Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Inside 'Over the Hill with the Swords of a Thousand Men'

-Well, the Compound V bomb
has finally dropped,
and the dearly departed
Madelyn Stillwell is taking
the fall.
There's a killer shark army
working The Deep's beat,
and do you complain to HR
when your boss asks you to
kill your boyfriend?
Well, I'm Aisha Tyler and
we're going all in
on episode three of
"The Boys" season two,
on Prime Rewind:
Inside the Boys.
-Now, I know you guys are
watching the boys already,
so you're ready to
speed full steam through
one whale of an episode.
Let's catch up right now.
Homelander explores fatherhood,
but his son Ryan ain't flyin',
The Deep gets Moby Dicked over,
and Stormfront goes on
a deadly rampage,
kills Kimiko's brother,
and proves that she's super.
Super racist.
(laughs) Boom.
Let's get inside this
big wet dream of an episode
right now.
I'm joined by the wizard
that brings us "The Boys"
in all its gory glory,
VFX supervisor Stephan Fleet.
-Hey, hi.
-Hey, how's it goin'?
-From the magic land of there.
-From the magic land of here.
And the deadly Kimiko,
Karen Fukuhara.
-So good to see you again.
-Hi again.
-Yay! Welcome, welcome.
-And the writer of
tonight's episode,
Craig Rosenberg.
-Hello, sir. Welcome.
-Welcome, guys.
-Thank you, thank you.
-Thanks for being here.
This was a wild episode,
a lot went on.
What was your favorite moment
in this episode,
'cause it was--
it was a biggie,
and, uh, we'll start with
-Uh, I mean, it had to be
the whale,
and specifically,
that shot of Chase,
or The Deep,
coming up and, like,
landing on the water
and the whale.
It just worked perfectly
in so many ways,
and there's so much, like,
comedy and--
and sadness
mixed into it,
and it's a lot of what I do,
so that's 100%
my favorite moment
in the episode.
-We're gonna dig more into
how you guys actually made
that whole moment happen
later in the conversation,
but Karen,
what's your favorite moment
out of this episode?
-Stephan said it.
I lo-- I just love the reveal
when you see the whale
coming in and then, uh,
The Deep is heroically riding
the-- the whale,
and it's just such
a Deep moment.
Um, but actually,
when we were filming that,
Carl was driving the boat,
uh, and he, you know,
he fishes all the time
so he's really used to
that kind of speed.
No-- Nobody else on
the ship was, uh,
on that tiny boat,
and so we thought
it was just gonna be,
you know, special effects
to get all the dynamic bits.
-No, we were going full speed--
-Oh, my God.
-I thought I was gonna fall off
and I still had to look badass.
I couldn't look--
The first take,
I think I was like--
-Ahh! Ahh!
-But, you know,
you gotta be Kimiko,
you gotta be the Female,
so I got through it,
but it was a--
it was a tough shoot.
-Also, like, your character
doesn't get to vocalize,
so if you were
feeling any fear,
you had to, like,
stuff it down.
-I had to--
I had to hold it in.
-So the name of the boat that
The Boys set sail on, uh,
is called My Big Wet Dream.
Um, having been at
an occasional marina,
gross old rich dudes tend to
name their boats
really stupid, uh,
things like that,
so, Craig,
do you have any other
gross old dude style names
for a yacht
that you want to throw out?
-I could probably
come up with some
that you could be,
if you were a gross old man,
you could name your boat, uh,
Motor Boater.
-You could name your boat
Master-- Master Baiter.
Master Baiter.
-Master Baiter.
-You could name your boat, um,
Bass To Mouth.
Bass To Mouth,
that's a possibility.
-(laughing) Oh, my God.
-Bass To Mouth?
-You could name your--
-What's wrong with you?
-If you were-- If you were
a gross old man,
you could name your boat, uh,
Blue Veined Throbber
could be another one.
-You're on fire.
-I'll leave it there.
-I'll leave it there.
-Bass To Mouth,
I think, is the winner of
that particular group of names.
-Yeah, yeah. Yes.
-It's got-- It's got
thematic resonance
with the show,
definitely thematic resonance.
