Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Inside 'Nothing Like it in the World'

- A-Train gets fired while
Stormfront gets celebrated.
Butcher and Becca
finally link up.
Mother's Milk
is third-wheeling it,
and he ain't feeling it.
And Homelander gets
his Madelyn fix
from a middle-aged bald guy.
I'm Aisha Tyler,
and you are watching
"prime rewind: Inside the Boys."
If you're not caught up
on tonight's episode,
press "stop"
right this minute
and go watch it on Prime Video,
because we are going
to unpack a lot of stuff.
Joining me tonight,
the guy leading a one-man
Billy Joel renaissance,
Hughie himself, Jack Quaid.
- Yeah! Billy Joel!
- Aisha: That was perfection.
- Jack: Thank you.
- And a tough guy who probably
has wet wipes under his chair
right this minute,
Mother's Milk, Laz Alonso.
- I do!
- Aisha: Hey! Welcome back.
And a guy who refuses
to raise a supe freak,
Mr. Billy Butcher, Karl Urban.
Hey! Hi!
- Hi!
- Hey, Aisha, how are you?
- Welcome back.
- Good to see you.
- Welcome back, guys.
It's great to see you.
We're in the middle
of season two,
and I just wanna hear,
now that we're kind of deep
into the season,
what you remember
about making this episode.
What do you think, Jack?
- This might have been
my favorite episode to shoot.
Um, I think-- I don't know--
something about just--
I mean, Laz, I just feel like
you, me and Erin had just
the time of our lives
on our little road trip.
- Lotta singing.
- It was like a bonding show,
wouldn't you think, Jack?
Like, we literally,
the three of us of us
became, kind of, like,
BFFs after that episode.
- Yeah, I feel like at
the end of that episode,
we should have made friendship
necklaces or something dumb.
- Exactly.
- Um, Karl, uh, in season one,
Billy Butcher infamously
compared the Boys
to the Spice Girls
in probably one
of my favorite speeches
of all time on television.
What Spice Girl
is Mother's Milk,
in your opinion?
- Well, in my opinion,
I think that, uh--
I think Mother's Milk
is probably Posh Spice.
- Um--
- Laz: Oh, God.
- Because I would image her
to be pretty fastidious
and clean and meticulous.
I think Jack is
probably Baby Spice.
- One thousand percent yes.
- I would go with Frenchie
would be Ginger,
and I think Butcher's
Scary Spice. I think so.
- Butcher's absolutely
Scary Spice,
and if you didn't pitch it, I
was gonna pitch it back to you.
- Yeah, yeah. No, totally.
- [laughing]
- Laz, we've learned something
about Mother's Milk in
this episode
that he has some form of
obsessive-compulsive disorder.
How has it been to meld
a tough-guy image
with this guy who's also
terrified of germs.
- It has been the most
gratifying work experience
out of my career,
to be honest with you,
because I do have OCD.
You know, this is
probably my favorite part
of Mother's Milk
is to be able to bring
my OCD to work
and not have to,
for 12 to 15 hours,
pretend like I don't have OCD.
You know, like, I'm the guy who,
on other shows,
I've gone to co-stars'
dressing rooms and cleaned
them up for them,
like, fixed them up.
- I noticed my trailer was
a little cleaner this season.
Do you know anything
about that?
- Whenever I've dropped off
things in your trailer,
admittedly, I will straighten
things up a little bit.
- What? Oh, my God!
- I have two things
to say to you.
Laz, first I need to get cast
on a show that you're on,
'cause I would love a little bit
of assistance with my room.
- I got you.
- And you have met
a simpatico soul,
because I've actually turned
toilet paper rolls around
in public bathrooms
because they weren't facing
the right way.
- Oh, my God!
- Yes!
- You are a godsend.
- Yes.
- You have made my day.
I love that.
- That's it, man.
You're getting a key
to my apartment in season three.
I've got some work for you, pal.
- I feel like this answers
the next question,
'cause obviously we know how Laz
approaches a public bathroom.
But for Karl and for Jack,
would Mother's Milk
use a Porta Potty?
