Prime Rewind: Inside The Boys (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Inside 'The Bloody Doors Off'

- We have traveled down
the road and back again
as the boys uncovered
more Vought secrets
and a surprise ally.
But like most heroic adventures,
they encountered
a monster dick along the way.
I'm Aisha Tyler,
and you are watching
"prime rewind:
Inside the Boys."
- Guys,
if you are not caught up,
go watch episode six
of "The Boys" right now,
because we are about to go deep.
And here along for the ride
is the jack of all trades
with a great big heart,
Frenchie himself, Tomer Capon.
- Hi, Tomer.
- Hey.
- Good to see you. Welcome.
And the woman behind the design,
L.J. Shannon,
"The Boys" Supersuit Designer.
Hi, L.J. Welcome.
- L.J.: How's it going?
- Aisha: Really good.
Good to have you.
And our special guest
and superfan
who is no stranger
to a Kripke-created series,
Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
Hey! Hi!
- Hey, everybody.
- Yay!
- Let's get started.
Tomer, tonight's episode exposed
the truth about Frenchie.
Um, when you first
read that script,
was there anything
that shocked you about it
besides the giant, killer cock?
- [chuckles]
Yeah, right?
It's the whale and the cock.
The whale and the cock,
and who knows what's
gonna come next, right?
More than anything,
I was so excited
about getting the chance
to get deeper inside
Frenchie's origin story.
I tried to look up sources
that I can work with
from the comic books.
- Mm-hmm.
- And there's not a lot
that they say there
about Frenchie.
beside this crazy story
he tells.
He catches Hughie one day,
and he says,
"Petit Hughie, now it's time
for me to tell you my story."
And he starts telling him
this ridiculous story
about his father being
killed by a baguette duel,
and him feeling guilty about it,
fleeting to America,
and meeting Butcher
at this pub.
But with episode six,
everything came together
for Frenchie to redeem himself.
That was, like, amazing for me,
and the big, big penis,
of course.
And the big penis, of course.
Jeffrey, tell me what
you love about "The Boys."
It's always fun to meet
another actor who's a superfan.
What is it that you connect
with most about the show?
I didn't know a lot
about "The Boys"
kind of going in.
I hadn't read the comic,
the graphic novels,
and, so,
I went in just because
I wanted to see
what Kripke was up to.
Um, that first season,
I was just hooked.
I think each character
is so great.
To be sitting here
with Frenchie--
Um, he's so good.
- But every character has had--
- Oh, bless you, brother.
time to shine.
And it's just great
You don't know
who you're rooting for.
You don't know who
to root for in this show.
It's so fucked up in every way.
I think they do
a really good job
at selling that world.
-It's the deconstruction
of superheroes.
For me, it's kind of
my dream world.
I get lost in it every week.
I'm just thrilled to be able
to watch this show.
I think they've done a great job
bringing it to life.
- One of the things I love
about the show that you're on,
is that they ask
really big questions about
the nature of human beings.
Right? Who are we when
societal rules fall away,
like a show like
"The Walking Dead,"
or who are we in the case
of "The Boys,"
when we don't have to follow
those rules, right?
In the case of the supes,
the rules don't apply to them.
Well, and they're questions,
I think,
that we're asking now
in real life.
- Mm-hmm.
- I think "The Boys"
in particular
does a really great job of kind
of paralleling what's going on
in the world.
This episode, they talk
about everyone having cameras
and how that has changed
It's amazingly topical.
I think Kripke has
just done an amazing job
at telling a story.
And really that's what we want
is great storytelling,
and this is it at its finest.
L.J., I really quickly
wanna ask you specifically
about Homelander's costume,
because it's just--
What's interesting is,
when you first see him,
he evokes a lot of the iconic
that we all know from comic
books and graphic novels,
but there's so much about
the way that they wanted
to corporatize,
you know, a guy who's
supposed to be Mister U.S.A.
How fun was that to design?
We had a great time
with Homelander.
And he was one of the first
characters that we jumped
right into,
um, because we
actually did a presentation
to get our project greenlit.
And Homelander was really
at the heart of that
We did a lot of research
into symbolism
from other cultures
and times in history
where fascism really
was pervasive,
and we kind of baked that
into his designs.
