Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life / Seulgirowoon Gambbangsaenghwal) (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

PRISON PLAYBOOK (Episode 2) One week to Je-hyeok Kim's appeal! One must endure many storms before something good comes.
If you're so worried about him, go visit him.
You can just go visit him.
What's wrong with you? Is Je-hyeok okay? You have to stick to him like glue.
What if the psychos come at him? Is he working out? He can't let his shoulder get stiff.
Go see him yourself and tell him that you love him.
Come visit.
I'll introduce you.
I'm sure he remembers you.
Why not? It's embarrassing.
I'm Hong-chul Noh, of the FM Morning Show.
The temperature dropped overnight.
You'll have to bundle up on your way to work.
But where are you headed for work? A company? A store? Or a very secretive job that only you know about? WING 6 WING 7 Does it matter? The fact that you have somewhere to leave home and go to That in itself means you're blessed.
Radio listeners, let's not be cursed at and let's not curse at others.
Have a happy and warm day.
I'll cheer you on loudly.
Meal time! WING 7 CELL 7A6 What are you looking at? Are you watching the snow? You like snow? Every so often, some lunatic waves from that mountain.
I like ice cream.
Seeing the snow makes me want ice cream.
Sushi, boiling hot instant noodles, and ice cream.
Those are three things even Professor Myung can't get.
You just need to hang on for one more week.
You can have it once you win your appeal.
There are certain jinxes to avoid before your appeal.
I don't believe in things like that.
Uncles, meal time! It's the same here too.
You should not have seaweed soup at all cost.
And don't eat eggs either.
Even if you have an egg, you must not crack it.
Look at this punk kissing up to the superstar.
Do you think he'll give you a second thought once he gets out of here? He'll treat people like us like stray dogs.
It's still an honor though.
When else would we eat with a superstar? Hey! Errand Boy! Why you You punk.
Does that look like chicken stew to you? Does it? Uncle, the thing is, they removed the chicken legs and sent it up.
I just deliver You jerk.
Who are you trying to fool? Hey, punk.
Do you know who's in this cell? We have a superstar.
The superstar Je-hyeok Kim.
Okay? Gosh.
Some are made to rot in jail for fighting a little, but some people can beat a person to a pulp and walk out scot-free.
What a crappy world.
But then again, who knows? God may protect us and make that rat rot in jail.
It's a chicken neck.
He's a very optimistic person.
We should learn from him.
CELL 7B5 Yes.
A drumstick.
It's so yummy.
Fuck! -Give me my drumstick! -No.
Not this.
Hey! Get off Help me! No! Not there.
My drumstick! PUBLIC OFFICIAL ID Hello.
Lucky you.
I heard you were a fan.
Don't laugh.
You got your wish.
You could never stop talking about Je-hyeok Kim.
Good luck on the appeal.
I'm sure you'll get out.
Good luck.
I had no idea that you loved me so much.
-Shut up.
-Just tell them -that we're friends.
It'll become a pain for us.
It's easier for me to look after you if they don't know.
Quit eating noodles.
They say long noodles will get you a long sentence.
Don't sit in the corner of the table.
When you get out, you'll never see these people again.
Don't give them your contact information or promise to meet them.
But then again, it's not like you would.
Anyway, your appeal is drawing near, so be careful.
Especially people.
Especially the ones on death row.
There's someone I'd like to thank before I leave.
Who? There are death row inmates here? Of course.
It's a prison.
They were strictly kept separate before, but now, they do joint activities once in a while.
Those on death row have no tomorrow.
They have no hope.
That's why you must be extra careful.
Just avoid them.
Especially the short, white-haired one with a star tattoo on his hand Inmate 2390, Je-hyeok Kim.
Up against the wall.
Right? You're not happy to see me, right? I didn't want to come here either.
I had no choice because your mother told me to come.
I saw someone on death row.
I just saw someone on death row, Ji-ho.
What did he look like? He looked really scary, didn't he? No.
He looked so plain.
That terrifies me.
Inmate 2390, Je-hyeok Kim.
Up against the wall.