Do we think he would ever
actually enter a Porty Potty
in crisis mode?
- Absolutely not.
No, no, no, no.
- Yeah, he'd have to hit a tree.
- No, I mean, yeah, a tree,
at least that's, like, natural
and, you know, one with nature,
I guess.
I don't know, I think--
No. I'm gonna say Porta Potties,
no, for M.M. for sure.
- I think that it would actually
be worth writing into the show
just to see him, like,
fully trying to get in
and, you know, like--
- [laughter]
- That's about how it looks.
- Exactly.
- Aisha: Exactly.
So tonight's episode gave us
"road trip puppy" love.
It gave us Butcher's
"car sex" love,
"Is now the right time" love,
and Homelander's "fucking
a shape shifter
to play out his mommy issues
in a secret forest cabin" love.
But let's talk about
everyone's favorite twat,
our guy Hughie.
Starlight may have dumped him,
so we wanna let him know
that we still love him here.
Take a look.
- [laughing]
What the fuck?
- [laughter]
So adorable.
- Man.
- Wow.
- Wow!
- Jack: The love is felt.
- That's very much appreciated.
- Aisha: Wanted to give you
an emotional soft landing,
- just in case you were feeling
a little rough around
the edges.
- Thank you.
- A very giving space.
All right.
- Is it apparent
that I'm rough around
the edges right now?
- You're fine.
Everything's cool.
- Oh, God!
- [laughter]
- I really hope that's alcohol.
- Oh, it is.
- So, as a fan,
I definitely had some,
"wait, what the fuck" moments
while watching tonight's
Let's begin with Homelander
and the Doppelganger.
It definitely looks like
Homelander gave Doppelganger,
like, a list of instructions,
like, very specific instructions
on how the evening was gonna go.
So what do you guys think those
instructions might have been?
- They're probably similar
to just Antony on set every day.
- [laughter]
- What do you think about
the beat where, um,
where Homelander kills
Because it's kind of like
a deeper moment than you
expect it to be.
I mean there's this moment
where I really was like,
maybe Homelander's gonna
fuck himself.
He's probably the only person
self-obsessed enough to do it.
And then, you know,
he ends up taking his life.
What do you think was going on
in his head at that moment?
- Well, I think that--
I think that Homelander
couldn't let him live
because Doppelganger has seen
how fucked up
and vulnerable that he is.
And for Doppelganger
to have that insight
and that knowledge about him,
I think ultimately is one
of the reasons why he--
Homelander killed him.
- Mm-hmm.
- For sure.
- It looked like he
was seeing himself
as he pathetic being
that he is.
Like, for once, he saw how
pathetic others see him,
and that enraged him.
- Yeah. Man, we just shrunk
the shit out of Homelander,
That was good work.
- [laughing]
- Hell, yeah.
- Aisha: We just read him
Um, Laz tells Valerie
about his father dying
from the stress of fighting
the Vought corporation.
In either your
or Mother's Milk opinion,
do you think that he died
of natural causes,
or is it possible that Vought
might have had him eliminated?
- That's a really good question,
because I-- I had
that same question
when I was working out the beats
of that monologue.
Um, I-- I believe
that he probably did die
of natural causes
incited by Vought.
- Mm-hmm.
- It was definitely
created by Vought,
- and he blames Vought.
- Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
- He blames Vought
for the death of his father,
and that's really what-- what
drives him to be in this team.
Other than that, he wouldn't
be a part of this team.
- Right. I think, interestingly,
that desire for vengeance
defines all of the Boys
on some level.
All of them are driven
by their own specific
personal missions
for vengeance.
And I think at some points
they all kind of look around
and go, like,
"Why am I still doing this?"
But it, you know,
it defines you, right?
It starts to really define
who you are.
It's how you move through
the world, and I think
for Butcher,
- that's gonna get really
- Yeah.
- now that he's seeing
that Becca's still alive.
- Yeah.
Well, guys, you ever get that
"middle of the night" desire
to hear sweet tunes sung by
your precious sweet supes?
Well, we've got you covered.
Take a look.
