Private Eyes (2015) s02e10 Episode Script

Kissing the Canvas

1 Sloan, I'm coming right down! This is a stakeout, not a sleepover.
I wasn't sleeping.
You were snoring! - Late night with Mel? - Not in the Biblical sense.
Ahh she's winding down a big trial.
I was helping her with her closing arguments all night.
Look at you.
Look at me? Look at you! You and Dr.
Ken seem joined at the lip these days.
What can I say? The doctor has a lovely bedside manner.
- (BUZZING) - Oh.
- It's mom.
- Well, tell Nora I said hi.
Did you just press ignore on your mother? - Yeah! - I thought you guys - had patched things up.
- We did mostly.
It's just when things are going great in my life, she gets all girlfriend-y.
Maybe she just misses you.
I know.
I'll call her back.
Soon! (SIGHING) Incoming.
Hey boys! What you got there? - Not so fast.
I got here first.
- Oh, the hell you did! - Forget you ever saw this idiot.
- And who are you? I'm an interested buyer looking to acquire some quality, imported electronics for a reasonable price.
I'll give you $5 000 for the whole truck.
- You a friend of Sammy's? - No, she's not.
But I am.
He told me to take care of you boys.
How does 10 grand sound? For everything? You know what? I just want those laptops back there.
You guys keep the rest for yourselves.
Sorry sweetheart.
Come on.
- HEY! HEY! HEY! COME ON! - HEY! COME ON, MAN! LET US OUT! - I'll call Maz.
- Alright.
- Hi! Uh You forgot these in my car.
- Yeah, uh thanks.
- There you go.
- Yeah.
- (CHUCKLING) - Hey, so, uh - Oh, good morning! - (SHADE): Hey! - (ANGIE): You get my message? Uh, yeah.
Yeah, I had the night shift send a unit over.
- So they got your note.
- Just a couple of superheroes keeping the citizens of Metropolis safe.
Great, except now, I can't get the image of you wearing red spandex out of my head.
Thanks for that.
Are you here to see me? No.
Uh, yes.
I, uh I was here to see you.
Done that, so that's it for this point in time I'm gonna get going 'cause I gotta I gotta mosey.
I got a lot of other things to do.
I gotta go.
Uh yeah.
- OK What was that about? - I don't know! Who cares? Anyway, new client.
Beth Jacobs.
Go! You're throwing muffins! Come on! - I'm trying! - Don't try! Just do it! Put that hip! - Looking good, Jacobs! - Thanks, Hank.
Gotta keep your chin down when you throw that, man.
- That's it! - (BETH GRUNTING) Take it you two aren't here to work out.
We're looking for Beth Jacobs.
Let me take 10.
(INDISTINCT SPEAKING) Throw it like you mean it! Let's go! (ANGIE): Hey, Beth Jacobs? And you're Matt Shade.
It's an honour.
My dad used to watch all your games.
I'm Angie Everett.
What can we do for you? My manager said you might be able to help me.
I'm fighting the regional championship on Friday.
I win that, it's one more step toward the nationals.
OK, so why do you need Pls? My qualifying match was against Denise Perez, but the fight was rigged.
Look, Beth, nobody likes to lose, but that - doesn't mean your fight was rigg - No! Listen.
I didn't lose the fight against Denise.
I won.
Then what's the problem? Integrity! That's her problem.
Just my luck, managing a fighter with a conscience.
Hey buddy - SHADE! What the hell?! - (BYSTANDERS GASPING) Angie, meet Murray Clavin, my former manager.
The guy who stole all my money.
I see you and you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're makin' a scene Oh boy, you've got to know What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies 'cause you can't escape my Private Eyes They're watching you Private Eyes They're watching you, watching you, watching you Watching you - Alright, time! Time! That's it, Jerry! That's it! Keep going! Keep it up! - Sorry you had to see that.
- Hey, I would've done the same thing.
He cheated you out of millions.
I could never actually prove anything.
Oh, come on.
He always claimed it wasn't his fault, but all my investments - went south.
