Private Eyes (2015) s02e11 Episode Script

Long Live the King

1 (PHONE BUZZING) - What time is it? - [I couldn't sleep.
] Ken's over.
- You could have woken him.
- [You told me that guy] can sleep through a hurricane.
Besides, you answered on the first ring.
Are you done being impressed with yourself yet? Never.
[What's up? Did Jules get her acceptance letter] - for her Italy trip? - [No, not yet.
] Man, it must be killing her! Yeah.
She says it's like Russian roulette every time she goes to the mailbox.
But that's not why I called you.
Let me guess.
You were thinking about the Ellis case.
- I think he's innocent.
- He was caught on camera jacking cars from the airport parking lot.
- Yeah, but I've got a theory.
Two words: Twin.
Did you seriously just pitch me the "evil twin" theory? [It's not as crazy as it sounds.
] I tracked down an old friend of his, and he had some - very interesting things to say.
- [Lay it on me.
] But we are not staying up 'til four am again.
[We can sleep in!] Zoe can hold down the fort for a couple hours.
(FIRE ALARM BEEPING) Mhm! Can you hold, please? Sucker! Apologies, slight technical glitch.
What time is the meeting? OK, they'll see you then.
Did you burn toast, - or am I having a stroke? - My rice cake got stuck.
You - put a rice cake in the toaster? - Don't ask.
I was up all night staring at my phone.
- Oh.
Maz didn't call, huh? - Maz? Who said Maz? I was watching TV on it.
Great new show about crooked cops who are stupid and losers.
- Hm.
- Late night for you, too? What makes you say that? It's 10:30 AM and you left your glass by the case board.
Oh! I was waiting up for Ken.
He got here super late.
That's weird.
He left a couple of hours ago, looked fresh as a daisy.
I was right! Joe Ellis had a twin brother! John Ellis, born six minutes later.
Here's his birth certificate.
He tracked Joe down.
He used his key card to access the parking lot after hours.
I'm good.
You're alright-good.
Who's "Lucien"? And why is he on a Post-it note - with five exclamation marks? - Oh! He's your new client.
- And he needs Pis because - Um He Oh, where did I put it? Urgently needs to meet.
He's worried for his safety.
Why? Someone wants to kill him.
Apparently he's some kind of royalty.
Real royalty, like William and Kate? Or pretend royalty, like Beyoncé and Jay-Z? The first one.
- Why would he call himself? - I know.
It sounded weird at first, but by the end I believed him.
You're meeting him in an hour.
- Wait, you accepted? - You weren't here! Who was I to say no to a king? OK.
Where are we meeting this Lucien? There's a gala today in his honour.
There's the address.
Shall I fetch the royal carriage? (TRUMPET FANFARE) Ladies and Gentlemen, rejoice in the arrival of the ruler of our fair land.
The benevolent and gracious King Lucien! (APPLAUSE) (MEDIEVAL MUSIC) (CHEERING) We need a new assistant.
I see you and you see me Watch you blowin' the lines when you're makin' a scene Oh boy, you've got to know What my head overlooks The senses will show to my heart When it's watching for lies 'Cause you can't escape my Private Eyes They're watching you Private Eyes They're watching you, watching you, watching you Watching you - Lords and ladies, welcome to The Imperial King's Court.
Join me, as fierce warriors battle for their King's honour! My trusted Knight Sir Toby faces his first challenge.
I've seen enough.
Let's go.
- Yeah.
(GRUNTING) (EXCLAMATIONS OF SURPRISE) Remove him! How dare you threaten your King's life! Take him to the dungeon.
I I I shall have your head! (MEDIEVAL MUSIC) (CHEERING) That didn't look like that was part of the show.
Maybe something's rotten in the state of Denmark.
Excuse me, Lucien? - I'm Angie - Everett! Of course! And you! You must be the esteemed warrior Matt Shade.
The internet tells me you were a famous hockey star.
I'm so happy you came.
Treacherous ears may be listening.
For the purpose of staving off suspicion, we should refer to each other simply as friends until we are able to speak in private.