-You wrote this episode,
What-- What was your favorite
beat in the show?
-Uh, I probably got two.
I would say one was
the moment when Hughie is,
um, inside the whale.
-Because it's very rare,
you know,
in your life as a writer
that you ever get to--
to do a log line that says
That was a fun beat.
But I also loved the moment
when the director is pitching,
um, the show to, uh,
to-- to The Seven
because I could draw on
all my various moments
that I've been in those rooms
pitching shows,
and, um, stealing all the
executives' comments on--
on, uh, scripts
and presentations,
so that one was, uh,
close to home for me,
so I-- I really
enjoyed that, too.
-Right, and for people that
don't work in the business,
it was, uh, both kind of like
alarmingly accurate,
but then fun if you've never
been in one of those rooms
to see what that experience
can be like,
all kind of like--
-Yeah, disturbingly accurate.
Disturbingly accurate.
-Yeah, upsettingly accurate.
Karen, your character's
relationship with Frenchie
has obviously evolved.
Where is she now?
I mean, obviously,
there's a lot going on with her
in her own emotional life,
but how does she feel
about Frenchie at this point?
-You know, that's such
a juicy good question.
I think, you know,
initially when Tomer and I
met for the first time,
it was at a bar in Toronto,
and we said
we're excited to see
where their journey goes,
we're excited to see
what Eric brings,
but since we don't know
for sure right now,
uh, let's just call it
"twin flame."
And that means two souls that
were divided into two bodies,
two people,
and so there's almost this,
uh, stronger than soul mate
I mean, to be honest,
I'm not sure if
love and romanticism is
kind of at the forefront
of her mind right now,
but she's heading in
a positive direction
with Frenchie.
-We all want them to be
a couple,
because, you know,
we're rooting for them,
but I think, like you said,
the twin flame thing
isn't necessarily romantic:
it's just about two souls that
have a similar experience,
and see that they can
care for each other.
I watch this show with my guy,
and, you know,
and he just like loves--
he just loves you guys together,
he's just really
rooting for you.
I think, like,
of the two of us--
-Oh, thank you.
-He's, like, the sappier of
the people in our relationship.
He's, like,
"Oh, when are they
gonna be a couple?"
-That's awesome.
-Yeah, it's pretty cute.
He's adorable.
Okay. So (laughs)
He's gonna kill me that
I said that on the show.
-I love Frenchie.
I mean, personally,
as Karen,
I love Frenchie and so
I hope something happens,
but we'll-- we'll see.
I don't want to
give anything away.
I think it's lovely,
so, anyway, I mean,
I'm rooting for them.
That's just me.
Um, guys, "The Boys"
is entertaining, obviously,
but it's also educational.
And this show is your own
personal graduate course
in the language arts.
You can learn all kinds of
languages, including
Spanish with Homelander,
Becca and Ryan.
"Soy un padre de mierda."
"I am a shitty father."
You can learn French
with Frenchie.
"Mettons une bomb
dans son cul."
"Let's put a bomb
in that guy's asshole."
And, of course, learn fish
from The Deep.
-Oh, my God!
That's so good.
-Thank you.
I've been practicing.
I mean, you know,
YouTube University.
-That was amazing.
-So, speaking of how
dolphins get down,
I want to break down
The Deep's big action sequence
in this episode,
from the shark attack to
the classic
boat through the belly of
a whale trick--
we've seen that before--
No, we have not.
We have never
seen that before.
So, Stephan, did you have to do
any special research,
specifically for
the shark sequence,
for the shark attack?
-One, I'm still really impressed
with your segue way
from dolphin sex into this,
thank you so much for
making that happen in
my life right now.
Um, yeah, no, I mean,
we all, um-- uh--
Arv Grewal, who's our
production designer on
the show,
who's a huge component in
the show,
uh, and myself and
everybody involved,
um, all had-- did a lot of
research on, uh--
on whales,
what type of whale.
We go with the science and
the math as much as possible,
uh, to keep things real,
and then, obviously,
when a speedboat's
hitting a whale,
we-- we bend the rules where
we think creativity and--
and the romance of the show,
if you will,
overrides the realism of
a boat hitting a whale,
which it'd probably be
a really, really sad scene
in real life.