- Yeah.
With him.
To the Caymans.
Let's go.
Shade, you're not actually considering - taking this case.
- No! Of course not.
You know, we were together for 20 years.
He spotted me when I was a kid.
Took me under his wing.
We'd be on the road together for weeks.
He kind of became a second father to me.
A father who betrayed you.
And it hurt, but I've grown.
OK, whoa.
Let's not get carried away.
What do you wanna do? We can walk out of here right now.
Yeah, you're right.
Life's too short.
I'm gonna tell him we can't take the case.
Bet you been wanting to do that for a while.
- 10 years, 4 months, 23 days.
- Yeah, well With friends like me, who needs enemies? Ha ha ha ha! Oh, come on, Shadow! I used to be able to crack you up.
You remember that time in Pittsburgh, bought you a strippergram for your 21st birthday? Ha ha! Oh man, were you surprised! As I recall, it was Sudbury, I was 17, the table dancer had an Adam's apple, and yes, - you could say I was surprised.
- Alright, look.
The point is, we have history.
You can't turn your back on history, right? - What was that all about? - I'm fine.
It's just his way of saying hello to an old friend.
- Uh, Murray, listen.
- Uh oh.
We got a pretty heavy caseload these days, so Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I get it.
I don't.
What's going on? They're not gonna take our case.
- What? Why not? - We just don't have the time to fully invest the resources of our agency No.
You can't walk out on me.
If word gets out the fight was rigged, everyone's gonna think I'm a dirty fighter.
I'm sorry, Beth.
Shadow, please.
If I make it to the championship, I want it to be on my terms because I earned it.
I can't have this hanging over my head the rest of my career.
- I'd hang up my gloves first.
- You hear that, Shadow? Kid's got an honest heart.
Reminds me of someone I used to know.
- Murray - Alright, look.
I know I messed up in the past, but she shouldn't have to pay for my mistakes.
You don't take this case, she may never fight again.
(ANGIE): Fastest southpaw in the Golden Horseshoe.
(HANK): Until my shoulder started to give way.
(SHADE): That's pretty impressive, Hank.
Years later, I hung up the boxing gloves and opened up this gym.
Fighter to businessman overnight.
- You got to adapt, right? - You know it.
Life goes on.
- How long have you known Beth? - A couple of years.
She's still green, but she's got staying power.
She don't back down for no one.
And her opponent, Denise Perez, how would you rate her? More experienced.
- But not better? - Would've thought so, 'til that fight.
Beth's been training pretty hard.
She's got a killer combination.
Looks like they're payin' off.
Is there any chance the fight was fixed? No way.
I'm one of four gyms in this city that's authorized to hold qualifying bouts.
- I run a clean shop.
- So, you don't put any stock in Beth's suspicions? Listen.
That girl would never tell you this, but she's been through the ringer.
Mother ran off early.
First punch she ever threw was at her father.
Bottom line is, that girl could use a break.
She should just take the win and be happy.
Would you mind if we talk to the ref? Be my guest.
Megan calls them as she sees them.
Anything hinky went on in that ring, she'd know about it.
Filterless, huh? I never used to smoke or drink, and would you believe it? I was a vegan.
Now you seem to have had a change of heart.
So, to answer your next question: No.
I can't be bought.
So in your mind, Beth's fight was totally legit.
That's the way I called it, didn't I? Yeah, but back in my pro days, refs would make calls all the time that were let's say less than accurate.
I remember watching you play.
You deserved every damn penalty - they threw at you.
- Now hold on a second! And I bet you got away with a lot of crap, too.
Stuff you pulled when the ref's head was turned.
- Well - Exactly.
I only got two eyes.
But as far as I'm concerned, Beth Jacobs knocked her out, fair and square.
Don't take my word for it, though.
Check out the video.
- What video? - City Sport's Channel shot the match.
They'd have the tapes.
No problem.
I'll see you in a bit.
Check out this move.
That was seven kinds of awesome.
I didn't know you were into boxing.
I wasn't, but it looks like a good way to get out some pent-up frustration.
