Private Eyes (2015) s02e12 Episode Script

Getaway With Murder

Got it.
Check! Alarm Wait, we have an alarm system? [Kidding!] It'll be armed and activated before I leave today, boss.
- Promise.
- [We're lucky to have you.
] Are you sure you'll be OK? We can turn around.
Are you kidding? You get a free weekend at a swank country resort and spa, you take it.
It's only because we're doing a favour for one of Shade's hockey buddies.
- Still counts.
- [Oh! That reminds me, ] I got you something.
Um, a little escape of your own.
Check the top drawer of your desk.
"Save yourself and the world, at Midnight Meltdown.
" Huh! Thank you! What is it? Hello? - No cell service.
- It's spotty up here.
Plus there's a storm coming.
Now, about this infidelity case It shouldn't take more than a few hours.
Because I have big plans for us.
Oh, really? You've been holding out on me, Dr.
First, we'll start with a full-body aromatic rain scrub, followed by brunch in Preston Hall's famous dining room, and then, hot toddies under the stars.
You had me at "aromatic rain scrub".
This place is beautiful.
I can't believe you know - the owner.
- Know him? Mark's like family.
You know, I don't even care that it's a weird work-weekend double-date thing, it's totally worth it.
Ah! There they are! - Glad you guys made it! - Shadow! - You mutt! - Ah! Buddy! It's been way too long.
Guys, this is Mark.
the best winger I ever played with.
- You got that right.
- It's Mel and Ken, and this - is my partner - You must be Angie.
Oh! He he! Thank you guys for coming to help with my situation.
- I know it's not ideal - Mark! - Speaking of which - We need to talk - about this month's billing.
- Honey, you remember Matt Shade, from my hockey days? - You guys met at our wedding.
- William.
Enjoy Preston Hall.
I made some changes to the menu.
Tell Petra.
I'll help you get checked in.
Thank you! I remember him being more charming.
He was.
Then, the seven year itch became a rash.
Now it's all secret phone calls and extended business trips.
Maybe there's an honest explanation.
Well, he hasn't given me one yet.
But look at me, already with the shop talk.
For now, you're guests! Relax, do some howling, decompress.
- We'll talk in the morning.
- OK.
Uh, do some howling? Oh, didn't I tell you? Preston Hall is famous for its midnight wolf howl on the terrace.
You'll love it.
Can't wait.
Lemme get this straight, so we yell out, And maybe the wolves howl back, or not.
- And this is a thing? - Yeah, it's a thing.
- OK! - Oh, here we go.
Alright, everybody! Welcome to the Preston Howl.
My name is Wade.
Let's stretch our lungs and let the pack know we're here.
On three.
One, two Oh! Too bad we're missing that! What are we doing here, Ken? I wanted to talk to you about something.
Wow! That storm's really picking up.
It's a good thing we got here tonight.
Oh my god.
So, there's a Mercy Ship leaving for Africa in two weeks.
They asked me to go I said no.
Is this really happening? Angie Everett will you marry me? What's going on? You heard it too? Oh my God! It's William.
Looks like our infidelity case just got - a lot more complicated.
- Yeah.
OK, well, uh Yeah, he's he's definitely He's dead.
Yes, he's really, um I'm sorry Oh I'm sorry about that.
- Excuse me? - Yeah? Is there anyone else coming, Deputy? Uh, Conroy.
Eddie Conroy.
No No, not at the moment unfortunately.
All the roads are closed, there's a major pile-up on the seven, so, um I'm, uh, I'm here all alone! - Which is great - Maybe we can help you.
I'm Angie Everett, this is my partner Matt Shade.
- We're private investigators.
- Wow, really? Uh, great! What brings you to Preston Hall? We're just on vacation, a weekend getaway.
This is my boyfriend, uh, Ken, he's an ER doctor.
And Mel.
She's a prosecutor.
Wow! You got like a a Dream Team, here.
That's great! Uh, so, um just, what would you do first in this sort of scenario? Um you might want to secure the crime scene.
- Make sure nobody leaves.
- Right.