And I had a great moment
in our camera tests
when all the actors
were together,
and, you know,
he has this tactical fabric.
Then, all of a sudden,
Erin looked at him,
and she said, "Oh, my gosh!
Those are eagles!"
'Cause his tactical fabric
is actually a repeat of
these fascist eagles.
- Aisha: Oh, my God.
That's awesome.
- So, it's, like,
once you see it,
you can't unsee it.
But we don't want to lay all
our cards out on the table
right from the get-go.
- Yeah. It's-- It's--
It's incredible work.
Um, Tomer, we've been hearing
a lot about Lamplighter killing
Grace Mallory's grandchildren,
and we finally got a little bit
more of the data on that.
And Frenchie really felt
like he was the one that
should have done something,
that he should have done
something to prevent that.
How do think guilt--
the guilt that he feels
about that moment
has transformed
or driven his character?
- From day one
when we meet Frenchie,
it's guilt all over.
Guilt mixed with revenge
- mixed with so many different
emotion and masks.
- Cocaine.
- Cocaine, exactly, and masks.
The masks are the drugs.
That's right, Jeffrey.
- [chuckles]
- You know what?
He turned it into revenge
against Lamplighter.
Of course, he wanted to kill him
the first time he saw him.
But then when they put
the masks off,
and put 'em aside,
and they shared their guilt,
it kind of washed away,
and I'm so curious to see
where both of these characters
are going to go
further down the line.
- Yeah. Absolutely.
Jeffrey, John Winchester's
on another Eric Kripke show,
- is very similar to Butcher's.
- That's right.
They're both driven by this rage
that they feel towards
different kinds
of super-human forces
in both shows that have--
they believe have taken
their wives from them.
Did that parallel resonate
for you at all
when you were watching the show?
- Kripke likes
those kind of issues.
Uh, he likes to explore
those issues.
He loves the dynamic of
fathers that are messed up
because their wife is dead
or their sons are disasters.
- Mm-hmm.
- That's something just,
as an actor,
that you have to have something
that you can kind of dig into,
as you know.
And revenge and your wife being
murdered is a great way to go--
- Absolutely.
- as far as motivation.
You can get a lot
of mileage from that.
- Highly motivating.
All right. Let's switch
over to the boys.
Butcher, Mother's Milk,
Frenchie, Kimiko
all are vastly different people.
but they really balance
each other out.
So we'd like you guys
to help me out here.
Name the boy out of the Boys
that you think would do
the following.
So, Tomer
- Gotta be Butcher.
- Aisha: Yeah, that
feels right to me too.
That feels right to me.
Um, L.J.
- Ooh, don't be mad at me,
but Frenchie, right?
- Frenchie.
- [laughing]
- Why? Because he's French?
Oh, my God.
It's not good.
- [laughing continues]
- Um, Jeffrey, which boy
masturbates the most?
- Frenchie.
I think I'm gonna
go with Frenchie too.
Sorry, brother.
- He's a sexual being.
He's a very sexual being.
He's a sexual being,
that's right.
- It's a compliment.
- And he's not ashamed of it.
- I think it's Hughie who's
masturbating all the time,
thinking about Starlight.
- I wasn't even thinking.
Yeah, that could be.
- Aisha: That feels right.
- I think so too.
- All right. Fitted bodysuits,
gloves, flag capes,
leather-clad headbands
and blinged out accessories--
supefits always drip.
So we talked a little bit
about your design process
for Homelander,
but tell me about
the process for the other
characters on this show
and some of the thematic threads
that you pulled
as you were putting the other
supe outfits together.
- Sure. Well, so, first of all,
even though they're superheroes,
they're also human beings
and characters,
so one of the things that
is really important to me
as a designer
and to Kripke as our creator,
our show runner,
was really coming from a place
of being character-driven.
And so he's so great
at sharing with me,
you know, all of the, kind of,
arcs of each
of the characters
right out of the gate
so that I can incorporate
that into what we're trying
to accomplish.
I always say that I like
to take just enough DNA
from the books
so that the fans have
something to snack on
and be excited about,
but then also, you know,
go in our own direction,
and in particular we could
point to The Deep for that.