You know, all the anger and resentment that festers in your gut until, one day, you think you're gonna explode and just punch someone right in the Plus it's an elegant and classic sport.
Knockout punch.
Rewind that.
(INDISTINCT SPEAKING IN VIDEO) Did you see that? Beth's punch barely connects with Denise.
The glove just grazed her cheek.
And the ref wouldn't be able to see it from that angle.
So the fight was rigged.
There's one person who knows for sure.
(SHADE): Hey, Denise! That's pretty impressive.
Day after a knockout and you're hard at it.
- Do I know you? - Angie Everett and Matt Shade.
We're private investigators.
- Happy for you.
- You know, back in my day, when I got cross-checked into unconsciousness, the doctors would make me wait days before resuming training.
Of course, now, the protocols - are even tougher.
- What are you gettin' at? Just surprised that you're back at it so quickly.
- Yeah.
The doc cleared me.
- That, or you took a dive.
- What did you say? - We saw the footage from last night's fight.
That was no knockout punch.
Beth barely touched you.
You don't even know me.
You come here, insult me to my face.
I don't need this.
I got roadwork to do.
Looks like we struck a nerve.
- You think? - (MESSAGE ALERT) Let's dig into little Miss Non-Congeniality.
Text from my Dad.
Says he wants to talk.
- Sweet.
- No.
That's suspicious.
(INDISTINCT CHATTING) - Hey, Dad what's up? - Hey! - How 'bout some lunch? - It's four o'clock.
- Coffee? - Dad, I'm working a case.
Yeah, I'm glad you brought that up.
I hear Murray Clavin's back in town.
- Ugh! Not this again.
- I don't trust that guy and neither should you.
I don't! Then why'd you take the case? It wasn't for Murray.
It was for this young fighter - of his, Beth.
- Look Murray thinks that you're a soft touch.
- So what's his real angle? - Ugh! Dad I'm a full-grown adult.
I can look after myself.
I got this.
Trust me! This is the last of Denise's financial statements from Maz.
This girl is $8 000 in credit card debt.
Man, these minimum payments - are killing her.
- No spike in her bank account.
And as far as I can tell, she hasn't bought a Tesla recently.
If Denise was bribed into taking a fall, then where did the money go? You checked her social presence, right? Oh, my God.
If I see one more duckface OK.
Wait, hold on.
Isn't that Denise? An online boxing forum for underground fights.
- Denise had a fight last week.
- An unsanctioned fight.
That's it.
That's all - the leverage they needed.
- "They"? (ANGIE): If the commission ever found out that Denise was in an illegal fight, she'd be banned for life.
That's a pretty dangerous secret to keep.
Do you think someone found out and blackmailed her into taking a dive? Missing the regional championships is better than never fighting again.
Hey, Denise! LOOK OUT! (SHOUTING) (DRAMATIC MUSIC) Are you OK? I'll call the police.
- No! - You know who was driving that car.
- Just back off! - Look, we know about the underground fights.
If someone's threatening you, - we can help.
- Help me? You almost got me killed.
Just stay away from me! (BIRDS CHIRPING) (HEARTBEAT) Shade? Shade? - Huh? - Ahh! Oh.
Take it slow.
Take it slow.
How many fingers am I holding? - Thursday.
- OK, I'm calling the doctor.
I'm kidding! I'm kidding.
Three, - and you need a manicure.
- (SCOFFING) - Ah, thanks.
- What happened? (GROANING) It was just a six-foot blur with a man-sized left hook.
Well, give me the keys.
To the Porsche? I'm not letting you drive.
You're still cross-eyed! (SIGHING) Fine.
Woo hoo! (GROANING) (MAZ): So much for being a superhero.
I'm fine, by the way.
You couldn't get anything out of Denise? Bupkus.
She claimed nothing happened.
- That's crazy.
We saw the car.
- Did it really look like the driver was trying to kill her? No.
He swerved at the last minute.
Probably just trying - to scare her.
- It worked.
Well, I ran the sedan plates.