OH! That's OK.
Great, Um ladies and gentlemen? Right, yeah.
Right here, please.
Um so, there's a murderer among us.
No one can leave.
Definitely don't leave.
What do you think, how was that? You might want to check the crime scene for physical evidence.
OK! Right.
Do you want us to come with you, Deputy? I mean I mean if you feel like, maybe, it's something you'd like to do William's final body position is facing away from the door.
Maybe he was trying to get away from his attacker.
Or maybe he was comfortable enough to turn his back on 'em.
Hey, hey, buddy, what are you doing with that thing? The body loses 1.
5 degrees per hour post-mortem.
If I take his temperature, we can determine the time of death.
An hour ago, give or take.
Oh! Wha You guys, you're blowing my mind right now, really.
What do you make of this head wound? Blunt force trauma.
Something with some heft.
One of these bookends is missing.
The killer probably took it with them.
All right.
Maybe it's still in the building, right? So, all we gotta do - is find it, and then - William has been dead an hour.
The killer had plenty of time to bury it in the woods.
- Or throw it in the lake.
- One thing I do remember from training: vast majority of murders involve spouses.
So, I say, go down there, we talk to Mark.
You know what? You may be on to something with this whole "finding the murder weapon" thing.
Why don't you go look for it, and we'll start interviewing the guests and staff.
OK, OK, yeah.
Locating, interviewing witnesses, that is on the investigative checklist OK, alright, OK! I'll, uh, check in with you guys later.
Good work! Did you just send him on a wild goose chase - to protect your friend? - Look, I know Mark.
There's no way he did this.
Why can't I see him? He's my husband.
It's an active crime scene.
And right now you're Deputy Conroy's number one suspect.
Dear God.
This cannot be happening.
Mark, I gotta ask you.
What were you doing an hour ago? I was sleeping.
Matt, you know me.
You know I could never murder anyone.
Mark, I believe you.
But it would really help us if you could tell us anything.
Maybe something about William? I don't know! I, um William wasn't the gentlest of souls.
Who am I kidding? He could be a first class prick! But to murder him in cold blood I wouldn't know where to look for that kind of person.
We're gonna need guest and staff lists, a master key and a detailed plan of the hotel.
We do something called a "memory package" for the guests.
Uh a photographer goes around taking candid snaps.
That would help.
I say we split up, start talking to staff.
Someone here had a motive to kill William.
We just have to find it.
You don't seem too broken up about William's murder.
I still have a hotel full of guests.
- Who's gonna feed them, you? - Uh, we hear that he liked to change your menu quite often.
I may run the kitchen, but he signed the cheques.
But he interfered a lot.
Didn't that make you mad? Who doesn't occasionally have murderous thoughts - about their boss? - What about he - and Mark's relationship? - What relationship? What do you mean? Everyone could see they were like oil and water.
It was like watching a car wreck in slow motion.
Excuse me, uh, you're the one who found William's body? We were just wondering if you remember anything - out of the ordinary? - Apart from his dead body? - No.
- I mean about William's behaviour over the last couple of days.
According to the service schedule, you cleaned his room more than once a day.
Yeah, William asked me to.
It was because he was sleeping there a lot.
He and Mark We know.
Their marriage was on the rocks.
Last week, I went in to clean his office and he asked to borrow a fresh hotel uniform.
Mark set William's clothes on fire? Right there in the yard.
I had to put it out myself.
I didn't know things were so bad! Yeah, they fought constantly.
Mark was convinced William was having an affair.
And man, did he have a temper.
Sounds like you're pretty firmly on Team William.
He was like a father to me.
He took a chance on me right out of school.
- I've worked here ever since.
- Did you see him before he died? We had our regular end-of-day meeting at 8 PM.
What did you talk about at the meeting? The usual: how The Preston was feeling.
What needed some tender loving care.
That, and how he was planning to divorce Mark.
What? I can't believe it! [I guess their marriage was in worse shape than we thought.
] And you found all this out from the wolf-howl guy? - [Yeah.
] - And Mark doesn't know - anything about it? - [If so, he didn't tell me.