Hm? - S sure.
- OK.
Squire! Your King is entertaining friends.
Bring us ale.
Uh We don't have any ale, Bob.
Bob? I thought your name was Lucien.
I think there's some peach iced tea in the fridge.
Curse your impudence! If you value your job, - you'll bring us ale! - It's OK.
We don't need ale.
Very well.
Right this way, please.
Make haste.
So that was a pretty close call - out there today.
- Sir Larry, the blue knight, does not like me wearing this crown.
Any chance it was an accident? I have been in The Imperial King's Court for two years, working my way up from Squire to Knight to King, leapfrogging dozens who have been around longer.
They are jealous, and they seek retribution.
- What kind of retribution? - Last week, while riding my horse to greet the crowd, my saddle came apart.
I fell.
I nearly broke my neck.
Do you think Larry was responsible for that too? No.
No, it's not just Larry.
There is a larger conspiracy afoot.
People whisper when I enter a room.
Some insult me to my face.
Did you threaten their jobs for not bringing you ale? The Squire is supposed to serve the king.
I wear the crown.
I earned it! Please.
Someone in my kingdom is out to get me.
Sooner or later, they will succeed.
We'll ask around.
Very good.
Very good! Thank you! Come, come! Ah! - Yes! - OK.
He's a hugger.
- Yeah.
- OK.
(ANGIE): So, you really think someone's really after him? Well, I don't know.
He seems pretty caught up in the role of king.
On the other hand, he's clearly terrified of something.
There's Sir Larry dialoguing that girl.
So, what is a comely lady like you doing in a dreary dungeon like this? Does that line ever work? You tell me, milady.
Care to see my longsword in action? I've seen all the action I need, thanks.
It must be a pretty sweet gig, being a knight in a place like this.
The chicks love the armour.
There's always one or two who come, hang back with us after the show.
We call them Ladies of the Knight.
Knight spelled K-N-I-G Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, we get it.
Pretty dangerous though, no? Horses, swords deadly chandeliers.
- What, are you guys cops? - We're friends of Bob's.
It was an accident.
Chad and I, we had that whole fight worked out, and Bob, he came in at the last minute and changed the choreography.
Sir Toby's real name is Chad? Chad was supposed to parry, not duck.
Look, I tried to apologize to Bob backstage.
He just yelled at me.
Called me a "saddle-goose.
" I don't even know what that means! Why would Bob think that you were out to get him? How should I know? Look, ever since he was given the king's crown two weeks ago, he's gone off the deep end.
Barking orders at people.
He's talking about his kingdom.
- It's starting to piss everyone off.
- Enough to hurt him? No! Bob may have become a dick, but back when we were both knights, we were best buds.
We have a code: Knights not Fights.
That's with "knights.
" It's spelled K-N-I - Yeah, yeah.
Got it.
- Yeah, no.
We understand.
We heard that somebody tampered with his saddle last week.
I don't know about that.
Well, whose responsibility is the gear? That would be the stable Squire.
The whole chandelier thing was a total fluke.
I watched Chad and Larry practice before the show.
Well, what about Bob's saddle? He fell - during a show last week, right? - Oh, yeah.
That was hilarious.
Landed on his ass.
Right in some horse crap, too.
So, what did happen with the saddle? Well, we get all our saddles used from the rodeo, the police force, Kijiji, I mean, wherever's cheapest.
But you buy cheap, you ride cheap.
Like, um Take a look at this leather.
It's worn through.
Too much tension and it snaps.
You're saying that Bob just had a lousy saddle? Well, the knights need the sturdy ones for battle.
The King just does one ride around the perimeter during the opening number.
- So - Did you report any of this? Of course.
HR looked into it, determined it was a total accident.
But Bob didn't like that.
So, he screamed at the whole cast.
I seriously think that guy has some kind of mental illness.
(SHADE): Thanks.
How about this one? "Dissociative Identity Disorder.
"Characterized by disparate personality states, memory impairment and delusions.
" Sounds like what people are saying about Bob.
- I thought you believed him.