I ordered a print team, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.
Well, call us if you find out anything more.
Um, can I talk to you for a second? This one here? It's guy stuff.
I'll be in the car.
Maz, I've got a headache the size of Nunavut, man.
That's OK.
I just, uh I just need a small favour.
- Sure.
How much? - No, it's uh It's about Zoe.
- What about her? - Well, we kinda went on a date.
I mean, I at least I think it was a date.
You're not sure? We went for coffee, you know? And then, uh, I drove her home.
- And - And I said goodnight.
And Then she said goodnight and I went home.
- No kiss? - I know, right? I mean, normally I would just drive right to the hoop on that.
- Yeah, I heard that about you.
- Yeah, but with Zoe it's different, you know? She's she's smart, she's funny.
It's I mean, there was definitely a window, but I froze.
I didn't know what to do.
I didn't know what to say.
You didn't know what to say? Wow.
This is serious.
Anyway, since then it's just been radio silence.
No calls.
No texts.
- Have you called her? - Of course not! I mean, what if I misread this whole thing? I mean, what if and this sounds crazy, I know, maybe she's not into me.
Well, I wouldn't panic just yet.
One thing I've learned about Zoe is she likes routine.
Maybe she just wants to take it slow.
- You think? - Yeah.
Give her some time to process the incredible Maz-ness of it all.
She'll come around.
Yeah, that's that's Yeah.
Good talk.
That's good.
Maybe you are a superhero.
(ENGINE REVVING) Take it easy.
Hey, it's not my fault that the clutch slips.
That's it.
Pull over.
I'm driving.
I am trying to do you a favour here, OK? You just got walloped.
Oh believe me, this hurts more.
You and Maz.
- Guy talkin'.
- Yeah, you know chicks, fast cars, cigars.
OK, fine.
Don't tell me.
What do you bet whoever was driving that black sedan is the same person - who rigged Beth's fight? - Easy odds.
But if Denise is too terrified to talk, then where does that leave us? Well, let's go back to basics.
What's the number one reason to fix a fight? - Money.
- Bingo.
So say I place a large bet on a fighter - with long odds, i.
- If the underdog wins, you get a big payout.
So then we just need to figure out who made a bundle off Beth's win.
And how do you suggest we do that? Last time I checked, there wasn't a "Bookie" section on Yelp.
(SIGHING) I may know someone who can help.
- (GRINDING) - (GROANING) - Hey, mom.
- Angie! I was so pleased to get your call.
- Nora.
- A pleasure as always.
The pleasure's mine.
You know, maybe this was a bad idea after all.
We don't need your help.
We can figure out - something else.
- Look at her squirming, huh? She thinks I'm gonna fall off the wagon again.
Honey, I have been in Gamblers Anonymous for a year now.
I'm clean.
And, as a matter of fact, I just became a sponsor.
I - didn't know that.
- Well if you called once in a while, you would know.
I've - I've been really busy.
- Oh, busy, busy, busy.
You need to relax.
We should go shopping some time.
You could use some new clothes.
Or dinner.
We could go out for dinner.
Bring Ken.
I'm sure he's handsome as ever.
I'd love to get together and catch up.
This time, I'll I'll pick the restaurant though.
Uh, Nora, do you - really think you can help us? - Oh, absolutely.
This is perfect, actually, because I needed some chicken Come on! Nora! Oh ho ho! What a sight for sore eyes.
- Been a while, Rory.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
How are you? - Well, what can I tell you? I got pig ears and chicken feet, but I got a helluva juicy rump.
That's our old joke.
- Funny.
- Ahem.
That's, um, my daughter, Angie.
Of course she is.
Look at her.
You're gorgeous, just like your mother.
- And her friend, Matt Shade.
- Like, as in the Shadow? Yeah, that's right.
Why, you a fan? I was up until that playoff in Seattle.
What a mess.
I lost a bundle 'cause of that goal you scored in overtime.
- Win some, lose some, right? - I don't like to lose.
Rory Ahem.
