Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Inside 'We Gotta Go Now'

- Kimiko gives new meaning
to the phrase "facial peel"
Homelander and Stormfront
join the mile-high club
without the airplane,
and Black Noir moves
to the 'burbs.
I'm Aisha Tyler and we're
going all in on the fifth
episode of "The Boys"
Season Two tonight
on "Prime Rewind:
Inside The Boys".
- All right, we're going to
laser right into the cleavage
of this Hollywood
blockbuster of an episode.
I hope you guys watched
it already, right? Okay.
You got to do your
homework first,
we don't want to spoil
anything, here comes the recap.
The Seven are making a movie
about the Vought CU,
the Boys have a showdown
with Black Noir,
and Homelander likes Stormfront.
Like, likes her likes her.
Like skyfuck likes her.
Joining me to help navigate this
suburban battleground
is the Boys woman on
the inside of the Seven,
Starlight, Erin Moriarty.
Hi, lady.
- Hello.
- Hey, welcome.
Welcome, back.
- Thank you.
- And the unstoppable
Black Noir, Nathan Mitchell.
Hello, sir.
- Hey.
- Out of disguise.
And the man fighting to stay
in the game, A-Train himself,
Jessie Usher.
Oh, I love it.
I, yes, thank you.
- What's up, peeps?
- Uh, welcome
back, guys. Hi.
There's a lot to talk about
in this episode, for sure.
What were some of
your favorite moments?
Erin, why don't we
start with you.
- Okay, um, well,
I mean, honestly,
I'm gonna cut right
to the ending.
I really like
the tits lasering moment.
I love that Stormfront
is just standing there.
That's the moment he
kind of falls in love.
He's like, Oh my God,
I finally met my match.
I can laser someone's tits.
I love that.
I love the music it
was to, to Aerosmith.
The whole thing, so
- It was this metaphor for
emotional fragility, wasn't it?
Like, this thing, like
- Yes!
- I'm not a china doll,
you can't hurt me.
Like, let's do this.
Which I think, male and female,
when you've been in
a relationship
where you realize the person's
kind of like,
down, right?
Like, they're ride or die?
- Totally. Yeah.
- That was the moment for me
kind of metaphorically,
which was interesting.
- As fucked up as it gets
of a coupling.
And I'm so into it.
- Yeah, it was
pretty spectacular.
Nathan, how about you?
What was your favorite moment?
- You know, I too,
like you said,
I'm a fan of the sky fucking.
But Erin just went into that.
Uh, I gotta say,
I gotta give it to Jessie
with his closing monologue.
- Yes.
- You know?
Uh, this may be Dawn of the
Seven, but sunset on A-Train.
Just like, they just
gave him the feels.
You know?
And, um, yeah.
It was just like heartfelt
and just like,
it just hits you.
It was deep.
It was deep.
- Yes, it had a lot of
emotional resonance.
What about you, what was your
favorite moment, Jessie?
- I think Homelander meeting
his match has got to be
top two if not my favorite
moment in that episode?
Because we've been waiting
for it for so long.
We finally get to see him,
like, almost have a moment
that we can kind of relate to,
somehow, you know what I mean?
- It is, it was like
for all intents and purposes,
like Supe porn.
'Cause it wasn't just
the sex thing.
It was like, what you think
Supes would do to each other
when they were alone in a room.
Like, I'm gonna laser you!
I'm gonna ice freeze you!
- Exactly.
- I'm gonna crush your head.
Everybody always talked about
that with Popclaw
and A-Train, too,
they were like,
what do you think that
love life was like?
Well, you get to see
Homelander and Stormfront.
It was probably
something like that.
- Exactly.
Although it kind of brings
new meaning to the, like,
oh you just scratched
me with your claws.
Which we've all had to say
to a lover at some point.
- Exactly.
- You need to trim those.
You know what I'm saying?
- Exactly.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's true, yeah.
- Nathan, Let's talk a
little bit about Black Noir.
Where does his loyalty
to Vought come from,
do you think, because we've
seen that he can be
a pretty emotional guy.
We've seen him crying
in the last episode.
But he beheads and
dispatches people
with terrifying efficiency.
Do you think this guy
is compartmentalizing?
Where do you think he's
coming from?
- So with Black Noir, um,
you know, I think his
loyalty to Vought comes from
the place of not being able
to fit in
in regular society the way
every other Supe can.