And we contracted a company
called The Third Floor,
great visual effects, uh,
pre-vis company,
pre-vis is like
making a cartoon
before you do it.
So we actually created
a cartoon of the whole scene
before we even shot it.
-Like animated or just,
like, still drawings?
-Fully animated.
-Oh, cool.
-There's a fully animated
cartoon. Yeah--
-I invite you to post that
on the internet.
-I don't know if I can.
I want to keep my job.
But maybe-- maybe
the Amazon guys can.
-We disavow. We can neither
confirm nor deny
whether it was Stephan who
put that on the internet.
Well, let's get
a quick refresher here
on what we're talking about.
You know, for science.
(whale groaning)
Ahh, fuckin' diabolical!
First of all,
I feel like as a fan,
you're always wondering
what stuff is made of.
Like, what were those meat--
Was that like--
Were those meat flaps,
was it plastic?
Like, what was hanging down?
Were they steaks?
It looks a little bit like--
like, uh, Lady Gaga's dress
that she wore to the Grammys.
-Yeah, I was gonna say that.
Yeah, no, it wasn't--
It wasn't real meat.
We're not that cruel.
Uh, it was the--
It was silicone stuff
made to look-- and Styrofoam
made to look like meat.
-It was wild, I mean, it's--
Every time I see it,
it's like incredibly
overwhelming, entertaining,
horrifying at the same time,
which I imagine was what you
guys envisioned
when you-- when you
put it together.
-Oh, yeah.
All right,
we got our first look at
the Vought cinematic universe
from the director of
"The Dawn of The Seven,"
and you know that they've got
a pipeline of new movies
coming between now and 2032.
For example, they've got
a film noir about Black Noir
called "Noir Noir,"
with the tagline,
"It's not poorly lit,
it's Noir Noir."
So, Stephan,
what happens in that film?
What's going on in that movie?
-I would say superhero by day,
detective by night,
Black Noir investigates
50 henchmen who've died
only to look in a mirror
and realize that
he's the one that killed them.
-Oh, man.
-Directed by
Christopher Nolan's
second cousin Steve.
-Ooh, yeah.
-Steve Nolan,
I would say.
Okay, here's another one.
A Christian movie of the week
starring Starlight called
"Fashion of The Christ,"
with the tagline,
"On the eighth day,
God made women wear
So, Karen, how do you think
that that movie ends?
-She looks so sad in the--
in the poster.
It's tragic.
-She's cold, Karen,
she's cold.
She has no pants on.
-She's cold, yes, yes.
I feel so bad for Erin
every time we shoot.
Um, especially in November
in Toronto.
-Oh, my God.
-But, let's see,
Starlight fights for equality,
forces God to wear a leotard.
-Oh, God, I like that a lot.
I would personally love to see
God in a leotard.
-I feel like he would
rock it, you know.
-He would, he would.
-It might be hard to go to
the restroom,
but he would rock it.
God is gonna need, like,
-a little bikini wax.
-Just a little bit of
manscaping for God.
Little bit of Godscaping.
Do not @ me.
I don't want--
I don't want to hear about
your problems with me
talking about God's balls,
guys, okay?
Uh, here's one featuring
The Deep and Lucy the whale
"You've Got Whale,"
with the tagline,
"There are consequences
when you free Willy."
Craig, what do you think
the storyline is for that one?
-This movie, uh,
has been banned in certain
East European countries,
and it was actually
a groundbreaking movie
in that it was
the first depiction of
man/whale love.
-But it is available, um,
in certain black market, uh,
areas of the Internet.
-Well, let's hope that
that's where it stays.
-That's my analysis of
that movie.
-Let's hope that's--
that's where it belongs,
and that's where it
should stay.
-Very progressive,
very progressive.
-Let's talk about Stormfront.
When she--
When she comes onto
the show,
she's this maverick disruptor,
we think she's gonna be
this badass bitch,
and then she turns into
a murder craven racist
in a single episode.