How's business? It's a bloody mess.
Not this business.
Nora, I didn't know that you were still in the game.
Oh, I'm not.
I'm not, but my daughter needs some information.
My partner and I are private investigators.
Nora I don't know about this.
You can trust them.
I promise.
OK You run a bookie joint - out of the back of your shop? - No.
I don't.
Got it.
OK, let's see.
Here we go.
Perez versus Jacobs.
- That's it.
Any big winners? - No.
- There was one big loser, though.
- Really? Well, that's interesting.
- Why is that? - Because maybe Denise's - attacker wasn't her blackmailer.
- Maybe he was a high roller that got fleeced when the favourite took a dive.
And if that was a revenge attack, then Beth could be next on his list.
Look at you.
You are your mother's daughter.
So, does this big loser have a name? - Yeah, uh Elvis.
- Not his real name.
But luckily the guy's gonna come by tonight to settle up his debt, so - What if he doesn't show? - (LAUGHING) "What if he doesn't show!" - (LAUGHING) - What's so funny? Nobody likes to disappoint Rory.
Looks like we're about to have our first Elvis sighting.
And we've got a front row seat.
It's too dark.
I can't see who it is.
Come on, let's go.
(SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) MURRAY?! Look, Shadow This is not what it looks like.
Really? 'Cause it looks pretty bad.
If you need me, I'll be in the back - sharpening my knives.
- So you're Elvis.
Isn't it illegal for managers to bet on fights? Can't wait to hear you spin this.
(SIGHING) OK, Shadow.
I made a bet on a fight.
No, Murray! You bet against your own fighter.
You remember, - the one with "the honest heart"? - And the dishonest manager.
Beth trusts you to take care of her inside and outside of the ring.
You violated that trust.
You're right.
I'm ashamed.
She's the best thing that's ever happened to me since you.
Please tell me you had nothing to do with the attack on Denise.
I swear on my mother's grave.
Your mother's still alive! She has one foot in the grave.
(MURRAY SIGHING) Look, why would I attack Denise? I wouldn't get my money back.
Maybe you were afraid we'd convinced her to come clean.
Look, Shadow I might be a lot of things, but I'm not a killer and you know that.
You burnin' the midnight oil? That magical jar of peanut butter is calling my name, but I am resisting.
Hm Is there something on your mind? Wait.
Does it have one syllable and rhyme with jazz? - That obvious, huh? - None of my business.
- We went for coffee.
- OK As in a date? No.
- I don't know.
- You don't know if it was a date? Well, I thought it was a date.
It felt like a date.
- And? - Afterwards, he drove me home.
We said goodnight.
- And - That's about it.
No kiss? I thought maybe he'd make the first move.
- Oh.
And he didn't.
- No.
And after that, it's just been me and the peanut butter.
I'm thinking of switching to chunky style.
Let's not do anything drastic.
Has he at least called? Oh You've been there.
Zoe, everybody has been there.
It's just part of the dating game.
You don't want to be the first one to call.
You're not sure if he's into you So he's not into me? What did he say? - Nothing! Nothing.
- OK, but you guys are friends, so What's your best guess? Maz is probably taking it slow because he likes you.
That sort of scares some guys.
Just play it cool for a while.
Give him a little time to work up the courage to ask you out again.
Are you sure that's it? That's it.
And until then, you know what's better than peanut butter? Scotch.
(BOXERS GRUNTING) - Lookin' good, champ.
- Thanks.
- I feel strong.
- Well, uh That's all that matters.
Why do I feel you guys are softening me up for a body shot? Beth we've, uh run out of leads.
We may never be able to prove if the fight was fixed or not.
- I'll go talk to Denise myself.
- Even if you could find her, - she's not gonna talk to you.
- The championship match is tomorrow night.
I need the truth.
Am I the real deal, or just some stooge? Hey.
You're the real deal, kid.
You've got all the tools.
Everyone says I won't make it past the first round.
I don't stand a chance.
What if they're right? What if I'm not good enough? Hey, Beth.
You love boxing, right? More than anything in the world.