This is such a strange place.
It isn't a place for people to live.
That's why it's a prison, stupid.
You have one week left.
Hang in there for one more week.
But why do you keep coming, when we broke up? I told you a minute ago that I came because your mother told me to! You don't listen to anything others say.
You're so selfish.
There's more than meets the eye.
What? What you see isn't everything.
Delivery! Don't believe anything, and don't trust anyone.
VISITATION ROOM Excuse me, ma'am.
Here you go.
It's okay.
Don't worry too much.
This place isn't as dangerous as you think, so don't worry.
For the last week remaining, act like an idiot.
The way you always do.
Workout Schedule Mon (Upper body) Tue (Shoulders) Wed (Lower body) Thu (Upper body) Fri (Shoulders) Sat (Lower body) Let me confirm your order.
Soda, orange juice, milk, tangerine juice, short rib patty, and margarine.
Sunblock, body lotion, gloves.
That's right.
The transportation card is for Uncle Seagull, right? It's full again today.
Who's paying today? COMMISSARY ACCOUNT ACTIVITIES It's Se-min Son.
-A, E? -Just "E.
" To Se-min Son.
Be happy.
Thank you.
It was an honor to serve you.
Hey, Errand Boy.
Get over here.
There are things you can't get? Bring it to me before I gauge out your eyes.
I can't get you a knife.
I'll end up getting segregated if I'm caught just holding it.
They may extend my sentence too.
That's your problem.
Either make it or steal it.
Bring it by tomorrow.
Got it? I asked if you got it, punk.
Just one bite.
This is the first thing I bought with my own money.
I transferred 4,000 won into your account.
What's going on? You never had money.
My sister sent me 30,000 won.
That's what I used.
It's my life savings.
So don't you ask for any either.
Just take the soda, orange juice, margarine, and the gloves.
You have to stay here a while.
I don't need these things anymore.
The rest of you can split them.
Because I'm getting out next week.
No, you can't.
You don't know anything about him, do you? He's the infamous White Money Scammer.
He put white paper on a 50,000 won bill, and applied an iodine solution on it.
I'll put this paper in.
He had a vial of salt water, saying it was some ridiculous magic potion, and said if he adds five drops of it, he could change white sheets of paper into 50,000 won bills.
-It's true.
-That's amazing.
He was a rare scammer.
What do you mean, scammer? I am a magician.
He has seven priors, all for fraud.
You must be consistent.
Je-hyeok Kim.
Will you please come out? ADMINISTRATION OFFICE No, no.
You don't need to sign all of these.
I want to share them with the guards and volunteers.
Just a hundred please.
I'm sorry.
May I have a cup of coffee? I can make you a hundred cups.
Just a minute.
I wish I could say I want you to stay here for a long time, but that would be so wrong.
That's how this job is.
We can't say things like, "See you again" or "Let's meet again.
" You know Joon-ho Lee, right? He always talked so much about you.
He's not your ordinary fan.
Look at that jerk.
He's just too much.
ESTABLISH LAW AND ORDER What are you doing? Run faster.
He's such a disgrace to the guards.
What's wrong with him? What? Over there.
Thank you.
It's not like it's for free.
Transportation cards can be used on payphones too, right? They're 10,000 each, but this is money in here.
As you know, you can have visitors every day, but you can't make phone calls.
They don't want us plotting with someone outside.
Then transportation cards they sell at the commissary store are totally useless.
But Seagull buys one every day.
Why? To trade them for cigarettes.
It's one card for one cigarette.
So it's 10,000 won for one cigarette.
They say the people of North and South Korea can ride the subway with all the cards Chief Jo collected.
He took so much.
It's been broken for a while.
What about that one? It broke last year.
That one should catch it all, right? It does.
We can see everything.
See what? I see only one punk.
The 30cm between the wall and the bench.
That's a blind spot.
I heard from a guy on death row three years ago.
How did Chief Jo find out? He's incredible.
You can't ignore experience.
I need to check something.
You can see only up to there.
This is why people value experience.
What experience? He's a thug.
