had their own merch?
Not just The Deep but,
like, gill-specific merch?
And what is it like
to shoot with those gills?
What is that like?
- Oh, yeah, we need
our own t-shirts.
Yeah, where it's just like
the graphics are right there.
They're beautiful.
I think they're beautiful.
Antony loves them.
- Is it all prosthetic?
ANTONY: They're disgusting.
- Obviously the talking
part is CG.
But, like, are
they pasting,
do they spend six hours
pasting that stuff on you?
- They do for
some of it, yeah.
They pasted them and then
the fingering scene,
like, episode six, they made
like a torso of me
with, like, actual body hair,
and then to get the close-up,
'cause you know,
there's actually room
in the body torso.
So I'm laying like this
and they got my own torso
on top of my torso and like
the camera's right here,
the director's in my face.
There's Paul behind me pumping
away at the air pressure
to make them move,
it was disgusting.
I couldn't get out of
there fast enough.
- They say sex scenes aren't
sexy in real life,
but that sounds great to me.
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
- What are you guys
we'll start with Antony,
but I want to hear
from everybody.
We're looking at Homelander
now as a parent.
- Of sorts. Sort of.
- What do you think of
his parenting skills?
- Well, you know,
there is an argument
that men are in crisis,
I think,
and that could be reflected in
the amount of solo moms
there are in the world.
But, look, you know,
I'm not sure if parents
could relate
to Homelander's parenting
as such.
But I definitely
I definitely think that
there's something--
I mean, I'm not a parent but
everyone I know that's got kids,
once they see their
little bundle of joy,
once this little piece
of them is in the world,
and it's their job to fill
it with good or bad or
you know, the responsibility
that comes with that,
and the connection
that they have
and the way that their life just
fundamentally shifts into
that becomes their purpose.
I think Homelander
desperately wants that,
but he's just
so deeply fucked up,
and I really hope that
fathers don't connect
too much with Homelander's
parenting style.
I really think that would
be bad for children.
- There was a part of me
that thought he was like
that soccer dad, like,
you know, at the side
of the field just going
like, "Walk it off."
You know?
- Well, there is a scene
coming up, um
which is very much in that
- In that vein.
- Which I'm not
going to mention,
I don't want to spoil it.
But definitely
he turns into
the turbo soccer parent.
- Right.
- Which I've got to say
is one of the
the more enjoyable scenes
that I've shot,
especially with the kid, man.
He's great.
It was so much fun
working with him.
It really sickly funny.
- Oh, that's awesome.
- I'll tease it like that.
- That's awesome.
- Well, we dug through
some of the fan's
tweets about the show,
and we found one that
we wanted to share
with you guys.
@DrVarsha says
So Aya, what is your
response to this?
- Yeah, you can
you can, um
Run for president and still not
win 'cause you're a girl.
I don't know.
- But I think what's so fun
about that way that
we meet Stormfront is her idea,
she's just coming into
with an actually
just don't give a fuck what
anybody thinks about me,
whether you want me here or not.
I'm not going
to play this game.
And it's a very refreshing
landing that she makes.
- Yeah, I mean, I definitely
have a side of me
that is, like, oh, do the right
thing, say the right thing.
And when I'm asked a question,
I used to feel like
it was my responsibility
to answer it whether or not
I thought it was reasonable.
And, um, to be honest,
watching enough male
co-stars say
I'm not interested
in that question
or I'm not going to say that,
or I'm going to say what I want
to that question
actually helped me sort of
realize that I didn't
I didn't have to
play the game
- Right.
- All the time.
So, look, we've all
experienced, uh
sexism in our lives,
and I think it's really
to see someone
who's just not going
to take any shit from anyone.
- Absolutely.
- Until she turns.
- Until she turns
into something.
Things become more layered
as time goes on.
- She's a real role model.
- Yeah.
- Guys, before we wrap it up,
we would love for
each of you
to tap back into your character
and send some thoughts
and well wishes
to another character
on the show.
Um, and, so, Antony,
as Homelander, you are up.
- Oh, well who else could
I possibly want to do this to.
Billy Butcher,
or as I call him, William,
uh, thoughts and prayers
go out to my friend.
I know you desperately
want your wife back.
I'll just let you know that
I'm keeping her warm for you.
- Oh, God.
SETH: So evil.
- Cruelty.
Cruelty was super.
Um, Chace's The Deep?
- Well my thoughts and prayers
go out to Homelander,
because, uh, I'm just lonely,
man, without you.
I want you to let me back in,
and I'm just out here
waiting on your call.
- I love the sincerity of that.
That was really sweet.
Aya as Stormfront?
- I just want to give
my thoughts and prayers
to sweet Ashy who thought
she got her dream job.
Uh but it's gonna be
a nightmare.
AISHA: Oh, a terrible,
terrible nightmare.
Seth, would you like to
offer thoughts and prayers
to anyone on this show?
- Uh, yeah, for sure.
I'd offer them to the guy,
the Langston Kerman's character,
the arrow guy.
'Cause, Eagle, whatever.
What's his name?
- Eagle D. Hunter?
Eagle D
- Yeah
Just, the Arrow
is the worst thing
a superhero could possibly have.
It's bad
Someone with a
bow and arrow is bad
in a normal everyday fight.
Nonetheless a superhero fight.
So I feel very
My deepest sympathies
to him.
- Poor Eagle.
ANTONY: Quiver.
- He's doing his best.
SETH: Quiver.
- Uh, I really want to thank
you guys so much for being here.
Antony, Aya, Chace and Seth,
thanks for being here
today with me.
- Thank you.
- We've learned that gills
not only provide life-changing
therapy sessions,
but they have the angelic voice
of a sweet puppy
baking cookies in
an alpine forest
thanks to the mellifluous tones
of Patton Oswalt.
Hi, Patton.
We want to know what would
your gills sing to you
in the midst of
a mid-life crisis?
Is it a song by Vanessa Carlton
or Garth Books?
Maybe Daughtry or
Megan the Stallion?
Well, we want to know your song.
So hit us up @TheBoysTV
and use the hashtag
We are only on episode two,
and I've already lost count
of the decapitations,
but I'm so stoked
about what's ahead.
Join us after every
episode right here
as we break down the action,
chat with your
favorite characters,
and make your grandmother
deeply, deeply uncomfortable.
Be sure to watch
the next episode of "The Boys"
only on Prime Video,
and then find us here
as we go "Inside", fist-first,
but only with consent.
Goodnight, everybody.
See you next time.
- We're going to stop
for a second
because Antony's set just
That's perfect.
- Nah, keep going,
I've covered it.
There was an issue
but I think I fixed it.
- You fixed it, you fixed it.
You're a professional.
SETH: Did it fall?
- I see that, that's great.
- Just get one moment.
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