- Man: From Vought Records,
the company that brought you
the smash hit, "You'll Never
Truly Vanish,"
a collection of moving ballads
by your favorite superheroes
The Seven.
From Homelander, a song that
some say is about this lady.
Who could forget the sensational
"Rollin' in the Deep"?
From everyone's sneaky songster,
Black Noir,
"The Sound of Silence."
- [record crackles]
And many, many, many, many more.
Order now and enjoy
this amazing, unique,
heartwarming collection.
Available for
a limited time only.
Lines are open! Call now!
- Laz: Oh, Lord.
- [laughter]
- That's too good.
- Isn't that so funny?
- That was great.
Was there a song called
"When Gills Cry"?
- It was a B-side from a very
early Prince album.
- [laughter]
- While we're on the topic
of music,
let's talk about
this epic road trip.
Starlight's song is still
a smash hit on the radio.
We've got the Billy Joel
karaoke going on in the car,
and it's making Mother's Milk
lose his mind.
Um, do any of you have
a go-to road trip song,
a song that you have to play
when you're in the car?
- I've got this one.
I'll jump in with
"Roadhouse Blues"
from the Doors.
- I just love that.
- Aisha: That's a good one.
- Anything bluesy
like that, yeah.
- That's a great driving song.
- How about you, Laz?
- You know, I've been playing
a lot of DJ D-Nice.
- Um, just live feeds.
- Aisha: Oh, yeah?
- On Instagram.
Club Quarantine.
- Yeah. He does those really
long mixes online, right?
- Oh, they are amazing.
And they're all kind of
like '70s disco
you know,
'80s kind of dance music,
and it's just feel-good music.
- I've been on my
feel-good vibe lately.
- Mm-hmm.
How 'bout you, Jack?
- It's a song called
"Frankie's Gun"
by the Felice Brothers.
But, Laz, I'm hearing
what you're saying,
and I might change
my answer sort of.
What was that song?
It was the cover of "Sonny"
that we were listening towards
the end of season two.
- Oh! Oh!
- Like, the disco version.
- Boney M.! Boney M.
- It was so good.
Yes, yes, yes! Yes! Yes!
- Oh, that's a spicy road tune.
- Laz: Yeah.
- Jack: So good.
- [fingers snapping]
- It was so great.
- [laughter]
- In honor of Mother's Milk's
dope Wu-Tang t-shirt--
in fact, all of his
t-shirt game is strong--
we've decided to give
the Boys their
own Wu-Tang Clan names.
- Take a look.
- Laz: Oh!
- Aisha: Oh, yeah.
So Hughie, B Love Ninja.
- Jack: Okay. I'll take it.
- Laz: Yes.
- Aisha: Mother's Milk
is Vizual Pupil.
- Laz: Ooh!
- Jack: I like it!
- Aisha: Butcher
is Profound Wizard.
- Laz: Oh!
- [Karl laughs]
- Aisha: Frenchie,
X-cessive Assassin.
- Jack: Oh, that's the one.
- Aisha: Kimiko,
Midnight Specialist.
- [men affirm]
- Aisha: I got my own!
Host-Face Killa!
- Laz: Oh!
- Yes!
- Face Killa!
- Face Killa.
- Yo! Host-Face Killa.
That's it.
- Game over.
- Karl: That's my favorite.
- Aisha: Oh, boy.
Oh, Laser Baby's going off.
Okay, well,
you know what that means.
We've got a special guest.
And there's only one woman
who could make
the blood-thirsty Billy Butcher
cower in the backseat of a car,
and that woman is Becca.
So please welcome
to the virtual stage
Shantel VanSanten
- Hi. Hi, Shantel.
- Hi.
- Welcome.
- Thank you for having me.
- So, we're so excited
to finally meet you
in real life,
and also to finally Becca
on the show and get to spend
some time with her.
How has has it been playing
the love of Butcher's life
with so much backstory
leading up to these moments
when you finally get
to spend time together?
- It's torture playing
the love of his life.
Let's be honest.
Um, you know, the position
that Becca is in
is definitely not ideal.