But Chief.
You must've lost your connections.
Want me to find you a reporter? Why aren't you ratting Je-hyeok out? How is there no news about him beating up a person? Shit.
Are you being nice to him because he's a superstar? Is that it? Hey, let's talk.
A moment.
Do you think you and I are equals, just because I chat with you? Fucker.
Don't try to act close, you piece of shit.
There's a time for screwing someone over.
So you stay quiet and serve your sentence, you fucker.
ESTABLISH LAW AND ORDER We have church today.
Yesterday, we went to the temple.
Once isn't enough.
It's an important appeal.
You need to ask at least two of them.
Consider it a doubleheader.
Plus, church events serve the best refreshments.
They even serve waffles and cheesecake at times.
And the irresistible draw is that there is a time when you sing hymns.
It's perfect for screaming.
Je-hyeok Excuse me, Mr.
Je-hyeok Kim.
It's a ball.
I swiped one from the storage room.
You can use it until you get out.
Hey, Errand Boy! Give me a knife, you punk.
A knife.
This is why I have to hit people.
Stand straight.
Look at me.
It's your final warning.
I'll give you one more day.
If you come empty-handed again, then the knife will be stuck in your belly, got it? Do you understand? Hey you! What are you doing? ESTABLISH LAW AND ORDER Time's up! It's gotten chilly.
Will you be okay? Yes, I'm fine.
Thank you for being considerate.
Not at all.
It's the warden's special orders.
We feel bad that we can give you only 30 minutes.
-Huh? -Why? -Switch.
I’m rejoicing night and day As I walk the narrow way For the hand of God in all my life I see And the reason of my bliss Yes, the secret all is this That the Comforter abides with me -He abides -He abides -He abides -He abides Hallelujah, He abides with me I’m rejoicing night and day As I walk the narrow way For the Comforter abides with me -He abides -He abides -He abides -He abides Hallelujah, He abides with me I’m rejoicing night and day As I walk the narrow way For the Comforter abides with me It's good for screaming.
Bodhisattva joins in as well.
Are you really leaving? I'm going to reform myself.
You should all be good from now on too.
A place like this isn't fit for people.
How can you get out after running a 70 billion won scam? How else? I can just walk out the door I came in through.
You should prepare to leave as well, Mr.
Aren't we leaving on the same day? I have nothing to pack, so What the heck? JOEUN TELECOMMUNICATION STOCK CHART Darn it.
Fifty-four point I guess Je-hyeok Kim will be leaving us soon.
You never know.
Life is so unpredictable.
Anyway, it's too quiet today.
Like the calm before a storm.
Wing 7 first floor! Inmate in need of medical attention! Requesting assistance! Wing 7 first floor! Need medical attention.
Requesting assistance! Dong-ho, what's wrong? Dong-ho, breathe! -Dong-ho! -Cell 7A5! We have a patient! -Requesting assistance! -Dong-ho.
-Cell 7A -Dong-ho.
What are you doing? Call an ambulance! Cell 7A5, heart attack victim Dong-ho.
Dong-ho, it's okay.
It's okay.
What are you guys doing? Don't you see he's dying here? Call an ambulance! I'll count to three.
Chief Jo! What are you doing? Chief Jo.
Please call an ambulance.
I'm okay.
Are you? You got better quick.
That's such a relief.
Your acting skills improved a lot.
I almost fell for it this time.
Crazy bastards.
Chief, how did you know? He washed up.
His uniform was ironed too.
He's the dirtiest and smelliest because he never washes.
That's how he is.
He's a moron who still thinks his heart is on the right side.
Just like you.
He wanted to go to the hospital.
Get some fresh air, and see some women.
If you're lucky, you can even have a Big Mac.
It was an act? Yeah.
Chief Jo knew right away.
Even if he's corrupt, we just can't complain.
Everyone has at least one skill.
I don't envy him one bit.
My brother must be here.
I'm stepping out.
VISITATION ROOM You stupid doofus.
He'll come, right? Yeah, he will.
-Should I put this on? -Stop it.