You know some people teach,
some people bake.
Black Noir kills.
And so for him,
its just a thing.
- Some people bake
- Black Noir murders.
AISHA: Some people just
spread mayhem.
Jessie, what was it like to film
that scene with Aya Cash,
who plays Stormfront,
where Stormfront is being
just straight up racist
right to A-Train's face?
- There was like,
two sides of it,
because, as A-Train
in that scene,
it was a wake-up call for him.
You know, you can only
imagine since he's been
in the Seven, everyone has kind
of been, like, kissing his feet
and praising him and now
there is someone who's
challenging him in this way
that he hasn't
really had to deal with,
although I'm sure
it was in the back of his mind.
He's like the only
Well, we didn't know that
we don't know that
Black Noir is black.
A-Train is the only
You know, the ethnic face
of the Seven,
so for him it was kind
of like a thing.
For me as an actor
doing it with Aya,
because Aya,
every single take would be like,
"I'm so sorry, I just
I feel so bad about this."
So I'm like, naw,
you got to let loose.
You got to really give it to me.
- Right, right.
- So I can respond accordingly,
because in that scenario,
you're going to be vocal,
you're going to be upfront.
You know what I mean?
Even though she was
trying to be discreet
in some ways and then
eventually she kind of
just let go, I feel
like her intentions
needed to be right direct.
- Right.
- Like, in my eye,
and in my face about it.
And that kind of
that's really
what made the scene
feel real.
- Right.
- If the tension wasn't there,
if the air in the room
or the atmosphere
wasn't extremely thick,
I wouldn't have been motivated
past that point.
I don't want to get
into too much because,
you know, no spoilers,
but, um that's a motivation
moment for A-Train
and I needed to feel that.
- Right.
Right, absolutely.
In tonight's episode
after Homelander
kills an innocent bystander,
the public opinion
turns against him,
and, you know, people
are outraged, there's protests.
Someone makes an attack ad.
I just want you guys to
take a look at this attack ad.
- This is Homelander.
Vought would like you to
believe he's a hero
and a good guy.
But did you know,
since joining the Seven,
incidents of tit lasering
have gone up 57%?
- So fun.
- And when Homelander was
confronted about
his boss's missing
breast milk,
he said, quote,
"Sometimes these things happen."
What things, Homelander?
What are you hiding?
Is it breast milk?
- So fun.
- You wouldn't want to have
your tits lasered off
let alone by this
milk sex freak
clearly hiding a huge
juicy secret.
- Oh my God.
- (laughing)
- Yeah.
- That's amazing.
- It's amazing how quickly
these organizations respond
with these attack ads,
They turn them on overnight.
- Weird with milk was
my favorite part.
- So good.
It's so good.
- Well, in the last episode,
Homelander outed Maeve
on national television.
Uh, which, by the way,
is an outrage.
People should come out
of their own volition,
on their own time.
And instantly the Vought
spin machine sprang into action.
Why do you guys think
that Homelander outed Maeve?
Uh, I mean, do you think
he was just being a dick?
Which, you know,
plays for his personality.
Or do you think he was trying
to exploit her sexuality
to help Vought's
corporate profile?
Or was he deflecting?
What do you think he was up to?
- I think he is an
and when he found out that
his ex-girlfriend
who he's kind of been
lusting after
and his former love was secretly
carrying out a female affair,
I think his ego was
so bruised
and he needed to hurt her
in the deepest way possible.
And I truly think it's
his ego-mania flaring.
- He stole that thunder
from her,
he stole that moment
from her as well.
You know, the moment that
she gets to come out on her own.
Do you think it was
fair game for Vought
to have a take on
her personal life?
I mean, this is like pure
corporatization, right?
Like, nothing is yours.
You get nothing of your own.
- I mean, that's kind of Vought.
That's their M.O.
- Right.
- That's how they've
always been.
So for anyone to think
that that scenario
would be any different
is just foolish.
Because across the board,
Vought has a say in everything.
In what you wear,
who you hang out with,
where you go, you know.
What you do,
how you look.
If you want to change your
hair color.
So, like your
sexual orientation,
if you wanna do something that
they're not pre-approved of,
you have to do it
in the shadows.
If you want anything
to be in the forefront,
you almost have to
ask them first.
- And speaking of
in the last couple of years,
corporate culture,
American corporate culture
has really embraced
the LGBTQ community
or the issues around
the community,
especially around Pride and
you have a lot of companies
really presenting, like,
we support the community
and everything from
rainbow bottles of vodka
to rainbow cars.