Uh, she really is--
she's the ultimate "Karen."
But I think it's
really interesting,
we've got this character now
who is, you know,
kind of a version of these--
these people that we're seeing,
these kind of alt-right,
you know, MAGA types
who want to go back to
the way America was before.
Um, how have you seen kind of
the unveiling
of this particular character
on the show?
-It came at the perfect time.
You know, we already shot
everything last year,
and we didn't end--
we didn't know
the "Karen" phenomenon
would, you know
would be created.
-Mm-hm, yeah, exactly.
-Unfortunately, um,
and it's really--
it's-- it's fucking annoying
that it's my name.
-To be honest. All the racist
Karens out there,
you're really shafting us.
Um, no, thank you.
But, you know, I think
it's really current,
and it-- we put this
special twist on it.
Um, we're not saying that
it's okay,
and we do see
punishment coming.
-I will throw in that,
you know, there is--
there are these beats,
you know, that kind of
Stormfront is pitching,
but also that we're hearing
in popular culture about, like,
you know, the country
used to be better.
It wasn't better for
anybody back then,
you know what I mean?
And it's kind of
a false narrative that
people are pushing.
It was-- It was--
Well, it was good for--
it was better for one group
of people back then.
-Um, so, yeah--
-Yeah, yeah.
There was one group that
it was really great for.
Um, so how has it been, like,
treating that as a writer,
and kind of incorporating that
into the storyline?
-Well, you know, what we're
trying to do there,
we're trying to do something
in the sense that,
you know, not all--
not all racist characters
are gonna present as
Ku Klux Klan people
in-- in hoods.
So, you know, for the first
couple of episodes,
Stormfront's kind of
endearing, right?
She-- She's sassy
and she's funny,
and she's, um-- she's chatty
and she gives a bit of lip
to Homelander,
and, um, you know,
so this episode is really
the episode where you--
where you see the--
the true nature of
her character come out.
Um, and so what we're trying
to do is say that, you know,
racism is gonna be present
in all kinds of forms.
It's not gonna be just
the overt characters,
but you might have to
encounter racism
which is much more insidious,
which presents itself in
a much more attractive package.
You know, if we talk about her
as a "Karen,
I think she's kind of like
the emperor of Karens.
-She wants to re-brand racism
as something, uh,
you know softer,
which we've seen.
These kind of, you know,
these older groups of--
of people who were,
you know,
very overtly racist
are now calling themselves
something different,
now they're alt-right
or now they're, you know,
they're whatever kind of
cultural, uh, terms they're
giving themselves
to soften the fact that they're
still white supremacists,
and I think that's--
she's an example of that.
-You know, I think--
I think, in addition to
what Craig said,
we're seeing a rise in, uh,
public displays of racism.
And I've seen a lot of videos
on racism, uh,
towards Asian Americans
because of the--
because of corona virus.
And I was talking to Aya Cash,
who plays Stormfront,
the other day,
and she was saying
although it's awful to even see
this kind of thing happen,
and on screen,
it's-- the world of fantasy,
the world of fiction,
allows you to kind of see
horrible things happen
and take a step back
and for you to remove yourself
from the equation,
and see that it's wrong.
And so I hope that people
that see episode three,
and when she says,
"Open your eyes,"
right before killing Kenji,
if-- if you are a "Karen,"
you see that and
you internalize it
and you-- you're able to
not take offense
and defend yourself,
but you-- you can be open to,
uh, the different conversations
that could happen, uh,
after watching the scene.
-Well, you know what?
I'm really glad you
brought that up,
because I think that we--
you know,
we've been having this
conversation all year,
that it's not enough
to not be racist,
you have to be actively
I think one of the reasons
you're seeing all these videos--
we're all seeing all these
videos online--
is because other people
who are in the context of
these things happening
are, like, fuck this shit,
this woman's not gonna
get away with this.
I'm gonna make sure that
people see how terrible
this person is,
because I think in the past,
all of us,
no matter what you're
cultural background was,
you could be like, well,
I'm not a bad person,
but you wouldn't--
we would all actually kind of
sidle away from
these conflicts,
and be like, ugh,
that's not my problem,
it's not my conflict.