Take it off? Did you eat? Are you getting your sleep? Dad.
I'll get out on bail, right? Of course.
Hang in there.
You're definitely using lawyers from Kim and Chang? Don't worry.
Your mom went to meet with them again today.
You saw it? These jerks hit me again.
Je-hyeok Kim.
It's Je-hyeok Kim.
You're such a disgrace to the family.
I really don't understand what's wrong with this idiot.
What are you doing? Say hi.
He's your idol.
How do you do? I'm Mr.
Joon-ho Lee My brother I'm my brother Mr.
Joon-ho Lee's brother, Joon-dol Lee.
He's proving he's a moron.
I think I met you a few times when you were in junior high.
-At your house.
-Yes, he's a year younger.
We ate noodles a lot together.
He's good-looking.
He used to be normal, but he turned out like this ever since he became your fan.
-Is he in school now? -No.
Does he look like a student? Tell him who you are.
I'm trying to make a happy, beautiful society Whatever.
My brother Lieutenant Lee, the head of security would like to see you.
I'll let you two talk.
There isn't much time left, my dear brother.
I don't know when I'll see him again.
Please give me more time.
He'll get out in two days.
You can see him then.
Go to a sauna together.
-You have time, right? -Of course.
There's a special worship today.
It's good for screaming.
You know where, right? I don't really want to scream.
It's so loud.
So, what do you do for a living? CELL 7A1 -I'm leaving.
-Where are you going? The office.
I'm cleaning today.
WING 7A I'll go.
You rest.
Today's message is about forgiveness that Jesus teaches us.
If you are hurt emotionally or suffer bodily or financial harm because of another person, it is difficult to forgive as human beings.
But Jesus said we should forgive over and over again.
You have three days until your appeal.
Whereas you're allowed to wear your own clothes when you leave the prison, it may annoy the judge, so it's best to wear your prison uniform and look humble.
-In the Lord's name -But Je-hyeok QUIET Thanks.
WING 7A I will board the Train of Salvation And go to heaven I will board the Ark of Salvation And go to heaven Even if harsh waters flood in I will not fear I don't need a ticket Because my Lord is the captain I'm not worried I will board the Ark of Salvation And go to heaven I will board the Train of Salvation And go to heaven I escaped the station of sin and evil This is trouble.
I will not get off Uncle.
-Uncle Seagull.
-You scared me.
What? I will board the Train of Salvation And go to heaven I don't need a ticket You punk.
You're pretty good.
No one saw, right? Let's sing.
Let's all board the Train of Salvation! -And go to heaven -And go to heaven That loser.
He's a blockhead.
TRASH, RECYCLING, PLASTIC BAG Why won't he come? I want to give him a nice drawing before he leaves.
ADMINISTRATION OFFICE You don't need to work this hard at it.
I'm doing it because I want to.
I see.
You want to.
But it's almost lights out.
You need to go back.
Errand Boy is very late tonight with the dinner.
It happens.
Nobody's perfect.
CELL 7A5 Where were you? We don't have many dinners left.
What are you waiting for? Come in.
Rumor has it, tonight we are having pork cutlet.
-How lucky.
We get to use a knife tonight.
Sit down.
Wing 7! Inspection! Inspection! Leave everything and come out! Freeze! Get out! Everyone line up against the wall! Put your hands on your head! No one ever knows when cell inspections will be.
They schedule it a year in advance.
If you get caught, it's minimum It's death.
You get to see everything before you leave.
Doesn't it seem as if someone knew, and gave Seagull the knife? That's impossible.
The inmates can never find out the inspection dates.
Seagull was just unlucky.
Anyway, this pork cutlet.
There's never enough.
They wouldn't give us more, would they? Uncles.
Anyway, this pork cutlet.
There's never enough.
They wouldn't give us more, would they? Uncles.
Do you want more pork cutlet? -Thank you.
-My pleasure.
It's nothing compared to your telling me the inspection date.
How did you find out, though? Only the guards know the schedule.
It was marked on Lieutenant Choi's calendar.
May I have a cup of coffee? I can make you a hundred cups.