I think you're seeing
the same thing
with Black Lives Matter, too.
You're seeing these corporations
who are rushing to
kind of show everybody
that they're on board,
and then I guess the question
becomes, like,
do they follow it up
with real action?
- Yeah.
- I think it's a good thing but
it's not that their hearts
are necessarily in
the right place.
Whatever decisions, whether
they are truly genuine people
who are using these
changes in the tide
to make a difference
and switch it up,
or everybody's just,
you know,
profiting on the moment
and being like
okay, this is what's
acceptable to the masses,
definitively now.
So now we're going
to embrace it.
It's like they have no
morality of their own,
it's just money.
Where does the money go?
- There's no real leadership.
- That's kind of what
it feels like.
Everything that's happening
feels so ingenuine
that, you know it's hard
to believe that a company
will support pride or a company
will support Black Lives Matter
because they want to.
But what it really feels
like is that, you know,
the masses are telling them
hey, if you're not going
to show support,
then like, we're just
going to cancel you.
You know what I mean?
That's kind of what
it feels like.
So it's hard to tell.
- And there's power
in that, you know?
- Yeah, it's been effective,
but I guess
the question becomes,
like, does it last?
Does it turn into fundamental
structural change over time?
Or is this just a moment?
- Right.
- I just think, unfortunately,
it's more on us individually
to vote, and hopefully
change policy,
um, then to rely on
these corporations
to impart any lasting change.
I don't think we can
rely on them to do that.
I think they're always going
to be financially driven.
- Yeah, you're right.
It's up to us to hold their
feet to the fire
and hold them accountable.
But we spend a lot of time
in tonight's episode
at the lovely suburban home
of Butcher's Aunt Judy.
From its stately living room
all the way down
to her decked out taffy parlor.
This lady is a bad ass, so
we wanted to give Judy her due
and break down everything that
went into creating this scene.
So let's talk about
the taffy room.
I don't know if you guys
noticed this,
but did you see how stocked this
woman keeps her secret basement?
Take a look at this video.
I mean, this is a very exciting
Slow that down so we can see
what's going on there.
- I mean,
Frenchie would love this.
- Frenchie it's like
a wonderland for Frenchie.
Let's look closer.
She's got, like
okay, polite Canadian aspirin.
A pot filled with pot.
Medical grade Cheetos dust.
Coachella flavored Ayahuasca
which is the best kind.
A Bible with
a gun bookmark.
A donut box full of grenades
next to a grenade box
full of donuts.
Risky and perhaps
most damning of all,
she's got some bootleg
hydroxychloroquine in there.
We also got to see Judy's
place go
from retiree chic to full
blown-up wasteland.
Now, Nathan, you were
in this sequence.
Can you walk us through how
the day went
when we got
to blow up her house?
Poor Aunt Judy.
- Oh, man, there, yeah.
There was a lot
going on that day.
Um, yeah, just the fires,
you know, just like
lighting the fires
and like having
everything burning,
and then like having someone
behind the scenes
ready to extinguish it,
like, it was a lot, right?
And, like all the nails
all over my body.
You know, just walking
around with that,
and then like just
backhanding Butcher,
and, um, yeah.
Have to work out
some synchronization
with Karl on that.
- Oh, yes.
I love it.
Now, Black Noir is a
veritable chameleon, guys,
and when he's on a mission,
he kills his target
before they ever even
know he was there.
So we want to test you guys to
see if you can spot Black Noir
in a series of
suburban environments
like the roof that he's hiding
on in this episode.
So can you see him?
He's right there.
There he is.
That was an easy one, all right?
So let's see the next one.
See if we can pick up
Black Noir.
Can you see Black Noir?
- I'm gonna say top
I'm gonna say top middle.
That's my guess.
- Okay, all right.
Anybody else have a guess?
- That's tough.
Okay, let's point him
out right now.
- That's really hard.
- I don't think I see him.
- There he is.
- Whoa!
- Yeah! Okay, yeah.
- He's sinister,
he's sinister.
He's trying to get
a high five.
All right, there's one more.
I think we have more still here.
Let's see if we can
spot Black Noir in this.
Can you guys see
Black Noir in this image?
ERIN: Oh my.
Truly impossible.
AISHA: There he is.
- Arrow doesn't help anything.