In the books, you know,
he was covered in this
giant helmet,
and it was immediately clear
that Kripke did not wanna go
in that direction,
that, you know,
we have this amazing actor
playing the character,
and, you know,
let's show that moneymaker.
- Mm-hmm.
- So there's actually
this wonderful moment
that we had in our fitting
with Chace where--
I was there with Carrie Grace,
who was my assistant designer.
And we put Chace
in his little zip-up top,
and he was connected
to these tighty-greenies,
'cause, you know, he's in his,
like, multi-colored green,
scaled, fabulous suit.
And he was like, "Oh, all right,
cool, yeah, this is great."
And we were like,
"Oh, no, this isn't your suit."
It was so cute of him
that he ready to just roll
with the undies,
which we did later use
in some advertisements.
But I was,
"Oh, no, babe, you get pants.
Don't worry, we're good."
In that character,
we also got to explore
some things that you don't
usually get to explore
in other genres.
And let's just go right there
while we're talking about cocks.
There's always cock talk
in a superhero suit.
- I'm assuming that you
had to build some kind
of superhero codpieces
for all the guys in tight pants.
We have codpieces.
And not only do we have
codpieces for every guy,
we have, like,
a basket of codpieces
that are like,
codpiece "A," codpiece "B,"
shape one, shape two.
And specifically, um,
specifically for The Deep--
we called his Little Deep--
And, uh, you know,
it's a thing.
- Ouch.
- Jeffrey, when do I get
to put you in tights?
- Give me some tights.
I'm ready for some tights.
- Tomer: Oh yeah, I love it.
- [laughing]
- I'm just trying to get
the hashtag "littledeep"
- trending immediately online.
- I love it.
- So, Tomer, Kimiko was
rocking a bossy ring
on tonight's episode.
What kind of statement
or message do you think
she was trying to send?
- Oh, she's growing up so fast,
this girl.
- She is.
- I think that is a big,
big statement.
I love that ring.
I'm just sad
after Love Sausage
got out of jail after
who knows?
The first woman who ever
touched him was Kimiko,
The Female,
with her ring.
And that's a statement, too.
A big penis trying to get us,
and she's just bossing him out,
- Aisha: She knocked it out.
She tapped it out.
Okay, guys, what do you think
the other supes' statement rings
might say?
If one of the other supes
had a statement ring,
what would it say on it?
Let's start with Homelander.
- I would say Homelander's
statement ring
would say
"Fuck. You."
- Yeah, the feels entirely--
- No. "Mama. Issue."
- Yes! Even better!
- "Mama Issue." Yes, exactly.
- He's like a walking
Freudian slip.
- Aisha: He really is.
- L.J.: Totally.
- Jeffrey, what do you think
A-Train's statement ring
might say?
- Oh, God, uh
I feel so bad for A-Train.
He can't do anything anymore.
I was gonna pitch
Molar Molester.
'Cause remember, he swallowed
Robyn's molar in episode one.
- [all laughing]
- Right, right.
- Okay. All right, guys.
So Stormfront's experiment
at Sage Grove
burned through a lot
of test subjects.
And I'm really concerned
about how Vought
is going to find
more supe candidates.
Let's see how they're doing it.
Take a look.
Feeling down? Isolated?
Like no one understands you?
There is hope.
There is a way to get better.
At the Sage Grove Center,
we are committed
to helping you become the hero
you've always had inside you.
All you need to succeed
is your unique personality.
Today is a super day.
Be the super you.
Patients enter treatment
at their own risks
Side effects include
loss of movement,
cranial detonation,
termination protocols,
and homicidal roommates.
I feel like I would call
that number.
I have to tell you.
I really do.
I think I would absolutely
call that number.
Oh, okay, guys,
the laser baby is going off.
And that means that we could
not recap this sixth episode
without "the racist
for the ages,"
Stormfront's Aya Cash.
Wasn't that a nice intro?
We know it's not you,
it's your character.
- Every little
Jewish girl's dream
is to grow up and play a Nazi.
- You know
- [laughing]
- when we're little.
Many people thought
that Stormfront was manipulating
Homelander at first, right?
That she really had
an agenda for him.