- I'm losing faith in the crown.
We are seriously wasting our time here.
Let's get back to real life.
Let's let him down easy.
Parry, Sir Toby! Parry! If you let your guard down, Sir Larry will strike - with an empty fade.
- Ahem! Friends! What news do you bring? Have you uncovered the villain? We talked to your colleagues, and looked into the saddle.
I'm sorry, Bob, but There's no evidence anyone's trying to kill you.
We think this might all be in your head.
(SIGHING) In my head? Maybe you should take some time off.
You know, rest.
This is the name of a friend of mine who's a therapist.
He might be able to help you.
Good luck, Bob.
I always knew evil would wear a smile.
What? You want me to abandon my throne.
You are the true conspirators behind these attacks! - (DERANGED LAUGHTER) - Bob, calm down.
- (GRUNTING) - (GROWLING) You want my life? Then come claim it! Bob (HOLLERING) (WHIMPERING) Bob? Call an ambulance! (DRAMATIC MUSIC) (SIREN BLARING) - Thanks for coming.
- No problem.
I just cut my Krav Maga class a little short.
- Oh, you take Krav Maga? - Teach.
- Of course.
- How's he doing? He's stable.
But he's going to be out for a while.
His system's in shock.
Are seizures common with dissociative identity disorder? - Who said he had DID? - Um Angie saw something on the internet.
Do you have any idea what's happening to him? Not really.
His respiratory rate is all over the place, as is his temperature and his blood pressure.
It could be a drug overdose.
- A drug overdose? - We won't know until the lab runs a tox screen.
But in the meantime, I suggest you ask around, see if anyone knows what he's on.
The sooner we identify it, the sooner I can start treating him.
Thanks, Ken.
I'll see you later, OK? (MACHINE BEEPING) (SOFT MUSIC) Hey, Dad.
- Hey, honey.
- What're you up to? Oh, I'm just researching what drugs - induce mania.
- Planning a "stay-cation"? (CHUCKLING) - So, where's Mel tonight? - She's still in court.
But she asked if she could take us for sushi again.
- Cool.
- Speaking of cool, guess what I found when I got home tonight? - My acceptance letter for the Italy trip? - Congratulations! - That must feel pretty amazing.
- Yeah um, it's gonna be great.
I'm gonna go call Liam, OK? Sure.
(PHONE RINGING) (BEEPING) I hope your evening is less confusing than mine.
[I'm afraid not.
] I just checked in with Ken.
There's no change - in Bob's condition.
- [How can it be that we're] both in relationships and still spending our evenings alone? - We're dating workaholics.
- [You live above your office] and I'm Googling corticosteroids.
Maybe we're the workaholics.
Listen, Bob's gonna be out for a while.
I say we go back to The Imperial King's Court tomorrow and see if we can - find out what drugs he's taking.
- [Yeah.
] We may have to search his house, too.
See? Done for the day.
Who says we're workaholics? Well, uh I should go to bed.
Yeah, me too.
[Um, I forgot to tell you, ] Jules got accepted to Italy.
- Oh, that's great, Shade! - [Yeah!] Except she's not that excited about it, and I don't know why.
Well teenagers are emotional Rubik's cubes.
Do you wanna talk about it? Sure.
[But we can't stay up all night!] Have you ever seen Bob taking pills? - Or something else? - Bob? No way! He's straight edge.
- No drinking.
No drugs.
- Are you sure? I've offered him hits more time than I can count.
- And I can count really high.
- Your parents must be so proud.
What about Bob's food? Could that have been tampered with? Nah.
Every cast member gets the same catered meal before a show.
If it was the food, everyone'd be sick.
I know everyone said Bob is a jerk, but no one here would actually try to hurt him.
We're a medieval family, jerk or not.
- I'll go high.
You go low.
- Yeah, sounds good.
(SHADE SIGHING) Hey, uh Did you believe what she said? About the fact that no one - really wanted to hurt Bob? - Well People around here don't - seem particularly violent.
- Ha ha! Unless they're trying to kill each other with broad swords and lances.