And I think we have to
and I know that we're
involved in this--
we're caught up in this
cancel culture right now
where everyone's kind of
rushing to judgment,
but I think it is
empirically wrong to be racist.
There is no other--
There is no valid other side
to this argument.
-100 percent.
-So if you're seeing
somebody do it,
call them out.
-And I think that the videos
are a byproduct of people of
every background,
every race, saying,
this is not fucking okay.
It's not okay.
-It's not.
It's not fuckin' okay.
-No, it's not fuckin' okay.
-(laser firing)
-Oh-- Oh, boy.
Oh, Laser Baby's going off.
You guys know what that means.
I am very excited to welcome
our next guest
who I finally get to talk to
for the first time.
He's the silent but deadly
member of The Seven,
Black Noir himself,
Nathan Mitchell. Yay!
-How's it going?
-It's exciting to see the man
behind the mask finally.
You play one of the most
badass members of The Seven,
Nathan, we know nothing
about this guy,
so what can you tell us
about Black Noir?
-You know, I think one of
the most interesting things
to me about Black Noir
is his duality.
You know,
you see this menacing,
badass terrifying figure
who could cut you up
in a second. Right?
But there's also this
human dimension to him.
You know, like, he's like--
he's fighting on
the battle field,
he's cutting people up,
but then he's at a party,
and he, like,
can't get an hors d'oeurve
or he's sipping from a straw
not knowing how to
talk to people.
He's so smooth and efficient
when he's fighting,
but then he's this, like,
kind of lovable, funny,
adorable awkward figure
in re-- in every day life.
-I really love that
those were the adjectives
that you used for him,
-lovable, adorable.
-I was gonna say--
-I don't know about that,
I have to disagree.
-It's hard to develop
social skills--
-He beat me up.
-When you're just
eviscerating people
and severing their heads
all the time.
But then--
-Yeah, you know?
-In that moment where you
wanted to play the piano--
-What is it like
playing a character
that does not speak
at all, uh,
everything is about
body language,
but you can't even use your
facial expressions.
So what has that been like?
-You know, my favorite quote,
or one of my favorite quotes,
is "the funny thing about
a mask is
no matter how hard you try,
it's always a self-portrait."
-Oh, interesting.
-And it's really fun to focus--
to focus in on that where,
you know,
a-- a turn of the head
or a glance,
or just like a--
you know, a jolt
can be read in so many
different ways
because it's this kind of
blank canvas
that people can project on.
-So it narrows,
you know, your focus as a--
as an artist,
but it also offers a lot of
creative freedom
when you can just
open up to that and
play with it.
-Yeah. I mean, I think
we're all going through that
when-- with our, you know,
wearing our masks around
in our lives.
It's a different way
of communicating.
Well, I want to open this up
to everybody.
We're just gonna take
a quick look at a--
a piece of tape.
Let's take a look at this.
MAN (in video):
Powers can cause
fear and anxiety
in the affected children,
especially if they
are not carefully guided
through the process.
-Why-- Why is
Black Noir crying?
Craig, why do you think that
Black Noir is crying?
-Fuck. Um,
I think he's crying
I-- I think-- I think
he's legitimately crying
because his entire identity
has been wrapped up with
the idea that he was
a superhero destined
and chosen, um,
by God Almighty,
um, and he's
only now discovered that
that's not the case,
and that he-- he was actually
artificially injected,
and I think it's
messing with his head.
I think he's-- his whole
world view of himself
is-- is being inverted,
and poor guy doesn't know how
to deal with it,
and he's having a little--
a little moment.
He's having a breakdown.
-I was gonna say, you know,
like Deadpool,
Noir is a bit meta,
and he has this, like,
you know, Wifi streaming link
to an alternate universe,
and he's watching "Smallville,"
season five, episode 12,
where Jonathan Kent dies,
and, uh, it really
tears him up.
-Um, you win.
I was gonna pitch that
you had watched--
you were watching
the end of last season
of "The Bachelorette,"
but that's way better.
-That's way better.