Just a minute.
Thank you for helping a nobody like me.
-Because of me -I didn't do it for you.
Hey, Je-hyeok.
CELL 7A5 Inmate 2390, Je-hyeok Kim.
I'm going to sleep.
I told you not to cause trouble.
Do just one thing.
Weren't you after Chief Jo? How did you know the inspection date? I saw it while signing autographs in the administration office.
Did you feel that sorry for Errand Boy? Did you want to help because Seagull picked on him? Errand Boy is a total thug too.
He's a real punk.
Why are you such a bad judge of character? Please, just stay quiet.
Why are you suddenly becoming a busybody? It wasn't for him.
I want to do that too.
I want to just stare blankly into space.
But how could I? -Why not? -That jerk is a rapist.
That jerk Seagull is a rapist.
How could I sit still? How can you fucking expect me to? My sis When I think about my sister I should kill scumbags like that.
Just tomorrow.
It's the most important day of your life, so hang on for one more day.
Yes, sir.
Guard! Chief Jo! He's dying here! Guard! Breathe! Dong-ho! -Cell 7A5.
-Dong-ho! Heart attack victim.
Requesting assistance.
I repeat.
Cell 7A5.
Heart attack victim.
Requesting assistance.
Dong-ho! What? Again? We don't know what will happen, so let's call an ambulance.
What the hell? Is it for real? Hey! Hey! Dong-ho! Dong-ho! Wake up! Dong-ho! Shit.
Get an ambulance.
Security, get to the front gate! Hurry the fuck up! Hey.
Dong-ho! You punk! Wake up! Don't sit there.
Strip him! Hey.
Dong-ho! Hey! Dong-ho.
Wake up.
It's Chief Jo! Wake up! You crazy bastard.
What are you waiting for? Get on my back! Move, you idiots! I just got goose bumps.
February is a short month to begin with, so doesn't it seem like time goes even faster? No.
It feels crazy slow.
Did you do many good deeds and meet many good people today? But what is the standard for being a good person? In my opinion, that standard lies in each person.
OPEN REFORM, FUTURE FULL OF HOPE Lieutenant Lee? You're still here.
I'm leaving soon.
No one else's judgment matters.
Judge the person just as they are, based on what you see and what you feel now.
Prejudice and stereotypes.
These are words that all of you hate as well, aren't they? This is the last song.
Toy's "Good Person.
" -Chief.
-Yes? Thanks, Lieutenant.
You did great today.
This is our job.
That punk almost croaked during my shift.
He almost crapped all over my life.
Keep that in mind.
If someone croaks during your shift, it's you who will have to prepare all the reports and written apologies.
I'm saying this because you're like a brother to me.
The coffee tastes sweet.
You know, you are a really good person.
You have the night shift.
I should work hard.
I knew it.
It's Je-hyeok Kim's last day, so you must want to get your fill.
-Is Jailbird here? -Yes.
This, you have to make sure of.
If you wear damp clothing, you'll be framed.
I'll wash your uniform for tomorrow and iron it for you, so wear that.
Hey, Jailbird.
You're being transferred.
Go pack.
Hurry up.
Come with me.
What But I need time What bull crap is that? Come now.
We don't have time.
Can you give me a minute? Hey, Je-hyeok.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
My mom's alive thanks to you.
The truth is The truth is, I can't live without my mom.
If my mom died like that my life would've seemed so shitty, that I wouldn't have wanted to live anymore.
Thank you so much.
I I should've said this sooner.
I really wanted to say it It's been so long since I've thanked someone.
And for all my life I've never had anyone do something like that for me.
I was so grateful, but I didn't know how to express it.
I'm sorry it took me too long.
I I will never forget what you did for me.
Hey! Je-hyeok.
Win your appeal tomorrow.
You'll succeed even in the Major League.
Thank you.
I hung something out the window.
It's my gift.
Baseball player Je-hyeok Kim's case for aggravated assault, for which he is in Seobu Detention Center, is the center of attention.
Tomorrow at 11 a.
, his appeal will be heard in court.