But now it feels
like this is actually
a real relationship,
you guys are a real item.
Is that how you're seeing it?
- Yeah! I mean, I think, um,
don't we always manipulate
the people we love?
- [laughing]
- I don't know. I'm a monster.
- [laughing]
- Ask my husband.
No, I think, yes,
she's manipulating him,
but she is also genuinely
madly in love with him.
He represents everything
she could possibly want
in a man.
He's got a great super cock,
and, um, a, uh
Aryan eyes and blond hair.
- I mean, it's her dream man.
- Aisha: Right.
Aya, what were your thoughts
when you discovered
that your character was
a Nazi?
- Look, I had a moment of, one,
they'll never let me do this,
and, um, two,
um, how cool would it be
if I got to do this?
Simply because
I was raised Jewish.
And to play a Nazi
feels like something
out of my wheelhouse.
And it feels exciting
to take on new challenges.
So, obviously,
I knew she was bad.
And I do think it's really
interesting to try to
play people who you
violently disagree with.
Um, and, um,
I knew there would also
probably be some backlash.
As this airs,
I'm sure there will be.
First of all, Stormfront
in the comics is a man.
- Right.
- A very large man.
So people will have
a reaction to that.
People will probably have
a reaction to the fact
that I'm Jewish.
But I think--
But it's not my job
to monitor people's reactions.
It's my job to do the best I can
to bring a character to life.
And it's Eric Kripke's job--
I think I've said this before--
to punish her deeply.
- [laughing]
- That was beautifully put.
- Fuck all those people.
- Fuck all the--
You are killing it.
- Thank you. My hair's finally
growing out, guys.
- It is. It looks great.
It's like it was never shaved.
One thing that I think
is really interesting
for the people
that are complaining
that Stormfront was a male,
is that this storyline
is so much more complex
because Stormfront
is a female in "The Boys."
It brings another layer
into the dynamic
between her and Homelander,
between her and the other
female members of the Seven.
That complexity--
And also quite honestly,
the way that she infiltrates
the Seven,
is very different than the way
that she would have
infiltrated the Seven
if she was a guy.
- Yeah.
The idea of a wolf
in sheep's clothing
is a trope for a reason.
Or the Trojan Horse
I mean, she comes in in a cute,
little Instagram-friendly
And I think-- Unfortunately,
that's the way our world is
working these days.
I mean, even Nazis don't want
Oh, be called Nazis anymore.
Evil is packaged
in all new ways these days.
- Yeah. I think that parallel--
it's a beautiful parallel
to be drawing--
which is that we've got
a lot of people
who are rebranding themselves.
No, we're Nazis anymore.
We're alt-right
or we're nationalists,
or these more palatable terms
for he same old bullshit.
There have been people
caught on camera
doing crazy racist shit,
and then immediately insisting
that they're not racist.
- Like, wait a minute, guys.
- Yeah. Wake up, people.
- Video evidence
to the contrary, but--
All right, guys, let's check out
what the Internet is saying
about "The Boys" this week.
And by badass, I'm sure
that person a terrible person.
I think, for people watching,
to see how manipulative
Stormfront is
and that she's really
using tools
to bend opinion towards
her agenda
that I think it's important
for people to see
that that's actually happening
in the real world as well.
So when she is, like,
using her meme queens
to change public opinion,
that comes from real life.
That's not fantasy.
That's what's happening
in the world right now.
- She's fucking terrified.
- Aisha: It's terrifying.
But I think it's good to be
talking about it in a way
you know, for those
of us who spend a lot
of time reading the paper
and thinking about this stuff,
it's one thing.
But I think these memes
are so much easier
to share and propagate
than a long article about how
social media's manipulating
the way that people see
So, it's important to talk
about that too.
Because people share
a funny name,
but they don't think
about it that much--
But this stuff
can really change--
- I'm guilty, too.
- Aisha: We all do it.
- We've all tweeted or put
something out there
that we didn't do
the research on,
and that we thought was funny
or we thought was a fact
and it was not,
so I think it's a--
This is a story for all of us
to listen to and say,
you know, we should
all be doing our research
and being rigorous.
- Absolutely.
And as your pin says,
we should be voting.