] [But between that and the bonfire] - You've gotta be kidding me.
- What's wrong? Nothing! I just, uh I just forgot leave-in conditioner.
- I'll meet you downstairs.
- [It's OK, ] I can talk to him alone.
No! No, I, uh, I'm on my way.
Right now.
Angie, I was thinking Thank you for your understanding.
We appreciate it.
The guests are freaking out, and I don't blame them.
And I can only comp so much free champagne before I run out of stock.
What'd you find out? - So far, You're our best lead.
- That doesn't sound promising.
Did you set William's clothes on fire last week? I caught him coming back from a "business trip".
He told me he was in Montreal the bag tags said Phoenix.
So, I lost it, I cleaned out his closet.
You got to admit, it doesn't put you in the best light.
Well, you guys might have been right.
- Um, about what? - You know, I looked everywhere for that dang murder weapon.
I even checked, uh the utility closet.
End of the hallway, on the second floor.
You know, that door handle is broken from the inside? A man could get stuck in there for 20, 30 minutes, easy.
Incidentally, the only place I couldn't check: your master suite.
Key didn't work.
Because I have a separate key.
Uh, here, I can let you in.
This should only take a second.
Take your time.
Suddenly I'm a bit nervous.
You got nothing to worry about.
Oh actually I can think of one thing.
Welcome to Midnight Meltdown, an escape room adventure.
You're an employee of Colossus, the oldest and largest nuclear power plant in the western hemisphere.
The power grid is shut down due to an unexpected earthquake.
And now, there's a lethal cloud of radioactive material about to blow your city sky high.
- Yeah, I - But there's still hope.
Through that door, there's a passageway that leads - to the director's office - Where there's a kill switch, right? And I'm supposed to figure out the code, yeah? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I'm not gonna need any clues.
Can I just get started now? - Wait 'til your partner gets here.
- Partner? How'you doin'? Zoe? Maz! What are you doing here? Shade gave me a ticket, he said this was a scotch tasting.
- This is not a scotch tasting.
- I got mine from Angie.
Uh-huh! - We've been set up.
- Don't they have anything better to do than mess with our dating lives? "Dating lives"? We went for one coffee.
Exactly! And you never called.
And you never really indicated that you wanted me to, so - You got 90 minutes.
- This is silly.
Let's just go.
Good luck, guys.
I'm gonna kill 'em both.
Seriously? You're keeping him under house arrest? Yes, that's what I'm doing.
The road is closed because of the storm, we're all stuck here until morning; I can't let a murderer have the run of the place.
That would be like being trapped in a in a giant box with a murderer.
Come on! That was clearly a setup.
Who hides a murder weapon without cleaning off the blood? I don't know, uh, someone who's shaken by recent events? Look, guys, I appreciate your help, but I mean come on, I I think we've nailed this one.
I really do! This won't be easy.
Most of the guests were in their rooms.
Nearly everyone has an alibi for the time of the murder.
What about this guy? "Carl Rennie".
He's a no.
I saw the wait staff helping him back to his room at 10: 30, after one too many tequilas.
"Peter Abbott"? - I don't recognize him.
- Me either.
Mel? - No, never seen him before.
- We shall meet again, - Mr.
- That leaves us with only three unsubstantiated alibis.
And there's Brynn Vaughan, Peter Abott and the massage therapist.
I got the spa Great! You two go together and I'll pair up with Mel.
We'll check Brynn Vaughan's alibi.
- Hey, Garrett? - Spa's closed.
Ah, that's too bad! We were hoping to take a sauna, take our minds off the murder.
You and everyone's mother! Some ass hat cranked it up to full and set the timer for three hours.
Burnt out the element.
How about I book you in for a couple's massage tomorrow? - We're not together.
- Right.
Uh, what time do you usually close? Uh, usually around eight.
Sometimes earlier, if no one's using it.
Tonight was pretty dead.
- So you weren't here? - I just got back.
I spend Friday nights in the laundry room doing the linens.
Uh, plus there's this housekeeper, Kristi Let's just say we enjoy each other's company.