The court had been criticized since the trial in January for its verdict and for sentencing him to one year in prison.
How will the court decide on appeal? The media and fans Hey, Reporter Seon.
Yes, it's all done.
We need to publish this before the appeal to influence the trial, so send it out tomorrow morning.
What? Why do you need permission from your editor? You have connections.
The Truth About Je-hyeok Kim.
I want to tell all the people about Je-hyeok Kim's behavior.
He is constantly causing trouble and fighting with other inmates.
See you soon.
HAPPY REFORM, HAPPY CITIZENS Seeing how we can see the tunnel up ahead, we should reach the courthouse soon.
The sky looks like it's going to rain.
It's unlucky if your clothes get wet before your trial, so you must be very careful not to get wet when we arrive.
Thank you.
Good luck, Je-hyeok.
-Je-hyeok Kim! -Je-hyeok Kim! Do you agree with the charges? -What do you think about what you did? -Je-hyeok Kim! Please give us a statement! Just one statement, please! Please give us a statement, Je-hyeok Kim! Pro baseball player Je-hyeok Kim's appeal begins today at 11 a.
Everyone is watching closely to see whether the court will affirm the guilty verdict.
In the midst of the fierce battle between the prosecution and defense, the main issue under debate is whether his action was justified self-defense.
Don't you dare come back here.
I'll set fire to the courthouse.
DEFENDANT Why aren't they here yet? Please rise.
Brain dead.
It may be difficult.
We will begin the trial for case number 2017LO187.
Je-hyeok Kim's actions of assault on the victim, who was attempting to rape his sister, was justified self-defense.
However, he did not stop here, and chased the victim who was running away.
Then, he assaulted him with a trophy, a dangerous item.
This was the problem.
The victim, who was struck by the trophy that Je-hyeok Kim swung at him, was being treated at the hospital and suddenly became braindead.
The judges presiding over the case found that the victim's brain death was directly caused by Je-hyeok Kim's excessive violence.
The court explained that Je-hyeok Kim's actions crossed the line and was excessive self-defense.
Thus, his one-year sentence was confirmed.
Even if he appeals further, it seems unlikely that the result will be any different.
Meanwhile, KBO, the Korean Baseball Organization, and the Players Association released a statement that they were displeased with the court's decision, and the fans are outraged, as well as the public.
The fans who waited for him outside the courthouse were shocked, as they had expected his acquittal.
The Boston Red Sox, who waited until the trial, expressed their sadness through the foreign press, and Nexen Heroes also expressed their shock How can we face Je-hyeok Kim again? The public is criticizing the verdict Professor Myung didn't return, did he? No.
You're right.
What connections does he have? How could someone who ran a 70 billion won scam get out, and Je-hyeok Kim, who caught a sex offender be brought in again? Life is so unpredictable.
It really is.
According to some rumors, they say he's the son of the man way up there.
Here are the results of the elections.
What? In the Hangook Jeil Party's primaries, Assemblyman Seung-gook Myung won in a landslide victory.
Assemblyman Myung has become the most likely presidential candidate Where's Lieutenant Lee? I need to clock out.
SEOBU DETENTION CENTER You have a new cell.
I shuffled some things around and got you a private cell to stay in until you get transferred.
It's okay.
I don't want people talking.
My old cell is fine.
Then let me know if you need anything.
Has he received any special treatment compared to other inmates? -None.
-Then let me ask for a favor.
Yes, anything.
I couldn't work out today.
May I exercise now? Exercise? Yes, sure.
-Thank you.
-But The weather ESTABLISH LAW AND ORDER Crazy bastard.
What the hell is he doing? I'm fine.
I'm not.
Break out.
-Switch clothes with me.
-And then? Whom should I kill? Whom should I kill after breaking out? Should I kill the judge? Or should I kill the jerk who's braindead? I can't blame anyone else for my messed up life.
It's okay.
I wondered why my life was suddenly going well.
Was it in the news? All day long.
They talked about you all day long.
Not about me.
Why isn't Reporter Seon picking up? I can turn the crappy public sentiment around completely, so they don't pity him.