- He's like his
very own singularity.
No light can escape Black Noir.
He's sucking it in
from all around.
- Oh uh-oh.
- Oh.
- Whoa.
- All right, laser baby.
The laser baby has erupted,
and you know what that means.
It's time to bring in
our surprise guest
who's an actor who
plays a director
who has a lot of fun
directing other actors.
PJ Byrne, welcome.
- What's up, everybody?
- Yay, PJ!
- Let's get weird with milk
over here.
It's so weird with milk.
That was so disgusting.
- Getting weird with milk?
- Weird with milk.
- Homelander, like, drinks milk
and he does that licking?
- Oh my God.
- It's so off-putting.
It's so off-putting.
- Like, not erotic,
that's not the right word,
but, like strange
I don't know.
- Oh, 0.0, yes.
- Zero stars.
- What's up?
I love you guys, by the way.
Good to see you.
- Yeah, welcome.
JESSIE: What's up, PJ?
- Have you ever had to
ask for a rewrite
like A-Train does
in this episode
on a job that you were on?
- That's how I built
my entire career.
I've done my whole career
doing that, yes.
One time it was a crazy one
where I had to do it
on "The Wolf of Wall Street"
so I wanted to change the scene
because I was a finance guy
and I was just we can make
this more interesting
and now, and there were like,
"okay, go tell Marty."
And I'm like,
I'm not telling Marty.
Like, you go tell Marty,
I'm not doing that.
They're like, "Yeah, yeah,
he's in his trailer.
Go tell Marty."
I'm like, "Ah, all right."
But he's tired, we're exhausted.
Anyway, I knock on the door,
and I hear, "Hey, who's there?
It's not time yet."
And I'm like, "Hey, Marty?
Hey, what's up buddy? It's PJ."
"Oh, yeah, kid,
come on in."
Anyway, so I explain, I'm like,
hey, there's a scene,
I just wanna
And he's like,
"Oh, that's great."
And once he said that's great,
my mind just went blank,
because he made this amazing
quote about truth
is more interesting
than fiction,
but fiction trumps truth.
And, you know, he gave
a reference to these amazing
Japanese noir films,
and the best acting around
Marty is pretending
you know what
he's talking about
when he's like referencing film.
- I have to say, quite frankly,
I don't think I could
work up the stones
to go up to Martin Scorsese
and pitch a re-write.
I just think I would
just sweat balls
- Oh, no, oh, yeah.
- Just sweat it out.
- I tinkled four times.
I tinkled four times
before I went there ,okay?
- Speaking of director, he was
gross, but he was so funny.
I feel like we all recognize,
like, some part of him
in someone that we've
worked with before.
You know what I mean?
JESSIE: 100 percent.
- The guy that makes you feel
so seen and loved,
he's just like, man,
I respect you so much.
Oh, gotta go,
production meeting?
- Yeah, totally.
- Like, in mid-sentence.
- Oh, they make you feel
like a god,
like you're going to catch
the big Super Bowl
winning touchdown,
like, you're the one,
you're going to do it.
All right, you dropped it,
get the fuck out of here.
Let's go, next guy, yeah.
- Okay, guys, it's time for
a game of would you rather.
Here we go.
- Oh, geez.
Would you rather be
This feels like an
easy answer.
I'm going to start
with PJ.
- Uh, I'm gonna
I'm gonna go whale carcass.
'Cause, you know,
the dead whale carcass
isn't going to bring up
all my inadequacies,
so just like
no one can just make
me feel terrible.
Dead whale, dead whale.
- Completely appreciate
that answer.
What about you, Jessie?
- I agree, you know?
I feel like the dead whale
carcass serves
more purpose in my life
than The Deep would.
- Uh-huh.
- You know, they used to use
like whale oil for
candles and stuff.
What am I gonna do
with The Deep?
What am I gonna
do with The Deep?
He's not even in
the Seven anymore, you know?
With an ex-Seven number?
- I feel you.
Oh my God, Nathan,
how about you?
- I'm gonna dive deep into
the innards of the whale carcass
and, um, just get
close to the heart.
And, um, I'm just going
to be close to Lucy.
- Lucy!
- His voice is real creepy.
- What about you, Erin?
- I mean like, I will it's
the whale carcass, obviously.
There's no world in which
I would marry The Deep.
I would literally marry
the carcass of a whale
or pretty much anything
over The Deep.