We should be voting.
So, um, guys,
before we wrap it up,
I would really love
you to tap into your character
on the show
or into your own personal
character if you're not
on the show,
and send some thoughts
and prayers to another
character on "The Boys."
Tomer, why don't we start
with you?
My sincere condolences,
I think, um
to Lamplighter,
being a dick and having
to dress like a dick.
- And having to fight a dick,
you know what I mean?
It was a cavalcade.
Poor-- Jeffrey will never
come back on this show again.
He really-- We--
I didn't think we could--
- I'm gonna thought and prayer
a dick right now.
- You're next,
since you volunteered.
- Oh, good. In keeping
with the theme of the show,
my thoughts and prayers go
to Mother's Milk.
May you never be choked out
by a large penis again.
- That was elegant
and heartfelt.
- Right?
- Yeah.
It worked for me. Absolutely.
L.J., how about you?
- [laughing]
- Well, I kind of have two.
One is to Stormfront.
May you never have to have
another merkin fitting.
The next one is
to my supersuit team.
as they traverse merkins,
mayhem, and many, many
other things
that you all will see
season long,
um, I apologize in advance.
- That was lovely.
Those were very genuine
and kind.
Um, yeah, I'm assuming
that you needed the merkin
for the sky fuck scene
with Homelander where
he tried to laser your--
- Jeffrey:
Great scene, by the way.
- Aisha: That's a great scene.
- Yeah, we all--
- Oh, God--
By the way, all of the stuff
with the Homelander
and Stormfront is brilliant.
I just-- I'm so--
It's like "Moonlighting" 2.0.
- That's what happens when
you get two awesome actors
and great writing.
- I just love all of it.
Aisha: Okay, Aya
- Let's just clarify,
the merkin did not make
the show.
I requested a merkin,
because I thought,
as a hundred-year-old woman,
I should have a very large bush.
- Yeah.
- And I was very disappointed
it didn't make it,
because I also wanted it
to be a beautiful bush,
'cause I don't think we see
enough beautiful bush
on television--
- Nobody has more bush pictures
than I do on my iPad.
- [laughter]
- Thoughts and prayers
to Stormfront's bush.
- I'll give my thoughts
and prayers to the poor man
who Homelander and Stormfront
made sweet, sweet,
passionate love to
on their dead body.
I believe that's going out
with a bang.
- [rimshot]
- Ding.
- [imitates rimshot]
- Aisha: Oh, there you go.
Nicely done.
Guys, are you anxious to know
what will happen next?
We got you. Take a look.
- Hey, guys.
- Hello.
- Ryan, I'd like you to meet
my girlfriend Stormfront.
I think we'll be around more,
a lot more.
I want us to be a family.
- Oh, boy.
- Dun-dun-dun-dun.
- Yes, it's gonna be amazing.
Well, friends,
floor-skimming cape,
crack-splitting tights,
scaly bodysuit
Lucite chest plate--
If you had to choose,
which supe's costume would make
it hardest to fight crime?
I'm gonna go with Lamplighter,
'cause he just looks
uncomfortably hot.
But I want you to hit us up
and use #insidetheboys.
And catch an all-new episode
of "The Boys"
next week on Prime Video.
Then join us here afterwards
to break down the themes
and chat with
your favorite characters.
And remember, if you see
a bald chick in bare feet
walking in your neighborhood,
maintain way more than
a six-foot distance,
all right?
'Cause what she's got
is catching.
I wanna thank you guys--
Tomer, L.J., Jeffrey, and Aya--
for being here.
This was so much fun,
you guys,
and I'm sure not at all what you
thought you signed up for,
but I could tell you
one of the most dazzling
pieces of television
that I've ever participated in,
and I'm sure we will be haunted
by it for the rest of our lives.
Good night, everybody,
and thanks for watching.
See you next time.
Thank you.
Thanks, guys.
- Thank you for having us.
- [overlapping chatter]
- So fun. Thanks, guys.
- Thank you, guys.
- [line ringing]
- Hello?
- [speaking French]
- I don't really speak French,
Didn't you know?
[speaks gibberish]
Aisha, I don't--
I'm sorry, love.
- Oh, le poo poo.
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