A private room.
How nice.
This is nice.
Baseball player Je-hyeok Kim's appeal trial was held today.
He is currently being detained in Seobu Detention Center.
His guilty verdict was affirmed at the appeal trial, and he will live out his one-year sentence.
It's on all day long.
I'll memorize it at this rate.
Don't turn it off! It's on all day long.
I'll memorize it at this rate.
Don't turn it off! You should watch the news until the end.
Will Je-hyeok Kim and his lawyers accept the verdict? Or will they appeal further? The public is watching closely.
Why are you so late? Sorry.
Not only is Je-hyeok Kim's incarceration the center of attention, so is Seobu Detention Center, where he is being detained.
Seobu Detention Center has stated that they will not give him any special treatment, and will treat him equally as other inmates.
Lieutenant Lee.
Come and watch the news with me.
I hear something fun will be in the news today.
Incidents in correctional facilities, which tend to evade the law, continue to occur.
A correctional officer at Seobu Detention Center was suspected of making illegal deals with inmates.
We at KBC were preparing an investigative report.
What you see is a clip from a security video at the detention center.
The corrections officer, Jo, was filmed exchanging a cigarette for a transportation card, which has monetary value in these facilities.
The inmates may purchase transportation cards, which are the same as those sold in the public.
In exchange for giving inmates cigarettes, Jo received transportation cards Wasn't that a blind spot? What happened? They must've fixed it.
Take it easy.
Why are you so obsessed with training? Look what I got.
Where did you get that? You'll get in trouble.
That's banned.
-Give it back.
The times are bad right now.
Be patient.
I'll return it to you after two days.
Let me throw it just once.
Just once.
Where will you throw it? Outside.
I'll throw it anywhere.
Really? In that case, I'll show you the special pitch by the top high school pitcher.
I fixed it.
That psycho.
Jo, who instigated illegal acts, will likely be charged with bribery and inciting violence, and will very likely be terminated from his post.
The inmate, Gal, will likely face another trial.
Jo was also found to have requested money and valuables from inmates' families.
It's okay.
Don't worry too much.
This place isn't as dangerous as you think.
So don't worry.
I'll take good care of him.
I will take good care of him, but government workers don't make much money.
There's so much I'd like to do, but that isn't enough.
I wish I could give him an electric blanket, but you know, all of that costs money.
I forgot to get cash for my ride home.
Is there a cash machine nearby? There.
Please take good care of my son.
Don't worry.
Go ahead, I'll wait here.
Let go.
How do you think the reporters found out? I wonder.
Maybe his brother is a corrections officer.
The penitentiary system must investigate thoroughly, and come up with a system to prevent this from happening.
From Seobu Detention Center, this was Joon-dol Lee with KBC News.
So, what do you do for a living? I'm a reporter.
I cover local news.
I do investigative reports.
May I give you a present? Je-hyeok.
Don't worry.
You'll win your appeal.
Justice is freaking alive.
If heaven is generous and someday, we meet again by chance, I'll buy you more expensive ice cream.
This is my life savings right now.
I'm fine.
I'll be transferred out soon, so tell my mom and Je-hee not to come.
They may end up wasting their time.
I thought it was 50-50.
I thought there was a slight chance that I could lose.
I'm fine.
I mean it.
Do you really? Are you really okay? Are you really okay? You're about to rot in jail for a year! You had signed with the MLB, but you're okay? Are you really okay? This is so annoying! It's so fucking annoying! I'm home! Is he okay? My baby.
He must be so upset.
The poor thing.
He looked totally fine.
He's much better than you thought.
You know how your son is.
You mean it? Of course.
I think he kind of expected it.
He seemed to have recovered.
Don't worry so much.
Don't go so often.
School will start soon.
It's okay.
I'm going because I want to.
Mother, Seoul isn't bad, right? The food isn't as good as Gwangju, but we get by.
Your living here is nice for Je-hee too.
She gets to eat home cooked meals.
He's totally fine.
Don't worry about a thing.
He's totally fine.