- Right, I feel like we all
agree that the whale carcass
added more value.
- Yeah, I just
he's the fish guy.
I think so, I think
the whale carcass
adds more value to
all of our lives
than the fish guy.
- Yeah.
- Okay, now, next one
For the rest of your life,
would you rather
have to refer to sex as
- Oh!
- I'll start at Erin this time
and go back the other way.
- You know what? I love
eating my paella.
Like, I'm not going to lie,
viscerally, initially,
I was like, that's gross, but
now when I think about it,
I might use that.
- I think you should.
- Right?
- I think it's classy.
- Fucking the fuckpig is vulgar.
- It is vulgar.
- But I can see how
with enough alcohol,
I would use that as
a pickup line.
- I love it.
How about you, Nathan?
- I also just have to say
and throw out there, like,
the fuckpig line, like, low-key,
like, MVP line of the episode.
Just the way it's thrown out
there is so nice.
I'm gonna say
"eat my paella" too.
Just something like, classy,
like, slightly romantic
about cooking, its just evokes
this nice, like, oh,
it could be a nice dinner.
It could be some fun times.
- Absolutely,
100 percent paella.
Uh, you can use it pretty much
any time, any where,
and get your point across,
and no-one will know
what you're talking about
except for, like,
you and your person.
You know what I mean?
- It's like a code.
- You can ask me,
what are you gonna do tomorrow?
And I'm gonna be like, oh,
I'm going to the grocery store
and I'm gonna cook bla bla bla,
probably go home and
eat my paella,
and then, you know,
hit the gym afterword.
Like, you'll be like,
"Oh, okay. Yeah.
Paella. I like Paella, too."
But like my wife is
going to be like,
"Oh yeah? Paella?
Say less."
That's what you want.
That's what you need.
- Amazing.
- That's what you need.
A little secret code.
PJ, you get to bring
it on home
on the paella front.
- I mean, I guess
I'll be political but
as the director character
I think he's kind of interested
in Colby's character, so
eat Paella all day long,
paella eater.
Just paella, paella, paella.
But as a paella.
Paella. Paella.
It's a full day.
It's a full day.
- It's nice to have so much
unanimity on this panel.
Um, and now I really want
paella, by the way.
Um like for dinner
and also the fun
- What kind? See? See? Exactly.
Now you see what I'm saying.
- Yes. Party paella is what
I'm looking for.
Now speaking of the fuckpig,
we got to see Terror
in this episode,
and was it great to
finally see Butcher's doggie
who was the cutest
little thing ever?
- Yes, more so because
every time I meet, like,
a die hard fan of the show,
they always say,
"Where's Terror?
"How come you guys don't have
Terror in this show?
You guys are missing terror.
Terror was the"
I'm like, all right, just wait!
I'm tired of
telling people, hold up.
Terror's coming.
- Right, right, right.
Now they finally get that.
So I'm happy for them
to have that.
- By the way, apparently Terror
couldn't fuck the fuckpig.
Apparently that was a thing.
Apparently this dog was,
like, trained to hump
- He wouldn't do it.
- And the day of filming
he would not fuck the fuckpig.
- Oh my God.
- They needed a fluffer.
They needed a fluffer
to get him ready.
- They should have rubbed
some paella on it.
- A little bit of paella on
the fuckpig
would really have
gone a long way, I agree.
- Quench that appetite.
JESSIE: Exactly.
- All right,
let's bring The Boys fandom
into the conversation right now.
David Mands writes
So this is a great question.
I don't ever remember
us really discussing
what the Supes get.
I mean, they must get
and they must get money,
must get a salary.
They get to live in the tower
and be a part of the Seven.
So it's really Vought
that's getting all the money.
But I wonder if for the Supes,
the goal is just
with the exception
of Starlight
just staying famous, just
staying superheroes.
That's really their motivation,
not really to help people,
but just to stay Supes.
- I feel like you just
I feel like A-Train
and The Deep, all of Season Two
is totally reflective
of the fact
that it's mostly about just
staying in the Seven
and staying famous.
- Yeah, I can't even remember
the last time
A-Train actually
saved somebody.
His thing's all about status.
If you think about it,
from Season One 'til now,
you haven't actually seen
A-Train save anybody.
- He dragged a train, though.
We saw him pulling a locomotive,
that was exciting.
- Yeah, but it's not like
the train was
full of passengers
who were in danger.