Oh, hi! Are you Brynn Vaughan? - I don't do autographs.
- Oh, wait-wait-wait! Um that's too bad because I'm a really big fan.
Let's just get this over with.
So, who's your favourite housewife on the show? - Besides me.
- Ha! - Um - There's so many.
- Um - You know who we don't like and that is, uh - Chelsea! - Yeah, tell me about it.
So! What does a girl like you do for fun? - Well - Say, earlier tonight, - between eleven and midnight? - That's oddly specific! We're oddly curious Look, Cagney and Lacey, I don't have to tell you anything.
Well, I don't have to tell TMZ that you just got a nose job.
Look, if this is about William, I am devastated.
I loved the man.
He knew how to keep a secret, and I trust you do too.
And, for the record, I was on the phone with my agent from ten 'til midnight.
Check with the front desk, they placed the call for me.
Two lagers, whatever's cold and on tap.
One good thing about your host getting murdered, everyone drinks for free! Ha ha! Hey, I'm Matt Shade.
This is my buddy Ken.
- Uh, Peter.
- What brings you here, Peter? I'm a wine merchant.
I'm one of the suppliers - to Preston Hall.
- Oh yeah? What're you drinking? I can always use a tip or two to impress the girlfriend.
A 1990 Au-Croix.
It's a beautiful pour.
Copy that.
You must spend a little bit of time at this bar? I've been sitting here all night.
If you don't mind, guys, to be honest, I prefer to be alone.
That was a little weird.
The old Shade charm strikes again.
- So, what'd you guys find out? - Brynn Vaughan's a no-go.
So is the spa guy.
Which leaves us with Mr.
Abbott over there.
He says he's been stapled to that bar stool all night.
Maybe nursing a guilty conscience? Not to mention that 1990 Au-Croix is dishwater.
That whole region was decimated by rain that year.
Let's say we find out if his true specialty is murder.
- Shade? - Where are you going? As a prosecutor, it's probably better if you don't know.
Wine merchant, my ass.
We don't have much time.
Let's just get what we can on him - and get out.
- Right.
Shade? I think I found something.
A hotel flyer? Who are you? I could ask you the same thing, Mr.
Or should I say: Mr.
Rex Mundy.
- Let's not jump to conclusions.
- Because you checked in under a false name and have no alibi for the time of the murder? I can explain that.
I own Patriot Properties.
It's a chain of boutique hotels across the south-west of the US.
OK, so what are you doing here? You're gonna love prison! It's just like a hotel room you get - to enjoy all by yourself.
- Fine.
I was buying Preston Hall.
Mark didn't mention any sale.
Mark didn't know.
You're the one William was secretly phoning, who he went to see in Phoenix? This is a great property.
It was too good of a deal to pass up.
- How good of a deal? - 1.
3 million! 1.
3 million; this place is worth ten times that much! I know! 1.
3 on paper.
The rest wired to an offshore bank account.
William was hiding the money before he divorced Mark! When's the last time you saw William? We met at 5:30 to finalize the deal.
We signed some papers, we put them in an envelope on the corner of his desk.
He was gonna drop 'em by his lawyer - on Monday morning.
- There was no envelope - when we checked on the body.
- It was there, I swear.
Check with room service; I was so happy, I ordered the most expensive steak on the menu.
Well, I hope you enjoyed it.
'Cause whatever deal you had probably died with William.
- So, what do you think? - Sounded legit.
What do you make of the missing envelope? By killing William and removing evidence of the sale, the hotel would be disbursed according to William's will.
Which takes us right back to Mark.
Look, we're gonna keep looking.
But in the meantime, you should probably let Mark know what we learned.
Not looking forward to that conversation.
- I'll update Mel and Ken.
- Yeah.
And I'll meet you in the bar.
You can't just randomly push numbers.
- That's not how it works.
- Better than doing nothing.
I'm not doing nothing, I'm assessing the space.
There's gotta be a clue here somewhere.
Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.
You were saying? Huh! "A coded sequence gets you through, "inside stonework is your clue.