True Oh, wait.
Angie, look.
Is that Champagne? Sparkling apple juice.
Maybe Bob's as straight edge as they say he is.
"May your show be glorious, Your Highness.
" A gift from a secret admirer, maybe? Someone close enough to him to know he doesn't drink.
You think there was something in the bubbly? I don't know.
It's a bit of a stretch, but there's nothing else here.
I'll take the bottle to the hospital, get it tested.
I'll try to figure out who came to see Bob - bearing gifts.
- Alright.
Here you go, the Imperial King's Court security footage.
- How did you get this? - I got a friend who's a LARPer.
He knows a mechanic, who knows a stunt guy, who knows the IT guy who works at the Imperial King's Court.
And this is the day of the show.
There's Bob, arriving for work.
Who's that? Doesn't look like she works there.
Is that a bottle she's carrying? Not anymore.
I think we just found our Guinevere.
Yeah, what's the address? I'll be right there.
Shade just found Bob's house.
Good news - or bad news? - Bad news.
Well, the bad news is Bob's still unconscious.
No word yet on the tox screen results.
What's the good news? The good news is they fast-tracked testing the bottle.
And? Oh, we still won't know for hours.
I thought that was pretty good news! Huh.
Bob's got a real flair - for interior design.
- Let's spread out.
Look for any signs of this woman: - jewelry, photos, hair ties.
- Alright.
This is a bachelor bathroom if I've ever seen one.
No lady stuff.
- No drugs.
- There's no one else in these photos, either.
If he knows this mystery maiden, he's not showing it.
Look at that.
- Bob has some serious talent.
- Yeah.
Hold on a sec.
Protein powder office supplies a coffee mug.
- This is a boot box.
- A what? You know, a box for your stuff when you get the boot.
- Bob got fired.
- "Effective immediately, Robert Sterling is terminated from The Bright Star Toy Company".
This is dated two weeks ago.
I didn't know Bob had another job.
Well, maybe someone at his old job can shed some light as to why he broke down at his new one.
Janet Lonnegan, VP Strategy.
Please, come this way.
(PHONE RINGING) I've got to admit, I thought I'd see more toys at a toy company.
Bright Star may be a toy company, but we are a business first and foremost.
You said that Bob hired you? Yes.
We are private investigators.
Bob is having a bit of trouble at his other job.
We understand you guys let him go two weeks ago? I felt so bad for him.
Bob worked in the mail room for years.
Nice guy.
Kept to himself.
But then he had a rather public breakdown with our CEO, Wendel.
- What happened? - I don't know the details.
I just know that Wendel was pretty upset by it.
Anyway, I'd love to chat, but I have an important presentation to prepare for.
We're launching a new product.
Really? Any spoilers? All I can say is that it's a female action figure.
I'm very proud of the work that we're doing here at Bright Star: breaking barriers, empowering young women everywhere.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Public breakdown.
- Sound familiar? - And yet no sign of drugs, poisons, toxins Something doesn't add up.
(ANGIE): Look! It's the mystery woman.
What's she doing here? I don't know, but it's about time we introduced ourselves.
We were gonna bring champagne, or would you prefer sparkling apple juice? I I'm sorry.
Can I help you? - We're friends of Bob's.
- The ex-coworker - you've been stalking.
- Stalking? Yeah, I I knew backstage was for talent only.
Did Bob get my note? You don't know, do you? Know what? Bob's in the hospital.
- He collapsed.
- Oh, my God! Wait a minute.
You think I had something to do with this? When we saw you breaking in to drop off the juice, we thought maybe you laced it with something.
It was a gift! It's one of our inside jokes.
Once a week, Bob would bring a bottle of sparkling apple juice to work and we'd pretend we were celebrating some successful quest.
- You guys are friends.
- Yes! Bob would always leave funny sketches of me at my desk.
I miss him.
We understand that Bob lost it on the CEO here.
Any idea - why he would do that? - Bob started acting paranoid.
He was convinced that everyone was out to get him.