He was training, he wanted
to look good with his shirt off.
It has nothing to do
with saving people.
- Yeah, exactly.
- With both A-Train
and The Deep,
you feel like it's
all about that.
- It reminds me of
politicians, right?
Like politicians aren't really
in office to help people.
They're just in office
to stay in office.
Right, so as soon as
they get elected,
they're trying to raise money
so they can
win the next election.
and that really perpetuating
their own power
is their primary goal, you know?
Which is why we got to keep
taking it to social media
and holding their feet
to the fire.
Heck no, we won't go.
I don't know why I turned
it into a rally.
- And vote, vote, vote,
vote, vote.
- Yeah.
- Stay informed and vote.
Very important.
So, guys, before we
take off today,
um I'd love for you guys
to take a second
in your character and send
some thoughts and prayers
to another character
on this show.
And, Jessie, if you're ready,
we can start with you.
- Uh, yeah.
Uh, I'd like to send
my sincerest
thoughts and
prayers to Robin.
Um, I'm really sorry
that I ran through you.
But I'm even more
sorry for what
your blood and guts
did to my suit
because it took the
cleaning people at Vought
days to get my suit back.
and ready for performance,
so thanks for that.
- That was so very A-Train.
That was pure A-Train
right there.
- So true.
- Nathan, go ahead,
what would you like to
What kind of thoughts
and prayers would you like
- I'm going to give my thoughts
and prayers to A-Train.
You know, I know you have
a heart condition,
but they didn't have to
do you like that.
Noir's gonna miss the hangout
sessions, you know.
You know, Noir was in
the club, too, like,
you never see him
'cause he's a ninja.
But yeah.
Noir's going to miss
A-Train, so
- I'll miss you, too, bro.
I'll miss you, too.
- That's nice.
Erin, how about you?
- My deepest thoughts
and prayers
go out to The Deep.
My thoughts are with you
and you're on my mind
with your rampant gill herpes,
I really feel for you, bud.
And I'm just sending
you healing and love
for your gill herpes.
- This is has been really
It's really getting me today.
- It was sweet.
- PJ?
- Oh, that was
I'm moved by that.
I just really want to send my
sincerest thoughts and prayers
to all of the Russian mobsters
who love Broadway,
this is your moment to shine,
and get your face ripped off.
And your scrotum
Not your penis.
Just your scrotum.
I'm not a monster.
- I forgot that those
Russian mobsters
are obsessed with musicals.
- Oh, they love it.
- That was brilliant.
- Yes, Hamilton,
it's the little
- They loved Dear Evan Hansen.
Dear Evan Hansen!
It's so funny.
- I want to tell you,
this has probably been
the most loaded
of all of our shows.
We learned so much today.
- Oh, wow.
- We talked about pigfucking.
We all agree that we should
start eating more Paella,
um, and we found out that
The Deep has gill herpes.
So, I just feel like it was
a really big day for all of us,
and I was thrilled
to have you guys here.
Now we're not going to let
everybody go without
a first look at what
The Boys have coming up
on episode six, so,
here's our sneak preview.
Take a look.
- What's going on here?
- Vought is making more
Supe terrorists?
- Let's get out of here!
- Oh, yeah.
- Whoa.
- All right, guys, come back
after every episode
to break down all of the action,
hear exclusive insights
from the show's major players
and rip the face off
of every secret of your
favorite Supe show.
Fans have been dying to see
Terror get his chance
to shine on screen,
and tonight's episode
we got introduced to one of
his most exciting qualities:
having sex with
inanimate objects.
Exciting is a strong word.
I know for a fact that Terror
isn't the only pet out there
who has their own
personal fuckpig,
so show us your doggy friend's
plush sexual partner
by tweeting @TheBoysTV
and using the hashtags
#InsideTheBoys and
And go watch "The Boys"
on Prime video.
We don't want to spoil
one moment
of the utter mayhem
that's to come.
Thank you so much much Erin,
Nathan, Jessie and PJ
for joining me.
You guys, this was
so much fun.
Oh my God, mwah.
And thanks to all the fans at
home for taking a Prime Rewind
to go "Inside The Boys"
fist first,
but only with consent.
Good night, everybody.
See you next time.
- Aisha, you're so
good, Aisha.
- Thank you so much.
AISHA: Thank you.
I'll see you again
soon I'm sure.
- Bye, guys, love you all.
Have a great day. Mwa.
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