Why? 'Cause everything makes sense when I get in the ring.
Well, then you get in that ring and you prove to everyone that you are good enough.
Shade's right.
If you win the title bout, no one is gonna care if that fight with Denise was rigged or not.
So no pressure, huh? Nothing you can't handle.
Thanks, guys.
I'm gonna go hit the showers.
HEY! Jacobs! What the hell - are you playin' at? - Get out of my face! I'm gonna kick your ass in the ring tomorrow.
So you can take your candy ass threats and shove 'em! - Hey, hey! Ladies, ladies! - What the f Cool it.
Cool it.
Come on.
Take a dive in the fourth and make 10 grand.
Don't be a hero.
- I found that in my locker.
- You think I put it there? You didn't deserve to qualify, and you know you don't stand a chance with me in the ring.
- You're crazy.
- Better crazy than a cheater.
- Cut it out! - Ladies! I'm not taking any dive.
! Better get ready, 'cause you goin' down.
Has it occurred to you that someone's maneuvering our client - to win the title? - I was thinking the same thing.
First Denise takes a dive, allowing Beth to move up to the championship.
And then Cynthia's offered abribe to go down in the fourth.
So the title bout was the real goal all along.
Man, someone's playing a long game, hoping to cash in big time.
What do you think they're gonna do when they find out that Cynthia won't tumble? There's a lot money at stake.
They may get desperate.
I was afraid you'd say that.
You have got to be kidding me.
- I shouldn't have told you.
- That son of bitch Murray bets against his own client? And he's drags you into the middle of this mess? I could kill him.
Yeah, wouldn't help.
After the apocalypse, Murray'll still be here with the rest of the cockroaches.
You know, I never should have let that scumbag take you under his wing.
All that time gaining your trust, - just waiting to rob you blind.
- It takes two to tango, Dad.
Murray was there for me when I needed him.
- Oh, and I wasn't? - I didn't say that.
Yeah, you kinda did.
Um I did not mean what you think I meant.
All those years, I stayed home to work.
I was making money so that you could have a shot.
Yeah, I know that, Dad.
And I appreciate it.
Yeah, so what are you doing here, Matt? I watched that guy drag you through the wringer once.
I'm not gonna let it happen again.
I've got the situation under control.
I hope you do.
(SHADE) Hey, guys Looks like the press conference has already started.
before fight time.
And her opponent: current Bantamweight champion, Cynthia "The Hammer" Flores.
She still looks angry.
She was born angry.
Cyn! You were training to fight Denise Perez.
What was your reaction when Beth got the unexpected win? Pity.
Now I gotta kill this kid.
Beth Jacobs.
There were rumours you were going to back out of this fight.
Are you still in? I'm going to fight.
And I'm leaving with the title.
- Gotta admit, she's got spunk.
- She's gonna need - more than that.
- This is five-time heavyweight champion, and two-time world heavyweight title contender the one and only George Chuvalo.
George, what do you think of the underdog's chances? Well, I know why she's the underdog, because she's fighting one heck of a fighter.
The champion has a terrific record, and is extremely difficult to fight because she is a southpaw.
- That's an advantage? - Oh, you kidding me? You ever try to shake hands with your left? It totally - throws you off.
- Definitely.
You're always - What? What is it? - Well, in the alleyway, the guy who hit me, he was a southpaw too.
You you don't think it could've been Cyn? No, it was definitely a man.
He had at least six inches on her.
But he hit like a pro.
Or maybe an ex-pro? Anytime, Everett! The fights are gonna start soon.
And voila! "The Fastest Southpaw in the Golden Horseshoe.
" Hank owns the gym, so why would he start fixing fights? Look at these bills electricity, rent, car payment.
All months overdue.
Judging by his last bank statement, I think - Hank has tanked.
- A big payday would get his head above water again.
Yeah, but he's taking a big chance, risking everything.
I mean, there's no guarantee that Beth will even win tonight.
- Maybe there is.
- What is it? Looks like Hank's got a little insurance policy.