One day, Wendel caught him at his desk going through his computer, and Bob claims that Wendel was spying on him.
I mean, the whole thing was a misunderstanding.
Do you think that whatever made Bob sick is what made him paranoid, too? We're not sure, but it's a good theory.
I want to see him.
Can you take me? - Yeah.
- Sure.
- I'll get my coat.
- I'm gonna stay behind, - dig into Wendel a little deeper.
- You think he's involved? I don't know, but this is where Bob's first outburst happened.
On with the bloodletting, bring in the leeches! - (GROANING) - Hey, Bob.
- How you feelin'? - My loyal servant.
Come, come.
The nursemaids are out to get me.
I suspect - they might be spies.
- Bob.
Fey! My fair maiden.
Oh, you have returned! And brought with you an end to my madness.
We must be as strong as celestial night.
Uh huh? We will be.
I'm not going anywhere.
It is so good to see you.
It's good to see you, too, Bob.
Excuse me! Do you know where the copier is? I'm I'm super late to close this file! I don't want to get canned - by the boss.
- Who are you? I'm Angie.
I I'm new.
I just got hired in HR, and I I have no idea what I'm doing here.
I'm Wendel Silvie.
I own this place.
Oh, my God.
That is very embarrassing.
Please, just forget everything I just said.
No, it's fine.
What are you working on? I'm actually trying to close an employee discharge file for a Bob Sterling.
This dude totally yelled at - Me.
- I did it again.
Excuse me, I'm just going to go before I put my foot in my mouth No.
How can I help you? I wouldn't want you to get canned on your first day.
Really? Thank you! Um I just need the final details of what happened.
You know, Bob was a sweet guy, but he was becoming an increasing disturbance in the workplace.
I came in here one day, I found him going through my files.
He accused me of some insane conspiracy.
I had to fire him.
I mean, I had no choice.
(SIGHING) That's tough.
Well, I think that's all I need, so Thank you.
You know, those are the first toys I've actually seen in this place.
These Japanese tin robots.
They're called kinzoku.
After World War II, my dad worked with Japanese manufacturers to bring their toys to North America.
These tin robots were the first toys I ever played with.
That's an amazing legacy.
Thanks for your time, - Mr.
- You're welcome, Angie.
How did it go with Wendel?] Nice guy, but it seems like he's hiding something.
Did you get a look at his computer? No, but Zoe managed to track down some of the company's annual reports on the web.
I'm just checking it out now.
- [How's Bob?] - He's crazy, but awake.
As soon as he saw Fey, he calmed right down.
It was sweet.
[Let me know if you find anything, OK?] - Will do.
- Matt? Matt, are you here? Mel! Hey! What are you doing here? Hi, Angie, I, um Well, I got out of court earlier than I expected, so thought I'd be spontaneous and surprise Matt.
Oh! Well, he's at the hospital with our client.
That's why you always schedule spontaneity.
(SIGHING) So much for unwinding.
Have you ever wanted to throat-punch a client? More times than I can count.
Bottle came back negative.
- No toxin of any kind.
- Well, that makes sense.
The person who sent it is being fed poetry by the king.
What about his tox screen? Bob's blood contains high concentrations of Zolestis.
It's an ADHD drug.
- Can you overdose on it? - If you don't have ADHD, yes.
Acute toxicity due to methylphenidate overdose can result in delusions, anxiety, - manic-like states.
- Well, Bob was acting like this two weeks ago when he got fired from his other job.
- Would a dose last that long? - No.
He must have been ingesting the drug over and over without knowing.
I was sitting in my car in the alley and then, BAM! He falls right on the hood! Idiot.
I didn't know your cases could be so exotic.
Oh, yeah! As they say: - variety is the spice of life.
- Mm.
It sure sounds more interesting than 10 hours in court.
Eh We're two sides of the same coin.
I might catch the criminals, but you're the one that puts them away for good.
Jules asked me what it's like to be a lawyer.
It was pretty cool that she was so interested.
She's really mature for her age.
More grown up than her dad.
No, seriously.
She's she's brave and smart.