I think that she would
much rather be with
the love of her life.
But at the end of the day,
she had a Sophie's Choice.
And none of the options
were really great.
And I don't think that Becca
could have lived with the idea
that something that happened
to her took Billy's life,
or that he would have defended
her and taken his own life.
So it's not really that great,
but, my goodness,
does she love him.
- Aisha: You put that
really beautifully.
I think in the beginning,
when we all find out Becca
is alive,
as viewers
and, obviously, Butcher,
we're all struggling
with how and why
it took this long for them
to reconnect and why she
never reached out to him,
but what you realize is
that she's incredibly strong.
She's protecting her son,
and she's protecting
her husband.
And she is really in
an untenable position.
And it's just taken
an incredible amount
of discipline
to stay away for this long.
There's this moment,
we're all so happy
they're back together.
We want this big,
passionate reunion.
But for me, as a fan,
the moment I love
was when you guys were
just talking and smoking.
If you've ever been
in a long-term relationship,
and you had this beautiful
informality with each other,
like, this ease,
that was really beautiful.
That was when you
really got to see
why Butcher was so driven,
because there was this
miles-deep friendship
that you guys had.
- We actually have to--
full credit to Shantel.
I believe that
was Shantel's idea.
And what I really loved
is that, you know,
that ability to share
a cigarette.
There's something that's
so intimate and subtle
about that.
And for me that really added
such a beautiful,
subtle layer to it
and spoke volumes about
the connection
of those two characters.
That's really down
to the brilliance of Shantel.
- Aisha: It was really lovely.
- Oh, stop it.
- So, Shantel, if Ryan ends up
embracing his superpowers,
and she's really tried
to keep him just a normal kid,
which is--
A lot of mothers even without
kids with superpowers,
they just want their kids
to have a normal life.
But if Ryan ends up
embracing his superpowers,
what do you think Becca's
main concern is about that
for him.
- I think Becca's main concern
is that he would turn out
like Homelander,
because at the end of the day,
they are still flawed
human beings
while they have superpowers,
and she feels a responsibility
to raise him
having different morals
and principles
and hopefully having mothering
that changes him
from his dad's ways.
- Speaking of the way
our relationship
with family impacts us,
I wanna talk about Mother's Milk
visit to Valerie in Raleigh,
and she tells this story
about how her brother
was killed by Liberty
a very long time ago.
And it definitely parallels
a lot of the things that
we're seeing right now.
Police brutality is nothing new.
Especially against black people,
it's nothing new in this
It's been going on since before
the founding of the United
but it's something, obviously,
are protesting very intensely
What was it like to shoot
that scene? Laz?
- I mean, listen, we shot that
scene in the summer of 2019.
- Aisha: Wow.
So I don't know what kind of
crystal ball Eric Kripke has,
but it was so timely
as to what we have been
dealing with recently.
You know, the scene between
Valerie and Mother's Milk
was a scene that I feel
has been very, very familiar
to most black people in general,
but specifically
who come in contact
with each other
and without having
to say a word,
especially when you're in a--
in a environment where
it might just be two of you.
Um, you know each other.
- Mm-hmm.
- You don't have to know
each other to know each other.
Like, I may not know you
but I feel you,
and I know what you go through,
because it's probably
very similar to my experience.
And that's what we captured
in that scene.
When Hughie first knocked
on the door
and tried to talk to her,
she was very afraid
because she thought
that he was with Vought.
And if you think about
what Vought is supposed
to symbolize--
You know, Vought in its truest
form is supposed to symbolize
a company that's dedicated
to protecting citizens.
Why are there some citizens
that are afraid of Vought?
- Mmm. Mm-hmm.
- And that's what happened
in that moment.
And when Mother's Milk steps in
to let her know,
"I feel you.
I know you, and I know what
you're feeling right now.
We're not them."
- Right.
- And he connects with her
with his own personal story.
It's a story that so many
black people can understand
from a lived experience
of having to
live in a society where you
the police are supposed
to protect you.
But if you call them,
you don't know what's gonna
happen when they get there.