- Mercury? - Yeah.
He's injected metal into her gloves.
I think Hank's planning to turn our client into a murder weapon.
A huge crowd has gathered tonight and they're ready for a fight.
It's the old story of an underdog newcomer up against a seasoned pro and what might happen is anybody's guess! (CHEERING) (APPLAUSE) (WHISTLING) You got this, girl! (CHEERING) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight's regional championship main event.
Tonight's official - is Megan Carr.
- (CHEERING) In the blue corner, our reigning champion, weighing 135 pounds, - Cynthia Flores! - (CHEERING) And in the red corner, weighing 132 pounds, Beth Jacobs! OK, ladies anything landing on the belt, I'll rule as low.
Fight clean.
Fight well.
And good luck.
Touch gloves.
Come on, my million dollar baby! - So what are you thinkin'? - I'm thinkin' she is one brave girl.
I just hope that's enough to keep her safe.
We are seconds away from the opening bell on what promises to be a very exciting match.
I got this.
She's green and she's scared.
And she's going down.
Both ladies look primed for battle here, George.
Well, the talk around the ring this evening leads me to believe that Jacobs is gonna have a problem - going the distance.
- Jacobs, yes.
- Maybe we should've told her.
- No, it just would have messed with her head.
She needs to stay focused.
- So when do we make our move? - Not yet.
- BOX! - And there's the bell! - (CHEERING) - And the main event is underway, both fighters exploding out of their corners.
Jacobs giving Flores a wide berth.
Looks like she's playing it safe off the top.
Flores is not out of the corner and she's not standing still.
A jab.
Another jab! Jacobs moving in fast and hard.
She's got Flores backed up into the red corner, and she's not letting up.
Flores is taking her time.
Letting Jacobs whale on her, start to wear herself out.
A common mistake among young fighters.
They start off hard and fast, giving it everything they've got, to find out they can't go the distance.
- Damn.
- Beth's making a comeback.
That's it! That's it! Set her up! Set her up! TIME! And there's the bell.
Looks like rookie Jacobs has made it past the first round.
And we're into the second round.
Jacobs coming out strong, and it looks like her opponent is as shocked as we are.
- She's starting to sag now.
- Nah.
It's too early to get tired.
It's the old rope-a-dope.
Beth's lettin' Cyn tire herself out.
For someone with their client on the ropes, you seem pretty relaxed.
Murray, you didn't! What? - How much? - You're nuts.
- How much did you bet on Cyn? - You bet against your client again? I'm sorry, buddy.
I tried.
(CHEERING) - Leopard can't change his spots.
- You're no leopard, Murray.
You're a weasel.
Looks like Flores has decided to stake out her territory.
She's hitting back and hitting hard.
This is one lady who has the power to do just that.
This has been an amazing match so far.
No one expected Jacobs to make it this far, least of all her opponent.
Round three and Flores is coming back hard and strong.
She'll be feeling that one later this week.
She's got sizzling hand speed, but Jacobs is absorbing the blows.
But it looks - like they're taking their toll.
- (BELL RINGING) And things are not looking good for Beth Jacobs.
- (APPLAUSE) - (BELL RINGING) And we're back in the fourth, both fighters stalking each other, looking for an opening.
- Let's go talk to Hank.
Let's go.
- (CHEERING) Flores is trying to make Jacobs come to her.
- (GRUNTING) - Flores is back in the game.
She's moving in with a series of jackhammer jabs.
Beth Jacobs has the heart of a lion.
- This girl just won't give up.
- Cyn's really comin' on.
Looks like it might not be Beth's time after all.
- Why so nervous, Hank? - I mean, it's not like you bet - a wad on Beth winning the title.
- What're you talking about? Sure, the huge odds must've tempting.
But that would be crazy, right? You said yourself she's the underdog.
Unless you figured out some way to guarantee the outcome.
Only you didn't have anything on Cyn like you did on Denise, which is why you tried to bribe her.
Bribe? What are you talking about? Jacobs is trying to get away as Flores reaches with her right hand again.