Shade just needs to stop worrying so much.
She's gonna be fine in Italy.
Jules is going to Italy? Shade didn't tell you? He didn't.
Oh, I I'm sorry, I probably shouldn't have said anything.
He's been like this since the beginning.
(PHONE BUZZING) I have the feeling that he has trouble opening up to people.
- Or is it just me? - No! No, it's not just you.
I mean Ken and I go through that all the time.
- Really? - Yeah! I mean, one minute he's telling me about his dream to open a tea hut in the Hindu Kush and then the next, he's got his head so wrapped up in a patient that I can't even get him to pick a pizza topping.
- Do you have any more of this? - Hell yeah.
(FEY): Bob's asleep.
- Hi.
I'm Dr.
Ken Graham.
- Fey.
Do you happen to know if Bob has an attention deficit disorder? Was he taking a drug called Zolestis? - Mm no, I don't think so.
- Two weeks ago, when Bob got fired, had there been a change in his routine or lifestyle? Yes, actually.
He started going on a diet.
He wanted to be a more svelte king.
- Was he taking supplements? - A protein powder.
Um Fortablast Chocolate Cherry Craze.
How often was he drinking it? Uh Twice a day, every single day.
That's it, that's how it got in his system.
- Someone drugged that powder.
- Yeah.
Bob was poisoning himself and had no idea.
WAKE UP! - Oh, my G - (CHUCKLING) Please tell me you had company last night.
Mel stopped by.
That's where she was.
What did you guys talk about? Later.
Thank you.
What did you find out? Uh, well, the lab confirmed that Bob's protein powder was laced with an elephant-sized - dose of Zolestis.
- Zolestis? Like the ADHD drug? Side effects for those without ADHD include paranoia, disorientation, and believing you're a 16th century monarch.
It was in Bob's boot box, which means he had it at Bright Star, too.
What did you find out about Wendel? Oh, uh The North American toy market is valued at over $20 billion.
Everyone's chasing that one golden product because if you hit it, you can be set for a very long time.
- What was Wendel's hit? - He released a series of shape-shifting cowboy toys.
He made about $5 million, but that was 10 years ago, and sales have been sagging ever since.
- Then how's he keeping the lights on? - That was my question, too.
Fey said Bob got fired after Wendel caught him on his computer.
You think maybe he saw some financial information he wasn't supposed to? Shady accounting, stuff like that? Maybe, but then why the drugging? To discredit Bob against any claims of wrongful dismissal? Yeah, I guess.
Let's take a closer look at this titan of Bright Star.
Ooh! After an aspirin.
I thought you said he was going to the chiropractor at 11.
- That's what Fey said.
- So where is he? (RINGING) (RINGING) - Hello? - [Hey.
] What's happening? (INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) (PHONE RINGING) Wendel's just finishing up his meeting with Janet.
Stand by.
- He's tied up with Janet.
- Well, she did say they were getting ready for a big product launch.
Maybe that has something - to do with it.
- Well, if he doesn't leave soon, we're gonna miss our chance to access his computer.
- So you and Mel, huh? - Ugh! What's that about? Anything I should know? Is it possible for two women to spend time together and not talk about you, Shade? We discussed each other's cases, and how she became a lawyer.
My Dad.
Jules going to Italy.
- The Kardashians - You told her Jules is going to Italy? Ugh! I didn't mean to.
She was saying how wonderful it was to get to know her and it just came out.
I didn't know you hadn't told her.
It's no wonder she hasn't answered any of my texts.
- Did she seem upset? - She wasn't thrilled.
I'm sorry.
There he is.
(JAZZ MUSIC) Alright, it's go time.
Um, I just missed a call from our Quebec distributor OK, Wendel.
What's your password? Mother's first name? - (BEEPING) - No.
Um Name of your son? (BEEPING) Hm.
Wife's name? (BEEPING) - Dog? - (BEEPING) Crap.
Um Kinzoku.
- (BEEPING) - Yes! - (RINGING) - [How's it goin' in there?] Hey.
I'm, uh, I'm copying everything now.