"Punch it twice and trapped you'll be, punch it thrice and you'll be free.
" "Inside stonework" It's in the walls.
No, it's a code.
Trust me, I'm good at puzzles.
As opposed to me, the actual detective? Look.
Each letter has a numerical value.
We figure out the number and then put it three times - we're gold.
- You know it's an escape room, - right? Not Fort Knox! - S is nineteen, T is twenty Are you gonna help me or what? Yeah, I'd help you if your plan made any sense.
I mean, the code you're describing is 20 digits long.
- Fine, I'll do it myself.
- Hey, You know what number is inside stonework? One.
No way.
You really think putting in the number 1 three times is gonna magically open the door? You were saying? The Director's Office.
That's where the kill switch is.
Hum! Which you would know if you were here on time.
This is way too easy.
You were saying? - What, you think I have a shiv? - No, it's just protocol.
You don't have a shiv though, do you? - No! - I gotta ask these things.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, buddy? Well, I've been accused of murdering my husband, and thanks to Deputy Do-right I can't even get a decent drink, so I've had better days.
Yeah you recognize this guy? Nope! Uh, what's his story? He may be the last person to have seen William alive.
- Were they, uh? - No.
He's the reason for the late night phone calls and the business trips, but they weren't having an affair.
So, what is it, Shadow? William was trying to sell Preston Hall.
He was planning to divorce you, divest the property on paper for a tenth of its value, and hide the rest in an off-shore account.
I'm sorry.
Well, there go my thirties! I didn't deserve them, anyway.
Was I the only one who didn't see it? Nobody had any idea.
Now I wish I did kill him.
This was his idea, you know.
This place.
Not mine.
He dragged me out here made me leave behind my whole life We're gonna figure this out, Mark.
I spoke to Mark.
He seemed genuinely surprised.
Think fast.
What the hell is that?! - I didn't know you put it on.
- Congratulations! You two are getting married? I guess so! Uh, wow! That's incredible! Thanks! Um we should probably focus on the case.
We need to re-check William's office for the sale documents.
You know what? I think I'm done playing detective tonight.
I'm gonna go back to the room.
- I'll walk you up.
- No, I'm fine.
You two do your thing.
I'll walk her.
Well it's not how I saw this weekend playing out.
You know what? This is not happening, this was a mistake.
- Don't give up! - What am I, a contortionist? - There's gotta be another way.
- We're running out of time! OK, let's just take a step back, alright? OH! What are we missing? - What about that switch? - Oh no, it doesn't do anything.
- I tried it when we got here.
- It says "up".
I dunno, I guess it was in the up position when we started.
What about that thing? Oh, I just assumed it was part of the building.
You know that this isn't actually a nuclear reactor, right? OK, if you're gonna sass me, maybe don't mispronounce nuclear.
Jeez! Have you done this before? Oh! OK.
Give me a boost.
Alright Woo! Whoa! You're strong! Your astonishment is flattering.
Oh, look! There's another switch under here.
- Oh, great! - Can you believe it? We wasted so much time on these lasers.
If we had just, you know, found this and opened it up You know, we can talk when you get back down.
Ha! - Nice one, copper! - Alright.
Now let's get to that Director's office and stop the Eastern Seaboard from nuclear meltdown! Oh, you're out of time.
The reactor exploded, spewing radiation all over homes and businesses.
Thousands died.
- But we were almost there! - No, you weren't.
There's like a whole lot more puzzles in the Director's office.
Buddy, can you just give us another hour? - I'm sorry, the room's booked.
- Oh, really? Um, actually, they cancelled.
Yeah? Alright! Good dude! We can do this.
There's no sign of these papers.
Hey, uh, partner wanna talk about that rock on your finger? The proposal came out of nowhere.
I wasn't ready.
So why'd you accept? I didn't.
Oh no, I just tried the ring on to see what it looked like, and it got stuck.
- Awkward? - Yeah! Ken's probably up there, right now, just more confused than ever.
I'll explain it all to him once we get through here.
Hey, there's blood on this pot.