Come on, Beth! The ref moves in again, breaks them up, starts the count, but Jacobs is determined.
- I'm good! I got this! - BOX! - Gonna be a close one, Hank.
- We know you're deep in debt and you could actually lose your gym.
- What's that? - It's an old fighter trick, right, Hank? You inject the gloves with mercury.
Liquid metal.
Turns 'em into battering rams.
Beth wouldn't realize her gloves were rigged until it was too late.
If they didn't stop the fight in time, it could turn lethal.
Of course, that was the way it was supposed to play out.
But we called ahead and changed Beth's gloves right before the fight.
Beth is gonna win or lose this title on her own terms.
Which is all she ever wanted.
Right hook followed by a left.
The punch connects! Jacobs strikes back but Flores lands one.
WHOA! Jacobs is hit hard! She definitely felt that one! Looks like things just got real.
The ref is moving in.
Yes, Jacobs has been cut.
We're waiting for the ruling and there it is! - (CHEERING) - The fight is over! And it looks like we have our winner by technical knockout, Cynthia Flores! Unbelievable! The champion maintains her belt, but the underdog made it way further than predicted.
We had her going down in the first round, but she not only made it all the way to the fourth, she gave the champ a run for her money! We've got your fingerprints on the mercury bottle, the syringe, and the gloves.
Listen - Maybe we can make a deal.
- No.
- Not this time.
- (POLICE RADIO STATIC) The only deal you're gonna be makin' is a plea bargain.
I'm sorry.
I feel like I let you guys down.
Not at all.
You gave it your best shot and you fought - fair and square.
- And I lost.
Just one battle.
Not the war.
And you never went down! You proved yourself out there tonight.
But the most important thing is, - your name has been cleared.
- To think I trusted Hank and Murray All they were doing was using me.
Take it from me, Beth.
Put all that in the rear view.
Talent like yours? Anything is possible.
Thank you guys for everything.
Don't put those pens away just yet! - Hey Maz! - Is that our statement? All I need's your John Hancock and we can close this file.
- Ahem.
- Hello.
Well! Uh time for me to go.
Got some big plans with my peeps on the Ossington Strip.
Oh, "peeps.
" That's a coincidence, 'cause as soon as Angie finishes Yeah, I'm headin' to the East End for cop-aoke.
That's cop karaoke.
It's Excuse me.
Please enjoy your uh, social event.
You as well.
- Night! - Well, that was painfully awkward.
It's a shame when two people can't see what's right in front of them, don't you think? Ah, it's a damn shame.
- Say hi to Mel.
- Yeah.
Say hi to Ken! Hey buddy! Uh Shame about Beth.
Yeah, I can see you're all busted up about it.
How much money did you make on her opponent? Ahh! A mere pittance.
Hey, if this about your money now maybe I can pay back some of what I owe you.
I just gotta find a couple of tax loopholes, slide some into Save it, Murray.
You don't have any money.
- Say what? - I told Rory to pay out your winnings to Beth directly, to pay for her training.
Now who's punch drunk? If the commission finds out that you were betting on or against your fighter, they'll blackball you for life.
Wait a minute.
What's this about, Shadow? I got Beth a new manager.
Someone she can trust.
After all we've been through? Because of all we've been through! Oh, come on.
Look, I know you're pissed about the money You know what, Murray? Actually, I'm not.
That was a long time ago.
But this isn't about the money.
This is about doing the right thing for Beth.
You always were a sap.
So, uh What is this? Goodbye? Yeah, it's starting to look that way.
I'd offer you some, Clavin, but I know you can't stay.
Take care of yourself, Shadow.
I'll see you around.
Not if I see you first.
Listen, son, about what I said before - Forget it, dad.
- I was just upset.
Hey, dad, you may not have been there in person.
But all I ever wanted to do was make you proud of me.
That's what spurred me on.
That's what kept me goin'.
Don't be an ass.
I was always proud.
I am proud.
(UPBEAT POP MUSIC) Let me try to let go I've got a long way To get to you