Oh, shoot! - This is gonna take a while.
- [The chiropractor's office] is 20 minutes away.
You got lots of time.
Uh oh.
- What's "uh oh"?! - He's back.
What?! No, I can't! It's still downloading.
Angie, get out of there! Now! - (SIGHING) - (BEEPING) Oh, come on! Come on! (SIGHING) Yes! Sir? There's an urgent call for you at reception.
- (INDISTINCT SPEAKING) - I forgot my wallet.
Yes, but it's urgent! I think it's your wife! In a minute! Yeah, it's OK.
Oh, dear.
(CHUCKLING) Unbelievable, my memory! Oh, yeah.
Um (INDISTINCT SPEAKING) I I think so, or Well, that was exhilarating.
I've never been part of a heist before! Uh For legal reasons, let's not call it a heist.
These financial records have a number - of "off-the-book" accounts.
- Can you make sense of it, Fey? Well, let me see.
There's a list of transfers from several numbered companies.
Ones I've never heard of, and not small amounts, either.
That can't be right.
Wendel's pulling money out of Bright Star? He's using it as his own personal piggy bank.
It's the oldest trick in the book.
He's withdrawing it as "salary" and then diverting all of it back into Bright Star through the numbered companies.
- So he isn't stealing? - He's using his own salary and bonuses to keep the company afloat.
Seems like all the cash is going into the development of a new toy: Celeste E.
There are designs here.
(GASPING) We gotta go see Bob.
Zoe, send it all to me.
Bob, do you know what this is? That's Celeste E.
Knight! She's an intergalactic Knight of the Star-Station Templar, which orbits the living planet of Solomon.
I swear I'm not still crazy.
This sketch was on Wendel's computer.
He's creating a line of toys based off it.
But that's mine! I I drew that! We saw your sketches.
We knew that this could have only come from your imagination.
Is this because I yelled at him? I couldn't control myself.
And now they're making my toy without me? Janet said it wasn't right for the company.
- Janet? - I showed her those sketches.
Told her about my idea for a play set based on Celeste E.
Knight, but she said knights were too old-fashioned.
Did you show your sketches to anyone else? Gosh, no! I I don't share my drawings with people.
Angie, look.
This is a royalty contract for the creation of Celeste E.
The designer gets 10 percent of the gross profits.
Look whose - name is on the dotted line.
- Janet.
She must be the one who dosed the protein powder.
Making it easy to discredit Bob if he ever tried to claim authorship of Celeste E.
- Where is Janet now? - She's pitching to the distributors to sell the toy.
If this goes through It'll be like Bob's work never existed.
10 minutes to show time.
How are you feeling? Primed and ready, boss.
This has been a long time coming.
- You wanna do a dry run? - Great idea.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I present: Celeste E.
Knight, an intergalactic heroine for the modern age.
Now, market research suggests an uptick of science fiction figures in girls ages - 6 to 13 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
But why does she have a hammer? I'm sorry? Well, don't knights carry swords? It's not a hammer.
It's a maul.
Bob! What are you doing here? - And why did you bring HR? - They're not HR.
I was in the hospital and they saved my life.
- Are are you alright? - I almost died, but I'm better now.
That's great news.
Wendel? The presentation.
Of course.
I I I'm sorry Bob, you're gonna have to leave.
You might want to hear this first.
- Who are you? - We're private investigators.
Bob hired us because he thought someone was trying to kill him.
- That's ridiculous.
- At first, Bob did sound crazy.
But then, that's exactly how you wanted him to appear, - right Janet? - What are you talking about? You didn't create Celeste E.
Bob did.
Is that what he told you? Bob isn't well, Wendel.
You remember how he blew up at you in your office? The doctors found a large dose of Zolestis in his system.
It's a drug used for ADHD.
Only Bob doesn't have ADHD.
Anyone took what he was given, they'd act a little loco, too.
Janet, doesn't your nephew have ADHD? Wendel! You can't possibly believe any of this.
You drugged Bob, and you waited for his behaviour - to get him fired.