That's too far from the body to be blood splatter.
Unless the body got moved.
There's blood on this door too.
Wait, there's a cold breeze coming from behind this panel.
Ugh! - Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Are you heading back down? - Ah no.
I could use a break.
- How about a drink? - That too.
Hm! Ha! To your engagement.
Might be a little premature on that.
She hasn't actually said yes yet.
But she's wearing the ring! I was surprised, too.
Every time I get close, she pulls away.
What do you think the holdup is? The proposal was interrupted when we found the body.
And she's been preoccupied.
So has Shade.
What is this place? It was probably built during Prohibition.
A way to move booze back and forth through the hotel without being seen.
And still in use today.
Well, at least by whoever killed William.
There's no way a guest knew about this.
It's gotta be hotel staff.
Whoa, there's a light.
- There's a door here! - Well, here goes nothing.
Shade?! Man, you scared the crap out of me.
Where did you come from? I think we just figured out how the murder weapon ended up in your room.
It's an old service corridor from when the hotel - was originally built.
- And it leads directly from William's office to Mark's suite.
Yeah, that is some next-level cool right there, for sure.
I'm sorry.
Why are you telling me this? Because someone could have planted the murder weapon in Mark's room! Oh, OK, OK, I got you! Using the corridors, is what you mean.
- Exactly.
- Uh-huh.
Except, OK what if that person happened to be Mark? - Well, that would be possible.
- No, no.
Mark left his room when he found out about the murder, and he didn't go back until you placed him under house arrest.
There was ample opportunity for someone to sneak in and out.
Look, guys.
I hear you, I do.
But, uh I gotta go with my gut on this one.
And your "gut" tells you it's Mark? When the weather clears, he's gonna be charged with murder.
I'm sorry.
What are we missing, Everett? I don't know.
It felt like I had to choose between Angie or the adventures.
So I started putting down roots, so she could see just how much she means to me.
You shouldn't have to lose yourself just to make things work.
Did you really go ice climbing with Richard Branson? Once you get over the whole height thing, it's actually really beautiful.
All that water, frozen in time.
Can you really see Angie rappelling down a waterfall with an Axe in her hand? Angie? Definitely.
If it were for a case! OK, let's walk it through.
We know that William was secretly trying to sell Preston Hall.
Except there's no proof, because the murderer took - the sale documents.
- Which doesn't make any sense, unless you're trying to prevent knowledge of the sale.
But who would want to do that? - Another buyer? - Someone with as much interest - in the hotel as Rex Mundy.
- It would have to be someone with inside knowledge of Preston Hall.
Everyone has an alibi for the time of the murder except for Mark unless the time of the murder is wrong.
But Ken measured the time of death.
I mean, we can't argue with science.
Unless our murderer knows how to mess with time.
The sauna was left on high for three hours last night and the secret tunnels lead right here.
- Anything? - Not since the last time - you asked me, 30 seconds ago.
- OK Well that punk is gonna be here any minute.
We've already let humanity down once, today, I don't think the irradiated mutants we created know the difference.
I really thought we'd make - a good team.
- We kinda do make a good team.
OK, bonus doomsday time is up.
At least, you guys managed to kill the cockroaches.
Could we just have a bit more time, please? Oh God! I gotta lock up! I've got my adult colouring class - in the morning.
- "Adult colouring" - It relaxes me.
- Here's 200 bucks, buy yourself some locally-sourced pencil crayons.
You know what? Why don't you give us the keys.
We'll lock up and leave them in the mailbox for you.
You serious? You know this is a game, right? Hey, whoa.
The mutant world is counting on us.
Uh Uh OK, fine, I just - I can't believe I'm doing this.
- Wait Are you ready to finish this? Oh, we are just getting started.
I couldn't imagine popping the question to the same person five years apart and expecting a different answer.
Now that you put it that way, it does sound - like the definition of insanity.
- Or wildly romantic.
Does Shade do that thing where you're talking to him and his "uh-huh's" are just ever so slightly out of place? Like he's 50% with me and 50% with a case? Exactly.
Angie does that all the time.