- Mm-hmm.
- And that's just the reality.
I've worked with
a lot of police officers
on other shows
where I've played a cop,
and we've had
these conversations,
these very real conversations.
And we've been very,
very candid with each other.
And they've told me
their perspective,
and I've told them mine.
You know, but, thank God
that we're at a place now
where all of these conversations
are finally being able to be had
Uh, they're painful.
They're not easy.
But I feel like
for the first time
in my life,
its not just black people
- having this conversation.
- Mm-hmm.
- I've seen Jack's Instagram
and Erin's Instagram
and Iya's Instagram
and Charles' Instagram,
and so many of my cast mates
have earned
so much respect from me,
because they've spoken up.
You know? And that ain't
always been the case.
- Aisha: Well, we've talked
a lot about it on this show,
and thank you for being
so forthcoming,
I think that there have
been two Americas for
a very long time.
And all the white allies
for this community were like,
"We see the police as somebody
who's gonna protect you."
And we didn't realize that there
was a whole part of the country
that thought,
"I can't call the police,
because I might be the one
that ends up on the ground."
This is the conversation
that we have to have.
It's really important
to have to have it.
My mom was a freedom writer,
and I think the thing that
she says
is the difference is
everybody understands now,
- everybody's on the same page.
- Laz: Yep.
- Back then, we were marching
for freedom and we had allies,
but now the whole world
is seeing it clearly.
And I think
that's the difference.
We gotta keep talking
about this stuff.
You know, we gotta
keep talking about it
- with open eyes.
- Absolutely.
- Absolutely, yeah.
- Yeah.
- Well, let's check out
what the Internet is saying
about "The Boys" this week.
Whywolf Senpai tweeted
- Hmm. All right.
- Wow.
- Aisha: Shantel,
Becca worked on Vought's
P.R. and marketing team.
So what do you think
her job was back then?
Was she there
to make them famous?
Was she there
to make them likable?
Was she there to hide
whatever Homelander
was doing in the shadows?
- You know, I would like
to believe that, um--
You know, we didn't really dive
too far into it--
and it obviously doesn't
stick to what she did
in the comic books--
but I'd like to believe
that she didn't work
there long enough
to understand really what type
of person that he was
or how messed up
the entire company truly was.
Because in my mind,
she's such an intelligent woman
that she would
have been able to see
the sides of Homelander
that would have led
to her not going and having
a meeting with him.
- Right.
- I think it was
a new position for her,
so there was a lot
of blindness to
how incredibly corrupt
that Vought truly was.
- Right, right.
So The Boys are so busy
with taking down Vought
and saving lives,
but are they paying
close attention to details?
We're gonna test all of
your knowledge to see how well
you guys know this episode.
- Ooh.
- Uh-oh.
- You didn't know there
was gonna be a test.
- No.
No. Horrified.
- So, first question.
What singer did one of the women
during their testimonials
get tattooed on her arm?
Any guesses?
- I'm just gonna throw out
a guess.
John Mayer.
- Ed Sheeran.
- [buzzer sounds]
- Ed Sheeran. Right.
- Ed Sheeran.
- This one's gonna be easier.
Here we go.
- Doppelganger.
- I'm like, floppel, fl
- I don't know.
- [buzzer sounds]
- I think the doppelganger
is the German orange.
And nothing rhymes
with doppelganger.
We're doing great.
- We're doing fantastic.
- Aisha: Here we go.
- This aligns closely with
her political orientation.
- Right!
- [laughter]
- That was good.
- Can you give me a shave
on the alt-right side?
- Aisha: On the alt-right side?
- Please? Thank you.
- You know what, we all won
guys. We're all winners.
Okay, guys, before we wrap it
up, I'd love for each of you
to tap back into your characters
on the show
and send some thoughts
and prayers
to any other character
of your choosing.
And why don't we start
with Jack?
- Oh, yes. Ah, okay.
Um, my thoughts and prayers,
and this is very sincere,
uh, are with Billy Joel,
because without you
and your music,
uh, I don't know if I could've
a thousand percent played
this part,
so thank you.