You know how he is too.
He says he's fine, and was worried about you instead.
I wish I had a big brother too.
That is my biggest wish.
That wasn't Je-hee, Je-hyeok is doing well.
He's totally fine.
You know how dense he is.
I'm sure he forgot already.
Being dense is good in situations like this.
I thought he'd be overwhelmed with despair and hopelessness.
Yes, that's how I would've been.
But Je-hyeok is different.
It was like any other day.
He got right to training.
So Joon-dol, wash up, eat, and get ready for work.
-Are you sure? -Of course! He's fine.
Who's Je-hyeok Kim? The man who never gives up! Year 2005.
After he shattered his left shoulder, everyone thought his career as a pitcher was over.
But he worked hard at rehab.
Rain or shine, he did rehab at gyms and fields, and didn't miss a single day of training.
Then after only four years, in 2009, he tried out for the Heroes in their public tryouts.
It was a total battlefield.
It was the last grain of hope of players at the end of their baseball life.
He participated in that tryout, and he was the only one selected out of the 50 participants.
And then, it was smooth sailing from then on.
But the most important thing is regardless of what hardship or disappointment befell him, Je-hyeok Kim was never discouraged and never lost hope.
INSTANT COFFEE Workout Skedule Workout Schedule Even if unexpected waves crashed against him in life, whereas he may stare into space, he always smiled confidently and swam through that wave.
That is our Je-hyeok Kim! I would've cursed my head off.
I would've curved this world.
But our Je-hyeok Kim is the center piece of the Buddha.
He's not like garbage like you! Je-hyeok.
You're not going to church today, right? -You may stay in your room.
-I want to go.
I see.
You do.
Do not curse those who persecute you.
Bless them instead.
That's right.
If we are the Lord's children, we must show it with love.
A life reborn.
My dear brothers of Seobu Detention Center.
I beseech you to be reborn and become the Lord's children who make Jesus happy.
Okay, next.
Let's sing hymn number 388 and give the Lord the glory.
We have a college band joining us today.
SEOBU DETENTION CENTER WORSHIP Mine eyes have seen the glory Of the coming of the Lord He is trampling out the vintage Where the grapes of wrath are stored He hath loosed the fateful lightning Of His terrible swift sword -His truth is marching on -Lord! Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory, hallelujah Shit.
Shit! Shit! Shit! You asshole! You fucking asshole! Why? Fuck! Screw you! Screw you! -Hallelujah! -Hallelujah! -Hallelujah! -Hallelujah! -Hallelujah! -Hallelujah! GINGER TEA, MIXED GRAIN Poor Je-hyeok Kim.
We'll just have to be nice to him.
How long do you think he'll be in here? Probably soon.
Even God doesn't know transfer dates.
How do you know? If it's Je-hyeok Kim, he may know.
He even knew the inspection date that no one ever knows.
I'm sure it'll be nothing to find out his transfer date.
What do you mean? When I screwed Seagull over, it was because Je-hyeok Kim told me.
He told me the date, so I timed it and gave it to him.
Fuck yeah.
Justice still exists.
Really? That's awesome.
How do you think Je-hyeok Kim found out? SEGREGATION UNIT WING 6A Je-hyeok.
You'll get a cellmate today.
He was outside for three days, so he got his wish.
Good night.
WE WILL TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR FAMILY Do you feel better Die, you jerk.
How are your cellmates? I hear they're no joke.
Penitentiaries are completely different from detention centers.
You train the newbie.
It's raining so much.
Why are you doing this? Father, you don't think Kim will report us, do you? He will not.
I hope nothing happens.
Aren't you going to work? How do they pay us for working nights? -Watch your mouth.
-This won't get logged.
Unload everything before dinner.
-This isn't right.
-Don't do it.
Do you think I'm an idiot? Everyone line up.
-Everything will be fine.
-Why are you getting in my way? Just stay quiet until you get out.
Why do you keep butting in and making me look like a fool? Who came to visit? Your girlfriend? A lover? May I ask why you guys broke up? I'd rather not say.
You've been together for so long.
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