All right, now,
"The Boys" conversation's
going 24 hours a day online
and we want to be a part of
the dialogue,
so tonight, we're going to
@Eitanthegoalie who says
I think that's a really
interesting take.
So, guys, when celebrities
do wrong, uh,
I mentioned cancel culture
When celebrities do
something wrong,
do you think that people are
too quick to cancel them,
or that we're not
canceling them quickly enough.
Actually, Karen,
we'll start with you.
-That is a deep question.
I think--
I think that we shouldn't be
quick to judge anyone,
but I think if they're doing
something explicitly wrong,
like all of the "Karens"
that are calling the police,
and, uh, telling people to
get out of public parks,
I think we can cancel them.
-I'm-- I'm with you.
-I think we can cancel them.
-Anybody else have an opinion
on cancel culture?
-I think when you look at,
you know, uh,
mediums like Twitter,
you know,
it-- it's harder to have
a nuanced conversation on
There's a spectrum, right?
I don't think it's
outright cancel all the time,
and I think that should be,
you know,
reserved for cases where
it is really bad.
Uh, and I think we should also
leave space for people to grow
and change.
-I think people expressing
a desire to change and grow
typically, uh, is the best way
to move forward
if someone's like, look,
even if I didn't intentionally
get it wrong,
I hear now that
I did get it wrong,
and I'm open to learning
and I'm open to growing.
I think that's typically
the first step,
and kind of moved me on that
cancel period.
Well, this was
an incredible episode.
From Billy Joel
to Billy Butcher,
everyone had a second wind.
Now, before we go,
I'd like each of you
to take a second
and send some thoughts
and well wishes
to a character on the show.
So, Craig, you first.
-Yeah, I would send, uh,
I guess, thoughts and prayers
out to Seth, um, who's
one of our writers for Vought.
He, in season one,
revealed this
unfortunate story
of he was, um,
uh, in a relationship,
or a brief relationship,
with, uh, Ice Princess,
a superhero,
um, who, uh, did
transform to ice at
an unfortunate
intimate moment.
Um, and, um, his--
his penis froze off
-at that time.
-She snapped his dick off.
-She snapped his dick off.
Thank you.
Um, so I want to send thoughts
and prayers out to him
and say, you know what?
There is a transcendent
love out there
that you will find beyond
the physical love,
and I think that
I don't want him to
give up on, uh--
on romance just because
his dick snapped off.
-That was very--
That was very sincere
and lovely.
Karen, would you--
-Thank you.
-Would you like to offer
thoughts and prayers?
-I think Kimiko
would want to say
thoughts and prayers to
-And if you will allow me,
I think I'll just do it in
sign language.
-Oh, yeah, absolutely.
-In Kimiko sign language.
-Yes, I'd love to see that.
-All right.
I can see the intention
behind that.
She's got-- She's got
an ass kicking coming
from Kimiko.
-She does.
-Oh, yeah.
-Yeah, oh, yeah.
Stephan, how about you?
-I would have to say my--
my deepest thoughts and prayers
go out to all
the CG sea mammals
that have been molested and
murdered by me on the show,
and The Deep.
I'm really sorry.
-No real sea mammals--
-Watch out, otters.
-No real sea mammals were
molested or murdered--
-Watch out, platypuses.
-In real life for
the making of this show.
-No. Just to be clear,
all virtual.
-All right.
How about you, Nathan?
-Noir would like to send
his thoughts and prayers
to Lucy the whale,
and, um,
if he could speak,
he would say,
"I will find your babies and
I will raise them as my own."
-I'm telling you, Black Noir
is a really deep guy, man.
He has got an incredible
depth of emotion
that I--
I don't think we all--
we all knew it was there.
All right, guys,
we are not gonna
leave you hanging
without a first look at
what's coming at you for
episode four.
Here's our sneak preview.
-Who do you think you are?
I'm the face of The Seven,
not you!
This constant need
to be loved by everyone
is kind of pathetic,
but, um yay.
-All right,
can't wait to see that.
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-Thanks, guys.
-Bye, Aisha.
-Thank you so much.
-Thank you.
-Thanks, guys.
This was so fun.
Thank you.
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