- All right, Laz.
- My thoughts and prayers are
with the real-life Homelander.
Your day is coming, Buddy.
That's all I'm gonna say.
- I like that.
How 'bout you, Karl?
Uh, my thoughts and prayers
will go out to M.M.
And, uh, no one
can hold a candle
like M.M. can hold a candle.
Um, he is the original
candlestick maker.
And, uh, I'm just
gonna stop there.
- What's happening?
- This makes no sense to anyone,
- but it's making sense to Laz.
- What is happening?
- What is this?
You have to tell the story.
You have to tell what this is.
What is the story?
- One of the funniest things
that happened during
the shooting of season two--
Uh, we went out one night
to a bar that had,
uh, like, secret rooms
and stuff, and--
- Wearing boas.
- Feather boas, not snakes.
- Laz: We had boas.
- Oh, you had boas.
Where does the candle come in?
- What color was
your boa, Jack?
- I don't know, man.
What the fuck's
with this candle?
- [laughter]
- Don't mention the candle.
It harks back a Run-DMC song
the butcher, the baker,
the candlestick maker.
You know, we got Frenchie,
who's a baker.
And I was the candlestick maker,
- I feel like there's
still more to this.
It's not that simple.
- There's no way that's it.
- [Karl laughing]
- Let's just leave it there.
- No, I'm gonna take it.
But I know it was bullshit.
Shantel, who would you like
to give thoughts and prayers to?
- How do I follow that?
I mean, um
- Aisha: You could do whatever.
- I'm gonna send sincere
thoughts and prayers
to my dear son Ryan.
You know, it's perfectly okay
for your mom to escape
in the middle of the night
and have sex in a compact car
with her secret husband.
And, one day, I will for sure
pay for your therapy,
so don't worry.
- Yes.
- Aisha: You know, what, Ryan?
Happy mom, happy life, man.
If mom don't eat,
don't nobody eat, right?
- Yes. Mm-hmm.
- I'm sure that
all of you out there
are speculating on what episode
five will bring.
Here, my friends,
is a sneak preview.
- BUTCHER: Black Noir's here.
- What?
He must have tracked me
from Becca's.
I'm sorry, but right now
we're in a little bit of
- Do you have any nails,
ball bearings,
electrical wiring?
- Just like "Home Alone"
- except way less delightful.
- [dog groans]
- Mm-hmm.
Something's about to jump off.
Guys, I had so much fun
talking with you.
This was so great.
Thank you, Jack, Laz,
Karl, and Shantel
for hanging out
with me and giving me
all the inside scoop.
We've learned so much
this episode,
but nothing screams
poor choices like a tattoo
of Ed Sheeran.
So to keep up with that theme,
we want you guys to send us
a pic of a tattoo
that you instantaneously
Tweet us @TheBoysTV
and use #Insidetheboys
or #TattsAllFolks.
We're only halfway through
the season.
There's still so much more kink,
blood and betrayal ahead.
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Thanks for watching.
- Thanks, guys.
- Thanks so much, Aisha.
That was really awesome.
It was fun.
- Thank you. so much, Aisha.
- Bye.
- I can't wait to see you guys
again and get back.
- Start fucking
shooting the show.
- Jack: I know.
- I miss you guys
so much. Goddamn.
- I miss you guys.
- Likewise, man.
- Yeah.
- We did it.
- [line ringing]
- Hello?
- Laz, hey, it's Aisha.
- Hey, what's up?
- It was great having
you on the show.
Thanks so much.
Look, everyone's gone.
Right? Jack and Karl
are out of the picture.
- Okay.
- What is the candle story?
I promise I won't tell anybody.
- [laughing]
Listen, I am sorry.
I would love to tell you
the whole candlestick thing,
but all I can say is this, okay?
You have a candlestick maker,
- He makes candle sticks.
- Okay.
- If you can figure that out,
then you figured it out.
That's all I can say.
I gotta go.
What? What's that?
Aisha, my plants are calling me.
I gotta go water the plants.
But you got this.
I believe in you.
- Bye.
- Laz!
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