To our partners.
May they someday realize just how awesome we are.
Oh! We know who did it! But we need both your brains to figure out exactly how.
What's going on, Deputy? You said you needed help.
We do need your help, Wade.
Figuring out what happened to William.
What are you talking about? You know, the biggest mystery was figuring out how William's killer had an airtight alibi - for the time of death.
- Until we realized the time of death wasn't the time of death at all.
The human body can tell us with remarkable accuracy when death occurred.
Assuming it was laid to rest - at room temperature.
- If, however, the body was placed in a hotter environment say, a sauna The time of death will be completely inaccurate.
Garrett told us someone cranked up the sauna last night.
- Left it on for three hours.
- Moving William's time of death from 11 PM back to 8 PM.
Which is exactly when you were having your nightly meeting with William, wasn't it? You're saying I killed William, then dragged his body across the lobby, - past the restaurant? - It'd be so much easier if you could do it discreetly through, say, a secret passage.
- Like that one.
- Which just happens to go directly to the spa Which is where the sauna is After passing Mark's room, which is where you dropped off the murder weapon.
Why would I kill William? He was like a father to me.
After they discovered the body, there was something else missing from the room, besides the murder weapon.
An envelope with documents for a sale of Preston Hall.
The killer took them to try and prevent the sale from taking place.
And you'll never guess where we found them.
Tucked in the eaves of your tool shed.
William always said that if he ever decided to move on I'd get the hotel.
Then, last night, he drops that bombshell on me.
"The hotel's sold, he says.
It's a done deal.
" I tried to talk him out of it, told him that I could get some financing together, but he just laughed at me.
Ten years, I've given everything to the Preston, then he just sells the hotel out from under me I just lost it.
I couldn't see straight.
Wade Briggs you're under arrest for the murder of William Hadley.
Gimme your hands.
Does anyone know how these I I I I got it.
OK, let's go, let's go, come on.
Hey, we really nailed this one, huh, guys? We sure did, Deputy.
Let's go.
That was fun, wasn't it? Yeah.
So fun my hangover now has twins.
Look, I know this weekend didn't go quite as planned, but I'll make it up to you.
I have to get back to the city, there's a big case that I have to prepare for.
What better place to prepare than here? We can lock ourselves in our room, order all the food off the menu.
This place is the ultimate couples retreat.
That's the problem.
We're not the ones who look like the couple.
The prosecution rests, Matt.
Finally got it off.
Listen, Ken you're an incredible person, but Any woman would be lucky to have you in their life.
I'm just not ready to say yes.
Maybe I could still make it on that Mercy Ship.
You know you wanna go.
You don't wanna be tied down.
Looks like the storm's broken.
Come here.
I knew having you around would bring me some luck.
How does it feel to be the boss? I'm not sure it suits me.
Well, you can always make a change.
Rex Mundy is still interested in buying this hotel.
You never know what your forties can bring.
You're right.
Thank you, Shadow.
Always been a hell of a teammate.
- Right back at you, Steinman.
- Gentlemen.
Road is officially open, Wade's on his way back to town.
Sergeant even came in himself, so it's kind of a big deal.
- It's my first arrest.
- You don't say.
Well, technically, I was your first.
Yeah, well, yeah, technically, yeah, but uh I was kinda hoping that maybe, just we'd keep that between ourselves, if that's OK Your secret's safe with me, Deputy.
Alright, well you guys be good! So, that's there.
Hello? Hello! Hello.
Officer? Hey! You're back.
We might need another hour.
Hey, partner! Hey! - Well, that was a night.
- You can say that again.
Solved a murder.
Prevented a miscarriage of justice.
Couldn't have done it without you.
We do make a pretty good team.
So Ken? Oh, he's off on his next adventure.
- Aw - I'm happy for him.
And Mel? Aw, we had some good times, but, uh - that's not gonna work out.
- Hm! - You packed? - Yep! Need a ride? You really think the Porsche is gonna start? Yeah, it was quite a storm.
How'bout we just sit here for a minute before we give it - a try? - You read my mind.