- This is a joke! How long did you wait to pitch the toy? A day? - A week? - The same day.
When was the last time you had a home run pitch, Janet? You hear rumours about the company being on thin ice.
That there may be cut backs.
You desperately need a win - to hang onto your job.
- And then you come across a sketch of genuine inspiration and you just can't resist.
- You can't prove any of this.
- Really? If you are the creator, then you would have a sketch - of the original drawing, no? - Of course.
Here! Signed with my name and dated.
Bob, could I see your sketch book? Bob, this looks like a sketch of Fey! Who's Fey? She works here.
Why would you create a character based on one of Bob's best friends? Not so creative now, huh, Janet? - Wendel - Leave.
Just leave.
You're fired.
I don't know what to say, Bob.
(RINGING) Oh, gosh! The distributors.
Oh What the hell am I gonna do? I gotta Um, if I may offer a suggestion? Why don't you give Bob a shot? Bob? No, thank you.
Not the response I was expecting.
Just, uh, give us two minutes.
(RINGING) Bob! Bob! What are you doing? This is your chance! To what? Have my idea shot down again? It's not gonna get shot down.
Wendel loves it.
Yeah, when Janet pitched it! I'm a 31-year-old former mail room clerk who draws cartoons in his spare time.
I'm a nobody.
You're a king.
- That was just a costume.
- Not true.
Being a king has nothing to do with what you wear.
That toy in there came from your imagination.
Turning imagination into reality, that's the power of kings.
That was a nice thing to say.
Now, get in there! You don't need a crown.
Because it's been inside me the whole time? No.
We just don't have it.
We left it at Imperial Kings Court.
Now get in there! (CLAPPING) - Come on! - Come on, big man! Why does she have, um, a hammer? It's a maul.
It has the density of a dwarf star, designed to destroy planets with a single strike.
But, the Knight only uses it for good.
So, that's neat.
Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my late arrival.
My name is Bob Sterling, and I would like to regale you with the tale of Celeste E.
Knight, the last crusader of the cosmos.
Sold to 30 countries - worldwide and counting.
- Mmhmm! Bright Star has never had an order this big on any product, ever.
And Bob is the official designer on the entire Celeste E.
Knight series.
Congratulations, Bob.
To think, it all started with a hostile drugging.
I should've almost died sooner.
Speaking of which, what's going on at the Imperial King's Court? I decided to give up my throne to make way for King Larry.
He deserves it, and, uh I'm just more comfortable being me.
Ah, come here! OK! Yeah, yeah! OK, big fella! Yeah, there it is! (CHUCKLING) Hey Oh, hey! I've been calling you.
Busy day.
Um Listen, about Jules going to Italy.
- It's fine, Matt.
- No.
No, it's not.
Look, I wasn't hiding it.
I was just trying to wrap my head around it, and I'm used to doing that alone.
Well maybe it's time you remember you're not alone anymore.
I know.
I'll work on that.
I promise.
What if we could Would we get to choose What if we fade All we've got to lose What if we run - What if we run - Honey? In here.
Hey, honey can I talk to you about Italy? Are you gonna talk me into going? Not if you don't want to.
I just I wanna know - what happened.
- It was just a silly "what if?" It's not important.
Let's get a pizza, watch Eat Pray Love.
It's basically the same thing.
It's not, honey.
It's not the same thing at all.
You were gonna dip your toes in the Trevi fountain with Ruby and Ariel.
What changed? They backed out I'm the only one - in my class going.
- So? So? I've never done anything like this before.
- What if I can't do it? - Are you kidding me? For 15 years, I've watched you lay waste to every challenge t-hat comes your way.
Dad Honey, life will always throw things at you that you've never dealt with before.
And if you're always focused on failure, you'll never have the chance to know what success can feel like.
Thanks, Dad.
Where'd you get that one from? - Mutual fund commercial.
- Nice.
I love you.
I love you too, honey.
I want to be closer I want to feel closer Closer to you O-o-o-oh O-o-oh O-o-o-oh O-o-o-oh O-o-o-oh